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    Watching Akmenos summon the literal fires of hell to melt this frostbitten rat-man, Grass figures that taking him alive for questioning is probably off the table. Instead, she slashes at the rat swarm around Akmenos, trying to clear a path for his retreat before ducking into Tank's shadow to hide.

    Attack (1d20+6)[7]
    Rapier Damage (1d8+4)[10]
    Sneak Damage (2d6)[7]
    Cunning Action: Hide behind Tank (1d20+7)[10]

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    Default Re: Into Ivy Mansion [IC]

    Startled initially by the giant rat jumping out, Ficus regains his composure and lets loose a frosty burst of magic.

    Spoiler: Frost Bite
    cold damage: (1d6)[6]

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