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    Default Re: A Gathering Storm

    Ramiro Sanda is glad to have a break. This is not the most activity that he has ever had, but is definitely the farthest he has walked in a single day. He inquires about his watch assignment and rests until then.

    Spoiler: OOC

    Spot (1d20+3)[14]
    Listen (1d20+9)[21]

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    Default Re: A Gathering Storm

    Near midnight, Day 3

    Complication Dice 2 of 6

    The adventurers had turned in peacefully enough. The bloody sunset on the snow blackened to night, and the wind howled, slowly starting to change direction, shifting to blow from the north. This was actually a good thing; that facing had more shelter from the wind, and the incessant thump of the hut's canvas walls against the wind lessened considerably. The night sky actually became visible as the clouds cleared, revealing a shining array of gleaming jewels in the heavens ... or burning eyes, perhaps.

    Njal's watch was quiet enough. On one hand, the temperature likely had dropped a little, but the wind had also lessened in force, leaving the cold roughly the same as it had been during the day. About the most significant event was occasionally knocking more ice out of his beard and the only movement he caught out of the corner of his eye that of the horses swishing their tails now and then for much the same purpose. It was getting close to midnight when the tough dwarf decided it was time to turn in, and as agreed -- himself, then Roland, then Ramiro to cover the watch before dawn -- he quietly shook the big human's shoulder to rouse him.

    Njal waited while Roland got his gear together, and gave a sigh of satisfaction as Roland stepped out of the hut in full gear and ready to pick up his turn at guard.

    That was when the singing began.

    Mysteriously clear without being loud or at great volume, the sound came over the night air, haunting in its beauty, perfect in tone and timbre, a single alto in solo on the night wind. The horses' heads immediately turned, ears poking forward to pick up the noise. Stormrir had suddenly appeared by Njal's feet, and the big husky added his warning growl as accompaniment to the song. Njal was fairly certain even those asleep in the tent might well hear it. Spirits was his first instinct, and he reflexively began to tighten his mind against the thrall of magic, as all dwarves had learned to do...

    ... when he realised he wasn't the song's target.

    Roland was walking off, without a word, into the night.

    Spoiler: Roland
    The sound filled his heart and mind. It was a combination of the most beautiful, exquisite hymn he'd ever heard a chorister of the Firekeeper sing and the most heartfelt song of loneliness and longing he had ever heard. His mind soared with all the images and feelings of home, safety, wanting, beauty that he had ever known. The night around him seemed to fill with colour, as though the snow were clouds and every star in the sky a tear of loneliness. His nose filled with the fragrant scent of roses -- roses, which he hadn't smelled since he was a boy and once, oh so long ago, a ship had come from the Archipelagos carrying rare roses for a rich man's wedding. Even the feel of his clothes had lightened; it was like the caress of a woman's touch, and warm, oh, so warm.

    Surely it was the Firekeeper herself who called. What else could have such a song of rightness fill his heart? What else could he do but seek its source, which called to him like a spark of fire in darkness?

    Spoiler: OOC
    Key things:
    - Listen check at -2 for Verglas and Ramiro to hear the singing; it is loud, but also soothing. If Njal starts yelling at them, consider that an automatic Listen success check and they wake up.
    - Roland failed a Will save, and is walking away from the camp with all his gear intact. Zealous Surge is available, and the DC to beat is 17 (if you beat the DC, feel free to RP out breaking the ensorcellment.) Otherwise Roland's walking at about 30 feet per round -- it's midnight, so if I remember right Njal's the only one who has darkvision out to 60 feet. Verglas has lowlight vision, but there's no moonlight, only starlight, and Ramiro is straight human with no particular vision abilities.

    What do you do?

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    Default Re: A Gathering Storm

    Njal "Stormcaller"

    Njal shudders as the haunting music echoes on the icy plains, shaking Stormrir's head he grins at the husky, "Aye boy. You hae' a better growl than that." Looking to speak to Roland he's surprised as the big man starts walking off into the snow. "OI, OI, Ger' up" he yells in his loudest dwarven voice to the tent before he takes off after the follower of the flamekeeper, running straight into Roland in an attempt to bowl him over!

    Overrun attempt (1d20+3)[7] assuming he doesn't tale an AoO or choose to avoid me!
    Thanks to Emperor Ing for the nice Avatar

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    Default Re: A Gathering Storm

    Roland Parnum

    Roland had once troubled the priests at Windspire for over a year, burning with the need to hear Her voice. He'd worked until his hands were raw and frozen to earn his stay, only stopping after dark to study by the Greathearth with the Brothers and Sisters devoted to Her. But where the others eventually heard Her voice and accepted Her gift, the Firekeeper would not speak to Roland. She couldn't.

    It was a bitter potion to swallow. Roland would never hear Her or accept Her power as his own. He would never know the life of a cleric devoted to her. Until now.

    Tears sprang, the cold wind threatening to freeze them on his face as he walked towards Her. "Mo sholas?" Roland asks the night sky, feet trudging through the snow. "Mo bhlths?" It was Her. He knew it was H--."

    Muddled as they are, Roland's thoughts are broken by a dwarf crashing into him from behind. Solid as he is, Roland keeps his footing even in the snow, but for just a moment the beautiful alto carrying over the wind no longer sings with Her voice.

    Roland would not be distracted, however. He shoves the dwarf away, snarling at the interruption before turning his face back towards the warmth and the light. Such beauty in so dark a place could not be ignored.

    Spoiler: OOC

    Side-note, I know maybe it didn't work, but I love the play DrK. It was way more fun to write up your action as the impetus for zealous surge rather than something completely internal since Roland is so taken with the voice.

    OOC thread rolls:
    Block Overrun: (1d20+3)[19]
    Reactionary shove: (1d20+3)[11]
    Zealous Surge: (1d20+1)[8]

    The words are Gaelic for 'my light, my warmth.'

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