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    Default W20 Werewolf Summoner

    as in, a werewolf who is a summoner, not summon someone who summons werewolves.

    I am entirely lost on this build. I've got 'Uktena Theurge', but that's about as far as I made it.

    The specifics of the character are that it has the Wyrm Taint flaw, the spirits it summons and commands are Banes, if any of that helps. Also has a fetish staff that helps with the summoning and banishes Banes that break control, but I don't have the rules written up for that.

    Any general spirit info or specific bane info would be really helpful, as well as gifts and abilities and such to look at.

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    Default Re: W20 Werewolf Summoner

    For the most part, the most relevant rites and gifts from the W20 core book would be:

    Rite of Summoning (level 2) to call the spirit you wish to treatise with, Rite of Binding (level 1) to bind the spirit to an object, often as Talens, and Rite of the Ferish (level 3) for fetishes.
    As for Gifts, pretty much anything related to spirits in the Theurge list covers you, Spirit speech, Spirit Snare, Name the Spirit, Command Spirit, etc. Which give you a large number of tools when dealing spirits of almost any stripe, the Uktena Tribebook that I have (WW3062) has a couple of special Rites used by the Banetenders camp of the Uktena, as well as some useful fetishes. I think it was reprinted in one of the Litany of the Tribes books too.

    Banes and other Spirits are listed in the Core book, page 441, but if you grab a Copy of the W20 Book of the Wyrm, there's additional Bane stats there if I remember correctly.

    As a note, Spirits cannot enter the real world without the Materialize charm, and their Gnosis score must be equal or higher than the local gauntlet rating to do so. Otherwise they ride along in bound objects like Talens or Fetishes to help channel their power.

    I hope this helps!
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