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    Default Bartmanhomer's Writing Thread

    In this thread I'm going to post all of my fan-fiction stories written by me. The first fan-fiction story going to be Dungeons & Dragons: Dragon Poker.
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    Default Re: Bartmanhomer's Writing Thread

    Hm. So is about playing cards with a dragon, or poking a dragon?
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    Default Re: Bartmanhomer's Writing Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by The Fury View Post
    Hm. So is about playing cards with a dragon, or poking a dragon?
    It's about six dragon deities playing Dragon Hold'em Poker. (A variation of Texas Hold'em Poker)

    Dungeons& Dragons: Dragon Poker

    Chapter 1

    In the magical plane of the Outlands in Io's Castle home of the Dragon Deity, Io King of All Dragonkind invited his 6 offsprings, Bahamut, Tamara, Hlal, Tiamat, Faluzure and Garyx to play a family game of Dragon Hold'em Poker. Io described himself as a colossal prismatic dragon. Bahamut described himself as a colossal platinum dragon, Tamara described herself as a colossal platinum dragon. Hall described herself as a colossal brass dragon. Tiamat described herself as a colossal five-headed chromatic dragon in which each of her heads represents five different colors of white, black, blue, green, and red. Faluzure represents a colossal skeleton black dragon and Garyx described himself as a colossal red dragon.

    "Tamara, Hlal. How are you doing these days?" asked Bahamut as he hugs his sisters?

    "I'm doing well," said Tamara.

    "Same here Arborea is turning out great. Hey, I heard dad invited our three bad siblings, Tiamat, Faluzure, and Garyx."

    "Oh what? Seriously. Why did he even invite them in the first place? They're not going to play fair." said Bahamut in disgust.

    "Well they promised to play fair and have fun to put aside our differences but I'm not buying it for a second. They're up to something," said Hlal.

    "Yes, I agree. We should all be cautious. I can't stand cheaters." said Tamara. Tiamat, Faluzure, Garyx approaches to Bahamut, Tamara, and Hlal.

    "Bahamut, Tamara, and Hlal. How're my favorite siblings doing?" asked Tiamat in a pleasant voice?

    "Cut the bull Tiamat. We all know what you, Faluzure, and Garyx are up to. I don't know how you three convinced our father to play Dragon Hold'em Poker with but you're not fooling everybody.

    "Bahamut we changed our evil ways and we want to spend some family quality time with you guys," said Faluzure.

    "You have a right not to trust us but we're being truthful to you we have changed," said Garyx.

    "Kids, I'm setting up the game right now everybody comes in the living room. said Io as the six dragon offspring cone in the living room. Everybody went to the living room.

    "Free feel to sit anywhere you want," said Io. Bahamut sits down then, Tamara sits next to Bahamut, Hlal sits next to Tamara. Tiamat sits next to Hlal, Faluzure sits next to Tiamat and Garyx sits next to Faluzure.

    "Ok everybody knows the rules of Dragon Hold'em Poker. Everybody gets 10,000 gold pieces of chips. You bet as many chips as you want. You can raise and call as well. If anyone has no chips at all you're eliminated and out of the game. There will be five cards on the table. When you called I flip three cards. You have the option to fold anytime you want. The process goes as you bet raise and called when the fifth card is revealed that's the river. Everybody who still in this game has to reveal their hand. Also, another thing that I need to mention. If I found out that anyone in this game is cheating then you'll be throw out in the game. That means you Tiamat, Faluzure, and Garyx. So that covers the rules. Let the Dragon Poker begin now." said Io as he deals two cards to his six children.

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