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    Default Victoriana 3e: the orderly orc.

    Messing around with the Victoriana character creation, I realized that it was possible to create a character with a whopping 4 cogs of order.

    An orc starts with 2 cogs of order, the only other race to get 2 cogs from the beginning are eldren. Page 134 states that a geoticist becomes one step more orderly, however the chaotic version of this bonus doesn't apply to the eldren. Finally the player can move one step in either direction at the end of character creation.
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    Default Re: Victoriana 3e: the orderly orc.

    I'm pretty sure a dwarf also starts with 2 order.
    Which edition are you playing?
    I think we're playing 3rd ed (mostly).
    I love playing in a party with a couple of power-gamers, it frees me up to be Elan!

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