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    Default The Report Message Isn't Working

    Hello a few days ago I tried the report message to move my thread Basketball With Pokemon From Messages Games sub-forum to Gaming (Other) sub-forum and so far it still there in the Message Games sub-forum. So I try it again today hopefully someone get the message to move my thread. Like what's going on? Is the report message isn't working?

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    Default Re: The Report Message Isn't Working

    My understanding is that the mods have to manually review reported threads/comments and then take the appropriate action. Since they are (presumably) human, that may take time to happen.

    Also, if you were trying to get this thread (Basketball With Pokemon Physics) moved, it shows up as in the Gaming (Other) subform to me.
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    Default Re: The Report Message Isn't Working

    Sheriff: It's in Gaming (Other) where you want it, so I'm not sure what this is about.
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