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    Default The Astral Shackles - A vestige-style weapon for Astral Self Monks

    Hi all! This is my first blush at creating a vestige-style scaling item. I’d really appreciate hearing any feedback you might have!

    Crafted by the venal titans of Mount Olympus before their shrouded fall into madness, the Astral Shackles were not constructed in order to bind the wielder but instead aimed much higher. In the words of their creator, the titan astrologist Sylentro, the shackles were forged “to chain the multiverse to the will of the bearer, and part the veil of impotence.” Years before their fall the chains disappeared, fading into folklore and then from memory almost entirely.

    The Astral Shackles
    Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement)

    Dormant State
    A length of thin jeweler’s chain covered in verdigris and rust that is utterly resistant to any attempt at cleansing, obscuring the original material of the shackles. Should an individual attempt to take the shackles they will coil around their hands, affixing comfortably and can be uncoiled using an action.

    Your wisdom becomes 22 if it wasn’t already 22 or higher.

    You become resistant to radiant damage.

    Awakened State
    With the weapon’s awakening the decay instantly dissipates into a cloud of fine grey dust, revealing the beautiful material below. The shackles are made out of smooth black obsidian glass dotted with pinpricks of light hailing from across the colour spectrum, which twinkle like stars.

    Your wisdom becomes 24 if it wasn’t already 24 or higher.

    You can cast the Misty Step and Detect Magic spells once per long rest.

    Exalted State
    The chains now grow to encompass the wielder’s entire arms, and gather up to form small pauldron-like masses on the wielder’s shoulders. These pauldrons each seem to contain a small nebula, shifting in size and shape as well as changing hue regularly.

    You gain +1 to your ac while wielding the shackles.

    Your fist and astral arm attacks have a ten foot range due to the chains lashing out like whips at will. When astral self is activated this appears instead like white solar flares lashing out from the astral self’s fists.

    Additionally, when wielded by an astral self monk who uses their complete astral self ability the monk can use an action to active the inner power of the Shackles and infuse their astral self’s arms with an energy that appears to be a cosmic storm filled with miniature supernovas, exploding and disappearing constantly. This lasts 1 minute and grants the following benefits:

    You gain immunity to radiant damage and resistance to psychic damage.

    When you strike with your astral arms you gain a +1 to hit and on damage and can choose to substitute the damage type choice (radiant or necrotic) for psychic damage.

    You have the effects of the spell True Seeing for the duration of your complete astral self
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