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    Default Powries and Barrelboats

    So I'm working on a sea adventure per special request of one of the characters in a party that just hit second level. I'm a super huge fan of R. A. Salvatore, and as I started thinking of a sea adventure, the powries and their barrelboats from the Demon Wars Saga came to mind. Has anyone else tried to incorporate those items into their 3.x game?

    They would definitely be stronger than the standard dwarf and have even higher constitution than the +2 for a normal dwarf.

    As far as the barrelboat goes, I'm probably going to start with the Gnome Submersible in the A&EG and go from there.

    Anyone else have any ideas/resources?


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    Default Re: Powries and Barrelboats

    There is actually a corona supplement out there somewhere. Iirc powries have +6 con. You could just use red caps from the mm3, however.

    I don't remember if it had barrel boats, but they should be fairly simple; just give them a thick wooden shell (like a foot thick maybe) and require the crew to be making con checks over time (should be damn hard; give each of the powrie sailors a decent base con score and the endurance feat).

    edit: several actually; Ive only ever seen one
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