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    Default mixing Call of Cthulhu and mutants and masterminds 3 edition what do you think ?

    With things going into the slow season, at work. I have some more free time for DMing.

    Now I am thinking if this would work. In taking the Call of Cthulhu, Horror on the Orient express. And converting it over to mutants and masterminds 3 edition.

    could this be something at could work out ?
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    Default Re: mixing Call of Cthulhu and mutants and masterminds 3 edition what do you think ?

    I feel like this would go poorly.

    First, thematic mismatch - superheroes fight cosmic horrors, but they are, well, superheroes. It's just another thing for them to violently punch/blast in the face, not run screaming from and/or go mad at the sight of. So a lot of the atmosphere will go away, and CoC depends heavily on its atmosphere. Most stuff in the Mythos is largely scary only because the Mythos' universal rules say it is scary.

    Secondly, any investigative/horror adventure will get utterly unraveled by multiple entire archetypes of super-characters. Any sort of telepath, super-senses, or pre-cog will have the perfect skillset to, often by accident, solve the mystery or reveal the hidden plot twist/secret far too early, and unilaterally banning those archetypes locks out many otherwise acceptable character concepts. This is less of a problem if you have player buy-in (this is a mystery adventure guys, so please no telepaths or ESP specialists), but that means more combat-oriented powers in their place and thus amplifying the First issue.
    Quote Originally Posted by Red Fel, on quest rewards View Post
    "Is a stack of ten pancakes too many pancakes to give to the party, even if most of them fell on the floor and one or two were stepped on? I wanted to give my party pancakes as a reward but I'm unsure if it's too much. The pancakes are also laced with blowfish poison so the party would have to get an antitoxin before they could eat the ones which weren't pulverized by shoes."

    I don't think anyone would want those pancakes even if you paid them to eat them.

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    Default Re: mixing Call of Cthulhu and mutants and masterminds 3 edition what do you think ?

    Are you looking for four-color Cthulhu? Because this is how we get four-color Cthulhu!


    Mixing these flavors will be difficult. But with the right players, it could work. For example, what if HP Lovecraft wrote comics? Ken Hite knows:

    "What If Lovecraft Wrote Comic Books?
    Somewhere, somewhen, he did. In this sourcebook, for the first time ever, Kenneth Hite gives H.P. Lovecraftís comics writing the loving RPG adaptation it deserves."

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    Default Re: mixing Call of Cthulhu and mutants and masterminds 3 edition what do you think ?

    Ok, I believe it could. I take the M&M rules as a general rule-set for generating any kind of story. The trouble is, as The Glyphstone said, with how superpowers affect the story (flow and feel).

    You could limit your player out of the power section and make them spend their power points for feats, skill and other mundane aspects. Also you can limit power level. Their characters donít have to be PL10 (that feels to much for an investigation game).

    They have a book for horror stories. Here is a preview.

    It has a part called The Ancient Ones and suggests as power level option:
    PL 3-5: Detectives, reporters, crime-fighters, mediums, and the like must band together to fight the horrorís minions. Be it cults or the idle rich dabbling in things they donít understand, the foes of the heroes are mainly human though a minor monstrous servitor to evil or a spell-empowered villain may make an appearance. What brought the heroes together? What keeps them together? What advantages do they possess? What skills or items do they need to stop the end of the world before it even starts?
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    Default Re: mixing Call of Cthulhu and mutants and masterminds 3 edition what do you think ?

    M&M works well enough for a rule set at much lower power than the typical superhero could do Cthulu themed adventure. As a plus, it is very easy to give an opponent a weird power.

    That said, you'd be looking at emulating the minion archetypes as PCs. Look at the regular cop opponent for examples.

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    Default Re: mixing Call of Cthulhu and mutants and masterminds 3 edition what do you think ?

    I'd recommend not using Damage as your primary attack for your evil minions.

    Lots of afflictions and subtle/insidious transformations or weaken.

    Having stacks of armor and regeneration is a nice security blanket. It makes you feel safe.

    When the players start to realize they are going insane and have already lost a number of points in their Awareness and their energy beams are screaming in an infernal tongue that isn't quite pronounceable in human mouths (Transform range into linked illusion with Uncontrolled) it may be too late for them to catch up.

    Huh, that's weird, I had power attack... now I have a third arm?.. I... what?
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