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    biggrin Let us laugh together at our fears! [Monster] (P.E.A.C.H.)

    Wiki-like cross-indexing: The 3.x/PF version may be found HERE.

    MONSTER EDIT NOTE: Dropped speed to 20'.

    The major purpose of this monster is to help us laugh* at the worries for the future, and fear for our bodies that many of us share at this time.
    *Less "ROFL-copter" type humor, and more analogous to how Potter-verse boggarts are defeated by transforming them into something silly via the riddikulus spell. Unlike a boggart, corona virus is dangerous even after such a (mental) transformation.

    When I have posted similar creatures in the past the feedback I have gotten was that the players would find them humorous, while the characters might be horrified and/or disgusted.

    Perhaps more importantly, some players might find them cathartic to beat down with blade and spell. A more viscerally satisfying* catharsis against the frustrations and worries of this specific time.
    *With authentic viscera!

    Disclaimer: This is based on the D&D rules for disease. It only REMOTELY resembles real world medical science. On your Wisdom+Intelligence < 10 head (or rather lungs...) be it if you try to extrapolate any course of action in the real world from this.

    Finally, in addition to the normal request for honest feedback on the design of a creature, I would deeply appreciate knowing if this had the intended effect of brightening anyone's day, or, conversely, if anyone personally found it to be distressing.
    Spoiler: With the proper mood hopefully set, I present the COUGHING LUNGS

    Coughing Lungs
    Tiny Undead (Organ Undead), Neutral Evil
    Armor Class 13
    Hit Points 5 (3d4-3)
    Speed 0, Fly 20 feet
    3 (-4) 16 (+3) 8 (-1) 6 (-2) 4 (-3) 5 (-3)

    Skills Stealth +3 (Disadvantage on sound based stealth checks, even when not moving)
    Saving Throws Wisdom +0*
    *It is very hard to get a Coughing Lungs to keep its distance. It gains advantage on saves against any turning save that wouldn't destroy it if it fails.
    Damage Vulnerabilities Fire, Radiant, Slashing
    Damage Resistances Bludgeoning from Non-Magical Non-Silver Weapons, Necrotic, Piercing (EVEN from magical weapons and spells!)
    Damage Immunities poison
    Condition Immunities exhaustion, poisoned
    Senses Darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 7
    Languages Understands the languages the creature it is from spoke in life, PLUS one additional language picked by their creator from among the languages said creator speaks. Can not speak.
    Challenge 1

    Cough. The coughing lungs cough out infectious droplets in a 10-foot cone. Each creature in that area must make a DC 11* Constitution saving throw. On a failure they contract the disease specific to the particular coughing lungs, but show no symptoms (and thus suffer no penalties, and can not make any progress towards natural recovery) for 1d6+1 days.
    Any humanoid creature that starts its turn within 10 feet of an infected creature must succeed on a DC 11* Constitution saving throw or also become infected with the disease. This is negated if the infected creature has its mouth covered(a hand, elbow, or cloth mask will do). A successful save does NOT grant immunity to the disease!
    There are two diseases currently known that coughing lungs can inflict. They share many properties, but their distinctive properties will be addressed first.
    Mindfire. The creature’s mind becomes feverish. The creature has disadvantage on Intelligence checks and Intelligence saving throws, and the creature behaves as if under the effects of the confusion spell during combat.
    Severe coughing spasms (mechanically identical to the seizures the Contagion spell can cause). The creature has disadvantage on Dexterity checks, Dexterity saving throws, and attack rolls that use Dexterity.
    The common properties relate to long-term recovery and worsening of condition are as follows:
    At the end of each long rest after the end of the incubation period*, an infected creature can make a DC 11* Constitution saving throw. On a successful save, the DC for this save drops by 1d6. When the saving throw DC drops to 0, the creature recovers from the disease. A creature that fails three of these saving throws has its constitution permanently reduced by 1d4 points upon each failed save past the second. Any spell that can cure more normal diseases can cure this disease PROVIDED it is cast from at least a 5th level spell slot. Restoration, Greater Restoration, or Heal cast on the victim after the disease is cured restores all lost constitution points.
    * 1d6+1 days, in case you had forgotten.
    ** This uses the ABSOLUTE VALUE of the Constitution modifier of the coughing lungs.

    The creatures the lungs are harvested from must have been an small or medium humanoid, and must have been symptomatic for the variant of the disease the specific coughing lungs made for the individual corpse will transmit. A DC 15 Wisdom[Medicine] OR a DC 17 Wisdom[Butcher's Tools] check is required on each creature to extract the lungs in good enough condition to be animated. Note that since a coughing lungs is two lungs and the associated (primary) bronchea and larynx, and a bit of trachia above the larynx, only a single undead can be made from each corpse.
    Before Animate Dead may be used the following spells must be cast.
    Contagion (1/each)
    Fly OR Wind Walk (Same number of targets as usual, including for using higher slots)

    EDIT: For further humor, see my puns about plagues in the Friendly Banter section.
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    Default Re: Let us laugh together at our fears! [Monster] (P.E.A.C.H.)

    Bumping for feedback due to >100 views with no replies.

    Spoiler: Copy-Paste from chats

    Hey, I looked over your homebrew monster and I have a question. Where do you want it to fit in level wise? Like what level do you expect parties to be at when they run into it?

    Well... I listed it as a CR 1 I think, so... starting from level 1?
    I may have EASILY gotten that wrong, or even be misremembering what I put.

    cr doesn't really mean certain level parties should be facing it, just a number for difficulty calculations
    I was just wondering where you imagined it coming into play

    The disease is really nasty, but it does take a bit to kick in, giving time to get to appropriate healers either mundane, or even magical (although it takes some pretty strong magic if I remember what I did with it).
    I don't have my web-browser open at the moment.
    Oh... and I've been assuming you mean the 5e version.


    There is significant divergence between the two versions.
    Well, ideally, it would be applicable from level 1 to... whenever popping a 5th level slot for Remove Disease on each member of the party during down-time becomes trivial.
    You just ramp up the number of them encountered.
    In practice I can't promise it would work against a level 1 party.
    They certainly should be able to defeat it, since it litterally has no way of actually surviving a fight if the PCs don't run.
    They can throw rocks at it if they have to.
    And that is assuming they run out of ammo, or don't have ranged weapons, are out of slotted spells (or not willing to use them), no Reach weapons, and maybe a few other options I am forgetting.
    The question is how many saves does the party need to make, and which members.
    Again, all of this is referring to the 5e version.
    I'm actually a bit of a newbie to 5e, especially the DMing side of things.
    So I don't know how to decide something like that other than by assuming CR= Intended party level against a single one.
    What level range would you suggest?

    I'm having a hard time figuring out where I would put it in. The effects could be devastating for a low level (1-3) party or completely drain their resources trying to remove them. Even with resistances it is really easy to kill for any level party. You would have to have the monster sneak up on the party or be part of a larger encounter where there appears to be more threatening foes. Both of which could feel a bit unfair when they realize how bad the diseases they contract are. For a higher level party that could cure diseases the monster is a non-issue.

    Let me double check (I have it open on my tablet now)...
    Yeah, you need a 5th level slot to clear it, so it should be at least a minimal threat up to and including 8th level, since they would need to go outside the party to get it cured.
    As for sneaking up... I intentionally made that more difficult for them by giving them disadvantage on sound-based stealth rolls due to constant coughing.
    As for not knowing about how nasty the diseases are...
    A Religion check, and possibly a Medicine check after that succeeds should tell them.
    The short term effects (Mindfire or Severe Coughing Spasms) are straight out of Contagion
    As I said, larger numbers are a good way to go.
    I actually have some monsters that pair up with them very well thematically, but only a few.
    And I don't think I was very good at pointing those out.
    They are a bit hidden in a 3.x focused thread for more general organ undead.

    I think if you change them a little bit it could be good. Such that the lungs have a little more hp however the first attack causes them to inflate very large (maybe lower movespeed) and the second pops them which also infects nearby creatures. It allows for a bit more problem solving rather than surprise.
    DracoDeiToday at 5:46 PM
    You mean the first and second attack ON them, or are you proposing they should be a bit like Final Fantasy Bombs and that you mean the first and second attack BY them?
    And would this replace their current attack?
    Thematically I'm pretty adverse to giving them more hitpoints, but maybe you could talk me into the mechanical necessity of it?

    first and second attack on them. Not replace their current attack but an additional mechanic. With the inflation after the first attack the players can see something bad may happen and lowered movespeed lets them position for the pop better.
    the increased hp would only be so that they could survive the first hit more easily

    The thematics I am going for is "Pretty delicate organ... and from someone whose function of that organ was impaired". Not even really "it is logical/makes sense" (although that applies to an extent), but just the... poetry of it.
    Hmmm... maybe if you got them from a giant instead of a medium humanoid... or whatever 5e calls things.
    Of course, this would require giving them a higher CR.
    I'll also point out that they are resistant to bludgeoning and piercing.

    Not really. The ability to lower movespeed offsets the danger. If the players no longer have to dash to get away it counts for a lot

    You make an interesting point...
    While I ponder that in the back of my brain, would you like to/would you do me the favor of looking at what I have for the other 5e organ undead?

    Yeah sure I can

    DracoDei First spoiler.
    Actually, for the coughing lungs, how would just flat out dropping the speed to 20' grab you?
    Note: The organ undead I created also go well with skeletons.
    Thematically and logistically go well with them I mean. No idea about the tactical impacts.

    That would make them more usable imo. That way you could have a group sitting in trees around a path and give the players a round to position before the Lungs converge
    If it is just needing a round...
    IIRC it just means that one of them has to have a higher or equal passive perception number than the lowest of all the dice (2 per monster) that the group of lungs roll.

    its more that the lungs have a 10ft range with a 30ft movespeed. Melee characters can't attack and move away without a chance at getting diseased.

    Well, I'm not a believer in "melee characters" or "ranged characters" being super-distinct in 5e.
    In other words, if you don't have a back-up weapon for the one of those that you AREN'T focused on, then you deserve what you get.
    But since I want this to have a wider appeal/utility since it is meant to provide encouragement and there isn't any particular thematic reason NOT to lower the speed, I suppose I probably will.

    different styles of playin the game I guess. I mostly choose by character flavor rather than optimal combat build. Like my barb uses a big ass sword bows are for cowards sort of thing.

    Snerk yeah, either he or that attitude might not last very long in a game that I or at least one other GM I remember a comment from were running.
    So, I'll probably drop the speed, but I need to think about it.
    Just to be sure.
    Actually, I guess I would say (EDIT: and by "say" I mean "clarify") that the way I would recommend the barbarian modify his thinking after, say, running into a flock of harpies with bows would be: "Ranged combat is for cowards... AND for killing cowards who try to enforce it."

    DracoDeiToday at 7:27 PM
    Hey, when you get a chance, could you look up Death Dogs and say what you think of them in light of what you said about the Coughing Lungs? I'd link you, but apparently they aren't in the SRD, because they are in the BACK of the Monster Manual.
    The disease is worse in the short term (appears to me to be instant onset and complete debilitation), and the hitpoints are much higher even after accounting for resistances. It also deals hitpoint damage, but that is a minor point.
    On the flip side of the coin the Lungs can attack from outside the reach of most melee weapons, the disease is harder to cure with magic and can spread, and they have a 1 point higher AC.
    Also, it is an AoE for the Lungs.
    But the Death Dog is only listed as CR 1.

    AwokenToday at 7:34 PM
    The lungs can fly is the biggest difference I see

    DracoDeiToday at 7:35 PM
    So, basically, you feel like flying monsters with ranged attacks are a significant challenge? Because of what you said about roleplay reasons why some characters might not carry ranged weapons (for spellcasters: even if they don't have a ranged cantrip)?

    AwokenToday at 7:40 PM
    For the lungs vs dogs the flying takes away a lot of player agency in who the lungs can target. With dogs the high con players or disease resistant ones can block for the others. Lungs with their aoe and flying does not allow that.

    DracoDeiToday at 7:45 PM
    Ah! A valid point!
    Last edited by DracoDei; 2020-05-24 at 06:51 PM.
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