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    Lightbulb Time limit for replying to a handbook topic?

    Greetings, all!

    The rules state there's a 45 day limit to replying to topics. What about handbooks, like The 3.5 Shapechange Handbook? To my understanding, people were or are allowed to reply past this time, but what is the official ruling?

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    Default Re: Time limit for replying to a handbook topic?

    Sheriff: Handbooks have the same 45-day limit as other threads.
    From the last thread discussing this...
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    Sheriff: No general exception exists beyond that stated in the Forum Rules. Any thread is eligible for an exception, you just need to PM a mod and explain why it's necessary. They'll decide on an individual basis.
    Forum Rules

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    Default Re: Time limit for replying to a handbook topic?

    Also remember the currently relaxed rules on thread necromancy (which don't apply in this case, but may apply to other threads).

    Due to the outage and the period of very slow access before it, we're relaxing our rules on Thread Necromancy. Any thread where the last post was November 1, 2019 or later can be posted in without issue, until the end of April (at which point the regular cut-offs will apply).

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