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Thread: Spells per Turn

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    Default Spells per Turn

    So I'm drumming up a fire genasi eldritch knight who has a focus on fire evocation as part of his spell repertoire, and I'm actually taking advantage of the Elemental Evil spells for a change (which makes sense, really, I'm using the fire genasi from there!) Absorb Elements is an instant add onto my list because it strikes me as something that was practically made for eldritch knights, but it causes some thoughts to pop up in my head and I need to ask questions about it.

    1. Is it possible to use a Reaction spell on your own turn?
    2. Can you cast a Reaction spell in the same turn as an Action spell?

    The main idea in my head is if I Fireball at close range then use Absorb Elements (despite already being resistant to fire damage) to siphon off some fire for smacking with my weapon the next turn (or the same turn if I get him to a high enough level.) I know the rules say if you cast a spell as a Bonus Action, you can only cast a Cantrip as an Action, but for the life of me, and it's possible I'm just missing it, I don't see anything about Reactions.
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    Default Re: Spells per Turn

    You can do it;
    But taking 13 damage to deal 3 on your next turn maybe is a pretty awful trade-off.
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    Default Re: Spells per Turn

    Yes you can do that. Reactions can be taken at anytime their trigger is satisfied. Hitting yourself with a Fireball would allow you to use Absorb Elements to empower an attack on your next turn, however I agree that it's only very situationally useful. In other words I would only do this when in a situation where catching myself in the blast of my own Fireball was already a good option. If for example you are surrounded by 5+ bad guys and the only way to hit them is to hit yourself also then the ~140 damage (assuming everyone failed the save) is worth taking 14 damage myself (less if I make my own save). If I can then use that to power up my next attack, then I MIGHT consider it if I found I wasn't likely to need to use Shield or get an OA that round.

    So while possible I wouldn't encourage it.

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    Default Re: Spells per Turn

    Quote Originally Posted by JumboWheat01 View Post
    Can you cast a Reaction spell in the same turn as an Action spell?
    A thought: the answer to this is yes, but you cannot cast a Reaction spell on the same turn as casting a Bonus Action spell.
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