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    Default Warforged dragon fight

    My younger son recently discovered his love for drawing. He is especially loving cartooning. His favorites are Captain Underpants, Dogman, Carl Barks duck stuff, and lately OotS. He spends hours browsing the Monster for Every Season releases where he imitates and builds off what he finds there. He wants to know why there isn't a warforged dragon and wants Rich to draw one. I told him he should draw it, and if he puts sufficient effort in it that I'll post it up. He's autistic so he likes sketching for that quick pay off versus putting the work into a more fully developed piece so this is good motivation for him to spend a little more time on a single concept.

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    Default Re: Warforged dragon fight

    The fact that he does that is absolutely adorable!

    And the picture is actually really cool! Clearly amateur work, but honestly, better than anything I can do. I wish you and your son the absolute best, and hope he continues to grow artistically!
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    Default Re: Warforged dragon fight

    Quote Originally Posted by JNAProductions
    Clearly amateur work, but honestly, better than anything I can do.
    Haha same :P

    Yeah looks great! Maybe we’ll get an official OotS Warforged Dragon now :)
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