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Thread: X-Mafia

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    Midwest Mafia is up next it looks like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeenLeen View Post

    kgato, how do you think that hurt the Town? I figured it hurt us wolves more, since it set us back on a lynch on an active player. (Though that could have been balancing, due to the level of inactivity. This is more a topic for the main Mafia thread, but I wonder how to decrease inactivity rates.)
    The role of the killed player is information, too. That info helps shine some light on people's actions and motivations. The village is naturally info poor at the start of the game, so any loss of intel is problematic. Also, it can help players choose N1 victims targets.

    Also, considering none of the wolves died, I think we did alright.

    Quote Originally Posted by gac3 View Post
    As for the day 1 hijacking. AV did that last game. The logic we assumed was that it gave town the information of "where did votes fall and who teamed up and we're there any defensive votes" and whatever other information to be worked with without losing someone pointlessly. That said the strategy only works if town isn't expecting it. In AV's game it would have been useful because it almost confirmed a wolf completely. On the other hand, Caerulea messed with the system enough that we didn't really track votes at all that game. Since I'd already had a drop, I thought I'd give the whole test another shot after the whole forum melt down.
    Ahh. I wasn't in that game, and didn't pay attention to it. Honestly, I'm not in favor of it, but I can see how there might be some appeal. I still stand by my statement that it costs the village intel. A different option might be to have a secondary role prepared for the first one or two kills? (Then the player can still play in a different roll, but the village gets the intel)

    Edit: Also, can we get the powers of the characters that no one was assigned? I would really like to know what Polaris's power would have been. I am also curious about the various ??? roles.
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    Polaris was going to be similar in function to magneto.

    The ????s were: Apocalypse, Juggernaut, Legion, Master Mold.
    They were the roles I only would have used if we had gotten alot of people. They were all neutrals. Apocalypse was a pretty standard cult leader who would win when only his people were left. Legion and Juggernaut were tied together. They needed to defend/kill professor X respectively. Legion had a random power roll (inspired by Xihiril I think) and Juggernaut was an unlockable kill. Mastermold was a kill everyone neutral who could target dead bodies (either lynched or night killed) and learn their powers.

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