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    Question Where is Menzoberranyr?

    The Magic in the Blood feat says one of the regions you need to be from is: elf (Menzoberranyr). Where on the map is Menzoberranyr located? I tried a google and all I get is Menzoberranzan.

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    Default Re: Where is Menzoberranyr?

    I believe "Menzoberranyr" means "one from Menzoberranzan". Like adding -n to the end of a county to indicate a person is from there.
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    Default Re: Where is Menzoberranyr?

    Yes, that. It's not saying your race doesn't matter, but you need to be from the district of Elf known as Menzoberranyr; it's saying you need to be a Menzoberranyr elf, which is the same as an elf from Menzoberranzan.
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    Default Re: Where is Menzoberranyr?

    PGtF page 22, the Elf Regions list has Menzoberranyr listed for Drow only. I suppose you could be a different type of Elf from a Drow city in the Underdark, but you'd better write into your backstory that you're a former slave or nobody is buying it.

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