I've been on a tear lately in regards to my modest dice collection. There are a handful of specific things I would like to attempt to do, but can find only scant information on, and am hoping someone on here has experience with these techniques or can point me to a good source for advice.

Foremost, I want to strip and re-ink a set of metal dice. I recently acquired a set that reviews pointedly labeled as poor quality, but I really liked the design and found them at about half price. Sure enough, I got halfway decent quality. I've found quite a lot of helpful instructions and videos dealing with plastic dice, but next to nothing about how to treat metal. I want to make sure that I use the right solvent and that the ink I put down will last, but so far I think I might have to turn to hobbyists who work on die-cast models for a concensus. Has anybody done this? What thinner would be good on zinc or maybe tin that won't ruin the metal's surface? Is there a preferable ink? I'm currently waiting to hear back from the manufacturer, hoping they can tell me something useful.

Secondly, I was gifted a small quantity of plain d6's, blank faces. I was told to do something creative with them. I have some ideas, but the first thing I tried didn't go so well. I thought about engraving, as I have a tool for it, and also trying my hand at chemically etching the surfaces. There seems to be a number of different ways that dice makers can make a mark on a face, but this apparently isn't one of them. I already know how to acid etch a knife blade, and for some reason thought I had heard of a similar method for plastics. I guess I was wrong?

Lastly, I was just looking for opinions about 3d printed dice from folks who actually use them. Especially if you've had them a long time, how is the material holding up?

Thanks in advance for any answers.