So, my party is about to drop down to two players, weíre still at level one, and Iím a little nervous about being the only spellcaster of a two person party. The DM has us in a completely homebrewed setting, and has given me, the basically an under dark kobold wizard who rolled over ten on every stat, an interesting note about how wizards work in this world. I got a scroll of Zephyr Strike she was excited to give me, and upon me questioning itís use, found out that apparently she likes the idea that any spell scroll can be copied into a wizardís spellbook and used as a wizard spell. Which is really interesting to me because sheís asked me to come up with spell scrolls Iíd like to find, and that combined with the fact that my Spellbook is semi alive and eats scrolls without me having to pay to transcribe them feels very useful. Going farther, weíve established that Iíll be taking the Lore Wizard school next level, in all itís broken glory. So my question is, what spells do I put on this list? My thinking so far is basically any ritual spell I can find as utility is a must for the only caster, and spells like hideous laughter as my wizard still deeply dislikes the idea of killing sentient creatures. Iím confident that will change in time though, so any suggestions are appreciated.

How do we optimize a lore wizard who can learn literally any spell?