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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature


    Science!: A feat for the non-magical brainiac in all of us.

    Base Classes


    Prestige Classes

    Quotes and Homebrew

    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Zahn View Post
    ...I like your style, Mr.Brains.
    Quote Originally Posted by Psyren
    Meanwhile, the sorcerer is the HS dropout that ended up debt-free and founding Facebook.
    My Homebrew
    Former Avatars:
    :By Ceika
    :By Akrim.Elf

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Contest Entries:

    Project (3.5e):

    Races (3.5e)
    Most of my races can be found in this thread. Races not designed for Blades of Keran are not within the prior mentioned thread.


    Prestige Classes (3.5e)

    Full Prestige Classes (3.5e)

    Bloodlines (3.5e)

    Feats (3.5e)

    Creatures (3.5e)

    Spells (3.5e)

    Remade Domains
    • Air
    • Animal

    Remade Creatures
    • Aboleth
    • Air Elemental
    • Amber Bee
    • Athach
    • Choker
    • Chuul
    • Darkmantle

    Items (3.5e)

    Templates (3.5e)

    Deities (3.5e)

    Homebrew Class [PTA]

    Homebrew Moves [PTA]

    Homebrew Capabilities [PTA]

    Homebrew Pokemon [PTA]

    Homebrew Status Condition (PTA)


    In addition to the above I DM several games and I am a Judge for the MUHA competition.

    B= Blades Of Keran Material
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Base Classes:

    Uttercold Overlord - Base Class that specializes in cold and death.

    Psychocian - Psion who prepares his powers.

    Deathlock - Makes a pact with superly-duperly evil beings.

    Prestige Classes:

    Necromantic Count - Prestige Class for making undead and blasting negative energy.

    Starchild - A bard PrC for the child who is descended from The Metal.

    Cystard - A bard PrC that focuses on using the Necrotic Cyst line of spells.

    Psibonder - A psion that forms a bond with an aberration.

    Seteri - Scorpion like race based on Egyptian Mythology.

    Thread I'm participating in:
    For ease of access for me
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    Extended Hombrew Signature

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    Default Dire Reverend's Extended Signature

    While none of these homebrew materials are found on Giant in the Playground, I still would like you guys to check them out.

    Bleach D20 - A sourcebook that brings the Manga/Anime Bleach to 3.5.

    Classes and Alternate Class Features:
    Boneclaw Hybrid (Undead Racial Paragon) - A method for undead creatures to gain the abilities of the Boneclaws.

    Alternate Class Features:
    Militant Spellcaster - Sorcerer and Wizards lose one spell per spell level/day and their familiar, but gain full BAB and proficiency with Martial Weapons.
    Spellcasting Lifedrinker - Lose some Lifewell capacity to advance spellcasting.
    Unarmored Duskblade - Lose your ability to freely cast in Light and Medium armor for abilities similar to a Monk.
    Undead Soul Eater - Allows Undead to become Soul Eaters, and changes some of the abilities to work better with Undead.
    Unevasive - Lose Evasion and/or Improved Evasion for a bonus feat.
    Wand Wizard - Lose a familiar or similar class feature to be able to enchant your spell's to hit roll, DCs and damage/healing rolls. Despite the name, not limited to Wizards.
    Whiteguard - The antithesis to the antithesis of the paladin.

    Adaptive Weapon - Reassign the special abilities of a class-granted weapon.
    Advanced Spiked Chain Proficiency - A feat that lets you drop the reach of a Spiked Chain to turn it into a double weapon.
    Bundle of Terror - For the purpose of intimidating, you are considered to be the same size of a creature if doing so is beneficial to you.
    Deathless Energy Drain Immunity - Redeemed Undead (see below) regain their immunity to Energy Drain.
    Expendable Familiar - Face no penalty from a killed Familiar, and summon a new one the next day while preparing your spells.
    Incognito Undead - As an undead, you gain two abilities: one that makes you appear to be alive, and another that can completely supresses your undead type.
    Increased Monk AC - Your effective Monk level is doubled to determine your bonus to AC, up to level 20.
    Independant Mage of the Arcane Order - You don't have to pay respect to the Arcane Order to access their Spellpool. Also counts as a feat to enter the Mage of the Arcane Order.
    Necessary Evil - While being good you can continue to advance in a class that requires you to be evil. In addition, if the class has abilities that are lost due to being good, you keep them.
    Painful Energy Charge - Using the revised energy charge rules, you can give living creatures negative levels with an energy charge attack.
    Persistant Shapechange Attack - If your natural weapon deals more damage before shapechanging, you retain your original natural weapon in place of the new (or nonexisting) natural attack.
    Reloading Finesse - You are able to reload small ranged weapons even while holding something in both hands.
    Sharp Teeth - Gain a Bite natural weapon that deals 1d6 damage (if medium).
    Shoulder Riding - Stay on a creature larger than you with no penalty to either of you, gain soft cover, and if anybody strikes you they provoke an attack of opportunity on the creature you're riding on.
    Spell-Like Imbuing - An Arcane Archer can Imbue Spell-Like abilities through their arrows.
    Jump* - you gain a Jump Speed equal to your land speed.
    *Note: this material was originally created by the (now banned) D&DWiki user Parakee, and was adopted by The Dire Reverend.

    Hungry Hungry Construct - A construct now can eat. No real benefit.
    Missing Hand Replacement - Replace your stump with a weapon or tool that cannot be dis-armed! (heh...)

    AC Scouter - "Vegeta, what does his scouter say about his armor level?" "It's over 20!"
    Battle Sai - A one-handed Sai as opposed to light-handed.
    Chained Weapon Template - Attach a chain to a weapon, giving it reach. Costs and Exotic Weapon Proficiency though.
    Cloak of Vampiric Protection - At the cost of sparkling (and becoming dazed, but that's nothing compared to the first penalty), Vampires do not melt in the sun.
    Hair Dryer - Invented by Dawn Plushies, the "Hair Dryer" gently blows warm air out of its opening. It was originally intended to quickly dry wet Plushies, however other races found it useful for drying their hair after bathing.
    Infinate Ammunition - Never have to keep track of how much ammunition you have left!
    Long Fall Boots - "We told this Test Subject to just go ahead and try to land on her head. Heh heh! She can't do it!"
    Orb of Power Amplification - An artifact that allows a regular character turn into a Gestalt Character, or Tristalt if they are already Gestalt.
    Wizard's Wand - The tool of a Wand Wizard (see below).

    Contracting - Treat a weapon as one hand size lighter (One-Handed, Light) only when it is beneficial to you. Stacks with itself.
    Disguised Weapon - This weapon looks like an ordinary household object when not in use.
    Expanding - Treat a weapon as one hand size larger (One-Handed, Two-Handed) only when it is beneficial to you. Stacks with itself.
    Merciful Crystal - A weapon crystal that can convert all damage the weapon deals into nonlethal damage.

    Creatures, Races & Templates:
    Awakened Avain - A flying bird who has become sentient. These stats can be used to make hawks, owls, ravens or any other small bird.
    Awakened Bat - A bat who has become sentient.
    Awakened Ferret a ferret who has become sentient. These stats can be used to make Ferrets or Weasels.
    Beeforged - A Beeforged is a warforged filled with bees. ...Yeah. That's it.
    Child - A child template that doesn't make him/her unplayable, unlike most other child templates to imitate "reality" in a fantasy game.
    Dire Reverend Vampire - A less powerful variation of the SRDs Vampire, with Racial Hit Die instead of Level Adjustment.
    Draconic Kobold - A less powerful version of Half-Dragon that is tailored towards Kobolds.
    Kitten of Endless Decanters - A kitten that can shoot empty decanters out of it's mouth to harm those who would threaten her nap.
    Redeemed Undead - An undead who becomes powered by Positive Energy as opposed to Negative Energy, thus becoming a Deathless.
    Slaymate - A Child (see above) that becomes undead, and gives a small bonus to necromancers around it.
    Technoplush - A Technoplush is an improved version of a Dawn Plushie, specialized in creating Technological Devices, and powered by electricity instead of fire.
    Unhallowed Minion - A LA +0 Intelligent Undead that explodes when it disobeys it's master.

    Bonus: My (mostly) OotS-style imagery!
    A lot of these images are not drawn with the same scale, forgive me.

    Feel free to send a PM with a request for a character of your own!

    Caleb the Vampire, Celeste the Slaymate, Clover the Human, Mathias the Human, Unnamed Warforged Scout, Unnamed Redcap

    Captain Hideaki Kashikoi, Human Shinigami, Fumblefoot the Plush Shinigami, Shikai and Bankai
    Caleb the Vampire Shinigami & Yuka the Shinigami

    Tekti the Goblin Tinker, Death'Kel the Lich, Celeste the Slaymate (in cool armor stuff)

    A very, very angry panda.
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    Avatar by me. Semd a PM if you want one for yourself.
    My Extended Signature (Includes fancy pictures by me)

    So, I have a "quote", bold, and italics addiction (parenthesis too), forgive me if I use them too much in posts, or too often in threads.

    For games that I play and/or DM, I offer to draw out grids for combat. If you are a DM for a game I play in, just ask via PM and I will do so.

    Yes, I intentionnaly grammar and spelling bad just to argravate you.

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    Post Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    My Campaign Setting (collective world building so you should check it out and help me make it!)

    My 1st Handbook: the Eidolon Handbook.

    Check out my complete list of obscure 3.5 base classes from both WotC and 3rd party publishers (over 400 classes) here.

    Wuxia in a feat.

    Participate in my homebrew contest: The Golden Cauldron Contest!!!! It's awesome. Do it.

    Quick and easy soulknife fix.

    The Orc, my rewrite.
    The Zelda Races, such as the goron, zora, sheikah, gerudo, and kokiri.
    The Elf, my own personal take. Pretty overpowered to be honest.
    The Drow, although this rewrite really only got the LA down. Nothing unique here.
    The Voldur. I'm enormously proud of this, it's awesome, and it's a half-orc elf. Please take a look.
    The Sserikon, which is like yuan-ti without LA or RHD.
    The half-orc rewrite, my best received homebrew.
    The Kelgrym, a half-orc kobold. Sort of weird, but cool.
    The Half-elf redux that isn't nearly as cool as my half-orc
    The Demirci, which is definitely worth a look. Breeds an orc with another homebrew race.

    Base Classes
    The Hero, a very broad class to encompass the fantasy archetype of an awesome hero.
    The Spartan, my first initiator class.
    The Enkarni, a warrior that summons a powerful avatar.
    The Focus Knight a maneuver based soulknife fix.
    The Proteus <--Worth taking a look at.
    The Chosen Warrior. It's inspired by Link, from the Legend of Zelda, so if that's your thing (or you want a more versatile, Tier 3 melee class who doesn't use maneuvers) you should definitely check this out.
    The Zealot. Considering it's my first ever homebrew...not too bad I guess. Check it out if you'd like a slightly meaner Paladin.
    The Eremite. Kind of cool wizard/monk hybrid. It needs work, but it's in the backwaters of my mind for now. Probably going to do a "fix."
    The Ebon Knight. Very cool shadowy melee class. Needs a bit of an expansion.
    One of millions of fighter fixes.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Current Projects:

    Paladin: The ultimate in paladinbrew.
    I cant believe its not Druid: a formal Exercise similar to the greatest hits paladin below, taking all the monk ACFs worth taking and not mutually exclusive to eachother, and pours them together. It makes a hella wierd and ADD druid
    Weapon of Destiny: A class for your sword, so that you dont have to pump money into it.

    Non Updated Classes:
    Master Combat Engineer. He dungeoncrawls with heavy weapons
    Guardian Sentinel. The mobs get stuck between a rock and a hard place. He is the Hard Place.
    The Combatant: Framework class that gets lots and lots of choices.
    The Marine: His landing craft took a wrong turn at Albuquerque

    High and Dark elf Redo
    Half Orcish Dwarves

    Kirby: Hes pink, hes cuddly, he eats tarrasque.

    Toapat's Feat Thread: Keeping em all in once place, nice and simple

    Former Projects:
    The Templar: Paladin replace that gives them some crazy abilities.
    Paladin nonbrew: A greatest Hits album of paladin, taking some of the best Substitution class features and working them into a base class.
    Paladin: A paladin replacement that makes them into anti-spell knights
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    My Homebrew: found here.
    When you Absolutely, Positively, Gotta Drop some Huge rocks, Accept NO Substitutes

    PM Me if you would like a table from my homebrew reconstructed.

    Drow avatar @ myself

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    In progress
    Contest Entry

    -- V'K'kraan'ck (Vehk-Kra-aan-check) [Made for This setting]
    -- Gravazlin
    -- "Woolbritches" Halfling
    -- The Consuming Slime
    -- Ralteki Floof

    PC Base Classes
    -- Nik'tch Master [Made for This setting]
    -- Psionic Tantrist
    -- Vile Plague Lord
    -- Bee-r Rager
    -- Psionic Scavenger
    -- Cannibalist of Tharizdun [PATHFINDER CLASS]

    NPC Base Classes
    -- Gunpowder Trooper
    -- Enterprising Manager - Second Place!

    Monster Classes
    -- Dry Wight

    Prestige Classes
    -- V'K'kraan'ck Zombiemaster (Racial Prestige Class for V'K'kraan'ck) [Made for This setting]
    -- Herald of the Riders (Religious Prestige Class)
    -- Templar of Roland (Religious Binding Prestige Class)
    -- Imaskar Guardian Forgemaster (Imaskari Arcanists who build guardians to defend Imaskar)
    -- Tormentor (Psionic Chaotic version of Quori Nightmare that uses pain as well as fear)
    -- Fleshlord (Psionic Fleshwarper)
    -- Swarm Master
    -- Master of Mead
    -- Bear-r Rager
    -- War Scavenger (Psionic, Fields of Blood)

    Epic Prestige Classes
    -- Dread Emperor (A Remake of This Dread Emperor)

    E6 Feats
    -- E6 feats for undead

    World Building
    -- The Broken World [STEAMPUNK - LOW MAGIC - TAINTED]
    -- Apocalyptic Space Opera [SPACE - APOCALYPSE - SCI-FI]

    System Design
    -- Space Operatic System. [D20 Modern base, RIFTS influence] [SPACE - SCI-FI]
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Current Projects:
    My current long term project is to develop a DnD high-fantasy rewrite.
    Project Objectives:
    • Balance magic without making everyone a magic user.
    • Make the world grittier than 3.5.
    • Make the system PbP friendly (minimize opposed checks and other issues that require multiple posts to complete a turn)
    Current Status
    I've goten the system skeleton put together, but filling in and balancing all the little details needs work. I'll eventually start posting threads for that purpose.

    Recent HomeBrews:
    --[Mechanic] Limb-Loss. Ever notice home many methods there are to reattach or regenerate lost limbs? Ever notice how difficult it is to actually loose one? This rule set gives Heal Checks additional importance and allows regeneration to see use.
    --[MiniGame rules] Ice Hockey Inspired by the upcoming Winer Olympics one fall, I tired to create a rule system.
    --[Race] Non Generic Humans I was annoyed at how hard it is to find a LA0 race with a charisma bonus, and wished humans had unique defining characteristics. This race remake solved both issues.
    Avatar by Yeril.

    My Homebrew.

    Master Ref Of the Arena Tournament!
    Assorted Arena stuff:
    Arena Combatants: | Dense | Mad Al | Twang | De'Athbypro Xie

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    The Menagerie

    Monster classes

    Base Classes

    Hedge witches that focus on curses and divinations. Their trademark ability is the malocchio (evil eye), a grave curse that interacts with a hexblade's curse, making each other impossible to resist. They also use a power called maleficium to enhance their malocchio, spells, or defenses, and can form a coven with other arcane casters to share spell knowledge.

    An invoker that uses his enemies' blood—and his own—as a weapon. Unlike Warlocks, who focus on damage, and Dragonfire Adepts, who focus on battlefield control, Hæmaturges excel at enfeebling their enemies and empowering themselves. Comes with thirty-six new invocations, two ACFs, two sets of substitution levels, two magic items, and five feats.

    Prestige Classes

    Martial Knight of the Raven
    Knight of the Raven is a prestige class from Expedition to Castle Ravenloft, dedicated to using divine magic to combat the undead. This adaptation instead uses maneuvers and stances to fight the undead scourge.
    Yee Naaldlooshii
    The skinwalker from Navajo legend is a wise man or wise woman who practices a twisted mockery of the Witchery Way. By skinning animals or humans and then wearing their pelts they can take their form. This prestige class aims to capture the feel of the Yee Naaldlooshii, which can transform itself into an ever widening number of creatures, and can eventually create patchwork skins, taking the best qualities from each pelt to become a horrible, powerful abomination.
    Viridian Aspirant
    When civilization encroaches on the forests, some druids and priests of holy groves use the power of animals to preserve the wood. Viridian Aspirants look to the trees. They gradually take on aspects of trees, eventually becoming a Greenman. (Yes, this is inspired by my avatar.)
    Most know Bacchus as the god of wine and revelry. Few remember that he bestowed upon his followers a madness wherein they both saw the future and attacked the uninitiated in a blood frenzy. By imbibing sacred wine, Maenads enter an orgiastic frenzy, vastly increasing their spellcasting power.
    Dwarven Wandwright*
    Dwarves, as everyone knows, are the only race that knows the secret of creating magic items without casting spells. They guard this secret by restricting the travel of their artificers. This makes it difficult to provide versatile magic support to dwarven armies. Dwarven Wandwrights have limited training in creating magic items--they specialize in making and using wands--and so are less of a security risk, but they learn many new tricks to provide the magic that is essential to overcoming enemies of the dwarves.
    Livewood Daughter
    Dryads make poor adventurers, what with their inability to leave their trees. Some make their homes in livewood trees, however, which remain alive after being felled. When a livewood tree with a bound dryad is cut down to make a cabinet, a spear, or a ship, its new owner often finds himself facing the wrath of an angry dryad that seeks to take back possession of her tree.

    Some that succeed take up adventuring, enchanting their tree as a magic item: a fetish. These are the livewood daughters

    Twice-Bound Soul (WIP)
    There are many forms of forbidden power, but the greatest of them are pacts with devils and with vestiges. Twice-bound souls have signed their immortal souls away not just once, like many warlocks or binders, but many times. This provides them with great power, but comes at a cost. While their vestigial and diabolic patrons work together to empower them, once they die their soul is kept in chains so it cannot be stolen by the other powers that lay claim to it. Despite this, no few souls have made these faustian bargains and so wreaked havoc against their enemies.

    Inspired Inventor
    Most artificers pride themselves on their ability to carefully craft works of beauty and power. Not the inspired inventor.

    Inspired inventors build insane contraptions—widgets, gadgets, whirligigs, and gizmos—from cogs and wheels and whatever they have lying around their shops, and rely on flashes of inspiration to get their inventions to work. Their inventions aren't based on elegant theories of magic, either; they're mechanical, alchemical, or biological, and so fuction even when magic could not. And their inventions rarely have any subtlety to them: no graceful wands, but plenty of explosions, traps, and machines belching smoke and fire.

    The three soulmelds that make up the raiment of the night—the dusk gloves, the twilight cloak, and the midnight vestments—draw upon the souls of deceased thieves, saboteurs, enchanters, ninjas, illusionists, spies, and even those mortals affected by the blood of Vecna, whose only connection to the world is the imprint their soul left on incarnum. They bestow the power to hide from enemies, to trick them, to blind them, and to craft spells that bypass their defenses and ensnare them in webs of shadow and deceit.

    Anyone, with some knowledge and skill, can learn to shape one or two of the raiment's members, but to truly master them takes skill at deception and magic in addition to meldshaping. These rare meldshaper-mages are the nightwearers.

    Faerie Champion
    When a powerful fey needs to cheat, to lie, to steal, or to kill a mortal, she takes a mortal champion. In exchange for his servitude he gains a measure of the faeries' glamour and a devoted fey ally.

    Faerie Court Mage
    Faerie magic is limited. While the fair folk excel at corrupting minds, misleading their enemies, and creating fabulous illusions, they have difficulty with more concrete magic: the manipulation of the elements, changing things in essence and not merely in seeming, and seeing the true natures of things. Thus enters the Faerie Court Mage.

    A mage pledged to the service of a powerful fey gains particular expertise in the magic beloved of the fey and some of their resilience. At the zenith of his power, a Faerie Court Mage gains the ability to create a stronghold in Faerie itself.

    Faerie-Thrall Liberator
    According to a Fairie-Thrall Liberator, those who treat with fey or call them "fair folk" are misguided at best and indifferent to the suffering of others at worst. Fey are little more than entitled princes, taking whatever and whomever they please. And the Faerie Thrall Liberator means to stop that.

    Those who take on this dangerous task gain access to special incantations against faeries and protection against their glamour. Moreover, they gain the ability to share this power with rescued thralls so they can make good their escape.

    Mithridatic Warrior


    Races of Adem: Tweaks and Templates*
    Modified races for the upcoming world of Adem.
    Unprotected Casting Skill*
    Those unpracticed in safe casting skills can still learn to work magic, at the cost of their own health.
    Dungeoneer's Book of Incantations
    Ever found yourself in with a dead ally and nary a cleric in sight? Then this book is for you!
    New Chameleon Aptitude Focuses
    New psionic, meldshaper, vestige binding, initiating, invoking, and sphere-using aptitude focuses, and much improved combat, stealth, and wild focuses.

    *Specifically designed for the upcoming world of Adem, but for the most part feasible outside it.

    Praise and Stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by nedz View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Leliel View Post
    How would you make a [Social] Darwinist a sympathetic, even likable character without being a hypocrite?
    1. Take 10 social Darwinists
    2. Keep the ones you like the most
    3. Breed them
    4. Rinse and repeat
    Quote Originally Posted by ThiagoMartell View Post
    You countered his catgirl murder with catgirl slaughter of the highest quality. Congratulations, sir.
    Quote Originally Posted by Troll Brau View Post
    Jeff's post is definitely one of my favorite posts I've read in a good long while on anything.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lateral View Post
    Player Character Race Class Speech Colour
    Jeff the Green Atalanteia Dryad Dryad 3/Cloistered Cleric 2/Holt Warden 2//Barbarian 1/Fighter 2/Ranger 1/Swordsage 1/Warblade 1/Witch Hunter 1 Dark Green

    Jeff, I don't think you have enough classes.
    Quote Originally Posted by Swami Monsoon View Post
    This was one of the coolest campaigns I've ever seen here.
    Quote Originally Posted by rot42 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff the Green View Post
    Chronocharms, shapesand, and rings of evasion
    Masterwork tools and Incense (Meditation)
    Enveloping pits and Graft'd Feathered Wings
    These are a few of my favorite things
    Ioun Stones (the orange ones) and sentira armor
    Aureon's Spellshard, a wand with a glamer
    Some Raptor Arrows and Diamond Mind Rings
    These are a few of my favorite things
    Thaalud stone armor and Serpentstongue Arrow
    Compression dorjes when passageways narrow
    Wintermoon Bows, endless flame on my bling
    These are a few of my favorite things
    When the worg bites
    When the formian stings
    When I'm feeling sad
    I simply grab all of my favorite things
    And then I make them hurt bad!
    Pocketwatch of +5 Autohypnosis so I can hear the sound of Jeff the Green's music whenever I please. Failing that, I find Greatreach Bracers (MIC 108) to be far more fun than they really ought to be.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lateral View Post
    Well, of course I'm paranoid about everything. Hell, with Jeff as DM, I'd be paranoid even if we were playing a game set in The Magic Kiddie Funland of Perfectly Flat Planes and Sugar Plums.
    Quote Originally Posted by Marlowe View Post
    Physical fitness comes from a healthy diet and regular exercise; not from a chocolate-covered make-out session with a pointy-eared tart of indeterminate gender!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lateral View Post
    Well, of course I'm paranoid about everything. Hell, with Jeff as DM, I'd be paranoid even if we were playing a game set in The Magic Kiddie Funland of Perfectly Flat Planes and Sugar Plums.
    Greenman by Bradakhan/Spring Greenman by Comissar/Autumn Greenman by Sgt. Pepper/Winter Greenman by gurgleflep

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Spellshaping (Subsystem):
    A system of magic similar to the Tome of Battle system of martial maneuvers. More information can be found in the discussion and rules threads.

    Base Classes:
    • Dementist - Summoning creatures formed from your own insane recollections. Good times.
    • Quixotic Knight - Because, secretly, everyone wants to tilt at windmills.

    Class Rewrites:
    • Bard - As it turns out, the scop wasn't known for its abilities with magic.
    • Jester - Who would hire a dangerous magic-user as an entertainer, anyway?

    Monster Rewrites:
    • Elementals - Air and fire elementals shouldn't have natural armor. Now, they don't.

    Variant Rules:
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    Homebrew I've written. Includes an entire index of the spellshaping materials, as well as a few other tidbits I've done.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    3.5 Races and creatures:
    Goflings (3.5 Race)
    The Groke (3.5 Monster) - I made the fluff, which amazing user Steward had crunched for me.

    3.5 Prestige Classes:
    Fist of Fury
    Mighty Wrestler
    Orcish Juggernat

    5e Class Archetypes:
    Barbarian: Path of the Runescarred Avenger
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Most of my useful contributions are fairly small, discrete modifications or additions. That's not to say I don't dream big sometimes, but I rarely finish my larger ideas.

    For the most part, I 'brew for 3.5, as that is the system I am most comfortable in. I also will often critique work done in that or PF; if you want another eye on your work, feel free to PM me and I'll see what I can do.

    If you use any of these, please drop me a line! I'd love to hear how they worked out. Also, if you have a suggestion but the thread's been idle past the necromancy mark, send me a PM about it and I'll see what I can do.

    Largely Complete
    Magical Transference (because that cloak of resistance +5 is such a tacky color, darling!)
    Attune Focus (sometimes you really want to retrieve your spellcasting stuff)
    Annihilating material components (joke components are stupid, so let's throw them out and make something sensible)
    Protection from Arrows, fixed (because DR 10/magic is ignorable even at level 3 much of the time, and nigh-useless by level 7 at the latest)
    Organic Point Buy (a blend of PB and rolling I don't think anyone has thought of before, to hopefully get the best parts of each)
    Coup de grace = auto 20 (to make vorpal weapons and a few other corner cases work more sensibly)
    Equalization (a weapon for monks to use in restoring order and balance)
    Replacing the Phylactery of Faithfulness (needing a magic item tax for something your character should be able to figure out doesn't make much sense)
    Persistent Spell (3.5 metamagic fix) (persist is either too weak or too potent; here's a better try)
    Ranged Aid Another (the ability to fire volleys more intelligently)
    Unambigously allowing psicrystals to manifest and focus (because some DMs don't like the funkiness of letting psicrystals take psionic feats without restriction)
    A Hidden Stairway of Light (spell inspired by those fictional hard-to-see paths only a believer can tread)
    Turn concealment into flat AC bonus (a houserule with some significant ramifications)
    Stacking Resist Energy (spell to deal with that annoying interaction with protection from energy)
    Rogue-friendly Knock/Find Traps replacements (simple spell fixes)
    Reducing Friendly Fire (metamagic feat + ritual)
    Maze of Sleepy Repletion (a spell to emulate The Hobbit, in Mirkwood)
    Buried in History/Lorewhelm (two spells for that bookworm in your group)

    Works in Progress
    Orbs of logical energy (3.5 spell fix) (an orb of mundane acid that magically does sonic damage right out of the box is one of the stupidest things ever)
    New Undead type and Turn Undead rules (3.5 fix) (because 20 HD zombies at CR 6 are an abomination)
    Epic Spellcasting (3.5 fix) (like Monk or Fighter fixes, everybody has one)
    Scale Concentration by damage per round (an attempt at making Concentration checks harder across the board)
    Speak Language as a normal skill (a kind of stupid houserule idea to make Speak Language the sort of skill you can actually make checks for)
    Will Points and other vague ideas (parallel to hit points; a rare system-wide change idea)
    Enabling (Ex) Hypnosis (new skill usage)

    The Munchkarut (an inevitable of game disruption)
    Gummi Bears (3.5 joke monster) (Exactly What It Says On The Tin)
    New alignment system (D&D any) (a satire against reductionist alignment solutions)

    All the works listed here are owned and created by Nathan Tuggy, aka TuggyNE.

    Each of them is Open Game Content, and is licensed for public use under the terms of the Open Game License v1.0a.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Water_Bear View Post
    That's RAW for you; 100% Rules-Legal, 110% silly.
    Quote Originally Posted by hamishspence View Post
    "Common sense" and "RAW" are not exactly on speaking terms
    Projects: Homebrew, Gentlemen's Agreement, DMPCs, Forbidden Knowledge safety, and Top Ten Worst. Also, Quotes and RACSD are good.

    Anyone knows blue is for sarcas'ing in · "Take 10 SAN damage from Dark Orchid" · Use of gray may indicate nitpicking · Green is sincerity

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    Current Projects (feel free to drop in and PEACH)

    Shoquertai- my very own campaign world.

    Base Class- The Channeler- A Nature-Themed Warlock
    Prestige Class- The Relic- An ancient creature attempting to make his memories a reality.

    Past Projects

    Race/Paragon Class- The Poziar- A race of humanoid boars fueled by an inner flame (literally).
    Monster- The Upako- Because the Kraken isn't terrifying enough
    Base Class- The Fencer- A master of artful dueling and less artful killing.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    I'm a freelance writer! Here are the products I've worked on.

    Cobalt Sages Creations
    Aberrant Allies (5e Conversion) (Contributing Author)
    Botany of the Barrens (Author)
    Species Archive: The Belaran (Contributing Author)

    Drop Dead Studios
    Telekinetic's Handbook (Author)
    Illuminator's Handbook (Author)
    Worldwalker's Handbook (Author)
    Spheres Apocrypha: Destruction Talents (Author)
    Spheres Apocrypha: Dark Talents (Author)
    Andrus: The City of Men (Contributing Author)

    Raging Swan Press
    Village Backdrop: Byrnfort (Author)
    Places of Power: Godswatch (Author)
    Village Backdrop: Echo Harbour (Author)
    Places of Power: Fort Vigil (Author)
    Languard Locations: Low City (Contributing Author)
    Languard Locations: High City (Contributing Author)
    Languard Locations: The Shambles (Contributing Author)
    20 Things #3: Wizard's Tower (Contributing Author)
    GM's Miscellany: 20 Things Volume II (Contributing Author)

    Legendary Games
    Aethera Field Guide (Contributing Author)
    Legendary Races: Wyrmtouched (Contributing Author)

    I've also made some homebrew.

    Campaign Settings

    Base Classes
    Forgeheart Disciple (Invoker)

    Invocation Sets
    Magical Girl
    Seven Deadly Sins


    Prestige Classes
    Disciplined Mind

    Warlock Alternate Class Features
    Legendary Sites: Brawler's Ring and Master's Dojo

    On Use
    I encourage use of my homebrew in games! Please do so freely.

    Permission should be asked if you wish to use my homebrew in any compilations, homebrew works, or similar. Generally I will ask that any work that uses mine to refer to it only in stub form (that is, short descriptions that do describe but do not contain the entirety of their mechanics, like most spell/invocation lists), and then link to my work rather than reproducing them in their entirety.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Daemon's Seal stuff


    The Masque
    Avatar by serpentine

    Extended Homebrew Signature

    78% of DM's started their first campaign in a tavern. If you're one of the 22% that didn't, copy and paste this into your signature.

    Everyone asleep in their beds in the middle of an attack on the city.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Finally creating one of these thanks to the Tier Compendium. Can't promise I'll keep it up to date. Some things may fall into multiple categories.

    Every Archetype in Tier 3

    Good for the Good Characters!

    Something Interesting in Tier 6

    Nice things for Mundanes:

    Complete Archer:

    Tome of Battle

    Nytingulfur (Exploitation Incarnate)
    The Shadowcraftr
    The Divine Ascendant
    Spell Servant
    Specialist Archivist
    Cities as Gods

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    My pride and joy
    Vancian to Psionics, my attempt to convert the whole of core 3.5 vancian spellcasting over to psionic mechanics. Spells were converted individually to fit the psionic system, along with the base and prestige classes, and most other things that pertain to spells and spellcasting.

    Base Classes
    The Fighter Incarnate, a Fighter replacement originally inspired by Incarnum mechanics, intended to decrease magic item reliance and enable some crazier stunts.
    The Martial Dilettante, a Factotum variant to make it a more mundane (ToB) class.
    The Tashalatoran Monk, a Monk replacement based on the Psychic Warrior focused on easy 3.5 integration.
    The Tinkerer, a silly class using anachronistic gadgets. Uses Incarnum mechanics.

    Prestige Classes
    The War Mind, an overhaul of the XPH class, introducing ToB elements.
    The Enrathian Sky Knight, a ToB class that makes you a hippogriff rider.

    Baleful Resurrection. Brings people back... but wrong.
    Lesser True Seeing. Shows you all things as they really are, which happens to drive you crazy.

    Poisons for Advanced Scoundrels, a poison overhaul that takes out the two-save paradigm and replaces it with individual poison statblocks.
    Diablo 2 monster templates, a way to very quickly make a monster into a boss monster and give it a "theme".
    Gold. A (kind of crazy) fluff explanation with a minor crunch attachment.
    A Speak Language revision for games where language barriers are supposed to be significant.
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    Halfling healer avatar by Akrim.elf.

    My sarcasm is never blue.

    Personal stuff: The Diablo 2 game (DMing), BBCode syntax highlighter for KDE
    CharOp: Lists of Necessary Magic Items
    Homebrew: My proudest achievement, a translation of vancian spellcasting to psionic mechanics. Other brew can be found in my Homebrewer's Extended Signature.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    I call myself Ideasmith (or ideasmith) on this and other gaming sites. I started playing and GMing D&D in the mid-1970s (at which time house rules were inevitable) and have been homebrewing ever since. I have a large collection of RPG books, about half or which are 3.5-compatible, and surprisingly little of which was published by WotC.

    My homebrew postings assume that the core books are in use, including all races, classes, skills, feats, equipment, etc., this being what gamers have the most practice correcting from. I also assume other books are in use, but don't make assumptions about which books. When use of a homebrew I post requires more than the core books and itself, I include a link thereto.

    Also, I try to keep my homebrew "catgirl-safe."

    Time and Experience
    Effects of Aging Revised
    Fantasy Pregnancy
    Fantasy Genetics

    Unfledged Class
    Apprentice Rookie Tyro Alternate Class Featurs
    Promising Student Feat

    ToDo: D20 Modern Classes Adapted to Fantasy 3.5.

    3rd Level Versions of Some Higher Level Spells
    ToDo: Withering Glare
    ToDo: Ride the Nightmare

    Domains Agriculture Orientation Pestilence Taboo
    Combat Rule Changes
    Replacing XP Cost With Essence Point Cost
    Warm Hearty Zoop
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    Quote Originally Posted by Newtkeeper View Post
    Dude, we're geeks. Overanalysis is our job.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tingel View Post
    You are funny, ideasmith.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vadskye View Post
    I really like the way the Awareness school came about. I created a Detection subschool, which you reinterpreted into a conceptually distinct Awareness subschool. Then I misinterpreted what you meant and created yet another conceptually (slightly) distinct Awareness subschool. Teamwork!
    My Extended Signature

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    I guess I should stake out a claim here, even though I haven't done very much homebrew worth speaking of as yet.

    The Scrapper - Alternate Warrior / monster class, intended to eventually replace Racial Hit Dice as representing a "feral survivor" type with no formal training.

    The Exemplar - meant to be a Soulborn fix, but I got carried away with a custom weapon system and created something absurd. Between that and there already being a class by this name, I don't consider it "valid", but am including it for reference and to annoy myself into making a better version.

    Threefold Mask of the Chimera - a slightly more interesting take on an already perfectly good soulmeld.

    The Celebrant - a variant cleric class, less bookish and skillful than the Cloistered but almost as noncombatant, designed mostly for Diplomacy-focused clerics of deities devoted to peace, love, or just plain sex.

    Languages Expanded - little freebie abilities based on your choices of languages known.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    May as well and put my stuff up. If not for any other reason then having a consolidated list outside my sig.

    The Mech Smith (Base Class)

    The Demon Binder (PrC)

    The Ki Master (Base Class) (Does still need fluffing up)

    Initiate of Pain (PrC)

    The Zealot

    Currently Scrapped pending a huge overhaul:
    Spiritualist in You (3.X Supplement)

    Edit: Stupid spelling errors...
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    Remember: Cough, Rough, Through, Though don't rhyme, but for some forsaken reason Pony and Bolonga do...
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    [Base Class] The Olympian
    [Race] Midwokans
    [Race] Lagi
    [Prestige Class] Rocket Knight
    [Monster] Myrmata
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Class & Race
    [Race] Crystal Folk
    [Races] Rhui & Nephrim
    [Base Class] Dovahkiin
    [Base Class] Pyromancer
    [Base Class]Otaku
    [Base Class] Bio-Sculptor
    [Base Class] Spell Savant
    [Base Class] Spellweaver
    [Base Class] Energy Weaver
    [Base Class] The Familiar
    [Base Class] Pantologist
    [Base Class] The Entity
    [Base Class] Death Knight
    [Base Class] The Judicar
    [Base Class] The Combatant
    [Base Class] Transient Psyche
    [Base Class] Mind Puppeteer
    [Base Class] Mind Forger
    [Base Class] The Esoteric Augur
    [Base Class] Student of the Weird
    [Base Class] Polymath
    [Base Class] The Everyman
    [Prestige] Spellcore Adept
    [Prestige] Necrotic Disciple
    [Prestige] Vampire Wanna-be
    [Prestige] Santa
    [Prestige] Pilgrim
    [Prestige] Pumpkin King
    [Prestige] The Stereotype
    [Prestige] Stereotypical Wizard
    [Prestige] Heartbreaker


    Character Options
    [Templates] Pyrotemplates: Awakened, Bishonen, and more.
    [Templates] Pyrotemplates: Necrotic, Ninjas, and more.
    [Bloodlines] Anomaly, Exile, and Mahou Shonen
    [Bloodlines] Renowned & Mythblooded
    [Bloodline] Soulbred
    [Feats] Spellcasting and Manifesting Feats
    [Feats] Bladesworn Feats
    [Feats] Mage Feats
    [Feats] Holiday Feats: Christmas
    [Feats] Holiday Feats: New Years
    [Feats] Holiday Feats: Valentines
    [Feats] Holiday Feats: Easter
    [Feats] Holiday Feats: Halloween
    [Feats] Holiday Feats: Thanksgiving
    [Feats] Fighter Feats
    [Feats] Fey Feats
    [Feats] Fell Feats
    [Feats] Feat Mix
    [Feats] Badass Feats
    [Feats] Draconic Feats
    [Feats] Ki Feats
    [Feats] Vampiric Feats
    [Feats] Classy Feats
    [Feats] Reaper Feats
    [Feats] Imaginary Feats
    [ACF + Feat] Corpsecrafted Companion
    [ACFs] ACFs for Beguiler, Druid, Arcane casters, Fighters, and Monks.


    Systems, Tweaks, and Resources
    [Magic System] Metaskills
    [Spellcasting Variant] Recharge Slots
    [Soulmelds] Archetype Soulmelds
    [Project] The Prestidigitation Project
    [Spells] Cantrippin'
    [Hodge-Podge And Whatnot] Races, Classes, Feats, Spells, Its a madhouse- of stuff!
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature


    Generic Class
    Generic Race
    Modified Weapons and Armor
    Redefined Spell Schools
    Modified Creature Types
    Simpler Combat Mechanics

    Demons and Devils

    Carkessera and Syll'guzz

    Other Fun Stuff

    Gauntlets of Hedged Fate
    New and Revised Warforged Body Feats
    Therianthropy as Feats

    Why Dragonwrought Kobolds are not True Dragons

    Dragonwrought kobolds look exactly like regular kobolds, with slightly color-tinted scales. They look completely humanoid and gain no true dragon traits naturally, such as a good sense of smell, wings, or a breath weapon. They can get some of these things with feats, as anyone with dragon heritage can, but it's not a part of them as a race. This point should be enough for anyone who is looking at it from a flavor point of view. Compare a dragonwrought kobold to the ten iconic true dragons, and tell me the kobold belongs with them.

    Dragonwrought kobolds don't gain any abilities or power from aging at all, other than the standard mental score increases that all humanoid races get. To a non-rules lawyer, this should prove it to you. The SRD states, "All true dragons gain more abilities and greater power as they age. (Other creatures that have the dragon type do not.)". This could only be twisted by saying "as they age" is different than "from aging", which is true, but the intended meaning is obvious. The rest of the SRD definition says, "They range in length from several feet upon hatching to more than 100 feet after attaining the status of great wyrm", which some have claimed makes the whole thing irrelevant because that doesn't apply to every true dragon. However, the next line reads, "The size of a particular dragon varies according to age and variety", which puts it back as a solid definition. Now onto some reasons even a rules lawyer could appreciate.

    • Even regular kobolds have age categories, and they are humanoids, so that obviously has nothing to do with being a true dragon. It's just a description of a life cycle.
    • They aren't listed on the list of true dragons in Races of the Dragon (the same book in which they were printed).
    • They don't gain spellcasting as they age, which is listed on page 111 of RotD as something all true dragons get, which is just about the best and most recent source of a true dragon quality I can find, and possibly a description of what the SRD phrase could refer to (though personally I believe the SRD refers to the standardized age advancement table with numerous special qualities true dragons get through aging, not just spellcasting). The exception to this rule that I've found, planar dragons, tell you that they're an exception to the rule.
    • They aren't specifically listed as true dragons.

    There is, in the end, no full and laid out description of what makes a true dragon, no matter how many pieces you try to pull together. My favorite ones were in the previous comments, but even those might be contradicted somewhere. The only way the 3.5 writers have consistently told us what is and what is not a true dragon is by saying it is one in the creature's description. From all flavor descriptions and from a strictly mechanical point of view, dragonwrought kobolds are not true dragons. I personally don't believe the writers of Races of the Dragon even considered they could be, which is why they didn't state it one way or another. If they went through all of that work to deliberately make them qualify as true dragons, they would have stated so.

    Table of How to Beat a Wizard, for Players and Annoyed DMs
    {table=head]Level of Optimization|What They're Using|What You Can Use
    Low|Blasting Spells|Improved Evasion or Improved Mettle of Mountains (goliath rogue ACF, RoS)
    Medium|Battlefield Control|Ring of Freedom of Movement and Wings of Flying
    Medium|Glitterdust|Raptor's Mask (MIC) or Devil's Sight feat (FCII)
    Medium|Mind Control|Third Eye Conceal (MIC)
    Medium|Save or dies/energy drain|Talisman of Undying Fortitude (MIC) or Necropolitan template
    Medium|Forcecage|Anklet of Translocation/Aporter property (MIC) or be Huge or larger
    Medium|Rope trick|Silver key 10 (Dragonmarked, requires dwarf)
    Medium|Magic defenses such as displacement or mirror image|Pierce Magical Concealment feat (CArc)
    Medium|Illusions/invisibility|Gem of Seeing
    Medium|Baleful polymorph|Lycanthrope template, changeling race (ECS), or master of many forms 10 (CAdv)
    Medium|Flesh to stone|Warforged race (or others not made of flesh) or Saint template
    High|Orb of force, enervation, or other touch spells|Wand or continuous item of ray deflection (SpC)*
    High|Astral projection|Githyanki silver sword (must be a githyanki, kill one, or steal one's sword; githyanki warriors of at least level 7 carry one)
    High|Celerity|Eternal blade 10 (ToB, requires elf; get Uncanny Dodge so you can always use immediate actions)
    High|Foresight/moment of prescience|Spymaster 7 (CAdv) or continuous item of mind blank**
    Ridiculous|Hail of stone or certain acid spells|Troll Blooded feat (DR319) or war troll race (MMIII) and Saint template
    Ridiculous|Magic buffs such as shapechange or contingency|Scroll of disjunction (if they put it on an item with total cover, do the same)***
    Ridiculous|Gate|Scroll of banishment, with tons of things that the creature hates to pump your DC and SR piercing, if necessary***
    Ridiculous|Disjunction or dispel|Give items total cover under your armor or something else
    Ridiculous|Initiate of Mystra|Argue that per RAW, normal function of a spell in an AMF is to not function.
    Ridiculous|"Your character isn't smart enough to do that with only 12 Int. Mine can think of anything with his Int of 30."|War Hulk + Hulking Hurler
    Ridiculous|Pun-Pun|Iron Heart Surge him away[/table]
    *If you don't want to go the custom item route, optimize your touch AC. Deflective Armor (RoS) and Parrying Shield (LoM) will get it pretty high with minimal investment, but other guides would be better for optimizing this further. Also see the note about moment of prescience and how you can arguably avoid your enemy getting a +25 to his attack roll.
    **This is not commonly accepted (yet) as kosher, but my justification follows. Note that this ruling also makes invisible creatures with mind blank undetectable by divination magic, so get some blindsight if you expect to be facing them.
    - Spymaster 7 gives you a fake persona which is detected when any Divination spell is used on you.
    - Mind blank protects against all information-gathering divination spells and effects, and goes on to say that scrying targeted on you simply fails. I believe Vecna-Blooded works in a similar way to mind blank.
    - Moment of prescience is a divination spell with a range of Personal, that grants you "a powerful sixth sense in relation to yourself".
    - I take this to mean that when you attack someone and use moment of prescience, you gain a sixth sense (information-gathering effect) about where I will be in the near future, allowing you to place your blow perfectly.
    - Therefore, as a spymaster, you detect where my persona will be in the near future, which is meaningless with regards to my actual self.
    - With mind blank activated, you are simply unable to discern where I will be.
    - If moment of prescience was not an information-gathering effect and simply enhanced your own ability to attack, it would not be a divination spell, or say that it grants you a sixth sense. You would be sensing nothing, merely having improved in skill.
    - "An insight bonus improves performance of a given activity by granting the character an almost precognitive knowledge of what might occur." The bonus you gain is an insight bonus, and this coincides with my interpretation of what is happening.

    ***If you don't want to "be a wizard to beat a wizard", you can beat shapechange or gate simply by having a mega-optimized melee build. They won't have the same feats and class features as you.

    This list is only for a quick fix to these problems. Optimizing your saving throws can allow you to beat many of the effects on this list, most of the time, without needing to be immune to them.

    A special mention should be given to the warforged juggernaut prestige class, which gives you immunity to nonlethal damage, critical hits, mind-affecting effects, death effects, all necromancy effects, ability damage, and ability drain, after only 5 levels. The base warforged race already has immunity to sleep, fatigue, exhaustion, poison, disease, sickening, nausea, paralysis, and energy drain. Either of these could go under many of the above headings, but it would have caused clutter... which just goes to show how good they are at stopping mages.

    You might have noticed that many of the counterplay options are given by the Eberron campaign setting, while many of the most broken spellcaster options are given by Forgotten Realms, including Initiate of Mystra and Pun-Pun. You can start yourself off on the right foot by simply playing in Eberron instead of Forgotten Realms.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    New Planetouched Races. Specific planetouched races for Ysgard, Acheron, Elysium, The Grey Waste, The Outlands, Pandemonium, Carceri, Bytopia and the Beastlands.

    Gnomes reimagined as an illusion-based LA +1 race.

    Arcane Magic
    A new system for Arcane Magic in D&D, including a sorcerer and wizard base class, several new spells and feats. Also contains a system for ritually casting big utility spells.


    Lair of the Fleshweaver and Revenge of the Fleshweaver. A homebrew project I ran where people would give me animals to combine into one weird hybrid creature.

    True Elementals
    Air, Earth, Fire and Water elementals redone to have more interesting special abilities and some personality.

    Findelwald's Diseases of the Planes
    The Journal of Findelwald Tungsten, Planar Explorer and Magister of Applied Pathology, in his quest to find, get infected with, cure and describe the most interesting diseases on the planes.

    My homebrew campaign setting. The prime material was destroyed by incomprehensible forces from outside reality, and a thousand years later, survivors in the Aether are rebuilding civilization.

    Ur, the Elemental Earth
    A new special material and a few magic items based on it.
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    A warning - this list contains, in no particular order, a mixture of both my very old work and some of my very new work. Not everything is of a quality I am proud of, but I've chosen to include the older material for both completeness' sake and in case I want to revisit it at a later date and improve or revise it. Other than that, have fun - and PM me if you've got any questions!

    Base Classes


    Revised Hexblade 2.0

    Witch Doctor 2.0

    Harrowed 4.0


    Prestige Classes

    Chaos Knight

    Accursed One

    Pelorian Crusader

    Flick Reaper

    Angel of Death

    Whirlwind Bastion

    Tarot Trickster


    Mannikin Warrior

    Children of the Mausoleum



    Umbral Celebrant

    Sisters Treacherous

    Voidblade Eliminators

    Knight of the Fractured Prism

    Duke of the Last Light


    Sons/Daughters of Silence


    Arcadian Rebel

    True Faerie





    Clockwork Men


    Dusk Dancers 2.0

    Dreavarrian Halfling

    Dreavarrian Gnoll

    Dreavarrian Half-Orc

    Dreavarrian Elf

    Dreavarrian Geargrinder






    Kustom Jobs

    Greater Life Leech


    Damnation Calls


    My Friends

    Plothook Edition

    Instruments of Wrath


    Ring Blade


    All three threads of the Color Wheel have been included for the sake of completeness.

    Color Wheel 1.0

    Color Wheel 2.0

    Color Wheel 3.0
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    Wow! Not only was that awesome, I think I actually kinda understand Archeron now. If all the "intermediate" outer planes got that kind of treatment, I doubt there would be anywhere near as many critics of their utility.
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    If you're ever in a situation where you can't survive, go for the broke and fill all of creation with chickens. Just imagine the reaction of people halfway around the world when every square inch of space in their world is suddenly and completely full of chickens.
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    Completed projects:

    The Monk base class

    The Dragon Ascendant base class

    The Wanderer base class

    independent feat
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    Where did you start yours?

    The PCs were already a special forces type unit in a kingdom's military, so the campaign started in the general's office.

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    Current Projects:
    --[Class - Base] Bodyshaper

    Past Projects:
    --[Class - Base] Pikmin Captain
    --[Class - Prestige] Dragonpowder Marksmen
    --[Class - Base] Wild Mage
    --[Class - Base] Morphing Horror (Being redone as Bodyshaper)
    --[Equipment] Bowguns & Barrel Bombs
    --[Class - Base] Bard of Metal (Silly)
    --[Race] ChaChabu (unfinished)
    --[Race] Kalamarin
    --[Equipment] Strange Weapons
    Co-Op Projects:
    Pm me about your Homebrews I'll take a look!

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