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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    All of Siosilvar's homebrew works are free to use for noncommercial purposes, as long as you include this notice.

    Originally Posted By Advanced D & D Dungeon Masters Guide - Afterword
    It is the spirit of the game, not the letter of the rules, which is important. Never hold to the letter written, nor allows some barracks room lawyer to force quotations from the rule book upon you, if it goes against the obvious intent of the game. As you hew the line with respect to conformity to major systems and uniformity of play in general, also be certain the game is mastered by you and not by your players. Within the broad parameters given in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons volumes, you are creator and final arbiter. By ordering things as they should be, the game as a whole first, your campaign next, and your participants thereafter, you will be playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons as it was meant to be. May you find as much pleasure in doing so as the rest of us do!
    My Homebrewed Material
    Prestige Classes (PrCs)
    Duelist PrC [3.5] - An attempt to make an outdated Prestige Class usable without using Tome of Battle mechanics. Also includes the Sniper's Precision feat for ranged characters with precision damage.
    Lightning Blade [3.5] - Because the first strike is often the last. Also includes the first staggered PrC.

    Old Material
    Kensai (Original Base Class) - Please note that it's rather poorly designed.
    Spellguns (posted on MythWeavers)
    Spells (posted on MythWeavers)
    Complete Warrior Feats - Invested [d20r][/spoiler]

    Homebrew Tips
    Always be open to the suggestions of others. That doesn't mean you have to implement them, but you should at least take them into consideration.

    Always, always, always use a spelling checker and make sure your sentences make sense! If someone who's reading your homebrew rolls poorly on their Decipher Script, they may think the ability does something completely different from your intent. If you don't have access to a spellchecker or English isn't one of your strong points, just try your hardest, even if it means proofreading three or four times before you post homebrew.

    Fluff isn't strictly necessary, but it's difficult to suggest changes or even give a critique of what's there without it. Balance follows intent just as form follows function.

    In addition to the above warning about spelling and grammar, watch your commas. A simple comma splice can completely change the meaning of a statement.

    Helpful homebrewing links
    Djinn in Tonic's Philosophy of Creation original threads: Djinn in Tonic's Philosophy of Creation & What to Make, and how to Make it Special
    Fax Celestis's Guide to Homebrewing: Mostly formatting and how to post homebrew on the boards.

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Rules
    The original poster of a creation in Homebrew (and only that poster) may revive a creation beyond the six-week threshold without prior Moderator approval.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Here are some of my 3.5 and Pathfinder creations. All are 3.5 unless designated otherwise. All of this is Open Content. I don't care how you use it or if you change things to make them better for your game. It's your game. I just had fun making this stuff. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


    Derivative Work
    Monstrous Pixie Vampire I Added Monstrous Vampire Template to a pixie (not terribly original)
    Fluffy the Doomkitty My paragon cat of legend. For humor's sake. Use at your own peril.
    Cecaelia Inspired by Ursula the Sea Witch from Disney's Little Mermaid.
    Janus Golem Based on Roman God of Gates and Doors.
    Schr÷dinger's Cat Based on Austrian physicist Erwin Schr÷dinger's experiment.
    Honey Dragon Based on Tim Martin's idea
    Davy Jones From Pirates of the Caribbean
    Davy Jones' Kraken Ditto
    Bootstrap Bill Turner Ditto
    Sweeney Todd From movie of same name
    Maleficent From Disney's Sleeping Beauty
    Merfolk, Lake from Harry Potter
    Oogie Boogie and his minions from Nightmare Before Christmas
    Pictsies (Nac Mac Feegle) from Discworld
    The Luggage from Discworld
    Watchdog From the Phantom Tollbooth (a children's book -- read it).
    Weeping Angel From Doctor Who.
    Parrot Ox from Oz
    Care Bear from TV series of the same name.
    Kali Statue from The Golden Voyage of Sinbad.
    Springjack from M:tG
    Greek Erinyes Based on ngilop's version
    Fawkes Phoenix From Harry Potter, and based on ideas from backpackjack
    Storm Crow From M:tG
    Clockwerk From Sly Cooper Video Game, and based on AkazilliaDeNaro's Clockwerk
    Dune Sandworm 3.5 updated from D20 Modern
    Rapunzel updated to 3.5 from Grimm by Fantasy Flight Games
    Thriller (Dancing Zombie) Thanks to Michael Jackson and IncarnumJunkie
    Zuni Warrior Fetish Doll derived from Trilogy of Terror
    Cadbury Rabbit I heavily edited this though original idea belongs to others.

    Easter Bunny
    I heavily edited this as well though original idea belongs to Nilbog.
    Vorpal Rabbit updated from Ringo's version at
    Eversheep for Yallirus and based on his spell
    Dreidel Golem M:tG
    Werehouse based on Tvtyrant's idea
    Beer Elemental for Cipherthe3vil's Booze Domain
    Qupqugiaq, Young for SuperDave based on his original material
    Qupqugiaq, Cub for SuperDave based on his original material
    Pebbles the Ogre Bouncer using Dspeyer's Bouncer Prestige Class
    Awakened Stuffed Toys (Dolly Llama and Ted E. Bear) based on Awakened Stuffed Toy Template by Riven_T_McGuire
    Awakened Stuffed Toy Wu Zhu (giant panda monk) Ditto
    Awakened Stuffed Toy Roy G. Biv (tie-dyed pony wizard) Ditto
    Drakin for Reality Glitch and based on his idea
    Amber Bee I made this for Milo
    AZ-I-WU-GUM-KI-MUKH-'TI Made for Crossroads Setting [Pathfinder]
    Pseudonatural Ghoul What happens when you add the pseudonatural template from Epic Level Handbook to a ghoul.
    Pseudonatural Ghoul 2What happens when you add pseudonatural creature template from Complete Arcane to a ghoul
    Charming Cockatrice
    Conversion of Sersa Victory's Living Cloudkill Hurricane to 3.5
    Rhine Maiden Inspired by Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen.
    Jogah, Gandayah Made for Crossroads Setting [Pathfinder]
    Jogah, Gahonga Made for Crossroads Setting [Pathfinder]
    Jogah, Ohdowa Made for Crossroads Setting [Pathfinder]
    Bonfire of the Vanities An offshoot of fire elemental that targets magical books and scrolls
    Cat sorcerer and his cat familiar based on Atlas Sniperman's work.
    Ravenloft witch thread This is a coven of witches for use with Sword and Sorcery's 3.5 Ravenloft setting using 3rd party material from the free netbook Liber Mysterium: The Netbook of Witches and Warlocks that I worked on years ago.
    Gargoyle, Sharkacinth Pathfinder edition made for Prince Zahn
    Conversion of Climbdog from Arms & Equipment Guide to 3.5 also with Magebred Template and Warbeast Template.
    Indominus rex from Jurassic World for Pathfinder
    Sea Tyrant from D-Infinity. Conversion to 3.5 because I felt like it.
    Elsa from Disney's Frozen This is just a completed stat block using other's work. for Pathfinder.
    Jormengand's Thaumavore I just added the ecology section to go with Jormengand's Thaumavore's stats, which I only edited it so it has proper skills, updated magebane ability, and full traits (as it was missing darkvision 60 ft. and low-light vision). This is just my take on his stat block and not any attempt to wrest creative control from him. Please give him full credit if you use this.
    Aspect of Air a 1 HD aspect of the cosmos using ObliviMancer's rules.
    Halter Brewstein, 4th level dwarf Innkeeper made using the online innkeeper class.
    Niffler from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
    DracoDei's Accursed Conductor as edited by me: Accursed Conductor
    Conversion of Keg Golem from 5e to 3.5
    Conversion of Giant Shark Bowl Ooze from 5e to 3.5
    Conversion of Alliumite from 5e t0 3.5
    Cursed Warriors of Anubis based on Cyvlops08's original post about reskinning ghouls and picture therein and Neostar's Accursed Warrior of Anubis, with some tweaking by me.
    Celestial Alicorn Medusa Uses Celestial template and Frathe's Alicorn Template on a medusa.
    Conversion of Bed Dragon from 5e to Pathfomder (1e) humor, breaks rules a bit.
    First in a Collection of Giant Hamsters All the Giant Hamsters (originally Space Hamsters), you'll ever need are in the thread.
    Uchchaishravas 7-headed horses (inspired by the original from Hindu mythology).

    Mostly Original Work

    Pearl Dragon
    Coral Dragon
    Caterwaul Doh! I completely forgot there was a creature by this name already. Mine is completely different.
    Soldier of Misfortune Winner as part of pair in Monster Competition LIII - The Hunt
    Angel, Dairymaid winner GITP Monster Competition XLIV
    Dire Fighting Chicken and Fiendish Dire Fighting Chicken For newbDM
    Dire Fighting Rooster
    Mob of Fangirls
    Christmas Goose
    Pumpkin Imp
    Mob of Drunken Hooligans
    Spume Elemental
    Cardboardeaux Winner of New Monster Competition 1: Back and of simple construction
    Bullet Ant Swarm
    Cihuateotl A nasty undead seductress for Crossroads
    Variant treants A trio tied for 1st place in The Flesh Alchemists' Convention II: And Now For Something (not) Completely Different.
    Amnesiac Olive Treant thanks to lynx502 because a crazy olive treant would be even more hilarious. I tweaked the Pathfinder amnesia rules for this to apply to creatures.
    Mulberry Tree Dryad and Monstrous Giant silkworm and sylvan silk armor The creatures of Fey should have an otherworldly outlook. I try to tie them to the land in a way that makes sense.
    Bumblebear I apparently forgot about this oldie but it's here now
    Lector Sprite To shush you in the library
    Pegicorn Another one of mine that didn't make it over from the WotC message board purge.
    Fiendish Pegicorn
    Cherry Blossom Dryad
    Dragon, Autumnal
    Treant, Tulgey
    Floral Dragon Inspired by the 5e Floral Dragons.

    Prestige Classes
    Acolyte of the Blessed Imelda Marcos

    Fairy Godmother Maleficent (see above) uses this class
    The Dieter
    Priestess of Lolth Made with dantiesilva and updates the Zin-carla Template.

    Magic Items
    Underwater Parchment
    Cursed teas inspired by DracoDei (It's all his fault)
    Rod of Misplaced Items
    My version of Cipher's Timeless Ring
    Updated Amulet of Fowl Language by Spikeof2010
    Basket of Never-Ending Prismatic Eggs This updates the item in my Easter Bunny above.
    Golden Fiddle for Kellus' Golden Fiddler Prestige Class and devil
    I updated the AD&D magic item Egg of Reason to be consistent with 3.5
    Insect glaive for CrazyYanmega
    Queen Bees' Magical Honeypot
    Mimir (conversion of 2e magical item)

    Pi˝ata Creature Template
    Wannabee Template
    Animal Cracker Template to go with the spell below.
    Undead Diva Made for nickia

    Bear Feats
    Hoary Crone Feat Inspired by Cipher's hair feats

    Other Stuff

    Misplaced Objects (spell)
    Animal Cracker Shapes (spell) See also Animal Cracker Template above.
    Cause Bare (spell) for misheard spells
    Cause Beer (spell) for misheard spells
    Hideous Daughter (spell) for misheard spells
    Updated Turbo164's Sharknado Spells
    Fixed Monk of reason's Tasha's Hideous Breath spell
    Clean Water Spell
    Hand Mine Field Spell (based on Doctor Who)
    Everchicken spell and chckenslide based on Yllarius' eversheep thread (see above).
    Thunderwave spell conversion from 5e to Pathfinder
    New Ray Cantrips (ray of sunshine, ray of storms)
    Flight of the Bumblebee and Ride of the Valkyries Inspired by the music of same name and because we need a little levity in the game.

    New Domains
    Pie Domain
    Schr÷dinger's Domain

    New Non-Magical Items
    Healing Poultice (Alchemical) A really bad idea.
    Orcish War Paint (non-magical) based on johnswiftwood's idea.
    Mundane crushing tankard because drunken hooligans need something else to do and it's a silly component of Tenser's keg stand.
    Stats for Captain Nemo's Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
    Stats for Captain Nemo's Underwater Electric Pellet Rifle

    Ebon Iron Special Material based on Raven Frostwolf's idea.
    Monstrous Rage Special Ability for Monster Hunter Converted Monsters
    Disease, Skittlespox (silly)

    Diamorus, The Searcher Based on ideas from Toapat, Network and deomonman24.

    Monster Making Advice
    Table Making Advice (not mine but useful)

    Netbooks I Worked On
    Sadly most of these are currently unavailable.
    Oz OGL:[1].pdf NOTE site is currently unavailable.
    3.5 Liber Mysterium: Netbook of Witches and Warlocks This site seems to be down as well
    #35 Inn of Last Resorts
    Zeta Kai's excellent Final Fantasy X D20 Netbook
    Bhu's Cat Burglar Netbook.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    My Hombrew

    ~*~ Codename: Swampgas ~*~
    Swamp Dryad, Weeping Treant, Treant Tear

    ~*~ The Vorpal Tribble's GITP Monster Competition ~*~
    Porcelain Doll Of the Rising Sun, XVIII
    Xintri (Race) We the People, XXIII
    The Singing Tree ♫Sing Along♫, XXIV <--First Tie Ever! I Won!
    Spontaneous Combustion, Urban Legends, XXV
    Clockwork Weaver, XXIX - Tick... Tock...
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    They're not really good for anything,
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Last edited by Duke of URL; 2010-09-08 at 09:24 AM.

    My Homebrew
    Gronk by dallas-dakota

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Well here's my stuff. All are for D&D 3.5 edition Except D20 Frog which is my own D20 system.

    My little homebrew setting Contains homebew races
    Viridia A community project I have contributed some things to.
    Floating Worlds A community project which I started.

    Little Dragons

    Base Classes
    Barbarian Fix
    Revised Commoner
    An attempt at fixing the fighter There are many better fixes out there. Like the Bears With Laser's fix
    The Doctor A nonmagical healer class.
    Dragon Shaman fix
    Destroyer A supernaturally empowered warrior.
    Sublime Archer An archery class for ToB.
    Spellblade A warlock styled fighter mage.
    Seer Like the beguiler but for Divination&Abjuration.
    Spellshifter Another fixed list caster. This time for transmutation.

    Master of Materia
    Chaos type PRC:s
    Shadow Blade Assassin
    Farshaper, a contest entry
    Soulpower Disciple
    Mystic Theurge Fix
    Spellword Polyglot
    Shielded of Spell
    Darken Sword
    Iron Sorcerer
    Divine Deceiver
    Fist of the Constructed, a contest entry
    Lariat Witch

    Archer Feats
    Blaster&Evoker Feats
    One Hander Feats

    False Alignment
    Some new Evocations

    Piercing Point A ToB discipline for spear using warblades.
    Falling Mountain The Lightning Bruiser discipline (includes an NPC class).

    House Rules
    Spellcasting failure rate
    Kill the XP cost system. Kill it with fire
    Half-things system
    Bad Feats into Half-Feats Not Ready Yet
    Counterspelling made simple and viable.
    Different XP rates for differently powered classes.

    Other Stuff
    A gnome-made submarine.
    Dragon Shaman Auras
    Expanded Spell Lists for supplemental spellcasters.
    Teleporty Stuff Spells and a PRC
    Derivative Spell Knowledge Sorcerer ACF
    Cleric Domains Light domain and a revised Death domain.
    Traditional Fighter Resource Nice things for non-ToB melee.
    Lesser Enchantments For more interesting low level magic weapons.
    Warlock Invocations Two invocations.

    And holy crap! I have done more stuff than I remembered!
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    Frog in the playground.

    My homebrewer's extended signature.

    I have Str 5!

    Quote Originally Posted by BobVosh View Post
    Wall of text attacks! CRITS!

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    My successful Homebrews:

    Base Classes:
    The Brood Warrior

    Prestige Classes:
    The Curator

    The Chosen of the Nameless One

    Rules Alterations:
    Shield Changes
    Monk Tweaks
    Purchasing Levels
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    My Homebrew
    Avatar thanks to Kwarkpudding!!

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Necroclock Devices: A technology system combining necromancy and clockwork. Largely uses grafts.

    Base Classes
    Fragmented (on hold): Uses multiple personalities to develop separate skills.
    Necrocore (on hold): Controls dead matter with ease (can't be taken first level)
    Wisp Fire Guide: A guiding light to the afterlife.
    Ozodrin (In progress): Become an eldritch horror with large amounts of variation.
    Twilight Caster: Take control of the forces from both the Plane of Shadows and the Ethereal Plane depending on the time of day. (contest)
    Ethercaster: Use energy from the Ethereal Plane to defeat your foes (also includes twilight caster and Ethereal Magic).
    Sponge: Share pain with those around you for good or ill. (contest)
    Dancer: Dance to perform magic. Based off a class by UserShadow7989.

    Prestige Classes
    Believer of the Void (contest): Attempt to disbelieve reality... successfully
    Ghost Blade (contest): Become incorpreal to evade your opponent.
    Wisp fire guide: Murderous trickster? No, I preffer to think of myself as a guiding light... to the next life.
    Task Mage: Of course you should fight fire with fire. You should fight everything with fire.
    Ozodrin PRCs: A thread where various ozodrin PRCs can be found or are linked to.
    Macabre Mask Maker (contest): Xenoalchemy grafts applied to and by masks.

    Monster Classes
    Gilim-ß-˙r-Üßr (contest): A ball of tentacles and nothing else.

    Ifiol: Fatal damage only makes them feel better.
    Licids: Based on the Magic the Gathering creatures of the same name.
    Ghūl: Based on the traditional creature, can turn into a hyena or people its eaten.
    Blooded - a race that focuses on bloodlines.

    Trillnath (current): A hive type creature that adapts to be resistant to damage types, while you fight them.
    Soul Specter (on hold): A type of spirit with unique abilities.
    Spirit Gate (contest): A gate to the ethereal plane made of spirits that seeks to gain more souls to expand itself.
    Shiny (contest): A small creature that pretends to be a useless but irresistibly shiny object so others will pick it up.

    Guillotine: A weapon inspired by the guillotine.

    World Building Projects
    Sun Behind Night (In progress): An inside out world.

    Plane of Nothingness: It doesn't exist.

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    Want them to look nice? Have a guide

    My Homebrew
    [creature]Shiny: Monster Competition XXXVI entry.
    [class]Wisp fire guide: Follow me. I have such sights to show you.
    [class]Ozodrin: A class to play as an eldritch horror.
    other hombrew

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    My Homebrew
    Feel free to use anything. All projects are for 3.5, PM me with any questions.

    Campaigns Worlds

    Zakken: A jungle-dwelling, brutish, psionic race

    Base Classes
    Abstainer: A holy warrior who opposes alcohol and drugs with a divine fervor
    Barbarian: A maneuver-using barbarian
    *Cerebral Stalker: A warrior who specializes in using his mental faculties to affect physical combat
    Dragon Hunter: A warrior who tracks dragons down and slays them in order to steal their hoards
    Shifter: Gains an alterable alternate form that exists in the player's imagination, gains abilities based on the three physical ability scores

    Prestige Classes
    *Befuddled Mage: A senile wizard who uses his forgetfulness to baffle his opponents
    *Blade Dancer: A wu jen specialized in metal magic and battle
    Blood Warrior: Warriors with a supernatural control of blood
    Disciple of the Nine: Demonic warriors who crusade for justice and good
    Evangelist of Urogon: Righteous warriors who convert whoever they can by whatever means necessary (mind controlling)
    Hellfire Blade: Powerful warriors who can control the powerful forces of hellfire
    Holy Vindicator: A holy warrior who utilizes sneak attacks and turn undead to destroy evil
    *Malefic Sentinel: A hexblade-turned-paladin who fights for justice and protects his allies
    Pillow Warrior: Uses pillows as its main weapon (C.U.T.E.)
    Protector: A warrior who specializes in defending his allies
    Psychic Slayer: A psychic assassin who uses blades of pure psionic energy
    Reality Master: The master of reality, gains abilities that warp the world around them
    Root Walker: A druid who has mastered powers over the earth and vermin
    *Shaman: A nature-oriented, spiritually based caster based around the ability to trance
    Witch: A flying warrior who utilizes both her bow and spiritual companion to fight

    Greater Hellfire Power: Increases the hellfire blade's daily allotment of hellfire power
    Enlarge Hellfire: Doubles the range of hellfire abilities
    Extend Infusion: Allows the hellfire blade to increase the duration of his hellfire infusion
    Maximize Hellfire: Allows a hellfire blade to maximize all damage dice for his hellfire burst or hellfire blast
    Psionic Attack: Use power points to increase attack/damage from attacks
    Psionic Attack, Improved: Increased version of Psionic Attack, allows more power points to be spent
    Psionic Demolish: Doubles the damage bonus per power point of psionic attack
    Quicken Hellfire: The hellfire blade can manifest his hellfire abilities as a swift action
    Know Your Soul: Increases mental resilience and allows you to commune with your soul
    Songs of the Open Road: A collection of feats for the well-traveled PC
    Soul Manifestation: Physically manifests your soul in the form of a dŠmon, granting the Linked Soul template (below)
    Widen Hellfire: The area of effect of the hellfire blade's hellfire abilities are doubled

    Assassin's Crossbow: Crossbow that can use True Strike once per day
    Blood Worm Acid: A more powerful acid
    Blood Worm Poison: Infect the target with blood worms
    Hellforged Steel: Steel forged in the fiery depths of hell, resilient and fire resistant
    The Pillow: The mighty weapon of the Pillow Warrior (C.U.T.E.)
    Water Cannon: A powerful anti-ship weapon

    Alta's Gift: Psionic, summons a large blast of lava
    Expunge Blood Worm: Remove blood worms from the body in an incredibly destructive manner
    Fiery Ray: Shoots a single ray of fire at the target
    Fiery Blast: Fire blast centered on the caster
    The Funniest Joke in the World: This joke kills
    Implant Blood Worm: Infects the target with blood worms
    Quick Jump: A quick teleport to a close location, swift action
    Split: A quick teleport that summons a single mirror image to distract your opponent
    Upgraded Cantrips: Upgraded versions of cantrips, improved to level 1 spells

    Awakened Wolf: An intelligent wolf with a third eye and divine powers.
    Blood Ooze: An ooze made of blood
    Blood Worm: Infects the target and takes over their body, consuming them from inside-out
    Blood Worm, Elder: A massive swarm of blood worms
    Blood Worm, Greater: This creature is spawned when blood worms are released from the victim and move about as a swarm
    Busker: A street performer who enthralls its crowd and saps their life
    Cloth Golem: A golem constructed of cloth and clothing
    Forsaken Blade: An abandoned samurai sword that continues to preserve justice even if its former master does not
    Gallivespian: Tiny humanoids with dragonfly mounts and poisonous spurs
    Invisible Giant: An almost completely translucent giant
    *Llawfeddyg: An aberrant surgeon bent on achieving ultimate anatomical knowledge through whatever means necessary
    Mind Leech: A small parasite that enters the body and controls the mind
    *Miniature Golems: Small golems for the creative adept
    Mist Rat: Rats made of mist, can assume a gaseous form
    Morco: Large birds with limited flight capabilities, usually used as mounts by the Zakken
    *Panserbj°rn: Armor-wearing, intelligent polar bears
    *Reality Shifter: A frightening creature that constantly alters the world around it
    Spirit of the Woods: A giant, good, undead tree that protects forests
    The Tainted Ones: Demons who travel the world exposing it to their taint
    Tome of the Worlds: A book that contains information on all of reality

    Awakened: A creature who achieves enlightenment and gains a third eye and additional powers.
    Infested One: A creature infested completely by blood worms, who have taken control of the body
    *Linked Soul: A humanoid whose soul is physically manifested as a shapeshifting animal
    Trepanned Creature: A creature who has had a hole drilled through their skull in order to grant the divine access to their mind

    Material for the His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman
    Gallivespian: Tiny humanoids with dragonfly mounts and poisonous spurs
    Linked Soul: A humanoid whose soul is physically manifested as a shapeshifting animal
    Panserbj°rn: Armor-wearing, intelligent polar bears
    Shaman: A nature-oriented, spiritually based caster based around the ability to trance
    Trepanned Creature: A creature who has had a hole drilled through their skull in order to grant the divine access to their mind
    Witch: A flying warrior who utilizes both her bow and spiritual companion fight

    Most recent projects are in bold.
    Favorite projects are marked with an asterisk (*).
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    and the serenity for which he labored was shattered as he realized the
    little time he had in life to read so much, to learn what he had to know.ö
    ~Stoner, John Williams~
    My Homebrew (Most Recent) | Forum Rules

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    Default DaTedinator's Homebrew

    Just coming back from a long time away, a lot of this is old as. Updating it as I care to. Anything with working tables can be assumed to have gotten recent attention.

    Base Classes:
    ARTIFICER (Completely redone; still powerful, but not so easy to break)

    ASPIRANT (The wizard to the swordsage's sorcerer)

    INVOKING HEXBLADE (It's almost like invocations were designed specifically to be retrofitted to the hexblade)

    Prestige Classes:
    CALM ONE (Martial/psionic PrC; focuses on inner peace and defense)

    DARK MIND (Martial soulknife PrC; uses emotions)

    NAKED KNIGHT (Did Conan the Barbarian wear pants? No? Then why should you?)

    PSALMIST (Bard/Divine, focused on healing)

    SUBLIME SORCERER (Arcane Swordsage variant turned PrC)

    Alternate Class Features:
    Tome of Battle ACFs
    - Lay on Hands
    - Smite Opposing Alignment
    - Arcane Training
    - Use Magic Weapon
    - Martial Aptitude
    - Broad Experience

    Incomplete Soldier: Warrior-related goodies
    - Arcane Vanguard (Sor/Wiz)
    - Battlemage (Warmage)
    - Beastmaster (Ranger)
    - Brutal Charge (Scout)
    - Deity's Champion (Favored Soul)
    - Hunter's Trance (Barbarian)
    - Ill Omens (Hexblade)
    - Mountain Druid (Druid)
    - Witty Jab (Swashbuckler)
    - Rapid Blast (Warlock)
    - Strength of Conviction (Paladin)
    - Templar (Cleric)
    - Thug (Rogue)
    - Warrior-Poet (Bard)
    - Weapon Savant (Fighter)
    - Yamabushi (Monk)

    Factotum as a Monk Fix
    - Cunning Ki
    - Cunning Stealth
    - Feral Factotum
    - Insightful Factotum
    - Lay Priest
    - Martial Artist
    - Martial Dilettante
    - Perfect Factotum
    - Psychic Talent

    New Druid Shapeshift Forms
    - Herbivore Form
    - Aquatic Form
    - Earthbound Form
    - Swarm Form
    - Virulent Form
    - Winged Destroyer Form
    - Beast Form
    - Great Beast Form
    - Wyrm Form

    - Child of Air
    - Child of Earth
    - Child of Sea

    Dragonmark Feat
    - Mixed Mark

    Incomplete Soldier: Warrior-related goodies
    {table="head"] General Feats | Prerequisites | Benefit
    Ambidexterity | Dexterity 17 | You have no "off-hand."
    Armor Focus | BAB +1, proficient in chosen armor category | Improved AC and Reflex saves in certain armor.
    - Greater Armor Focus | Fighter 8th, Armor Focus in the chosen category | Even greater AC and Reflex saves in certain armor.
    - Second Skin | Fighter 4th, Armor Focus | Treat armor as a size lighter.
    Calculated Shot | Int 13, BAB +1 | Add your Intelligence to ranged attack rolls.
    Deft Shot | BAB +4, Spot 4 ranks | Take 10 on ranged attacks.
    Deft Swing | BAB +4, Spot 4 ranks | Take 10 on melee attacks.
    Fencing | Weapon Finesse OR Weapon Focus | Add Dexterity to melee damage.
    Improved Snap Kick | BAB +11, Improved Unarmed Strike, Snap Kick | Reduce penalty for Snap Kick.
    Greater Feint | BAB +8, Combat Expertise, Improved Feint | Feint as a swift action.
    Greater Trip | Fighter 6th, Combat Expertise, Improved Trip | Attack an opponent other than the one you tripped.
    Riposte | BAB +2, Sneak Attack, Sudden Strike or Skirmish +1d6 | Sneak Attack foe who misses you in melee.
    Sudden Bash | BAB +6, Improved Shield Bash | Make an extra attack with shield, all attacks at -2.
    - Improved Sudden Bash | BAB +11, Improved Shield Bash, Sudden Bash | Reduce penalty for Sudden Bash.
    Sunder Magic | Power Attack; Mage Slayer OR Improved Sunder and Spellcraft 2 ranks | Successful Sunder can dispel instead of damage.
    Superior Trip | Fighter 10th, Combat Expertise, Improved Trip | Trip on a succesful attack.
    Supreme Unarmed Strike | BAB +12, Improved Unarmed Strike, Superior Unarmed Strike | Unarmed strikes penetrate all DR, deal more damage.
    Sweeping Strike | Fighter 12th, Power Attack, Cleave | Gain a Cleave attack when you drop a foe below 1/2 HP.
    Twin Strike | Fighter 8th, Dex 17, Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Dual Strike | Attack a foe with each weapon as a standard action.
    Two-Weapon Whirlwind | Fighter 16th, Dex 17, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Mobility, Whirlwind Attack, Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting | Make a whirlwind attack and attack twice.

    {table="head"] Tactical Feats | Prerequisites | Benefit
    Battlefield Bully | Power Attack, Improved Bull Rush | Bull rush related benefits.
    Thornbush | BAB +8, Combat Expertise | Light weapon related benefits.

    Tome of Battle-Related Feats
    {table="head"]General Feat|Prerequisites|Benefit
    Combat Healer|Lay on hands (or similar ability), one Devoted Spirit maneuver that heals hit point damage.|Spend Lay on Hands to increase healing from a Devoted Spirit maneuver.[/table]

    {table="head"]Multiclass Feats|Prerequisites|Benefit
    Ascetic Savant|Improved Unarmed Strike, ability to add your Wisdom bonus to AC in light armor.|Monk and swordsage levels stack for unarmed strike, speed bonus, quick to act.
    Daring Swordsman|Battle clarity, grace +1.|Swashbuckler and warblade levels stack for initiator level and grace.
    Devoted Templar|Divine grace, steely resolve.|Crusader and paladin levels stack for initiator level and smite damage.
    Faithful Templar|Ability to turn or rebuke undead, steely resolve.|Cleric and crusader levels stack for turn undead, domain abilities, steely resolve.
    Psychic Swordsman|Weapon Aptitude.|Psychic warrior and warblade levels stack for initiator and manifester level.
    Sagacious Outlaw|Sneak Attack +2d6 as a class feature, Trap Sense +1, one Shadow Hand stance.|Rogue and swordsage levels stack for initiator level, quick to act, sneak attack.
    Sublime Soulknife|Blade meditation (any), mind blade.|Mind blade is discipline weapon, soulknife levels increase initiator level.
    Thieving Sage|Discipline focus, steal spell|Spellthief and swordsage levels stack for sneak attack and steal spell.[/table]

    {table="head"]Tactical Feats|Prerequisites|Benefit
    Bestial Might|BAB +6, Balance 6 ranks, Jump 6 ranks, two Tiger Claw maneuvers, one Stone Dragon maneuver, and one Stone Dragon stance.| Synergistic abilities for Stone Dragon and Tiger Claw.
    Desert Storm|Three Desert Wind maneuvers, Tumble 9 ranks.|Electricity-based abilities.
    Faithful Leader|BAB +6, one Devoted Spirit stance, one White Raven stance.|Synergistic abilities for Devoted Spirit and White Raven.
    Might of Arms|BAB +6, Power Attack, two Iron Heart maneuvers, no Setting Sun maneuvers.|The best way to win is to be better than your opponent. Duh.
    Mordant Shadows|BAB +4, three Shadow Hand maneuvers.|Acid-based abilities.
    Time Marches On|Sense Motive 6 ranks, BAB +4, two Setting Sun maneuvers.|Attacks for opponents who know how to avoid hitting themselves and falling down.
    Way of the Mirage|Hide 9 ranks, Tumble 3 ranks, one Shadow Hand maneuver, one Desert Wind maneuver.|Synergistic abilities for Desert Wind and Shadow Hand.[/table]

    Feats that count as other feats
    {table="head"] General Feats | Prerequisites | Benefit
    Act on the Run | Dex 13, Dodge, Mobility, Tumble 8 ranks | Take a standard action the middle of a move action
    Adjust Weapon | Craft (weaponsmithing) 4 ranks, BAB +1 | Tweak a weapon for improved personal use
    Arcane Touch | Concentration 8 ranks, ability to cast 1st level arcane spells | You can channel spell slots to deal damage
    Battle Casting | Con 13 | Cast spells while holding the charge of other spells
    Battle-Hardened | Con 13 | Add your Constitution bonus to AC
    Battlefield Acrobatics | Dodge, Mobility, Jump 4 ranks, Tumble 8 ranks | Move during a full-attack
    Battlefield Agility | Dodge, Tumble 6 ranks | Flank opponents you tumble past
    Battlefield Grace | Tumble 4 ranks | Gain a bonus to AC against opponents you tumble past
    Baited Opening | Dex 13 | Take an attack of opportunity when hit by an attack of opportunity
    Brutal | Str 15 | You hit with more strength
    Careful Retreat | Dex 13, Dodge | Take the withdraw action as a move action
    Channel Ki | Wis 13, Concentration 4 ranks | Make a concentration check instead of a saving throw
    Combat Flair | Cha 13 | Add your Charisma bonus to combat maneuvers
    Combat Instincts | Wis 13 | Take a penalty on Will saves to gain a bonus to AC
    Customize Weapon | Weapon Focus, Craft (weaponsmithing) 6 ranks, fighter level 4th | Adjust your weapon to deal more damage
    Crack Shot | Dex 13, BAB +1 | Ignore soft cover
    Expert Throw | Dex 13 | Add your dexterity modifier to damage with ranged weapons
    Extremely Light-Footed | Dex 17, Dodge | Take a five-foot step as an immediate action
    Foreign Fighting Style | Int 13, BAB +1 | Add your Intelligence to attack rolls with a specific weapon
    Instant Strike | Dex 19, Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, BAB +16 | Attack with a light weapon as an immediate action
    Instinctive Initiative | Wis 13 | Add your wisdom modifier to initiative, act in surprise rounds
    Juggernaut | Con 13 | Add Con to rolls based on size
    Light-Footed | Dex 15 | Take a five-foot step as a swift action
    Martial Artist | Combat Expertise | Treat yourself as bigger for opposed rolls
    Mounted Defense | Ride 1 rank | Take hits for your mount
    Rapid Strikes | Dex 15, Weapon Finesse, BAB +6 | Attack twice in rapid succession
    Reckless Attack | Str 13 | Take a penalty to AC to gain a bonus to damage with two-handed weapons
    Restore Ki | Dex 13, Wis 15, Heal 10 ranks | Heal your allies by opening their ki flows
    Shielded Spellcaster | Arcane caster level 1st | Proficiency with light shields; ignore spell-failure
    Shoot 'em in the Back | Dex 13, Point Blank Shot, sneak attack +1d6 | You may flank with ranged weapons
    Swift Strike | Dex 17, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, BAB +11 | Attack with a light weapon as a swift action
    Symmetrical Strength | Str 13 | You can use your full strength with off-handed weapons
    Tactical Awareness | Int 13 | Gain additional attacks of opportunity, and avoid provoking.

    Factotum as a Monk Fix
    {table="head"]General Feat|Prerequisites|Benefit
    Naked Factotum|Factotum level 3rd|Bonuses when using Factotum class features unarmored[/table]

    {table="head"]Psionic Feat|Prerequisites|Benefit
    Cunning Psionicist|Access to inspiration points|Spend power points as inspiration points, spend inspiration points to gain psionic focus.[/table]

    Tome of Battle Material
    MARTIAL SCHOOLS (A system for sub-disciplines, along with 17 example schools, and over a hundred new maneuvers)

    MENTAL GRIP (Psionic discipline focused on telekinesis)

    THUNDER BOLT (Ranged Discipline focused on crossbows)

    Abandoned Projects:
    Stuff that I either gave up on, can't edit anymore but want to, or otherwise just don't feel is up to snuff. May revisit in the future.

    Prestige Classes:
    [indent]CANTRIP CASTER (Not just 0-level spells; find a use for all those low-level spell slots)

    SCION OF KHYBER (Enhanced Aberrant Dragonmark)

    SCION OF SIBERYS (Heir of Siberys redux)

    Substitution Levels:
    Dragonmarked Sorcerer (A sorcerer whose powers are fueled by his dragonmark)

    Other/Hard to Classify:
    Dragonmarks as Bloodlines (Replacing/supplementing dragonmark feats with the Bloodline rules from Unearthed Arcana)
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    I've decided to recreate my Homebrewer's Extended Signature by separating out and posting only the creations I believe are my best, just a small portion of the total.

    Planes and Subplanes
    The Red Rage [Abyssal Layer]

    Nocturne Lemur [CR 1/6. Animal, familiar, comes with new spell]
    The Dread Plague [CRs 1/2, 5, 10, 15. Undead. Comes with disease.]
    Flash Crusher, Keratin Brute, Chitin Dreadnought [CRs 2, 5, 12. Undead]
    Steel Mastiff [CR 3. Elemental]
    Hoarcreeper [CR 5. Undead]
    Synovial Freak [CR 6. Undead]
    Ssolsch [CR 7. Outsider, demon]
    Sun Mite Swarm [CR 8. Magical Beast]
    Wind on the Sand [CR 8. Outsider]
    Xhinope [CR 8. Magical Beast]
    Regolith and Pedolith [CRs 9 and 4. Elementals]
    Iron Rose [CR 9. Construct]
    Coronal Elemental [CR 10, Elemental]
    Desert Rose [CRs 10 and 13. Elementals]
    Flaydancer [CR 10. Outsider]
    Nitroglycerin Ooze [CR 11. Ooze]
    Lure Eel [DR 12. Magical Beast]
    Pandemic Mask [CR 13 and 3. Aberration]

    Shells and Bloodborn [TO BE REPOSTED WITH MORE! The Blackborn, better description of the ritual, physical description, and cultural background!]

    Sphere of Shadow [Sor/Wiz 0, Clr 0, Brd 0]
    Blessing of Brass, Wearying Winds [Brd 3]
    Baneful Teleport [Sor/Wiz 8]

    New Materials

    Steel Mastiff [Fire, w/oEN, ?]
    Embercat [Fire, w/oEN, Sootfields]
    Coalitt [Fire, w/oEN, Sootfields]
    Ashraven [Fire, w/oEN, Sootfields]
    Gray Snapper [Fire, w/oEN, Sootfields]
    Ashruff [Fire, w/oEN, Sootfields]
    Spark Leech [Fire, w/oEN, Sootfields]
    Red Diver [Fire, w/oEN, Sootfields and Obsidian Spires
    Obsidian Bulk [Fire, w/oEN, Obsidian Spires]
    Magmar [Fire, w/oEN, Lava Seas]
    Waver [Air, w/oEN, throughout]
    Solhawk [Air, w/oEN, (rename area)]
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Martial Disciplines

    Campaign Settings

    Base Classes

    Prestige Classes



    • Fairie Flies- Firefly-like fey that distract, confound, and maybe help once in a while.
    • Golem, Blue- It's a golem made from various shades of blue.
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    Extended Homebrew Signature

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    Homebrew Directory
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Blade Wolf View Post
    Ah, thank you very much GreatWyrmGold, you obviously live up to that name with your intelligence and wisdom with that post.
    Quotes, more

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Hokay, time for me to join the fray and add in some of my stuff here... All of my stuff are for D&D 3.5. I don't play 4ed enough to try my hand at it.

    Base Classes
    The Tattooed Monk: Re-envisioned as a base class. Effectively completed, as no more updates shall be made

    Prestige Classes
    Cybernetic Gunner: PrC Contest X entry. Megaman X reincarnate? Beware the walls of text!
    Dusk Adept: A Duskblade/Sorcerer PrC.
    Sin Knight: PrC Contest XI entry. It's so full of sin it's beautiful
    Shifter Exemplar: Rawr, I transform and claw (or bite, or impale) thee! Bring on the shifter feats, you know you want 'em.

    New Heritage Feats: For those of you who like ice cream flavours other than Vanilla.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Prestige Classes

    Pale Master (Redux) - A more combat oriented revision of Pale Master

    Master Blaster - Master Thrower for spellcasters

    Natures Avatar - Druid/Warlock who manifest natures might

    Prestige Classes (Under Development)

    Shaman Summoner - Spirit Shaman/Druid focusing on Animal Companion

    Darkmaster - Undead incorporating Black Sand into his flesh to give powers over darkness


    Wild Spells - Spells with a chaotic twist
    I apologise if I come across daft. I'm a bit like that. I also like a good argument, so please don't take offence if I'm somewhat...forthright.

    Please be aware; when it comes to 5ed D&D, I own Core (1st printing) and SCAG only. All my opinions and rulings are based solely on those, unless otherwise stated. I reserve the right of ignorance of errata or any other source.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Current Projects:
    --[World] Odogond (no thread, at least for now)
    --[Races - Odogond] Refluffing the Races - Idea Thread

    Current Contest Entry
    --None (currently)

    Past Projects:
    --[Feat Chain] Resolute Caster

    Co-Op Projects:
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadManSleeping View Post
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    My (so far rather insignificant) collection of homebrew:

    Base Classes
    Templar - Zealous champion of his god.
    Time Warrior - Warrior harnessing the power of time.
    Cat Warrior - Warrior emulating the perfect animal.

    Prestige Classes
    Deathlord - Necromancer who's friends with the undead.
    Hammer Brother - Hammer-specialized warrior.
    Temporal Assassin - Stealthy murderer wielding temporal power (Time Warrior/Rogue PrC).

    Vaincloak - Undead of desire.

    Minor Class Fixes
    Fighter: d12 HD, 4+Int skill points, good Reflex save, 1 free Exotic proficiency.

    Monk: d10 HD, 6+Int skill points, full BAB, Flurry of Blows with all proficient weapons, +1/+1 Flurry of Blows attack bonus/level.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    3.5 Edition D&D

    Mythos Classes
    Teramach - Mythic Barbarian
    Kathodos - Mythic Elementalist
    Olethrofex - Mythic Necromancer
    Bellator - Mythic Fighter
    Syntrofos - Mythic Weapon
    Anakitos - Mythic Paladin
    Jagannatha - Mythic Antipaladin

    Mythos Supplements
    Mythic Humans
    Mythic Kobolds
    Mythic Reth Dekala
    Mythic Vestiges
    Mythic Lycanthropes
    Mythic Warlocks
    Mythic Fusion

    Mythos Races
    Gaean Child

    Mythic Fluff
    The Consolidated Mythos Timeline

    Exalted 3rd Edition

    Xefas' Infernal Behemoth Garden
    • The Princess Celestial + Iridescent Friendship Style
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Not intending to necro, but it seem that now I am starting to need this as well.
    Will probably add alot with time.

    My Homebrew:

    Soulless From the verge of death to immortality.
    Lycnos The truth behind lycanthropy.
    Raptember Predatorial outsider (fae) with hypnotic stare
    Nezumi They will make you say "Rats!"

    Base Classes
    Soldier Defensive Fighting
    Reveler Knowledge is power.
    Witchblade Combine sword and sorcery.
    Chosen Hand of god, melee style.
    Netherhost share your body with an unimaginable beast from beyond.

    Prestige Classes
    Immortal No fear of death.
    luckblade Who needs skill?
    Soul Devourer In your death you serve.
    Spell Hunter Magic will perish
    Necroblade Wielding necromatic and metalic death.
    Silvermoon Hunter I will destroy my fellow lycans.
    Nizari Assassinations with muscle and wisdom.
    Blood Blade Using your own health as a weapon.
    Dashing Swordsman All you need is style.
    Angel of Death, questionable methods for unquestionable cause.

    Work of others I appreciated:

    Base classes turned PrCs:
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    It's probably better if everyone posted all their homebrew in here. It's one big database, and the sherrif has already acknowledged its existence and safeguarded it from deletion.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    a steampunk fantasy ♦ the novelthe albumthe campaign setting

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Fell free to use any of these. Giving me credit is nice, but not mandatory. (Note: This isn't actually everything I've posted, but I don't feel like digging it all up.)
    Drolyt's Homebrew Project:
    Drolyt's Homebrew Project 1: The Sorcerer (3.5) (PEACH)
    Drolyt's Homebrew Project II (Dual-Classing 3.5, PEACH)
    Drolyt Homebrew Project 3: Skill Condensation 3.5(PEACH)
    Vow of Poverty Fix
    New 3.5 Variant
    Abandoned Material (might be interesting, but not fit for use):
    Alignment System (Abandoned)
    Fighter Fix (Abandoned)
    True Necromancer Redux
    Doctor Who Themed Material:
    New Spell (3.5) The End of Time
    Time Lord (D&D 3.5 Monster) (Doctor Who Inspired Thread)
    Other Stuff:
    Martial Study Variant
    Boss Monster Templates
    Scion Of Hell
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    YAY a giant archive!

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