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    Default Legends of Runeterra

    Legends of Runeterra is a new digital card game developed by Riot Games, which is entering Open Beta on the 24th - there's one day of early access for those who participated in the early test periods last year. It used the League of Legends IP for the setting, and the mechanics seem based on Hearthstone and Magic mainly with some of their own twists - the big upside, though, is that they've been pretty clear that they are planning on primarily monetising the game through cosmetics and making acquiring a competitive deck relatively quick.

    The game itself also looks very interesting - the mana system scales like Hearthstone's, but lets you bank up to 3 mana from previous turns for use on 'spells' only, making missing a play on one part of your curve a lot less punishing than it would be otherwise.

    Anyone else keeping an eye on this? I played in the betas and really enjoyed it, hoping for a card game which requires less time dedication to compete in while remaining complicated enough to keep interest for a good period of time. I mainly enjoyed playing a Heimer/Ezreal spell heavy deck, but I also messed around with Zed/Katarina aggro lists and some Freiljord/P&Z and Freiljord/Isles controlling lists.
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