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    Default Complete guide Cleric (3.5)


    I joined a 3.5 game and other players had broken characters that were really rich. I had to creat a good character and spend 2 months gathering informations and building the character so I share the result in case it can help someone else.

    It's a lvl 13 cleric based on persisting spells and throwing mountains and planets.

    The strength of the build is that you deal enormous damage and have a lot of permanent boosts.
    With a persisted consumption field, each kill near you give +2 strength and +1d8 temporary hit point and increase your magic lvl. Your damage become really high at minimum and depending if your dm allows options that are presented in the build, you reach infinite damage. By exemple, at lvl 14, before the boost of Consumptive Field, the maximum damage per attack with a sharp object that we throw is 1268 damage per attack. At this level, you have 4 attack per turn.

    Once you add consumption field, it becomes possible to grab and throw mountains, planets.
    The build allows to cast a long list of spells on you that will remain active on you forever thanks to Supernatural Spell, limited wish and anyspell, greater that allows us to to cast permanency at no cost.

    We now have a LOT of spells that are always active on us, forever. To name a few of them: Telepathic Bond and Tongues but the real price are all the 'symbol of X'. You can have all of the on you at all time with a rope around your neck. When you want to use the passive aura of those powerful spells, you just show the one you want to use. When they are hidden, effects doesn't work. You can also put them on equipment like a shield.
    One of the advantage of this build is that it's really good against spellcasters.

    By having a infinitly high spellcaster lvl (see trick section), your buff spells cannot be dispel. When you counter your opponent's spells, your dispel checks always have the maximum bonus and your inquisition domain add 4 to those dispel checks.
    At high level, you can cast antimagic field. Your feat Initiate of Mystra allows you to cast spells even when you are inside it. You can fly directly on the vilain and it negate his magic.

    We started the campaign at lvl 14 and the template is +1, which is why I'm lvl 13 so the automatic sheets have been made at this level but you can use it and change it easily

    I joined everything you need to play it and you can find the files at this address:

    cleric lvl 13 excel file:
    contains the following pages:

    base stats : Start there, information to know at the beginning

    lvl up: Everything that you gain at each level and the build from lvl 1 to lvl 20

    Charactersheet: Everything is automatized, at the bottom I added a resume of the character's capacities.

    Carrying Capacity : the character is based on that past lvl 14, everything is automatized and explained there

    Spells: All the spells I frequently use. When you click on the box next to a spell, the spell effect will affect everything across all the pages. By exemple, if it's a spell increasing strenght, it'll boost it, carrying capacity, chances to hit with CAC weapons, damage with CAC weapons, etc. The page also include number of spells per day, mantle of spells selection, spells selection advices, spells suggested for anyspell and anyspell, greater

    domains: details of the domains takens by the build, the spells are also on the spell sheet, separated by level

    Inventory: Items I bought, price, crafting detailed (price, time to craft xp, etc), items that are good but that i did not use

    tricks: all the tricks that I use, including how to obtain contingency, what to use with Spell phylactery, how to have all the spells that can be cast with permanency on it for free, what do do on down days, tricks to reach infinite damage and caster level, how to become rich.

    information cleric lvl 13: all the information used to build the character, in their full version. Flaws, feats, prestige class, domains, race, template, class, class variant, carrying capacity, animated object statistics, etc. The only thing that is not there are the spells, which are in the next file.

    spells cleric lvl 13: all the spells I use in their full version. I advise to use ctrl+f and write the spell name you are looking for. Since there's a lot of pages, it's faster this way.

    Cleric progression lvl 1 to lvl 12: I included the character sheet from lvl 1 to 12 but it's only to show the difference level by level. Since I made it at the beginning of the projet, I only automaticated the page in the level 13 file. You better use the lvl 13 character sheet and ajust everything to your level.
    I joined this file to help you see which skills I took, which ability score I increased, the progression of my total life, etc. The summary is also available on the 'lvl up' sheet of the file 'cleric lvl 13'

    The best way to proceed is to make a copy of the 4 files on your google drive and work on them directly there.
    This way you'll not have excel version problems and you'll be able to change the information to represent your character information (beginning stat rolled, life rolled at each lvl, your actual level, etc) This way, you'll keep all the automatization and the character is ready to play. I included remarks how to use formulas to insert your personal informations.

    On a final note, at the beginning, this project was just a character creation, I searched on the forums and guides and copy/paste all the information I liked in a doc file. Now that everything is done, I wish I kept tracks of all the sources to give credit where it's due but infortunately, I did not keep the sources. I gave the source when I still got it. I want to thanks everybody that take the time to post online and help other people to build character. I did not see a cleric using hulking hurler online so I post to give back a bit to this awesome community.

    Before I leave, the following guide from Libertad is good and have been used often:

    I hope you enjoy the ride. It's a fun character to play.
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