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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Current Projects:
    --[Mechanic - Fix] Feinting

    Past Projects:

    --[Mechanic - Varient] Reputation
    --[Domain - Varient] Varient Healing Domain
    --[Mechanic - New]Called Shots
    --[TOB Maneuver - Varient]Iron Heart Surge
    --[Mechanic - Unnecessary] Food and Calories

    Co-Op Projects:
    --[Class - Alternate] [Sneakabout, minor changes by me] Sorcerer
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    Trust me. I'm a geologist.

    My/Friends' Homebrew.

    Home on the Range? Bright light city gonna set your soul on fire? Or were you born to be wild? Americana-Punk wants YOU to contribute your homebrew!

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Revised Classes

    New Classes

    Prestige Classes

    Epic Destinies

    Epic Prestige Classes

    Martial Disciplines

    Magic Items

    Campaign Setting

    Feyblood Subtype & Feats

    Feyblood Subtype
    The subtype qualifies a creature to use magic items normally only usable by fey creatures and qualifies the creature to take feats that have the subtype as a prerequisite. The feyblood subtype also makes creatures subject to harmful effects that affect fey.
    The feyblood subtype does not confer the fey type or any traits associated with that type.
    Fey automatically qualify for any classes, prestige classes, racial substitution levels, feats, powers, or spells that require the feyblood subtype. Should a creature acquire the fey type, it loses the feyblood subtype.
    Half-Fey [LA +2]
    Prerequisites: Inherited template that can be added to any living, corpreal creature.
    Features: Gain the feyblood subtype, DR 5/Cold Iron, +2 Dex, +2 Wis, +4 Cha
    - Gain wings, either butterfly or insectoid, that can fold and retract into the creatures back. Fly speed is twice land speed with good maneuverability.
    - Darkvision 60ft
    - +3 save bonus vs Enchantment spells & effects
    - Spell-Like Abilities: Charm Person, Faerie Fire, & Sleep (At-Will).
    Prerequisite: Cha 11
    Benefit: You gain the feyblood subtype. You gain low-light vision, a +2 bonus on Bluff, Disguise, and Sense Motive checks, and a +1 bonus on saving throws against charm and compulsion effects. In addition you can select fey heritage feats.

    Fey Heritage [Fey Heritage]
    Prerequisites: Feyblood subtype
    Benefit: +3 bonus vs Enchantment spells or effects, +1 per Fey Heritage feat.

    Fey Power [Fey Heritage]
    Prerequisites: Fey Heritage
    Benefit: +1 CL and save DC's for Enchantment spells and spell-like abilities, +1 per Fey Heritage feat.

    Fey Charm [Fey Heritage]
    Prerequisites: Fey Heritage
    Benefit: +3 bonus to Charisma checks and Charisma based skill checks, +1 per Fey Heritage feat.

    Fey Resolve [Fey Heritage]
    Prerequisites: Fey Heritage, Character level 6
    Benefit: Add Charm Monster, Deep Slumber, & Disguise Self to your class spell list or spells known, as appropriate. If you do not have a spellcasting class you may use each spell as a spell-like ability once per day, with your character level as your class level.

    Fey Legacy [Fey Heritage]
    Prerequisites: Fey Heritage, Character level 9
    Benefit: Add Confusion, Dimenion Door, & Summon Nature's Ally V to your class spell list or spells known, as appropriate. If you do not have a spellcasting class you may use each spell as a spell-like ability once per day, with your character level as your class level.

    Fey Complusion [Fey Heritage]
    Prerequisites: Fey Heritage, Character level 12
    Benefit: Add Dominate Person, Hold Monster, & Lesser Geas to your class spell list or spells known, as appropriate. If you do not have a spellcasting class you may use each spell as a spell-like ability once per day, with your character level as your class level.

    Fey Mischief [Fey Heritage]
    Prerequisites: Fey Heritage, Character level 15
    Benefit: Add Mass Suggestion, Mass Charm Monster, & Mass Invisibility to your class spell list or spells known, as appropriate. If you do not have a spellcasting class you may use each spell as a spell-like ability once per day, with your character level as your class level.

    Fey Scout [Fey Heritage]
    Prerequisites: Fey Heritage, Character level 18
    Benefit: Add Plane Shift and Tree Stride to your class spell list or spells known, as appropriate. If you do not have a spellcasting class you may use each spell as a spell-like ability once per day, with your character level as your class level.

    Wayfarer [Epic, Fey Heritage]
    Prerequisites: Fey Heritage, Character level 21, Dimension Door, Plane Shift, Tree Stride
    Benefit: Whenever you use a spell or effect with the Teleportation descriptor add +2 to your caster level.

    You can use Plane Shift at will with perfect accuracy if you travel alone. If you bring other creatures you then suffer the inaccuracies normally incurred when using this spell. You can use Tree Stride at will and then range for all types of trees is doubled. You can use Dimension Door at will and the range is doubled.

    Wordsmith [Epic, Fey Heritage]
    Prerequisites: Fey Heritage, Character level 21, Confusion, Charm Monster, Dominate Person, Lesser Gease
    Benefit: You gain a +5 bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks.

    You can use Dominate Monster and Insanity at will. When using Insanity you can choose which Confusion effect the target is subjec to each turn, changing it if desired as a free action.

    Wanderjahr [Epic, Fey Heritage]
    Prerequisites: Fey Heritage, Character level 21, Pass Without Trace, Flawless or Woodland Stride
    Benefit: You gain the benefit of a constant Freedom of Movement spell and can use Passwall at will. When using Passwall you may create a passage through barriers composed of trees, rock, and earth in addition to wooden, plaster, or stone walls.

    Whispers of the Fey [Epic, Fey Heritage]
    Prerequisites: Fey Heritage, Character level 21, Dream, Message, Sending, Whispering Wind
    Benefit: You can use Sending at will and there is no chance that the sending does not arrive when sent to a different plane.

    When you cast a Dream spell you are not defenseless while in a trance; you remain aware of your surroundings. Furthermore you can send a Dream message to creatures that don't normally dream but do enter a nightly trance of some kind (such as elves).
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Base Classes



    • Talansidhe - Fine-sized Fey that bonds to an animal mount

    Mundane Items

    Magical Items


    • Plundering Dispel - Greater Invocation, steal spells for yourself while dispelling your foe


    Others' homebrew to try someday
    Grod the Giant's Rogue fix
    Ranger fix by T.G. Oskar.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature


    The Scarlet Star: Minor artifact involving a corrupted volcano deity.

    Nk'rulsh: Pact-blooded humanoids that worship a devil-deity.

    New Luck Feats: an expansive addition to the feats that appear in Complete Scoundrel.
    Feats for Alternative Casters: feats to allow spellcasters that function off of different key ability scores.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature


    The Storytellers - A semi-secret organisation of storytellers, spymasters and librarians.
    Black Bertha & The Beancounters - The scurviest accountants to scour the seven seas!
    The Arcane Artisan - Adding that little magical edge to your craftsmanship; a prestige class based around item creation.
    The Southsmith - Souls turn out to work quite well in place of gp requirements for magic items.
    The Scentwright - You can fool a werewolf's nose, actually.


    Favour Bargain - "I don't want much. Just a favour, to be repaid when I ask."
    Obtain Soul - With this contract, the devil really is in the details.
    Dwarven Mushroom Farming - Finally answering how those stunted miners actually survive in their underground cities.


    Book of Many Crafts - A bonus to all Craft, Profession and Skill checks.
    Boffle's Baffles - Cheap, low-level and oft disposable items suitable for any adventurer, budding or experienced!


    The Loamsmithed - An incredibly cheap construct, designed to plough fields when there just isn't enough labour for the job.
    The Child - All he wants is to love you. Regardless of the consequences.
    Various Homebrew: Why not check it out? You're unlikely to be disappointed.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Reserved for future signature usage and so I don't necro the thread when it falls down.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Future use, for when it falls down.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Quote Originally Posted by 0tt3r View Post
    Reserved for future signature usage and so I don't necro the thread when it falls down.
    This thread has thus far been immune to threadomancy-based locking, so no worries there.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Current Projects
    [World, Setting and Races]-Balmont, World of Blood!
    [Expanded Fluff]-Hebdomad Fluff

    Galeans- Empathic masters of art and performance

    Prestige Classes
    Corpse Communer- uses the bodies of the dead to work eldritch magic

    Disciples of the Hells Project

    Angelic Paragons Project

    Co-Op Projects
    --[Remaking of fluff and mechanics] [Authors: Lots] The Gates of Heaven
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    Feel free to PM me if you want something PEACHed. I may not be one of the greats, but I'll do it if you ask.

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    One of us is not,
    One of us takes vengeance,
    All four tied in a knot

    My homebrew

    (U)sually in any game situation the biggest control freak will gravitate towards the job of being the GM anyway.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    This is my homebrew material. If you use it, please let me know how it goes and if you enjoy it. If you have any questions but want to avoid thread necromancy, please just PM me!


    Base Classes
    • Archer - A ranged attack focused class, not using ToB See the PrC
    • Ascetic - A psionic frontline warrior that combines aspects of the monk and soulknife.
    • Barbarian - A rewrite of the Barbarian to include ToB
    • Magus - A Constitution-based arcane caster that eventually casts spells as extraordinary abilities
    • Ranger - A rewrite of the Ranger to include ToB
    • Samurai - A rewrite of the Samurai to address it's power issues
    • Sword Saint - A martial classed inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics, which still needs a lot of work See the PrC
    • Warlock - A new rewrite of the Warlock to accommodate alternate power sources and increase it's overall power

    Prestige Classes
    • Archer - Essentially an Order of the Bow Initiate rewrite. Pretty much the base class condensed into a PrC
    • Bodybuilder - A strength-based caster, Charles Atlas magic!
    • Child of the Abyss - A warlock/martial adept hybrid, with a focus on demonic heritage
    • Dragon Apostle - Focused on specific types of dragons, advancing dragonfire adepts and dragon shamans
    • Emissary of the Dark - A warlock that focuses on the darkness invocation
    • Enlightened Spirit - A rewrite to increase the power and focus of the PrC
    • Force Missile Warlock - A warlock-based PrC focused on Magic Missile and force effects
    • Kannushi - A Shinto-inspired caster that draws power from kami
    • Shaman of Wrath A barbarian/warlock hybrid, very angry
    • Sword Saint - The class from FFT as a PrC, far more polished that the base class version
    • True Deceiver - An evil Malconvoker
    • Twice-Claimed Soul - A hellbred binder that seeks to escape damnation through a vestige


    Soulforged - An incarnum version of psiforged


    • Coin Dragon - An artificial dragon created out of a dragon's hoard, but a true dragon in it's own right
    • Primal Troll - A virtually immortal troll ancestor
    • Nessian Housecat - Baator's answer to meddlesome wizards
    • Tavern Imp - Your own shoulder devil, finally someone to blame your drunken shenanigans on!

    d20 Rebirth <--hombrew system by Fax Celestis

    Base Class

    Barbarian - a reworking of the barbarian class for d20r, increasing the versatility and focus of the class

    Prestige Class

    • Battle Seer - A [Lore]/[Martial] keyword hybrid class that predicts their opponents.
    • Urban Pioneer - A ranger with a focus on urban terrain that brings civilization into the wilds

    4th Edition

    Paragon Paths
    Child of the Abyss - An adaptation of the 3.5 PrC

    Popopo - An entire race based off Kirby

    Coin Dragon - A dragon made out of a dragon's hoard
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    A world beyond the mirror, a stand alone plane:

    My newest campaign setting: Everain

    A rogue variant: Passer

    As part of my involvement in life in hell project, I made a prestige class: The emotion nercomancer (Nerco=drugs)

    Giant multi tounged frog.
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    Madly In Science, an RPG in which you play mad scientists, you can get it for free.

    Spoiler: Some other things.
    A world behind the mirror (stand alone plane)
    (Wall) passer, a rogue variant
    My not realy extanded homebrewer signature

    Quote Originally Posted by Grinner View Post
    In a world ruled by small birds, mankind cannot help but wonder how this state of affairs came about.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    I'll need this very shortly since I'll be posting my Met Nchi Sals setting before too long, so here is a pre-emptive extended signature.
    Woefully Incomplete
    Passable, but not yet balanced
    Original goal is built, and more or less balanced
    Complete, with only the potential for slight balance adjustments

    Base Classes

    Invocations For Everyone: Devout

    Campaign Settings ~ Most of my settings contain a post-apocalyptic or cataclysmic theme

    Dragon Born ~ Small-scale world taking place after the Dragon Gods tore down the civilization they built. Contains Races (and a special culture system), Classes, Feats, Weapons (including firearms) and "Skill Spheres." D&D 3.5

    Mets Nchi Sals ~ Forest World Arctic, World divided in half East/West by two climates, An impenetrable forest, and a hostile arctic wasteland due to two world-shaking magic rituals, contains Races (with shared bonuses based on climate) feats, spells, and monsters. D&D 3.5

    To be unveiled at a later date ~ runs the gamut. My own system

    Game Systems ~ These take a long time to make, and this will probably remain one item for a very long time
    To be unveiled at a later date
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    Game systems I play: DnD 3.5, Pathfinder, Star Wars Saga, Vampire: The Masquerade, Dungeons: The Dragoning, AFBME, Atomic Highway, Dark Heresy, Legend of the 5 Rings 4E, MAID and... EQRPG... Does anyone actually play that?

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature


    D&D 3.5
    The Heroic Knight - A cinematic melee warrior PrC.
    Battlefiend - A psychotic berserker PrC.

    Text-Only Character Sheet - Designed for forum use.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    My Homebrew:


    Dual-Heritage Disciple: A half-elf who has recognized his heritage as the son of an adaptable human and an arcane elf, and has learned to combine their principles and ideas into one.

    Bakeneko A druid who takes advantage of the old legend of the bakeneko, a monster cat, and uses his unique abilities to infiltrate and take care of those who would go against nature.

    Hexer of Time: A cursed warrior who combines his cursed arcane and incarnium abilities to manipulate time. GitP PrC Contest XXXI contest entry.

    Dimensional Weaponeer: A warrior who learns to take full advantage of their Gloves of Storing, and uses it to enhance all of their weapons they store within it. Errantx's Pick for GiTP Prestige Contest XXXIV!

    Protege of the Iron Dragon: A prestige class I really need to finish. Artificer/Warblade class.

    Current Project:
    The Spellbound: A partial caster base class who learns to empower himself by binds spells to himself. Eventually will have ACF's for maneuvers and a few other systems, and feats to support multiclassing.
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    Interesting Stuff: Spellshapers, Metroid as Incarnum

    Bindin's Bag o' Quotes:

    Quote Originally Posted by BelGareth View Post
    Bindin, this is why I love you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamshifter View Post
    ...I think my poor Monkadin just went to go get drunk. That's not a natural thing for him to do, at all. Thanks bindin.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Mystic Paladin,
    Warforged Charger monster class,

    My Monk Fix
    The Orcish Disciple
    The Artytheurge
    My sublime wanderer

    Abandoned (If you want to take this and continue it, please message me to tell me and credit me in the post.):
    Soulknife Fix: I needed to nerf the manifesting and maneuver progression, but I wasn't sure how to.
    Mystic Paladin: Wasn't sure how to re-adjust it to add spells and what spells to add to the list.
    Fallen Angel:Ran out of ideas and lack of critique.

    Yes, I am this cynical and honest sometimes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazzardevil View Post
    Rubbish! Being Lawful doesn't mean following the Law.
    Theres only one law at sea. The captains law.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wargor View Post
    This man here? He does lawful right!
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    My extended signature.
    Thanks to the wonderful Ceika for my signature.
    Quote Originally Posted by Chained Birds View Post
    Just one of those guys vs girls things. Guys like giant, fighting robots that shoot lazerz out their eyes while girls like pretty jewelry that sparkle in the moonlight after having a romantic interlude with a charming gentleman.

    Completely sexist, yes! Completely true, pretty much...
    I have Steam cards and other stuff! I am selling/trading them.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Unless otherwise noted, all contributions are designed for D&D 3.5e.

    Base Classes
    Guild Wars classes:
    Dervish, a scythe-wielding holy warrior that calls upon the powers of gods and the earth and wind to aid her in combat.

    Mesmer, a pseudo-spellcaster that has strong shutdown capabilities, denying and interrupting actions performed by other creatures.

    Paragon, a charismatic leader, capable of inspiring armies to greatness, or taking the battle into her own hands with a spear and shield. Uses shouts and chants to grant supernatural bonuses to all allies capable of hearing her.

    Ranger, a defender of the wild with a slew of tricks, ranging from delayed attacks, to poisoned arrows, to traps set to punish the unwary. The Ranger can also call upon nature spirits to change the way the world affects creatures in a localized area, or summon a Spirit Companion to guard her in her travels.

    Warcraft classes:

    Death Knight, a conversion of the World of Warcraft class. Uses a system of fast-recharging runes and a pool of runic power to fuel class abilities focused on frost and profane damage.

    Warcraft Paladin, a virtuous warrior without the restraints of a normal paladin, allowing for character concepts other than "Smite Happy McGee". Has a variety of paths available, ranging from a holy spellcaster that flings divine damage and heals its allies to a living shield for weaker creatures.

    Warcraft Rogue, a master of underhanded combat. This Rogue has a variety of choices that determine its path, varying from a frontline combatant to an assassin that teleports through shadows and delivers precise, efficient attacks.

    Shaman. Lightning bolts and flaming weapons and healing spells, oh my!


    Alchemist: Warlock meets Artificer meets alchemy.

    Ascetic: Martial artist that may choose from a variety of combat styles. Gains varied extraordinary and supernatural abilities over its career, including the ability to shift to the plane of shadow to bypass obstacles.

    Destined Hero: Physical combatant with an encounter-based pool of action points and a variety of fate-themed abilities.

    Draconic Ascendant, a mortal with the blood of dragons somewhere in his past, unlocks many of the powers of his draconic ancestor.

    Elocater - like the prestige class, but 20 levels long and much more awesome!

    Hemolurgist, a combatant focused on delivering debilitating strikes, draining his foe's abilities and adding them to his own.

    Infernal Ascendant, a mortal that makes a pact with an Infernal, gaining many of its aspects over time.

    Solar Ascendant, a mortal that reveres the Solars above all else, gaining a bond with one and slowly taking on many of its special features.

    Swiftblade - like the prestige class, but 20 levels long and a little more awesome!

    Revised Spellthief: a tier 2 redux of the original class, with a new method of casting spells. Gains iconic abilities faster, and has new class features to actually allow some degree of competency against casters.

    Prestige Classes
    League of Legends Prestige Classes: 22-and-counting PrCs for characters of all types, ranging from martial to arcane and everything in between.

    Hemolurgic Shaper, a hemolurgist that has learned to channel the power of incarnum through his blood, binding soulmelds to chakras with his own blood to generate new effects.

    Sharnite, taking the awesomeness of Hex Portals and putting them on a playable chassis.
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    My forum avatars appear to have decomposed in my absence. C'est la vie.
    Homebrewer's Signature
    If you use any of my homebrew, or even if you just have a strong opinion on it, please let me know. Feedback is always useful.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    I post my homebrew both to receive feedback that will make the experience for my players better, and for use by the community. If you have feedback for me, or are using one of my classes and have a question, I'd love to hear from you.

    5E Content:
    Shadowcraft Assassin: A rogue archetype able to craft shadowstuff into mundane and magic equipment.
    Spellthief: A spellcasting rogue archetype that steals magic from other spellcasters.
    Magus of Blades: A sorcerer origin focused able to use blade magic to attack and defend.
    Void Disciple: A sorcerer origin using void magic to perform divinations and manipulate fate.
    3.5 Content:
    Core Rules:
    Philosopher's Stone: A single-sheet Magic Remix intended to globally reduce the power of spells for low-magic campaigns. Philosopher's Stone is easy to learn, easy to use, and effectively narrows the power gap between magical and mundane characters.

    Remixed base classes:
    Monk: a striker/skill monkey upgrade to the monk. Probably my most popular piece of homebrew, and definitely the one I receive the most PMs about.
    Daring Outlaw: a striker/skill monkey class to replace both rogue and swashbuckler
    Fighter: a well-rounded, flexible martial class to replace the barbarian, fighter, marshal, and samurai all at once.
    Healer: an upgrade that turns the healer into a potent multi-functional support caster.
    Hexblade: A curse on you and all your clan! (in development)
    Knight-Paladin: a defender class to replace both knight and paladin (derp)
    Shadowcaster: a more versatile shadowcaster with an expanded mystery list.
    Soulcrafter: a front-line warrior who uses augments to power up his soulcraft items. Replaces soulknife.
    Swift Hunter: a striker/skill monkey class to replace both ranger and scout.
    Warlock: Bargains fair or foul. (in development)

    New Base Classes:
    Machinist: A steampunk-themed swordsage variant that blends magic, skill, martial prowess, and a little mad science.
    Avatar: A cleric remix that gains phenomenal cosmic power only when acting in his deity's interests.
    Magician: A practitioner of low magic, including sympathetic magic and the crafting of simple magic items. Sorcerer replacement.
    Ritualist: The traditional staff-wielding master of The Art, including circle rituals. Wizard replacement.
    Magus of Blades: a gish that employs dancing swords, teleportation, and force magic.
    Shapeshifter: an arcane caster specializing in polymorphing.
    Dawnblade: a divinely based striker class focused on martial supremacy. It's like a duskblade and a paladin had a baby, and the baby kicks a whole lot of ass.
    Earth Dreamer: an elemental caster specializing in earth magic. Wizard derivative.
    Emberhaunt: an elemental caster specializing in fire magic. Wizard derivative.
    Storm Lord: an elemental caster specializing in air magic. Wizard derivative.
    Wavekeeper: an elemental caster specializing in water magic. Wizard derivative.
    Void Disciple: an elemental caster specializing in void magic. Mystery user.
    Summoner: An arcane caster specializing in summoning. Summoners are accompanied by a powerful planar companion, and can use augments to take on aspects of the companion.

    New Prestige Classes:
    Elemental Guardsman: a gish option for my arcane elemental casters (fourth post in the thread).
    Master of Elements: an archmage variant suited for my arcane elemental casters (third post in the thread).

    Support Material: Feats, martial disciplines, mysteries, and more.
    Very Mysterious: A compilation of mysteries and feats for mystery-users.
    Martial Discipline: Akasha's Timepiece College
    Martial Discipline: Crystalline Optics College
    Martial Discipline: Entropy Dynamo College
    Martial Discipline: Experimental Alchemy College
    The joy of skills!: Let it Ride, Diplomacy redux, Speak Authoritatively, ambiguous containers, and remixed skill feats
    Feats for charger builds
    Feats for sword-and-board builds
    Feats for two-weapon fighting builds
    14 Combat Form feats, including remixes of the 6 originals.
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    Subclasses for 5E: magus of blades, shadowcraft assassin, spellthief, void disciple
    Guides for 5E: Practical fiend-binding

    D&D Remix for 3.x: balanced base classes and feats, all in the authentic flavor of the originals. Most popular: monk and fighter.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Not Person_Man, don't thank me for things he did.

    Old-to-New table converter. Also not made by me.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Basically, a signature overflow container for me.

    Actual Homebrew:


    ...Apparently, I'm some combination of the two.

    Oh, and this is when I'm angry, open, or just in crazy mode. It happens.

    I Am A: Chaotic Good Human Wizard (1st Level)
    Ability Scores:
    Strength - 9
    Dexterity - 14
    Constitution - 9
    Intelligence - 17
    Wisdom - 8
    Charisma - 15

    RPG Personality Test:

    Actual Result:

    Playing with the test:

    Fun Fact: There are exactly 26 results.


    Asupachiel Avatar by Mindfreak586. Kudos!


    Quote Originally Posted by Raz_Fox

    ...Probably best not to know the context.

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    Extended Signature

    Óla tha eínai éna.

    Avatar by Dorian Soth Thormag. Thanks a bunch.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Quote Originally Posted by Zeta Kai View Post
    This thread has thus far been immune to threadomancy-based locking, so no worries there.
    Whoaaaaah, sorry, /threadnecro.
    I didn't realize people still used this.

    I'll probably be revamping the main post then. Anyone have any requests or suggestions?

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    I post things on forums for feedback. If you have anything at all to say about my homebrew, please post it so I can know.
    Gesturecaster - a casting PrC for Dexterity-based noncasters
    Sleepwalker - if "life is but a dream," what's it mean if you're lucid? Prestige class for Warlocks.
    (Druid) One with Nature Replacing wildshape - instead of turning into a bear, mobilize all the nearby plants (and animals, later) to fight for you.
    New takes on Old Elementals - the Mounder, Aquiform, and Kindlewraith. Air will be around when I figure out how to do it (but that's already sort of got one in the Invisible Stalker)
    Counterspell Momentum - Trading action for action, spell for spell, net result nothing happens? We can do better than that.

    There's also old stuff I'm not putting up because it's not worth looking at (and mildly embarassing).
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamieth View Post
    ...though Talla does her best to sound objective and impartial, it doesn't cover stuff like "ask a 9-year-old to tank for the party."
    My Homebrew

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Welknair's Essays - My views on everything game-related.

    Magitech in 3.5e - Massive project. Magic spaceships and laserguns. <--- Ridiculously out of date. My first real homebrew.
    D&D 3.5e Mass Combat - Much more recent project which provides mechanic support for large-scale conflicts within D&D, as well as the possibility for D&D as a wargame.

    NPC Prestige Classes
    The PC Proof Ones - We refuse to die.
    Henchman - The PrC all your NPCs have but don't know about.
    Messenger - Neither Wind, nor Snow, nor Hail
    Dealer of Goods
    - Browse my wares?
    The Guard - Which way did they go?
    The Bartender - Find out how they never get hit.
    Mage's Assistant - Someone to test your spells on.
    Street Rat - Riff raff, I don't buy that.
    Child of the Forest - What are you doing in my forest?
    Devout - For the everday worshiper
    Psy-Born - The Psion minus all the self-exploration
    Minstrel - Bard Lite
    Blacksmith - I make stuff. What a surprise.

    PC Prestige Classes
    Badass - Be a Badass
    Metamagic Expert - Wait, what spell did you just cast?
    Dual-Arcanist - Who says that Wizard/Sorcerer is stupid? (Apparently just like the Ultimate Magus. Woops)
    Battle Mage - Like the Eldritch Knight, but not.
    Omni-Caster - I can cast. EVERYTHING.
    Mage Commander - Wait, HOW many Wizards are casting Fireball?
    Late Mage - Darn, I'm late again?

    The Spell Shield - Magic Protection at its best.

    What in the Nine Hells is a Bloodline? - The question that should be answered before looking at all of these.
    Half-Bloods - Unique god children, FTW
    The Magyk-Touched - Magic Mutants
    Hero-Born - Descendents of the heroes of yore. Or yesterday.
    PC-Kin - The children of your worst nightmare.
    Mudblood - Got quite the unique family tree? This is for you.
    Noble-Blood - Because I said so.
    Glamerkin - Lonely Wizard + Shadow Conjuration = ???
    Dragon Descendant - Because those in the book were too wimpy.
    Titankith - Children of giant things tend to be a bit giant themselves.
    Name Given - awef'wqef'wfq'jfe FIREBALL BLAH
    Bladechild - I was born with sword in hand. And I could shoot fire out of it.
    DM's Worst Nightmare - *Weeps*
    Emergent Atrocity - Suddenly Tentacle!
    Chosen of the Far Realms - I hear voices in my head. They're telling me to kill you. And bake a cake.
    Planar Tied - The long-awaited Angelic and Demonic bloodlines!
    Quisling - Cursed with Awesome.
    Akodrin - The Ozodrin's little sister.
    Kitten-Friend - Because cats need friends too.
    Tinkerer - Bam. Laser gun.
    Shadow-Wrought - The shadows are my guide.
    Remnant - Home to a Shred of the most inhuman entity you can think of.
    Inherent - Feat chains for everyone!
    Sibling of the Elements - Son of Flame, Daughter of the Waves.
    Blood Chameleon - Magic gained from touching people.

    Bloodline Base Class
    Blood King - Sanguine Sovereign

    PC Races
    The Nac Mac Feegle - Because I was bored.

    Base Classes
    Conceptualist - My thoughts are your reality.

    Deity Rising - How to get from Divine Rank Nil to 1.

    Not Homebrew
    My Epic Playlist of Awesome.
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    Fourthland: A Game of Abstraction

    Quote Originally Posted by Daverin View Post
    Welknair, you are like... some living avatar of win. Who's made of win. And wields win as if it were but a toy. Win.
    Quote Originally Posted by Virdish
    Welknair you are a god among men. Thank you for creating a playground for the completely insane.
    Quote Originally Posted by Morph Bark
    There have also been times where I was jealous of your ingenuity and skills.

    Extended Homebrewer's Signature

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Prestige Classes
    Elemental Blade - Warriors that attune themselves to the elements.

    Ooze-Kin - Intelligent Biped Oozes

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    Default Cipher's Stuff

    My homebrew is quite old and my personality has changed a lot since... Don't take anything in those old topics too seriously. Few if any are updated to the new Gitp templates, so they'll be a pain to read perhaps.

    Have some 'brew (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
    Current Projects:

    -- [base - class] [ link ] The Onryō. A vengeful spirit. Last updated 8/27/14 (EDT).

    Base Classes:
    --[Base - Class]The Solstream.
    An invoker channeling the energy of the sun.
    --[Class - Base] The Elemental Slayer.
    Energy infused monks that make use of Ki for elemental effects.
    --[Base - Class]The Anointed Knight.
    Prestige class for the Knight Eternal that functions similarly to a holy-poisoner. Using holy oils and compounds.
    --[Class - Base] The Dragon Slayer.
    A class that channels the power of a dragon master or parent for increasing capability as they develop.
    --[Class - Base] The Aesthetic Sage.
    A class that channels grace and style into an elegant combat focusing on ending a fight before it starts with it's aesthetic strike.
    --[Class - Base] The Gloamstrike.
    A potentially powerful psionic class with full BaB that channels their powers through their weapon.
    --[Class - Base] The Voidsoul.
    A class that draws it's power from a source of pure evil and a blackened heart.
    --[Class - Base] The Tendersoul. (And Pureheart Variant)
    A class that draws it's power from a source of purity and light, with a clean and innocent heart.
    • --[PrC] Tornsoul.
      A class that's torn, conflicted, and confused between the fighting powers of light and dark within their hearts and minds.

    --[Class - Base] The Dreamwalker.
    A class that draws upon the essence of dreams to gain it's power, and to walk among the dreams of those around her, even controlling them.
    --[Class - Base] The Octopian Lord.
    A mage who's studies have taken them towards the depths of the oceans and into the aberrational creatures that lie there in, in the power... of tentacles.
    --[Class - Base] The Tentacular Knight.
    A knight who has been tainted by the abyssal might of the great tentacles, their power changing their body and pushing them to assimilate their foes.
    --[Class - Base] The Tentastical Shadow.
    A rogue who picked the wrong door and became entwined with the powers of the great tentacles that now bond to their body, giving them power of a peculiar source.
    --[Class - Base] The Professional.
    A skills master that serves as a replacement to the Expert NPC class and a valid option for PCs that want to up their skill game.
    --[Class - Base] The Battleborn Cuddler.
    A melee invoking class derived from my Sacred Something. They only benefit from their full base attack bonus and number of Invocations during combat, then their exceptional healing and recovery abilities out of combat.
    --[Class - Base] The Starcry.
    A class of mortal or immortals who seek to achieve greatness through self-perfection through machines under the watchful eyes of their own guardian star.
    --[Class - Base] The Colossai.
    Strong warriors infused naturally or unnaturally with the power of a golem, capable of assuming a golem-like body encasing their own.
    --[Class - Base] The Stylist.
    A class that derives it's power from fashion itself, assuming different styles and outfits for just about any occasion to take on different traits.
    --[Class - Base]The Arcane Evaluator
    A class that sees the world through different eyes, the world being nothing but complex mathmatics or runic information that guides existence itself.
    • --[Class - PrC]The Reapers.
      Arcane evaluators who take up a more cosmic mantle to act as agents of balance.

    --[Class - Base]The Keeper.
    A peculiar summoner who takes with them a spirit companion to aid in their quest to capture creatures she faces for summoning later, or assuming their traits for herself for more personal combat.
    --[Class - Base] The Osteokinetic.
    A psychic creature that manipulates bone directly by manipulating the most minute of it's particles in unison, in turn gaining the attention of shadowy creatures that appear to service the psychic for reasons unknown, curiosity? Sense of kinship? or do they watch and lie in wait...
    --[Class - Base] The Maid.
    The ultimate servant bound to her masters every wish that she might serve to bring about her master's every desire and defend them, that their life will never be cut short. First class I made.
    --[Class - Prestige] The Master
    A simple, perhaps poorly made prestige made with the maid in mind. First prestige I made.
    --[Class - Base] The Force Adept.
    Perhaps another poorly made class of mine, I didn't know a thing about maneuvers at the time, the class focuses on various tricks it gains, maneuvers if they're even usable as written (Read; barely written), and a ghostly blade of colored energy. I may remake it in the future.
    --[Class - Base-remake]Cipher's Sorcerer enhancement.
    My old take on the sorcerer. I don't quite like it, and it's a bit bland, but that's just my personal opinion. Another one of my early classes.
    --[Class - Base] The Steelsinger
    An invoker class channeling the power of their voice to bring about effects, namely their invocations named tunes, and initiate challenges.
    A class I made purely just for fun but turned into a ragefest and I believe several mean spirited comments.
    --[Class - Base] The Mecha Pilot.
    A class of trained pilots that control large and intimidating mechanations of great destructive power.
    --[Class - Base]The Scallywag.
    A rogue like class themed after a dashing pirate... didn't really turn out as I'd liked.
    --[Base - Class]Eternal Knight
    A noble paladin making use of blessings and a unique sword instead of a mount.
    --[Base - Class]Wandering Paladin
    Simple Paladin tweaking, making them more focused on traveling light and easy.
    [Base Class]Relentless Sorceress.
    My true take on a sorcerer revamp. The relentless sorceress, to me, is a sorceress as a sorceress should be.
    [Base Class]Labyrinth Knightv2.
    Noble warriors of cosmic influence as part of an empire stretching across the stars. They take it upon themselves to watch and learn, observe worlds they secretly protect and even sabotage their technological development when necessary save for when orders are given that the world is ready to develop in that way.
    [Base Class]Sacred Something.
    A class that radiates divine power as they serve as a conduit to any deity, permeating their body allowing them to give healing, restoring, or divine cuddles.
    [Base Class]The Necromancer.
    A take of mine on a necromancer class. Not entirely finished as it could be, based on the same features of the osteokinetic.
    [Base Class]The Cheater.
    A class that manipulates properties of luck and physics in a similar source the Arcane Evaluator exemplifies.
    [Base Class]The Witch.
    A witch class I created, I'm quite happy with it. They channel power from patrons and craft tricky hexes with the help of an empowered familiar.
    [Base Class]Time Wraith.
    An initiator channeling time based abilities with influences over madness and death.

    [Race-Class]The Legendary Nymph
    The Nymph, made legendary and indeed quite overpowered in a 20 level racial class.

    [Race-Bloodline-Paragon]The Silken Ooze.
    A lovable cuddly race that finds a host through sheer cuteness or stealthy subterfuge. They have questionable feeding habits.

    [Race]The Nereen
    A race of quasi elemental beings with sharp gender discrepancies.
    [Race]The Elna
    A smexy class of fey creatures with fuzzy animal ears on the top of their head and plushy tails.
    [Race]The Bachants.
    A tall race of noble survivors stemming from a lost home, their entire plane of reality shattered and broken.
    [Race]The Gomuran
    A race of rubber infused creatures of remarkable resilience and elasticity.
    [Race]The Merfolk
    An aquatic race of beautiful women and monstrous men that reign over the sea, with many different heritages effecting their appearance.
    [Race]The Camazotz
    A bat like monstrous race of blood drinkers.
    [Race]The Yeomi
    A beautiful race truely a gift from mother nature. A female only race, they are nature's answer to humanity.
    --[Race] The Ara-Yomi and Undeflore.
    [Race]The Feljen.
    A race of not all that real beings that exist in the mind.
    [Race] The Vorimr
    An alien race of tall pinkish creatures that may appear frightning, but are very gentle and intelligent coming from a crystaline home world that is in truth a deific psi crystal.
    [Race]The Tuatha
    A race of noble humans with great magical origins and prone to becoming minor deities.
    [Race]The Immorthos
    A crazed race of extreme survivability and strength.
    [Race]The Malbred
    Horrible monstrous creatures that hide and wait to consume the flesh of mortals.
    [Race]The Grebblits
    Ravenous undead creatures that delight in murder and blood.
    [Race] The Pretanians.
    A mysterious race of otherworldly humanoids that have the power to accomplish any task the truly set their minds to.
    [Race] Jakabytes.
    An awkward quasi-shapeshifting race capable of altering their body while retaining an obvious relation to their true form... which is animal like.
    [Race] Blood Orcs.
    A red skinned race of orc or half orc that proves to be far more intelligent than their parent race, and vastly more long lived.
    [Races] Denziens of the Eclipse.
    A collection of race-template things that build on the human race. Based on the races from Eclipse Phase.

    [Items]Elemental Flavor Rings
    Rings of elemental power that release a pulse of destructive power when the wearer falls. Has the curious side effect of altering the way their flesh tastes, don't ask me how that side effect was discovered (JK, clearly they can taste the change in their own mouths constantly, I'm sure it wasn't anything weird).
    [Item] Timeless Ring.
    A ring(s) that bestow eternal youth... unless you were a child when you wore it, then unfortunately you lose your childhood. White a notion isn't it? This is due to an age lock enchantment, it doesn't so much as keep you young so much as keep you as a young adult.
    [Item]Elder Cannon.
    A great portable cannon crafted by orcs and goblins. Has the humorous ability to serve as a mode of transportation.
    [Items] The Legendary Swords
    A nice big list of legendary swords, recently expanded to include legendary arms rather than strictly swords. Currently 40 weapons and counting.

    [Template] Arch Vampire
    Royal vampires that have attained almost deific prowess. Ultimate rulers of vampirism.
    [Template] Royal Blooded
    A lesser mode of arch vampire that is far more playable for a PC. Royal blooded are the outcome when the ritual to become an arch vampire is interrupted, or for some reason cannot be completed at that time.... or if you just hate my Archvampire.

    [Template] The Plaguewrapped '------}
    [Template] The Dead Haunt '---------}
    Cipher's Mummies
    [Template] The Pharaoh's Chosen ----}
    A set of mummy based creatures set off by my Archvampire and Alphawolf templates, I thought I should give mummies some love.

    [Template] The Frankenbeast ------ }
    [Template] The Clothcoiled ---------}
    [Template] The Bloodfeeder --------}
    An attempt at an LA +0 vampire and mummy like template, with the more variable Frankenbeast for a Frankenstein monster template to complete the stereotype vampire/werewolf/mummy/ghost.

    [Template] The Alphawolf
    The lycanthrope answer to the Archvampire.

    [Template] The Valkyrie --- }
    [Template] The Morrigan -- } The Choosers of the Slain
    [Template] The Reapers '-- }
    Various death-gods from Norse, Celtic, and Christian(?) sources. While not actually death gods they are considered something of a deity or powerful supernatural creatures.

    [Template] The Immortal Soul--------- v
    [Template] The Royal Blood (vamp)--- ^
    The Royal Blood again, and the Immortal Soul. Linked again for some reason.

    [Template] The Druid
    Potent servants of nature itself. They hold to them the respect of true elementals, Gaia herself, and are granted shapeshifting capability and the power to bind or unbind the very fabrics of reality.
    [Template] The Aswang
    A female only alternate race of vampires known as Blood Angels.
    [Template] The Chronoborn
    A species of humans who have been forgotten by time, or have gained a measure of power over it.

    [Bloodline] Naturally Sacred Something
    A bloodline based on my Sacred something class.

    Failed Projects:

    --[Class - Base] The Metallurgist
    --[Class - Base] The Maidlord (Can't remember why exactly this failed)
    --[Template/Disease]: Fevirification (PG 16+)
    --[Type] Thingamajig
    --[Class - Base] The Labyrinth Knight (futuristic commando from a world far, far away, Incomplete)
    --[Template] Essence Eater
    --[Base - Class]The Pirate(WIP)
    --[Discipline] Ravenous Epoch
    --[Base Classes / bloodlines / races / items] Stuff I made while without internet for months.
    --[Step- Classes]
    --[Class'ina can]
    Two horribly received ideas I made purely for fun. I believe I was outright insulted at least once for them.

    Generic Homebrew Threads/Resources:

    The Gorgons.
    A collection of homebrew material I made to give life to the gorgon race. Including a template, race, paragon class, bloodline, and a number of feats.

    Tentacle Spells
    A collection of tentacle based spells both my own and from others.
    Water Spells
    A collection of water based spells both my own and from others.
    --[Stuff] Table Pre-sets
    A tutorial on how to make tables, as well as a collection of preset tables for both your ease and my own :3
    It is recommended that you read the tutorial, as the tables I created are base tables and using the tutorial you can customize or enhance tables with tricks such as layered tables, or the colsp function in order to make it look nicer. Colsp recommended over layered, as some people can't handle the smexiness of layered tables.

    The Alteration Domain
    A quite straightforward domain based on alteration. My first domain before I noticed I could do so much more with them which led to the others, which serve more as a base for creating new spells and a granted ability.
    The Meh Domain
    I was going to make a description, but I don't really feel like it.
    The Booze Domain
    A domain based on all things booze and alcoholism. Completely custom made granted power and 9 spells.
    The Requip domain
    [World / Setting] Stolnwrold [Celtic // Lovecraftian // Diskworld sorta... thing...]
    A domain based on weapons and storing within a dimensional space.

    [Feats] Evil Brand + Lichloved
    Tweaks to two existing feats.
    [Feat] Long Hair.
    A feat about having long hair.

    A divine answer to the undead, beings that scorn death through an over abundance of life energy.

    Bronze Dragon addition to the Dragon Descendant Bloodline by Welknair [link], made for my own use I didn't care to bother the bloodline creator with it and just stuck it here.
    Bronze Dragon:
    Skills: Swim, Disguise, Survival
    Energy:Lightning, Line

    - | Draconic Special
    1 | Water Breathing
    2 | Detect Thoughts
    3 | Alternate Form
    4 | Control Water

    Water Breathing: Bronze Dragons are known for spending much of their time submerged in water. Their Descendants gain the ability to survive in similar conditions. The Descendant can breathe underwater indefinitely and can freely use its breath weapon, spells, and other abilities while submerged.

    Detect Thoughts: The descendant inherits the ability to cast detect thoughts once per day as a spell-like ability.

    Alternate Form: Bronze Dragons can assume any animal or humanoid form of medium size or smaller. Their Descendants also gain this ability to a lesser extent. When they gain this ability they can choose one animal or humanoid form. They can assume that form three times per day as a standard action, retaining the form for one hour per HD or until it chooses to change itself back.

    Control Water: The descendant inherits the ability to cast Control Water once per day as a spell-like ability.
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    My Homebrew

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature


    The Dagger Master--Takes one of the worst weapons in the game and makes it awesome.
    The Servant--NPC class
    Generic Super Tier 1: This was a silly homebrew to prove that no subsystems are required to make a character more powerful than any existing T1 classes. It is in a spoiler box.

    Balancing NPCs--Since RAW NPCs are too weak

    Class Features
    The Animal Companion Reborn--Since the ranger's animal companion is too weak

    Balancing mundane weapons--an attempt to put the melee weapons from the player's handbook on a level-playing field

    Vote up a monster--A mid-leveled plant swarm/cold/shapechanger
    White Wyrmling Swarm--You thought one dragon was scary? Try facing 1000 dragons at once!


    Blessed Aura--effects vary widely, making it more interesting

    7 useful water spells

    Vote up an epic spell!


    A Wizard Could Do Worse: 4 feats that can buff a non-caster up to tier 2+
    Meta Knowledge, True Chain Reaction,
    Perfect Running, and
    Commoner's Surprise

    Also try my Animal companion feats.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Domriso's Homebrew Compendium - A collection of all of my homebrew, throwing in my own design philosophy and my conceptions for possible new things.

    Runic Magic - A system of making runes that is based on a users skill in crafting, not in their magical abilities.

    Geomancy - Harnessing the power of ley lines to control the battlefield; literally.

    Fullmetal Alchemy - Ever wanted to play an alchemist like in Fullmetal Alchemist? Well, how about trying this out?

    The Illumian's Redesigned - My attempt at making a more interesting version of the Illumian race.

    More, coming soon.
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    Domriso's Homebrew Compendium - A collection of all of my homebrew, throwing in my own design philosophy and my conceptions for possible new things.

    Geomancy, Runic Magic, probably more at a later date:
    Come see my Homebrew!

    Ever heard of the Ultimate Classes? They're pretty sweet. Check them out here.

    I've had an interview over at Tellest! You should go see!

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Arcane Vindicator - An arcane bruiser with a slew of buffing and debuffing spells.

    Disciple of the Arcane Order - An amalgamation of several ideas, ending up somewhere between a duskblade and a sorcerer.

    Divine Stalker - What happens when you strip a Cleric of gamebreaking spells, and mix it with a Rogue that can do more than poke things to death.

    Dualists - Play two characters at once!

    Fatekeeper - Steal away bits of your foes' fate, then turn it against them.

    Legendary Ascendant - Choose between one of three forms on a whim, drastically changing your abilities with each change.

    Marack, the Fallen Guardian - Vestige of an ancient angelic protector; grants you damage redirection and controlling abilities.

    Moonblessed - Lunar-themed invocation user.

    Ninja - Now with 100% more orange jumpsuits.

    Plague Doctor - Heal or harm, poison or aid.

    Remani (Race): Shapeshifting lions, oh my!

    Runescribe - A spellcaster that forms their spells into glyphs, to be cast later or placed on objects as traps.

    Shadow Sun Ninja - A usable remaking of the ToB PrC as a base class.

    Soul Blade - A fusion of concepts from Tome of Battle and Magic of Incarnum.

    Scoundrel - A sort of combination Swashbuckler/Rogue, minus the suck plus fun.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Current Projects:
    Familiarizing myself with the 5th Edition rules set (loving it), and DMing two 5th Edition games. Homebrewing is going slowly...

    Past Projects:
    --[Alternate Magic System] The Magic User: A New Hope
    --[Splatbook] Ravnica: City of Guilds
    --[Splatbook] Push it to the Limit - d20 Limit Breakers
    --[Feats] Complete Arcane's SLA Feats Expanded [3.5]
    --[Feats] 60+ Moar Feats & Counting!
    --[Items] Masterwork and Magic Arms & Armor That Don't Make Me Cry Myself to Sleep at Night
    --[Splatbook] The Warrior's Way - Rebalancing Blade & Bow
    --[Feats] Revised Feats Revisited
    --[Feats] Revised Feats (Original Recipe)
    --[Feats] Tome of Battle Maneuvers as Tactical Feats
    --[Discipline] The Stolid Sphinx - Improv and Practicality Given Form
    --[Discipline] Save the Princess - Mario and Luigi Nine Swords Style!
    --[Base Class] Effective Classes Following the Designers' Intentions

    Fighter Fixes: [Base Classes]
    --Legend/3.5 Edition
    --Action Hero Edition
    --Legacy Champion Edition
    --Tier 2 Strategist Edition
    --Quick Fix Edition
    --Fighter Reborn Edition
    --Cold Math Edition
    --Fighting Style Edition
    --Tier 1 Fightificer Edition (In spoiler)

    Other Classes:
    --[Base Class] The Runelord - My Earliest Acceptable Homebrew
    --[Base Class] The Ranger Reborn
    --[Base Class] The Rogue, a Tier 3 Remix
    --[Base Class] The Mundane Paladin - Of Vote Up Acclaim!
    --[Base Class] The Hexblade Reborn (2 Versions)
    --[Base Class] The Beguiler Revivified
    --[Base Class] The Warmage & Mageknight
    --[Base Class] The Priest & Swordsaint
    --[Base Class] The Esper Knight - Essentia Meets the Force
    --[Base Class] A New Spin on the Factotum
    --[Base Class] My Cleric Fix: A Tweaked Cleric for Tier 2 or 3 play
    --[Base Class] The Seeker - A Jack of All Trades
    --[Base Class] Godsblade Derivative Work
    --[Prestige Class] PrC Rewrites - Working on Collecting the Whole Set!
    --[Base Class] The Expert Reloaded: Now a PC Class
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    Other Stuff
    Special Thanks: Kymme! You and your awesome avatarist skills have made me a Lore Warden in addition to King of Fighter Fixes!

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