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    Default Demigod in a "Percy Jackson" styled game - Need some inspiration

    Hello! Our group has a new GM stepping up to the plate who is a big fan of both Percy Jackson books and Greek mythology overall and has decided to run such a game where the NPCs have no levels and the Demigods (players included) have class levels.

    While the 12 Olympians would be easy (Zeus - Storm Sorcerer or Tempest Cleric / Athena - Battle Master Fighter / Apollo - Light Cleric/ etc.) they're also kinda predictable and I think I wanna avoid predictable.

    I've been somewhat considering a child of Nyx, but I'm not convinced she was promiscuous enough to be off having bastard children, and while something like a Way of Shadow Monk kinda sorta fits the theme, it also leaves something to be desired? Thoughts?

    What Greek god would you pick as a parent and how would you build your demigod child?


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    Default Re: Demigod in a "Percy Jackson" styled game - Need some inspiration

    Hermes - Arcane Trickster, Shepherd Druid
    Apollo - Arcane Archer, Archery Battlemaster
    Artemis - Any Ranger (but especially Archery Rangers )
    Ares - Anyone with a weapon...
    Dionysus - Druid, Nature Cleric
    Zeus - Blue/Bronze Draconic Sorcerer
    Hera - I'm struggling some here
    Poseidon - Caviler Fighter, Sea Sorcerer (UA), Storm Sorcerer
    Demeter - Land Druid
    Athena - Battlemaster fighter, War Cleric, War Wizard
    Aphrodite - Bards
    Hephaestus - Forge Cleric, Guild Artisan Background, Red/Brass Draconic Sorcerer
    Hestia - Devotion Paladin?

    Those are what I see from the major dieties. It may be easier if you give us a character concept and we work backwards.

    Regarding Nyx: Shadow Sorcerer, Way of the Shadow Monk, Any Rogue
    Thanatos would make for an interesting grave domain cleric.

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    Default Re: Demigod in a "Percy Jackson" styled game - Need some inspiration

    A Nyx kid would definitely read as a Shadow Sorcerer to me. Potentially a GOOlock or Hexblade too.

    Deimos would make for a neat Whispers Bard or maybe a Conquest Paladin. Morpheus could be a Glamour Bard or a Feylock. An odd but cool take on Nemesis could be a Redemption Paladin, but a more classic take could be a Barbarian or Shadow Monk.

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