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    Default Review my Legendary Order Cleric heirloom weapon.

    My players backstory is that he is looking for a lost legendary weapon forged by an ancestor. I wanna pay this off before we start with Red Hand of Doom at 5th level. Obviously I want this weapon to be strong but not overwhelming so at level 5, so I'm gonna have the weapon level with him. If you'd be so kind as to give your thoughts on its design I'd appreciate it.
    The Silver Hammer, Legendary Warhammer/Maul requires Attunment by a member of the Blackhammer family.
    .................................................. ..............................
    Weapon of Destiny: The Hammer gains a bonus to hit and damage equal to half of your proficiency bonus rounded down (For example at Levels 1-8 it is a +1 magic weapon). In addition, you may summon the weapon to your hand as a bonus action if you are on the same plane and you can not be disarmed of it. The Hammer instantly teleports to your hand when summoned.

    Hammer of Kings: Over a Short rest the Warhammer can magically enlarge to become a Maul or be reduced back into a Warhammer.

    Goblin Bane: Starting at 5th level, when you use your Turn Undead feature, Goblinoids are frightened as if they were undead. Destroy Undead has no affect on Goblinoids.

    Voice of Kings: Starting at 7th level, you gain expertise in persuasion while attuned to the hammer. You have advantage on Charisma checks against Dwarves.

    Guidance of the Smith Saint: Starting at 9th level, you can cast True Strike through the hammer as a bonus action. If you hit an enemy on your current turn after casting True Strike in this way, you deal an additional 2d6 radiant damage.

    So what do you think? The other players will probably find cool items to they don't feel overshadowed, but this player won't probably wont find anything else that they would want. The game ends around level 10.

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    Default Re: Review my Legendary Order Cleric heirloom weapon.

    Steal a page from Vestiges from Critical Role.

    Hand out a good item (like rare quality). And then upgrade it around level 9-12 to "very rare" quality and around level 15-17 to "legendary" quality.

    Don't tell the player what the upgrades will be, like yours does. Have the upgrades be steps, not gradual. They can happen "accidentally" or on purpose, where the player does research (or gets dreams) in how to unlock the next step.

    So it starts out as a +1 hammer than can change size. And once/day you can use it to turn goblins using your channel divinity, and call it back to you as a bonus action. The CR of its abilities is 8 plus your strength bonus plus your proficiency bonus plus the hammer's enchantment bonus.

    The next step makes it a +2 hammer. You gain persuasion proficiency, and if you already had it you instead add twice your proficiency modifier. You have advantage on persuasion checks on dwarves.

    If you hit with the hammer as part of your action, after your action is complete you may use true strike as a bonus action without using concentration by verbally calling out the doom of an enemy. If you hit the target before the end of your next turn, it deals 2d6 extra radiant damage. (notice the change; you set it up one round, and payoff the next). The hammer can be thrown with a 20/60 range, and it returns to your hand at the end of the turn it was thrown. (so you get 1 attack/turn with it, even if you have extra attack)

    The next step is a +3 hammer. It deals an extra weapon damage die, and that damage is radiant. When you turn goblinoids, goblinoids of CR 3 or less are destroyed, and you can turn goblinoids once between short rests. When you score a critical hit with the hammer it casts thunderclap as a 17th level spellcaster. You gain the benefit of true strike (as above) on every creature hit by the thunderclap. If you throw the hammer, it returns to your hand immediately after it hits or misses the target, possibly permitting you to make multiple attacks in a turn.

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    Default Re: Review my Legendary Order Cleric heirloom weapon.

    Well, I like it. The scaled pluses are good and I like that it does more than just combat stuff. The bonus action advantage to hit, and +2d6 bonus damage if you do hit, are good too. I suggest that would be more fitting damage if it was in the two handed Maul form, rather than the one handed Warhammer form. The goblin fear is cool, and I know the character is a cleric, but I would think other members of the Blackhammer Clan might not be. Maybe instead of tying the goblin fear to the Channel Divinity ability, make it a once or twice a day power. Hit the pommel on the floor and make the hammer head light up and ring loudly or something.
    All in all, I think you've done a great job creating it.
    Skill monkeys, away!

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