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    Default Prestige Classes as Base Classes

    Iíve been pondering making an 3.5 E6 setting, and had an idea, that I wanted to float past other people to see if it was bad or not.

    How balanced/broken/unworkable would a game be if it didnít use the base classes and only had Prestige Classes? Iíve had a cursory glance through the books and have come up with some modifications as follows, and so far to my untrained eye it seems like it could work out okay.

    1. Only 5 level PrCs allowed, thus turning the game into E5
    2. No multiclassing.
    3. Prerequisites would be eliminated, except for maybe race requirements.
    4. Classes that advance spell casting would do so on the levels that they say they do.
    4a. Players choose any base class as their casting progression/list, and thatís what they advance, but it must match the style of the PrC (a PrC that advances arcane casting couldnít have cleric chosen)
    5. Almost all PrCs donít give weapon/armor proficiency so I would have to decide for each one.

    Iím sure there is a lot more stuff that would need to be adjusted but to me it seems like it could be decently fun. Lets the players get abilities that they might not normally have, mixes things up a bit.

    So is there something Iím missing? How good or awful is this idea? Is there something broken that might come about from this? Iím interested to hear what others think!
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    Default Re: Prestige Classes as Base Classes

    You'll need to check carefully case-by-case to avoid things being totally broken. There are a lot of PrCs that implicitly assume that, well, you qualified for them, and are at an appropriate level given that. More than one just splashes in SLAs of spells above fourth level, and then you have things like Trapsmith (Dungeonscape), which looks fine at a glance (it only goes up to 3rd-level spells) ... but its spell list includes not only the notorious 1st-level haste, but also 2nd-level dimension door, and 3rd-level wall of stone and fabricate.

    Then there are all the classes that are basically broken because you can't use their features because you can't e.g. cast the spell they're all keyed off, though that's less concerning (just don't take them).
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    Default Re: Prestige Classes as Base Classes

    Thatís a really good point. My first look just pulled any class that had 5 levels only. So Iíve gone back through and made the following lists:

    Spoiler: Classes that need no fixing

    Thief Acrobat
    Effigy Master
    Forest Reeve
    Sanctified One
    Avenging Executioner
    Combat Trapsmith
    Fortuneís Friend
    Spellwarp Sniper
    Dark Hunter
    Invisible Blade
    Master Thrower
    Occult Slayer
    Purple Dragon Knight
    Reaping Mauler
    Thayan Knight
    Dragonsong Lyrist
    Dread Commando
    War Weaver
    Dread Witch
    Topaz Guardian
    Menacing Brute
    Outcast Champion
    Cragtop Archer
    Earth Dreamer
    Goliath Liberator
    Stonedeath Assassin
    Stonespeaker Guardian
    Disciple of the Eye
    Dragon Devotee
    Leviathan Hunter

    Spoiler: Classes that need fixing, or might be too good

    Exalted Arcanist
    Argent Savant
    Ordained Champion
    Paragnostic Apostle
    Abjurant Champion
    Holy Scourge
    Nightmare Spinner
    Cloaked Dancer
    Combat Medic
    Legendary Leader
    Master of Radiance
    Sacred Purifier
    Havoc Mage
    Elemental Warrior
    Shadowcraft Mage
    Knight of the Pearl

    No changes/fixes have been made yet on my part, thatís next for me. If anyone has any ideas about what to amend on those classes to make them work (or to nix them all together) Iíd love to hear them. My next post will have my possible alterations

    I have decided that I wonít be using any subsystem for now, so no Psionics, Incarnum, Shadow, Binding, Truenaming, or Maneuvers
    Also havenít looked at any Eberron, Forgotten Realms, Dungeon/Dragon, etc.
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    Default Re: Prestige Classes as Base Classes


    why no multiclassing?
    why remove the base classes?
    why not use the higher level prestige classes (like 6 level, 10 level, or more) but still cap them at the same place?

    What about prestige classes that expect you to have turning?

    The idea sounds like it can work, but will require a lot of effort I'd expect.
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    Default Re: Prestige Classes as Base Classes

    Point to consider:
    While there was an obvious effort made to maintain a reasonable balance between the base classes at the lower levels, these no noticeable balance between PrCs at all.
    Some are weak to the point of uselessness. Some are frighteningly powerful.
    Using PrCs in an E6 game is basically counting on pure luck that things don't break down very early in the group's existence.

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