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    Default Re: A Gathering Storm [OOC Thread]

    Just as an aside here since I don't want to jump out in front IC, I'd vote East in this instance. Obviously we're in a terrible hurry, but I'd hate to pick the wrong direction and not have an obvious anchor point somewhere nearby. If you guys disagree though, let's roll those dice and see what happens.

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    Default Re: A Gathering Storm [OOC Thread]

    If I understand the map correctly, we can improve our decision making by climbing. Note that the trail comes out about half way between the fort and the mountains turning south.
    If we come across a trail relatively quickly, then we must be east of the fort.
    If we do not come across the trail, then the best choice would be go go east until we either find the fort, or the trailhead.

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    Default Re: A Gathering Storm [OOC Thread]

    I'd agree, going up to see where we are is a little riskier but will stop is heading in the wrong direction
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    Default Re: A Gathering Storm [OOC Thread]

    Sounds good.
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