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    Default Quick Balance Check: "Stat Debt" at level 1 for +1 Feat

    Player wants a free feat at level 1 and has a good reason for it given backstory. I don't want to make the other players try to work a feat in when I'm reasonably sure several of them don't want any feats anyway, so here's a quick thought for balance:

    You can have a free feat at the start of the game, but you take a -2 penalty to your racial stat bonuses (you decide which racial stat bonuses are effected: a mountain dwarf could have -2 con, -2 str, or -1 syr and -1 con). At fourth level, instead of getting a feat or ability score improvement, your racial ability score bonuses return to normal.

    Does that seem reasonable to everyone?

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    Default Re: Quick Balance Check: "Stat Debt" at level 1 for +1 Feat

    It's "reasonable" in that it's a straight buff to humans.. I can't really think of a reason tonot take that offer, especially considering half feats exist. Offer the same opportunity to your other players to avoid salt.
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    Default Re: Quick Balance Check: "Stat Debt" at level 1 for +1 Feat

    Apart from the interaction with standard human (and maybe half-elf) it looks fine. Your racial stat bonuses are often on your more important stats, so it should be a reasonable trade-off.
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    Default Re: Quick Balance Check: "Stat Debt" at level 1 for +1 Feat

    No real balance issues, I think, as long as you "tie-in" the 4th level stat bonus to the racial stat bonus, as you are already planning on doing. It's a minor buff to the character on levels 1-3.

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    Default Re: Quick Balance Check: "Stat Debt" at level 1 for +1 Feat

    A fellow player, who also plays at one of my tables. Got a 3rd party supplement 5e book "Fifth Edition Options". It has a rollable table of flaws. Players can elect to roll off it during character creation. Doing so gives the player character a mechanical flaw, the balance is gaining the ability to pick a feat.

    It's mostly well received, and creates interesting downfalls for the player to work with and negotiate. One example is our Paladin; Oath of Heroism. Has a phobia to Snakes. So any snake type monster they're auto frighten for the duration of the encounter.

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