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    Default Public statement or action plan regarding site-wide issues?

    I know you guys are well aware of the site issues. Is there any public statement you guys can make or and action plan in place for resolving these 503 and related issues? Any estimated timeline for these problems to be resolved? Today, the site is virtually unusable, it took me approximately 10 minutes to be able to make this post(assuming it'll actually post and I won't have to try repeatedly until it does).

    I don't think I'm alone when I say some kind of public acknowledgement and stated plan for resolving these issues would be appreciated by the community. I am concerned users will begin abandoning the site if this situation continues unchanged and some reassurance would go a long way.

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    Default Re: Public statement or action plan regarding site-wide issues?

    Sheriff: As evidenced by the multiple closed threads in Board Issues, we're aware of the continued site performance issued and 503 errors. We're capable of posting news about that when we have some. Please stop posting new threads asking for details. This is prohibited by the Forum Rules as restarting a locked thread, and as a practical matter, it doesn't help.

    I am certainly sympathetic about, and sorry for, the continued performance issued and the negative affect it has on discussion and games here.
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