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    Default Looking for Pathfinder 1.0 Horror

    Since none of my other posts seemed to get much responses, if any at all, I figured I might go in a different direction. I am waiting on a GM for a campaign request, but the person seems too busy at the moment to do much with it. In that game, I am playing a different character type (making a Belmont type character, complete with whip). My request is a horror game at mid-to-high level. Why that level range? Because after two years playing 20-30 games, in only one game has the group ever gained a single level at all, and I was the one GMing it (plus, I was moving at blinding speed in terms of progression, as I completed the first 3 combats in the first 1-2 days, and I had 3 or so combats after that along with side quests), so please, go higher than you normally might since it is so unlikely you or the other players have the attention span to progress that far. Smaller party is good so long as the few chosen are able to play frequently and consistently.

    Beyond that, rules systems are up for grabs. You could go E6 if you wanted, though I'd prefer you start at either level 5 or 6, that way you can get away with the enemy's increases in strength while the group sits at the point where they cannot gain much power past that point. Circles/Champions is another ruleset I would be fine with, but it is not required. Officially, the Horror ruleset includes corruption and differing levels of fear affects which might also be thematic.

    Obviously, there should be at least of modicum of combat, but it does not necessarily be the type of combat in which the party is supposed to fight and have them run away. It should present a more psychological challenge, which on rare occasion presenting small bursts of hope so that it at least keeps some level of emotional range rather than be drowned out by nothing but darkness.
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    Default Re: Looking for Pathfinder 1.0 Horror

    Throwing my hat as a player once again.
    Thanks to linklele for the amazing avvy.

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    Default Re: Looking for Pathfinder 1.0 Horror

    Check your inboxes. If you are both on board we can pick up here or in an ooc thread.
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