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    Default Re: Funniest 5e builds

    If we're still collecting Western flavored characters, I still had an interesting character idea that I want to try out at some point. Fighter 3/Warlock or Other X/Sorc X. Uses a lasso and an immovable rod as weapons (one tied to the other). Rides a horse (skeletal horse for bonus points), wears a large hat (preacher style but moreso), bandanna, poncho. I'll call him...Flax McGrath.

    Race: Revenant (For that cool Man With No Name flavor)
    Feats: Tavern Brawler if a lariat is ruled as improvised.

    Core combo: The Hangman. Attack the opponent's neck with the noose lariat. On a hit, action surge to secure the rod in place. Bonus action to Quickened Repelling Eldritch Blast (Or another knockback effect). Enemy goes flying, reaches the end of the rope, ker-snap.
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    You found a way to backstab... with a ballista...

    I want to play at your table.
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    Default Re: Funniest 5e builds

    Sadly, I'm the person who does the funny builds in my group. I actually made a rather funny NPC for a duel contest that my players fought against. I called him "Da Best Archer". He was a Half-Orc, and I made him a Barbarian using the proper class mixed with technicalities. He had high strength, high con, but a 6 intelligence. I also gave him three feats, since the players were high enough to have three feats by then: Tavern Brawler, Heavy Weapon Master, and Sharpshooter.

    I used the technicality that Sharpshooter requires an attack with a ranged weapon while Heavy Weapon Master requires a melee attack with a Heavy weapon to work. While I am the DM, my players aren't really fond of too many rule changes, unless the changes benefit them. So, I sent this guy in with a -2 to hit, for 1d4+27 damage. X3 They found it stupid and hilarious, and it is a build I would fully allow at all my tables.

    My other build is for an AL character. They're a Tabaxi Eldritch Knight/Monk/Barbarian mix named Barry that's geared towards doing one thing and one thing only...running as fast as possible. I have Boots of Speed and the Eagle Whistle, so when I get going, I really, really get going. Every so often I'll end up in a module with chase or race, and its over as soon as my turn is reached. He can't do anything else though XD He's not great in combat, and he's not exactly skillful. But he can outrun anyone and everyone.

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    Default Re: Funniest 5e builds

    Kenku Monk. I've found normally Kenkus come off as too one note or annoying to play but this is the one I am considering playing. I think this race/class pairs pretty well since repetition and memorization of martial forms fits the Kenku's racial abilities and the flight like mobility options would appeal to the Kenku's desire for their wings back. For dialogue, since Kenku can't come up with original speech, use overly dramatic lines that sound like quotes from over the top martial arts movies or anime.
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    Default Re: Funniest 5e builds

    I'm participating in a 5e podcast game and the funniest PC in our group by far is the French lizardfolk ranger.

    The build itself isn't anything unusual, but it's all in how the character is played. He has constant trouble understanding the civilized culture of Waterdeep and wants to be a businessman (business lizard?), but he only knows how to hunt so he invested in explosives and carries several sticks of dynamite that he keeps forgetting about. He also has a died with an ancient dragon because she has a very comfortable chair that he swears she stole from him.

    PC slew the GM with laughter when the lizardfolk forgot there was a druid in the party in wolf form.

    "Hey, you got a new dog!"

    But going on a funny build idea... well I have always wanted to play a paladin cursed in a pony form. Traveling with the party to find a way to break the curse. Would need a GM willing to handwave some things for a few abilities to work, but otherwise seems fun to play and I would like to try a good solid smite with a hoof kick. XD
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    Default Re: Funniest 5e builds

    I recently got to play one of my new favorite-to-play characters, a variant human hill-billy lore bard/hexblade warlock who made a deal with the devil for his musical talent. He talks like Scruffy from Futurama and goes by the name Yeeter Dunn.
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    Default Re: Funniest 5e builds

    Quote Originally Posted by Spriteless View Post
    I thought this guy was funny. Not very useful, but I liked the lengths Forest went through to explain his story.
    ah, Abserd...
    I remember when i first watched that video.

    what i think: wretched evil, i smite thee!

    what i really do: how the hell do you already need another L.O.H.


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    Default Re: Funniest 5e builds

    I'm enjoying the Lizardfolk Artificer. He kills things and turns them into magic items.
    Why yes, Warlock is my solution for everything.

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