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    Default An death-benefit scam, in space!

    So, my group have inadvertently put themselves into the position of trying to claim death benefits, for themselves.
    For context, the crew started out as prisoners that by total accident got involved with a prison break as their transport train on the prison moon got hit, and they were rescued in the process. In the following months they managed to get themselves a rust bucket space ship fixer upper, gain some Federal Credits, and have engaged in an unlawful event or two across the sector.

    But so, in the last session they decided to try to get access to the money they owned in a bank in a sector far far away which is in little contact with the rest of the galaxy, but they finally realized, that even though they had faked new Multipasses, that money was registered to wanted fugitives.

    And then, the old lady of the crew, Darlene D'Elbow decided to find a seedy lawyer, and she found Saul Goodman in Space. Better known as D. Brent Cloninger, Attorney at Law. She showed up, pretending to be a claimant to Darlene's holdings. According to Cloninger's files, Darlene D'Elbow died in a prison escape on Irol. It stated that the ownership of the Irol Correctional Facility, Bazgan Dynamics attempted to contact the family, but had no success. So Bazgan and its subsidiary claimed her holdings, as part of the agreement with the federal government in cases such as this.
    But with her as a claimant, she could actually claim it, and the money should be hers in 8 weeks.

    And the rest of the crew, that also had money, did the same. by the time the 3rd one tried, Cloninger stopped Benny the pilot in his steps when he wanted to claim benefits, the 3rd one of the day in the span of less than two hours, claiming benefits for someone that died in a prison escape on Irol.

    Cloninger asked Benny to get the rest of the crew, as he was smelling a scam, and he wanted in on it, and could make it huge!

    So the whole crew showed up at Cloninger's office. Cloninger informed them, that he did some investigating of his own after the second visit, and found out that 47 prisoners died in that escape, and they all had money in the bank, but for some reason no relatives were found and no wills, so 6,9 million Federal Credits worth was claimed by the company. Cloninger suggested that he could create fake multipasses for supposed family members, and take all the money. The crew would have to infiltrate either Irol, Bazgan, or some other subsidiary of the corporation to upload it into their mainframe to make it easier for them to actually make the claim. The reason the did not find them in at the first place was a clerical error of course!

    I find this hilarious, especially because this came up on the spot.
    And so, you ingenious people, how should i make this hard for them to achieve?
    Not that I donīt want them to succeed, but it can't be easy! But 6,9 million is ALOT of money in the galaxy, and they should have to work for it!

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    Default Re: An death-benefit scam, in space!

    A few things spring to mind:

    Bazgan is already running a scam - with the help of corrupt officials, they 'lose' the details of prisoners in their care who die so that they can claim their estates. When people show up claiming to be relatives, they know something is up, and hire some underworld types to deal with the problem.

    Even if the company is clean, a whole load of relatives suddenly turning up out of the blue raises suspicions (it did with the lawyer after all). They, or the FBI equivalent, investigate, and set up a sting operation to capture the thieves when they claim their loot.

    The company is a cover for organised crime - they spot the scam a mile off. If the group pull it off well though, they are impressed, and make the group an offer they can't refuse - and obviously take the (majority) of the money back.

    The government/organised crime is infiltrating the company at the same time the group are. Each group notices the other making clandestine changes to the computer.

    Cloninger is planning to double-cross the group - once the money is somewhere he controls, he sets the police on the group, claiming he realised too late that they were using him to scam the company, and that they have hidden the money, not him. Once the group are safely back in jail, he plans to take the whole lot & run.
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    Default Re: An death-benefit scam, in space!

    I hope the OP describes what he ran with. I like caden_varn's first idea the most as when Bazgan hired goons start shooting, it'd be hilarious to see the players' faces when they realise the company scam was flashing neon obvious.
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