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    Default Spellcasting Variant

    I've been toying with an idea for a feature variant for, basically all the spellcasting classes except the warlock, make the way their spellcasting works be similar to the warlock. Instead of getting multiple slots of differing level, they get a single kind of spell slot (a wizard spell slot, a cleric spell slot, a bard spell slot etc) that increases in uses and in power in accordance with the maximum spell level they can cast. It might be a fun variant to offer and change up the gameplay of the traditional spellcaster a bit, without having to be a warlock every time. I really enjoy the idea of a spellcasting with a few tricks, but they pack a big punch.

    Question is, how many spell slots should a traditional full caster get, assuming they recover all spell slots on a long rest? And half casters? I can't just double the amount of warlock slots and give it to the other classes (to account for the expected 2 short rests) because those classes are missing eldritch blast and so that might be too few to keep them effective.

    Any ideas on this? Or even if its a good idea in the first place?
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    Default Re: Spellcasting Variant

    While I too been tinkering with spellcasting, reducing the amount of spell slots is probably not a good thing. If you reduce the amount of slots then you will need to provide more class feature for every spellcasting class.

    It would be far better and easier to remove the “full” casters and create more spellcasting archetype instead. Keep the Paladin and Ranger as they are.

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