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    Default Trench: Bishops & Banditos (21 pilots' world)

    So I've become fascinated with this apocalyptic world that 21 Pilots has created around their music. The rulling Bishops aka Nico & the Niners seem like they could be an almost omnipotent presence in a game world.

    Has anyone else thought their creation of Dema could make for an inspiring adventure for different. Basically a band of hero's called Banditos trying to bring back music and sound to the world all the while being chased by the Bishops who want nothing more than to claim you for their own nefarious plans and bring forth a silence upon the world, both musical & magical.

    I've also always thought it would be a fun adventure idea for the party to be traveling Bards/Musicians. And this world of 21 Pilots' shows great potential for something like that.
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    Default Re: 21 Pilots' World?

    I've heard a lot of 21 Pilots' songs and this post was quite a surprise to me. I've never watched any of the videos though, and a quick Google search seems to indicate that the videos and a band website have all the world building. "Around the music" is right. It's definitely not based on the music. If anything, it seems like the music just makes passing references to the world building in their visual media.

    If 21 Pilots wrote a song about Star Wars with the same level of detail as their songs about Dema, the lyrics would just be "Vader and his troops are gunning for us. Yoda talks funny. We are rebels. I said that's no moon, but then it goes boom." If you know the story already, you can catch the references, but you can't piece the story together just by listening to the song.

    All this time, I thought Nico and the Niners and the Bishops were sports teams or street gangs that he knew.
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    Default Re: 21 Pilots' World?

    Haha I'm so glad to have introduced this to at least 1 person :) And yeah the songs definitely are more like branches on a tree called Dema (hell the first I heard Nico & the Niners I thought the line said, "demons don't control us." Lol You'd have to either be a big 21 Pilots fan or just inherently curious as to what the heck Tyler is meaning behind his words.

    But with all the details together, Tyler seems to paint this depressing yet invigorating picture of conflict and rebellion that just screams "make me into a game world!!!" Lol But perhaps that's just me. And if I were not playing a game (possibly 2) while running a game myself, I would immediately start trying to write stuff up and expand on what lore there is. Because as soon as I made this discovery I was just fascinated.

    Spoiler: World Info I've compiled
    • The Bishops: Listo, Reisdro, Keons, Sacarver, Andre, Lisden, Nills, Vetomo, and Nico. Aka Nico & the Niners (Keons seems to be the only who is not uber tyrannical like the others and is the embodiment of dedication. Supposedly honorable but dangerous none the less)
    • Clancy: Tyler's persona on Trench.
    • The Banditos: The rebels that have managed to escape Dema but are always being stalked by the Bishops looking to bring them back.
    • Dema: A massive walled city that enslaves it's people. Not a word is spoken as in the middle of Dema is the Tower of Silence.
    • Trench: The overall apocalyptic land where Dema and the Banditos live. East is up.
    • Blurryface: the very first bishop of silence. Nico is supposedly his reincarnation.

    Dema is a totalitarian theocracy (or as Tyler refers to it as Vialism), meaning all the citizens are essentially prisoners forced to worship neon light sculptures with the Bishops. exactly why they worship these lights isn't quite known; there's infinity theories out there about how it could be metaphorical.
    The world surrounding this city is known as Trench. a number of Dema's citizens escaped the city at some point and formed a group known as the Banditos, who have adopted a number of symbols that represent them. they seem to be a nomadic bunch who roam Trench, wearing yellow tape and clothing and carrying torches and setting fires, as the Bishops seem to occasionally venture into Trench and search for escapees, likely to bring them back to Dema and/or execute them, and fires and the color yellow act as a strange sort of protection. the Bishops seem to have an aversion to both of these.

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