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    Default Re: Just for fun, completed webcomics

    Dumb_RWBY -- Parody of RWBY. Funny enough that one of the strips actually made it into RoosterTeeth's RWBY Chibi show, and that I'm sad to see it go. (Man, I need to get caught up on the latest season at some point).

    EDIT: Nevermind, the "Completed" status was referring to the comic above it (Dumb_FireEmblem, which I haven't read but is complete, apparently) on the site.
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    Default Re: Just for fun, completed webcomics

    No love for Arthur, King of Time and Space? While it ended somewhat abruptly and prematurely, it is still completed with an ending page and all which I think fits the comic excellently. Plus, being a retelling of Arthurian myth there's very little that feels left dangling since both readers and author have always known what the big plot points (and the ending itself) would be.

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