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    Default How do IPs/copyrights work on the forum?

    I've been working on some projects that I want to get some feedback on, related to fantasy gaming generally, so I think that this would be an excellent place to get that feedback. However, I have considered publishing them in the future, depending on how things work out. If I were to post the first drafts of what I'm working on on the forums, do I forfeit any copyright/IP claim to that work? Does the IP automatically go to Giantitp (either the Giant or the site as a corporate entity), since its published via the site? If it does by default, is there any way I'm able to retain rights, or do I automatically lose them entirely?

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    Default Re: How do IPs/copyrights work on the forum?

    The Mod Ogre: Towards the end of the forum rules is this section

    Additional Terms and Acceptance
    By registering and posting on the Giant in the Playground Forums you grant its owner a perpetual, non-revokable, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to display, use, distribute, or modify all of your posts, past and future, on this and any similar or successor medium. Moreover, you attest that you are the copyright holder for all material that you post on our site, and that you authorize Rich Burlew, Giant in the Playground Games, and their successors, to display, use, or modify your copyrighted content on this forum and any similar or successor mediums in perpetuity. The forum and website staff accept no responsibility to remove any of the words or content you post to this site, whether you have the ability to do it yourself or not. In other words, while you retain all copyrights on your words, you grant us the right to display them for as long as this site (or any electronic medium that comes after this one) exists.

    Usage of this site, including but not limited to making or editing a post or private message or the creation of an account, constitutes acceptance of the forum rules.
    Notably (in the section I bolded above), by using this site, you do not surrender copyright to your material, but you do grant a license for things to be reposted on the forums. So, if next year a bold new forum style comes out that makes use of the new, Virtual Reality Matrix that replaces the old internet (which explodes due to Plot Devices), any material you've still got on THIS forum will be translated over to THAT medium, and you've granted GITP license to do so. However, GITP cannot publish a "best of the forums" book under this license, because that would not be a similar or successor medium.

    This strays a little close to legal advice, so I'm closing the thread, but Roland, Rawhide, or Rich can easily post regardless.
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