Hello guys :)

I am playing a 5th generation Tzimisce in the dark ages(1100) in Rus(Wikipedia link) on a river trade route near Kiev. I have a castle, a town of humans and an allies with the local Lupins as I saved their prince(a werewolf-kin, not a full werewolf) when I was a human doctor and saved a lot of them as a Tzimisce, they don't like me but they have their honor stopping them from ignoring the alliance and attacking me.

My character is known as The Bony Queen(she have her pride), she have very inhuman beauty as she looks like a living Roman statue made out a singular bone(it took her a lot of time and very good rolls, the final one at difficulty 10 needed 5 success, she got 7).

She is a childe of Yorak from an experiment in creating higher generation vampire(I started as 6tn generation with a big XP penalty).

I use the 5 discipline power of Vicissitude: The Body Impolitic with the 7 power: Graft Life to Life to create little blobs of flash with eyes, hears, skin, thongs and noses.

I pot the little blobs in my castle and 8 towers around my town for them to use Burebista’s Throne from The Transylvanian Kraina(which the ST ruled is the my native Kraina and that it does not cost blood in my voivode) in order the sense all of my domain.

Spoiler: My other uses of this two discipline powers
I also have a similar Blob made out of my kidney in my sira Yorak cathedral of flash, another kidney at my second childe - a trade prince on the the same river as my voivode acting as my Vassal, my Liver as a commander of my Revenants(part of the Obertus family) and Ghouls and my Pancreas looking like a little doll of me(created as a teacher of a Revenant genius child marked to be Embraced by me) with my third childe that became a 4th generation by diablerie who now control Poland and fighting my first childe Tremere.

I have:
7 dotes in Vicissitude
2 dotes in Aupex
1 dot in Animalism
3 dotes in The Transylvanian Kraina, Genius Loci, The Black Sea Kraina and The Way of Sorrows.

50 Szlachta, some Revenants and some not(the Revenants are the commanders, part of the Obertus family obsess with military knowledge).
20-30 Revenants as high ranking officials and advisers in my Domain.

She fear the Assamites so she try to not get to much attention(she don't want someone to hire them to attack her) and plane on never take part in diablerie*.

*She got from 6th to 5th generation as part of a deal with Tremere that was able to reverse the curse her sire gave her that made her generation higher. The deal ended with her embracing Tremere(in here Tremere know he will lose his magic but he wanted to see how far he can get as a vampire). her bloodline still have the curse so her childes are 2 generations higher then her and their childes will also be 2 generation higher.

Her goal is to reverse the curse after she will gain metamorphosis(she is on the 7 step in her road).

The second player is a Malkavian artist that is sure he is a Toreador that my character use for the amazing Malkavian insights he have sometimes, he is on the path of breath in the 8 step.