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    Default [Race] Hounen (PEACH)

    I looked for a good canid race earlier and found only some supposedly good killers and eaters of innocent sentients and some quadrupeds.

    So... I made my own.


    Hounen are bipedal humanoid canids with fur which covers their entire body. Commonly their fur resembles that of one of the shepherd breeds of dogs.

    +2 Charisma, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence. Hounen project a minor psychic aura which makes them more likeable and enjoy activities such as running, but they don't have quite the same mental faculties of other humanoids
    Medium size
    Hounen base land speed is 30 feet plus another five for every third character level which has a BAB progression of 3/4 or 1 while wearing light or no armor. This stacks with other base speed bonuses, such as that of a monk. Class levels with only a 1/2 BAB progression do not count towards this total.
    Scent: A hounen's nose is very powerful
     +2 racial bonus on Listen checks: Hounen have keen ears.
    +2 racial bonus on survival checks: A hounenís sensitive nose grants him many benefits in the wild.
    -2 racial penalty on all sense motive checks not augmented with empathy. Hounen are naturally kind and assume others to be so as well.
    -2 racial penalty on all bluff checks. Hounen have a hard time wrapping their heads around the concept of lying.

    Hounen gain the run feat as a racial feature.

    Speak Language is a class skill for the first class a hounen takes levels in. Despite not being smart in most matters, their all-around good demeanor and desire to get along with all they meet makes learning new languages easy for them.
    Automatic Languages: Sylvan and Hounen. Bonus Languages: Common, Dwarven, Elven, Gnomic.

     Spell-Like Abilities: At will: Empathy, as the psionic power. A hounen with a Charisma score of at least 12 also gains the following spell-like abilities a number of times per day equal to her charisma modifier: empathic transfer, telempathic projection, detect psionics. Caster level 1st+Cha mod; save DC 10 + hounenís Cha modifier + spell level.
    Favored Class: Paladin. A multiclass hounenís paladin class does not count when determining whether she takes an experience point penalty. The pack mentality of the hounen makes them perfect candidates for a class which exemplifies protecting the weak.

    Alignment: Usually LGF. Due to their pack mentality, hounen are naturally lawful, and their urge to make sure that everyone has an enjoyable time makes them perfect candidates for being both good and funky.

    LA: +1
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    Default Re: [Race] Hounen (PEACH)

    Their alignment is Lawful Neutral Funky, and yet their favoured class is Paladin? Are you using Fax's Paladin-as-it-should-be?
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    Default Re: [Race] Hounen (PEACH)

    Whoops, lemme fix that.

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    Default Re: [Race] Hounen (PEACH)

    I added a thing which I think balances them and makes sense fluffwise; they must take the run feat at or by third level.

    I would have said first level, but third level I think works out better because that's when they get their first speed bonus, and also so that they can take those feats which can only be taken at first level.

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    Default Re: [Race] Hounen (PEACH)

    I'm not really feeling the requirement of having to take a particular feat. Why not just drop the speed boost, increase base speed to 40 feet, and then give Hounen the Run feat as a racial bonus?
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    Default Re: [Race] Hounen (PEACH)

    Well, thing is, I don't want a level 1 hounen warrior moving at the same speed as a level 6 human monk.

    I picked every third level because that's when the monks get their speed bonuses, and I only gave them half the bonus monks get.

    I can understand wanting to make it a racial bonus instead of making them take it at third level, but I just think it works better fluffwise for them to not all have it until they first get the speed boost, and I also think it makes sense for them to basically "lose" a feat to get that greater speed.

    {table]||Running Speeds||
    ECL|Non-Monk Hounen|Non-Hounen Medium Monk|Monk with Run from first level|Hounen Monk

    So your average hounen will only match your average monk at levels 7 and 8. The rest of the time, the monk is moving faster.

    If I gave them a flat 40 and run as a racial, that would be 200 running, all the time. They beat a monk until level 5, and then match the monk until level 8.

    Frankly, I don't want them to ever be BETTER than a monk unless they themselves are a monk, but I do want them to be faster than your average human, and I want them to have run.

    Thus the graduated growth.

    I'm open to any suggestions that stay within those constraints.

    I talked with a friend and I'm making run a race feat, then taking out a few other features, including the dip/gath skill bonus and LLV.

    I also made their psychic talents weaker.
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