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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Glaondi Yejon
    Daezirn Isles
    Year 25- 28 K.E.


    [Faith] Convert R85 to Glyemo (16)
    The Sagu had had presence in Ogrontir for years. Their usual conversion method of searching for important skulls to tell the region history from were however rather unfit, given the scarcity of important figures and their other interests in the coalmine. Instead the workers had gently been taught how to notate past events over generations. That many of the murals portrayed the Sagu in a very advantageous light was a mere coincidence.

    [Faith] Convert R86 to Glyemo (15)
    South Ogrontir had been converted in much the same way but here it was a question of changing traditions. Used to telling their stories through dance the change had proven difficult and eventually been abandoned for a compromise. Most of the newly created murals in South Ogrontir does not contain retellings of past event, but the dance steps for their associated performances. Decoding the Bozuls movements and buzzings into letters had proven a thrilling task for the Ugglo Sagur.

    [Diplomacy] Attend the Mamut conclave
    • Gift UZI the Prosperous Noggin
    • Trade UZI Celestial Navigation for Viskar War Bows

    After spending an exorbitant amount of time in Troustur Hreggur Londkannuaur has come to know Hof well, at least the whimsicalities of the forge present a puzzle to keep the mind occupied. At her request and to Londkannuaur’s joy they undertake the long journey to Mamut, in order to deliver Hof’s latest creation to the Uzii. Fascinated by the strange culture Hof becomes absorbed in the crafting of their tools and rather odd way of writing. The final part of the delivery thus falls on Londkannuaur, to his surprise a couple of wayward Bozul merchants appear at the same gathering. They tell stories of an evil queen to the north and possessed workers. Seizing the opportunity Londkannuaur delays his return to Troustur Hreggur for a slight detour.

    [Military] Invade R87 on behalf of the Bozuls.
    • Send one naval and land unit to R86, then march over the hills to R87.
      Led by Londkannuaur (10)
      Challenge to duel
      Attempt to use skirmishing (1)
      Total bonus: 10+ 1 SMI units + 3 BOZ units = 14

    Ferirbadi receives the news from Ogrontir as well. While the Sagu tends to be happily let islanders sort out their own issues the newly appointed ruler is of a different mind. The coal coming from their tunnels would be a disaster to lose and with the land-dwellers pressing in those understanding the importance of the true Daezirn ways need to stand together. When Londkannuaur arrives to the land of the whalers there is an army of previously unseen proportions already marching to the Bozul’s aid. Being a renowned explorer and a survivor of more than a few events that spelled certain death Londkannuaur ends up in charge, willing or not.

    [Military] Quest into unknown lands south of R79 (17)
    Hearing about the despair approaching on southern waves there really was only one thing for Hofmyejon to do. Set sail. Shaking with excitement for the prospect of discovering something new, yet ancient she left Glaondi Yejon the next day, with hastily thrown together supplies. Hopefully this would make for a majestic mural among the tunnels of the Sagu.

    Non Actions:
    • Support AVI buyouts of open Pyroemerald TPs
    • Support BOZ buyouts of open Pyroemerald TPs
    • Resist all conversions and other buyouts

    News and rumors:
    • The twin daughters of Londkannuaur are growing into their own under the guidance of the Sagu guild. Raised in Styinor they have become adept at running through the tunnels and Kolthalf has taken a liking to Hof, spending night upon nights reading the stories on the pyroemeralds in the crystal cave. Nofnlousmythvitodurkarndrypiskip is drawn like a moth to Hofmyejon’s stories of the great seas, their father more a figure of myth than love during the short periods he is able to see them.

    • When Ferirbadi hears of the Truthspeakers century long secrecy the subject matters less than the dedication. They may not be of the isles but their knowledge will be worth to keep close. Fallen empires from far away can wait until less rocks fall behind him in the lonely tunnels.
      As the news spread to the rest of the Sagu different opinions form, every story has two sides. Another Sagur is sent to Tarandi to find this Eleftheria and hear their tale. Someone so brazenly revealing supposed secrets could prove a valuable friend.

    • Holfviti and the integrity cult concludes their comparison of Styinn and hiverless after years of studying. As the samples fail to use consistent lines, connect the letters, keep logical angels, remaining within the same boundaries and much more it is concluded to be utterly worthless for the art of Somtvinno. It should have no place on the isles at all, lest it pollute Daezirn’s heritage.
      Spoiler: Styinn/Hiverness-ish

      Even more worrying is that another script seems to be encroaching from the west, introduced by the otherwise magnificent stone beings. A group journeys to [69] to find the naked truth of the matter.

    • After the visit from the Scrim a new trend is on the rise. Inspired by Nithor’s beautiful art some of the Sagu have begun to carve tales into their thick skin. The shallow scratches disappears quickly and the few daring enough create permanent marks are disappointed when they heal in jagged lines and distorted shapes. Attempts to replicate the land-dwellers effect falters, as it prove harder to perform than anticipated.

    • After the land-dweller market it is clear there is beings of great power in the world. The Sagu debate for years about the impact of this revelation on Glyemo before reaching a conclusion. Gods are an easy source but fickle source of power. It is therefore better to learn how to replicate those abilities by one self than accepting them without question.

    Spoiler: Brudohous Ferirbadi

    Dip 4
    Mil 1
    Opu 2
    Faith 7
    Int 2

    Expected stat increases: +1 Mil, +1 Faith

    New ruler next round? No

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping

    Owned Regions

    R75, Glaondi Yejon, Capital
    R78, ???
    Army Units


    Londkannuaur (10)
    Hofmyejon (7)

    Owned Resources
    Resource Region TP
    Pyroemeralds 75 1
    Boats 74 1
    Coal 86 2

    Owned Techs
    Tech Effect Requirements
    Writing(Styinn) +1 Conversion Def, +1 to Conversions if sharing same writing None
    Sailing Can traverse over one deep ocean border None
    Animal Husbandry +1 to Opu and Dip explores None
    Irrigation +1 to Stabilization rolls None
    Masonry +1 to resist raids/sacks None
    Pottery +1 to Buyouts None
    Mamut Translation Understands CULTURE none
    Celestial Navigation +1 Sailing, -1 Distance loss for deep water none

    Miracle Effects
    Ocean Forge (R75): Items created in the Ocean Forge are slightly more powerful, if their effects relate to water and/or transformation.

    Organised Faith Bonuses
    Tier Effect
    HC5 +1 Investigations

    Regional Effects

    Region Type Effect
    75 Miracle Ocean Forge
    75 GP: Bryikkun Other kingdoms using Styinn may send a named character to the ocean forge with a diplomacy action, enabling them to use it. Requires the region owner’s consent.
    Named characters
    The kannun era begins at the end of round 10
    Hofmyejon, Hero (21 as of 17K.E)
    Londkannuaur, Hero (23 as of 0K.E)
    Ferirbadi, Ruler (14 as of 21K.E)
    Kolthalf, L’s child (2 as of 21K.E)
    Nofnlousmythvitodurkarndrypiskip, ”Nofn”, L’s child (2 as of 21K.E)
    Hof, Forgemaster (27 as of 21K.E)
    Holfviti, D.I.C Leader (30 as of 21K.E)

    Spoiler: Glyemo

    Glyemo begun as the act of meticulously recording everything in writing, to expand the knowledge of those coming after. Not everything is worth remembering though and writing takes time from other chores. While it is common for families and guilds to keep their own internal records the Sagu compiles it and shape the overall picture.


    The scale and focus of the summaries vary and thus there are multiple societal murals, encompassing everything from the number of fish in a certain lake to the founding and upkeep of an entire hregger (approx. underground village). Of the murals two surpass the others in importance. First there is the Somfélog, detailing the combined history of the Smiaurskotor, since the false dawn’s beginning. Secondly there is the Smido, a record of all things related to smithing, some more sensible than others.

    Equally important as recording the knowledge itself is the act of ensuring it only reaches the intended audience. Because knowledge only gives an absolute advantage while others lack it. As such becoming a member of the Sagu guild includes many trials and requires any other ties to be forsworn. Even if murals are the prevalent form of record keeping many contains secrets guarded by both families and guilds alike, if the location is unsecure it is usually written in code. Many have combined the two features but a Sagu aspire to read every mural unhindered, as such any rivalling ties are forbidden.


    While most skills can benefit from Glyemo the Smiaurskotor are obsessed with mastering smithing once more. If the obsession stems from the public Smido-mural or if the mural is a byproduct from the obsession is a subject best avoided unless one seeks a lengthy argument, ultimately leading nowhere.

    Less widespread is the search for the Daezirn's origin and whereabouts, a tall and mighty race which controlled many an isle before the false dawn. Those getting sucked into the mystery often acquire an almost fanatical devotion to their searching. Unwilling to share their findings to anyone else than other devotees little is known about their actual goals.


    Believing skulls to keep the wisdom of the dead burial of the body takes place at sea, after the cranium has been prepared separately. The skulls are often kept as talismans. Prosperous guilds might have entire walls decorated with successful members from the past. Once a cranium has been properly inscribed by the Sagu it seems to hold forever and some even claim to get guidance from the skulls in their daily lives.


    Often objects of importance are engraved in Styinn, telling a story of fiction, their creation or past. This practice is believed to imbue the object with a will of its own. Anyone can etch runes into an object but imbuing it with the essence of those runes is a much more complicated process. An art practiced almost exclusively by the Sagu Somtvinno uses the object’s own surfaces to shape the runes and adjusts the sentences after the shape and curvature of the object, bringing the tale to life.

    Holy Places

    Just south of Glaondi Yejon lies Grytt, a rocky isle with few living things except grass and birds. This is the most common place for Smiaurskotor to send of their dead into the sea, usually inscribing memories of those gone into boulders and cliff faces on the isle. Over the years this etching tradition has turned the whole isle into a giant collective mural.

    Spoiler: Oceanforge Smiths

    Kingdom, Character, Round x- y (not forever)
    Smiaurskotor, Forgemaster Hof, Round 15-19
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Great Scrimthun Unity
    Glory be to Thun, which remembers what it is owed.
    (Round 17)

    (Regions: 53, 59, 60, 61, 65)
    1. [Diplomacy] Press claim: Press claim on Region 69, incorporating it into the Great Scrimthun Unity and gaining one unit. (2/2)
    2. [Diplomacy] Stabilize: Stablize Rakek-Ar (Region 59). Success! Roll
      Nithor knows that, while they may be steadfast, the priests of the Unity are not as persuasive as their fellows among the rest of the Trinity. Still, while it might be difficult to root out the Corpse Flower, it should be possible to soothe the unrest of the people there.
    3. [Military] Raise a land unit.
    4. [Military] Raise a naval unit.
    5. [Opulence] Buyout the Good resource of Goats from region 55 (55.2). Success! Roll
    6. [Opulence] Buyout the Great resource of Falconers from The Land of the Watchers (61.3). Success! Roll

    Embassy Actions:
    • Send 2 treasure to the Targiz (TAR).

    • Attend any events to which we are invited.
    • Resist all unsupported buyouts with a +1 against those without Coinage.
    • Resist all sacks and raids with a +2 from Masonry and Advanced Masonry.
    • Resist all unapproved Errant Quests in our territory.
    • Support all conversions to the Trinity of Light; resist all others with a +1 from Writing (Hraban Runes).
    • Gain 2 Treasure at the beginning of the next round from passive income. Earlier trade continues to pay dividends.

    • Other:

    News and Rumors:

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping
    Leader: Thunspeaker Nithor, Keeper of Fables
    • Diplomacy: 10
    • Military: 9 [=>10]
    • Opulence: 10
    • Faith: 2
    • Intrigue: 1

    New leader?: No
    Land Units: 5/15 [=>7/18]
    Naval Units: 2/7 [=>3/8]
    Passive Treasure Income: 2
    Treasure: 4/10 [=>4/10]
    Embassies: KOB, NTK, TAR, UZI
    • Masonry
    • Writing (Hraban Runes)
    • Animal Husbandry
    • Pottery
    • Irrigation
    • Sailing
    • Arctic Survival (Active, 65.1)
    • Increased Defense Budget (Active, 18.2 and 18.3)
    • Stage Plays (Inactive, need refreshments)
    • Uzii Battlesmithing (Active, 33.2)
    • Mamut-Daezirn Isles translation
    • Mamut-Sikar translation
    • Mamut-Tarandi translation

    Spoiler: Keeper of Fables Techs
    • Advanced Masonry
    • Advanced Poisoning (Inactive, need medicinal or poisonous plants)
    • Bronze (Active, 24.2)
    • Caravanserai (Inactive, need stone)
    • Celestial Navigation
    • Coinage (Active, 173.1)
    • Comet Phylacteries (Inactive, need comet shards)
    • Composite Bows (Active, 55.1)
    • Crab-Claw Sails
    • Eleftherian Diplomacy
    • Equestrianism (Inactive, need horses)
    • Feathered Capes (Inactive, need feathers)
    • Recurve Bows (Inactive, need more hooved animals)
    • Saddles (Inactive, need cavalry tech and rideable animals)
    • Seekers (Inactive, need Nakhla Stone)
    • Song of the Wind (Inactive, need flying beings)
    • Thin-Blood Elixir
    • Towers of Light (Inactive, need additional silver)
    • Viskari War Bows (Inactive, need additional wood)
    • War Drums
    • Wheel and Axle
    • Wolf Riders (Inactive, need wolves)

    Spoiler: Unit Breakdown
    • 1 Arkusan Homeguard
    • 1 Watchers
    • 1 Wanderers, Vagabonds & Followers
    • 2 Scrim Elites
    • 1 Arkusan Seafarers
    • 1 Arali Conscripts

    Spoiler: Trading Posts

    Region No. Resource TP1 TP2 TP3 City Acquired?
    18 Emeralds TAR SCR SCR Round 4, Round 12
    24 Tin CRI SCR XX Round 14
    27 Iron SKT TAR SCR Round 11
    33 Copper SCR SCR UZI UZI Round 16, Round 14
    36 Wheat TAR SCR XX Round 13
    40 Cheese SCR TAR TAR Round 13
    50 Truffles SCR CRI Open Round 2
    53 Furs and Hides SCR TAR Open SCR Starting, Round 4
    54 Barley SCR Open XX Round 2
    55 Goats SCR Open XX Round 14
    65 Timber SCR XX XX Round 7
    66 Juhan Axemen SCR XX XX Round 7
    Region No. Resource TP1 TP2 TP3 City Acquired?
    173 Silver SCR XX XX Round 16
    299 Clay Open SCR HYD Round 15, DSP

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    Spoiler: STUFFS
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    ><^>^<^^Turn Seventeen

    My Round Actions
    Lands of the HYD
    R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 R16 R17

    Game Round Opener Posts
    R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10pt1 R10pt2 R11pt1 R11pt2 R12pt1 R12pt2 R13pt1 R13pt2 R14pt1 R14pt2 R15pt1 R15pt2 R16pt1 R16pt2 R17pt1 R17pt2

    Ruler: Wuuluu, The Hydran Sovereign
    Dip 10
    Mil 10
    Opu 6+1
    Fai 1
    Int 6

    Mil Raise Unit x2 (2 Land Units)
    With Alskan Worm Wrangling becoming a more widespread and official part of the Hydran Fleet, and not just an arcane secret kept by the uppermost echelons of Night Elven warfare, comes the new wave of Hydran Worm Trainers. Following in Red’s wake, and wishing to ride a much larger beast than a horse, they sign up for enlistment in the ever growing armada. Many of them even get imported over to Kiswa, to take their first road trip against some soft targets for target practice.

    Mil Send Char into the Blightstorm Roll = 10
    Mil Send Liyae into the Blightstorm Roll = 23
    Mil Invade 264 with Wuuluu.
    Wuuluu puts a bit of a delay on unifying the southern hemisphere of Turtolan people in order to march an army of freshly raised Worm Wranglers along with a typical compliment of Mounted Archers (freshly armed with the finest of Recurve Bows) in order to gain a direct hold on the source of succulent Sapphires. Of course, should the remaining rebels of what was once the FLK nation provide a sufficient threat that she had to clean them up, she’s all too willing to delay her salivation over Epic Loot in order to do the more practical thing of reconglomerating those peoples into the Turtolan Vizier Kingdom.
    Spoiler: Battle Orders

    March with Wuuluu (10 Mil ruler) and 2 Land Units, marching down from 266 through 265 into 264. If intercepted in 265, don’t bother finishing the march to 264 and just take control of 265 instead.
    Using the Hydra’s Roar Tac Doc (+3 Battle, -10% enemy casualties)
    Tac Doc Roll [+12] (10Mil+2 Drums)
    No Duel
    Battle Roll [+17] (10 Mil +2 Recurve +1 Bronze +1 Sharpened Weapons +1 Treasure +2 Units
    Leader Loss Roll [+1] (+1 Bronze)
    Casualties [-10%] (-10% Equestrianism)
    Enemy Casualties [+10%] (+10% Worm Wrangling)

    Opu Buy out TP 2 of Sapphires in Region 264 (Unowned) Roll = 13
    Sapphires. Shiny objects with a religious significance, especially now that it seems like Wuuluu’s next in line successor is not of the scarlet shade. Plus, booty be licious. Grab that booty and hoard it like the dragon queen you are.

    Opu Opulence Explore south of region 264 Roll = 16
    As part of this, ahem, religious excavation and influx of Hydran Merchants comes a sapphire rush southward. Who knows what treasures await below, just waiting to be claimed. Although the split of the shoreline created to allow some of the turtle folk their independence (inside another government) prevents the Mangroves from crossing, a pure Night Elven colonization is fine too.

    Dip Stabilize 266 (12 TN, 10 Dip, +1 Irrigation, +1 SoS 1, Succeed on a 0, let alone a 2.)
    With vast measures of wealth provided to her by the success of the nation and what is (mostly) control of the piracy within it, Wuuluu manages to raise the living standards of the FLK capital to new heights. A good measure of Night Elven diplomats come in to help manage things and establish true control of the puppet kingdom, but for the average Turtle Folk, life improves significantly.

    And by average, we mean the upper class and those who quickly accepted Hydran control. The rest aren’t nearly so well off, but are given enough to quiet them down.

    Discarded Actions

    Opu Buy out TP 2 of Avacados from the Bel-Dan in region 193
    The Night Elven court has been putting up with a lot of dung lately from the pirates, who were only narrowly chased out of Easika and have set up shop right next door. As the fleet of raiders show up on the horizon, Wuuluu’s second born daughter suggests the idea of pulling their well woven strings to undermine the more economical enterprises of the Bel-Dan, and she can’t dismiss that as a bad angle.

    Opu Buy out TP 3 of Unowned Copper in Region 282
    The oncoming invasion and savagery of the Bel-Dan in the Orcan Ports and Serpentine Hills have convinced the Nocturnal Hydra that more direct security is required. Along with the general integration of the FLK as a Vizier Queendom into the Nocturnal Hydra comes the direct implementation of Advanced Masonry to in terms of proactive bulwarking of these exports. The vastly increased central control of Hydran officers is purely coincidental.

    Start turn with 11 treasure
    Export 4 treasure via embassy
    Spend treasure on actions
    Gain 2 treasure passively
    Gain 1 treasure from Opu explore

    Spoiler: Default Non-Actions

    Accept all Embassies.
    Accept Vassalization of the NAH and the SKO.
    Require permission from an Agent of Ruin to do any of the above.
    Accept all trade gifts (treasures, units, technologies, etc)
    Resist all buyouts not explicitly allowed within HYD territories.
    Resist all buyouts on TPs that the HYD specifically own (as opposed to unowned or owned by other players), superseding general support to buy out TPs.
    Resist all conversions to religions other than Path Of The Ancient Ones.
    Support all conversions to Path Of The Ancient Ones.
    If I’m purchasing a TP that is owned, and there is an available unowned TP in the same region, default to buying the unowned TP instead unless I explicitly mention to buy the other player out.
    Any actions that entirely fail for whatever reason should be converted towards a GP of that type (or just a Raise Unit, if military and there is room)
    Any unmarked floating actions should just become raise unit actions of a type of unit that isn't at cap

    Embassy Actions
    Trade 1 treasure to the Sewune, for them to trade to the Bel-Dan, on the understanding of keeping their hostile piracy outside the bounds of the Hydran Empire’s Regions/TPs for the foreseeable future.
    Trade Cavernsai to the Sewune. Get Saddles from the Sewune next turn.
Receive Uzii Battle Smithing from the Soreni. Trade the Soreni 3 Treasure upon receiving Uzii Battle Smithing.

    Rumors and News
    Wuuluu formally asks for the Naherin to give her crown back, now that it’s been returned to them. She’d been making do with replacements, but none of them are the same as her original. Three reasons. One, they’re tacky and look dumb. Two, they’re uncomfortable and way too heavy. Three, they break after she headbutts one target, whereas her original was as sturdy a weapon as any fine quality bronze shield.
    Wuuluu’s fighting style a blitz of pure offense. Capable of bounding several feat per step in a breakneck run, ramming with open palms and heavy crown, battling like a monk who is capable of generating extraordinary bursts of power within her hands and feet capable of cracking bronze clean in half. However, she’s pretty frail (by Hero standards anyway), and while fast on her feet her ability to run faster than any other otherwise out-of-shape Night Elf noble is predicated on bursts of power into her steps, meaning such high velocity does not translate to finesse.
    Hydran Ports are generally very welcoming to foreign traders, both in terms of the merchant class and the more inland neighbors. Typically official vessels from kingdoms far off can get specific authority when trading with Hydran ports for immunity from pirates, as most of the piracy that goes on is controlled by the Nocturnal Hydra. Within them there are many wonderful exports to collect from the various trading posts that the Night Elves own, and sometimes you can even hire on additional crew if the price is right.

    It may be a different story when getting to especially urban or rural areas, but most of the populace is kept well fed, so there’s little reason to worry. Still, better safe than sorry, so bring a guard and the local nobles will be able to tell you which areas to potentially be wary of.

    Spoiler: The Royal Starblood Lineage

    The ages of all these princesses are marked as of 268 AFD.

    Trelau (Night Elf, Astral Scarlet, Age would have been 29)
    The firstborn of Wuuluu’s lineage, bearing scarlet red scales and tall features. Very noble and quick to action, unlike many of her contemporaries not much is known about her, especially because as she’d hit adulthood and was completing her monk like tutelage to become head of the Empire, she met a gruesome end saving her mother from total disaster.

    Jenifu (Night Elf, Astral Sapphire, Age 28)
    Secondborn elf to the queen, decked out in royal blue both in garment and skin. Her personality is much more cool and collected, and she has taken a position as economic advisor and head of the mercenary military corps. Very convincing and flirty, if also blunt and cutthroat. Has become less laid back and more professional over the last decade int he wake of her official training, even if she’s never had a talent for being a weapons master like most of her other siblings (including Trelau, who is mostly known by the tales woven by her surviving sisters).

    Zezau (Night Elf, Astral Emerald, Age 27)
    Weaponsmaster of every kind, inventive and loves making up new trickery and traps. Horses hate her for some reason, and she can’t give one so much as a pet without it snorting in her face. A bit of a runt of the family, barely coming up to five foot when both her older sisters almost broke six. Ever cheerful and able to put a positive spin on things, and has personally made a name and a killing over in Marsport in sparring matches. A big advocate for her own code of honor, which is a strange belief to hold given her backstabbery tactics in most endeavors.

    Meruu (Night Elf, Astral Onyx, Age 26)
    Takes monk isolation and booklearning to the extreme, though unlike Trelau she actually came out of isolation upon adulthood to begin enacting rites among the populace. Has become a wildly effective priestess, and has a tai ji style of fighting that most closely resembles her mother. Supposedly, she can talk to the Alskan Worms, and Red has verified this. Unlike most Night Elves, her skin is albino, eyes red, and can’t stand being out in the sun both because it makes her skin burn and her eyes can’t see. However, in the night her vision is better than most Ashir, and that’s saying something.

    Alskau (Night Elf, Astral Opal, Age 25)
    In her younger years, she was always studious and giggly, but never stood out. Once she turned eighteen she abruptly vanished to go live with the Mangroves down in Grovelia, and has become an integral part of their hierarchy, holding considerable swaths of land, even if she often only comes out in disguised masks or ritualistic gowns. Her experienced there has jaded her, and she’s somewhat distant from the family she loved and participated in before. Very, very good with knives, accepting only the finest silver and bronze for what she will use to carve her name into everything that is hers.

    ?????? (Night Elf, Astral Amber?, would have been age 24)
    Died before being born.

    Lulu (Night Elf, Astral Amethyst, Age 22)
    Looked up to Jenifu and Trelau, wanting to be what they were but better in every way. Economically proficient, seductive, bow sharpshooting. Was snapped out of her inferiority complex when Trelau died, and sad that she spend so much time being a younger stand-offish sibling rival. She’s since grown to tune her obsessive self-improvement into a more healthy manner, and has been the main family member who maintained a strong connection and friendship with Alskau. She’s a wonderful chef and has a love of seafood, and has her own collection of rainbow fish back at home.

    Armies and Coffers of the HYD

    Heads of the Hydra: HYD, NAH, SKO
    (+2 to ruler turnover, +2 to land unit cap)
    Owned Regions:
    Cs 280, 281, 282, 289
    nCs 318
    Ck 204, 267, 266, 203
    nCk N/A

    Spoiler: Night Elven Armies And Coffers

    Coffers: 11/15 Treasure, 6/[10](3+7) Naval Units, 8/[24](6+16+2) Army Units
    Trading Posts/Cities Controlled: 12/2 (+2 Treasure at turn-end)
    Favor/Rep Status: 0/2 with SoS, 0/2 with DSP, 0/2 with TSR

    Spoiler: Opulence TP Stuff

    Spoiler: Owned TPs

    211/2/Tvila Clay
    216/2/Droggen Berries

    267/2/Mountain Goats
    280/1/Flavored Water
    288/2/Water Buffalo
    289/City/Wild Horses

    Spoiler: TPs in Owned Territories

    280 Fla Wat HYD/FLK/Open
    281 Maize ALO/FLK/XX
    282 Copper HYD/ASH/Open
    289 Wild Horse SEW/Open/Open/(HYD)
    318 G Kangaroos DOD/Open/Open

    268 Sea Food FLK/XX/XX

    204 Copper HEN/FLK/XX(HYD)
    203 Dyes Open/Open/Open
    Buying Sapphires 264 2 and Maize TP 2 owned by FLK

    Spoiler: Techs/Bonuses
    Total Tech List: All Default Techs, Comp Bows>Recurve Bows, Equestrianism, War Drums, Bronze, Sharpened Weapons, Crab Claw Sails, Worm Wrangling
    Gaining Uzii Battlesmithing for T18
    Coinage, Wheel and Axel, Seekers, Advanced Masonry, Thin Blood Elixir, Cavernsai
    Flowerlands (Mamut) Codex
    Blightlands (Kiswa) Codex
    Tarandi Codex 2/5 (1 HYD 1 SOR)
    PotAtO +1 Def Battles
    Spoiler: War Tech Table

    Equipped Techs
    * Special Materials (Bronze) +1 Battle, +1 Leader Loss Rolls
    * Armor (none)
    * Melee Weaponry (Sharpened Weapons) +1 Battle
    * Ranged Weaponry (Recurve Bows) +2 Battles
    * Cavalry (Equestrianism) -10% friendly casualties
    * Scouts and Logistics (War Drums) +2 Tac Doc
    * War Beasts (Worm Wrangling) +10% enemy casualties
    * Fortifications (none)
    * Combat Drugs and Medicine Thin Blood +1 to Quest/Battle with Blightspawn
    * Sappers and Siege Weapons (none)
    * Subterfuge (none)
    (Add Recurve Bows to table next turn)

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Henanda, Round 17

    News and Rumours
    • The attack on the Standing Stone proves the final straw for the already frail alliance with the Bel-Dan Armada. What was once an alliance of fellowship had, thanks to the frequent coups in the pirate lands, become merely a diplomatic relic maintained out of convenience. But such a brazen, unprovoked, attack on a site within tribal lands cannot be borne. The armies of Henanda will no longer march to the aid of the Bel-Dan.
    • Oniyellīs is delighted with his new Ashir bride Katja. If he is at all disappointed at not being able to marry her sister too, he does not show it. Two girls are born to the couple, in 265 and 266. Nevertheless, it is said that the children are small (for Bannanda) and it is already quietly suggested that they will not be capable of succeeding to their father's position.

    [Military] Repair the standing stone in 193 1/3
    [Faith] Convert region 185 to Hozhisa (success: 18)
    [Faith] Convert region 184 to Hozhisa (failure: 11)
    [Diplomacy 5] Open an Embassy with the Targiz
    [Diplomacy] Raise reputation with Truthseers 1->2, spending 1 treasure (success: 18)

    • Accept any technologies offered
    • Resist all conversions
    • Oppose all unauthorised buyouts
    • Resist all thefts
    • Gain 2 Treasure at start of next round from owned trading posts
    • Spend 1 Dreamspeakers favour to increase reputation to 2
    • Spend 1 Truthseers favour to increase reputation to 3 (I believe there is a space available, but if a roll is necessary, spend 1 treasure on it)

    Spoiler: Ruler stats

    Paramount Chief (King) Oniyellīs

    D 6
    M 8
    O 4
    F 5
    I 3

    Stat increases: +1 Diplomacy +1 Faith

    Spoiler: Stuff

    Regions: 190 (Faragumūll/Kledehem), 191 (Dum-Hong Deng), 192 (Ilcerapirūll/Farilpūll), 193 (Faranandūll, capital)
    Units: 11
    Treasure: 3
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Region 218: Veramondo
    Region 228: Adzbark Wetlands
    Region 229: Flaschorikia
    Region 230: Qsmar


    [Faith] Convert Kincany (198) to the Way of Green
    Spend a Treasure on this roll

    [Faith] Convert Aimo Hajje (224) to the Way of Green

    [Military 5] Raise Hero: Kata the Fatherless

    [Military] Raise 2 Units

    [Faith] Set Way of Green 10 HC bonus to 2d8 to Conversion Resist


    Support conversions to Way of Green
    Resist everything else.

    Vygra Embassy
    Exchange Advanced Poisoning and a Treasure for the Tarandi and Mamut translation projects.

    News and Rumors

    Spoiler: National Info
    Units: 7/12 land, 1/6 sea
    Treasure: 5/5 (+2 per round)


    Spoiler: Technologies
    Name Effect Requires Usable? DSP?
    Advanced Masonry +1 resist Raid and Sack None Yes No
    Advanced Poisoning +1 theft, assassination, kidnapping, incite betrayal, and related Secret Actions Medicinal/Poisonous plants No No
    Animal Husbandry +1 to Opu and Dip explore None Yes No
    Arctic Survival May cross arctic borders Lumber Yes Yes
    Bronze +1 battles, +1 leader loss Copper, Materials slot Yes No
    Caravanserai +1 resist Raid and Sack Masonry, Stone or Clay Yes Yes
    Celestial Navigation Cross additional deep water border and -1 distance loss over water None Yes Yes
    Coinage +1 resist buyout against those without coinage, +1 buyout if you have gold or silver None Yes Yes
    Comet Phylacteries +2 leader loss rolls Comet Shards, Medicine slot No Yes
    Composite Bows +1 battles Hooved Animals, Ranged slot Yes Yes
    Crab-Claw Sails -1 distance loss, increase deep water transport by 1 Sailing, Logistics slot Yes Yes
    Eleftherian Diplomacy New non-dynastic rulers get +1 to two stats their predecessor had 8 or more in Writing Yes Yes
    Equestrianism -10% casualties Horses, Animal Husbandry, Cavalry slot Yes Yes
    Feathered Capes May contribute an extra hero to quests without extra actions. Feathers, Armor slot. Yes Yes
    Increased Defense Budget May spend 1 more treasure on a battle, +1 to battle for every 2 treasure spent Gems or Precious Metals, Logistics slot No Yes
    Irrigation +1 Stabilize None Yes No
    Masonry +1 resist Raid and Sack None Yes No
    Pottery +1 Buyout None Yes No
    Recurve Bows +2 Battle Composite Bows, Hooves, Ranged Slot Yes Yes
    Saddles +1 Battle, -10% casualties. Cavalry tech, Animals, Cavalry Slot. Yes Yes
    Sailing May cross deep water None Yes Yes
    Seekers May cross deep desert Nahkla Stone No Yes
    Song of the Wind +1 Sea exploration, cross 1 additional deep water border. Flying Beings, Animal Husbandry, Sailing Yes Yes
    Thin-Blood Elixir +1 to battles and Quests against Gluttonous Shadows Medicine slot Yes No
    Towers of Light +2 resist Raids, +1 to Investigate per other with this tech that investigates this round (max +2) Silver, Masonry No Yes
    Uzii Battlesmithing -10% casualties Hard Metal, Armor slot Yes Yes
    Viskari War Bows +1 to battle Wood, Ranged slot Yes Yes
    War Drums +2 tactical maneuvering Logistics slot Yes Yes
    Wheel and Axle +1 Opu explore, overland exploration not limited by adjacency None Yes No
    Wolf Riders +1 to battle Wolves, Cavalry slot No Yes
    Writing +1 conversion resist, +1 conversion against people who have Veramondi Logography None Yes No

    Trade Posts:
    Ashiran Horses: 302.1
    Cacao: 218.C, 218.1
    Copper: 282.3
    Flamingoes 229.C
    Rice: 228.1
    Stone: 213.1
    Timber: 192.1, 195.3
    Wild Asses 212.1

    Practiced Debate: 2d8 on Conversions. (Permanent)

    Rep Bonuses
    DSP 1: +1 Exploration
    DSP 2: Incur distance losses every 5 regions.
    DSP 3: 2d8 secret actions
    Keeper of Fables: +2 secret action resist, gain all techs owned by 5+ nations, may treat a DSP exploration as own Inquest great success once per round
    SoS 1: +1 Stabilization
    SoS 2: +1 existing Hero related rolls
    TSR 1: +1 Establish Claim
    Atasamar Kanorage (218)
    Kanorage (218) Does not count towards city count limits.
    Flamakar Sangrisil (229).

    Spoiler: Ruler Info
    Diplomacy: 3
    Military: 5
    Opulence: 3
    Faith: 4
    Intrigue: 5

    Descendants and Heirs:


    Other Family:
    Oram Hadev III - Uncle
    Vari Hadev - Aunt
    Kata... Hadev? - Cousin
    Karsha Hadev - Sister

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Star Kingdom of Solais: Round 17 (Year 65-68)


    [Diplomacy]: Press Claim on Region 145 (Great Success! Claim progress at 3/3)

    [Diplomacy]: Press Claim on Region 153 (Success. Claim progress at 3/3)

    [Faith]: Seek Aid for Pressing Claim on Region 145 (Success)

    [Faith]: Seek Aid for Secret Action (Success)

    [Intrigue]: Secret

    [Intrigue]: Begin formation of the Moon Guard (1/5)

    Rolls can be found... here and also here.

    Resist all unauthorized Buyouts.
    Rauri carries one Iron Claw Phylactery and a Ring of the Phoenix.
    Artifacts not in use will be kept by the Circle of Dreaming Deer (Three Iron Claw Phylacteries).

    Embassy-Based Non-Actions:
    Request transport over mountain borders from the Dannu-Gaon (DAN).
    Accept Dome, Tower, and Advanced Masonry techs from the Dannu-Gaon (DAN).

    Ruler Stats:
    Lessa the Firecrown, First Thane: Diplomacy 10, Military 10, Opulence 6, Faith 3, Intrigue 5

    Expected Stat Increases: +1 Faith, +1 Intrigue

    News and Rumors:
    - Robinton of the Cloak, armed with his trademark charm and wit, and Kylara of the Tower, armed with the thoughts and prayers of the Star Kingdom's best magi all fervently beseeching higher powers to keep her from screwing this up, each meet success in convincing their respective hosts to join the Solais. With this new territory, Lessa drafts up a new Writ, the Writ of the Clans, providing additional streamlining and centralization of both politics, economy, and diplomacy of the realm in preparation for an overhaul of the government and citizenry.
    - Additionally, the sudden appearance of foreign pirates prompts Lessa to issue a new declaration, the Writ of the Range, this time with the enthusiastic support of the other Thanes. The Writ of the Range formally declares the intentions of Clann Solais to unite the entirety of the southern range, henceforth so-named as the Sidereal Reach, under the banner of the Clans.
    - The ongoing expansion of the Clans also convinces the Star Watch to start recruiting for a sister organization, one open to Solais of all descriptions rather than a handful of magically receptive women. The Moon Guard is nowhere close to completion, but the groundwork is laid.
    - Architects from the Dannu-Gaon tribes are treated to a surprise hero's welcome upon their arrival at Cathair na Realtai, and a quieter but no less thankful event is thrown for them at Star's End later. While this is hardly the first technology that Clan Mak has shared with their allies, the arch was a huge hit that improved the lives of ordinary Solais in ways that haven't been seen since the introduction of masonry, and the Solais aim to show their appreciation for the more advanced techniques that can stave off raiders, animals, the bitter winters, and the decay of time.
    - Envoys proceed with extreme caution into the Carrion Ward to converse with the latest of the Wardens of the Awakened Realms' ever-rotating menagerie of leaders. Though the talks are not made public, to all appearances they leave satisfied.
    - Tentative contact has been achieved with Sultan Zidan of the Ashir, and Lessa begins reaching out to her daughter-in-law's cousin's husband's father, striking an early trade deal. Clann Solais's tanners labor to adapt the saddle for horses, though they puzzle over why someone would want to ride such a temperamental beast. After several fits and starts, they manage to produce a working version and instructions for how to make more, and then create two saddles as gifts for the Sultan and his wife. Zidan's saddle features a pommel and horn set with gems, housing and rigging of select crocodile leather, with seat and fender of finest horsehide with silver filigree. Tales, however distorted, of Warrior Queen Jana dying and coming back to life have reached the Clans, and while some have scoffed at the notion that such a thing is possible, Pina-Mak's feat of pulling a star from the heavens and planting it as a seed in the earth is less than a decade old, so they decide to take the rumors at face value for now. Of a more martial bent, the saddle they make for Jana is less ornate but in some ways even more elegant, with flowing writing describing a pared-down summary of her exploits in both Hiverness Script and Tarandi Kagahara set around the skirt in gold filigree with a single large emerald at the cantle and gullet. These and a handful of other saddles are sent to Dannu-Gaon with the hopes of beginning their long journey to Vesparre. The Solais tanners also send a saddle designed for wolves in case the Ashir ever wish to begin riding a more sensible animal, though Lessa instructs the courier not to include that part of the message and instead imply that the wolf saddle is a simple curiosity included for the sake of completeness.
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Citlallo Isles
    Region 81, Round 17

    Spoiler: Ruler Info

    Eleuia, First Tlatoani of the Unified Isles, Lady of Fire
    Diplomacy – 9
    Military - 4
    Opulence – 5
    Faith - 3
    Intrigue – 1

    1. [Diplomacy] Finalize Claim over Region 82
    2. [Diplomacy] Diplomatic Mission to the West of Region 81 (Use 1 treasure for roll) [TN 12, Roll 20, Success!]
    3. [Military] Raise 1 land unit
    4. [Opulence] Exchange Region 81 TP3 (Glasswork) for Region 87 TP1 (Wolverines) with Boz
    5. [Opulence] Buyout Region 82 TP1 (Terror Birds) (Use 1 treasure for roll) [TN 12, Roll 14, Success!]

    News and Rumors
    The Isles continue to flourish under Tlatoani Eleuia
    • The incorporation of Popoca under Citlallo's government has been going well due to strong ties of marriage and of trade.
    • After the most recent visit from the Blessed Snow Wives as well as years of trade and diplomacy with Danneta-Yvaon, much of the Citlalli have converted to Way of Eauden. IT is expected to become the official religion of the Isles in the near future.
    • Thanks to the kindness of the Bozuls, the Citlalli now have a steady access to furs and no longer have to worry about their Sparks during the deep chill of the snowy season.
    • There is rumour that the hero Rarras will be travelling to the Isles. Many are eager to get a glimpse of him and are curious to know why he ventures West from Tarandi.
    • The Tlatoani and the Council have funded a diplomatic mission to the West, to see who they will meet next...

    - Support conversion to WoE
    - Accept all embassy gifts
    - Resist all unauthorized buyouts and conversions

    Spoiler: Additional Notes

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Ruler Stats Next Round
    Diplomacy – 10
    Military - 4
    Opulence – 6
    Faith - 3
    Intrigue – 1

    - Embassy with the Avicennian Isles
    - Embassy with Danneta-Yvaon
    - Embassy with Bozul

    Military Units: 2/9
    - 1/6 Land
    - 1/3 Naval

    Organizational Overview:
    - Truthseers: Rep 2, 1 favors, 1 Windowless Tower
    - Sentinels of Stone: Rep 3

    - Tarandi
    - Mamut

    Trading posts:2
    1. 81 (Glasswork) TP1
    2. 81 (Glasswork) TP3

    Treasures: 6/5
    Next round 4/5 treasure

    Technologies: 7
    1. Pottery:+1 Buyouts
    2. Sailing: Enables exploration and troop transport over deep water
    3. Irrigation: +1 Stabilization
    4. Writing, Hiverness Runes:+1 Conversion Defense, +1 Conversions in regions that share your writing system
    5. Masonry:+1 to resist Raids and Sacks
    6. Animal Husbandry:+1 to Opulence and Diplomacy exploration
    7. Viskari War Bows: +1 to Battles [Requires Wood]

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Ashirian Sultanate
    Led by the Sultan Zidan il Kasima
    D 10 • M 10 • O 3 • F 8 • I 10

    News & Rumors

    • [Diplomacy] Raise Reputation with TSR to 4 - (14, Failure)
    • [Military] Jana Al-Zamira aids Kro's quest (15, Success. Spend 1 treasure) -
    • [Faith] Seek aid for the above (17, Success) - Before traveling to Highnest, the Paladina is anointed at the Sun Temple.
    • [Faith] Seek aid for Kro Thorael's quest (14, Success) - Now a learned man in the ways of mysticism, Zidan says a blessing for Kro as well.
    • [Faith] Purify the Argent Heart (15, ?) - Having learned from Pina-Mak that similar blightspawn artifacts may carry a taint, Zidan commands many Dawnspeakers from across the sultanate to convene and conduct a ritual to purify the Argent Heart.
    • [Faith] Regency Investigation to heal the Guardian Lion (20, Success!) - As for the sultan himself, countless hours are spent in meditation and at prayer, seeking insight as to the nature of this beast and how she may be restored to health to protect the Sikar. Zidan swears that he will undo what terrible thing the Mockeries have done.

    • Accept all gifts, embassies, and vassals.
    • Generate 0 Treasure from TPs
    • Support conversions to True Dawn
    • Gift via embassy to CRO: Uzii Battlesmithing tech
    • Gift via embassy to DOD: Kiswa translation
    • TSR Matchmaking - Now 16, Amir Aman goes to join the court of the Night Kingdom.

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping
    Stat gains: +2 Faith
    Next Round: D 10 • M 10 • O 3 • F 10 • I 10

    Regions: 271, 272, 274(u), 275, 302, 303, 305, 307
    Capital: 302
    Treasure: 1
    Trading Posts: 302-1 Ashirian Horses, 279-1 Peppercorns, 282-2 Copper, 289-3 Waterbuffalo, Silver (Argent Heart), Ashirian Horses (Artifact Horse)
    Vassals: CRO, DOD
    Embassies: CRO, DOD, HYD
    Technologies Known (Military): Composite Bows ⭐, Bronze ⭐, Equestrianism ⭐, War Drums ⭐, Crab-Claw Sails ⭐
    Technologies Known (Other): Animal Husbandry ⭐, Pottery ⭐, Writing (Kagahara) ⭐, Irrigation ⭐, Sailing ⭐, Coinage ⭐, Masonry ⭐, Advanced Masonry ⭐, Towers of Light, Wheel & Axel ⭐
    Translations Known: Mamut, Kiswa
    Great Projects: Sun Temple 302 (+1 Hero Loyalty), Truthseer Headquarters 302 (+1 Create Claim, +1 Investigation, +1 Mythica, cannot enter Unrest, -1 Reputation for attacker)

    Hero: Jana Al-Zamira (10)
    Wielded Artifacts: Sun Sword (+2 Duels), Scorching Shield (+2 Leader Loss), Golden Lion Pet (+1 Battle, +1 Duels)

    Active Military Tech:
    Special Materials: Bronze
    Melee Weaponry:
    Ranged Weaponry: Recurve Bows
    Cavalry: Equestrianism
    Scouts and Logistics
    War Beasts
    Combat Drugs and Medicine
    Sappers and Siege Weapons

    Army Units: 13 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🏹🏹🛡️👳🏾
    _____• Sultan Zidan with 120 Elite Light Cavalry
    _____• Amir Harun with 200 Light Cavalry
    _____• Amir Azur with 200 Light Cavalry
    _____• Amira Nasrin with 200 Light Cavalry
    _____• Amira Mahira with 200 Light Cavalry
    _____• 200 Night Elf Archers
    _____• 200 Night Elf Archers
    _____• Sharif Vashur with 400 Heavy Infantry
    _____• Sheikh Adamu with 1000 Light Infantry
    _____• Add me
    _____• Add me
    _____• Add me
    _____• Add me

    Spoiler: Ashiric Phrasebook
    "A shala elem" - Traditional greeting, lit. "Be you at peace". Informally shortened to "A shala" and just "Shala". Used quite literally, it means they do not intend to fight you.
    "Ashta hazid" - "Hear this" or "Bear witness" or "I swear", lit. "Witness truth". A preface used to assert that what follows is avowed true and may not be disputed without most grievous insult.
    "Abin barat" - "Forty blessings". The standard number of blessings for a joyous occasion, such as marriage.
    Amir/a - Prince/ss
    Malak - Master or Great. Used as an aggrandizing modifier.

    Spoiler: Peerage & Organization
    Malak Amir - The Grand Prince and leader of the Ashir. The Malak's successor is chosen from among any princes of the clan, though tradition has favored first born child as age, experience and strength tend to yield the best war leaders.
    Amir/a - A prince or princess. Any grandchild of any previous Malak Amir. As only matrilineal ties are definite and casual sex with multiple partners quite common, a male Malak Amir and his sons must avow that children are theirs. Known to be a reliably honest people, this is seldom an issue, but has assuredly led to some children being mislabeled as princes.
    Sharif - A lord or count. Regional rulers who are considered peers to Amirs and subordinates to the Malak Amir. A representative of a Sharif attends the Ashir royal court to relay their concerns and provide counsel.
    Sheikh - A chief or elder. Typically the leader of a village, the patriarch of a large family, or an overseer of arable land.
    Sahib - Any estimable person, usually a courtesy title for family of a Sharif or Sheikh.
    Akaid - A military captain who commands a company of 40 Farsan.
    Faris - A cavalier, or rider in an active war company. Plural: Farsan.
    Sayis - A cadet, groom, or squire too young to serve as a full fledged Faris.
    Muatin - A member of the clan who never served as Faris.
    Hajin - Anyone born to Ashir parents, but who never develops nightvision and is thus expelled from the clan upon reaching adulthood.
    Ajnabi - Anyone who is not Al-Ashir.

    Spoiler: Links to Rolls
    Please ignore roll for Zidan seeking the Blessed Isle as he succeeded last round.
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Candake of Ta Seti

    Pharoah Nefertiti Dust Walker
    Dip 8 (+1)
    Mil 4 (+1)
    Op 2
    Faith 3 (+1)
    Int 5


    Miltary: Recruit 2 units:

    As is tradition Nefertiti contributes to the armed forces in an attempt to keep the realm competitive with its neighbors. A Great kingdom should always have its sword sharp and its men capable.

    Military Quest: Assist Kro in his quest to defeat the storm roll 12

    Rumor has it the last campaign of Shebitku went on was disrupted by the appearance of a sudden sandstorm. Since the Pharoah's apparent demise Ka has been despondent. But as his sorrow grew so did the desert sand, first to the periphery and now they reach the heartland itself. Ready to either avenge his best friend or join him in the sun's eye Ka marches southward in a desperate attempt to down an ancient foe.

    Faith: Seek Aid on Ka roll 10

    Faith: Seek Aid on Kro roll 11

    Diplomacy Raise Rep Truthseers roll 13 or 11 if the storm counts

    Diplomacy: Press claim on R286


    Go into Favor debt with truth seers for seeking aid on Ka

    News and Rumors
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Ko

    Spoiler: Leader Stats

    Dragonlord Zinnia
    Dip: 2
    Mil: 7
    Opu: 7
    Faith: 10
    Int: 8 => 10

    • [Faith] Convert the Soreni Capitol (308) to the Trinity of Light [Success!]
    • [Int] Investigate the Weakness among the Uzii. [Link]
      Zinnia has quietly expressed concerns about the Uzii's weak new generation. The Uzii have long been a reliable shield, and any cracks in it weaken Mamut as a whole. She reaches out with offers to have the Ko make some rather pointed inquiries.
    • [Int] Fosfer Hunts! [Critical Success!]
      Fosfer, and the Ko adherents to the Trinity at large, are incensed that mere mercenaries would dare to march upon their holy city. The Black Drake takes it upon himself to ensure they are properly punished. Though he claims his actions are spurred on by his burning zeal for the faith, many (including Zinnia) believe he is using it as an excuse to indulge his own desire for bloodshed.

      Regardless, he hunts the mercenaries through hill and dale, seeking their camp. Springing upon them in the dead of night, the acid of his breath and the razor sharpness of his claws slay all he encounters. All save Running-Ox. Finding the Cau held captive, the Drakko laughs. With a sneer, he informs Running-Ox that he alone will survive this day, but he will always remember to whom he owes his life.

      The mercenaries, Fosfer's prey, are slain to the last and their skulls added to Fosfer's growing trophy collection. He flies off and leaves Running-Ox in the middle of a field of scorched earth and dead men, not even bothering to unbind the Cau hero.

    • [Int] "Observe" the Scrim using Increased Defense Budget [Result 11 vs. ???]
      A party of Ko asks the Scrim bureaucrats out for dinner. They ask a few pointed questions, but ultimately mean no harm.

    • [SECRET]

    Non-Actions: Accept all embassies and gifts.

    Military: 6 units led by Fosfer, 2 naval units, led by Gooseberry the Seafarer

    Treasury: 8

    Embassies: The Scrim

    Spoiler: Trade Posts (Needs updating)
    Kaff Beans 1, 3, and 4, Gems 2, Flower Wine 2, Silk TP 1, Copper 1 and 2, Cormet Stone TP 3, Rabbits 1 and 2.

    Spoiler: Active Effects
    Trapped Towerhome: +1 to Battle Rolls in the region
    Translation of the Daezerin Isles (5/5)
    The Star Map (5/5)
    Ascended Drakko: +1 to 1 roll a round and +1 to leader loss rolls.

    Spoiler: Artifacts
    The Blade: If a duel is won, gain control over a defeated hero
    Sapphire of the Moon's Eye: An additional -2 is removed from actions on other continents

    Spoiler: Characters!

    Towerlady Zinnia: Current ruler. As all Ko are, she is prone to schemes and plots, having in fact ascended to the throne by betraying Thicket. However, she has a fondness for the Uzii, who recognized her greatness before anyone else did, and is a very good administrator who ensured Thicket's orders were carried out in the years before betraying him.

    Theris: The Greeeeeat and Magical Theris! Playwright extraordinaire, magician nonpareil! Now that Merine has taught her actual magic, her ego has only inflated more. And now, as the catalyst for the Ko's ascension to greatness, she is very, very full of herself.

    Fosfer: A whirling dervish and mad Ko.

    Prince Onyx: Fortunately, the gem-encrusted dragon has matured a bit from his younger, petulant self. He no longer feels the need to demand things. He now requests them, with every expectation of being obeyed. Still, he is fond of throwing money at problems to make them go away so he can continue to enjoy his life of leisure.

    Gooseberry the Seafarer: Explorer, adventurer, and uncharacteristically brave even as a Ko, she is the one who led the ill-fated assault on the Sokau lands before their internal collapse. Now, as a dragon, she seeks ever more ADVENTURE!

    News and Rumors
    • Zinnia has declared a reorganization of the military. The great masses of Ko once pressed into service, sent to die in droves, are disbanded, sent home to their families. In their place, she appoints six of her fellow Drakko to be the guards of the Towerhome and protectors of Ko everywhere.

      "It is not the place of the weak to throw their lives away for the egos of the strong", she declares, "My dream was of a world where the Ko need not live in fear of anything, and how can I make that dream a reality when I am the cause of much of it? Henceforth, it shall be your place to serve and ours to defend. Live your lives in peace and prosperity, my children. We shall ensure none disturb you."

      [From here on out, all Ko land units will be a single powerful or a few lesser Drakko]
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Regions 186, 187, 194, 195, 196, 202
    The Bel-Dan Confederation
    Leader: Reren Ren-Cha-Fen
    65-68 Era of Great Ocean


    1. [Diplomacy] Attend the Sewune event

    Spoiler: Subactions
    • Trade Peltae to the Sewune, in exchange for Composite Bows and the Tarandi translation project

    2. [Intrigue] Investigate the Blightslave Beach, spending a treasure: 18
    There are few beaches unfamiliar to the Reren, and none so clearly in the power of the Ice. With a small crew he sets out on a voyage to find the place he sees in dreams.

    3. [Military] Raise a naval unit
    With the Dream Speakers no longer exporting the lumber of Ten-Fuj-Sa-Cos, more ships can be built. These latest are outfitted to survive great journeys, even to the far northern Shipyard of the Sentinels of Stone.

    4. [Military] Raise a naval unit
    Ren-Cha-Fen's dream of seizing the mighty Ship of Alexios had never died, merely slumbered. With its source now found, crew willing to capture such a craft are plentiful.

    5. [Military] Sack 209 TP 1 (owned by DOD): 17
    It is the birth of a new age of piracy. As if emboldened by the mighty deeds of their heroes, the Bel-Dan-Ub flock to the banners of their captains. Ren-Pera-Don returns from the sun-stone isle discouraged by his failure but with a greater understanding of the westerners, and he leads his warriors in a probing attack against a trade outpost of the Dolod.

    6. [Military] Errant Quest with Ren-Ben-Udula in [Region 197]: 19 (2 treasure)
    Ren-Ben-Udula leaves her Queendom in the capable hands of Ah-Peku once more, traveling south with an entourage of Bel-Dan and Melxab warriors to meet in private with the Reren. Once this is done, she sails yet further along the coast, and raises a red cloth on her sail-post....

    The youth of [Region 197] seem more discontented than usual. The elves care little, but the elders debate at great length as to what might be done. So long, in fact, that the problem solves itself when many of the most discontented simply... disappear.

    1. Allow all religious conversions

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    • .

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats
    Diplomacy: 10
    Military: 10
    Opulence: 2
    Faith: 1
    Intrigue: 5

    Expected Stat Bonuses:

    Spoiler: Other notes

    Land units: 3
    Naval units: 4+2

    Treasure: 3 -1 +2/10

    • Ren-Pera-Don (10)
    • Ben-Udula (10); Shadow Slayer: +2 on Errant Quests in Kiswa and Sikar


    Resources controlled:
    • 193: Avocado
    • 195: Timber
    • 216: Droggen Berries

    • Sailing
    • Animal Husbandry
    • Irrigation
    • Writing (Veramondi Logography)
    • Masonry
    • Pottery
    • Crab-Claw Sails (req. Sailing)
    • Steering Oars (req. Sailing)
    • War Drums
    • Celestial Navigation (req. Sailing)
    • Peltae
    • Feathered Cloaks (req. feathers)
    • Bronze (req. copper or tin)

    • Sikar

    Cultural Identity: Naval Networks
    Effect: Increased die size on buyouts.

    Tactical Doctrine: Lightning Landings
    Effect: On a successful Tactical Maneuvering roll, negate the +4 defender bonus for attacks over Deep Water borders (including naval invasions).

    Wealth and Glory
    Effect: On a successful tactical maneuvering roll, make a Sack attempt against a random owned Trade Post in the region in which the battle takes place.
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Sewune of Gehudu Forest
    Regions: 216(C), 215, 231, 232

    Round 17 Actions:

    1. [Diplomacy] Host Event Continental meeting

    Sub Actions:
    • Trade Composite Bows and the Tarandi translation project to the The Bel-Dan Confederation (BDA) in exchange for Peltae.
    • Trade The Black Pharoah to The Sol'Ikoth (SKO) in exchange for Olx and Sep Blight-Trixters.
    • Trade Steering oars and Thin blood elixir to Highnest (CRO) in exchange for Arch, Towers, Dome and Djinn Contracts.
    • Trade Composite Bows to United Abiherist Tribes (UBT) in exchange for the Bunker Key artifact and 2 treasure.

    2. [Diplomacy 10] Create embassy with NTK.

    3. [Military] Dra Runa assist Kro Thorael on his quest to the heart of the sandstorm (use 3 treasure spend 1 favour with the TSR) Success 12

    4. [Intrigue] Translate the leather-bound journal that depicts columns of black flame rising from specially prepared clay vessels (use 3 treasure) 20

    5. [Intrigue] Look for mockeries in Galghälani (214). 19

    6. [Opulence] Buyout region 189 Purple Sea Snails TP2 from Open Success 18

    Non Actions:
    • Accept treasure from HYD
    • Spend 1 favour with the SoS to stabilize 216.
    • Accept any technologies offered
    • Resist all conversions
    • Oppose all unauthorised buyouts
    • Resist all thefts

    Spoiler: Diplomatic arrangements

    • Embassy with the Vygra
    • Embassy with the Nocturnal Hydra
    • Embassy with the Lim Dynasty
    • Embassy with the Lhungho Saar

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    "King" Yorick II:

    Diplomacy: 10
    Military: 7
    Opulence: 10
    Faith: 3
    Intrigue: 10

    Spoiler: News and Rumours

    Spoiler: Book Keeping

    Spoiler: Trade Posts

    Count Region Trade Post Slot Resource Category
    1 208 1 Gamebirds Living beings / food?
    2 210 2 Bananas Food
    3 211 3 Tvila Clay clay?
    4 213 2 Flint ??
    5 215 1 Artisans Skilled beings
    6 216 1 Sweet Droggen Berries Food
    7 216 City Sweet Droggen Berries Food
    8 217 2 Sorghum Food
    9 218 3 Cacao Food
    10 221 3 Healing Herbs Medicine
    11 223 2 Dag Yaks Living beings
    12 225 1 Elk Living beings?
    13 226 3 Copper Metal
    14 235 1 Hemlock Poisonous plant
    15 239 1 Ivory ???
    16 240 1 Aquamarine Precious mineral
    17 241 2 Tin Metal
    18 289 1 Wild Horses Live Animals
    19 291 3 Desert Bell Seeds Seeds
    20 292 2 Nakhla Stone Stone
    21 295 2 Salt ???
    22 303 2 Desert Foxes Live Animals
    23 307 2 Gold Precious Metal
    24 308 2 Silver Precious Metal

    Spoiler: Treasure (11)

    Round Reason Change Total
    4 Passive TP income +1 1
    4 Gift to sentinels of stone for rep -1 0
    5 Passive TP income +1 1
    5 Great Success Exploration +1 2
    6 Passive TP income +1 3
    6 Use one for investigation -1 2
    7 Passive TP Income +2 4
    7 Use on for the attack on blightspawn -1 3
    8 Passive TP Income +2 5
    8 Help stop unrest in 215 -1 4
    8 Assist on buyout -1 3
    9 Passive TP Income +2 5
    9 Investigate Shadows -1 4
    9 Investigate Shadows -1 3
    9 Investigate Shadows -1 2
    10 Passive TP Income +2 4
    10 Investigate earthquake -1 3
    10 Assist on Epic Quest -1 2
    11 Passive TP Income +2 4
    11 Blood Ingot reward +2 6
    11 Investigate evil presence revealed by the earthquake -3 3
    12 Passive TP Income +2 5
    13 Passive TP Income +3 8
    13 Great Success Exploration +1 9
    13 Great Success Exploration +1 10
    13 Use on Secret -3 7
    14 Passive TP Income +3 10
    14 Claim on 232 -3 7
    14 Investigate shadows in 209 -3 4
    14 Trade with Vygra +4 8
    14 Trade with Hydra +1 7
    15 Passive TP Income +3 10
    15 Investigation into the Glutonous Shadow Corpses +5 15
    15 Investigation assassination on Queen Wuuluu -3 12
    15 Investigate The alchemical mixture found in the holy spring of Lumo Taher in Vermando -3 9
    15 Secret action -3 6
    15 Trade to TRL -2 4
    15 Trade from HEN +3 7
    15 Trade from LIM +1 8
    16 Passive income +3 11
    16 Assist on exploring the sand storm -3 8
    17 Passive TP Income +3 11
    17 Dra Runa assist Kro Thorael -3 8
    17 Translate the leather bound journal -3 5

    Spoiler: Military (4 units)

    Name Ships Weapons
    Panneac yna husso No Bows
    Taan yna husso No Spears
    Puyn yna husso No Daggers
    Amg yna husso No Swords

    Name Military Stat Special Effect
    Dra ranu 8 +2 bonus on Errant Quests in Sikar and Kiswa
    Black Pharaoh 9 -4 to defend against betrayal

    Spoiler: Reputations

    Organization Rank Favours
    Sentinels of the Stone 1 1
    Dream Speakers 1 0
    Truthseers 2 1

    Spoiler: Great Projects

    Project Name Project Progress Project Effect Project Location
    Sikar Translation Done Reduce penalty to -4 when dealing with Sikar N/A
    Tarandi Translation Done Reduce penalty to -4 when dealing with Tarandi N/A
    Mamut Translation Done Reduce penalty to -4 when dealing with Mamut N/A

    Spoiler: Techs

    Tech Name Primary Effect Primary Resource Primary Resource Met Military Slot
    Alskan Worm Wrangling +10% Casualties for Opponents Liquid Resource and Animal Husbandry Tech (should include berries) Yes War Beasts
    Blade Sharpeners +1 to Battles Tvila Clay Yes Melee Weaponry
    Bronze +1 to Battles, +1 to Leader Loss Rolls Copper or Tin Resources Yes Special Materials
    Composite Bows +1 to Battles Hooved Animals Resource Yes Ranged Weapons
    Crab-Claw Sails -1 Distance Loss, permits exploration and troops transport over deeper waters Sailing Technology Yes Scouts and Logistics
    Equestrianism -10% casualties for Allies Horses Resource, Animal Husbandry Tech Yes Cavalry
    Feathered Capes When active, on a Epic Quest or Battle action, you may contribute one additional hero to the quest or battle roll (for a +2 bonus contingent on succeeding on a TN 12 roll vs. Hero score) without spending additional actions on those heroes. Feathers Resource Yes Armor
    Recurve Bows +2 to Battles Composite Bows Tech and Hooved Animals resource (effectively 2 hooved animal resources) Yes Cavalry
    Steering Oars +3 to Tactical Maneuvering in naval battles and battles in coastal regions Sailing Technology Yes Cavalry
    Thin-Blood Elixir +1 to all Battles and Quests involving the Gluttonous Shadows N/A Yes Combat Drugs and Medicine
    War Drums +2 to Tactical Maneuvering Rolls N/A Yes Scouts and Logistics

    Non Military
    Tech Name Primary Effect Primary Resource Primary Resource Met
    Advanced Masonry +1 to resist Raids and Sacks that stacks with the bonus of Masonry None Yes
    Advanced Poisoning +1 to theft, assassination, kidnapping, incite betrayal and related secret actions Medicinal or Poisonous Plants Resource Yes
    Animal Husbandry +1 to Opulence and Diplomacy exploration N/A Yes
    Celestial Navigation Allows transit of one additional deep water border and grants -1 distance loss to deep water travel N/A Yes
    Coinage +1 to resisting buyouts from anyone without this technology (no requirement); +1 to buyouts (requires silver or gold) Gold or Silver Resource Yes
    Irrigation +1 to Stabilization rolls N/A Yes
    Masonry +1 to resist Raids and Sacks N/A Yes
    Mountaineer Clothing Allows exploration and troop transport across Mountain Borders Furs and Hides Resource Yes
    Pottery +1 to Buyouts N/A Yes
    Sailing Permits exploration and troop transport over deep water borders N/A Yes
    Seekers Permits exploration and troop transport over deep desert borders Nakhla Stone Resource Yes
    Towers of Light +2 to resist raids. Additionally grants a +1 to investigation rolls for each player with this tech that uses an investigation action in the same round. (+2 max) Silver Resource and Masonry Technology No
    Wheel and Axle +1 to Opulence Exploration, Overland exploration is not limited by adjacency. N/A Yes
    Writing (United Blemmyae Tribes Script) +1 Conversion Defence, +1 Conversions in regions that share your writing system. Sharing the technology shares the writing system. A new writing system may be adopted with a Great Project. N/A Yes

    Spoiler: Ruler Actions

    Spoiler: 'King' Yorick II

    Attribute 5/10 Action Effect
    Diplomacy 5 Create Embassy An embassy with The Vygra was made.
    Diplomacy 10 Create Embassy An embassy with The Night Kingdom was made.
    Intrigue 10 Incite Betrayal on the Black Pharaoh The Black Pharaoh joined the Sewune
    Military 5 Raise Hero Dra Ranu (8) is recognised
    Opulence 5 Raise City Manticore Rise now exists
    Opulence 10 Become a Merchant Prince The Sewune now benefit from the Merchant Prince Title

    Spoiler: Previous Posts

    Round Action of Note TP's bought Tech Gained
    1 Received writing tech from Blemmyae and adopted their scripts Droggen berries 216 TP2 Writing, Animal Hisbandry (start tech), Irrigation
    2 Acquired required resource in the form of copper TP 3 in region 226 Copper 226 TP3, Cacao 218 TP3
    3 Founded Manticore Rise Elk 225 TP1, Tvlia Clay 211 TP3, Healing Herbs 221 TP3
    4 Started building a military None
    5 Officially converted to Abiherism None Pottery (secret)
    6 Did an investigation that pointed us to the Gluttonous Shadows! Bananas 210 TP2, Sorghum 217 TP2 Sailing (secret)
    7 Helped the Sons of Sirrvat with an invasion from the Gluttonous Shadows. And conquered region 215 Granite 238 TP2 Crab Claw Sails, Masonry
    8 Stopped unrest in 215 and made an embassy with the Vygra Tin 241 TP2, Artisans 215 TP1, Flint 213 TP2
    9 Mass investigation on the origin of the Gluttonous shadows Gamebirds 208 TP1, Aquamarine 240 TP1 Wheel and Axle
    10 Become a merchant prince, assist with cancer in thevale and investigate the earthquake Seafood 214 TP1 Bronze
    11 Assisted with Into the blightlands and sikar translation Tvila Clay211 TP2 Thin-Blood Elixir, Advanced Poisoning, Blade Sharpeners, Coinage, Wardrums, Composite Bows
    12 Massive trade deal with HYD Hemlock 235 TP1, Wild Horses 289 TP1, Gold 307 TP2, Fox 303 TP2, salt 295 TP2, Desert Bell Seeds 291 TP3.
    Lost: Tvila Clay211 TP2, Droggen Berries 216 TP2, Granite 238 TP2, Sea Food 214 TP1
    Steering Oras, Mountaineer Clothing, Equestrianism, Celestial Navigation
    13 Stole the Black Pharaoh Dag Yaks 223 TP2
    14 Started pressing claim on 232 Nakhla Stone 292 TP2 Towers of Light, Feathered Capes, Advanced Masonry(secret)
    15 Investigated murder on HYD leader and cleared mockeries from Veramondo Silver 308 TP2 Recurve Bows (secret)
    16 Invastigated explosion in gehudu forest, Investigate mockeries, Assist with deep desert explore Ivory 239 TP1 Alskan Worm Wrangling

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Night Kingdom

    Kylisa Nahaar the Invisible Hand, Queen of Night
    Diplomacy: 10
    Military: 8
    Opulence: 3
    Faith: 9
    Intrigue: 1

    Actions for Round 17
    • [Diplomacy] Stabilize R27 (Auto-Pass)
      Tanwar has been a place of unrest since its population had founded it, but with the Night Kingdom's conquest came stability and order for the first time. The outer territory that once was composed of thieves, scoundrels, and refugees has become more palatable and orderly, featuring new settlements with cities and other things that know that so long as they do not live in the shadow of the Crimson King, perhaps they need not revere him still.
    • [Diplomacy] Stabilize R31 (Auto-Pass)
      Rejoice! The Hraelen are allowed to return to their homes in the Blessed Vale after ten generations. The easing of racial tensions between races in the face of mutual opposition in the south is well timed, for their people on the brink of rebellion have somewhere else to cast their fury.
    • [Military] Raise two units via Fortress
    • [Military] Arlais leads an army of 11 land units against the Targiz, but the Uzii step in to defend them to earn their ire (R42)
      Army Commander: Arlais (10), 2d8 to duels from Trinity Faith CI, Challenge Enemy to Duel
      Tactical Maneuvering (Skirmish): 8 [8 (Leader Mil) + 2 (War Drums) - 2 from size (11 units)]
      Path: 43 -> 42
      Battle Bonuses: 11 units + 0 techs + 2 Seek Aid
      Total: 23 (10 from commander + 11 from units + 4 if duel victory/2 if duel is declined, +2 from seek aid)

      Though Gled might be sworn to the Crimson King, the Elven monarch has proven himself a friend of the family. Gled came with an army of Targiz mercs, from Targiz lands, using Targiz funds, and intended to use force to bend a family member's talents to his wicked will. ...But he never made it. He never even came close, for the Uzii doing the right thing and protecting Mamut as they are so sworn. If that were all there was, the Night Kingdom would not be marching to war. However; rumor has circulated of gross mistreatment of an infant's corpse. This includes casually tossing it around like a toy, and then with the aid of Corpse Flower's leader, Rose, melting it into wine and honey for use in dark rituals. This is unacceptable. Rose was the most influential power in the Land of the Targiz, and she has proven herself wicked time and again. All those she touches are tainted with madness and despair. They are broken - and she has the gall to mutilate an infant related by blood to the Night Kingdom. That Nyct didn't stop her, that she didn't try, is unacceptable. She is not fit to rule if she cannot regard her people as more than statistics. She is not fit to represent the family in the south with her broken state of mind.

      The Uzii are told the above by a furious Merine and Kylisa both. They are asked to stay out of the way for the good of Mamut, and out of respect for their neighbors handling their own family matters. Arlais leads the army tactically with her brilliance, but both of Merine and Kylisa are there alongside her to see this conquest through. This also proves their intentions not to stop in Uzii lands, because the Night Kingdom is bound by oath not to use her against them. If they wish to join the quest to rid Mamut of this evil, they are so welcome, and will be remembered as true friends of the Nahaar family.

      The Uzii insist on dueling Arlais, making the Night Kingdom forfeit all possible gain from risking their lives, or directly defending their foes no matter how wicked Rose and Petal Head's branch of the Corpse Flower is. The 'Protectorate' earns no small amount of negative reputation across the Night Kingdom for defending a death cult, allowing the Nemesis of the Truthseers literally called the 'Agents of Ruin' access to Mamut, and now both breaking the treaty and starting a war by attempting to kill an army lead by Arlais. All of their 'compromises' are unacceptable, and so the army stops in the first hostile territory it crosses - R42. Now distracting the Uzii, it could have been the perfect opportunity for the rest of the Trinity forces to pass through to the war target if the Scrim had not decided to isolate themselves in the north and the Ko sent more than a single fighter - no matter how capable he may be. When his actions result in the returning of one of the Uzii's finest duelists the Night Kingdom seems to be particularly peeved by their actions. The Scions are willing to fight still, but Kylisa believes that their involvement will create an escalation the likes of which they would not have a good shot at winning, and is eager to allow her army to prove itself on her own for once. Perhaps as the campaign drags on they might find the right opportunity to join.
    • [Faith] Investigate (Explore) R27 (The Glimmering Pass) for caverns and anomalies that might have appeared after the major earthquakes (18)
      The earthquakes felt in prior years have appeared all across the world, according to international news. This casts the rumbling earth in a new light, as some believe something stirs beneath the mountains. Holy seers divine as much as they can about the area before the Queen's agents are sent directly to investigate any potential anomalies and caverns that might have appeared in light of this in hopes of capitalizing on it before potential riches are lost forever or whatever lurks beneath is ready to catch them off guard.
    • [Faith] Seek aid for the battle lead by Arlais (Cannot fail)
      Using tome of stars to give an additional +1 to the effect

      The Night Kingdom has always used divining to get an edge in war, and this is no different. Merine reads the stars with her holy artifact and finds the movements of her foes before they have even thought of their actions... It could still go either way given the slightly superior enemy forces, but it should be enough to give them an even shot at victory.
    • [Non-Action] Host an Event (Conclave) for tech exchanges!
      Mechanical only, no event thread.

    Resist TAR buyout TN14 (Fail)
    Accept Embassy from SEW
    Via ARK embassy, send Composite Bows, War Drums, Recurve Bows, Celestial Navigation, Advanced Masonry, Coinage, Wheel and Axle
    Via ARK embassy, send Sikar, Daezirn, and Tarandi translations
    Via DAN embassy, send Wheel and Axle, Coinage, War Drums, Uzii Battlesmithing, Composite Bows, Recurve Bows
    Via DAN embassy, receive Saddles, Wolf Riders, Bronze, Song of the Sea, Song of the Sky
    RUIN conversions made 2 higher than they should be due to stat disruption via assassination, so their true TNs are 14 and 16 and not 16 and 18.
    Resist RUIN conversion of R27 (Success (16), defender wins ties)
    Resist RUIN conversion of R16 (Success (16), defender wins ties)

    Reminder: Send Saddles to ASH next round

    News and Rumors
    1. Family stuff! Kylisa's children have families of their own. Their ages, names and genders are respectively:

      Children of Iceno and Arlais: [Half-Elves] (Carrying the Blessing of Merine, and the CK Cannibalism Boon)
      Iorwerth, a son aged 12
      Gwenn, a daughter aged 11
      Owain, a son aged 8
      Maelor, a son aged 6
      Janna - a daughter aged 4
      Chepri II - a daughter aged 2

      Jasmin's Children:
      Tbd with Nef, max age 6/8

      Nylah and Arlais have no children, because they are in a lesbian relationship.

    Spoiler: Stats

    Military Units: 11 (1 Vale Guardians, 1 Alqari Warriors, 2 Lunar Scouts, 2 Sukkomi Fighters, Qian's Warband, 2 Moon-Guard)
    Naval Units: 0

    Regions Owned: [Blessed Vale 32] [Dek'varro 31] [Upper Vale 43] [Tanwar 27] [Glimmering Pass 29] [Atel’Nora 48] [Džíu Phè Hwǔ R46] [Hollow-Wood R16]
    Total Regions: 8
    Land Unit Cap: 20 (6 Capital Unit Cap + 7 Other Regions * 2 + 0 Tech - 0 Vassal Status)
    Sea Unit Cap: 6 (3 Base + 3 Coastal Regions)

    Cultural Identities:
    Dynasty Head (2d8 to Buyouts and Conversions in kingdoms ruled by Dynasty Members)

    Military Specialization:

    Holy Artifacts:
    Tome of Stars (+1 to the effect of seek aid rolls once per turn) [Stored in Mount Renjin Summit, +4 against theft]

    Character Blessings:
    Blessed Dynasty - Twice per round, a ruler character descended from High Priestess and Thalesh'ir Merine may make a seek aid action targeting a roll has already been determined, so long as it is taken before the war deadline has passed.
    Blessing of the West Wind - +1 to a single stat during ruler generation (Dynastic), one extra region for the purposes of determining GK and Empire status, permits faith instead of intrigue for investigations

    Military Technologies:
    Comet Phylacteries
    Uzii Battlesmithing
    Composite Bows
    Recurve Bows
    War Drums

    Seer Makoa (7)
    Arlais (10)

    Opulence Technologies:
    Irrigation - +1 to Stabilization Rolls
    Pottery - +1 to buyouts
    Writing (Hraban Runes) - +1 conversion defense, +1 to conversions in regions that share my writing system
    Animal Husbandry - +1 to opulence and diplomacy exploration
    Masonry - +1 to resist raids and sacks
    Sailing - Allows overseas exploration
    Arctic Survival
    Wheel & Axle
    Celestial Navigation
    Advanced Masonry

    Sikar Translation
    Daezirn Translation
    Tarandi Translation

    Ruler is the sister of SOT's ruler
    Ruler is the aunt of TAR's ruler
    Eldest daughter and son (Nylah and Iceno) are in a relationship with Arlais from CRI
    Second daughter (Qian) is married to SOT's ruler

    Regional Benefits:
    Blessed Vale, Mamut (32) [Capital Region, Map of Heaven (Great Project, +1 to seek aid), The Sunrise Citadel (Fortress, +2 Defense), Mount Renjin Summit (Holy Order, +4 against conversion and purges)]
    Dek'varro, Mamut (31), [None]
    Upper Vale, Mamut (43), [None]
    Tanwar, Mamut (27), [Standing Stone]
    Glimmering Pass, Mamut (29), [None]
    Atel’Nora, Mamut (48), [None]
    Džíu Phè Hwǔ (46), [City (Wood), (Fortress, +2 Defense)]
    Hollow-wood (16), [None]

    Secrets Whispered: 0
    Embassies: SCR, SKT, SOT, ASH, DAN

    Resources controlled:
    [Gems, Blessed Vale (32)], [Slaves, Atel’Nora (R48)], [Wood Džíu Phè Hwǔ (46)]
    Passive Treasure Income: 0
    Treasure: 0

    Truthseers - 3
    Dreamspeakers -1

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Vygra Confluence
    Great Kingdom - Kiswa Regions 226, 225, 224, 236, 237, 241
    Turn 17

    News and Rumors:
    With Niharyka’s successful expeditions to find a direct route to the shores of Tarandi, as well as her idolized popularity among the islanders, Matji Varsha confers upon her in a public celebration a title: Wayfinder.

    1) [Diplomacy] Attend Event - Continental Meeting at Moht Ap'tef
    Spoiler: Sub-actions
    Trade Bronze, Composite Bows, and Mountaineer Clothing techs to Soreni in exchange for Arctic Survival, Uzii Battlesmithing, and Stage Plays techs.
    Trade Thin-Blood Elixir tech to the Dolod in exchange for Caravanserai tech.
    Angna and Shire spend time speaking with several of the Dolod present to arrange future conversations on the topics of the meeting.

    Angna the Furnace and Shire travel with the Black Pharaoh to Sikar to witness the great storm and discuss matters of foreign threat.

    2) [Diplomacy] Colonize Region 242 - (Roll: 19)
    Despite difficulties in adapting to the high mountain region, the settlers of the Confluence press on. Some way is given to ensure the Sentinel’s investigation is unhindered, and many of the settlers end up finding land among the lower foothills to the east instead. A small but determined group still aims to see a colony established among the peaks.

    3) [Intrigue] Investigate the Milk of the Great Mother - (Roll: 12)
    Shire, having obtained a respectable sample of the Milk of the Great Mother from the Lim debate, begins investigating it's effects to determine how it changes the mind of so many who partake. Attempts are made mixing small amounts into other liquids to determine if it can be sufficiently diluted to have no effect, as well as whether anything seems to counteract its results on those already subsumed.

    4) [Military] Special 10 - Raise Fortress ”Utkrshta” - Region 224
    Karsha, daughter of Taro and Tapsehi and first wife ‘ranee’ of Rajah Bhosale, impresses upon her husband and people the need for greater defenses. She speaks with passion of the importance of Aimo Hajje and its people to the military might of the Vygra Confluence.

    Plans are drafted using the masonry techniques learned from the Anbroch, Ashir, and Sewune. Using granite quarried from the south, along with thousands of workers from Aimo Hajje and beyond, a massive foundation is laid, and then built ever higher. Work that might have taken decades is brought to completion in four years with the added strength of the mahout teams use of their massive elephants to drag block after block into place, until finally the last capstone is set. Impressed by the accomplishment of his ranee’s purpose and ambition, Bhosale names it in honor of her excellence: Utkrshta.

    Spoiler: ”Utkrshta inspiration”

    5) [Intrigue] Secret Action

    6) [Diplomacy] Press Claim - Region 184 (Roll: 20 - Great Success!)
    The wedding of Danburl to Aolani, daughter of the island chief, is a bright and colorful affair attended by both the natives as well as the fuji of the Confluence - his mother Phaudl, of course, but Besiri and Arima are also both in attendance. Many gifts of bronze, furs, and grain are brought to lavish on the couple and their new families, including a pair of necklaces worked by Arima’s own hands. There is much celebration, and talk of the future, including the larger world beyond the islands.

    Within weeks following the wedding, before all the guests have even departed, there is more joyous news: Aolani is with child!

    Resist all buyouts unless otherwise specified, and conversions except to Way of Green.
    Trade Ballad of the Blossoms (Mamut Translation) and Serenade of the Snows (Tarandi Translation) to the Veramondi in exchange for 1 treasure and Advanced Poisoning tech. (Embassy)
    Trade Mountaineer Clothing tech to Saar Lhungho in exchange for Steering Oars tech. (Embassy)
    Spend 1 treasure each on Press Claim, Colonize, and Investigation actions (4 total).

    Spoiler: Leaders and Heroes
    Leader: Matji Varsha, Flame-Tempered Soul (Diplomacy 9; Military 10; Opulence 7; Faith 2; Intrigue 7)
    End-of-turn increase: Diplomacy +1, Intrigue +1

    New Leader next turn: No

    Heroes: Angna the Furnace, Shadow Slayer (9); Niharyka the Wayfinder (9)

    Spoiler: Vygra Resources
    Techs: Irrigation, Animal Husbandry, Writing(UBT), Pottery, Masonry, Sailing, Bronze, War Drums, Mountaineer Clothing, Wheel and Axle, Crab-Claw Sails, Thin-Blood Elixir, Coinage, Black Iron Weapons, Composite Bows, Celestial Navigation, Advanced Masonry
    Cultural Identity: With Open Arms - Rep Raise 2d8
    Tactical Doctrines: Butho Horns
    Units: 1 Land - 1 Sentinel Aspirants
    2 Naval - Isle Rafters
    Treasure: 5
    Reputation: SOS (3); DSP (1)
    Capital City: Farahabi - Vyterrat Region 226
    Trading Posts 11 (+2 income):
    > Copper - 226 TP2, 226 City
    > Elephants - 224 TP1 & TP2
    > Elk - 225 TP2
    > Furs and Hides - 237 TP1 & TP2
    > Granite - 238 TP1
    > Healing Herbs - 221 TP1
    > Shale - 236 TP1
    > Timber - 195 TP3
    Primary Religion: Way of Green (5HS: +1 to Buyouts)
    Embassies: Veramondo (218), Lhungho Saar (221), Sewune (216)
    Other: Song of the Sands (Sikar Translation), Ballad of the Blossoms (Mamut Translation), Serenade of the Snows (Tarandi Translation), River Lords’ favor
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    Symphony of Kalatar
    Region 136+135+132+157+159+158+161

    Keeper Lovati Polahi
    Dip 10
    Mil 7
    Op 3
    Faith 9
    Int 3


    1:[Faith] Convert 131: 18
    With rumours of even more people being put under a strange sorcery in their dreams, a group of Pledges head out to the Khanate to see if their skills can counter these effects.
    2:[Faith ] Convert 138? 20
    Meanwhile, further missionaries are sent out to see what is happening, and where things are.
    3:[Diplomacy] Kiswa Translation
    With news of armadas and other strange thigns from the south, and the already great success of their foray into Mamut, Lovati also pushes for an undertaking understanding what is apparently known as 'Kiswa'
    4:[Diplomacy] Stabalise 136 21
    In Sangar itself, with help from a thousand songs from the Maestro, and Lovati's mastery of statecraft, those afflicted with the lust for destruction are quickly channelled into other areas, such as demolishing old buildings and talked down when possible. The Lyre proves itself invaluable, seeming to at least somewhat cut through these strange magics.
    5:[Military]Raise a Navy
    With the destruction of the previous Kalatrian navy, Vralis makes it a priority to raise a new one quickly, both for a later foray, and to help guard for what are whispers of arrivals from foreign tides.
    6: [Military] Raise a unit
    Similarly, to combat this new madness in the world, many more are pulled into the Sworn, after being vetted using the lyre. Such is the desperation even some of the Children of the Great Mother are drafted.

    Embassy Actions:
    Gift SHN Wardrums and Battlesmithing for Saddles
    News and Rumours:
    Seeing the madness and Arson all around, Lovati and Hinarah both seek out those in Shandole and now Ruin, for information and guidance, especially considering these dark fortidings. In private, both are revealed information, both great and terrible...
    Spoiler: Bookkeeping
    Owned Trade Posts

    136 TP1: Musical Instruments
    142 TP1: Eagles
    140 TP1: Skyclad Dancers
    113 TP2: Wood
    155 TP1: Wild Horses\
    159 TP1 Copper
    131 TP1 Wooly sheep
    1 Treasure generated per turn
    Claims: 131
    HO: The Herald 136 AW
    Fountain 159 Children
    Dreamspeakers: Rep 1,
    Sentinels of Stone Rep 2,
    Truthseekers: Rep 0
    Technology: Masonry +1 resist raids and sacks
    Irrigation +1 stabalisation
    Animal Husbandry +1 Op and Dip Exploration
    Writing (CAW) +1 Conversion defence with same alphabet
    Pottery: +1 to buyouts
    Bows +1 to battle
    Animal Guides/Song of the Wind TBC
    Wolf Riders
    Battle Drums
    Song of the Sea

    The Lyre of the Temperamental Song
    Units: 8
    Navy: 0

    Treasure: 5

    Heroes: Vralis 10
    Hinarah the Rider (guardian Blood) 9

    Required Resource: Animals met)
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    Round 17
    [Uzii Protectorate of Mamut]

    [Homage Far-Reach Mudmore]
    Region(s): 8, 11, 18, 33, 34, 35, 39, 40, 41, 42

    1. [Military] Raise (2) Units [Fortress]
      The drums of war beat further, and now they beat upon Uzii lands. Fight Throngs become trained as Protectorate Cohorts!
    2. [Military] WAR Defend Region 42 from NTK, led by Wild-Swing Mudmore (Mil 10)
      There was much negotiation and attempt to understand why the Night Kingdom wanted to violate the treaty and have Arlias lead an army through Uzii lands. While the reasonings seem to come down to "it's a family matter" and "they have evil practices", the Uzii made efforts to try and follow tradition; Arlias would need to either not lead the army, or would be asked to duel for the right to go through Protectorate lands. The Night Kingdom took this as a sign of the Uzii trying to help their enemy, and though Far-Reach protested that all they wanted was to ensure that only the vile Cultists were targeted, and not the innocent people of Targiz, this too was taken poorly. So the Night Kingdom, respected foes, decide to respond by firmly violating the treaty, and attacking the Protectorate directly, with Arlias in the lead. Ever ready for a fight, the Uzii are thrilled to be facing worthy foes.
      • Wild-Swing Mudmore (Mil 10)
        --> [For determining Tactics: Military Score is currently 9]
      • 9 Land Units
      • 3 Naval Units
        --> [For determining Tactics: -3 for Size]
      • +1 Tactics, Soul Honor
      • +2 Tactics, War Drums [Logistics]
      • -10% Casualties, Uzii Battlesmithing [Armor]
      • +1 Combat Bonus, Treasure
      • [Tactics] Protectorate Phalanx: +1 to Combat, -10% Casualties
      • Duel CI, Challenge Arlias (Capture preferred on Duel or Leader Loss)
    3. [Diplomacy] Remove Unrest from Swampum (Roll: 14)
      What the Uzii begin to call 'The Weakness' is something that is causing many to be very concerned. Homage Mudmore works hard to address those concerns, and hopefully figure out a way to stop it form happening...
    4. [Diplomacy] Attend an Event.
      Spoiler: Sub-Actions
      • Turn Gled over to ARK
      • Attempt to recover Running-Ox
      • Accept the Gift of the Prosperous Noggin from SMI
      • Trade the SMI Viskari War Bows for Celestial Navigation
      • Trade BOZ Increased Defense Budget for Treasure Ships
    5. [Faith] Consult the Ancestral Spirits regarding the faith of the Bouquet of Corpse Flower (1/?)
      With several territories under the Protectorate's control following the practices of the Corpse Flower - and at the same time, several rumors coming from the North beginning to call to question the faith's values - Far-Reach Mudmore begins to take a closer look at the practices and principles of the unusual faith.
    6. [Faith] Consult the Ancestral Spirits regarding the faith of the Bouquet of Corpse Flower (2/?)
      The stirrings and rumors do not cease, and grow even louder as the Homage travels to Too-Dry Dunes for more information.

    • Support conversion of any owned regions to Soul Honor. Resist conversion for any other faiths.
    • [Embassy] Accept the harried return of Big-Chief Running-Ox of the Cau.

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    • The former Uzii slaves from the Crimson Kingdom...
    • Coarse-Pond's second brood of whelps...
    • The Weakness...
    • Ko-Ball is very popular in the Protectorate...
    • Toad Racing continues to hold the attentions of the breeders of Battle Toads...
    • The Wardens of Awakened Relams and the Agent of Ruin...
    • Closed-Fist passes...
    • The Battlemother fights her last fight...
    • The Drakko...
    • Fort Death-Grasp! Stand now all together! Fort Death-Grasp! Stay strong in the worst weather!

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Homage Far-Reach Mudmore D M O F I
    Current 9 9 5 3 5
    Starting Stats 4 6 4 3 5
    End of round 14 2 1 0 0 0
    End of round 15 1 1 1 0 0
    End of round 16 0 0 0 0 0
    End of round 16 2 1 0 0 0

    New Ruler Next Round

    Expected Stat Bonuses: +1 Diplomacy, +1 Military, +1 Faith

    Spoiler: Kingdom Information

    • Targiz
    • Scrim
    • Kalatar
    • Wardens of Awakened Realms

    • Animal Husbandry
    • Writing
    • Masonry
    • Irrigation
    • Pottery
    • Sailing
    • Stage Plays
    • Uzii Battlesmithing
    • Arctic Survival {restricted}
    • Comet Phylacteries {restricted}
    • Increased Defense Budget {restricted}
    • War Drums
    • Bronze {restricted}
    • Viskari War Bows
    • Sikar Translation
    • Daezirn Translation
    • Tarandi Translation

    • Big Chief Running-Ox (Mil 10) [Current Captured]
    • Wild-Swing Mudmore (Mil 10)

    • (6) Fight Throngs [Melee]
    • (3) Hraban Murders [Melee]
    • (3) Swamp Catamarans [Naval]

    • (5) Treasures

    Great Projects:
    • (Region 39) "Rules for Punching Others" [Defend Errant Questing via Dueling, rather then Diplomacy]
    • (Region 18) "Good Farms, No Bandits" [Keeps Bandits from Farms]

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Lim Dynasty

    Stories and Rumors

    [Military] Attack Region 267
    An unprecedented force of 1200 soldiers, led by the famed Lim Gun, makes the treacherous crossing to seize the lands of the former Ffolk. Upon arrival Gun delivers the Queen's ultimatum: If the Ffolk lay down their arms and accept the Lim's claims to the highlands and unoccupied regions and recognize the divinity of the Great Mother they will be spared: they will retain ownership of their homes and lands, they make choose their own leaders and follow their own laws unmolested. But should they refuse, the Queen is ready to enforce her claim to the Tangtze mountains by force. With the message delivered, the locals are given three days to deliver their response
    Spoiler: Battle Deets
    6 units, hero Lim Gun. Accept Duel if challenged but don't initiate. Battle Roll: +18 (6[units]+9[Hero]+2[Bronze, Composite Bows]. Tactical Maneuvering: +10 (9[hero]+2[war drums]-1[army size].

    [Military] Recruit Unit
    [Military] Recruit Unit
    [Military] Recruit Unit
    Queen Xia continues to recruit warriors loyal to the Children of the Great Mother, ensuring the security of the new faith despite the ambivalence of much of the populace. While there is much grumbling, the great power of surrounding kingdoms is apparent to everyone. The Lim will need a strong army if they are to defend their great holdings.
    [Opulence] Buyout Rice in Region 206 (success)
    The Lim family takes advantage of its wealth and influence to construct vast irrigation terraces in Zhao Dang, expanding their power and influence in the region by monopolizing production of this vital crop

    Grant the Anbroch Raiders access to 206 for investigation
    Resist all unauthorized intrigue/buyouts/quests etc.

    Spoiler: Book Keeping
    Queen Lim Xia
    Diplomacy: 6
    Military: 8 (+2)
    Opulence: 6
    Faith: 1
    intrigue: 3

    Military Units: 6
    The Queen's Guard
    The Palace Guard
    Serpent Guard
    Viper Guard
    Fanged Guard
    Windward Guard

    Regions Owned:
    [Fei Dang 223]
    [Fei Zhao Dang 206]

    Total Regions: 2
    Land Unit Cap: 8 (6 Capital Unit Cap + 2 for provinces controlled)

    Cultural Identities:

    Military Specialization:


    Military Technologies:
    Bronze - +1 to Battles, +1 to Leader Loss Rolls
    Composite Bows - +1 to Battles
    War Drums - +2 to Tactical Maneuvering Rolls

    Civilian Technologies:
    Masonry - +1 to resist raids and sacks
    Advanced Masonry - +1 to resist Raids and Sacks that stacks with the bonus of Masonry
    Animal Husbandry - +1 to opulence and diplomacy exploration
    Irrigation - +1 to stabilization rolls
    Pottery - +1 to buyouts
    Sailing- Permits exploration and troop transport over deep water borders
    Writing (Veramondi Logography) - +1 Conversion Defence, +1 Conversions in regions that share your writing system.
    Mountain Clothing - Allows exploration and troop transport across Mountain Borders.
    Feather Capes - When active, on a Epic Quest or Battle action, you may contribute one additional hero to the quest or battle roll (for a +2 bonus contingent on succeeding on a TN 12 roll vs. Hero score) without spending additional actions on those heroes.

    Lim Gun (rank 9)(Age: 28)

    Regional Benefits:
    Sikar Translation Project


    Resources controlled:
    [Yaks, Fei Dang (223)]
    [Yaks, Fei Dang (223)]
    [Cotton (197)]
    [Bronze (202)]
    [Rice (206)] (pending)

    Treasure: 0

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Deru
    Bhaile-Koma, region 37 (& Illia, region 38)

    We do not speak for the trees. We are the trees. By the grace of the Sannha, we stride.
    We are the blessed of the Sannha. We are all its children. By the sacred waters, we abide.

    Esfrey Brythion (34)
    Diplomacy: 2
    Military: 10
    Opulence: 2
    Faith: 10
    Intrigue: 2

    1: Faith (10): The Deru become a Holy Land, establishing the Cult of Rebirth as a second Holy Order in region 37.

    2: Faith: Convert region 11 to Bouquet of the Corpse Flower. [15] + support (tbc).
    Even as his rebels march on Bhaile-Koma the Listener's sightless ones are never idle.

    3: Faith: Contest for Faith Head of Bouquet of the Corpse Flower. [14] + support (tbc)
    The Listener proclaims himself the chosen of the ancestor spirits, the Paragon of Rebirth. Time will tell if his word is good.

    4: Military: Onfroy & the Fetid Knights meet the Listener and his followers in a true test of faith. 1 land and one naval unit led by Onfroy (9), Reckless Attack, Duelling, capturing leader if possible.
    When Esfrey returns from years of hard fighting, exhausted but triumphant, she finds Jofry & Olea, regents in her absence, holding court by the banks of the Sannha alongside the 10th Sacrosanct Conclave, formed to combat the threat of the Listener's revolt. Those few clan-chiefs who did not fall under the Prophet's spell are explaining their fellows' decision to side with the self-proclaimed Paragon of Rebirth. Esfrey collapses into a fit at the news, tearing at her hair, her eyes, her ears, screaming incoherently, fragments of thought, until Asha-Shuran knocks her out cold for the second time. Carried to her chambers the Custodian lies comatose. In desperate need of leadership the Conclave, the remaining clan-chiefs, the leaders of the five packs and the Fetid Knights accept Karakhita, Esfrey & Rakatak's four-year-old son as Custodian. Jofry and Olea remain the boy's regents. The forces that pacified the folk of the flames are as exhausted as their former Custodian, and for a long hour the court is held in the vice of fear and doubt - until Onfroy & Alhambra re-emerge from the Fetid Knights' Garden under the Hall. There is nothing to fear, they say. The Knights will take what fresh forces there are and crush the rebels. Onfroy & Knights depart the next day, sailing along the coast. The few warriors not sent against the folk of the flames take a few days to organise, but march out as one, with Alhambra at their head. A month later they meet the listener's forces in glorious battle.

    5: Military: Raise 2 land units (fortress).

    Rolls & rolls.

    Non-actions: Support all conversions to Bouquet of the Corpse Flower, support all buyouts of unowned TP's, accept all gifts, & accept diplomatic traffic from TAR & UZI.

    News & Rumours

    -The dog-men's time of trials comes to an end (see Norren the Mortal entry in Important Characters)

    -The Listener's proclamation

    -Knights, for real this time

    -Cult of Rebirth

    Spoiler: Important Characters

    The Brythions

    Leafhair Brythion [79] (Deceased)- Former Caretaker of Illia & the Deru, wearer of the Circlet of Leaf & Chain. Installed in the midst of a succession crisis, Leafhair transformed the governance of the Deru from a loose group of religiously aligned groves into a hereditary monarchy in a union with the neighbouring Illia peoples. Wed to Elora, Chosen of Illia, the two ruled in concert. Pursued by advancing age, Leafhair announced his intention to abdicate in favour of Esfrey on his 70th name day. This he did, and now serves as an adviser on the loose council that has developed around Esfrey's court in the Green Fields. He grieved for both his wife and son, and refused to believe the rumours that the dashing Sir Onfroy was to blame. With the reappearance of his youngest son Leafhair is a man at peace with the world, trusting in his children to protect Bhaile-Koma better than he ever could. Slipping into mild insanity in his later years, Leafhair rejoiced at his son Jofry's return, but soon barely remembered his disappearance. He spent much time reminiscing with his old Deru companions, themselves near to taking root, of his first days amongst the great trees, and the wonders of the forest he barely knew. At last he died peacefully napping in the woods, buried beneath his old friends, themselves taking root earlier that year.

    Elora Brythion née Covenantes [57] (Deceased)- Former Chosen of Illia, join ruler of Illia & the Deru. Wed to Leafhair. A standout warrior in a strong warrior culture, Elora has led the peoples of Illia for three decades, since her choosing. She strengthened the power of the sightless ones, spiritual leaders & masons of Illia, made peace with the hill-dwellers by taking Norren the Mortal into vassalage, and presided over a prosperous aftermath of the new dawn. She and Leafhair have 3 children. Increasingly growing distant from her twin children, viewing them as straying from Illian traditions and exploiting their privileged positions, she spent increasingly more time with her youngest, Jofry. While still a formidable warrior, Elora's sanity began to fray, a congenital Covenantes failing her forebears traditionally pushed through until their deaths in battle. In her 57th year, Elora was found dead in her youngest son Jofry's chambers, flayed alive, her corpse already festooned with blooming flowers.

    Esfrey Brythion [38] - Caretaker of the Illia & the Deru, Chosen of Illia, wearer of the Circlet of Leaf & Chain. Eldest daughter of Leafhair & Elora, Esfrey is a rambunctious and headstrong youngster, taking well to the traditional Illian trials. She has proven a precocious student, achieving her right to bear spear & sling by age 10. Completing the trials at age 16 alongside her twin Esfrey is ecstatic to have been named heir to her father, and routinely arrives to take command of forces during exercises in the Green Fields. A reckless adrenaline-junkie Esfrey has an odd aversion to duelling, preferring to let Onfroy defend her honour while she prepares for her next escapade. Taking the circlet has only fed Esfrey's appetite for adventure, and she spends most of her time hunting & leading mock battles, as well as scouring the woods for poachers and raiders. She seemed unfazed by Onfroy's transformation, welcoming him back to the capital with open arms. Outraged at her forced removal from the battlefield against the Orcs of Ixkarr Esfrey has become dangerously aggressive and borderline unstable. Followed by defeat against the Master of Fire and Dust Esfrey has crossed the borderline, requiring bodily restraint in her moments of madness. The Illian clans and dog-men's packs have become dangerously autonomous during this period of intermittent rule, permitting the Listener to gain increasing sway. After a particularly bad fit on her return home Esfrey lies in a coma.

    Onfroy Brythion [38] - Eldest son of Leafhair & Elora, twin brother of Esfrey, Onfroy is a similarly headstrong youngster, although a little less confrontational than his twin, preferring more thoughtful methods of dealing with those who contest him in the trials. He has progressed similarly swiftly in his studies, achieving his right to bear spear & inscribe letters by age 10. Pressed into service as his twin's champion, Onfroy channels his resentment of the role as fury unleashed upon his opponents, maiming several peers Esfrey claimed had slighted her in some petty manner. Furious he was not named heir in his sister's place, believing his martial and intellectual prowess outstrips her own, Onfroy was sent away from council at age 17 to train under the Targiz hero Petal-Head. He returned a very different man, stronger, faster, leaner, able to tear his flesh and extend red thorns to pierce his foes. To duel the young knight is to die a slow death by blood loss as innumerable small cuts and slices from thorn after thorn drain the life from his foes. He stays close to his sister, her staunch defender and bodyguard. The foremost advocate for the Bouquet of the Corpse Flower within Esfrey's court, Onfroy wields substantial influence. Esfrey delegates much of the day-to-day running of the kingdom to her brother, and he takes it quietly in his stride. More recently he developed a relationship with Alhambra, a survivor of No-Climb Cliffs he duelled during the Uzii's contest of might. While the pair rarely found the time to spend together, they always came back to the temple beneath Caretaker's Hall in the end. Onfroy is a fearsome figure within the court in no small part due to Alhambra, as after her transformation into a Thorn of the Red Rose her martial murderous might rivals Onfroy's own. Together they quietly and in some cases very publicly eliminate dissent. They have had 2 children together - the first, an unnamed daughter, disappeared three days after her birth, missing from her cot of flowers. The second, a son called Arnfroy, was born with skin mottled and patterned, split by imprints of 5-petalled red roses.

    Jofry Brythion [34] - Youngest son of Leafhair & Elora. He was an inquisitive child, but lacked the dexterous coordination of his siblings. Elora worried, but Leafhair was confident he'd find his way through the trials somehow. While he struggled, the youngster showed a remarkable determination and managed to cling on to life during the arduous tests. Elora grew increasingly attached to him, while Leafhair neglected his youngest to focus on Esfrey's education. Jofry had few friends amongst his peers, and spent most of his time outside of the trials in the company of young Deru, preferring their down-to-earth, measured approach to life. Few of his peers were willing to combat the might of even a sapling Deru, so he escaped physical bullying for the most part. He had not been seen since his mother's death, despite extensive searching. His closest friends, 2 sapling Deru and a young dog-boy were also missing. He resurfaced during the Dawn Council, stumbling upon visiting dignitaries from the Scrim. Apprehended during his attempted flight by Onfroy the boy disappeared once more for nearly a year before re-emerging as an emissary for his older twin siblings, loyal to all outward appearances. Marked out by two birds, a hawk and a falcon, perpetually adorning his shoulders, the boy-turned unusually hard man was struck by a chance encounter at the Festival of New Horizons, and a new feeling long left undrawn upon begins to return - love. He and Olea stole what time they could while his twins were away on campaign and he left the regent of the Deru. Attending the Union of the Crimson Sun together the pair seemed insatiably inseparable. Their bond has remained true, the two taking the responsibility of regency frequently while Esfrey wars and Onfroy prowls the lands for 'converts'. Now, with Esfrey incapacitated, Jofry and Olea serve as regents once more, for her young son Karakhita.

    Lilium 'Lily' Interspinus Brythion 7 - Eldest daughter of Jofry & Olea. Lily's goliath blood flows strong, and at 7 she is already the size of an Illian 12 year old. While Esfrey bordered on commanding the girl commence the trials, both Jofry and Olea did all they quietly could to keep Lily under Esfrey's gaze. The trials death rate has risen to almost one in two under the Listener's supernatural gaze, as penalties for even slight failure are harsher than ever before.

    'Arnfroy' Arnoldii Brythion5 - Eldest son of Onfroy & Alhambra. Arnfroy's abominable heritage is immediately evident in his mottled & split skin, crossed by imprints of five-petalled red roses. He is an exceptionally quiet child.

    Karakhita Brythion 4 - Eldest son of Esfrey & Rakatak, born on the eve of the first skirmish of the third war against the folk of the flames. Orc blood runs strong through his veins. In stark contrast to his elder cousin he is an exceptionally rowdy child.

    Other Notables
    Norren the Mortal [159] (Deceased)- This cunning old dog-man leads the pack that serves Elora as her vassal. While in his youth the wily soldier fought long and hard against the Illians of the rock, when the war became so entrenched as to approach a war of extinction he betrayed the elders of his pack and led his fellow disaffected's over to Elora's side. Faced now with overwhelming odds the remaining packs retreated to their hill-forts to lick their wounds. Norren was charged with protecting the foothills, and with his pack now granted respite from the century of war and fed by the Illians is exceptionally effective. His pack has grown strong, and he now serves Leafhair & Elora as equal masters. His moniker was given by a soothsayer many moons ago who predicted his death in battle. Norren replied that while he is no more than mortal, his death will happen only when he so chooses. He has been tested and tested, and remains a capable warrior even has his age begins to catch up with him. Having crushed the remaining Dog-men of the highlands, Norren split his pack amongst his pups and theirs, preparing for a great trek westwards. In the aftermath of the failed expedition west, Norren has struggled to bring his pups back to heel, and their packs begin to vie with his for control of the dog-men. Tensions and tempers run high. The death of Norren by choice in battle, defending his sworn liege Esfrey, accelerated the collapse of semi-independent dog-men packs. The infighting his death triggered threatened to tear the packs apart and endanger wider Illia. In the struggle, a trying time for all involved, 6 packs emerged as strong contenders to reunite the dog-men. All fought, each wary of the other, until through subterfuge and intrigue one gained ascendance, subjugating the others. For a year and a day the order stood. Until the Listener came. At his command the 5 packs were freed, empowered, and set upon the last, the ascendant pack. When the blood-frenzy abated the Listener was pleased, and promised that in time there would be game aplenty to feed all the packs, for their sacrifice had been accepted.

    Asha-Shuran [62] - this Wattlea is the Deru's finest tactician, outfighting all comers in a series of exhibition matches between the Grey Grove & Widhu's Wrath. A rarity among the Deru, she is renowned for her quick temper and agile mind, and is usually raring for a fight. She found a kindred spirit in old Norren, and spent long hours discussing theories while the two hunt. Concerned at the growing pugnacious spirit of the Uzii, and trusting the Crimson Kingdom to stay in their mountains high Asha spent most of her days teaching Esfrey to lead warriors in battle, although she despaired of ever teaching the Illian to refrain from a charge. Asha then retreated a little from the capital, spending more and more time with Norren in the foothills. Esfrey made no attempt to force her to remain. Finding her favour at court again restored as Onfroy sought allies Asha-Shuran led a force against the blightwhales, conducting herself admirably. Devastated by the death of Norren she resolved to do right by Esfrey in her remaining years of service and while she again has fallen out of favour as Esfrey is enraged that she was removed from the field Asha remains a powerful commander with the loyalty of the Ashan Grove.

    The Listener ?? - this former sightless one is a mysterious figure, a red rose & crimson poppy sprouting from where his eyes once were. Claiming to speak for the ancestor spirits, to hear the voices of the rotted, the sacrificed, the deplored derided and defamed. He delivers their counsel, for in death they have nothing left to lose. The sightless ones, once an order of mute & blind stonemasons, has grown massively in size since the Listener's rise, now ranging far and wide to preach and proselytise, giving seeds and stirring the fertility of barren land in exchange for sacrifices and the bodies of the dead. The Listener himself has a near-iron grip on the Rock and its surrounds, facilitated by Esfrey's growing insanity. For years he has waited, prepared, sent feelers out to all who would listen, but now he preaches more. That the time of trials and terror is at hand in earnest. Now he marches on Bhaile-Koma to proclaim his visions and revelations to the court, backed by an army. He will make them listen.

    Spoiler: Admin

    Embassy with Targiz

    Required Resource - Living Beings (Satisfied with Cattle)

    New Leader!
    Karakhita Brythion
    Dip: 3
    Mil: 4
    Opu: 3
    Fai: 4
    Int: 3

    Leader stat increases:
    Faith +1, Mil +1

    City in region 37 (Bhaile)
    Fortress in region 37 (the Green Fields)
    Holy Order in region 37 (Knights of the Red Rose)
    Holy Land Holy Order in region 37 (Cult of Rebirth)

    Region 37 TP1 (Living Wood)
    Region 42 TP1 (Cattle)

    Animal Husbandry
    Writing (Hraban)(Elecctricat)
    Wild Riders

    Naval Units: 1/4
    Units: 3/8

    Established Units:
    The Grey Grove - Traditional Fuinn warrior-trees.
    Widhu's Wrath - A horde of woodland beasts guided by Castain custodians.
    Illia's Children - Well-organised band of proud young Illian warriors.
    Illia's Elders- Age brings experience as well as scars - Illia is no peaceful place, and those warriors that survive are capable indeed.
    Ashan Grove - Asha-Shuran knows well the tales of the Ash Grove, and her own band of most loyal followers are similarly inclined to revel in past glories.
    Onfroy's Band - the retinue and hangers-on of Sir Onfroy.
    The Queen's Own - Caretaker Esfrey's personal guard.

    Treasure: 0.

    Heroes: Asha-Shuran (8), Sir Onfroy (9)

    Cultural Identity/ies: Children of the Sannha (2d8 on raising organisation reputation) (temporary).

    Circlet of Leaf & Chain: A stone chain circlet with ever-green wattle leaves entwined throughout, permitting communication with the voices of Councillors & Chosen past, granting +2 to own leader loss rolls when ruler is personally leading troops.

    Tactical Doctrine/s: none.
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Round 17


    1. [Opulence] Gift Wolverines TP (87.1) to CIT via Embassy and Receive Glasswork (81.3)
    2. [Opulence] Buyout Mangoes in 2.3, Supported by IXK, using Pottery (8+10+1+2-4=17, Success!)
    3. [Military] Queen Artika the Vast Quests into Unknown Lands South of Region 74 (Sailing Range 2, 3-4 with Treasure Ships) (8+7=15, Success!)
    4. [Military] Invade North Ogrontir (To War!)
    5. [Diplomacy] Attend Event (Running-Ox Auction)

    Event Sub-Actions:
    • Bid 2 Treasure, 1 Naval Unit, and four mangoes on Big Chief Running-Ox
    • If Outbid, Increase Bid by Tech Offer (Treasure Ships and Viskari War Bows) and 1 Treasure, to be delivered in R18
    • If Still Outbid, Add the Above to the Bid by the Uzii
    • Auction Canceled!
    • Give Uzii Treasure Ships in Exchange for Increased Defense Budget

    Invasion Details:
    • Attacking over the 86 -> 87 Hills Border
    • Committing three Bozul Land Units
    • Joined by one Ugglo Land Unit (Ferried over by an Ugglo Naval Unit) and Lonkannuaur (10 hero) from the Smiaurskotor
    • Londkannuaur will be Leading the Invasion, Challenging the False Queen to a Duel, and using the Skirmishing Tactical Doctrine

    • Support Conversions to Glyemo
    • Resist Buyouts in Ogrontir

    News and Rumors:
    • Glyemo!
    • Drynosm!
    • The Watcher!
    • Treasure Ships!

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping

    Ruler: Queen Polari the Magnificent!
    • Diplomacy: 6 (+0)
    • Military: 5 (+1)
    • Opulence: 10 (+0)
    • Faith: 1 (+0)
    • Intrigue: 1 (+0)

    Heroes: Artika the Vast (7)
    Land Units: 4/6 (+0)
    Naval Units: 2/3 (+0)
    Treasure: 2/5 (+1)
    Regions: 2
    • Ogrontir, 86 (Capital)
    • South Ogrontir, 85

    Trading Posts: (6, +0)
    • 86, Coal (2/3, C)
    • 77, Whales (1/1)
    • 83, Pearls (1/2)
    • 87, Wolverines (1/2, -1)
    • 81, Glasswork (0/3, +1)
    • 2, Mangoes (0/3, +1)

    Technologies and Translations:
    • Pottery (+1 to Buyouts)
    • Sailing (1 Dark Blue Border)
    • Animal Husbandry (+1 to Opulence and Diplomacy Exploration)
    • Irrigation (+1 to Stabilization)
    • Masonry (+1 against Raids and Sacks)
    • Writing, Styinn (+1 Conversion Defense, +1 to Conversions in Styinn Regions)
    • Celestial Navigation (+1 Sailing Range, -1 Distance Loss from Deep Water)
    • Treasure Ships (Pending Approval)
    • Viskari War Bows (+1 to Battles)
    • Tarandi Translation
    • Mamut Translation

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Danneta-Yvaon, The Jewel of Tarandi
    Chiefs: Nocter Felessan-Mak and Noctrix Pina-Mak

    News and Rumors
    - Akoda's visit to the faraway Horn of Tarandi gathered quite a following - village after village of Dwarves from the Far North were rescued from the depredations of great white-scaled Ice Giants whose hunger knew no bounds, and while many returned to their burrows in safety others joined the White Wolf in liberating their kin. When the task was done and the Ice Giants driven south once more, some of those continued to follow the Marble Hound back to his master in Danneta-Yvaon, ultimately swearing their blades to the Rightful Queen the Truthseers sang praises of even in their lands.

    [Opulence] Buyout Region 144 Copper TP1 [TN 12, Roll 16, Success] - The discovery of a quality copper source in the Serpent Mountains brought cheers from all corners among Danneta-Yvaon's metalworkers - access to quality copper along with the nearby tin supply could only improve their craft, especially with new designs for metallic armor and shields beginning to filter in from Mamut.

    [Opulence] Buyout Region 161 Reindeer TP1 [TN 12, Roll 16, Success] - Herds of reindeer had long been a tradition among some of the Dannu-Gao clans, and the prospect of expanding these herds further (along with the potential for husbandry) proved exciting enough that the merchants were more than willing to risk travel to Kalatar.

    [Military] Conquer Region 94 - North of the Emerald Coast, trouble was brewing. So-called 'Ice Giants' marauded through the once peaceful land north of the river to sate their endless hunger, destroying many Dwarven settlements in the northeast near the mountains and seizing the river villages in the South as territory, their inhabitants as thralls. The Giants were reported to be fast in the water, and few escaped south to warn of the threat.

    But there WAS warning, and seeing an opportunity for the adventure he craved, Felessan rode out with a portion of the army to meet it. Knowing the reputation of the Giants in the river, he was not fool enough to think he could ford it directly without terrible losses - but Felessan was cunning, and had connections. He acquired a particularly special weapon from his mother - a precious loan that took convincing even from him, and gave the orders to prepare to ford the river - openly, so the Giants would see them coming. The Giants were known for their size and terrible, constant hunger, and knowing of invaders foolish enough to brave the river would bring them to sally out from the villages for what they would surely see as mealtime - to gather upon the shores.

    But for all their terrible strength, the Giants were large targets, and though wide the river was no deeper than a man's height. It would afford them little cover against the coming storm, Felessan knew as he drew back the massive bow from his high vantage point, and flung the first of many arrows. The resulting "battle" never closed to melee: Though the arrows themselves did not kill many giants as their wounds seemed to close around the shafts, they were scattered, injured, and dragged by the moving water, impaired severely. Most routed or tried to hide in the deepest parts of the river, which proved a terrible mistake against the cadre of Eaudenite Battle Magi that decisively flushed them out.

    After the Battle of the Sparkling River, the campaign was almost rote as the army forded the river without resistance and chased the remnants of the occupying giants north to the arctic snows. Though Felessan was not their ancestral king (whom the giants had messily devoured along with his sons before their families after their initial conquest), few objected strongly to becoming subjects of Danneta-Yvaon after a decade as thralls and potential meals.

    Spoiler: Details

    Sending 1 unit of Felessan's Elites led by Felessan (Mil 9 leader) and a nice pile of techs (+1 Eauden Spell-Casting, +1 Bronze, +1 Saddles, +1 War Bows), No challenge, Tactical Maneuvering is Bloodbending (+10 Faith) just for fun.

    None of this actually matters because he's using Red Storm and they have 1 unit.

    [Military] Akoda Quests into Unknown Lands southwest of Region 151 [TN 12, Roll 19, Great Success] - Pina-Mak bids her loyal hound quest for her once more, this time to the South Tarandian Coast in search of the abandoned fortress that the Dream Speakers claimed held clues regarding the Salt Demons - and if nothing else, Akoda seems to have a way of rallying people to follow him.

    [Diplomacy] Establish Claim on Region 88 (Spend 3 Treasure) [TN 12, Roll 13, Success] - The Dwarven King in the North is old, with no male heir and a single unmarried daughter. For the dream of Felessan and the Emerald Son alike of uniting the whole of the coast, this presents an opportunity - impress the king with Danneta-Yvaon's wealth and power, and perhaps something can be worked out.

    [Diplomacy] Hold Court at Danneta-Yvaon (mini-event) - News from the South - despite the appearance of Pirates on the South Tarandian Coast rumored to be allies of the Blight, they were driven off after only a few skirmishes with the Shani. The Shani themselves reported that their efforts were aided by the appearance of more Southerners, and that they wished to reward them somehow - and Danneta-Yvaon was far better equipped to hold such a festival and make a fine impression on foreigners.
    Spoiler: Sub-Actions

    - Gift 4 treasure and Wolf Riders tech to UBT
    - Trade Eleftherian Democracy tech to UBT for Feathered Cloaks tech.

    - Support all Way of Eauden Conversions, resist all others.
    - Accept all Embassies

    Embassy Actions
    - Grant SOL and ILD passage through the Mountains
    - Trade Irrigation, Masonry, Sailing, Bronze, and Advanced Masonry to ILD in exchange for Mechanical Joints
    - Trade Advanced Masonry to SHN in exchange for Mortise and Tenon
    - Trade Wolf Riders, Saddles, Bronze, Song of the Wind, and Song of the Sea to NTK in exchange for Composite Bows, Reflex Bows, Wheel and Axle, Coinage, War Drums, and Uzii Battlesmithing
    - Gift Bronze to CIT
    - Gift Advanced Masonry to SOL, ULD, VIS, and ELF
    - Gift Mamut Translation, Song of the Wind, and Song of the Sea to ULD and SOL.
    - Accept 4 treasure from SHN.
    - Gift Rarras (Hero 8) to CIT.

    Spoiler: Ruler Info

    Nocter Felessan-Mak and Noctrix Pina-Mak
    Diplomacy: 3
    Military: 9
    Opulence: 8
    Faith: 10
    Intrigue: 8

    Spoiler: Additional Notes

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Military Units 4/8, Naval 0/3
    - Felessan's Elites
    - Felessan's Elites
    - Battle Magi
    - Northern Dwarf Auxiliaries

    Treasure: 10/15
    (+2 passive treasure/round)

    1x Ring of the Phoenix (Held by Nila-Sen)
    1x Pure Vessel (Held by Nila-Sen)
    1x Red Storm (on loan)

    - Magi Nila-Sen (Hero 9, Guardian Blood)
    - Akoda, Marble Hound (Hero 10)

    - Embassy with the Arrok
    - Embassy with Hiverness
    - Embassy with Clann Solais
    - Embassy with Shandole
    - Embassy with Eleftheria
    - Embassy with Aran Viska
    - Embassy with the Brayewen Tribes
    - Embassy with Sangar
    - Embassy with Drazollin
    - Embassy with Citlallo Isle (Daezirn)
    - Embassy with the Ilduri
    - Embassy with the Night Kingdom (Mamut)

    Organizational Overview:
    Sentinels of the Stone: Rep 2, 3 favors
    Truthseers: Rep 2, -2 favors
    Dream Speakers: Rep 1, 0 favor

    Temporary Cultural Identity - None
    Permanent Cultural Identities - EMPTY

    Tactical Doctrines
    - Reckless Charge
    - Skirmishing
    - Cautious Advance
    - Miracle: Bloodbending - Use Faith or Mil to activate, -2 Enemy Leader Loss

    op - Irrigation, Writing [Hiverness Runes], Masonry, Pottery, Animal Husbandry, Sailing, Eleftherian Democracy, The Arch/Dome/Tower->Advanced Masonry, Song of the Wind
    mil - War Bows, Wolf Riders, Bronze, Saddles, Song of the Sea

    - Special Materials - Bronze (+1 to Battle and Leader Loss, requires Tin or Copper)
    - Armor
    - Weaponry
    - Ranged Weaponry - War Bows (+1 to Battle, requires wood)
    - Cavalry - Saddles (+1 to Battle, -10% Casualties, requires canines (for wolf riders) + animal resource)
    - Scouts and Logistics
    - War Beasts
    - Combat Drugs and Medicine
    - Fortifications
    - Sappers and Siege Weapons
    - Subterfuge

    Translations - Daezirn Isles, Mamut

    Trading posts (18, 2 treasure/round)
    - City of Danneta-Yvaon (96 Living Stone TP)
    - 99 (Mammoths) TP1
    - 110 (Midwives) TP1
    - 129 (Grousse Shark) TP1
    - 108 (Husky Dogs) TP3
    - 115 (Furs) TP3
    - 112 (Tin) TP1
    - 109 (Salt) TP2
    - 111 (Silver) TP3
    - 116 (Safflower Oil) TP2
    - 136 (Musical Instruments) TP3
    - 95 (Emeralds) TP1
    - 97 (Ivory) TP1
    - 130 (Horses) TP1
    - 133 (Lime) TP3
    - 120 (Granite) TP1
    - 121 (Giant Kites) TP1
    - 124 (Wood) TP3

    Regent of the North Wind:
    - Can perform Investigations using Faith, as magical divinations
    - +1 floating stat on Dynastic Inheritance
    - +1 Virtual Region for GK/Empire

    Official Faith (Way of Eauden)
    5 HS: +1 to Conversions
    10 HS: 2d8 when Dueling
    Miracle: Water-Bending (Ability to cross Arctic Borders)
    Miracle: Spell-Casting (+1 to Battles)
    Miracle: House Mak Bends Earth (Ability to treat Mountains as Hill Borders, can grant fellow Eaudenites Mountain Crossing for 1 round via Embassy)
    Miracle: Bloodbending (Bonus TacDoc, uses higher of Faith or Mil, -2 to Enemy Leader Loss roll)

    Controlled Regions and Holy Sites:
    - 96: Way of Eauden (Holy Order: Circle of the Strix's Quill, Way of Eauden)
    - 95: Way of Eauden

    Spoiler: Expected Stat Gains
    +1 Military, +1 Opulence, +1 Diplomacy

    Spoiler: Link to Rolls
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Avicennian Isles
    Leader - Arli Shimglow

    Round 17

    Leader Stats:
    Diplomacy - 7
    Military - 6
    Opulence - 5
    Faith - 2
    Intrigue - 4

    1. Diplomacy - Explore north - 16+1
    Emboldened (and a little envious) by the success of past explorers, an experienced family-group leaves to discover if their fortunes can be enrichened by a venture into mysterious waters.
    2. Military - Quest to south of 71 - 15
    The dark mysterious northern waters call for an adventurous soul to explore, and Amka rises to the challenge, leaving the glowing isles in her personal canoe to explore the great blue.
    3. Military - Raise unit
    4. Opulence - Buyout TP 2 of Ember Stone in Region 67 - Fail (10 + 1 Pottery)
    Continental strife dooms two eager traders seeking gems and riches, as they get horribly lost and most definitely didn't change their minds after seeing the gears of war turning to return to safer harbors
    5. Opulence - Buyout TP 2 of Pyroemeralds in Region 75 - Success (11 + 1 Pottery)
    How convenient it is that obtaining such unique gems overlaps with expanding relations with the rest of the Daezirn Isles, and merchant-twins Ruil and Ruli claim it as a stroke of generous genius, ensuring a steady flow of (curated quality) Pyroemeralds to the rest of the Avicennians.

    Resist all buyouts and conversions

    News and Rumors:

    New Ruler Next Round: No

    Leader Stats Round 16:
    Diplomacy - 7
    Military - 7
    Opulence - 6
    Faith - 2
    Intrigue - 4

    Spoiler: Record-Keeping

    Naval: 3/3
    Land: 3/6

    Mamut Translation
    Animal Husbandry
    Viskari War Bows
    Writing (Hiverness Runes)
    Celestial Navigation

    Trade Posts:
    70.1 - Glowmoss
    70.3 - Glowmoss
    71.1 - Moas
    71.2 - Moas
    75.2 - Pyroemeralds

    Ruler Age:

    Amka - Mil 9

    Angio - Mari - 1 year running
    Abia - Api - 3 years running
    Arsio - Teka - 1 year running
    Aegica - Ori - 2 years running
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Anbroch Reavers


    1. [Military] Put down the Rebellion in Konnraich with 1 unit led by Tasapa the Mongoose (10), the Never Again CI (2d8 on duels), the composite bows (+1 to battle), war drums (+2 tacman), and steering oars (+3 tacman) technologies, with the blightslave bonus (+2 to all military rolls), attempting the Skirmishing Tactical Doctrine, and Challenging to Duel. Total Bonus: +14 Battle, +17 Tactical Maneuvering, 2d8+12 duel
    Concerned that with her presence required for appeasing the blight that Tasapa would lead a brutal and destructive crackdown on the Anbroch's most productive new region, the Warlady distributed some "gifts" to the other members of the Sirrvadutt honor guard. These elves quickly began expounding upon the virtues of Warlady MacGill's military achievement over the past four years, paying particular attention to the low number of casualties, and comparing it to Tasapa's own record of savagery. Incensed, the egotistical elf vows to take an even smaller force to Konnraich and put down the rebellion there with even fewer casualties as a demonstration of his capability.
    2. [Military] Prove Rosie's worth to the Blight, roll 21 Enough was enough. It was time for Rosie MacGill to prove herself worthy of wielding the blight, and hopefully to end the attacks her people were suffering. She heads into the tunnels armed with the last of Fiona's blight poison to prove herself to the divine monstrosity below.
    3. [Diplomacy] Stabilize Kincany, roll 17
    4. [Intrigue] Launch a second expedition into the dwarven homeland, with dream speaker backing, roll 17
    5. [Intrigue] Secret


    News and Rumors

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    "Matriarch" Rosie MacGill
    Spoiler: Biography

    7 Diplomacy
    10 Military
    2 Opulence
    1 Faith
    10 Intrigue

    Attribute Improvements: +1 Diplomacy

    No New Ruler next round.

    Spoiler: Inheritance Information

    Important Figures:
    Rosie MacGill (74 yrs): The adopted daughter of Warlady Mollie MacGill and biological daughter of the Matriarch, a lot of negotiations had been conducted to put her in line to inherit more power than either posessed alone. Ruling in the wake of the Warlady's murder, she was not well liked by the soldiers.

    Tavish MacGrath (72 yrs): Third-in-line for the patriarchy of House MacGrath, Tavish quickly became first-in-line during the civil war. Lover of the Warlady, his caldera fortress Slocdun keep is an important asset for the Anbroch.

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping

    Land Units: 6
    Anbroch Commandos: 300 Female Reavers who fight alone, trained for Asymmetric warfare.
    Male Reavers: roughly 250 male Reavers, married to the female reavers and expected to fight together.
    Female Reavers: roughly 250 Female Reavers, recruited from the Partisan Militia, accompanied by a few slaves.
    The Stouthearts: A few Battlemistresses stayed behind as partisans and nobles of less stern stuff fled during the civil war and the blight. They remain still, accompanied by their quads in the traditional Anbroch fashion.
    Naval Units: 3
    Luthrails of the North: Luthrail veteran sailors, hardened by bearing the brunt of the Bel-Dan's raids for so long.
    Luthrails of the South: A motley crew of Luthrail fishermen from the erapira, fighting with their traditional staves.
    Bel-Dan castoffs: Bel-Dan pirates serving the Anbroch as mercenaries.

    Treasure: 0

    Trade posts:
    Region 212 TP 2: Wild Asses
    Region 189 TP 1: Purple Sea Snails

    CI: Never Again (Increased Die Size on duels)
    Tasapa the Mongoose (10)
    Fiona MacDool, the poisoner (10)

    Animal Husbandry
    Blight Poison (Temporary tech, limited reserves)
    Composite Bows
    Crab-Claw Sails
    Sikar Translation
    Steering Oars
    Thin-Blood Elixir
    War Drums
    Wheel and Axle
    Writing (Veramondi Logography)
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    Biggest play I ever made: "I want to eat something over there." Anticipated the trope of "being able to move" that you see in all stories these days.

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Wardens of The Awakened Realms

    Tarandi Regions 134, 137, 138, 177

    Spoiler: Map of the Carrion Ward

    Ashen-Bear-Wails-With-Mountains, Ruinous Voice of the Gray Lake

    Spoiler: Wails-With-Mountains


    1. FAITH Convert 174 Success
    2. FAITH Convert 173 Success
    3. FAITH Convert 181 Success
    4. FAITH Direct The Spirits of Vengeance and Destruction into Regions 181, 174, and the Blithe Beasts.
    Great dark spirits sweep over the land. Ushering forth along the southern coast of Tarandi, Woken and Spirits in equal measure settle into the caves, trees, and streams of these wild unclaimed lands. Cult circles are formed, rituals chanted, and incense burned in great bundles. Covens of Thi'Skaids are established in secret, promised whispers of freedom, power, and glorious spiritual revelation disseminate amongst the populace. Hosts are selected and bequeathed with burning majesty, raw strength and zen bloodlust melded into one form, and given free rein to roam the land and keep the cycle of Creation and Destruction in Balance. Rumors of Blightspawn bolstered Pirates and Pillagers to the south only further fuel the insatiable desire for a foothold on the land, as slavering black slick maws snap to the tune of chattering waiting war cries, and a crude boat monument is erected and immolated. Elsewhere in the world, the Blithe Beasts prepare themselves in Mamut, where their catcher and star player, Poppy-Possum-Autumn-Fire-Blossoms works to secure a more reliable and brave Ko for the strange yet exhilarating sport of Ko-Ball. After contacts briefly converse with the Drakko Fosfer (And unsuccessfully inquire as to possessing some of his unconsumed scavenged feast) she is introduced to a Midnight Dancer. Datura. Courted into a den which the Blithe Beasts have furnished into a nominal training center, Datura is treated to an extended vacation of dancing, partying, and foreign treats that end with Autumn-Fire-Blossoms securing some deal. The Blithe Beasts rejoin the league as Ruin Runners, half of their number now possessed with a malevolent light in their eye, and sparks sputtering forth from their pre-match trash talking and wailing.

    5. FAITH SPECIAL 5 Create Artifact:
    Vagabond's Head
    Can direct automatic unrest targets as a non-action, can make a Faith roll at TN 14 to not spread unrest but cannot attempt twice in a row.
    Grief-stricken and morose Wails-With-Mountains attempts to drown himself in the Gray Lake a year into running the fluctuating and constantly politically strife-ridden Carrion Ward. Sinking far below the waves of the mystical lake Wails-With-Mountains slips into unconsciousness. But Spirits of Destruction do not idle hands have. A light pierced the murky water's surface, a shining beacon in the gloom of the Carrion Ward, and as soon as it flickered forth into existence it guttered to nothingness. Wails-With-Mountains was washed upon the shore of the Gray Lake, body steaming profusely, and clutched in his sputtering barely lucid grip was a most peculiar sight. A Raccoon's head. Permanently transmogrified by the magical quintessence of Life and Death in equal measure, the preserved skull of Vagabond was barely visible beneath the crystalline structure of his skin, twinkling eyes of amber, and whiskers of finest salt and twinkling matter. The Spirits of Destruction seem awe-stricken by the sight of Vagabond's head, their rage momentarily quelled as they gather in an overlapping spectral bonfire of observation, and rapidly disperse wordlessly. Wails-With-Mountains refuses to part with the memento mori, gently lining its edges with his claws, and seemingly whispering to it in private discussions.

    6. FAITH Set Holy Site 20 Bonus: Mountain Crossing Tech
    "We are as all spirits one. Our forms ever-shifting by the truth of our essence everlasting. The world is tumultuous and chaotic, a vivid rainbow of clashing souls and shattering energies, and through it all we swirl and bend as smoke in the wind. Listen closely, my child, and you can hear the grumblings of the stone beneath you. The rage of a wailing wind in hissing threats. The sweat on your brow precedes a thousand thunderbolts. Follow the song of disasters, the stirring fire in your breast, and though you shall never know the path ahead it will always lead home."

    - Resist all conversions and buyouts
    - Resist all quests
    - Accept all gifts/techs
    - Accept all Embassies

    - Suppress the ravenous hunger for blood and destruction (Cannot attempt again round 18) Success


    News and Rumors:

    - Bereaved by the loss of his closest companion and platonic soul mate, Painted-Bear-Laughs-At-Mountains mourns by the shore of the Gray Lake for three days and three nights even as the burning toiling power of spiritual destruction swells within. His eyes flicker through with a light of holy and ruinous majesty, his tears having smeared his usual adornment of colorful markings, and streaks of black oily substance charge down from his menacing gaze across his body. Permanently marred with soot and scars from the awesome ritual. He is quickly met with a chorus of howling praise and adoration as the Scavengers of the Ward and the Spirits of Vengeance elect their chosen disciple in a landslide, so close at hand was he to Vagabond his name rings true to all, and especially to those who only survived the burning of Raatn-Bükh from his bridge. Surrounded by the Ruinous Voices who bring forth the plights of the various packs in the Carrion Ward, their new leader declares himself Laughs-At-Mountains no more, for there is no joy to be found in his large blackened heart, and takes the name "Ashen-Bear-Wails-With-Mountains"

    Quote Originally Posted by Vagabond-Of-The-Bloody-Hills, moments before his death
    I'm Spirit
    I'm the Flame
    Wandering wrath wise men can't tame
    I'm Exit
    I'm the Truth
    I'm the Cripple, Old, Strong, Youth
    Born transit
    Blessings Fill
    Burn both ends yet glow brighter still
    - As the Ruinous Voice lairs within the bowels of the Heartsoul of the Gray Lake strange sights can be seen on the horizon. The flitting ephemeral blazing spirits of destruction are a common enough sight, but they dance and cajole with one another in shapes that flicker between Man and Beast, and illuminate the night sky in kaleidoscopic visages reminiscent of a burning aurora borealis. Some Vultures flying overhead, scarred by the fires, have reported that as one comes closer to it a brilliant vision is revealed to them and seared into their vision evermore. Eventually, this strange maelstrom culminates in Wails-With-Mountains leaving the Heartsoul and scorching Pride's Peak with an averment that blazes for a day before withering to an ashen scar on the land. It reads
    I have wandered far and wide. First across the length of Tarandi and now beyond. Past the veil of flesh and bone into the burning firmament of hopes and dreams made manifest. There I found countless souls in anguish, rotting in pain, and pleading for an end. A revelation. Not just of our path on the Way of Death, to urge these vagrant trapped souls through the cycle of reincarnation, but of the world as a whole. I recognize no Gods and no Masters. The poppy of my love has withered, it shall never bloom again, and the soil of my soul is dried and cracked. My faith has left me; my will is broken. I stood on the edge of the world, the end of all my stolen dreams, and looked back to see the face of my closest kin within. I could not hold his cheek for long as it stripped my claw in agony but in those flickering moments, I found holy fire to rekindle the world. I grazed the scalding feathers of Skystruck-Tree and beheld a vision like no other. The world is not as we see it and yet it is. Reality and belief as intertwined as flesh to blood, as breath to life, and fire to death. Bound within the soul of all of us. There are no Gods in the Carrion Ward, but now I see true that there are Gods elsewhere, as fleeting and flickering as a candle in the wind, and tended to by those in need of shared warmth. Eauden walks this earth, amongst her children, for they believe her so, and so it is. Aer Caladon shields the Viskari for it is a truth kept in their breast and whispered to the wind. We are as two wings on a single bird, long broken and now at last unfurled, and we must fly in harmony or plummet to the annals of history's mistakes. I invite the Gods themselves to sit by my fire in spirit, for it is a leaf on the same branch of the world, and we are as one child in the face of oblivion we cannot see.
    Spoiler: BOOKKEEPING

    D: 2
    M: 2
    O: 1
    F: 5
    I: 3

    Expected Stat Increases: +3 Faith

    New Ruler Next Round?
    Yes, Poppy-Possum-Autumn-Fire-Blossoms

    Military Units 1/10 Land 0/3 Navy
    - Swarm

    - Old Lion, No Pride, No Death (Hero 10)
    - Kari Icechaser "North-Woman-Who-Wept-At-Conquest" (Hero 10)

    - Sangar (SAN)
    - Uzii (UZI)

    Treasury: 1/5
    Expected Change

    Animal Husbandry
    Writing (Kagahara)
    Eleftherian Democracy
    Song of the Wind
    Temporary Cultural Identity - Natural Citizenship (2d8 on Pressing Claims)
    Permanent Cultural Identities - Natural Philosophy (2d8 Conversions)

    Tactical Doctrines
    - Reckless Charge
    - Skirmishing
    - Cautious Advance

    - Special Materials
    - Armor
    - Weaponry
    - Ranged Weaponry
    - Cavalry
    - Scouts and Logistics
    - War Beasts
    - Combat Drugs and Medicine
    - Fortifications
    - Sappers and Siege Weapons
    - Subterfuge

    Trading posts
    Skyclad Dancers

    Agent of Ruin: The Agent of Ruin is tied irrevocably to the Phantoms of Destruction that lurk in the firmament. Every round, two regions adjacent to the Agent of Ruin enter unrest. If the Agent of Ruin is a liege, possesses an embassy, or is faith head, those regions touched by that influence are also subject to this effect. The Agent of Ruin may direct these instances of unrest with a Faith action, by may not target regions already in Unrest.

    As a special Intrigue action, the Agent of Ruin may roll an opposed Intrigue check against a region they have sent into Unrest. If successful, they inspire a Possessed Rebellion in a region sent into Unrest by their influence. A Possessed Rebellion is led by a Rebel Leader of strength equal to the Agent of Ruin’s Faith minus one, and spawns 1d3+1 Rebel Units.

    An Agent of Ruin’s regions are permanently in Unrest. However, this Unrest will never progress to Rebellion naturally. Use of the I10 Spark Rebellion functions as normal.

    An Agent of Ruin gains a +2 bonus to any hostile Intrigue action in a region in Unrest. An Agent of Ruin must take one hostile Intrigue or Military action each round. This bloodlust can be delayed with a nonaction rolling Faith against TN 10, but may not be delayed twice in a row.
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Regions 99, 100, 101, 108, 109, 110, 130, 119, 120

    Round 17 Actions:

    1. [Diplomacy]Press claim on the former Brayewen Tribes capitol, region 129. Fluff in N&R 18 Great Success
    2. [Diplomacy]Diplomatic Mission NE of region 101. 18 Great Success
    3. [Diplomacy]Stabilize region 120. 18
    4. [Diplomacy]Stabilize region 101. 17
    5. [Faith]Convert region 81, Citlallo. 20
    6. [Faith]Convert region 131. 27

    Embassy Actions:
    • DAN: Accept tech gifts from DAN and send them my undying love in return.
    • ELF
    • SHN:

    • Resist all unauthorized conversions and buyouts.
    • Support all Eauden conversions.

    News and Rumors:
    • Former Chief of Hiverness, Kosumi, sends his eldest son Robse of Wolfenhall to meet with Thought King Ent II of Braye. The King is now of an advanced age and his grasp on the Tribes is fading with his health. Robse proposes an alliance of marriage between himself and one of the Thought King's granddaughters, in exchange for joining Hiverness beneath the banner of Uldra.
    • Archmage Huyana travels to Aran Viska in order to ease the tension caused by the misunderstanding at the Conclave. She spends over a year with the Viskari, learning about Iskandrazac and it is determined that he is likely an aspect of the World Soul, counterpart and spouse of Aer Caladon, the Viskari aspect of Eauden. While she is there, Huyana studies the lore and rituals surrounding Iskandrazac extensively.
    • The Snow Wives return from the adventure in the Daezirn Isles where they came into contact with the good people of the Citlallo Isles.

    Ruler info:

    Shira Iceweaver, daughter of the Blessed Snow-Wives.
    Diplomacy 8
    Military 4
    Opulence 1
    Faith 10
    Intrigue 5

    Expected Stat Increases:
    +2 Dip

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    United Abiherist Tribes
    (Round 17)
    The Council of Curators

    [Diplomacy] Attend the Sikar Event:
    Spoiler: Subactions
    Accept the Crimson Blade from KRO
    Trade the Bunker Key and 2 Treasure to SEW for Composite Bows

    [Faith] Convert 208 (spending one treasure) (18):
    [Diplomacy] Attend the DAN mini-event:
    Spoiler: Subactions
    Accept 4 Treasure and Wolf Riders from DAN
    Trade Feathered Cloaks to DAN for Eleftherian Democracy

    [Faith] Seek Aid for the Sikar Quest (13):
    [Military] Sawut Kw'Torineti explores to the east of 214 (18):
    [Military 5] Make a Tactical Doctrine:

    Attend event
    Resist buyouts
    Resist all conversions except those to Oracles of the Elder Memories

    TRO Embassy
    Accept all techs
    SKO Embassy
    Accept all techs

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    Spoiler: Songs of the Korebita

    Spoiler: Technologies

    Animal Husbandry
    Crab-Claw Sails
    Thin-Blood Elixir
    War Drums
    Feathered Cloaks
    Advanced Masonry

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping and Ruler Info

    Land Units: Torineti Warriors, Korebita Slingers, Sewi Warriors, Thunder’s Vanguard, Galghäl Skirmishers, Zemena Monks, Flock of the Warshepherd, Ancient Ones Syncretists

    Naval Units: Adeni Marines, Huleteni’s Javelin, Badëmajha Cultists

    Treasures: Black Gold, Blood Ingot, Blood Ingot, Blood Ingot, Kro Loot, Mysterious Riches

    Resources Controlled: Wild Asses (232.1)

    Fortress: Misig Zinabi (213)

    Heroes: Sawut Kw'Torineti (10), Gusuhaz Kw’Sewi (8), Medmäsha Tänata (7)

    Artifacts: The Crook of the Warshepherd (Gusuhaz Kw'Sewi)

    Leader: The Council of the Curators

    Gotor Kw'Mesihafi, Curator of Syncretism (Diplomacy): 4
    Oyem Kw'Mesihafi, Curator of Heroism (Military): 5 +1
    Genizeb Kw'Mesihafi, Curator of Splendor (Opulence): 5 +1
    Kahin Kw'Mesihafi, Curator of Tradition (Faith): 6 +1
    Mekabir Kw'Mesihafi, Curator of Mysteries (Intrigue): 2
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Ilduri
    Round 17

    1. [Opulence] Buyout Copper trading post in region 144 [19]
    2. [Diplomacy] Trade Mechanical Joints to the Danneta-Yvaon in exchange for Irrigation, Masonry, Sailing, Bronze, and Advanced Masonry
    3. [Military] Quest into the unknown lands of the region to the South (below 165) [12]
    4. [Diplomacy] Press claim over region 165 [13]
    5. [Military] Recruit land unit

    • Resist buyouts
    • Resist conversions that are not the Way of Eauden

    News and Rumors:

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping

    Representative Inga
    • Diplomacy: 6 (+1)
    • Military: 7 (+1)
    • Opulence: 10 (+0)
    • Faith: 2 (+0)
    • Intrigue: 2 (+0)

    • Hero Score: 7

    Land Units: 2/6 (+1)
    Naval Units: 0/3 (+0)
    Treasure: 0/5 (+0)
    Regions: (1)
    • Storvuur, 164 (Capital)

    Trading Posts: (4)
    • 164, Timber: 3/3 (+0)
    • 131, Wooly Sheep: 1/2 (+0)
    • 151, Lead: 2/2 (+0)
    • 144, Copper: 0/2 (+1)

    • Pottery (+1 Buyouts)
    • Writing (Hiverness Runes) (+1 Conversion Defense, +1 Conversions in regions that share your alphabet.)
    • Animal Husbandry (+1 to Opulence and Diplomacy exploration)
    • Mechanical joints (Grants +1 to buyouts and opulence expeditions.)

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Great Kingdom of Ngedhuun Thukhulu Saar Lhungho
    The River Lords

    Years 265-268
    Region 221 - Troll Country (Ljung Ghrakka Saar)
    Region 220 - Unghlaban
    Region 210 - Narava
    Region 208 - Inkhwabi
    Region 205 - Aangzi

    Usuukhusaa Lhungho, High Queen of the Dhraan, River-King of the Mikra of Narava, Foremost Sage of the Tribes of Unghlaban, Bulwark Of Civilization
    Diplomacy 5
    Military 7
    Opulence 3
    Faith 5
    Intrigue 5


    1. [Faith] Seek Aid for Quest Aid in Sikar, Spending 1 Treasure [Rolled: 16]
    2. [Military]Send Nikara of Singhön to give Sikar Quest Aid on the Eye of the Storm, Spending 1 Treasure and calling in a Favor with TSR for Seek Aid from them [Rolled: 9]
      Nikara of Singhön, the Efryt former companion of Onoynoyis, who accompanied Gusuhaz on his great quest to rescue his wife, had taken up sailing, voyaging up and down much of the Sikarian coast as a deckhand and later a ship captain, turning to piracy only occasionally during times of hardship. His crew had, however, mutinied, which had led him back to his homeland of Narava, and it was from there he set out again, newly sponsored by the Serpent Queen of the River, complete with the strange anointments of the royal cult freshly daubed upon his chest and brow, to dive headlong into the storm alongside a vast array of Heroes from across Sikar. Though he was unused to the dry heat of Sikar, he was still more unused to the bone-chilling cold of this unholy storm - but still would he strive.

    3. [Faith] Seek Aid for the Lim Dynasty invasion of 267 [Rolled: 11]
      The blessings of the Serpent God, and strange concoctions intended to bring memories of enlightenment to those who drink, are paid for by High Queen Usuukhusaa to be delivered to and distributed amongst the soldiers of the Lim Dynasty, as they prepare to cross the great western mountains. The taste leaves something to be desired, as does the effectiveness...

    4. [Faith] Claim Faith Head of the Children of the Great Mother, Spending 1 Treasure [Rolled: 19]
    5. [Faith] Convert Kincany (199) to Children of the Great Mother [Rolled: 10]
    6. [Faith] Convert The Velatares (186) to Children of the Great Mother [Rolled: 11]
      In the north, however, though Dhraanish missionaries seem to meet with little success even with government support in either the nearest of the Kiswan islands, or the caves of Kincany, negotiations are well underway to establish stable lines of communication and trade with the monasteries in Tarandi's peaks, and to acquire a stable supply of Great Mother's Milk, with which the Prophet-Queen Usuukhusaa might more firmly establish her rightful place as a voice for the Great Mother and Matriarch to all her Children.

    Standing: Accept any Embassies or Technologies offered.
    Trade Steering Oars to VYG via Embassy in exchange for Mountaineer Clothing, with additional condition that neither trades it further without permission

    News and Rumors
    • High Queen Usuukhusaa is rumored to have formed her own brothers and sisters into a regiment of warriors, accompanied by half-Dhraan, half-dwarf offspring of those who were once adherents of the Way of Green. Armed and armored in the finest equipment available to the kingdom of Lhungho Saar, they shall make for a ferocious force on the battlefield - safe from the dastardly intrigues and dangers of palatial politics.

    Spoiler: Recorded In Chorus

    State Religion: Children of the Great Mother
    Bonuses: Conversion Resistances rolled at F10(?)

    Trade Posts:
    Faranandūll (193) - TP3 - Avocados
    [Singhön] Narava (210) - City - Bananas
    Adzbark Wetlands (228) - TP2 - Rice
    Flaschorikia (229) - TP1 - Flamingos

    Treasure: 7/10

    Fortress: Walls of Singhön [in Narava (210)]

    5/14 Land Units
    3/7 Naval Units
    • Land:
    • Snapping Maw [20dh++e/dw]
    • Broken Scales [20dh++dw]
    • Efryt Exemplars [170vk+vk]
    • Mikra Radicals [320vk++vk]
    • Royal Guard [15dh++h-dh|dw]

    • Naval:
    • Mikra Primals [210vk+vk]
    • Mikra Primals [220vk+vk]
    • Hybrid Zealots [65h-dh|e++e]

    The Unbound:
    • Light Bringers [18dh+dh]
    • Shade Breakers [19dh+dh]
    • Dhraanish Hardbacks [21dh+d]

    The Fallen:
    • River's Surge [20dh+++e/dw]
    • Lashing Tail [24dh++++e/dw/bd]
    • Vyrka Primals [230vk++vk]
    • Mikra Exemplars [160vk+vk]
    • Efryt Primals [230vk++vk]
    • Ravyk Cardinals [260vk++vk]
    • Gnashing Teeth [22dh+++e/dw]
    • Cha-Daně-Dan Salt Hawks[180bd+bd/e/dw]
    • Bloatlurks [19dh+e/dw]
    • Dhraanish Bonesplinters [24dh++e]
    • Spitting Stones [20dh++e]

    Animal Husbandry
    Writing (Veramondi Logography)
    Crab-Claw Sails
    Thin-Blood Elixir

    DOD (Sanctum)

    SOS: +3 Rep, 0 Favors
    DSP: +0 Rep, 0 Favors
    TSR: +2 Rep, -1 Favors

    Spoiler: Legends and Legacies

    Troll King Haanhangandhal - Slain Through Subterfuge, xxx
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 8
    Opulence 5
    Faith 1
    Intrigue 2

    High King Ruunandaraghal - Slain By The Use Of Poison, mid-252
    Dip 10
    Military 10
    Opulence 5
    Faith 2
    Intrigue 5

    The Royal Family
    Royal Matriarch & High Queen Usuukhusaa
    Great Chief Dora-Mak, of the Mythic North

    Royal Patriarch & High King Ruunandaraghal
    Great Father Geputen Kw'Torineti
    Low King-Father Mhanmosochaan
    Grand Princeps-Father Tyja Pemmelg
    Herald Prince-Father Parvahdi of Harkatna

    Royal Matriarch & High Queen-Consort Ichippā of Henanda
    Great Mother Klarakrudkhani
    Low Queen-Mother Lorna MacGill, formerly of the Anbroch
    Grand Princess-Mothers Kamiya & Tuvini
    Eminent Princess-Mother Ingalhiikhudile

    Firstborne-Prince-to-Ruunandaraghal, Ghaali Kw'Torineti

    Firstborn-Prince-to-Klarakrudkhani, Ghondukholaak (born xxx)
    Secondborn-Princess-Klarakrudkhani, Kladhaarukughaal (born xxx)






    Another...let's say twelve, since Ruunandaraghal's death
    NB amab
    NB afab

    Ingkannu Isidi, Champion and Daughter of Ghrakka Yonghalo (Former Hero 10 - Slain in one last act of spite by monstrosities)
    Scionary Prince Onoynoyis, Champion of Saar Lhungho (former Hero 10 - slain in battle during a vain attempt at redemption against foul creatures plaguing his people)

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Round #17


    Leader Stats
    • Diplomacy: 10
    • Military: 10
    • Opulence: 8
    • Faith: 8
    • Intrigue: 9



    1. Stabilize Á’Nôstrásandi (Region #175)
    • Diplomacy (10)
    • Bonuses: +1 from Irrigation
    • 2d6+11 ve TN: 10
    • Result: 21 - Success
    • Link: Link

    Spoiler: Merik Against Ruin

    Merik Horsehair felt it when the first goblin spirit gave way to the spirit of Wrath and Ruin. In the darkness of his bedchambers, mismatched eyes snapped open. He didn’t move his head though, because he wasn’t searching the martial world, but the spirit world of goblin-kind, a world that was within his own soul.

    Something was wrong. Something was very wrong.

    Like flying through a world of stars Merik’s awareness searched his Mantle, seeking the threat, drawn toward the disruption. The soul of every goblin in the world flashed around him, until his awareness centered in on the problem. It was a Mudborn peasant, a soul usually so simple, tranquil and happy, now ablaze with burning rage, betrayal, spiritual Ruin.

    What is happening!?

    As Merik reached for the soul, he realized it wasn’t truly one of his. A stranger had invaded the Mudborn, invaded the Mantle, a foreign spirit twisted and wrong. He saw it hiss and scream, he saw blood and fire, the echos of a reality seen through the vision of the Mantle. The peasant was killing, putting knife to her own family and burning her own home to the ground. All around her, death and rage ripped through the both physical and the spiritual world. For Merik It was like getting stabbed with a red-hot poker.

    And it wasn’t just here.

    Merik sensed every possession, every intrusion into his mantle as it happened. He was standing in a house as windows broke all round him and a cruel wind rushed inside. His people were under some kind of spiritual attack!

    He would not let this happen!

    Thaláurên started awake as she heard a scream and felt a sudden movement beside her. Through the darkness, her elven eyes could see her husband bounding out of their bed. His green and black eyes were blazing and he landed in the middle of their chambers and stepped into a battle stance. Nothing seemed amiss in the chambers, but she could tell his focus was turned inward, toward the Mantle.

    “What’s happened? Merik?” Slipping from the furs and blankets, Thaláurên reached for her clothes and her spear. In the distance came the sudden blaring of horns, alarms being raised, soldiers called to order with a unity and discipline only possible for Goblins acting under the King’s Mantle.

    She wasn’t a goblin, but Thaláurên sensed it, The Banner. Merik was summoning all his strength, taking a level of control over his people he hardly ever dared resort to. Gripping her spear, Thaláurên glanced at Merik and then moved up to guard the doorway into their chambers. Whatever her husband was doing, she’d see to it he wasn’t interrupted.

    Merik was in a thousand places at once. He looked through the eyes of goblins all around Á’Nôstrásandi. He his will spread to thousands more, directing evacuations, defenses and fire fighters. His soldiers rode out from the barracks of Hollow Mountain, ready to confront the possessed with sword and spear, but Merik knew the true struggle was his alone. Mind verses spirit, will verses rage. The king of the goblins bend all is power upon the invaders.

    “Get out. Release your hold upon my people and be gone. This is MY kingdom. GET OUT!”

    In a night of chaos and unrest, bloodshed and fire ripped through the region of Á’Nôstrásandi, as the freed spirits of Ruin took hold of goblins by possession and drove them to terrible acts of rampage and destruction. Thankfully, the response was immediate and coordinated. Posies formed to evacuate villages around the possessed souls and put out fires even as they were set. Goblin soldiers streamed out of the Hollow Mountain and were sent directly to subdue the threats and contain those fallen into the spirits of Ruin.

    High speaker of the King’s Council, Merik Horsehair, remained in his chambers, guarded by his wife. For three days he bent his will against the possessors, taking neither food nor drink. One by one he exorcized the foreign souls that had invaded goblin-kind, steeling the Mantle against them. When he finally fell exhausted into Thaláurên’s arms, peace had been restored and the spirits of Ruin were departed from the region.

    2.Occupy Region #177
    • Military (10)
    • 3 units (1 Naval, 2 Land)
    • Leader: Edge (9)
    • Battle Bonuses: +2 from Blackiron Weapons, +1 from Saddles, +1 from Viskari Bows
    • Other Bonuses: +2 to Leader Loss from Song of Sea, -10% to casualties from Saddles
    • TD: Skirmishing
    • Duel: Not Challenging
    • TD roll: 2d6+10
    • Battle: 2d10+16

    Spoiler: Expel the Ghosts, Unify the Coasts!

    Expel the Ghosts, Unify the Coasts!

    Once Merik Horsehair and his guard of the Hollow Mountain exercise the rampaging ghosts in Á’Nôstrásandi, the King’s Council sends an urgent petition to the Winter Council demanding that further action be taken against the spirits of Ruin and the reckless chaos brought upon the Elven Coast by the Wardens of the Awakened Realms.

    A collective council meeting is called with representatives from all the regions to address the issues on hand. Throughout the following debate, Merik argued fiercely against the Wardens, going so far as to demand that Á’Shansholí denounce the spiritual leadership of the Scavengers and take such authority upon themselves. However, representatives from other region and in particular High Speaker of the Winter Council, Talákin’Zání’Quêzí, remained supportive of the Wardens and the Way of Death, assuring the Elven Coast that soon the ghosts of Ruin would be laid to rest and returned to the natural cycle of the World Soul, free and at peace in the wholness of Simráh.

    Nonetheless, before the end of the debate, the United Councils agreed to take action upon the most local region held by the Wardens, a stretch along the Elven Coast called Á’Palínáh. The Goliaths native to the region are devoted to the Ancient Ways and some years hence pledged an allegiance to the Wardens for the sake of their deep faith. Now, however, Á’Palínáh, has become overwhelmed by the rampaging spirits of Ruin and chaos and unrest has erupted all throughout the region.

    The United Councils determined that, for the sake of the Elven Coast and the native faithful of Á’Palínáh, they should send in a number of troops to restore peace, expel the ghosts and then induct Á’Palínáh into the United Councils of Á’Shansholí.

    The Councils assigned Egde to lead the main troops, but Merik Horsehair, once Edge’s rival, was also sent to help command the occupation. His experience with dealing with the ghosts in his own region, as well as his well known skill for strategy and leadership will hopefully prove useful, despite the mistrust and prejudice many hold against him because of his goblin race.

    3. Construct Garden of the Dreamers (Dream Speaker Quest)
    • Opulence (8)
    • Bonuses: +1 From Treasure
    • 2d6+9 vs TN:14
    • Result: 16 - Success
    • Link: Link

    Some distance from Winter Town on the edge of the forest in the mountains, the shaní cultivate a large and peaceful garden. Paths and bridges wind through the tall trees and over streams, stones and crevasses. Beds of ferns, flowers and berry bushes grow along the way, fitted into the natural landscape of the forest and mountain. Statues and pillars carved in Kagahara scrip tell stories of shaní history and wooden wind-chimes and woven dreamcatchers decorate the branches of the trees. Treehouses are constructed to fit naturally into the great branches and along the paths are simple benches and covered pagodas, providing places for people to gather in community or relax in isolation. Several local elves begin coming regularly to the garden to meditate and sit through their trances and a peaceful spiritually becomes associated with the place.

    Once the garden is complete, the Dream Speakers are welcomed to sing their songs and tell their stories within the garden and it becomes known as the Garden of the Dreamers. People flock from all along the Elven coast to visit and walk its peaceful paths, read the stories carved into the pillars and listen to the songs of the Dream Speakers.

    Spoiler: Picture

    4. Buyout Iron in Gilead (Region #178) TP#1
    • Opulence (8)
    • Bonuses: +1 From Pottery
    • 2d6+9 vs TN:12
    • Result: 15 - Success
    • Link: Link

    5. Investigate the Great Ships of the SOS, Particularly the Craft of the Girded Keel
    • Intrigue (9)
    • Bonuses: +1 to Investigations from AW lev5
    • 2d6+10 vs unknown TN
    • Result: 14
    • Roll Link: Link

    Excited by the recent discovery of Mortise and Tenon Planking , the shane boatwright, Roontbaní, continues his dedicated study of the Sentinel ships and their craftsmanship.

    6. Secret Action
    • Intrigue (9)
    • Bonuses: +1 From Treasure, D8s rather than D6s From DSP rep 3,
    • Roll: 2d8+10 vs unknown TN
    • Result: 20
    • Roll Link: Link
    • I Have PMed Dark



    Spend 1 Treasure on Dream Speaker Quest

    Spend 1 Treasure on a Secret action.

    Support all Conversions to the Ancient Ways and Resist all others.


    Embassy Actions

    Gift "Song of the Sea" to ELF

    Trade SAN Saddles for Uzii Battlesmithing & War Drums

    Trade Mortise and Tenon Planking to DAN for Advanced Masonry

    Send DAN 4 Treasure to DAN to pay forward to UBT and ask DAN to also send UBT Wolf Riders on SHN's behalf.


    News & Rumors

    Spoiler: Winter Council Recommends Travel Ban

    Winter Council Recommends Travel Ban

    Following the chaotic and disastrous outcome of Vagabond’s ritual at the Gray Lake, the Winter Council issues a strong recommendation to all regional councils of Á’Shansholí that travel and pilgrimages to the Gray Lake should be halted.

    “The danger, unpredictability and possibility of bringing possessed spirits of Rampage back is too great a risk. The Shandole people should avoid contact with any ghosts and with the lands of the Wardens.”

    Most region councils agreed and took steps to end pilgrimages and limit trade, however the Skyclad Dancers and the Council of Thunder Hall refused to comply giving delivering a downright defiant statement of their own.

    “Out faith and the sacred pilgrimages to the Holy Lake shall not falter! Shall we fear death or the spirits of the dead?! Life is for living fully and death is for embracing. We shall go and we shall dance with these spirits and let the bonfires blaze. We are dancers!”

    Seeing as the region of Trí’Meloa controls Serpents Pass and the highway between the Elven Coast and Wider Tarandi, it became very difficult to take any certain control over travel into the Carrion Ward, but as stories of possession, fires and rampage spread, most people needed no further determent.

    Spoiler: Goblins Win National 5 Stone Race Championship! International Races to be Held Next Year!

    Goblins Win National 5 Stone Race Championship! International Races to be Held Next Year!

    In order to bring the varied regions of the Elven Coast together in a shared since of nationalism, the United Councils organized a nation wide championship for 5 Stone Race. The sport is so successful all up and down the Coast, that the Winter Council anounced that the after the next national championship season, they would organize a Race season where nations around the world would be invited to compete. This garnered much excitement as the games led to the next national championship.

    To many Shandolé's surprise and to the dismay of some, the team that proceeded to win the second national championship were not the favored Shaní team of Shandolyn, but the Goblin team of Á’Nôstrásandi, led by Merik's Horsehair's own son the so called "Goblin Prince." Though a recognized and equal region in the United Councils, many in Á'Shansholí still view goblin kind with distrust and even horror. However, even in the face of this prejudice and opposition, Merik Elkprong led his Race team the "Blood Hunters" to the Championship and have won the right to represent Á'Shansholí in the international event. Some find the idea of the Elven Coast being represented by the goblin "freaks" unbearable, but Tálakin'Zání'Quêzí and many others of the Winter Council support and applaud Elkprong's achievements and plan to carry on with the plans for the international season of the 5 Stone Race. Much work has gone into putting forward positive propaganda for Elkprong's team, hoping to rally the support of the nation behind him.

    Meanwhile, news that Á'Shansholí shall be hosting an international Championship is sent across Wider Tarandi and over the seas to the Daezirn Ilses, Mamut and even as far as Kiswa. Nations are invited to put together their own teams to compete the 5 Stone Races to be held as a grand event on the Elven Coast next spring and summer.


    Ruler Information

    Spoiler: Talákin’Záni’Quêzí - Eagle Flies High and Sees All

    Talákin’Záni’Quêzí - Eagle Flies High and Sees All
    High Speaker of the Winter Counsel

    New Leader Next Round?: No

    Current Stats
    • Diplomacy: 10
    • Military: 10
    • Opulence: 8
    • Faith: 8
    • Intrigue: 9

    Expected Stat Increases: +1 Intrigue, +1 Opulence



    Spoiler: Maps

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Great Soreni Kingdom

    Leader Stats:
    DIP 10
    MIL 10
    OPU 9
    FAI 1
    INT 5

    [DIP] Attend Continental Event
    • Trade Uzi Battlesmiting, Stage Plays, and Arctic Survival to VYG for Bronze, Composite Bows, and Mountaineer Clothing
    [DIP] Stabilize 310 17
    [DIP] Stabilize 324 16
    [MIL] Send Alexios to do the Sikar Storm Quest. 14
    [MIL] Raise 2 units
    [FAI] Join Trinity of Light

    Trade Uzi Battlesmithing to HYD for 3 treasure through embassy.
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Regions 19 and 36
    The Targiz
    Current Leader: Odds-Mistress Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Nyct” Nyctagina
    Current Abilities: D3, M5, O5, F6, I2

    Round 17

    • OpulenceBuyout – [Region 48, TP 1] (14)
    • OpulenceBuyout – [Region 45, TP 1] (13)

      Nyct moves to impose economic sanctions on her Uncle and his allies in response to their war. To her the Night Kingdom and Sundom’s endeavor is a wasteful land grab with only the thin veneer of a crusade and the ill-worn garbs of a family drama that she could intellectualize, but barely empathize with. Profligate actions should, in her view, be discouraged.

    • Faith – Miracle post-facto Seek Aid on event gambling roll. (Fail)

      Nyct sees which way the dice fall, a useful edge for the one who sets the odd. However, sometimes those odds are against you, no matter your gifts. The Odds-Mistress is also Wager’s-Slave, and she is not exempt from her own laws of chance. Losses must be accepted, just as each win must be paid in full.

    • FaithConvert – [Region 7] (Success)

      With the rise of the Listener and the closing grip of the Trinity, Rose sends witch-sisters towards the far west to establish a remote conclave of her version of the Bouquet, which her personal followers have begun to call the Congress of the Honeyed Child, in reference to the clay pot of honey and wine in which Ffiona’s body was preserved.

    • FaithErrant Quest Dark Dreams [Region 131] (Quest as Faith Action through Disquiet Pom) (Quest: Success, (Note – resistance is rolled with Faith instead of Diplomacy due to Nightmare Pom) TN to oppose the Errant Quest Dark Dreams: 11 (resistor loses on tie), Conversion of open site: Success (1 Treasure used and to be refunded if errant quest is successfully resisted)).
    • FaithErrant Quest Dark Dreams [Region 310] (Quest as Faith Action through Disquiet Pom) (Quest: Success, (Note – resistance is rolled with Faith instead of Diplomacy due to Nightmare Pom) TN to oppose the Errant Quest Dark Dreams: 13 (resistor loses on tie), Conversion of open site: Success (2 Treasure used and to be refunded if errant quest is successfully resisted)).

      Like the birth of each world there is a slit in the firmament from which emerges what is to come.

      As the earth quaked and the ground split, the Sentinel Standing Stone a fragile nail in the flesh of Kozhur, within the great storm a pinprick hole between waking and twilight appeared. From this small opening, a grey liquid, the stuff of dreaming itself, dripped down from the air in pulsating rivets until a grey gash in the air stood stark against the darkening sands. Suddenly a large hand burst from the thin air, from within the realm contained on the other side of the line, emerging from twilight, grasping onto the edges of that gash, angrily tearing it open, enlarging the tear, until the creature emerged, dragging itself across the threshold onto the swirling sands, its petals blowing wildly in the winds.

      The violence of this emergence splashing the grey twilight liquid onto the ground whereupon it shriveled as if alive, almost as if it were something that could wake up.

      Although, it did not have a face or a nose, by its movements one could see it sense something as it directed its attention to the very center of the great maelstrom. By the arch of its back, the extension of its hands, it seems to breath in that ill energy and exult a silent cry that could have either been a challenge, an animal marking its territory against another predator, or the simple feast of a beast glutting on its own chosen diet of nightmares.

      A similar slit draws itself in the night sky in the land of the stoneblooded. Surrounded by fire and ruin, war and despair barely contained by its guardians, the laughter of scavengers – a grey line, in a nondescript wood, slowly drips itself from nowhere until it reaches the soil of this troubled land. Upon touching the ground, suddenly a large hand bursts from the line, ripping it apart like cloth, and from twilight the creature strides forward, the dusty desert winds blowing from behind it as for a moment the two distant places are closer together than your eyes are to each other.

      The grey twilight liquid from the slit, pooled on the forest floor, spreading out like a fungus searching for moisture, like a phobia seeking a mind to take shelter.

      Without a head, only the terrible flower upon its shoulders, the creature seems to search around until its body faces in the direction of the far-off corpse of the Vagabond. It hunches over, the flower petals dropping slightly towards the ground, and one could imagine it growling in an unheard voice that could have been one hunter paying its respects to another or one horror welcoming one not yet born into the world.

    • Generate 3 Treasure with passive income (25 TP owned at beginning of round) –> 13 Treasure owned beginning of round.
    • Gift Sikar Translation to Deru (non-action Embassy)
    • Accept all treasure from Scrim (embassy action)
    • Accept all embassies (BEN this round)
    • Rose delivers the Disquiet Pom to Petal Head
    • In the confusion and horror of Fofser attack on the Mercenaries holding him hostage Running-Ox manages to escape his ropes by using a puddle of acid spilled by the Dragon's unexpected rescue. Running as fast as his name's sake and not looking back at the mayhem, Running-Ox manages to get to Swampum with only a couple burns, his wounds from his battle and a couple of fantastic stories to tell (Non-action Embassy gift of Roaring-Ox to Swampum)
    • Nyct responds to Doraan

      Uncle Doraan, you know that I am part of no cult and am a faithful of the Trinity, and that Gled was no Champion of Targiz and was a Paladin of the Crimson Kingdom. Wealth shall always find a voice in Kursaal and it is not my place to silence it. Nonetheless, Gled’s accounts have been exhausted and in his poverty, he is yours.

      Your request for reparations are too onerous for our small state to bear. Our contracts with the Scrim are interrupted and our copper trade is dismantled. However, I recognize that you do not seek compensation for its own sake, but instead seek accountability. Such culpability though is like smoke and fire and spreads from house to house until the city burns. Searching for your lamb is improvident; those with ante should step to the table. Blameworthiness is a debt and, as a debt, it can be wagered. As Odds-Mistress, I offer you these odds for at whom to direct your ire.

      The Horned King, his liege, who at first, as his King, failed to temper his flames, and then, as his father-figure, failed to teach prudence: One thousand one hundred fifty seven to eight thousand eight hundred forty three. (OOC - A result of 9 on a 3d6)

      Ogra, his mother, who at first, as his matriarch, failed to educate temperance, and then, as his daughter’s embalmer, failed to convince him accept loss: One thousand one hundred fifty seven to eight thousand eight hundred forty three. (OOC - A result of 12 on a 3d6)

      Haurun, his father, who at first, as his progenitor, failed to be present, and then, as his opponent, failed to speak to him as a son. One thousand one hundred fifty seven to eight thousand eight hundred forty three. (OOC A result of 6 or 7 on a 3d6)

      Ceron, his sworn brother, who at first, as his Mentor-Knight, failed to instruct him in chivalry, and then, as his friend, failed to provide solace: Two hundred forty three to two thousand two hundred fifty seven (OOC - A result of 8 on a 3d6)

      Gwladys, his wife, who at first, as his lover, failed to buttress his loss, and then, as his partner, failed to still his broken heart: Two hundred forty three to two thousand two hundred fifty seven (OOC - A result of 13 on a 3d6)

      Myself, his sister, who at first, as his bookmaker, failed to call in his wagers, and then, whose Husband and Father-In-Law prevented his campaign from anymore waste: Four hundred sixty three to four thousand five hundred thirty seven (OOC - A result of 3, 4, 5, 16, 17, or 18 on a 3d6)

      Finally, Gled, himself, for his debts are his own: Three thousand six hundred fifty seven to six thousand three hundred forty three (OOC - A result of 10, 11, 14 or 15 on a 3d6)

      If these odds are acceptable for you, I can roll the dice on your behalf; if Fair Chance shall decree that I am to Blame, instead of my City’s assets, I offer what remains of my own private and personal funds. I cannot speak to what the others would offer if Blame falls upon them. (OOC - 4 treasure minus whatever is ‘spent’ to combat Crimson Kingdom’s offer for Roaring Ox)

    Spoiler: SPORTS!

    Ko Dra-Ko-Ball

    The current winners of the league walk towards the center of the Grand Rings to adoring and cheering crowds. In the center stands an aged Redit’Anco Iddirf, the head commissioner of the Ko-Ball League. It has been more than 40 years since the Snootmort, and yet he was still alive, gregarious and in charge of the league. In fact, under his leadership the League had progressed, not only in numbers, seeing as how there was now an active Foreign League, but also in power and independence from the mechanics of the Kursaal itself. For example, even now, with the city and state embroiled in a diplomatic quagmire, the league games continued unabated and were flourishing. As the champion team walks towards him, the old man slaps each of them on the back and hoarsely sings:

    CONGRATULATIONS! HA! Hail! to the vanquishers valiant. Hail! To the domineering heroes! Hail! Hail! To the Dream Team! The champions of the Mamut! Well done!

    With the championship team standing in the center looking up at their fans, Iddirf presents each of them with this year’s Flower Crown. The crown this year was not as impressive as it was in prior years, being made only of Antirrhinums, and as such resembled more of a green wreath with vibrant red and purple spokes. However, the champions understood the meaning behind the flower – the flower called snap

    The champion Ko-Ball stood sheepishly in front of his team, looking scuffed after the long tournament and nervous. His teammates laughingly slapped him on the back and congratulated him on what was to come. They worked hard this year to get their Ko-Ball here and were excited for him. They may have been playing for the glory of the win, but their Ko now played for something greater.

    Iddirf was excited about the ceremony, the first of its kind. He expected that it would bring even more acclaim to his beloved sport. While the magic was not his, he had been allowed by Prince Onyx to direct a portion of it. While Iddirf would have liked to think that the magic was contained in the very idea of victory, symbolized by the flower crown about to be bestowed, he knew that the true catalyst was the red dragon scale that adorned this crown to be bestowed to the Ko-Ball.

    Iddirf motioned to the winning Ko-Ball to step forward, and the little Ko was sheepish and nervous and only advanced cause his teammates pushed him with their cheers. He strode towards the Goliath, who though frail, still towered over him. The goliath knelt down and presented the Ko with his own Flower Crown and then stepped away leaving the Ko in the center of the arena which now held its breath with anticipation.

    For a moment, nothing happened.

    Suddenly a cloud or a mist seemed to seep out of the flower crown; it was pink and grey and was the stuff of dreams. The Ko was enveloped as the cloud drifted away from him and shrouded the entirety of the Grand King and the great Ko-ball field. As soon as it reached the crowds of spectators the cloud paused and then began to swirl inward back towards the center where the Ko was, as it span it revolved faster and faster until in the center of the arena was a small thin twister of dusk and dawn.

    The cloud was torn asunder from the inside as great wings burst from within it to disperse it forever. The shy Ko-ball was no more. In his place was a great Dragon! That Ko-Ball had become the first Drako-Ball, a dragon born from victory, camaraderie and sportsmanship! And as the dragon was born from those ideals it was only appropriate that the Dragon’s scales were the of the purest Gold! The color of the champion!

    The Drako-Ball flapped his mighty wings and alighted from the stadium center with his new powerful wings and breathed fire into the sky which exploded into colorful bursts of all colors of all the flowers in the world. A fire work display to top an eventful League season.

    The Classical League

    Decades since they first terrorized the league the Dream Team reared its perfectly coordinated play once again and dominated. On their tails were strangely, not the Big Strongs or the Canopies, but the Greenhorns who just fell short. It is unclear if this Dream Team resurgence is a flash in the pan like the previous Avalanches who once again dropped towards the bottom or if this powerhouse is once again here to stay.

    X Swampum Big Strongs Bhaile-Koma Canopies Blessed Vale Jewels Targiz Hemlocks Thun Avalanches Dream Speaker Dream Team Na'karat Zealots Ixarr Greenhorns League Total
    Swampum Big Strongs X 3 1 3 1 0 3 1 12
    Bhaile-Koma Canopies 0 X 3 3 3 0 3 0 12
    Blessed Vale Jewels 1 0 X 0 3 0 3 0 7
    Targiz Hemlocks 0 0 3 X 3 0 3 0 9
    Thun Avalanches 1 0 0 0 X 0 3 1 5
    Dream Speaker Dream Team 3 3 3 3 3 X 3 0 18
    Na'karat Zealots 0 0 0 0 0 0 X 0 0
    Ixarr Greenhorns 1 3 3 3 1 3 3 X 17

    The Foreign League

    Kursaal warmly, in its way, welcomes visitors from abroad!

    The new comers to the league win it all! The foreign league proves extremely competitive as many of the games end in 2-2 ties this season.

    X Sang Songs Blithe Beasts Moonworm Cavalry Ta Seti Cattle Drivers Berry Bouncers League Total
    Sang Songs X 1 1 3 0 5
    Blithe Beasts 1 X 1 0 1 3
    Moonworm Cavalry 1 1 X 1 1 4
    Ta Seti Cattle Drivers 0 3 1 X 0 4
    Berry Bouncers 3 1 1 3 X 8

    Cross-League Exhibition Match

    To foster the new foreign teams, the current Champion of the Classical League plays a friendly exhibition match with the Champion of the Foreign League.

    The Dream Team showed no mercy to the newcomer Berry Bouncers and initiated them in fire! (3-0)

    Triple Flower Crown

    Swampum win all the races! No Toad manages to get all three, but what a shocking outcome!

    Run for the Roses – Swampum – Run Ox Jump Toad
    Run for the Poor-Land Daisies – Swampum – East Good West Bad
    Run for the White Carnations – Swampum – Toad the Toad!
    Spoiler: Leader Information and Technology
    Current Leader: Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Nyct” Nyctagina (28 Years Old)

    Current Stats:

    Diplomacy: 3
    Military: 5
    Opulence: 5
    Faith: 6
    Intrigue: 2

    New Ruler Next Round: No
    Succession: Hereditary (Matrilineal primogeniture but with no male exclusion, meaning that it is absolute primogeniture if no immediately related female heir) –
    1. Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Aste” Asteracea (8 Years Old)
    2. Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Olea” Oleandera (24 Years Old)
    3. Lilium "Lily" Interspinus (4 Years Old)
    4. Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Acon” Aconita (Stillborn)
    5. Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir Ffiona (Died in Infancy)
    6. Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Gled” Gleditsio (32 Years Old)
    7. Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Hede” Hedero (8 Years Old)

    Expected Stat Bonuses: +1 Military, +1 Opulence

    Other Characters:

    Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Rose” Ogra (54 years of age)
    Ces Arnif – 68

    Hero Ages:
    Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Gled” Gleditsio – 32
    - Successor: None at the moment
    Petal Head – N/A
    - Artifacts Held
    • Nightmare Pom
    • Disquiet Pom

    • Blessed Dynasty: Twice per round, a ruler character descended from Merine may make a seek aid action targeting a roll has already been determined, so long as it is taken before the war deadline has passed.
    • Epialesian Apotheosis: Petal Head may now participate in two actions every Round. Petal Head no longer suffers continental penalties while Questing, and ignores otherwise impassable terrain types while Questing.

    Opulence Technology:
    • Masonry: +1 to resist Raids and Sacks
    • Writing: +1 Conversion Defense, +1 Conversions in regions that share your writing system (Hbaran Runes)
    • Irrigation: +1 Stabilization
    • Animal Husbandry: +1 to Opulence and Diplomacy exploration
    • Pottery: +1 Buyouts
    • Arctic Survival: Permits exploration and troop transport across Arctic borders
    • Sailing: Permits exploration and troop transport over deep water borders
    • Off-Track Betting: Whenever you spend a Treasure on a roll, you may choose to roll 1d6. On a result of 1, the Treasure provides no bonus. On a result of 2-4, the Treasure provides a +1 as normal. On a result of 5 or 6, the Treasure provides an additional +1, for a total of +2.
    • Mamut -> Sikar Translation Project Tech

    Military Technology
    • Campaign Grift
      • Slot: Subterfuge
      • Resource: Alcohol
      • Effect: The kingdom may spend treasure in a battle to cripple their enemies before they even take the field. For every treasure spent in this manner, opposing non-blightspawn armies suffer an additional 2 regions in distance losses.
    • Increased Defense Budget:
      • Slot: Scouts and Logistics
      • Resource: Gems or Precious Metals
      • Effect: Increase the amount of Treasure a kingdom may spend on Battle by 1. For every 2 Treasure a kingdom spends on a single Battle, that Battle gains an additional +1 bonus.
    • Uzii Battlesmithing
      • Slot: Armor
      • Resource: Hard Metal
      • Effect: -10% Casualties
    • Comet Phylacteries
      • Slot: Combat Drugs and Medicine
      • Resource: Comet Shards
      • Effect: +2 Leader Loss rolls.
    • Non-Active Mil Tech
      • War Drums

    • Nightmare Pom:
      • A Hero holding the Nightmare Pom is resisted in Errant Questing by a Faith Roll. Success on a Errant Quest using the Nightmare Pom awards no Treasure, but allows the controlling Kingdom to attempt to convert an Open or unorganized Holy Site in the region. A great success on the Errant Quest grants a +2 bonus to this conversion roll.
    [*]Disquiet Pom:
    • +1 to Errant Quests, Corpse Flower Holders may Errant Quest as a Faith action.
    Tac Doc: Never Tell Us the Odds – On success roll 1d3. On 1: Gain +2 to Battle Rolls. On 2: Reduce own Casualties by 20%. On 3: Increase Enemy Casualties by 20%.

    Cultural Identities: Plutocratic Proselytization – 2d8 for conversions in regions the Bouquet player controls a TP, 2d8 for buyouts by Bouquet players in regions where the Holy Site is devoted to the Bouquet.
    Spoiler: Resources

    Region # Resource TP - City TP #1 TP #2 TP #3 HC Military Treasure (start of round) Status
    Targiz 19 Flower Wine TAR TAR KO Uzii Bouquet of the Corpse Flower
    • Tansy Crusaders
    • Kursaal Guards
    • Tattered Dancers
    • Scrim Warriors
    • Scion Zealots
    13 Stable
    Nal Dryb 36 Wheat N/A TAR SCR N/A Bouquet of the Corpse Flower
    • Savlo Revel
    N/A Stable

    Military Limits:
    Land 7/8
    Naval 0/4

    • Deru
    • Swampum
    • Scrim

    Trade Posts (25):

    1 #1 - Wine
    7 #1 - Wild Dogs
    7 #2 - Wild Dogs
    8 #1 - Okra
    17 #1 - Ulurothan Spearmen
    18 #1 – Emeralds
    19 City – Flower Wine
    19 #1 – Flower Wine
    27 #1 – Iron
    30 #2 – Comet Shards
    35 #1 – Madder
    36 #1 – Wheat
    37 #2 – Living Wood
    38 #1 – Sour Quinces
    39 #2 – Battle Toads
    39 #3 – Battle Toads
    40 #2 - Cheese
    40 #3 – Cheese
    44 #2 – Cloth
    46 #3 – Wood
    51 #2 – Kaffe Beans
    53 #2 – Furs and Hides
    61 #1 – Falconers
    62 #1 – Fish
    67 #1 – Emberstones

    Favors Available at end of round:

    2 SOS
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