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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Current Projects
    Base Classes

    Knight of Time
    Thief of Light

    Prestige Classes

    Corpse Harvester
    Planar Slayer

    Past Projects
    Base Classes


    Prestige Classes

    Chaos Brother
    D'Avenant Archer
    Wintry Champion
    Blade of the Argent Moon

    Disciplines (Tome of Battle)

    Argent Moon

    Alternate/New Systems


    Epic Destinies

    Protector of the Wilds
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature


    Base Classes
    Fate Weaver
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    Extended Signature

    I am a... (retook on 09/13/11)
    Lawful Neutral Human Druid/Cleric (2nd/2nd Level)

    Ability Scores:
    STR 9, DEX 11, CON 12, INT 13, WIS 14, CHA 14

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Future Projects
    Dual Progression PrCs for some of my favorite classes
    {table=head]Base Class 1|Base Class 2|Possible name ideas
    Blood King by Welknair|Harrowed by Lord Gareth|Sanguine Slayer, Blood Beast, Unholy Inheritor
    Harrowed by Lord Gareth|Evolutionist by Draken|Demon-Eye Sovereign, Deformationist[/table]

    Current projects

    Prestige Classes:
    Wind Chaser, for my Stormblade, and Grod_the_giant's Speedster.

    Base Classes
    Stormblade, introducing Barrage Damage!

    Dire Mudblood race, an expansion on Welknair's Mudblood bloodline. Now with a Paragon class and racial feats.
    Gearkin bloodline, be the great-grandson of a warforged!
    Beast Shape Construct template; Who said a golem had to look like a man?!

    Past Projects
    Monsters/Monster Classes
    I've contributed a little to 100+ True Dragons, by Zaydos.

    Inside Out
    The Simulation

    Broken/outdated/dead Projects (Either need reworking, or are too old to reboot)
    Prestige Classes:
    7/5 casting, first attempt for below 6/5 classes
    6/5 casting, second attempt
    6/5 Casting, third attempt
    Really dumb PrC for someone else's class
    Divine Seeker, a spontaneous divine PrC

    Reveng feats: Boy was I a Newb then.

    Insanely broken Ranged enhancments
    Long Claws I had a set of keys on a lanyard... statted them up.
    Exotic Explosives

    [SMBG, frequent player] Give a Power Ring to TPAY

    My favorite ciphers
    Progressive Shift
    Ujlw Ju B Tkptqk Dqgi.

    Base 36
    778477 1019108 999768866668 1375732 591458.

    Countdown to Zombie Apocalypse 96
    When you see this, copy it into your sig and -1

    Quote Originally Posted by AMFV View Post
    Winning on the internet is not really all that important.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lateral View Post
    No, no, no. This is how you pump feats.

    Wild Elf Feat Rogue 2/ Fighter 2/ Psychic Warrior 2/ Generic Warrior 2/ Generic Expert 2/ Martial Wizard 1/ Psion 1/ Generic Spellcaster 1/ Cloistered Cleric 1 (with all 3 domains swapped for Devotion feats)/ Monk 2/ Bear Totem Barbarian 3/ Soulknife 1. Make sure you do the Dark Chaos Shuffle.
    This gets 27 bonus feats (Including the generic warrior's proficiencies + Wild elf

    Where I have put (some) of my phylacteries
    As a Demilich, I have used Aumvor's Fragmented Phylactery a few billion times, here is where I have put some of my phylacteries:

    -a few thousand are gears and armor plates in various constructs, mostly steel golems with enough templates to make them gargantuan.
    -a couple hundred bones belonging to as many other liches have been enchanted as my phylacteries.
    -I have a few dozen in the Grand Inter-Planar Phylactery Bank (A place where liches leave their phylacteries for protection by other liches, in return for devoting some time and resources every once and a while to defending everyone else's).
    -I've fireproofed some boxes and put them in the center of the sun, with phylacteries inside.
    -I've handed out a few thousand as unholy symbols for evil clerics.
    -I refuse to reveal the locations of the some billion other phylacteries.

    Please note my avatar (By smuchmuch, TY). I have not done this in a real game, no sane DM would allow repeated castings of that spell, except on a BBEG. This is me as I'd like to be IRL.

    Apparently I've been made into a God. Or, we're trying
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    Demilich avatar by Smuchmuch. Thank you VERY much!

    Old Extended Signature, last updated in 2012
    Awright, Supagoof, that's just awesome. Thanks!

    Infernal avatar by Savana. Thanks!

    Nude version by SmuchMuch.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Base Classes

    Prestige Classes


    Items and Artifacts
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Note: I am what you might call a highly erratic homebrewer. Among the materials below you may well find material going from tier 6 to tier 1, ideas written after a 10 minute brainstorm, plans for future material that were never followed up upon (yet), and even huge projects that haven't quite reached completion (so far). Be careful while making generalizations about my work on these boards.

    Base Classes:

    • Master Alchemist: The first homebrew I posted here. Tier 4-5.
    • Warmage v2.0: a fix to the warmage to make them feel like a "war"mage instead of a "blaster"mage.
    • Blaster: An experiment to see if a spellcaster using only evocation could be made to look half decent. Judge the results for yourself.
    • The Regressor: A class who strives to become one with everything, assuming an almost primordial form.
    • The Fortune Seeker: An early attempt at making a luck based class. Requires careful management to play and has a few "fiat" abilities. I consider it a failure but it remains playable.
    • The Fortune-Blessed: A highly fixed and refined version of the above class. Skills can get a bit insane when multiclassing or gestalting with factotum.
    • The Faceless: Play as a malefic virus that infects others and uses them as puppets. Intended for villains but can work for players. Normal version and (more powerful) psionic version available.
    • Ashen Necromancer: A necromancer class capable of creating almost any undead from scratch and customizing them to an incredible degree.
    • Death Knight: Another necromancer that doubles as a front-line combatant. More of a general for an undead army than a faceless force behind the undead scourge.
    • Survivalist: For when you absolutely, positively want to keep your character alive.
    • Abolisher: An anti-mage class that actually functions against mages under normal circumstances.
    • Paragon: A "build-your-own-rage" class where you can freely exceed your normal bodily limits to do incredible things. Note that resource management is involved.
    • Nobody: A class that utterly perfects the art of stealth.
    • Blasphemous Preacher: Far realms madness in all of its various forms, condensed into a single class.
    • The Mimic Based on a class by Forever Curious, this class let's you imitate others in more ways than one. An earlier (and weaker) attempt at this fix can be found here.
    • Cursed: A terrible curse is upon you, bringing harm to yourself and those around you. Fortunately, you can aim this curse at those who would bring you harm.
    • Fleshcrafter: A class that can form whatever it needs from its own flesh and blood. Tier 4-5.
    • Psychic Armsmaster: A soulknife fix that provides a good many options as well as equipment that others won't be able to match with WBL. A (weaker) initial form of this class can be found here.
    • The Ascendant: An odd mix between the monk and vow of poverty that makes for an individual who relies on nothing but their own bodies.
    • The "Gambit" Fighter: A fighter fix that allows fighters to hit, gives them more customizablility, and re-introduces called shots.
    • A Lean, Mean, and Effective Fighter Fix: A fighter fix aiming at maximum versatility instead of raw power.
    • The Fighter: Simplistic and Streamlined: My third fighter fix, aiming at maximum accessibility for newcomers and some degree of freedom from magic item dependency.
    • Fighter Fix That Broke Me: A fighter that has taken his toys and gone home, fighting so well that nobody else will even get the chance to fight. Warning: contains insanity.
    • The Illuminator: Not much to say here. A light-based utility class with some minor healing/damaging potential and sensory enhancement.
    • The Assassin: Far from an adaptation of the prestige class, this is a completely mundane assassin that encourages coup de graces, sneak attacks, ambushes, poison use, and all of that other assassiny goodness.
    • The Trickster: A fey-based class that lives in the court of faerie by night and uses more mystical powers by day.
    • The Protean: The result of a mind experiment to see if a tier 1 class that gains no spellcasting was possible. I think that I may have succeeded. Be afraid.
    • The Skinwalker: A remake of another class by the same name created by Kellus. Wear the skins of your opponents and take over their identities.
    • The Field Medic: A pretty simple mundane healer class.
    • The Spellthief: Based on another spellthief fix by Jarian, this one turns the spellthief into a blue mage of sorts and replaces sneak attack with a magic-stealing force.
    • The Charlatan: A mundane mastermind and silver-tongue capable of manipulating those around him/her. A decent replacement for a bard in a low-/no-magic setting.
    • The Runic Demolisher: To put it in 5 words, explosive runes... in class form. A more strategic blaster/trapper class.
    • Deus Ex Machina: A joke class to explain the stats behind those all-powerful entities.
    • A Monk Fix: An attempt to make a powerful monk who actually has options in play.
    • The Traveller: A mundane support class meant to seem prepared for whatever comes your way.
    • The Mage: A truly balanced mage class for low magic or low-tier games.
    • The Mystic: A compartmentalized caster who doesn't steal the job of the fighter or rogue.
    • The Companion: A teamwork-based class that encourages actual teamwork instead of just handing out numerical bonuses.
    • The Machiavellian: A class to transform those NPCs around you into the cogs of a social Rube Goldberg machine.
    • Psychic Assailant: A little pseudo-psionic class to let you break into the heads of others and smash whatever you find there.
    • The Noble: A standard noble class. Time to get fancy.
    • The Mageslayer: A mundane warrior who has found mundane means by which most any spell can be countered. Warning: may suspend disbelief a bit.
    • The Voidbound: A new pact-binding class, binding small portions of a larger assortment of vestiges without rest.
    • The Champion: My take on a paladin fix, compatible with those of any alignment.
    • The Corpsebound Necromancer: A manageable necromancer class who doesn't need spell lists or tons of minion stat blocks.

    Prestige Classes:
    • Necrotic Master: A horrific necromancer who utilizes necrotic cysts. Intended as a flavorful mid-level BBEG.
    • The Forgotten: A PrC for skulks who want to increase their stealthiness.
    • The Dark Saint: Not all evil appears as such. Not all evil is intended as such.
    • Chirugeon: A mad doctor obsessed with applying grafts to targets in pursuit of physical perfection.
    • Pyromaniac: A fire-based caster who would like nothing more than to watch the world burn around him/her.
    • True Theurge: Inspired by the efforts of Flabort, I set about trying to create a prestige class that grants 7/5 spellcasting progression without totally breaking the game.
    • Paragon of Beard: There are dwarves and then there are DWARVES!

    • 40+ skill tricks: Because complete scoundrel didn’t give us enough, here is another group of tricks for everyone.
    • Craft (Cooking): A small set of rules for cooking. A bit silly.

    • 66 vile feats: More options for all of you villains out there.
    • Spellproof: For when those orb spells keep ruining your day.
    • Anti-PC Feats: For when you want your monsters to last more than 1 round against a moderately optimized group.
    • Luck feats: You feeling lucky, punk?

    • 30 Cantrips: For those who find “small magic” to be interesting.

    • New Warforged Components: Some pretty basic components that no eberron sourcebook came up with for some reason.
    • 60 Alchemic Items: A big dose of alchemic items. Currently lacking individual craft DCs, though they’ll hopefully be added in the near future.

    • Elder Cyst: and you thought that skulking cysts were bad.
    • Bloody Maw: another undead to provoke less than welcoming mental imagery.
    • Tall Men: the ultimate act of revenge that any necromancer could hope to take on another.
    • The Horror: The most horrific monster that I have ever created. Use with care.
    • Necropoli: The spirit of a dead town, using the corpses of those who remain to defend itself and add to its supplies.
    • Gloomborn Template: Though they may be murderers, the glooms don’t always murder their victims.
    • Otherwhere Jelly: An invisible ooze that pulls you deep into extradimensional space.
    • The Huntsman: A relentless hunter in the wilderness, never giving its quarry a break.
    • The Aboleth: A remake of the aboleth designed to make it a more dynamic and interesting opponent.
    • Dread Spider Swarm: A spider swarm I designed to be as conceptually horrifying as possible.

    • Descent of Shadows: A huge compendium regarding everything shadow-related. An attempt to increase the playability of shadow magic. Includes new classes, a new race, many new feats and alternate class features, new spells, new creatures, new prestige classes, new diseases and poisons, new magic items, and so on. Not quite completed but I’m pretty happy with where I left it.
    • Xenotheurgy: Magic from the far realms. Still incomplete and the more that I look at it, the more that I see needs to be fixed with it. I’ll take a long look and overhaul the system sometime in the future. Also includes monsters to populate the far realms with.
    • Librim Eternia: A set of 50 high-power epic PrCs, including rewrites of the ELH options.

    New Mechanics:
    • Combat Techniques: A simple way to add more variety in combat mechanics to players and monsters alike.
    • A quick “destiny” mechanic for D&D: A way to give players a stake in the world and fulfill most other literary functions that destinies are often used for.
    • Wound Multiplier: An addition to the hit point system that allows for smaller wounds to build up and that weakens wounded creatures.
    • Spell Points: A variant for balanced spellcasting in casual, low-op games.
    • PrCs as Rewards: A system by which players earn positions (and powers) of prestige instead of simply falling into them.
    • Maximum and Minimum Values: A sadly ignored attempt at fixing one of the biggest mechanical problems that the game creates at high epic levels.
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    At long last, I have an extended signature

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    Default Flowdancer Project

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    My homebrew: Feedback is always appreciated!
    Base Classes:
    Lord of the Uttercold: A Warlord of frost and undeath
    The Necrotic Infester: (A debuff based full spellcaster) and New Necrotic Cyst Spells
    The Soul Devourer: An Invocation using necromantic warrior
    The Haruspex:A divination focused caster similar to dread necromancer and beguiler for divination
    The Constrictor: A full spellcaster solely focused on limiting movement and vision of enemies
    The Ebon Marksman:A ranged bow wielding warrior that can sacrifice it's own hp to increases its damage
    Shade Channeler: A necromantic tactical spellcaster who can coordinate mass armies of undead or focus on elite minions.
    Luckamancer: Are you feeling lucky?
    Tempest Warlord: A class focused around controlling winds and storms. The winner of the base class challenge "Name that Class"
    Vector Witch: A class based on the Soul Eater Antagonist Medusa.
    Death Knight: A brutal enduring necromantic warrior which uses soul based incantations to slay his foes and drain their very souls.
    Plague Witch: A mystic fearsome witch which uses soul based incantations to manipulate diseases for a variety of effects.
    Black Blood Vanguard: An insane warrior filled to the brim with alchemically enhanced blood which uses soul based incantations and their very blood to drive foes insane.
    Twilight Magus: A healer who has mastered both negative and positive energy to heal his allies and hamper enemies.
    Azure Sandweaver: A Time based psionic historian who gazes back into the past using various invocations and divinations.
    Conduit: A new wizard style shadowcaster based around channeling emotions and thought based mysteries. Has over a hundred new mysteries added as well for other classes and shadowcasters.
    Shadowcaster Rework: A rework of the Tome of Magic Shadowcaster with another 90+ mysteries to select for themselves and other mystery using classes.
    Mirecarver: A Ooze based alchemical wizard who lurks deep within laboratories hidden in caves and long forgotten tombs.
    Apostle: A domain based divine spellcaster who can cast low level spells a tremendous amount of times per day.

    Prestige Classes:
    The New Horned Harbinger: A fix to the horrendous prestige class in Faiths and Pantheons
    The Champion of Pain and Fear A gish prestige class based around the spell "Blade of Pain and Fear"
    The Templar A 5 level anti undead prestige class.
    Sinister Servant of Nerull My evil aligned version of the Radiant Servant of Pelor
    Pact Bound Knight A Binding/Initiating Dual Progression PRC which uses vestiges to help guide their combat styles.
    Dirgesinger Redux: A complete redesign for the Libris Mortis PRC of the same name. Introduced Gish/Actual Worthwhile class features to the concept of a tragic bard.
    The Formshaper: An alternate take on the Thrall of Jubilex class which maintains its core features but reworks the class to be fluff neutral and more well rounded. A shapeshifter who can manipulate the environment around him.
    Umbral Flicker: Another take on the Thrall of Jubilex but this time refluffed into a more shadow casting/stealth approach.
    The Necromantic Codex: A collection of necromancy and similar themed classes, spells, monsters and items.

    Things that currently need balance work: You are free to use them but they may have a couple issues

    New Corpse Crafter Feats

    Prestige Classes:
    The Stygian Siphonist A Soul Devourer/Wilder Dual Progression Prestige Class

    Base Classes:
    Hellfire Lord! A demonic class with three separate specializations allowing this class to focus on either heavy melee, casting or a mix of both. Meant as a BBEG boss and am currently working on a PC version. Fine as a boss, horribly overpowered for anything but high-op tier one campaigns.
    Dusk Spiritualist: A master of both positive and negative energy. A bit weird of a class and Twilight Magus pretty much renders the theme moot. Twilight Magus is the more refined and balanced class.
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    ...Silva, you are a scary person.
    Awesome Avatar by Derjuin

    My Homebrew: Here
    The Necromantic Codex: A collection of necromancy classes, items and monsters.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Current Projects:
    --[Class - Base] Elemantalist
    --[Class - Base] Elemental Shaman

    Past Projects:
    --[Class - Base] Blood Knight
    --[Bloodline] Child of Now
    --[Class - Base] Fighter
    --[Class - Base] Barbarian
    --[Class - Base] Dancer
    Co-Op Projects:
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Homebrews: (Most of which is WIP)
    [PF/3.5/Modern] Layered Character Sheet
    [4e] Martial Controller: The Champion (WIP)
    [3.5] Player Races for Homebrew Setting (Dead)
    [3.5] Base Class: The Incarnate (Dead)
    [PF] Warlock Redesigned (WIP/PEaCH)
    [PF] Cavalier Archetype - Death Knight (PEaCH)
    [SAGA] The Red Knights (PEaCH)

    Check out this world-building project! <<HERE>>

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    Just remember; a good lieutenant is always there to deliver a message. It just happens that sometimes the message is bullets!
    Quote Originally Posted by Vemynal
    ^- And there is our mandatory 3.5 advice person lol. One in every PF thread xD

    Faust the nice Necromancer avi by Me!
    Strormer avi by KillitwithFire
    Eladrin War-Skald avi by Vrythas
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Current Projects:
    --[Race and Prestige Class] Elves of Auguros and the Darkwood Diabolist
    --[Race and Prestige Class] Sentinels and the Spectral Slayer

    Past Projects:
    --[Monster] Bearsharktopus
    --[Monster] Gohma and Tektites
    --[Class - Prestige] Goron Hero
    --[Monsters, plural] The Hylian handbook (not all mine, not all monsters, not at all finished)
    --[Base Class] The Contender
    --[Setting] The Continent of Levitos
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    I used to do avatars on request, feel free to use them.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Welcome to the Seraphi HomebrewTM page! Please, feel free to look around, and don't hesitate to PM me if you want to make a request! PEACH is always appreciated, and if you don't want to be a thread necromancer, just PM me any critique or feedback you'd like me to hear! I always appreciate it when someone tells me about one of my classes, so please don't be a lurker!

    The Librarian
    The Sandshaper
    The Super Saiyan
    Fangs of the Hawk
    The Temptress
    The Werellama
    The Spirit Blade
    The Ruler of the Way
    The Darkstalker
    The Archmage
    The Ghoul Template
    Squall Leonhart's Gunblade
    The Alternate Psion

    Game/Anime Inspired Classes (Base):
    The Scout (Team Fortress 2)
    The Tortured Soul (Soul Eater)

    Media-Inspired Classes (Prestige):
    Viewtiful Hero (Viewtiful Joe)
    The True Hero (BlazBlue)
    The Slowknife (Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure)
    The Dark Hero (Disgaea)
    The Destroyer (BlazBlue)
    The Ovis Cantus (The World Ends with You)
    The Dumuzid (Catherine)
    The Karate Kid (The Karate Kid)

    Media-Inspired Feats:
    Be a Man Feats (Mulan)
    Evoker Feats (Persona 3)
    Charge of the Minotaur (Looking for Group)
    Ultima Arrow (Final Fantasy XIII-2
    Legacy Edge (BlazBlue)
    The Power of Order (BlazBlue)
    Fallen Angel's Descent (Digimon Frontier)
    All-Out Attack (Persona 3)
    Paradigm Feats (Final Fantasy XIII)
    Cold Blood (Final Fantasy XIII)
    Incredible Stage Presence (Pokemon Anime)
    Good-Bye Shot (Persona 4 Ultimate)

    Media-Inspired Spells:
    Moves Like Jagger (Maroon 5)
    Persona 4 Spells

    Media-Inspired Races:
    Faction Human Sub-Races (Divergent, Veronica Roth)

    "Fixes" (Base):
    All-In-One, the Fighter Fix
    Two-Weapon Fighting
    Mounted Combat
    Shield Fighting
    Gish (Melee Wizards)
    Unarmed Combat
    One Weapon Fighting/Rogue fix

    "Fixes" (Prestige):
    Enchantment Magic
    Spiked Chain Specialist
    Stunning Fist
    Warlock Fix Prestige
    Bear Warrior
    Deepstone Sentinel
    The True Necromancer
    The Assassin

    "Fixes" (Domains):
    The War Domain

    Playable Giant
    Playable Giant (Pathfinder)
    Playable Dragon
    Weakened Humans
    Combat Gnomes
    Playable Vampires
    Shadow Gnomes

    Unique Homebrew (Base Classes):
    The Conductor Bard
    The Judge
    The Justicar
    The Hell Rager
    The Abyss Striker
    The Swiftblade
    The Rogue Djinn (Monster Class)
    The Corrupting Blade
    The Paladin of Disorder
    The Squire
    The Knight
    The Fanatic
    The Samurai
    The Swift Ambusher
    The Burning Blade
    The Assassin

    Unique Homebrew (Prestige Classes):
    The Supernal Destroyer
    The Sword of Heaven
    The Sword of Hell
    The Charlatan
    The Vitalist
    The Summoner
    The Feral Sword, a Barbarian/TOB hybrid
    The Lifedrinker
    The Villain
    The Cyst Lord
    The Racist
    The Pyromaniac
    The True Archmage
    The Weapon Master
    The Hunter
    The Ascetic
    The Amplifier
    The Jungle Rager
    The Beholder Mage - Warning: This class WILL break games
    The Sling Master
    The Zhentarim Brute
    The Fiery Musician
    The Master of the Black Blade

    Unique Homebrew (Specialist Wizard Prestige Classes):
    The Observer

    Epic Baleful Polymorph
    Break the Bond (Sorc/Wiz spell)
    Energy Volley
    Noxious Form
    Ability Damage Spells
    Reckless Toss (Setting Sun Stance
    Paladin Spells
    New Electricity/Sonic Spells
    Drown in Power
    Energy Drain
    Duskblade Spells
    Eidolon Transformation (Pathfinder)

    Specialist Wizard Spells
    Illusionist - The True Self
    Transmuter - The Curse of the Full Moon
    Diviner - Complete Analysis
    Abjurer - Absolute Defense
    Necromancer - Cycle of Undeath
    Evoker - Destructive Energy Storm
    Enchanter - Formidable Warrior
    Conjurer - Obedient Servant

    Righteous Fury (Feat)
    Pure-Hearted Soul (Feat)
    Greater Ability Focus
    Meta-Sneak Attack Feats
    Rage Feats
    Two-Weapon Fighting
    Strengthen Enchantment
    Improved Power Attack feats
    Angel Feats
    Mystic Rage
    Crusader Feats
    Master of the Minotaur Feats
    Fire Feats
    Protection from Magic
    Critical Feats
    Metabreath Feats
    Power Shooting (Strength-Based Archery)
    Weapon Devotion

    The Negative Energy Domain
    The Blaster Domain
    The Alchemy Domain
    The Lycanthropy Domain
    The Domination Domain
    The Direct Damage Domain

    Martial Disciplines
    Bloody Hammer

    Celestial Sword-Paladin ACF
    Titan Mauler Archetype, Expanded
    The Brawler, a Fighter Archetype

    Official Houserules
    Alternative Metamagic Rules

    Humorous Classes (I'm funny, I swear!):
    The Common Hero
    The Bear Master
    The Bro

    Humorous Spells
    Empower Bear
    Sexy Telepathy
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    A lot of this stuff is out-of-date; just be warned.

    Core Class Rebalance

    Armor Buffs
    Weapon Upgrades (WIP)
    Crafting System (WIP)

    Skill system
    Improving Iniative
    Revised Combat Manuevers
    Weapon Styles (SnB, Reach, etc)
    A magic fix for 3.5 and 3.PF (dormant, in need of updating)

    Alternate rules for Aging

    Outdated Posts
    Monk first attempt to fix the Monk

    Armor Buffs
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Conglomeration Projects

    Base Classes

    Prestige Classes



    Spake First Thusly By:
    (how can nothingness be boiling? Shut up, that's how).
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    All my homebrew is open content intended for use in Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition games. You may use it in your games, edit it, expand upon it or rewrite it to suit your needs. Just credit me as its creator, please.

    Finished Homebrew:
    Base Classes:
    The Physician
    The Handyman
    The Sage
    T6 Base Classes
    The Arcane Crafter
    The Incanter
    The Soul Searcher
    The Paranoid
    The Wanderer

    Prestige Classes:
    The Master Craftsman
    The Scroll Master
    The Impassible Warden
    The Whirling Fist
    The Life Bringer (also contains the Life Domain)
    The Dire Disintegrater
    The Dedicated Hunter
    The Obliterater
    The Annihilator
    The Focused Master
    The Windlord

    Legendary Classes
    The Silver Hand

    10-Level Retools:
    The Barbarian
    The Bard
    The Cleric
    The Fighter
    The Paladin
    The Sorcerer
    The Wizard

    The Blyttz

    Micro Templates

    Casting in Armor
    Assorted Caster Feats
    Feats to Change You Bonus HP Stat
    Feats to Reduce the Need for Sleep
    Mass Spell (Metamagic)
    Immediate Spell (Metamagic)
    Solo Feats
    Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes fix
    Closely Bonded Familiar
    (Mostly) Monk Feats
    Blessed Turning
    Feats that grant spells
    Divine Mark feat chain

    Earthbound Nova
    Magic Mistletoe
    Lingering Toxin
    Cure, Inflict, Heal and Harm Redone
    Aspect of Divinity
    Orb of Obliteration
    Massive Assault
    Elemental Missile (Spell Series)
    Necromantic Bolt (Spell Series)
    Fireblast Vial
    Divine Safeguard
    Perfect Energy (Spell Series)
    Prismatic Domain
    Alingment Shifting Spells
    Light Domain
    Electricity Domain
    Stunning Burst
    Disintegrating Missile
    End Magic
    Circle of Gravity
    Disintigrating Sword
    Cloud Bomb
    Prismatic Mote
    Prismatic Bow Rewrite
    Thought Bubble

    Toxcite (New Weapon Material)
    Magitech Weaponry

    Hero Point System
    Skillpoint Based Proficiencies

    Unfinished Homebrew:
    Base Classes:
    The Jack of All Trades: total rework in progress (technically still playable as is)
    Redead: need to make his invocations.
    Mighty Warrior: will be getting a full overhaul; my goal is a T2 non-magical class.
    The Metamorph: will be getting more class features later (technically playable as is)

    Flits and Gremlins: need to add in the changes people pointed out for me on Flits, and write up Gremlin racial stats.

    Theme/Series of Classes:
    Order of Elemental Angels: need to add Elemental Wings, and I have ideas for PrCs and feats. I also have ideas for updates to Elemental Fist and Elemental Crusader, but those can wait till my playtest campaign is through for now.
    Master of Mind and Body: need to finish the remaining 5 psionic discipline's classes.

    The End Of Time: contains classes, races, templates, items, artifacts, creatures, deities, and a new plane to put in campaigns.

    Antimagic Bolt: will be getting retooled into a reworking into an antimagic fix.

    Chozo Power Suit

    If anyone has any comments on any of my homebrew, feel free to PM me, I love comments and suggestions.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Current Projects:
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    just starting as a brewer, but storage is good

    In the works free imaginary cookie to people that comment on any of them

    base classes:
    blaster v1
    blaster v2
    Blaster v3

    (unfinished)broken spear
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    Avatar by Szilard, thank you sir for the fine work!

    my home brew. you should PEACH them...

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Base Classes

    Prestige Classes



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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Cookie's Jar

    Hey, if you want to continue the discussion about any of my 'brews, drop me a PM and I'll get the thread reopened for ya.

    Teddy Bear 3.5. What if Winnie the Pooh had class levels?

    Gnoll Variants 3.5. Dragonblood Gnolls, Gnolls who are naturaly Bards and even more to come!

    Alternative human 3.5. Think Mongrel Folk, but way better.

    Base classes:
    The Gladiator 3.5. Protects aginst decapitation, sharp swords and DM fiat.

    Elemental Incarnation 3.5. Ever wanted to BE fire?

    Blue Mage 3.5. Steal their abilities AND their stuff!

    Hexblade Fix, 3.5. Can do more with a hex and can even rewrite time!

    Paladin Fix, 3.5. Shatter the mortal coils and join the ranks of angels or demons.

    Attuned Soul 3.5. Wood and Wave, Herd and Home. Draw power from them all.

    The Beastmaster 3.5. Make the Dragon bite itself!

    Toa 3.5. Yes, the Bionical kind.

    Energy Resistance 3.5. Now even the rogue can resist fire, without any cheese.

    Cut deep, cut well 3.5. Regeneration bypass, extraordinary infernal wound AND ability to hit an ooze with a critical, all in one package.

    Badass Template, 3.5. Borderlands was epic. And now, part of it is a template.

    Malice Born 3.5. Would you like some hatred to go with your creature, sir?

    Lycanblood 3.5. Because a Natural Lycanthrope has crippling LA, and Quasilycanthrope is just DR10/Silver.

    Alternative Liches: Now your Warblade, Binder and Shadowcaster can enjoy immortality!

    Wizard spellcasting fix Spellcasting, 3.5. Wizard's were always mad, and now, they are MAD.

    Celerity fix 3.5. Less cheese, more buff.


    Invoking Paladin 3.5. Invocations for your bog standard, Teir 5 Paladin. Nothing more, nothing less.
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    Ponytar by Dirtytabs

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    I make nice PDFs of awesome Homebrew content.

    Current Projects



    Feel free to message me with requests!
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    Check out My Extended Sig!
    I make professional-looking PDFs for homebrew classes and content.
    Feel free to message me with requests.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Base Classes

    The Magic Marksman - gunmage with emphasis on the gun, inspired by the manhwa Witch Hunter.
    Exarch of the Emerald Shield (aka Barrier Master) - master of force barriers, inspired by the manga Kekkaishi.
    The Perfumer - as its name implies, but not as lame.
    The Persona - based on the theory of dissociative identity disorder.
    Delirium Blade - the warblade's demented brother


    The Dragonheart - warrior with a dragon within, inspired by the manwha Id.
    The Weaver of the Threads that Bind - another take on time shenanigans.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    I also have a wiki!

    Bolded entries I'm particularly fond of.

    D&D 3.5

    All-New Base Classes
    • The Beastman-- A barbarian-themed wild shape warrior. Gains animalistic features in his own right, and an upgraded version of the Druid's wild shape. Playtested in a group of tier 2-3 classes; excellent versatility, solid offensive and defensive power, and lots of fun. A solid Tier 3. Has been well playtested.
    • Speedster/Windrunner-- Faster than a speeding crossbow bolt! A super-skirmisher type. (It's totally not the Flash. Yes it is. Shut up.)
    • Shadow Assassin-- A bit like a rogue, but with magic and shadow-y abilities.
    • Ringslinger-- It's totally not the-- yes, ok, I can't even pretend it's not Green Lantern. I'm not ashamed.
    • Godspeaker-- The first of my divine caster replacements. A fragile chassis with the Spirit Shaman casting mechanism and Truespeaking abilities.
    • Miracle Worker-- The second of my divine caster replacements. A sturdy, melee-capable chassis with spellcasting limited to a few domains.
    • Savage-- A barbarian-druid-monk crossover, with no gear or magic but plenty of natural weapons and animalisic abilities.
    • Legend-- The highest powered mundane, the pinnacle of "I'm just that good." Meant to stand next to T2 and T3 casters.

    Base Class Fixes

    • Warmage-- Adds more variety in spells, and makes the blasting a bit more effective.
    • Paladin-- Better smiting! Better spells! Actual class abilities! Now with 120% more heroics.
    • Barbarian-- Faster, more DR but less armor, minor improvement of rage, "brute powers" to make combat a bit more interesting. Mostly for more differentiation from the fighter.
    • Druid- A "less broken, more fun" nerf, switching to spontaneous casting, permanently encoding the shapeshift variant, weakening the animal companion, and adding a few more flavorful class features.
    • Sorcerer-- More spells known, actual class features (including heritage abilities based on the Pathfinder sorcerer) and a unique spell-point inspired casting system.
    • Wizard-- Spell list splint into spontaneously-cast battle spells and out-of-battle rituals. Actual class features added.
    • Swashbuckler-- a Tome of Battle version, with wildly enhanced mobility.
    • Ranger-- Merged with Scout, with higher-level abilities added on and a nice coat of polish.
    • Rogue and Swashbuckler-- now merged with the Factotum for ultimate skillmonkey fun.
      Hexblade-- a more powerful curse and useful class features.
    • Fighter-- A combination of feat retraining, expertise dice, special abilities, and actual class features, with three distinct paths to power.

    Prestige Classes

    Races, Skills, Spells, Feats, And More!

    Assorted Musings and Systemic Revisions

    The Simple TAbletop Roleplaying System (STaRS): my rules-light homebrew system. Fast to learn, fast to run, and fast to play.
    • v3 (complete and playtested-- works, but is a little to dependent on GM fiat)
    • v4 (under construction)

    Exalts and Excellencies-- an attempt to capture the feel of Exalted using M&M 3e rules. Tested in a campaign, and works pretty well, although it needs some tweaking.

    FATE of the Stars: a space opera system based on the Dresden Files RPG. Playtested-- works pretty well.

    I rewrite D&D material in Mutants and Masterminds 3e

    Gaols and Giants-- I did a lot of work on this communal "rewrite 3.5 from the ground up" project before it died, as such things inevitably do. What was written is probably pretty good, though-- the non-binary condition tracks in particular, methinks-- and could probably be used as houserules.
    Last edited by Grod_The_Giant; 2013-05-08 at 06:37 PM.
    Hill Giant Games
    I make indie gaming books for you!

    STaRS: A non-narrativeist, generic rules-light system.
    Grod's Guide to Greatness, 2e: A big book of player options for 5e.
    Grod's Grimoire of the Grotesque: An even bigger book of variant and expanded rules for 5e.
    Giants and Graveyards: My collected 3.5 class fixes and more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grod_The_Giant View Post
    Grod's Law: You cannot and should not balance bad mechanics by making them annoying to use

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    5e Content
    Workshopped Spell-less Ranger
    Old 5e Tweak Repository
    Old 5e Houserule compilation
    Invoker, Int halfcaster

    3.X Base Classes:
    Obligatory Fighter Fix
    Because you're not a real Playground 'brewer till you have at least one. Actually pretty proud of this attempt.
    Warlock Fix.
    Nothing special, only a little boost to the Warlock to straighten out a few things.
    Hexblade Fix
    Much like my Warlock fix, only small tweaks to improve playability.
    Also contains a pair of feats that allows for great Hexblade/Warlock synergy.
    Dragon Shaman Fix
    Combines elements of the Dragon Shaman, Dragonfire Adept and Dragon Disciple into a hopefully simple and fun class
    Scout/Ranger Fix
    Combines the Ranger and Scout, which are already very similar, into one class. Not a huge leap in power but should be better.
    Soulborn Fix
    Tweaks numbers, fills in dead levels and is a nod to Person_Man's fix.
    The Tinkerer.
    A take on the Artificer, very fun little class.
    The Spirit Warden.
    A more spiritual/nature oriented version of a paladin, this is a class that is relatively simple to pick up and play without being left behind or unkillable.
    The Savage.
    Barbarian 'fix'. Uses a different mechanic to Rage that I think is really cool.
    The Legionnaire.
    A specific warrior along the lines of the Barbarian and Swashbuckler, this guy is made to fight with friends in heavy armor.
    Rogue Fix.
    Feels a little busy and doesn't quite fix all its problems so i'll try and get back to this sometime.
    The Archer.
    Another specific warrior, this splits archery into three styles and tries to make each one viable.
    Arcane Warrior.
    First base class I made, and it shows. Gish that uses Spell Points and summons his own gear.
    The Servitor.
    Pumped up Warlock with some extra flavor.
    Pokemaster, entry for the PFGBC XII
    Didn't win much, but it's worth having here.

    3.X Prestige Classes:
    The Dragonslayer
    A simple 5-level fix for the underwhelming 10-level Draconomicon version
    The Master Gaffer
    A crafting PrC focused around glass.
    The Castle Crasher.
    A warrior PrC focused on battering down all in his path.
    The Telestepper.
    Skirmisher PrC focused on teleportation and a little lockdown.
    The Occult Archer.
    A necromancer version of the Arcane Archer.
    Meat Shield Caster.
    Gish PrC, just makes casters a bigger problem than they are already. Give this one a miss.
    The Hammerspace Mage.
    All about extradimensional space, a very flavorful caster.
    The Faded Mage.
    Another flavorful mage PrC centered around concealment and displacement.
    Resonance Mage.
    Yet another flavorful mage PrC thats all about sonics. Caution: Must be blind to enter.
    The Fearmonger.
    A universal PrC based around fear and fear effects. Also got me an award in the PFGBC

    3.X Races:
    The Theg.
    Beetle humanoids with some neat fluff that got me one of the awards below.

    3.X Feats, Spells and Invocations:
    Leadership Fix
    Splits leadership down into 3 feats and slightly curbs is power.
    Homebrewed Evocation Spells.
    Introducing Pure Energy, a form of energy just for Evocation and brings blasting back into the picture.
    Homebrewed Invocations.
    A bunch of invocations and links down the bottom to other good invocations.
    Assorted Homebrew Items.
    Neat little doodads and cursed items that I have come across.
    Feats & Abilities.
    For thoughts I haven't completely hashed out yet.

    Simplified Skills.
    For those who want to streamline skills a little instead of just getting rid of them.
    Commonly Corrected Classes Compendium
    A thread I made a while back to bring all the common fixes to 3.P base classes into one place.
    Standard Homebrew Procedure.
    Just outlines the basics of how I usually set out to make my 'brews.
    Neat little non-magic healing item.
    This didn't really fit anywhere else, but it makes the heal skill quite handy.
    Mithantine Alloy.
    Another little thing that doesn't quite belong, just a homebrew mix of the two most popular metals in D&D.

    An old pet project, 3.U
    3.U Ideas and Chat.
    In its testing and refinement stage, but feel free to have a look and critique or take ideas if you like.
    3.U Classes.
    As above. Makes liberal use of an adapted ToB for martial characters as well as the simplified skill system above.
    Alternative Casting Mechanic.
    Still in development, it's vaguely similar in practice to truenaming except not powered by a skill check.

    Homebrew awards
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

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    "By 'for fun' do you mean 'to kill us?'" - Me, about the DM rolling a d20 several times for no known reason.

    "You have my sword." - the Fighter.
    "And my bow." - the Ranger.
    "And my acts!" - me, the Bard.

    My Final Fantasy Homebrew and Pathfinder Updating! PEACH always welcome.

    Current Homebrew:
    PF "Dragon Shaman" - Paladin Alternate Class

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    All of my homebrew is presently for 4th Edition D&D

    Current Projects (PEACH):

    Completed Projects:
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    Print and Play Minis | iheartprintandplay | Retired as of 2018, but my entire public collection of monsters, PCs, NPCs, environment pieces, and other supplements are still freely available (see links in top sticky post)
    Homebrew Projects | Extended Signature

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Current [WIP/PEACH] Projects

    Future Projects
    • PrC's for Wyrmfire Desciple
    • Shadow Talon - Base class that uses shadows for weapons

    Finished/Past Projects
    • [None]

    Abandoned/Outdated Projects

    Contest Submissions
    • Community Monster Class Competition VII: One Level Wonders- Petal Tied for 2nd place
    • Community Monster Class Competition VIII: Everything Burns- Flame Draconian Tied for Third Place

    Signature Stuff


    First avatar, done by myself in Paint

    New avvie by the awesome Ceika

    Forum Quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by TheOasysMaster View Post
    It's like Igneel took all the best parts of a Ferrari, a Lambo and Victoria's Secret, and made it into a character.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Orpheus View Post
    You sir have just tied for first place as funiest person I know in the playground.

    Quotes from off Forum

    "Blade with whom I have lived, blade with whom I now die, serve right and justice one last time. Seek one last heart of evil. Still one last life of pain. Cut well old friend, and then farewell." --Sir Orin. A quote from Flight of Dragons
    "Your true strength is not discovered easily, or without grief. Like a desert seed it lies dormant, waiting for the hard rain"
    -Lessons of NeStrrath
    Dragon Outcast by E.E. Knight
    "Memory can be hot as molten lava, or cold as a frozen glacier. But it's rarely reliable. Even when it comes back to you, clear and true, it can vanish on the next gust of wind.
    Sometimes, it's not really even a memory. Just a hint, or a glimpse, or a mirage. Yet strange as it sounds, that sort of memory can be the truest of all."
    -Merlin's Dragon by T.A. Barron
    "An egg. A seed. A newborn child. They all hold secrets. And they all hold magic.
    At the moment an egg cracks, its magic, at last, is released into the world. Or is it the other way around? Is the world, at last, allowed inside the egg?"
    -Merlin's Dragon by T.A. Barron
    "Who was it who warned, be careful what you wish for? Whoever they were, I'd like to crush them under a mountain of boulders. Tear out their innards. Roast them over searing hot flames. And then... I'd tell them they were right."
    -Merlin's Dragon by T.A. Barron
    "Change. What a paradox! The more you do it, the more you don't. The farther you seek it, the nearer you find it. The less it's in your world, the more it's in you."
    -Merlin's Dragon by T.A. Barron
    "Wisdom, like those who possess it, comes in all shapes and sizes. That much I've learned, often the hard way. Yet despite all their differences, truly wise people share this same understanding:
    No matter how much you know, you still have a lot to learn."
    -Merlin's Dragon by T.A. Barron
    "People make such an unnecessary fuss about dying. It's really just part of life, as the final chapter is just part of a book. Still... We can always hope there might be a sequel."
    -Merlin's Dragon by T.A. Barron
    "People are like oceans: sometimes deep, sometimes shallow. One moment calm, the next moment stormy. And they are always mysterious."
    -Merlin's Dragon by T.A. Barron
    "Like starlight, a person's soul can be hidden by a seemingly endless storm-but never really extinguished. All it takes is one good wind to clear away the clouds, and the light will be revealed."
    -Merlin's Dragon by T.A. Baron
    "Words are like knives. They can spread butter and honey-or pierce a beating heart."
    -Doomraga's Revenge by T.A. Barron
    "No flame is brighter than hope. It both lights the mind and warms the heart... even when there is nothing left to burn but darkness itself."
    -Doomraga's Revenge by T.A. Barron
    "Words ought to be chosen with greater care then either clothing or weaponry. For they can last much longer than the former, and cut deeper than the latter."
    -Doomraga's Revenge by T.A. Barron
    "One thing I've noticed about living: Once you start doing it, the habit forms and it's awfully hard to stop"
    -Doomraga's Revenge by T.A. Barron
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    "Words ought to be chosen with greater care then either clothing or weaponry. For they can last much longer than the former, and cut deeper than the latter."

    -Doomraga's Revenge by T.A. Barron

    Extended Homebrew Signature

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