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    Default Shadowrun 6e - technomancer hacking issues...

    So we had a new member join our group who has decided to play a technomancer, but all of us (gm included) remain rather confused as to how hacking works for technos. I know that they can do it with their minds (meaning they don't need a cyberdeck or commlink to hack), but can anyone provide some in-game examples (step-by-step breakdown) of how to hack in this game. The rulebook is written rather vaguely and it's very confusing to us how it works.

    Any and all help is appreciated. :)
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    Default Re: Shadowrun 6e - technomancer hacking issues...

    1. their mental stats determine the stats for matrix interaction charisma is attack, sleaze is intuition, data processing is logic and their firewall is will power.
    2. they get a number of complex forms that function like spells, but only for in the matrix. fading works like drain and is resisted with willpower and logic.
    in example I am playing a technomancer with a 5 cha, 3 intuition, 6 logic, and 4 willpower, this means that my attack is 5, sleaze is 3, my data processing is 6 and my firewall is 4. he would be a brute in the matrix, not much for subtlety.
    now let's say that my resonance was 4 and my Electronics was 6 and my tasking was 5. this means I start with 8 complex forms. for my choice lets go with cleaner, puppeteer, emulate (which allows me to recreate decker programs) 4 times, resonance spike, and resonance channel. for the 4 decker programs I want to emulate are baby monitor, Armor, Exploit, and signal scrubber. with the exception of complex forms and sprites (which function like spirits, but only in the matrix) they function like deckers. there are a number of things i am not including right now. tired.
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