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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Region 136+135+132

    Keeper Jia Polahi
    Dip 6
    Mil 2
    Op 6
    Faith 3
    Int 2


    1 [Military]Explore with Prenadi west of 157 20
    With age beginning to weigh on her bones, Prenadi decides to venture out closer to home, simply diverting south from the Carrion Wastes, to see what other strange things might be around the lands of CAW

    2 [Diplomacy] Establish claim 159 (with +1 explore bonus) 12
    With Jia having a child married, and a second reserved in case any more accidents happen, Jia's nephew, Tiua, is chosen as a political marriage for 159, being both young and strong. Even so, with the past turmoil in Sangar, especially over who inherits the title of Keeper and the growing lands of Sangar, it takes a lot of talking, and courting to arrange even one marriage with a middling power in the region.

    3 [Faith] Convert 114 to Ancient way with Shandolan support 16
    With the prevelance of the Way of Song in Sangar, it is unsurprising that a few Pledge's are tasked with venturing to elven lands to spread some of their interpretations the Ways, which usually move in a more pragmatic way than those of the Creatures.

    4 [Faith] Convert 142 to Ancient Way 12 (accidently included writing)

    Meanwhile, with Shandole having unrest from what seems to be a cult worshiping a giant snake, Jia tasks the maestro himself to journey over to 142 to help convince those wayward souls not to put their trust in such strange, discordant beings, and rather in their own communities and their way forward.
    5 [Diplomacy] Press Claim on 157, 2/2

    Finally, the wedding between Jia's child Lovati and the son of 157 is formalised, after many years. With this, the Polahi are de facto overlords of 157, and all within, and thus can include it in the ever growing Sangaran lands. Talks are beginning to grow about officially declaring a state of monarchy, but Jia seems resistant to the idea.
    Give Prenadi the Claw

    Embassy Actions:
    Gift Pottery and Sailing to CAW
    News and Rumours:

    It is said that Jia briefly fainted when some of her emissaries began to calculate the stretches of land that pay homage to Sangar, Holan, and to her. With these vast reaches, debates begin in the Den as to how Sangar can maintain it's identity when many under their rule may never even have seen a Sangaran, and how it might disrupt the song. Two competing ideas emerge. The first is to raise the promotion of the Way of Song, especially with its deep connections to Sangar, and use this to tie adherents, and possibly set up a seasonal pilgrimage, so that all might come to the Den.

    The second idea is to simply tie Sangar and its vassals as a confederacy of tribes, but with Sangar as the undisputed leaders, implementing the family system of trade and task to a tribal level, so that none would be able to fully function without Sangaran military and diplomatic support.

    Both ideas have merits, but the first stings to those who consider Sangar to be above the Ancient Ways in practical application, and that the song could be lost among all the discord. The secon displeases many who remember the tales of the journey north. Would they then be no differnt than those fools of Gold and Copper?

    Chaos briefly emerges in Bluestohe, as the Bladed Spear's profess themselves to the way of Death, at the behest of travelling Vulture, without perhaps considering the full consequences. Upon the revelation that they would be encouraged to eat their own dead, the chief and many other instead decide to tread the ways of Song and Simrah, leaving only the gravediggers as keeping to the Death Way.

    With Prenadi beginning to grow old and slower of bone, there are rumours that she is beginning to look for an apprentice to teach, so that her teachings and knowledge may be passed down with its own song and cycle. Some have claimed that Hinarah, as the slayer of the Ember bats should take the mantle, but both seem averse to it. It may be that now Prenadi quests not just for Sangar, but to find a succesor.

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping
    Owned Trade Posts

    136 TP1: Musical Instruments
    142 TP1: Eagles
    140 TP1: Skyclad Dancers


    Claims: 157

    Dreamspeakers: Rep 1,
    Sentinels of Stone Rep 1,
    Truthseekers: Rep 0
    Technology: Masonry +1 resist raids and sacks
    Irrigation +1 stabalisation
    Animal Husbandry +1 Op and Dip Exploration
    Writing (CAW) +1 Conversion defence with same alphabet
    Pottery: +1 to buyouts

    Units: 5

    Treasure: 0

    Heroes: Prenadi Kilia 10
    Hinarah the Rider 9

    Required Resource: Animals met)
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Hear the High Chief's drum, and rally under the Five Tribes Banner

    The Thunderpeople- [Turn 7]
    Main Actions
    1. Military: [Epic Quest - The Argent Mother!] Send Pathcarver(2d8+9) to hunt and subdue the Sovereign Spawn, but not before he tours Sikar seeking allies. Spend 1 treasure to aid the effort.
      {The Pathercarver, of the Thunderpeople}
      {Liyae, of the Nocturnal Hydra}
      {Jana Al-Zamira, of Clan Al-Ashir}
      {Kethix, of the Ixkarr}
      {Heskath the Reaver, of the Soreni}
      {[Unknown Hero], of the Ta Seti}
      {Idris, of the Sentinels of Stone}
      {Aesira Bladedance, of Naherin Coalition}
      [Result 30]
    2. Military: [Quest into Unknown Lands] The Ripper skulks into the darkness south of Guugkholm (Region 269) [Result 18]
    3. Military: Raise 1 unit
    4. Military: Raise 1 unit
    5. Diplomacy Stabilize Guugkholm (Region 269) [Result 16]

    Confirm trade Sailing and Irrigation for War Drums and Masonry with Clan Al-Ashir through Embassy.

    The Ripper, licking her wounds and shame faced by her personal defeat in Guugkholm, declare the fight against the Argent Mother "Impossible" and stalks off to sulk in unknown lands for the season.

    Highchief Ragna commissions a grand mural be painted in honor of the mightiest hunters of Sikar, anticipating Pathcarver's success in rallying them to the cause of slaying the Argent Mother. He sends heralds to collect the recollections of the various peoples of Sikar so that their hero's likenesses might be rendered faithfully.

    Spoiler: Book Keeping
    Spoiler: Past Leaders
    Highchief Orgo (Stripped from power after years of minor embarrassments)

    Spoiler: Current Leader Stats

    Highchief Ragna
    Diplomacy 7
    Military 6 +2
    Opulence 4
    Faith 1
    Intrigue 4

    Special Actions Used:

    Heir Apparent: Redspiral Longtooth

    Spoiler: Controlled Territory
    #275 "Thunderport" [Stable]

    Spoiler: Armed Forces

    {The Ripper (9)}
    {The Pathcarver (9)}
    Infantry 5

    Spoiler: Economy

    Epic Trophies:
    • Dreadsilverx1 (this cache may be refined with an Opulence action for 4 Treasure, or used as part of a ritual Faith action to provide a +2 to any roll eligible for Seek Aid.)

    Treasury: 2
    -Blightspawn Trophies [Thundermark TP1]

    Spoiler: Technology


    [Masonry: +1 to resist Raids and Sacks]
    [Writing: +1 Conversion Defense, +1 Conversions in regions that share your writing system]
    [Pottery: +1 Buyouts]

    Spoiler: Faith
    Leader's Allegiance: None
    Holy Sites
    #275 "Thundermark" [The Highchieftain's Hall]: True Sun
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Ta Seti

    Aspelta Oases Seeker

    Dip 9 (+1)
    Mil 10
    Op 3
    Faith 1
    Int 1


    Diplomacy: explore west of 287 roll 14 Multiple Beja sailors from the Blackswan steppe have bought tales of of a land not far from the Sikarian mainland. Strange nuts that have washed up upon the shore are bought to the local governor. At first this is brushed off as tales of overly drunken Beja, undoubtedly high on millet beer, until one day wooden plants, hey, and even human remains begin washing upon the shore. Clearly, a large storm must of destroyed a village from somewhere? Six months later Aspelta funds an expedition to cross the sea to investigate the origin of these washed up artifacts.

    Diplomacy: Press Claim in Region 284 : With the assistance of a squad elite Alodite archers, Isis and Mutwa seize the lands of the forest peoples, bringing the whole of region 284 within their sway. After 3 months an elaborate ceremony occurs at the rock of ages crowning the pair Queen and King of the Pygmy elves and benefactors of the land.

    Diplomacy: stabalize 287 roll 14 Neferkare's troops comb the countryside of the Black Swan Steppe visiting each Beja village in the region. Villages are ordered to serve 1/7th of the total millet bushells, 30 young men and 20 young women as tribute to the the Alodite clans once a year. In addition to that any shaman in the region is ordered to bring any children they may have to the Aldodite clans in to serve as royal hostages. Villages that do not comply are systematically elimated, populations are wholesale slautghered and have their most athletic citizens hunted for sport.

    Diplomacy: stabilize 283 roll 17 The Night Elf's of region 283 are treated more leniently than the humans of the west. Both due to their elf heritage and in an effort not to offend neighboring Night Elf's to the south. The tributes surrounding the night elf villages are roughly half as severe as those of the humans. Night elf hostages among the Alodite aelite are prized for their hunting skills and excellent night vision, allowing them to serve as bodyguards and cattle ranchers.

    Military: Epic Quest roll 17 to help with Argent Mother providing +2 to the leader


    Support all conversions
    Spend a favor to improve SOS rep
    Spend a favor to improve Truthseekers rep

    News and Rumors
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Sọ́kǎu Tribes
    (Round 7: 25-28)

    1. [Diplomacy] Establish Claim on Region 52 (roll=16)
      After defeating his Gãk rivals, Lọ̀plẹ̀ Džíuṭhù goes to [Region 52] to hunt down any Gãk who fled there hoping to find shelter with their contacts in the silk trade. While in the area, he works to ensure the locals sell their silk to his tribe and allies, and not rival tribes, going forward. Then, jealous of the southern tribes' growing power over foreigners inland, he decides to go further and try to ingratiate himself with some of the more powerful locals (and intimate the less powerful). Eventually pointing out that he does not have many children and could use another wife or two, he attempts to provoke a bidding war for the honor of arranging a marriage with him.
    2. [Diplomacy] Explore out into the sea southeast from Džíu Phè Hw with Sailing (roll=17)
      Rẹ̌tšrìj has taken an interest in the coast to the north, but some among the Sọ́gẹ tribe argue that a better understanding of the winds and currents out away from the coast and deeper into the open ocean would be more valuable. And the possibility that something might be discovered out there cannot be discounted either. Yúkró eventually relents, and gives his official support to an effort led by some of the minor tribes allied to him to push out into the open ocean.
    3. [Military] Recruit a naval unit
      Yúkró once again focuses on building up his supply of high quality boats and skilled sailors. The increased activity along the coast to the north recently, both the northern tribes fighting over the silk trade and more recently Rẹ̌tšrìj's interest in pushing even further, has led the Sọ́gẹ chieftain to consider trying to establish dominance not only along the coasts of Džíu Phè Hw but more widely across the coast of Mamut.
    4. [Military] Quest into Unknown Lands: Sailing east along the coast from [Region 66] (roll=21)
      Growing older and starting to consider retiring from life as a traveling and adventuring raider, Rẹ̌tšrìj looks to launch at least one more great expedition. Leaving [Region 41] for a time, she rejoins her old mentor Ṭhùtšrũ in the north and begins planning a voyage east along the coast...
    5. [Opu 5] City! (Tšrìj Ṭhù in Džíu Phè Hw [Region 46])
      With Sọ́ku expansion upriver, and more consistent and reliable contact with others ever further, the Great River is becoming a major trade route. Located on one of the major distributaries at the northern fringe of the river's delta, Tšrìj Ṭhù is the Sọ́gẹ tribe's heart. An island in the river with steep slopes along most sides provided a safe and defensible refuge, and is still restricted to members of the Sọ́gẹ, their allies, and others specifically invited by tribal leaders. The riverbank near the island, however, has become an important center of diplomacy and trade. Few are bold enough to attempt to attack or raid where there is inevitably going to be a large number of warriors from the most powerful tribe, making Tšrìj Ṭhù and the nearby stretch of river probably the safest place in Džíu Phè Hw. Despite this, a lack of any history of urbanization prevented the "city" from ever being more than an awkward hodgepodge of independent encampments alternatively clustering together and scattering out along the riverbank. Impressed by the organization of the city-states in Héokalón, Yúkró and the Sọ́gẹ put out a call for experts from the upriver region to take charge of overseeing Tšrìj Ṭhù's transformation into a true city worthy of the name, and of being the de facto capital of the Sọ́ku.

    • Call in a favor with the DSP to increase reputation (to 2)

    News and Rumors
    • Late in the twenty-seventh year after the Great Comet, the old warrior Dọ̀pyj Ṭhùtšrũ dies from natural causes. He had gathered a large following from a wide range of tribes during his career as a raider. After his death some of his followers leave to go their own way, while the majority remain at his stronghold on the narrow coast of Wēkache. Those who remain choose one of themselves, Thwøyj Yúktšrũ, to take up leadership. These events draw significant attention among the Sọ́ku; Ṭhùtšrũ was a close friend and ally of his cousin Yúkró, but it is still unclear what sort of position Yúktšrũ might take in tribal politics.
    • Zbãyúik Nùkèu is now confident enough in his power in Héokalón that he convinces the priesthood of the Cult of the Sky to declare him king and successor to Sọlmhẹ́thu's throne. However, when his first son is born, he runs into unexpected trouble. The priesthood continues to claim the sole right to judge the legitimacy of a king, and now insists that succession must follow Ẹtúniú principles rather than Sọ́ku ones. Thus the king's infant son cannot inherit, and the kingship must instead pass to his daughter's sons, that is: Sọ́gẹ Yúkró's sons. Nùkèu attempts to make an argument for his children inheriting then matrilineal succession being established (arguing for the ruling matrilineal line to be considered his wife's rather than his mother's). Yúkró himself mostly stays out of the dispute, but is accused of instructing his friends and allies in Héokalón to argue against Nùkèu and relations between the two brothers-in-law and their tribes begins to sour.
    • Yúkró's second son Tšrãák continues to make a name for himself. Unhappy with the lack of major conflicts involving the Sọ́gẹ tribe, he leaves to join some other lesser tribes in their own local disputes and feuds. He slowly works his way north, eventually joining the Lọ̀plẹ̀ in the dying stages of their major war with the Gãk. With that ending, he considers heading north again to join Yúktšrũ before being convinced to accompany his aunt on her great expedition east. Wherever he goes he earns a reputation as a brave and skilled warrior, but also for his stubbornness and his gluttony and overindulgence.
    • The Lọ̀plẹ̀-Gãk feud, meanwhile, reaches its end. No longer massively outnumbered, the Lọ̀plẹ̀ are unable to continue their guerilla war and are forced to lead their new coalition of allies into a more traditional conflict. Though able to slow their collapse, the Gãk are never able to turn things around. In the end, the broken and defeated Gãk are forced to flee into exile.
    • Having befriended their elf companion Ãzjé, several Sọ́ku from Ṭhùtšrũ's old following, including the late leader's nephew Zbõdìj Sọ̀lọ̀p, decide to do the reverse of what their friend had done years earlier. They are able to convince Ãzjé to lead them back into the forest to make contact again with the elves in the hopes of convincing a band to allow the outsiders to live with them for a time.


    Diplomacy: 9
    Military: 9
    Opulence: 7
    Intrigue: 2
    Faith: 1

    Increase: Diplomacy and Military

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region # Resource Minor Good Great Holy Site Holy Order Org Base
    [Region 41] 41 Cattle (open)
    The Dreamflower ? (none) (none)
    [Region 44] 44 Amber (open) (open) (open) (open) (none) (none)
    Héokalón 45 Aurochs The Ko
    The Cult of the Sky (none) (none)
    Džíu Phè Hwǔ 46 Wood Sọ́kǎu (open) (open) Tšhlèi (none) (none)
    Wēkache 47 Goats (open)
    Native Animism (none) (none)

    Region # Owner Resource Minor Good Great Holy Site Holy Order Org Base
    The Blessed Vale 32 Clan Alqar Gems Alqar The Ko Sọ́kǎu Celestial Cult (none) (none)
    [Region 52] 52 (none) Silk The Ko Sọ́kǎu
    Celestial Cult (none) (none)

    Spoiler: Armies, Technology, and Other Random Bookkeeping
    Units (l | n) Unit Cap Treasure Hero Tactical Doctrine Cultural Identity
    5 | 1 14 | 4 0 Rẹ̌tšrìj (9) (none) Dueling


    Artifact Effect

    Org Relations
    Org Rep Favors* Bonus(es)
    +1 stabilization and questing
    +1 exploration
    *(+ is owed to us, - is owed by us)

    Military Technology
    Technology Slot Effect Requirement

    Technology Effect Requirement
    Sailing Cross deep water (none)

    Spoiler: Resource Requirements

    Resource # Required for Sources
    Luxury Goods 2/1 Capital Requirement Blessed Vale (32) #3, [Region 52] #2
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Arrok of Uldra - Region 109
    Chief Taran Icechaser
    Round 7

    Leader Stats Round 7:
    Diplomacy - 9
    Military - 6
    Opulence - 2
    Faith - 1
    Intrigue - 5

    1. Diplomacy - Send a team of hunters and builders to colonize Region 99 - Success (17)
    The Elders decide that in a world of heightening tensions and suspicious intrigue falling upon their allies, all efforts must be made to establish controlled buffer zones between Uldra and the capitals of other peoples. Scores of husky and Falo horse teams embark laden with supplies, tools, and enough people and materials to build a new settlement close to the Viskari. Only time will tell how the Viskari will react to this, though Taran does not expect any kindly-written letters of greeting from his western counterparts.
    2. Diplomacy - Press claim on region 100 (Claim established via Diplomatic Mission Great Success) (1/2) - Success (17)
    The pure success of the Faloan mission sent to explore the west had found no shortage of new allies. The people of the region were skilled in herblore and healing, and became enraptured in the abilities and well-trained animal companions of Eauden's children. The High Fen, aging in years, promises the hand of his son and heir, Atri, to their leader, as well as horses and husky teams that will bring the far-flung villages of this land into closer effective distance and transport healers and medical supplies quickly, greatly increasing their effectiveness and reducing the dangers of death by wounds, illness, or childbirth.
    3. Military - Send Tsor and 2 units to stage a new attack on Region 110, with Tsor on orders to challenge their leader to a duel. Use TD Reckless Attack
    The losses suffered by the Arrok incites stubborn fury from the Elders, who immediately vote for a second attempt, ignoring the fact that only two units of forces remain. Newfound strength notwithstanding, Tsor is still bound by the laws of the Uldra, and leads a second charge, this time trying to learn from her mistakes. Perhaps a different tactic will yield success...
    4. Military - Raise unit
    5. Military - Raise unit
    The losses of the last years spur a quick assessment and training of new forces from both the Arrok and Falo.

    Dice Rolls

    Nonactions, News, and Rumors:
    Resist all unauthorized conversions and buyouts

    The vicious death of Yara sparks anger and grief among the Arrok and Taran in particular, who had hoped to foster the young woman and eventually strengthen the blood ties between allies. The dogs of Uldra grow angry and restless, unfulfilled by the lack of action taken regarding her murder.

    Rarras, disappointed and furious at the losses of the men and dogs he had led into battle, alternates his time by leaving on long hunting trips, unaccompanied and always returning covered in blood, or standing at the drop-off in Aratak Falls, gazing in frustration and sorrow at the cascading water.

    An agreement is struck between the Arrok and Clann Solais - a non-aggression pact linked with border agreements to protect the mutual interests of two expanding nations

    New Leader next Round? No

    Leader Stats Round 8 :
    Diplomacy - 10
    Military - 8
    Opulence - 2
    Faith - 1
    Intrigue - 6
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Crow's Tribe
    King Kro Thorael
    Round 7

    Year 25-28 of the Kro Dynasty

    News and Rumors
    • Crow scribes travel to the court of Sultan Zidan to make a record of the siege of Dzah. A two calf wall scroll telling the tale is created. It uses the finest inks and includes two large illustrations of Zidan on horseback and Jana descending from the sun.

    Actions Rolls
    • [Faith 10] MIRACLE - Steal knowledge from the Sun. Kro Thorael becomes a hero (10)!

      The dawn-speakers gather at Highnest each morning as the Crow takes flight from the horizon ahead of the exalted Sun. They pray for guidance, but in their hearts they know Crow expects them to think for themselves. Dawn-speaker Kro Ril-Ka, eldest uncle of King Kro Thorael, leads a flock of scribes in decoding the ancient shattered runestones of high nest. He is convinced they are the key to the old magic. Idle curiosity turns to desperation as some dawn-speakers become convinced the old magic is the only their only chance of stopping the towering Argent Mother before she reaches the city. Calls had been sent for aid, but crows must survive on crow wit and crow strength.

      Yet it was a dolod who seeded their desperate gambit. "Emnellenme collects all memories. If only we could access them here in life." Kro Ril-ka knew that Crow had carried the Sun itself across the world in times past, and all of Crow's tribe descended from his divinity, but if anyone could reach the sun it was Kro Thorael, direct descendant of Crow. On the highest perch, atop Crow's Talon, an orb nest was built of hardened clay. Inside Thorael fasted for three days and nights, and partook of sacred herbs under the careful eye of dawn-speakers. The nest baked each day in the desert sun, and Thorael meditated between this life and the next until he could see the path Crow had taken into the highest sky. At noon, as the sun reached it's zenith, Thorael took flight straight up into the sky, until none could see his shadow against the sacred sun.

      He did not return that day, or the next. The dawn-speakers tracked the movements of the sun each day, and kept faith, but the Argent Mother drew closer with each passing hour. At noon on the third day a man descended from the skies to stand atop Crow's Talon. He stood stark naked with skin like the night sky and feathers for hair. His feet were that of a crow.

      "Uncle," he called out, "I have seen beyond the eye of god. I have peered into the archives of heaven. I have read the old magic, watched as it was written." He looked at his hand questioningly for a moment then turned it over. It sprouted feathers up his arm and spreading across his form until he retook the familiar shape of King Kro Thorael. He had returned. "Come, uncle. I have much to share."

      The Old Laws were dense and Thorael's memory was fallible. There was much to sort out, but it was a beginning, and the king knew enough for the moment. He wrote a contract in the sacred tongue of crows with the feather that had fallen from the heavens, then had one hundred of his strongest slaves brought before him. They signed it and pledged away their strength, their quickness, their fortitude. All were sworn to Kro Thorael in a pact sealed under the eye of Emnellenme, and blessed by Crow.
    • [Opulence] Buyout Nahkla Stone TP1, Region 292 (23, very success)
    • [Diplomacy] Trade Coinage and 2 treasure to Sol'Ikoth for Seeker technology.
    • [Opulence] Buyout Desert Bell Seeds TP1, Region 291 (19 Success)
    • [Opulence] Buyout Iron TP3, Region 310 (20 Success)

    • Resist any buyouts (+1 from coinage).
    • Accumulate 1 Treasure from Trading Posts (9 owned)
    • Trade Coinage to Al Ashir for Pottery and Sailing via embassy.

    Ruler Info
    King Kro Thorael
    D 3 • M 2 • O 10 • F 10 • I 1

    New Ruler Next Round
    King Kro Karael
    D 1 • M 3 • O 5 • F 5 • I 4
    Expected Gains:
    +1 Opulence

    The Vault
    2 Treasure
    Shattered Runestone (TP1, City, Region 306)
    Gold (TP3, Region 307)
    Maize (TP2, Region 277)
    Blightspawn Trophies (TP3, Region 275)
    Slaves (TP2, Region 311)
    Horses (TP3, Region 302)
    Agave (TP2, Region 305)
    Fish (TP2 Region 276)
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Rosie's Rebels


    1. [Diplomacy] Attend the All-Kiswa Council
    Spoiler: Subactions
    Give Masonry to the Vygra in exchange for the Sentinel Training of Fiona MacDool
    Give Masonry to the Sewune in exchange for Pottery
    Give Masonry to the Bel-Dan-Ub in exchange for Crab Claw Sails
    Release Ren-Cha-Fen and accept Kincany

    2. [Military] Put down the Rebellion in Kincany, with 2 units and 3 naval units, led by Fiona MacDool (score 9, +2 rebel leader bonus), challenging Warlady MacTir to "duel" (using the CI "Never again"), and attempting the Skirmishing tactical doctrine. The presence of the shadows and the larger land holdings of the rebels force rosie's forces to avoid large scale battles as the civil war instead devolves into fierce skirmishes in the jungle, raids along the coast, and a protracted series of sieges in the tunnels. In the midst of the chaos, Fiona MacDool is nowhere to be found, and rumors indicate she may be infiltrating the rebel ranks with the aim of assassinating Warlady MacTir.
    3. [Military] Raise a Unit The ranks of the nobility are running low, and few Luthrails would be willing to fight in the dwarf civil war now, but desperate times call for desperate measures. To replenish her numbers, Rosie orders the conscription of partisan women of fighting age.
    4. [Intrigue] Raise Units, roll 11 News that Rosie has agreed to pay tribute to the Bel-Dan pirates erodes much of her support, making recruiting difficult.
    5. [Intrigue] Secret. Roll 12


    News and Rumors
    Rosie MacGill refuses to recognize the claim of Peggy MacGill to the matriarchy, asserting that Charlie MacGill gave up his rights to the patriarchy by succumbing to the foreign corruption of the Blemmyae.

    For their part, Peggy MacGill's rebels decry Rosie's willingness to sell out to the Bel-Dan to secure her rule as the true mark of foreign corruption.

    Dwarf partisans and nobles without significant forces are driven back from their surface properties across Kincany, withdrawing to their tunnel holdings to escape from the gluttonous shadows. Many Luthrails come with them, setting up shanty towns just on the inside of the tunnel entrances. An uneasy codependency between the peoples continues to develop, as female dwarves guard the entry to the tunnels from shadows and raiders by night, male dwarves fight to keep hostile dwarven forces at bay in the tunnels at all hours, and Luthrails and partisan women sneak out into the jungle during the day to gather vegetables and trade with the Luthrail fishing boats. Still, survival is hard, and starvation becoming more and more problematic as previously fertile fruit groves are claimed by unproductive species due to lack of maintenance.

    Rumors of a naked human spread throughout Kincany. According to popular belief, the human seen walking through the jungle nude is a blightspawn fetishizer, and a few houses advise their people to avoid the lunatic.

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    "Matriarch" Rosie MacGill
    Spoiler: Biography

    5 Diplomacy
    8 Military
    2 Opulence
    1 Faith
    5 Intrigue

    Attribute Improvements: +1 Military, +1 Intrigue

    No New Ruler next round.

    Spoiler: Inheritance Information

    Important Figures:
    Rosie MacGill (34 yrs): The adopted daughter of Warlady Mollie MacGill and biological daughter of the Matriarch, a lot of negotiations had been conducted to put her in line to inherit more power than either posessed alone. Ruling in the wake of the Warlady's murder, she was not well liked by the soldiers.

    Charlie MacGill (28 yrs): The son of the Patriarch and Matriarch, his existence has cast the agreement between the Warlady and the Matriarch into doubt, as should he take a wife, she would inherit the Matriarchy rather than his sister Rosie.

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping

    Land Units: 2
    Naval Units: 3
    Trade posts:
    CI: Never Again (Increased Die Size on duels)
    Heroes: Neno, who never hit a foe twice (9)(Captured).
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    Quote Originally Posted by No brains View Post
    See, I remember the days of roleplaying before organisms could even see, let alone use see as a metaphor for comprehension. We could barely comprehend that we could comprehend things. Imagining we were something else was a huge leap forward and really passed the time in between absorbing nutrients.

    Biggest play I ever made: "I want to eat something over there." Anticipated the trope of "being able to move" that you see in all stories these days.

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Regions 19 and 36
    The Targiz
    Current Leader: Ells Ogra
    Current Abilities: D2, M9, O10, F2, I1

    Round 7

    After biding Merine and Haurun goodbye, Inquisitor Ells Ogra and Ank’Anske ‘Rose’ Ogra journey back to Targiz alone with their depleted contingent of guards. While Ells Ogra feared the worst given that the Hunt had chased her and ‘Rose’, as the girl had begun to call herself, so far north, in her wildest imaginings she could not picture the devastation that greeted them when they entered Targiz. Instead of fields of flowers, cinders and broken bodies dotted the vista. It was a nightmarish scene. While Ogra was not a stranger to violence – even reveling in it sometimes, this was beyond the pale. She covered her mouth in shock as they rode closer to Kursaal. Rose meanwhile, always pale compared to other Goliaths, was now bone white, and yet there was no fear in her eyes but a strange feverish excitement.

    They enter Kursaal when the sun was beginning to set and the broken streets of Kursaal, always foreboding were now cloaked in strange shadows that seemed to writhe with menace. Ogra and Rose were greeted by despondent citizens and the injured. One could see where the Hunt had gouged flesh and bone from the populace, both figuratively and literally. By the time they reached where the city council gathered, the stench of the dead bodies – both friend and foe – was over powering. The council grimly greeted them, they were happy to learn that ‘Rose’ was safe, but they needed to discuss with Ogra what they were going to do next; the threat from abroad was grave and the defense of the city had proven inadequate.

    Four priests of each of the faiths had volunteered to escort ‘Rose’ to her parents and where the aristocrats of the Ank’Anske commune had hidden themselves, and Ogra inclined her head to grant them leave. Rose moved to hug her mentor goodbye, but the stone faced countenance of Ogra, all the joy that her recent visit with Merine had imparted stripped away, made her hesitate and then leave meekly with the others.

    Ogra alone with the council now inquired as to how the defense of the city could have failed in such a devastating way. The others looked down in shame and fear and said that it was like nothing they could have prepared for – the opposing army was like their own Revel, half mad – except instead of wine they were filled with blood lust. Their defenses were no match for the surreal strength of lunacy.

    But where are these would be conquers?

    The eyes of the others furtively glanced west – towards to the unknown lands of the Horned King – why the Hunt had left was as much of a mystery as why they came in the first place. Ogra grimaced; worried about the present, worried about the future.

    • Opulence Buyout [Region 8, TP #1] (Roll: Success)

      While many in Targiz console their loved ones and count their dead, Kursaal contains the unique breed of Mortal that instead examines their ledger book and sees that their account receivables have taken a loss. No loss in commerce is permitted and the Great Engine of the Market begins to grind and roar once again – the recent war just a fluctuation in supply and demand.

    • Military - Raise Unit
    • Military - Raise Unit

      Ces was alone in the poorly made tent – he had abandoned the quarters that Inquisitor Ogra had left him and fled back to the street where he belonged. His head was poorly bandaged – rags covered half his face and they were heavy and damp from blood and pus. Infection seemed likely and deserved. He holds his ruined hand, still numb from pain, and if he still considered himself a swordsman he would have cried for the loss of two fingers such that he would never hold a blade again; good thing he did not consider himself a swordsman then – no he only considered himself as the failure that he was.

      It was getting cold and the furs that he did have on hand were insufficient to keep it creeping up his spine. He was trying to sleep but all he could see was the fevered gaze of the Huntmaster with his antlered skullhelm. He woke up in sweat the same way each time – the memory of his fall and the cannibal’s words slithering in his ears.

      “For the King”

      His journey from the nightmare realm of dream to the dim world of his shortcomings always left him clutching his chest and breathing heavy. He comes to and finds himself in the squalor that he now believes is his destine namesake. How dare Ogra expect anything from him? How could all those people have trusted him in the defense of their home? Who was he to lead them or even fight by their side? He was nothing – a nobody.

      “I agree. You’re the worst”

      The words were nothing he didn’t know already, but he had though himself alone. He looks around and doesn’t see anyone else. His left eye was bandaged (he was pretty sure he wasn’t going to lose it – the Huntmaster only tore off his cheek) so he could not see all that well but he should’ve been able to tell if anyone managed to climb into his tiny tent.

      “You’re a waste of a life”

      The sound came from his left shoulder – the one he could not see very well given his injuries. He knows what and who is there, but cannot see it – so he runs out into the streets of Kursaal, usually teeming with life but empty now, and stumbles on the ground until he finds a dirty placid puddle that nonetheless acts like a brown mirror. There on his shoulder was that woman of flame.

      “I would say kill yourself, but you’re too much a coward. Aren’t you?”
      “SHUT UP”!

      He slams the puddle with both his hands and immediately the shock of pain from his injured sword hand mocks him for his impotence. The puddle is a mess of ripples now and the woman of fire had multiplied in its shifting surface and was laughing at him.

      “Where’s the other one!?”
      “You think you deserve her? She only helps those who can be helped – you’re beyond help”

      Tear well up in his eyes, one of them slides down his bandages and the salt stings his ruined face. This is all in his imagination – if only the Huntmaster was too. He remembers the words like centipedes climbing into his ear.

      “For the King”

      He fled the puddle back to his tent, but it seemed that his feet moved with long and ingrained memory to a bar-tent that he had frequented quite regularly in his previous life. He had not had wine ever since Ogra had found him on the street, but recent life changes were being persuasive for the medicinal benefits of alcohol. Without a though he barged in and saw that it was empty and the wine pots were unguarded. He stumbled towards one and rummaged for a bowl and poured himself a drink. He brought it to his lips and before taking a sip, he saw with his good eye that woman of flame reflected in the wine. She jeered:

      “You’re going to regret this!”

      He chugged the wine almost as a rebuke to her words, but instantly he knew the truth of her words as the alcohol burned the inside of his mouth given the state of ruin of his cheek. It felt like half his skull was on fire. He clutched his head and moaned and laid on the dirt floor for a long time.

      “Get up.”

      A kick directed at his still bruised up side woke him up with a start. He scrambled backwards out of instinct and from the floor viewed his attacked. It was Inquisitor Ells Ogra who looked older now, tired and exhausted. He didn’t know what to say – he used to be thankful to her, but look where that got him. He spoke with a sneer.

      “Greetings Inquisitor. I would say my debt is rightfully PAID.” he says these last words forcefully extending his ruined hand towards her face.

      Ogra sighs and crouches down so she can approach eye level with Ces – she still towers over him. She speaks with an overpowering enervation.

      ”Enough with your self-pity. I’ve heard you fought well – fought against the leader of the band himself. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You lost. We lost. This is a city of gamblers. We gambled and we lost. Such is the life of a wager. Get up – so that we may fight again.
      “Fight? How – do you not see the sorry state of my hand? My face? Your City?!”

      Ogra looks at him, and then looks down at the bowl of spilled wine, and smile slightly, almost sardonically.

      ”Do not protest the odds, exalt that you live..

      The words confuse Ces who cannot at the moment decipher their meaning. But Ogra’s entire attitude and even faith praise burned his very core. Why did she believe in him? She saw him at his worst over and over again. He felt pain in his phantom fingers which twitched to hold a sword. He grunted and got up. Ogra nodded and left the tent leaving the decision to follow her or not up to him. He sighs. He wanted to be worthy of her – no, he wanted to be worthy of all other mortals instead of being a disgrace to the worms in the mud. He made a fist with his broken hand despite the pain. He closed his eyes and he was once again fighting on the walls of Kursaal with the Huntmaster. He was once again face to face with the antlered skull-helm. He was once again falling, the words reverberating around him.

      “For the King”

      He was afraid. He was very afraid and very sober – he needed wine, but his cheek still felt like it was burning. He suddenly felt a chill presence on his right shoulder and saw the angelic little woman. Her eyes were covered with a bloody bandage like his own, but she put her hands on his neck and said:

      You’re never beyond help. No one is.

      He is silent for a while and she, a mere figment of his imagination, dissipates. No – not everyone can be saved. He wasn’t sure that he could be saved. But he was pettier than that – if he was going to feed the dirt and give up his flesh to the mushrooms then he will drag someone down with him. He might not be in it for the glory or salvation, but right now revenge sounded like a great option.

      He whispers: “For the King”. . . as he stalks after Ogra. . . .

    • Faith - Convert [Region 36 to Bouquet of the Corpse Flower] + Treasure used. (Roll: Fail)
    • Faith - Convert [Region 18 to Bouquet of the Corpse Flower] + Treasure used. (Roll: Fail)

      ‘Rose’ loved her new name. When Haurun bestowed it upon her she felt that it almost like a secret blessing of the universe. She recalled his green eyes – the vertical pupils of a snake – and blushed pink with the memory. She wondered what color rose she was in his eyes. They were all so different after all. The Goddesses of Roses, according to her tutor, the priestess Ells Ogra, lived in a grand mansion of otherworldly proportions. They were all fair with skin like ‘Rose’s’’ skin instead of the usual dull color of a Goliath. There was the Goddess of True Love, the Red Rose, as their Queen-Sister, and on her right was the Goddess of Obsession, the Black Rose, and on her left was the Goddess of the Romantically Impossible, the Blue Rose. They ruled over the other Roses, but such rule was a friendly and benevolent one. The sisters would gather and look down on the mortal realm and weave each of the different forms of love by dropping petals and thorns upon the inhabitants below.

      If she could pick the color for herself, ‘Rose’ would hope to be that pale pink rose, the reflection of the Goddess of the Love of Life, for she loved life. Even now, walking through the grim streets of Kursaal – the bodies of the half-eaten and the bodies of the killed cannibals strewn like cobbles – she loved life. She walked through this hellish landscape with a serene smile. The priests that accompanied her from the council meeting looked a bit unnerved at her bearing. The sooner they deliver the mad child to her family, the Ank’Anske, the better for them.

      Suddenly a cawing noise. From the ruins of a gambling hall emerges a Harpy. While the tattered dancers were never the picture of health, this one looks to be on death’s door. One of his wings was torn off and the other has been plucked clean of feathers. The thin copper collar was still around its throat but the chain that was usually held by a silent Goliath was torn midway its usual length and the limp chain was held by the harpy in one of its claws for there there was no one else to hold it. The priests immediately recoiled – they knew the creatures were commonly associated with the dark cult that the inquisition hunted, ‘Rose’, instead, calmly continued towards the Harpy and embraced its foul features in a gentle clasp. Uitanot, for it was Uitanot, wept onto “Rose’s’ shoulder, and the young girl petted his aging and bloodied head.

      “Did . . . did I fail him mis..tress?”

      Before she could respond or react one of the priests, a crusader who felt that the Star-Gods needed to see valor ran towards Uitanot and ‘Rose’ and in a quick and savage motion tore the Harby from her embrace and stabbed it with one of his steely knives. Uitanot hardly put up a struggle and the crusader stood up to check if ‘Rose’ was ok. He shuddered when he looked at her – despite the violent scene she seemed to be at peace. She was not grinning or even smiling, but seemed to be only taking a walk in a flower field. Her aura of harmony did not extend past her skin, the others growing more uncomfortable around her in inverse to her own apparent sense of quietude. The crusader asked her if the creature harmed her and she replied:

      “No. I am perfectly safe. As are you. As is he.”

      The crusader looks at the body that she pointed to and shuddered. There was something not right with the girl, but she was not only an Ank’Anske, but the student of Inquisitor Ogra – with that pedigree, surely she was special – surely, she will eventually help bring glory to Targiz. The crusader wiped his blade and rejoined the procession to the home of the Ank’Anske in silence, although ‘Rose’ walking with them began to softly hum as if heading to a picnic.

    • Generate 2 Treasure with passive income (14 TP owned at beginning of round) –> 5 Treasure owned beginning of round.
    • Changing the Name of the Religion of the Targiz from “The Four Faiths” to “Bouquet of the Corpse Flower

      In a high flower field, untouched by the ravages of the Hunt, the creature sits down and reclines against a tall tree. He cannot be looking at anything as he has no face, but if he did he would be overseeing his dominion – the entirety of Targiz laid out before him. He had journeyed far and had not found what he was seeking and yet like all flowers there is a time for blooming and a time for sleeping. Perhaps, hopefully, he thinks – if such a creature, can think – he won’t sleep for as long as he did previously in the pillar. The great bloom of the Corpse Flower begins to fold in onto itself around the imposing spathe, until it once again closed, tight, until it is merely a green stalk. No longer a flower and instead the promise of one. And thus he dreams, the scent of bodies piled high and wide drifting away from him until all that could be smelled are the lilacs that surround him.

      Later, many people, wearing rags – covered in frightful wounds appear. They are Goliaths, Humans and Harpies, and they are the sleeping creature’s followers – they come bearing wreaths of flowers, which they lay over the creature’s neck and around its body until the portion that resembles man is buried in the perfume and a colorful pile and only the green stalk of that once terrible flower remains as a reminder of what could be. They stand around it in awe – at how peaceful it looks. They could not have conceived that it could sleep or rest or be in repose. They could not imagine that it was so vulnerable. One among their number bravely reaches out to touch its skin but stops just short. They are brave but not foolish. The followers incline their heads at their strange God and withdraw leaving him to whatever dreams one such as he could dream.

    • Contribution to the Dreamspeaker's Menagerie

    Spoiler: News

    International News


    There is only one country on the mind of every citizen of Targiz . . . the land of the Horned King. Who or what is he? Stories abound, whispers multiply; fear and curiosity reign as the twin regents of the street.

    International Organizations

    There is grumbling in the streets that neither the Sentinels nor the Dreamspeakers who frequent the city had aided in its defense. . . .

    Internal News

    Religious Organizations

    If the inquisition did not fail then it certainly did not succeed and what is more is that the attack of the Huntmaster exacerbated the problem – strangely most the mercenaries bought by gold and crusaders of OORT perished in the attack, while the armed citizenry that helped in the attack was largely spared. They rushed into the attack yelling the words “soil for the flower, water for the flower, blood for the flower!” They have since melded back into the general background of Kursaal and Targiz, but it is an open secret that the cult of the Corpse Flower now reigns throughout the land. Priests of the Four Faiths who had joined the strange cult have become brazen with preaching heresies in the open and almost none give it a second thought – so great their loss to the Hunt that the darker faith speaking truer words to their souls that the conflicting fragmented faiths of the past.

    Secular News

    It is hard to tell in Kursaal what is a ruin and what is a hovel – the city was never the most organized place to begin with – and yet, the wine flows slower and the atmosphere far grimmer. The people as despondent and in mourning for what and whom they have lost. And yet . . . a cheer goes out somewhere in the city? Was it coming from the Ring? Can it be that someone is playing Ko-Ball at this time? Impossible! People rush into the center of the city and to their shock they see what they can scarcely imagine – a Ko-Ball match. Here and now, at this time. They can’t help but grin and cry at the same time. They cheer and make themselves hoarse with arms around one another as they watch the game being played.


    The Tansy Crusaders are dead along with half of the armed forces, strangely it is the untrained citizenry and the revel that survived. The defeat is a crushing blow to the pride of the OORT Crusade which has led to many survivors seeking solace in the bottle, or what remains of the wine, and also with certain dark rites. When the world stops making sense most just give in to the madness . . . .


    Given the attack on the city and the disastrous defense, for at least a year from the scheduled time there was no Ko-Ball, the Ring was empty and Ko-Ball field overgrown with weeds. Who could cheer in the city after the horrors that had occurred?

    Redit’Anco Iddirf, the Olkan Priest who is in charge of the Ko-Ball commission though took it upon himself to raise the moral of the defeated city and set out to organize the league even in the ruins of the Hunt. He told everyone far and wide that the love of the game would overpower their immense losses. He worked tirelessly to bring back foreign teams that had fled back to their homelands, he discussed with the Uzii regarding the use of their new stadium to have perhaps two games running at the same time, he talked with despondent wine merchants struggling to make sense of their burned fields. He aged twenty years in a short time, but the man despite now having a shock of white hair was still smiling. He would give his life for Ko-Ball. And all his efforts were not in vain, because:

    The Hemlocks Win! The Home Team Wins! The home team wins comes as a shock to all. Goliaths are crying on the streets of Kursaal, hugging rivals and thinking about all that they lost. There is ecstatic delirious celebration in the streets as people celebrate something for the first time in a while. It shortly does not matter who won the league tournament, fans of each team are getting drunk together and singing fight songs. Small impromptu games of Ko-Ball are being played between tenements. Much is said for the evils of Bread and Circuses, but after a great tragedy there is nothing more communal and necessary for the spirit.

    During a happier time, perhaps the biggest shock of the season would have been the performance of the Big Strongs, although now, given the distraction that was a war and the patriotic power of the Hemlocks at this time – even their performance is overshadowed by the joyous atmosphere from the Ko-Ball fields. The team fell far from its usual place as the runner up (or champions) and has put up a middling result. Some have blamed the war while other have blamed Swampum politics and the Uzii’s new leader putting more stock in war training than Ko-Ball practice. Whatever the reason there is hope that the former powerhouse will be more competitive next season especially since the Uzii had spent resources to create a second stadium in Swampum. That said, fans of the Uzii team continue to be happy at the teams result in the “Match” – that game against the Jewels that has grown into a fierce rivalry. While the Jewels were in rare form this season – coming within a few league points of the crown they lost to the Big Strongs (0-1) in a game full of attrition. However, the Uzii did meet disappointment against the Whirlpools, that second important match of Uzii v. Humans. The Whirlpools were also very good this season and dispatched the Uzii with ease (3-0). The Uzii coaches were screaming at their players throughout the season and it seems there will be lots of work to be done.

    The Canopies continue to struggle, but it seems that the Dream Team has recovered their mojo and is back on the rise. The Avalanches additionally, managed to squeeze out a tie against the Whirlpools to avoid being in last place which is reserved for now for the Zealots.

    X Swampum Big Strongs Bhaile-Koma Canopies Hrathgan Unkindnesses Blessed Vale Jewels Targiz Hemlocks Thun Avalanches Pthǎi Èu Whirlpools Dream Speaker Dream Team Na'karat Zealots League Total
    Swampum Big Strongs X 3 1 3 0 3 0 0 3 13
    Bhaile-Koma Canopies 0 X 0 0 0 1 0 0 3 4
    Hrathgan Unkindnesses 1 3 X 3 3 3 0 1 3 17
    Blessed Vale Jewels 0 3 0 X 3 3 3 1 3 16
    Targiz Hemlocks 3 3 0 0 X 3 3 3 3 18
    Thun Avalanches 0 0 0 0 0 X 1 3 0 4
    Pthǎi Èu Whirlpools 3 3 3 0 0 1 X 3 3 16
    Dream Speaker Dream Team 3 3 1 1 0 0 0 X 3 11
    Na'karat Zealots 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 X 3

    Triple Flower Crown

    Only the first places finishes are displayed for each race – no country or Toad managed to take more than one race this season (there is no overall season winner as the races are individual and bring their own individual glory (and wealth from the breeding of the winning Toad) – it is just that the goal is to win all three either for country or particular toad or rider. It is understood that it may be an impossible goal, but a worthy one!).

    Run for the Roses – Ko - Thorny Situation.
    Run for the Poor-Land Daisies - Targiz – Savior of Kursaal.
    Run for the White Carnations - Ko – Thick It.
    Spoiler: Leader Information and Technology
    Current Leader: Ells Ogra, Age 47

    Current Stats:

    Diplomacy: 2
    Military: 9
    Opulence: 10
    Faith: 2
    Intrigue: 1

    New Ruler Next Round: No
    Succession: Hereditary - Ank’Anske “Rose” Ogra (16 years of age)
    Expected Stat Bonuses: +1 Faith, +1 Military

    Hero Ages:
    Ces Arnif – 32
    Petal Head – N/A

    Technology: Pottery, Irrigation, Masonry, Writing, Animal Husbandry
    Spoiler: Resources

    Region # Resource TP - City TP #1 TP #2 TP #3 HC Military Treasure Status
    Targiz 19 Flower Wine TAR Destroyed KO Uzii Bouquet of the Corpse Flower
    • Unnamed Army
    • Tattered Dancers
    • Reformed Hounds
    5-->3 Stable
    Nal Dryb 36 Wheat N/A TAR OPEN N/A Open
    • Savlo Revel
    N/A Stable

    Military Limits:
    Land 4/8
    Naval 0/4

    Trade Posts (14):

    7 #1 - Wild Dogs
    7 #2 - Wild Dogs
    17 #1 - Ulurothan Spearmen
    18 #1 – Emeralds
    19 City – Flower Wine
    33 #1 – Copper
    33 #2 – Copper
    36 #1 – Wheat
    37 #2 – Living Wood
    39 #2 – Battle Toads
    39 #3 – Battle Toads
    40 #2 - Cheese
    40 #3 - Cheese
    51 #2 – Kaffe Beans

    Incoming Tradeposts:

    [8 #1 - Okra]

    Favors Available at end of round:

    2 SOS
    1 DSP

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    NPC Actions
    Round Seven

    OOC Announcement: All of the prior Great Projects will still be available for contribution including Actions spent but the Organizations themselves will not be putting actions towards them going forward and they will complete when either their duration expires or enough Kingdoms contribute actions to complete a Great Project in their name.

    The Sentinels of Stone
    The Sentinels of the Stone (SOS) are an order of deeply mysterious itinerant warriors dedicated to slaying the twisted blightspawn that arose in the wake of the False Dawn. They wield unbreakable weapons of black stone and are rumored to be impervious to harm. Your most common interaction with them at game start is likely to be a Sentinel showing up, expecting your hospitality, and warning you against venturing into certain reaches until they return.

    Slabs of Prowess (Open for submissions through Round 8): Bananda in Combat, Sangar in Combat, Uzii in Combat, Scrim in Combat, Alodite Styles, Koxrrit in Combat, Carrion Ward Styles, Soreni Styles, Dannu-Gaon Styles, Sọ́kǎu Tribes in Combat, Nocturnal Hydra in Combat, Shandole in Combat, Vygra in Combat, Ashir in Combat & Styles, Blemmyae in Combat, Veramondo Styles, Battle Mothers & Shaman, Goliath "Knife" Fighting, Fighting Styles of the Blemmyae, Fighting Styles of the Anbroch, Fighting Styles of the Nocturnal Hydra, Fighting Styles of the Trolls[/I]

    Spoiler: SOS Treasure Tracker
    Donor Continent Treasure Amount
    ELF Tarandi 3
    HEN Kiswa 2
    VIS Tarandi 2
    BDA Kiswa 1
    SIR Kiswa 1
    TRL Kiswa 1
    SHN Tarandi 1
    VYG Kiswa 1
    TAR Mamut 4
    SKT Mamut 1
    HYD Sikar 2
    VER Tarandi 1
    SCR Mamut 1
    UBT Kiswa 1
    UZI Mamut 1
    SKO Sikar 4
    DAN Tarandi 1
    ULD Tarandi 1
    ALO Sikar 1
    IXK Sikar 1
    DOD Sikar 1
    SEW Kiswa 1
    ASH Sikar 3
    SOL Tarandi 1
    SOS - 4
    GRAND TOTAL - 41

    Offer to Train the Armies of Friends of the Sentinels - The world was growing increasingly drowned in the blood of warriors and heroes alike, the tide of Blight was great, and the Eternal bane of the Sentinels only seemed to grow ever more putrescent or emboldened by the madness. The petty armies of Conquerors and Tyrants gripped each other in ever growing blood feuds and claims of tragic hubris. The Sentinels cared not for the ambitions of short-sighted crown-snatchers nor the rise and fall of any individual tribe but the more that the lands burned, unraveled from bloodshed, and grew fraught with mortal chaos the harder it would be to keep an eye on the disturbances of the Blight. What peasant would discern one manmade massacre from a putrid feast of Blight? Time lost to such would be crucial in the ever embattled struggle in defense of the sacred World Soul and now that some forces, such as the noble Vyggra, had proved themselves to be staunchly entwined with the Sentinels aspirations word from on high has trickled down from their secretive origin of power. Porters are hired in full, local blacksmiths put on retainer, and throngs of Sentinel aspirants are petitioned to seed themselves amongst the cohorts, warbands, and militant forces of those befriended by the Sentinels in years past. With riches to rival the greatest of merchants the Sentinels divert a modicum of their vast hoard of treasure and gathered loot towards this goal. The Slabs of Prowess, finally collated at last, are used in the teachings of these rabble forces, and snippets of martial knowledge spread from distant lands to those willing to take the offer. (Request: Any Friend of the Sentinels (Rep 2 or Higher) may request to have their armies trained and fostered by the Sentinels. Reward/Cost: Gain a +1 Bonus to all Non-Special Non-Quest Military Rolls for the round at the cost/indebting of 2 Favors. Duration: Rounds 7-8)

    Send Idris of Sikar to aid in Epic Quest: Argent Mother! - Finally freed at last from the "Bitter Frigid Ugly Wastelands" of Tarandi and finished with his sacred task of slaying the cursed Wolfenfinger as the backwater locals referred to the Blightspawn, Idris takes his fill of drink, company, and feasting before rushing back home to beloved Sikar. The sweeping dunes of blistering hot sand, the ever present warmth of the sun overhead, and the specks of inky black lingering through the sky from Crow or smoke revitalize the Sentinel but it is a brief reprieve. What hope he would have for a raucous triumphant return are dashed by news of the return of the Argent Mother! When the warbeat of the Thunderpeople fills the air and the drumming of their soul-song echoes from the trail of Pathcarver the wandering hero finds Idris of Sikar waiting upon the path of heroic recruitment. Already familiar with the success of banding together with locals to overcome a great and terrible Blightspawn, Idris of Sikar follows beat for beat with the Thunderpeople's champion, and brings his terrible Black Iron Mace to beat the drum of legends. The Maw of Sikar has spewed forth from its twisting shambles a festering falsesilver foe and Idris shall crush it! Roll

    Theodora of Kiswa leads a Unit of Sentinel Aspirants to battle the Gluttonous Shadows in Kincany! - As the foolish Trolls reach farther than their warty hands can grasp Kiswa is ravaged by the predation of shifting, skulking, and nightmarish bloodsucking horrors. The Bannanda born Hero, Theodora of Kiswa, gathers forth a host of aspirants and hanger-ons of the Sentinels from the Standing Stone in Faranandull, and Alexios himself petitions for a small fleet of ships and boats with which to transport the forces of the Vygra directly into the heart of darkness seeping through western Kiswa. Meanwhile Theodora marches through chaos, rebellion, and devastation heedless of the political turmoil of the Anbroch around her as she focuses single mindedly on banishing every Shadow from the face of Kiswa with the fire of heroic zeal. (Cost: 1 Favor Reward: The Vygra will be provided ships with which to transport themselves in battle of the Gluttonous Shadows. Duration: Round 7)

    The Dream Speakers
    The Dream Speakers (DSP) similarly wander the wilds, but where the Sentinels of the Stone do it in search of monsters the Speakers seem driven simply to explore. They are all blessed with the Twilight Sight, the ability to pass beyond normal dream and into a realm of grey fog where distances shorten and they can converse across half a world. They are skalds and storytellers, carrying in their hearts tales of peoples never seen by those living in the four starts. However, there is a shadow that follows them, as the Twilight Sight is known to occur in children with no relation to the Speakers, and they will come to collect their errant neophytes.

    Manual of Mamut (5/5) (Open for submissions through Round 5): Uzii During the False Dawn, Blightspawn in the Blessed Vale, The River That Carved the World, Stories Gathered From Drunks and Gamblers Part 1, Stories Gathered From Drunks and Gamblers Part 2, A Den Mother's Warning: Small Print,

    Kiswan Collection (Open for submissions through Round 8): Histories and myths of the Bananda, Songs of Korebita, Songs of Korbita Pt. 2, Why the Moon Rises in the Daytime

    Petition the Forces of Tarandi to find another Temple of the Great Mother! - Wary of the strange Children of the Great Mother, the Children of the Twilight Sight decide to take a step back, and instead subtly drop their desires in the woven tales and stories they spool forth from hearth to hearth. A snake as long as a mountain? Magical pools? Surely such a sight should be witnessed by mortal eyes and verified for all the world to see. How Great could this Mother be if it were hidden away and all its greatest works were from ages past? The Dreamspeakers had seen countless impossible and strange sights throughout their travels in the realm of flesh and the realm of dreams but the Great Mother was a phenonemon unlike any other. Even the great Thunderbird of Mamut did not seem to foster a cultish following after itself or create any particularly impressive byproduct from the destruction of the Amaryllis Dragon. In time they would look into the matter oncemore themselves but a cautious hand is put in place in the face of obstinate roadblocks in attempts prior. (Request: Tarandi Only, Find another Temple of the Great Mother or the lair of the Great Mother herself! Cost: None Reward: +1 Favor per Temple found, +2 Favors for the Lair of the Great Mother herself. Duration: Rounds 7-11)

    Foster the Road of Dreams! - As interest in the traveling storytellers and mercurial circus folk grows throughout the realm many amongst their number look to the powers of great comfort and Opulence for patronage. The Dreamspeakers were a traveling force but what better route to travel through making riches and spinning tales than the most prosperous of lands? The more plentiful the kingdoms that they worked within the more profits could be processed to the side and everyone would be made merrier, no? Word spreads from rumormongers and criers that whichever force can draw forth the desire of the Dreamspeakers for prosperity and ease of travel will be fostered by the shadowy troupe. So long as they are properly accommodated, of course. Some Dreamspeakers rumble about the ravaged glory of Kursaal or the ascendant Danneta-Yvaon for prospective points of interest in the Road of Dreams but the fractured Targiz and the enigmatic Dannu-Gaon were not especially ingratiated in the circles of Twilight and were afforded no particular favoritism in the endeavor. Many a beast master and ring leader of the still forming Traveling Menagerie wish to sink their teeth into the Road of Dreams as a primary source of a stable, reliable, and profitable audience. (Request: Any Player who first establishes a Trade Route with a Dreamspeaker Tavern at both ends of the Trade Route. Reward: +2 Rep, +2 Favor, and a measure of Help in maintaining the Trade Route. Duration: Rounds 7-12)

    Support Conspiracies, Subterfuge, and Plotting... at a Cost - Wishing to leverage their gifts of the Twilight Sight and proclivity towards midnight escapades in a manner that will pay dividends in the troubles going forward Dreamspeakers all across the world arrive at the courts and positions of power with a bargain. Wings-Of-Stars forms a cabal of interested wormtongues and fixers in each continent to perform this mass series of information transfer, pocketing, and dubious political "adventures" at the behest of those kingdoms willing to deal with the Dreamspeakers. Though the Dreamspeakers officially don't claim any direct involvement with whatever hidden daliances the powers that be are interested in they are more than willing to facilitate and coordinate all sorts of schemes and sabotage for information and services rendered. Such an abrupt and proud announcement of explicitly underhanded tactics appears mad but the Dreamspeakers care little for what exactly lurks in the darkest corners of the minds of Kings and Queens only that it is revealed to their gifted sight. (Request: Involve the Dreamspeakers in the knowledge and execution of a Secret Action (That does not directly target the Dreamspeakers themselves). Cost: 2 Favors. Reward: The Dreamspeakers will "support" the Secret Action, providing a +2 bonus to it. Duration: Round 7.)

    The Truthseers

    The Truthseers (TSR), in contrast to the Sentinels and the Speakers, are not known to travel far. Instead, this illusive sisterhood dispatches members from their windowless towers to join the courts of every powerful leader. Blessed with the ability to faultlessly discern truth from lie, they often become trusted advisors and confidants to those they serve. However, the nature of their abilities and their motives remain unknown to all.

    Histories of the Tarandi Dynasties (5/5): Sangar: Line of Polahi, Dannu-Gaon: Line of Mak the Wise, Hiverness: Line of Chief Rayen of Wolfenhall, Eleftherians: Line of Nel Sorgen

    Histories of the Sikarian Dynasties: Nocturnal Hydra: Line of Zora, Ashir: Line of the Amir, Crow's Tribe: Line of Ancestor Crow

    A coven of elite privileged Truthseers travel to Troll Country, in their passing ushering forth whispered surprise from Trolls, unnatural obeisance from their Thralls, and secure an audience with King Haanhangandhal, leader of Lhungho Saar. While the finer details of their discussions remain exclusive to his portliness it soon becomes known through whispers that the leader of the Trolls has been offered the chance to prove himself a worthy claimant to an ancient title known as “Heir to the Four Winds.” His Supreme Fecundancy has been granted the opportunity, so long as they remain First Disciple of the Four Winds, to prove himself an equal in matters of intrigue, wordplay, and guile to the most skilled of the Truthseers’ order and in so doing uncover one of the greatest mysteries protected by the sisterhood.

    [As First Disciple of the Four Winds, King Haanhangandhal has drawn the attention of the Truthseers most wise and ancient sisters! While this coven remains in their court, King Haanhangandhal may spend a special Diplomacy action to engage in discussion investigating the coven’s cryptic words through dialogue. While undergoing this verbal sparring, King Haanhangandhal may roll Diplomacy against TN 14 to impress the Truthseers, and earn the right to hear the Four Winds Mythica!]

    Offer to Seek Aid for any Friends of the order and preserve the First Disciple While achieving friendship with the Truthseers was not always an easy process those who did so would be rewarded for their efforts. In kingdoms who claimed the friendship of the order diviners of the sisterhood present the chance to utilize their mystic arts to aid efforts by those aligned with the order's interests. While the Truthseers held no doctrine recognizable to the wider world as any now known to modern people such as the Path of the True Dawn or Way of Eauden their ways were the ways of civilization and those who shared them shared in a great fraternity of spirit whose boons could be greatly rewarding. Such an offer of friendship comes at a critical time of Blight and Destruction in the lands of the First Disciple and seeing a potentially powerful ally in the war torn Kiswa the Elite Crones in King Haanhangandhal's service work tirelessly to divine futures where Troll Country is not left a husk of Blight and Woe. (Request: Any Rep 2+ kingdom may choose to receive +1 from a Seek Aid to one action taken this round. Electing to accept this Seek Aid must be noted in the dice-roll post for the roll it is desired to be applied to. TRL may apply a Seek Aid to all of their battles in warding off the Gluttonous Shadows. Reward/Cost: 1 Favor spent/indebted as a non-action. Duration: Round 7)

    Secret Roll

    Investigate the death of Yara of Hiverness - Though many of the more wizened Crones of the Truthseers balk at the notion that the hated Nemesis is not behind all the woes of Tarandi and the world at large the Oracles of Hiverness petition the Sorority of Secrets to investigate the matter fully. Obliged to help those the Truthseers considered Friends and wishing to ameliorate the tragedy that has stricken the Nordgen Dynasty a cabal of Truthseers exit their windowless tower in Braye and begin to interrogate and question all involved in the days leading up to Yara's death. From the locals she was entreating, those wandering Woken that can be cornered for questioning, and even her grief-stricken father Rayen and his guards are plied for information that is quickly sequestered for ritual and rumination. Roll
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Round #7


    Writing Prompt Round #7: Retell a myth into the lore of your nation.


    Leader Stats
    • Diplomacy: 5
    • Military: 6
    • Opulence: 4
    • Faith: 5
    • Intrigue: 6



    1. Try to raise Rep with the DSP again
    • Diplomacy (5)
    • Roll: 2d6+5 vs TN:10
    • Result: 14 - Success
    • Roll Link: Link

    #third time's the charm, #spurned lover, #i'll give 'em a damned serenade this time!.

    Spoiler: Shaní Serenade for the Dream Speakers

    Shaní Serenade for the Dream Speakers

    "Dreams flow in spirit like the winds across this land.
    Draw near Speakers, let the shaní take yer hand.
    Simráh shall break upon us like a wave upon the sand.
    Listen with yer ka an’ ye shall understand."

    2. Establish a claim on region #142
    • Diplomacy (5)
    • Bonus: Treasure (+1)
    • Roll: 2d6+6 vs TN 12
    • Result: 9 - Failure
    • Roll Link: Link

    Spoiler: Á’Lafátoorû joins the Clans of Thunderbird Dol

    Á’Lafátoorû joins the Clans of Thunderbird Dol

    In the lands south of Trí’Meloa live the clans of Thunderbird Dol, comprised of woken and also, to the surprise of the Shándole, shaní. The shaní of Thunderbird Dol claim to have migrated from the north, though they have no clear history or recollection of the event, since it was lost to the False Dawn Madness. Nonetheless, it is assumed that once, in the era lost beyond the False Dawn, the shaní of Shandolé and the shani of Thunderbird Dol were one people. The language and culture is very similar and the shaní of Thunderbird Dol have common traditions of Simráh and Trance with their lost brethren in the north.

    The Clan of Awakened Eagles rules over Thunderbird Dol, though all the clans of the region, including the Shaní Clan meet in council every blue moon to discuss the ruling and governing of all that country. The discovery of this lost tribe and the forgotten history that drove them south has intrigued the lore-masters of Shandolé for some time and finally the Winter Council was convinced to look seriously into this matter and extend political relations to Thunderbird Dol.

    The woken clans and the Eagle Lords are more reticent than their shaní kin to welcome the Shándole and the Lord of the Eagle, Toshá’Átrí - Cuts the Sky, is a pound and noble ruler, who views the norther strangers with a good amount of suspicion and avian superiority. Nonetheless, the Blue Moon Council of Thunderbird Dol agreed to welcome the Shándole Winter Councilor, Á’Lafátoorû – The Autumn Moon, into the clans as an ambassador.

    Á’Lafá quickly found kinship and a family among the Shaní clan and became both respected and beloved within those people. Shaní of both north and south hoped that Á’Lafá could lead the way to bridging the political estrangement of Thunderbird Dol and Shandolé. A proposal that Á’Lafá should join the Blue Moon Council and that a member of the Blue Moon Council should be sent to join the Winter Council, so that each nations may be represented in both ruling councils was proposed, but Toshá’Átrí struck it down. She viewed this as impeding upon the sovereignty of the Eagle Clan and her rulership over Thunderbird Dol. In fact, she demanded that Á’Lafá return to Shandolyn, or else retire from his seat on the Winter Council in order to remain in her lands. After great consideration, Á’Lafá decided to retire and remain in Thunderbird Dol with the family he had made there.

    It seems, that for the time being, no movement shall progress in the drawing together of the northern and southern tribes, but support for the idea continues and, as war and the looming threat of the Goblin King south of the river continues to grow in Thunderbird Dol, it is possible that Toshá’Átrí may eventually change her mind.

    3. Explore along the coast into the region W of #175
    • Opulence (4)
    • Using Sailing
    • Bonus: Animal Husbandry (+1)
    • Roll: 2d6+5 vs TN 10
    • Result: 17 - Great Successes
    • Roll Link: Link

    Spoiler: Returning the Black Blade II: Memories Worth Keeping

    Having explored the ocean and found no sign of land or The Sentinels of the Stone’s headquarters, Zulaura’Klaní’Hiah – Blue-Waves-Crashing-and-Laughing - returns to port at Glická’Shól in Trí’Meloá to restock and report her findings. Edge meets her in the town and the two friends take a house together for a couple of moons.

    “I’m not giving up,” Zulaura said, her nimble fingers weaving together a length of rope in the dim light of dusk. She and Edge were sitting together on a the roof of the small stone hut they’d been using while in town, fresh laid thatch smelled sweet around them and tools cast aside down by the door. After a day’s work repairing the roof, they were enjoying the cool evening breeze and Edge had taken out his pipe.

    “I’m sure they’re out there and much more besides,” the sea captain continued, “You hear rumors of far away lands, places called Kiswa an’ Mamut. Dream Speakers tell stories and the Sentinels mention peoples and kingdoms in far away lands. The world is so much larger than we ever could imagine, Siah.”

    Edge glanced at her, as he puffed his pipe. “Ye been gone fer right over three years an’ yer already a’planing t’ sail away again?”

    “I kin I might explore fer seven centuries an’ still not nary find all there is t’ find. There’s no time to waist. There’s so much t’ do!”

    Edge grinned, “Yer beginning t’ sound lik’a human. All this ambition!”

    Zulaura laughed, “They’re wiser than we kin, Siah.”

    “Aye…” Edge looked out west over the Lyndicalah and his handsome face wrinkled in thought and melancholy.

    Zulaura finished tying off the end of the rope she’d been working on and lifted a hollowed gord, removing a cap and drinking some rye whisky. “Right then. Ye ever going t’ tell me ‘bout her?”

    Edge cast her a glare, “A’bout who?”

    “The human girl yeh always pine fer. The girl yeh left to wander the world fer all those years ago. Roland’s mother.”

    Edge took his pipe from between his teeth. “I don’n’a pine fer nary no one.”

    Zulaura gave him a scrupulous look. “That’s a right swanny tale, that is.”

    Edge grunted and looked away. He was silent a moment before saying, “Her name was Branwyn. She was a Sentinel like Roland. She was…” and faint smile touched his lips as he brought up memories of the tough red-headed human warrior, “Beautiful… Strong… Courageous. She was someone worth remembering, that’s right sure an’ certain. The Black Blade I gave yeh to return. It was her’s before it was Roland’s. When Branwyn died, she asked me to look after her sword. I passed it on to Roland and then he…” Edge fell quiet for a few seconds. “He asked me to do the same.”

    Zulaura nodded and finished off her whiskey. “There’s still some room on my crew, Siah. Yeh kin the offers always open.”

    Edge puffed his pipe and then nodded. “Aye. I think I’d like the chance to explore the world some.”

    “Swanny!” Zulaura said and jumped down off the roof. She threw the coiled rope over one shoulder and smiled widely, looking up at him with adventure sparking in her sea green eyes,“Report to the docks at dawn tomorrow, Counselor. An’ don’t yeh forget who the captain is!”

    Edge smiled and stood up, “Aye Aye Dinh. I’ll see see you with at the rising sun.”

    The next day Zulaura and Edge departed, taking her fleet of boats to explore west along the souther coasts of the Lyndicalah Sea into unknown lands.

    4. Buyout Tin TP#2 in Region #112.
    • Opulence (4)
    • Bonus: Pottery (+1)
    • Roll: 2d6+5 vs TN 12
    • Result: 12 - Success
    • Roll Link: Link

    5. Secret
    • Intrigue (6)
    • I have PMed Dark and Aed.
    • Roll Link: link


    Non Actions

    Resist any conversions from religions other than The Ancient Ways

    Support Eleftherian Buyout of Diamonds in Shilo Vale TP#1

    Accept Embassy from Eleftheria and promise to share technology with them in the future and respect their religious independence.

    Spend 1 SOS favor to stabilize Shandolýn - region #115, Tarandi

    Denounce the worship of the Great Mother & drinking The Mother’s Milk

    Spoiler: The Great Mother Controversy

    The Great Serpent Controversy

    As turmoil and controversy arise over the protests made by the followers of the Great Mother against the Ancient Ways, the Winter Council calls on their friends in the Sentinels of the Stone and take actions to settle this unrest. They invite M’Zagáh’Á’Eldítulûva – I Seek the Great Serpent (more commonly known as Root) and M’Eld’Á’Monúkarû – I Stand by the Mother’s Grace (previously known as 'Sozé) to Winter Town for discourse on the matter. The explorers’ zeal and single-minded dedication to the Great Mother disquiets much of the Winter Council, who knew them well in the centuries before their encounter with the Children.

    Leósha’Lýndónah - Peace in Deep Waters - leads much of the discussion, speaking on behalf of the Ancient Ways and ultimately spoke the Winter Council’s final official response and verdict on the matter, after the Council debate was finished. Her sermon was carried by shaman and lore-masters all across Shandolé, as they tried to guide their people through the difficulties of this controversy.


    “The Ancient Ways does not nary oppose truth but invites it. If’n the Great Mother be as powerful an’ benevolent as her followers claim, then let her a’come forward an’ present her religion an’ intentions plainly, rather than resorting to potions an’ enchantments to a’sway the kaí an’ opinions o’ mortals.

    Visions an’ enchantment, even miraculous healing an’ the defeat o’ mighty ‘Spawn are not nary proof that a spirit be benevolent an’ worthy o’ unquestioning devotion to the exclusion o’ all other ways an’ wisdom. Them trigs, magics an’ feats may display power, aye, but power can’a be wielded fer both good an’ ill an’ it can most certainly be corrupted. We have only the Children’s word an’ the sorceries o’ this “Milk” t’ judge the Great Mother by, since she herself remains hidden.

    Words without evidence are just air an’ the enchantment o’ the “Milk” has been noted fer troubling effects on the mind an’ ka o’ those who drink it, significantly altering ‘em an’ possibly compromising their personality an’ free will. This mysterious enchantment seems t’ dominate a person’s ka, forcing ‘em into zealousness, compromising their reason an’ causing ‘em to disregard all wisdom an’ free thought they previously held an’ understood. This invasion upon free will is a blasphemous afront an’ indicates sinister intentions.

    Nonetheless, without any reliable or direct revelation regarding the Great Mother, nothing is certain. Them who wish t’ honor an’ respect the Great Mother are free to do so. Can’Cahal can’a be great sources o’ wisdom an’ a power fer benevolent change in the world. But unquestioning faith an’ devotion to any one individual, be they mortal or can’calah, is a perversion o’ the Ways. It blinds people to truth an’ hinders ‘em on their personal path to enlightenment. Truth should be sought in all places, but doubt an’ critical thinking should be also always be applied in ample amounts.

    As fer the accusations thrown at the Ancient Ways, they are completely baseless. The truth o’ the Ancient Ways be rooted in Shándole traditions an’ the philosophy of Simráh, which has been held fer as long as memory can recall. The Creatures o’ the Carrion Ward also kin the truth of the world and the nature of ka and together our peoples have found deeper understandings an’ a better organization fer following the truth. But the faith does not nary “belong” to the Scavengers. The aspirations an’ political a’machinations o’ the Creatures, as well as whom they choose t’ pariah or welcome has no relevancy or connection to the practicing o’ religion in Shandolé. In fact, nothing the Creatures do has any bearing on the nature o’ faith in Sahndolé. Two shaní may both kin the truth that the sky is blue, but that doesn’t nary mean that the possible bad character o’ one would in any way effect either the color o’ the sky, nor the character o’ the other shaní who kins that the sky is, in fact, blue.

    We must have the wisdom to recognize that people, nations an’ even gods are capable o’ holding both truth an’ falsities within ‘em. We must maintain the clarity o’ mind to accept the truth, while denying the falsity. And finally, we must have the good judgment to neither shun nor blindly follow a person, god, or nation based on either the truth or the falsity in their nature, but see them fer what they truly are - A mixture of both good and bad, truth and lies, potential both fulfilled an’ yet still lacking. The world is not black an’ white. It is shades o’ grays an’ shall remain forever so, until the time o’ the final Transcendence.”


    In the conclusion of the Council discourse, M’Zagáh’Á’Eldítulûva – I Seek the Great Serpent - and M’Eld’Á’Monúkarû - I Stand by the Mother’s Grace - are reprimanded for stirring up such strife and for actively seeking to turn people against the Winter Council and the Ancient Ways. If they continue to propagate active unrest, the Winter Council warns that they shall be denounced and officially shunned by the societies of Shandolé. Further persistence still could result in them being banished.

    Furthermore, the Winter Counsel declares the “Mother’s Milk” a dangerous magical enchantment and forbid any to drink it, except in dire cases, where its healing effect would save lives. Drinking the “Milk” in non-emergency situations or giving it to others to drink will be considered a criminal act and local and regional authorities are instructed to pursue all necessary measures to see that this law is enforced.

    Spend 1 Treasure on establishing a claim.

    Support SAN conversion to AW in region #114

    Agree to VIS’s stipulations in exchange for bows via DAN’s embassy network.

    Spoiler: Stipulations


    In exchange for the secrets of crafting war bows in the style of the Viskari, the Winter Council of Shandolyn does swear to abide by the following conditions.

    -Firstly, they agree not to gift or sell this knowledge to The Creatures of the Ancient Ways.

    -Secondly, they agree to allow the Followers of the Way of Eauden to follow their beliefs without attempts to sway them from their chosen path.

    -Thirdly, they agree not to aid The Creatures of the Ancient Ways in the event that they attack the other Realms of Tarandi or in the event that they bring rightful retribution down upon themselves.

    -Fourthly, the Winter Council of Shandolyn will declare the Vulture known as Crimson-Vulture-Who-Raced-The-Sun, brother of Wounded-Vulture-That-Nests-In-Skystruck-Tree and self styled "King" of the Bloody Foothills, as an outlaw and forbidden from entering Shandolyn such that none who reside therein will provide him shelter or succour.

    Spoiler: Zan’Quêzi about Raced the Sun: "He’s a roont smudge upon the skies!"

    Zan’Quêzi about Raced the Sun: "He’s a roont smudge upon the skies!"

    One evening, after a few drinks and some pipe smoking, Zan’Quêzi lets it be known in a discussion with a number of Viskari and other foreign travelers that, “Raced the Sun is a blighted son’va’bitch, who used guile an’ violence t’ force his will ‘pon a people already exhausted by terror an’ bloodshed. He’s a roont smudge upon the skies! If’n he does ever a’set claw down in Shandolé, I would love the opportunity t’ personally kick my moccasin straight up Raced-the-Sun’s pretty pink tail feathers.”

    This statement is soon repeated and gets spread over Shandolé and then across wider Tarandi.

    When later asked if he meant it and intended stand by such threats, Zan’Quêzi says, “I damn well meant it!” The shané counselor then spat on the ground and turned back into his own wigwam without further exposition. However, later that day orders were sent out that the if Raced the Sun is ever encountered in any Shándolé localities or regions, the Elder authorities there should see to it that the buzzard is not welcomed and is promptly either sent away, or better yet held until Zan’Quêzi can get the opportunity to speak to him in person.


    News & Rumors

    The Scribes of Simráh continue to write and collect scrolls for their library. A scroll on the folklore of the the Skyclad Dancers in Trí'Meloa is added to their archives. ~ Mythical Folk Lore and Cosmology

    The youngest daughter of M’Zagáh’Á’Eldítulûva – I Seek the Great Serpent (aka Root) and M’Eld’Á’Monúkarû – I Stand by the Mother’s Grace, Lekahni’Aki’Letuah – New-Song-Chasing-New-Horizons, has come of age. She has taken upon herself the quest to seek a means of undoing the perceived enchantment of the Great Mother that has a hold on her parents. She journeys the lands, seeking the wisdom of lore-masters, shaman, can’calah, Dream Speakers and Truthseers alike. Lekahni is noted for being remarkably beautiful, even by shaní standards and she has a talent for singing and oratory, leading many lore-masters to hope that she may soon choose to take an apprenticeship as a scholar and storyteller in their numbers.

    Karíkí’moshi’makana – Summer’s Hope Lingers, widow of the Roland Warden of the Rosewood Stone and once-daughter of Edge, finally returns from journeying the wider lands of Tarandi for several years. She returns well studied, fluent in many languages and wise in the ways and cultures abroad. The experience and wisdom she has gathered quickly earns her great respect back in her native country. During her travels, one aspect that stood out to her was that the family structure of the shaní is actually quite unique and not a standard recognized in the rest of wider Tarandi. In order to help bridge the differences in cultures and mitigate misunderstandings, she puts together a brief description of how shaní families are formed and structured.

    Spoiler: How Shaní Families Are Formed & Structured

    How Shaní Families Are Formed & Structured

    In shaní culture blood relationship means very little. In a life of many centuries, children raised in a matter of a couple of decades, siblings you probably didn’t share a childhood with and parents you don’t need to rely on for 95% of your life, do not necessarily consume a lifelong devotion or special bond. Adoption is also very popular among the shaní, with some shaní dedicating their lives and vocation to the raising and nurturing of their tribe’s children through adoption. However, it is not uncommon for parents to raise their own children. Fertility is quite low among the shaní, with most shaná considering themselves lucky to give birth once every century. So, the opportunity to raise a child is a blessing many will welcome when it comes. In either case, weather raised by biological parents or adopted parents, all shaní have the chance to choose their family, once they become adults, around the age of twenty-five, and may later choose to change who they consider family as their life and relationships evolve through the centuries.

    Therefore, with blood relationships holding little significance, family is defined by those who choose to live together, forming what is called a “ka’tet” - one ka of many lives, - living in one home, sharing all their blessings and ills with each other. Many shaní, once they have formed a ka’tet, remain so for centuries, possibility the whole rest of their lives, maintaining very close bonds, regardless of what blood relations may or may not exist between them.

    Husband: An adult shané of your ka’tet, with whom you have romantic/sexual relations with.*

    Wife: An adult shaná of your ka’tet, with whom you have romantic/sexual relations with.*

    Brother: An adult shané of your ka’tet, with whom you have a plutonic relationship.

    Sister: An adult shaná of your ka’tet, with whom you have a plutonic relationship.

    Son: A child shané you have taken into your ka’tet to nurture and raise.

    Daughter: A child shaná you have taken into your ka’tet to nurture and raise.

    Father: An adult shané that you, a child, live with and rely on for guidance and care.

    Mother: An adult shaná that you, a child, live with and rely on for guidance and care.

    Once-(relation): A grown child is no longer anyone son or daughter and they consider no shaní a father or a mother. However, if they maintain a close bond with their parants, rather than switching to calling them “brother” or “sister” they may call them “Once Father” or “Once Mother” and the previous parents may refer to them as “Once-Son” or “Once-Daughter.” Estranged family no longing living together, but still cherishing their relationships may also use the term “Once” in front of a relationship, indicating that even though they no longer live in one home, they still cherish and feel that deep bond over a distance.

    For those who must travel independently and often find themselves separated from being any permenet household, it can be difficult, but they often find ways to build and maintain a family over distances and may choose to call a close friend by a family term, even if they often can’t live together for more than short periods at a time.

    * Husbands and Wives may often choose to undergo the marriage ceremony, but it is not always necessary to be considered within a “casual” husband/wife relationship.


    Though the call of a menagerie and the capture and caging of creatures made by the Dream Speakers was officially declared an unethical breach of the Ancient Oath by the Winter Council, this has not stopped a number of hunters and smugglers from illegally participating and the rumors of this great collection of animals and all the remarkable creatures it contains has stirred great excitement across all Shandolé. Many are eager to see the traveling collection and it has sparked new interest the legends of magical creatures and stories of hunts and great struggles with dangerous creatures. Menagerie Submission

    Á’Lafátoorû retires from the Winter Council in order to remain living in the southern lands of Thunderbird Dol. The question of who should be appointed to his seat gets drawn into a long debate and for several months now his seat has remained empty. Amid the unrest and turmoil of Shandolyn and the greater dispersal of tribes and people they have come to rule over, the Winter Council has found it increasingly difficult to coordinate and enact difficult decisions.


    Ruler Information

    Spoiler: Talákin’Záni’Quêzí - Eagle Flies High and Sees All

    Talákin’Záni’Quêzí - Eagle Flies High and Sees All
    Eldest member of the Winter Counsel

    New Leader Next Round?: No

    Current Stats
    • Diplomacy: 5
    • Military: 6
    • Opulence: 4
    • Faith: 5
    • Intrigue: 6

    Expected Stat Increases: +1 Opulence, +1 Diplomacy



    Spoiler: Maps

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    The Kingdom of Lhungho Saar

    Years 225-228
    Region 221 - Troll Country (Ljung Ghrakka Saar)
    Region 220 - Unghlaban
    Region 210 - Narava
    Region 208 - Inkhwabi

    King Haanhangandhal
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 7
    Opulence 5
    Faith 1
    Intrigue 2


    1. [Diplomacy 10] Establish Lhungho Saar as the Great Kingdom of Ngedhuun Thukhulu Saar Lhungho! [Or simply: The River Lords]

    2. [Military] Send Ingkannu Isidi with 5 Units to Troll Country (221) to attempt to clear the Gluttonous Shadows Infestation, using Skirmishing Tactical Doctrine, accompanied by Mhatji Khetra of the Vygra with Black Iron Weapons and one Unit of Sentinel Aspirants! Seek Aid and Sentinel Training applicable! Total Bonus: +20 combat roll, +7 Tactical Maneuvering, +1 Leader Loss Rolls!

    3. [Military] Send King Haanhandaghal with 1 Unit to 208 to help VYG and Alexios clear the Gluttonous Shadows Infestation! Seek Aid and Sentinel Training applicable! Total Bonus: +20 combat roll, +8 Tactical Maneuvering, +1 Leader Loss Rolls!

    4. [Diplomacy] Impress the Truthseers! [Rolled: 13... Failure]

    5. [Military] Recruit a Naval Unit

    Trade the Sailing technology to the Vygra in exchange for Pottery via Embassy - Unity between Dhraan and Vygra against a common threat leads to more than mere military cooperation - civilian trade and cultural exchange flourishes along the riverways of Vyterrat and Ljung Ghrakka Saar...
    Accept the offer of Aid Seeking from the Truthseers in the battles to come - It is with no small relief that the Troll King greets the shrewd matrons of the Windowless Tower. Stress-cancers sprout from the great ruler's flesh like warts on a frog, yet his determination and will cannot be mistaken. This must be seen through.
    Petition the Sentinels of the Stone to train the armies of Lhungho Saar - This enemy is like no other the Dhraan have faced before: neither thrall rebellion nor upstart brook-lord could prepare one to fight creatures that drank one down until even marrow was dust. No - only the Sentinels could hope to prepare the lumbering warriors of southwest Kiswa to face these creatures and live. Some Dhraan, and of course no small number of overzealous thralls, even express interest in the possibility of becoming Sentinels themselves as a result!
    Spend another Favor with the SOS to transport the Vygran host led by Alexios across the Sur to Inkhwabi (208)
    Standing: Accept any Embassies or Technologies offered.

    News and Rumors
    • Singhön
    • Folktale to write: The [First/Best/Most Famous] Sin-Eater

    Spoiler: Recorded In Chorus

    6 Land Units
    • Snapping Maw
    • Spitting Stones
    • River's Surge
    • Lashing Tail
    • Gnashing Teeth
    • Broken Scales

    Animal Husbandry
    Writing (Veramondi Logography)


    SOS: +2 Rep, +3 Favors (-3 Favors this turn)
    DSP: +1 Rep, 0 Favors
    TSR: +4 Rep, +1 Favors (-1 Favors this turn)

    Spoiler: Legends and Legacies

    Troll King Haanhangandhal
    Projected Stat Growth:
    +1 Military

    Ruunandaraghal, Heir Apparent

    Ingkannu Isidi

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    Creatures of Ancient Ways
    Tarandi Region 137 The Carrion Ward

    Spoiler: Map of the Carrion Ward



    1. [OPULENCE] Hoard Treasure
    Skystruck-Tree leaves her strange Red Poppy induced vision dream seemingly a relieved bird. The Scavenger plotter is becalmed, her feathers are reportedly smoothed, and she laughs warmly at the dawn of the pale sun every day according to those who visit her for wisdom or have been adopted. The hand of time weighs heavy over her crone form but she has taken to a new light. She begins to soar throughout the Carrion Ward and beyond, sometimes with her flock, sometimes by herself, and every time she returns to her lightning lashed home with precious things. Twigs and branches that grow with strange fruit or seed, that twist or bend in unusual artistic ways, and covered in colorful never before seen shades of bark! Shiny rocks speckled like stars and painted in unusual ways. Skystruck-Tree is amused when in her travels some Two-Legs call a certain handful of the rocks "gems" and the others just "rocks" and she remarks "They are pleasing to the eye all the same, no? Is that not the point? To see the most with the eye?". Even some works of metal find their way in the Wounded Vultures talon by fate, fortune, or friendship. When the musical heralds of Sangar come to visit her on matters of faith and trade she even graciously accepts their gifts and knowledge of pottery. Many a long winters night is spent decorating pots made in the dry summer times. Soon her nest is overflowing with such collected knickknacks, baubles, and trinkets such that from a distance the near-dead tree is a beautiful gleaming speck on the horizon. Even her brother, Raced-The-Sun, presents to her the finest wares of the Bloody Hills in order to speak with her on any matter within the Carrion Ward for his transgressions with the Truthseers. Lest his Elder Sister simply grab him by the neck and deposit him before the Moot of Elders personally.

    2. [OPULENCE] Great Project: The Eyrie of Truth's Resplendent Majesty [1/5]
    A fervor spreads throughout the hearts and minds of the Creatures of the Ancient Ways. Sated on the flesh of pilfered massive beasts from the hands of Eleftherian Merchants Mountain-Leaper returns from his sojourn into Pride's Peaks with revelatory enthusiasm. He whispered his true wish upon the winds of change and the fickle mountain-bones of chaos; And the world answered. A new age was upon the Carrion Ward. Now we are awake but soon shall we sleep. The Orphans of war gathered by the Snow Leopard Wanderer plant themselves upon the Shore of the Grey Lake, their bare feet in step with the paws of their Scavenger allies, and the Carrion Ward is still. No Scavenger would dare break sacred trust, especially in the presence of the Grey Lake itself, and yet no Two-Leg had ever stepped foot upon the sands of the Grey Lake since No-Pride-No-Death first left these deadlands. A cabal of Vultures are seen discussing with Mountain-Leaper, soon joined by Skystruck-Tree, and the next day the Heart Soul is trafficked by numbers unseen in the past. Pits of maggots and beetles joyously work together to sculpt wondrous vessels and pots from natural substances, topped or embedded with precious rocks gathered in mountains by Lions or Hyenas, and placed around the branches of the dozen trees that circle the perimeter of the Heart Soul. Underground tunnels are burrowed by Beetles and Rats before having their walls scrawled with the works of legends and glory from world's beyond in intersecting Kagahara. The trunks of the trees are also carved, chewed, and lived in by Vultures, Wasps, and more with litanies of art and depictions of wondrous locales throughout Tarandi for those mobile-challenged Scavengers to witness their glory from Home. Taking notes of the Masonry techniques taught by Sangar years prior a massive Eyrie is constructed around the beach of the Heart Soul. Misshapen rocks are piled and lined with the product of Scavengers, branches or twigs forming crude walls, and reinforced hives sprouting out from therein in a hodgepodge of structurally sound but architecturally chaotic wonder. Skystruck-Tree remarks upon the slowly growing form of this communal Eyrie and visits it occasionally to deliver food and remark upon the state of the world to any who would listen. Even Woken from the distant Bloody Hills find themselves herein, most nominal being Mouthy-Raccoon-Who-Vagabonds-Kings, the most wanted criminal in Raced-The-Sun's eye, and a rebel figure of No-Man's Woods. Whole cycles of life are born and die entirely within the methodically growing Eyrie witnessing only the beginning of its majesty.

    3. [INTRIGUE Raid TP 3 of Emeralds in Region 95 Failed
    Infuriated by the slander of the Moot of Elders and their farcical attempts at overreach Raced-The-Sun chitters into the ears of his loyal subjects. Seeking to embellish his crown of brambles and thorns with the very gems the Moot so covets he orders that the glories of distant lands be righteously appropriated and brought forth to him. By night they sail forth along the coasts of the Shilo Valley in crude vessels and derelict boats and threaten the miners with axes and swords of stone or copper. They are repelled for their efforts, returning to their King with nothing but blood or tarnished pride, and he feasts upon both in vindictive punishment. Afterwards he broods in solitary contemplation, reportedly leaving his war hut for days, and gazing at the rising and setting sun from atop the scorched remains of a tree.

    4. [INTRIGUE] Secret Action Roll
    At bidding of vast formless things
    That shift the scenery to and fro,
    Flapping from out their Condor wings
    Invisible Wo!

    5. [FAITH] Set Holy Site 10 Bonus Cultural Identity to 2d8 on Resisting Conversion, titled "NO GODS! NO MASTERS!"
    As the Bloody King Raced-The-Sun tightens his grip on his demesne the disparate Woken packs and gangs grow ever more entrenched and obstinate. His demands and threats for worship are rebuffed, a rallying cry that echoes throughout the Ancient Ways, and beyond. Those who strictly follow the Ancient Ways have always been fiercely independent, detached, and skeptically cautious or thorough. Their adherence to Tantric meditations, the rote performances of them over lifetimes, and strict attention to the details of spiritually improvised revelations make the dissemination and penetration of outside ideology particularly difficult before Thi'Skaids and more. Beyond which though, accidents seem to plague Thi'Skaids and other particularly devote followers of the Ancient Ways, and mishaps or blunders seem to gravitate to them particularly in the areas of the strange or the mystical. Natural disasters or strange phenomenon to be sure, but even those locals who try to invoke their spirits or sages upon those on the path to Transcedence and Revelation are often met with disappointment. These tenets are prone to fracture, with differences amongst various packs or polities present, and yet within this division comes a grueling level of comparison from one to the other that leaves little for such notions as Gods or others to register.

    - Resist all conversions and buyouts
    - Spend 1 Dreamspeaker Favor to raise Reputation from 1 to 2
    - Accept Dreamspeaker Secret Action Help
    - Accept Sailing and Pottery from Sangar
    - Resist Viskari Sack on Dire Goats (Success)

    News and Rumors:


    Spoiler: BOOKKEEPING

    D: 7
    M: 6
    O: 1
    F: 10
    I: 7

    Expected Stat Increases: +1 Opulence, + 1 Intrigue
    New Ruler Next Round?

    Military Units 2/6
    - Swarm
    - Jahoon's Retinue

    - Old Lion, No Pride, No Death (Hero 10)

    - Sangar (SAN)

    Treasury: 0/5
    Expected Change +1

    Writing (Kagahara)
    Temporary Cultural Identity - Natural Philosophy (2d8 Conversions)
    Permanent Cultural Identities - EMPTY

    Tactical Doctrines
    - Reckless Charge
    - Skirmishing
    - Cautious Advance

    - Special Materials
    - Armor
    - Weaponry
    - Ranged Weaponry
    - Cavalry
    - Scouts and Logistics
    - War Beasts
    - Combat Drugs and Medicine
    - Fortifications
    - Sappers and Siege Weapons
    - Subterfuge

    Trading posts (1)
    Dire Goat TP 1 Region 98
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    The Brayewen Tribes


    1.[Military]Raise Unit

    2.[Military]Raise Unit

    3.Faith] Convert 124 to The ancient ways. These newfound peoples shall learn the natural path. Roll:5

    4. [Diplomacy] Press Claim on Region 120 [2/2]. Roll: 15 These don't require rolls

    5. [Diplomacy] Try to Settle Unrest Once more Roll: 13

    Spoiler: Non-Actions

    • Resist Slander! Roll: 11
    • Use favor with the TSR to gain reputation

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    Spoiler: BOOKKEEPING

    Thought King Kartoffel
    D: 7
    M: 4
    O: 6
    F: 3
    I: 3

    Expected Stat Increases: +1 M +1 D

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Military Units 4/6
    - none

    - none

    - none


    Temporary Cultural Identity - None
    Permanent Cultural Identities - EMPTY

    Tactical Doctrines

    - Reckless Charge
    - Skirmishing
    - Cautious Advance

    - Special Materials
    - Armor
    - Weaponry
    - Ranged Weaponry
    - Cavalry
    - Scouts and Logistics
    - War Beasts
    - Combat Drugs and Medicine
    - Fortifications
    - Sappers and Siege Weapons
    - Subterfuge

    Trading posts (1)
    Great Mamut Shark
    • DAN
    • ELF
    • BRAYE

    Other Owned Trading Post:
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    Sewune of Gehudu Forest
    Regions: 216(C)

    Round 7 Actions:

    1. [Diplomacy] Attend event

    Spoiler: Event Sub Actions

    • Trade Pottery to the Bel-Dan in exchange for Crab-Claw Sails
    • Trade Pottery to the Anbroch in exchange for Masonry

    2. [Diplomacy] raise rep with the dream speakers. Failure 7

    3. [Military] Assist with the blightspawn in region 211 with 3 units and 1 treassure. (Have permission to cross the lands to 211)

    4. [Military] Send 1 unit under the leadership of Dra ranu to invade 215 (unprotected land)

    5. [Opulence] Buyout Granite TP 2 of region 238 Success 18

    Non Actions:

    Spoiler: Diplomatic arrangements

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    "King" Yorick II:

    Diplomacy: 4
    Military: 5
    Opulence: 10
    Faith: 3
    Intrigue: 9

    Spoiler: News and Rumours

    Spoiler: Book Keeping

    Spoiler: Trade Posts

    Region Trade Post Slot Resource Category
    210 2 Bananas Food
    211 3 Tvila Clay clay?
    216 1 Sweet Droggen Berries Food
    216 2 Sweet Droggen Berries Food
    216 City Sweet Droggen Berries Food
    217 2 Sorghum Food
    218 3 Cacao Food
    221 3 Healing Herbs Medicine
    225 1 Elk Living beings?
    226 3 Copper Metal

    Spoiler: Treasure

    Round Reason Change Total
    4 Passive TP income +1 1
    4 Gift to sentinels of stone for rep -1 0
    5 Passive TP income +1 1
    5 Great Success Exploration +1 2
    6 Passive TP income +1 3
    6 Use one for investigation -1 2
    7 Passive TP Income +2 4
    7 Use on for the attack on blightspawn -1 3

    Spoiler: Military (4 units)

    Name Ships Weapons
    Panneac yna husso No Bows
    Taan yna husso No Spears
    Vnied yna husso No Clubs
    Hidc yna husso No Fist

    Name Military Stat
    Dra ranu 8

    Spoiler: Reputations

    Organization Rank Favours
    Sentinels of the Stone 1 3
    Dream Speakers 0 0
    Truthseers 0 0

    Spoiler: Great Projects

    Project Name Project Progress Project Effect Project Location

    Spoiler: Techs

    Tech Name Primary Effect Primary Resource Primary Resource Met Military Slot

    Non Military
    Tech Name Primary Effect Primary Resource Primary Resource Met
    Animal Husbandry +1 to Opulence and Diplomacy exploration N/A Yes
    Irrigation +1 to Stabilization rolls N/A Yes
    Pottery +1 to Buyouts N/A Yes
    Sailing Permits exploration and troop transport over deep water borders N/A Yes
    Writing (United Blemmyae Tribes Script) +1 Conversion Defence, +1 Conversions in regions that share your writing system. Sharing the technology shares the writing system. A new writing system may be adopted with a Great Project. N/A Yes

    Spoiler: Ruler Actions

    "King" Yorick II (first ruler)
    Attribute 5/10 Action Effect
    Military 5 Raise Hero Dra Ranu (8) is recognised
    Opulence 5 Raise City Manticore Rise now exists

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Region 108

    Round 7 Actions:

    1.[Intrigue]S L A N D E R BRA with TSR 16
    2.[Diplomacy 10]Establish CI for conversions. Light the Way.
    3.[Diplomacy]Raise org rep SOS 1-2 15
    4.[Faith]Convert Clann Solais capitol region 113 to Way of Eauden. 16
    5.[Faith]Convert region 117 to Way of Eauden. 19


    • Resist all unauthorized conversions and buyouts.

    News and Rumors:
    • Broken by the loss of his eldest daughter to violence, Rayen returns to Hiverness in mourning. Looking out from the chieftain's lodge in the center of the capitol, Rayen scarcely recognizes the village of his birth. Forced to contemplate upon change and renewal, Rayen decides to step down as acting chief and passes the title to his eldest son, Kosumi.
    • Yara's betrothal to the eastern leader was curated and sanctioned by the Truthseers. This disruption of the their matchmaking, coupled with the murder of an innocent, paints Brayewen in a foul, sinister, villainous light. Rayen is sure they can't be trusted and passes his suspicions along to the Truthseers.

    Ruler Info:

    New Ruler Next Round: Yes
    Chief Kosumi
    Diplomacy: 4
    Military: 4
    Opulence: 2
    Faith: 6
    Intrigue: 4

    Chief Rayen
    Diplomacy: 10
    Military: 1
    Opulence: 6
    Faith: 10
    Intrigue: 4

    Expected Stat Increases:
    +1 Dip, +1 Fth
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Deru
    Bhaile-Koma, region 37

    We do not speak for the trees. We are the trees. By the grace of the Sannha, we stride.
    We are the blessed of the Sannha. We are all its children. By the sacred waters, we abide.

    Leafhair (Celebrating his 50th nameday)
    Diplomacy: 5
    Military: 7
    Opulence: 1
    Faith: 3
    Intrigue: 2

    1: Faith: Complete Great Project - Heartwood Reverence. [4/4]
    - The Deru have long revered the Sannha as the birthplace of all Deru spirits, the ethereal heart that sets them apart from the trees they protect. Long had they trusted that the Wattlea on their runic isle were secure in their reasoning for this phenomenon. Most had no inkling of what prompted the Wattlea to abruptly share this reasoning. They had deciphered these runes, they announced. The spirit in every Deru did indeed return to the Sannha between lives, and the reverence of the ancestral forms these spirits inhabited is indeed the highest form of worship. There are no greater figures in the history of the Deru than their revered ancestors. While the Wattlea call it Heartwood Reverence, the faith is highly aligned with Soul Honour, and in a bid to encourage ties between the the three neighbours, Leafhair proclaims Soul Honour the faith of Bhaile-Koma.

    2: Diplomacy: Press Claim on region 38. [2/2]
    -Leafhair is getting married. Second time lucky.

    3: Faith: Adopt faith - Soul Honour (Heartwood Reverence).

    4:Opulence: Buyout TP 1 (Cattle) region 41 [8]
    5: Opulence: Buyout TP 1 (Cattle) region 42 [10] (12 with Uzii support, so success(?))
    - The Deru cannot ignore the encroaching famine. With growth accelerating to cope with the reawakening of the world, the carefully cultivated animal populations of Widhu & Fiodh are being stretched to limit. Before the need becomes quite desperate sundry Castain are dispatched to procure additional livestock. This does not go well.

    Non-actions: Support all conversions, support all buyouts of unowned TP's.

    Spoiler: Admin

    Leader stat increases:
    Opu +1, Faith +1

    Region 37 TP1 (Living Wood)

    Animal Husbandry
    Writing (Hraban)(Elecctricat)

    Units: 2/6
    The Grey Grove - Traditional Fuinn warrior-trees.
    Widhu's Wrath - A horde of woodland beasts guided by Castain custodians.

    Heroes: Asha-Shuran (8).

    Cultural Identity/ies: Children of the Sannha (2d8 on raising organisation reputation) (temporary).

    Tactical Doctrine/s: none.
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Round 7
    The Dolod
    Led by The Quluq

    1. [FAITH Set Holy Site Bonus]+1 on rolls to resist Assassination/Kidnap
      The Crow is clever, mortals are not. Those who would seek to use Emnellenme's off eye as cover for reprehensible acts will find faithful targets forewarned by the omens of the Crow.
    2. [FAITH Set Holy Site Bonus]Shared CI: The Sun's Revelation (Investigation rolls)
      Nothing hides from Emnellenme during the day. Those who seek the truth can call on the sun's light, on the memory of all that has happened, to understand. The words of the Sunblessed promise truth. The croaks of the Crow promise guidance. The light of the sun promises revelation.

      Hiding from the sun grows ever more difficult. The Dawn-Speakers train to uncover truth wherever it hides. Discerning lies, detecting hidden clues, and following trails are all skills taught to those who would devote their lives to truth.
    3. [FAITH Convert 281 to the Path of the True Dawn] SUCCESS
      Worried that the Hydra will stray from the truth to pursue a relationship with the den of sandvipers, the Quluq sends forth Dawn-Speakers to speak to the colonies of the Elves. The Orca, Uzii, and Goliaths are approached. Promise of ancestral memories, guidance, and an integration of non-opposing religious beliefs and practices is given.
    4. [FAITH Convert 289 to the Path of the True Dawn] SUCESS
      The man-horses seem to revere the sun, but they are missing the complete picture of the True Dawn. The Quluq sends Dawn-Speakers to rectify this.
    5. [OPU Buyout TP2 in 269] SUCESS
      The growing faith demands ever more clay to fuel the holiest of rites. Fearing a loss of supply, especially with the prowling Nightmare Thieves, the Quluq attempts to secure a second supply of the material.

    1. Resist all Conversions.
    2. Accept all tech except Writing.
    3. Spend 1 SOS Favor to stabilize Nellen, 291.
    4. Resist all Buyouts

    Rumors and Stories

    • The Quluq, now saddled with the authority and responsibility of leading one of the great faiths of Sikar, begins compiling the doctrine of the True Dawn. Messengers are sent to the lands of believers to spread this doctrine, willing to repeat the words until the natives either remember them or record them.The Path of the True Dawn summary.
    • These messengers continue to spread the Dolod's message that the Dream Speakers are irredeemably evil. The Dolod make it know to those who share their faith that the Dream Speakers will be prohibited from True Dawn holy sites. Those who deny the kidnappers shelter will be blessed by Emnellenme. All who follow the faith are encouraged to banish the nightmare sorcerers from their lands. All who revere memory are called on to end their relationship with those who destroy memory. All who respect the clever Crow are reminded that the Dream Speakers presume to take the Crow's place as guide. The curse-slingers deserve no hospitality.
    • The Orcs of Ixkarr and the Neharin Coalition are warned that the child thieves are not welcome within the bounds of True Dawn holy sites. In less official and commanding terms, the Dolod strongly encourage the two peoples to reconsider their stance on the Dream Speakers.
    • The constant cycle of Dolod traveling to and from the lands of the Hydra provide many new memories to the Dolod. The return of the Hydra children is an exciting time - new memories are shared, with Dolod hearing stories of far away land. The descendants of the Hydra children as much sought-after mates - children who know of foreign lands and exciting new people are prized. Concern, though, grows as the most recent crop of stories include efforts by the Elves to ingratiate themselves with the vile Dream Speakers. The Dolod make it clear that they will not engage with the representatives of such a degenerate cult and that they will refuse to share memories of their activities.
    • Of the Dolod delegation that attended the gathering of True Dawn followers, only two survived to carry their memories back to Nellen. Olo and Loihihiol spoke to the Quluq, bearing the story of a miracle. Jana Al-Zamira, favored daughter of the Ashir, had been birthed anew by Emnellenme. She carries the touch of the sun. She is guided by the Crow, taught by the spirits, and empowered with the blazing heat of a Sikar sirocco. None will stand against her as champion of the sun, Paladina of the Ashir, Light of Sikar, and the True Dawn's first Dawnflame. Priests begin devising a ritual to procure a suitable armament for the faith's supernatural champion.
    • The Quluq hear of the blessing of Kro Thorael. Uineseniu witnesses the ascension of the faith's first Sunblessed, Where Jana Al-Zimara received the power and majesty of the sun's scorching rays, Kro Thorael witnessed the memories of Emnellenme. Kro Thorael's truths are deemed to have as much weight as a Dolod memory, and he is welcomed as a prophet.
    • Again, the Quluq calls on favors with the Sentinels. The Dolod are fearful and uncertain, but the presence of mighty warriors calms them. They clamor for clay to complete their rituals, but the Sentinels guarding the caravans put their minds at ease.

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    The Quluq
    Stat Value Increase?
    Diplomacy 4 -
    Military 3 -
    Opulence 7
    Faith 8 +2
    Intrigue 2 -

    The current Quluq is:

    Yuyuy - Master of Speech, Overseer of Culture, Mouth of the Quluq.
    Edurude - Master of the Militia, Overseer of the Wall, Fist of the Quluq.
    Simis - Master of Pottery, Overseer of Crafts, Fingers of the Quluq.
    Rosolrlosor - Master of Memory, Overseer of the Urelleru, Mind of the Quluq.
    Dayad - Master of Travel, Overseer of Intrigue, Eyes of the Quluq.
    Lsinisl- Master of Peace, Overseer of Trade, Hand of the Quluq.
    Inlilni - Master of Joy, Overseer of Festivals, Face of the Quluq.

    No new ruler.

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region Name Region Number Resource Holy Center Holy Order Status Bonuses
    Nellen 307 Desert Bells - Spices (Great) The Urelleru - Capital, Unrest -

    Spoiler: Technology/Specialties
    Type Name Effect(s) Permanent?
    - - - -

    Type Name Effect(s) Required Resource?
    E Pottery +1 Buyouts None
    E Animal Husbandry +1 to Opulence and Diplomacy exploration None
    E Irrigation +1 Stabilization None
    - - - -

    Spoiler: Mechanical Bookkeeping

    Trading Posts Owned: 1
    1. Clay, 299

    Military Units CAP: 6


    • All-Seeing Memory - Grants holder +1 to one roll per round when defending against Intrigue actions.


    Special Actions Used
    F5 - Artifact
    O5 - City
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Sol'Ikoth
    Leader: Oraket the Three Hearts
    Round 7

    Ruler Stats:
    Dip: 1
    Op: 5
    Mil: 3+1
    Faith: 8+1
    Int: 5

    Spoiler: Other info

    Tp 1: SKO
    Tp 2: SKO
    Tp 3: SKO
    Tp 4:
    Required Resource: Slaves MET
    Holy Site: Cult of Ancients
    Holy Sites: (3)+2
    The script of Non'rathk (Writing): +1 Conversion Defence +1 Conversions in regions that share your writing system
    Animal Handling: +1 to Op or Dip Exploration
    Seeker: Allows exploration over Deep Desert borders Requires: Nakhla Stone
    Pottery: +1 to buyouts
    City: An Akhad
    Treasure 2+2
    Units 1+2

    News and Rumors:
    - Blood has been spilled on the ancient sands. The people give their life to the cause but sadly it is a futile attempt. At the core these people are more schollers than fighters. They fight with a reckless fury but alas do not have the skill to overthrow the local warlord that has taken their lands. The people gather their forces. They prepare to fight again.
    - A story of the Sol'Ikoth:

    1 Mil: Raise unit - The people rally to once again fight for their holy land.
    2 Dip: Trade Seekers to Crows Tribe for 2 treasure and Coinage
    3 Faith: Convert: 287 SUCCESS 16
    4 Faith: Convert: 294 SUCCESS 15
    5 Mil: Raise a Unit - To war we shall go.

    New leader: No
    Spoiler: New Leader Stats

    Spoiler: Dynastic tree

    Resist all Buyouts and Conversions.
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Aran Viska
    By the Will of the Moot, Anzash Carazor, Aranin of All Viskari
    May the Moon guide him in this life and the next

    Additional rolls.

    1: [Military] Recruit Hero.
    A group of sorcerers and saraks enter Iskaran Venat for what should be a routine communion with the dead. As usual they process beneath the trees in silence, bringing with them offerings for the dead they wish to speak to. First they raise the spirit of Ara Ezenna the Red and she cautions them against proceeding. Further in they raise the spirit of Sarak Vaszak the Wise and he informs them that only dire revelations await them. Troubled by these omens they decide to press on and seek clarity rather than withdraw as advised. At long last they reach the great burial mound of Vanaruk the Harbinger as storm clouds gather over head. What transpired on that day is unknown as the members of that procession refuse to speak of it, but there was a face both old and new among their number.
    Vanaruk, the Harbinger of the Damned, walks the world once more.

    2: [Military] Sack Dire Goats, Region 98 TP1. Success unless resisted.
    The Creatures of the Ancient Ways have violated the Law of the Moot! Their violent murder of innocent Eleftherian merchants and forcible seizure of their goods cannot go unpunished and so the Moot charges the Aranin with expelling the Scavengers with all necessary force. They must be made to learn that the Laws of the Viskari are paramount within their dominion and no one, neither man nor beast, is above them.

    3: [Opulence] Buyout Tin, Region 112 TP2. Failure.
    In the interests of sponsoring closer ties between the craftsmen of the Viskari and those of the Cayshan an effort is made to secure control over a supply of tin from the mines of Cayshan Ver. Alas, the Cayshan Lords are unmoved by the offers made to them.

    4: [Diplomacy] Buyout Diamonds, Region 114 TP2. Success.
    After effort by the Scavengers to cripple the Viskari supply of sacred jewels needed for so many rituals and the construction of blessed amulets, the Moot makes a controversial decision wherein the Blight Diamonds uncovered by the Shani will be acquired and subjected to various purifying rituals to see if they may serve as a meagre substitute.

    5: [Diplomacy] Once again attempt to colonise Region 99. Failure.
    Once again a number of northern Nari seek to expand their control over the untamed grassland of the North. Despite almost an entire generation of failure this time they're sure they'll be successful.

    Nonaction: As part of a network of trade deals the knowledge of crafting Viskari War Bows is entrusted to Dannu-Gaon and likewise the knowledge of Sailing is accepted by the Viskari from them.
    Support any conversions to The Way of Eauden.
    Resist the Raid by CAW on Emeralds. Success.

    Spoiler: News and Rumours
    Staran Illinvak finally returns from Hiverness. He refuses to reveal the nature of his vision or what mysteries he uncovered these past few years, stating only that it was between him and Aer Caladon. What is apparent however is that his master over ice and water is second to none among the Viskari and he now interprets the omens with an almost frightening level of confidence. All other candidates for the role of Aranin Sarak fall to the wayside and the ceremonies and rites of elevation are undertaken.

    Alas, though he intended to engage in matters of spirit, the realities of the world drag him back to material concerns. The Aranin Saraks and many other highly respected Saraks make a declaration. They declare that the Vultures of the Creatures of Ancient Ways have been led astray from their true path by malign influences. Skystruck-Tree is invited to meet with the Aranin Saraks so that they may attempt to divine the source of this curse. They propose a meeting place in Cayshan Ver and assure her that she will not be harmed.

    The remainder of the Moot is not so lenient however and they direct the Aranin to strike down the Creatures of the Ancient Ways at the earliest possible convenience for their crimes against the Viskari and those under their protection. Though doubtful of their ability, the newly appointed Aranin agrees to conduct this task. One of the Elders of the Moot is heard to say "If they wish to act as beasts then they'll be treated as such."

    The Moot dispatches an emissary to Arrok settlers in the uninhabited northern stretches of Aran Viska to welcome them and the gifts them with charms and talismans to help protect them from malign spirits. They are also informed in no uncertain terms that they are to consider themselves subjects of the Viskari if they are to remain in that territory.

    A message is sent to Chief Taran carved on a lead slab. It reads as follows:
    "Chief Taran Icebreaker, though we of the Moot hold no grievances towards those settlers you have dispatched into our lands and in fact welcome them with open arms, we are offended that you have parcelled out our land without our knowledge or assent. This is clearly an error on your part and though it irks us considerably we would be willing to overlook provided you inform your settlers of your mistake and instruct them to obey our laws while they reside in our lands. Failure to do so will not be looked upon kindly and though we are both bound by faith we will not hesitate to protect what is ours. Rest assured that whatever may happen our previous agreement will not be invalidated whatever course you decide.
    "May the Moon guide you in this life and the next."

    Spoiler: Named Characters
    Staran Illinvak - Aranin Sarak of Aer Caladon - 61
    Hazash Namakar - Aranin Sarak of Iskandrazac - 68

    Vaskan Sharaz - Warchief of the Phoenix Warriors - 38
    Nar Isana Kalsharaz - Warchief of the Winter Wolves - 65
    Nar Olek Navrazak - Warchief of the Swamp Sabres - 50
    Nar Rashan Iskavan - Warchief of the Shade Riders - 44

    Mezanak Oshrik - Sorcerer Champion of the Moot - Hero - 55
    Vanaruk Mazendan - Harbinger of the Damned - Hero - The weight of years holds no meaning for this individual

    Karalas Anviskad - Son of Talsharn Anviskad - 38

    Spoiler: Ruler Information
    Diplomacy: 3
    Military: 5
    Opulence: 5
    Faith: 5
    Intrigue: 2

    Age: 41

    Expected stat increases: +1 Military, +1 Opulence
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Fffolkkk
    Regions: 266 & 267
    Round 7

    Round 7 Actions:
    1: Military: Put out a search into the Fffolkkk for a hero, and one is found!. IIruum the Relentless takes the position. IIruum proves to be highly competent, with a hero score of 9
    2: Military: Raise yet another unit of maze runners.
    3: Opulence: Buy out trading post #1 for hemp in region 286. It is a success with an 18
    4: Opulence: Send an expedition north of region 267. It seems they found something with a score of 13
    5: Diplomacy: Attempt to Stabilize region 267. It looks like the females have reached an accommodation with a score of 14

    Non Actions & Fluff:
    • Noppa finds her brother! He was ‘being held captive’ by a clutch of The Redoubt's females. But he seems happy being the father to several growing clutches.
    • Thressss finds that she enjoys being a hostage to the Thunderfolk. While they do not appreciate the ruins and ancient crafting that went into them, Thressss begins an extensive study of them- sending numerous letters back to the Sand Reefs requesting drawings of other ruins, lost beneath the waves.
    • The people are shocked to find out that the Thunderfolk produce live young! Much gossip around the step-wells debate fiercely how such a thing could be accomplished.
    • The Fffolkkk from The Redoubt are met with great resistance from the majority of the Reef Fffolkk. Some people call their history lies, and their lifestyle blasphemous. Still, numerous Fffolkkk males move north.
    • Noppa, seeing a potential disaster in the making, hastily scrapes together an agreement with the Redoubt's leaders. They join in a commonwealth, allowing free movement of fffolkkk back and forth. The Wayfinder for Civility undertakes a long study of the different living agreements, in hopes of one day creating a common set of laws.
    • The first set of elections are held

    Spoiler: bookkeeping

    Leader Table
    Stat start round 4 round 5 round 6 round 7 (Expected)
    Diplomacy 5 +1 +1 - -
    Military 3 +1 - +1 +1
    Opulence 5 +1 +1 +1 +1
    Faith 3 - - - -
    Intrigue 2 - - - -

    Regions & trading posts
    Region Name Region Number Resource Learning Center Holy Order Status
    The Sand Reefs 266 Kelp-Olive Oil (Great) The WInd and the Tide - Capital, unrest
    The Redoubt w67 Mountain Goatsl (Good) The Wind and the Tide - region, unrest
    Unnamed region trading post 1 269 clay -- - --

    Technologies & Cultural Specialties
    Type Name Effect(s) Permanent? Note
    Masonry Interlocking Shells +1 to resist raids & sacks Yes -
    Writing marks in clay ? Yes -
    Pottery clay pots ? Yes -

    • Hoard of pearls from the reefs. (1 treasure)
    • supply of the finest soapstone, pre-shaped for use as tokens (1 treasure)
    • Cave full of sealed vessels of kelp-oil, for future emergency (1 treasure)

    Military Units & Heroes CAP: 6
    1. 4 Units of Maze Runners (infantry)

    • None Yet
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Scions of the Thalaz'ir
    Mamut: Region 30
    Thalaz'ir Haraman I
    Dip 3
    Mil. 8
    Op. 4
    Faith 8
    Int 2

    Expected stat increases: +1 Opulence, +1 Faith

    New ruler next round? No
    Rolls: //


    Military: Supress unrest in R54, 13

    An army of Na’karat Zealots leaves the Celestial tower, marching towards the northern land. Their orders are to find any inhabitants and show them the futility of their complaints by demonstrating the might of former Arrakh-Rah. Underestimating the sheer size of the task many zealots retreat from the cold long before finding any settlements.

    Faith: Convert region 31 to Trinity of Light (formerly known as Celestial cult), 18

    Later in the year the aging Thalaz’ir speaks to the people for the first time in decades. After many years of exchange with the Alquar clan much of the celestial faith from Arrakh-Rah is uncovered. Trinity of Light is the true merging of the sun and moon faith by ancient decree. Devotees of the Sentiel are encouraged to spread this revelation. Seeing it as a challenge to change the most minds the knowledge of Trinity of Light quickly leave Na’karatas borders.

    Spoiler: Trinity of Light

    Spoiler: The Time of Dawn, Daodgo

    At first only darkness existed in an endless expanse of nothingness. Then came the lights, countless beings of pure luminescence floating around aimlessly amidst the darkness. The darkness was in uproar, furiously regrowing and suppressing the lights. Many spots of illumination once again became nothing. Fearing for their imminent demise the lights drew closer to each other, forming clusters. In the largest such cluster they inexplicitly started merging with one another, forming something new.

    This new creation begun to protect the lights which strayed too deep into the darkness’s reach, shepherding them back to safety. But there were too many lights moving too fast into too many directions for the Shepherd to save them all. In an act of desperation, they ripped their left eye out. Squashing it into a myriad of tiny pieces the Shepherd then gifted every remaining light with their own piece, called a planet.

    The Shepherd decreed: Take good care of this because it was once a star, a being of light just like you. If it gets attacked by darkness we will know and be there. Leave it alone and we will know. On it lives tiny memories of its time as a star. If you nurture it well they will remember what they were and once again become a star.

    The stars listened and begun moving slower as to not lose track of their planets, some even stopped moving at all. Likeminded stars formed new smaller clusters while others preferred to stay alone. In the clusters there were stars which found it more enjoyable to try and stir awake memories on other’s worlds than to take active care of their own. With its remaining eye the Shepherd watched over all the stars, keeping the darkness at bay and making sure things stayed somewhat in order.

    Spoiler: The World, Ember

    The original name of their planet long forgotten the inheritors of Arrakh-Rah now call it Ember, symbolizing its decent into darkness and potential to once again shine brightly. Ember is guarded by the Sentinel, commonly known as the sun. The Sentinel watches inquisitively over Ember in the day and then rests during the night. In the night the Sentiel’s kin is visible and the right eye of the Shepherd, commonly known as the moon, can be seen gazing over Ember and other planets.

    Centuries ago, the Darkness assaulted Ember, blocking its connection to the stars. Aiming to return to its original state of nothingness the darkness turned the sky red and let loose horrible creatures to destroy everything, this was just one of many assaults the Darkness launched and before Shepherd managed to come to Ember 200 years had passed. When they did the Darkness was vanquished in an instant and life could slowly begin to reclaim the lost land.

    The inhabitants on Ember are all echoes of the stars Ember once knew. Most are reflections of a member in the Celestial Flock, the Sentiel’s kin, and their prayer resonates more with them. But a few are echoes of Shepherd or the Sentiel. Those who are connected to the Shepherd might find themselves glimpsing the future when they pray, for the Shepherd knows what is happening in the Flock and can often predict what is going to happen next with great accuracy. Those bound to the Sentiel will find that they hold great power on Ember and if they wish for something strong enough it often comes true sooner or later.

    Spoiler: Deities

    The Sentiel, Numa

    The Sentiel takes an active interest in Ember and supports those who forge a path forward or succeeds with great deeds. Prayer to the Sentiel is most likely to be answered around noon in the summer months, as its influence on Ember peaks. Common forms of prayer include dedicating a personal achievement, competition victory or other great feat to the Sentiel. Priests of Numa often build shrines in places of prolonged strife, encouraging those who succeeds to offer their prayer to the Sentiel.

    The shepherd, Tushem

    As the Shepherd has many planets to watch over Ember does not have their undivided attention, thus their eye appears to grow and shrink depending on where they are looking. Shepherd cares about transforming all of Ember into a star once more and therefore favour those who improves or help the community. Common forms of prayer include constructing public buildings, sharing food or teaching a new skill in the Shepherds honour.

    The Celestial Flock, Reyten

    The Celestial Flock is not a single entity but an endless weave of smaller ones. Praying to the celestial flock is not really about what or how something is requested, but rather about finding a star willing to look away from its planet and indulge the request. The best time to do so is when Numa and Tushem will not notice, generally agreed to be around new moon on a winter night. A common way to search for or try to impress the right star is pilgrimage to mountain peaks, large open fields or a location deemed relevant for the wish.

    Well-known stars

    Some constellations of stars are known to enjoy messing with other planets more than others. Those Reyten usually indulge in the right type of requests if one knows what to do.

    The Twin Crabs
    Cannot stay away from a good love story. Loves when someone goes out of their way to find the perfect present.

    The Hidden Owl
    If one manages to earn the owls favour bad things tend to stay away. Finding something hidden or discovering something new when the new year comes tend to do the trick.

    The Blighted Kraken
    After a series of unusual and weird events has happened to you the Kraken might take notice. After that, your life will be one chaotic and bizarre event after another if you don’t seek help.

    The Licking Toad
    Takes great pride in uncovering new places. Wander around aimlessly in the wilderness for a year and seven days and the toad might take notice, showing you something fantastic.

    Spoiler: The Darkness, Rakek-Ar

    The Darkness is pure destruction and not recognized as an entity. Yet there are those who worship it in secret, aiming to elevate themselves through others ruination. The cult remains largely a mystery and little is known about them except their obsession with dark gems.

    Spoiler: Tenets

    For Ember to transcend as a member of the Celestial Flock once more every echo needs to be realised to its fullest. The premature ending of a life should thus be considered deeply.

    Animals carry smaller sparks of echoes within them. When possible they should be slain quickly and humanely, but their needs do not come before the sentient echoes on Ember.

    The blight is a malice brought by the Darkness and not a part of Embers echoes.

    Just as the Celestial flock has an endless variety in constellations so too are the echoes free to find whichever combination of friends, partners or family works best for them.

    The echoes can create light of their own but trying to surpass the stars in brightness is nothing else than hubris. All flames should be kept under control and in a scale suitable for their purpose.

    One should try and find the true meaning of one’s echo and realise it to the fullest.

    Upon death one’s echo can either become part of Embers soul, bringing it closer to transcendence or continue to roam in search of its purpose, eventually finding a new host.

    To sever the tie between body and echo one should burn it to ashes, easing its travel future hosts and making it harder for creatures of Darkness to consume it.

    Spoiler: Realising a Echo

    Fulfilling an echo is hard and can span multiple lives, sometimes being near impossible to achieve. First it must become clear which star the echo is of and then the perhaps tricker part of what moment the echo is from, because even if multiple people have an echo of the same star it can be very different memories for Ember. If all echoes were from the Licking Toad one memory could be of the first meeting, realised in a life of travel, constantly discovering new things. A second could be about their time together, realised by uncovering new places in the ordinary. A third may be about a falling out, realised by conquest, finding new places and harming them.

    Some echoes are crueller and more brutal than others, memories of death, misery and the Darkness are among those. These echoes are to remain unrealised until the endtimes, when no other echoes remain, plunging civilization into a state of heartlessness and despair. Which echoes should remain unrealised until the endtimes are subject to heavy debate among the Netjer, as the tenets leave room for thievery, vandalization and torture in their wording. Most agree that torture is not in the spirits of the tenets but to what extent thievery and vandalization should be allowed to realise one’s echo is more of a gray area.

    Spoiler: Omens

    Minor omens
    How when and by what light gets reflected all hold meaning and a skilled priest can read the purpose behind even the tiniest reflections. A common and easily recognizable sign is when the sun dazzles you out of nowhere. This usually means danger or that you’re doing something wrong.

    When and which light is visible holds meaning in the same way as reflections do. If a constellation suddenly gets revealed by clouds on the night sky they probably want something or are already affecting your life.

    Moderate omens
    The state of the sky when someone is born tells a great deal about their personality if one knows where to look, some can even predict the future of a child. Children born during the day tend to be strong individuals while children born during the night often become important members in the community.

    The physical appearance of a child is sometimes also an omen. Children born with orange eyes are believed to be bound to the Sentiel, while people with serpentine traits are believed to be strong memories of the Shepherd. These individuals have an interesting life ahead of them whether they want it or not.

    Major omens
    Eclipses are signs of something wrong, when the moon disappears outside of its cycle it means Shepherd is fighting the Darkness in some other part of the celestial weave and Ember is left vulnerable.
    When the sun turns dark in the day it is cause for great concern as the Darkness tries to return the Sentiel to nothingness. In the aftermath of such an event terrible creatures and other maladies may appear on Ember as the Darkness leaves.

    When a star falls a being of light has decided to visit a planet for a short time. As the star reaches the planet it might choose to bless someone with great knowledge and abilities or to walk the earth. Why a star would choose to leave the weave is unknown but when they do great change is to be expected. The first Thalaz’ir is believed to have been blessed by such a star.

    Spoiler: Clergy

    Some choose to devote their life fully to serving and learning of the gods, referring to themselves as Netjer they are usually thought of as priests, shamans, seers or healers.

    The Celestial Flock, Reyten-Netj
    Shamans of the Flock does not follow a unified practice, instead choosing to follow the constellation of their echo wherever it might lead them. Curious by nature they often learn to read the smallest omens by heart allowing them to navigate the wilderness with ease. Gathering both herbs and knowledge on their travels it’s often cause for celebration when they visit villages with tales of adventure and strange treatments for the sick.

    The Sentiel, Numa-Netj
    Devotees of the Sentiel are driven by their compassion for achievements, not only wishing for their own success they can often be seen pushing or encouraging people giving it their all. When two devotees meet a contest is just around the corner, they may offer any feat or victory to Numa, but the devotees clearly favour physical ones. Being raised as a child of the Sentiel involves constant trials and learning to devote the achievements to the Sentiel instead of using them personally. While any child with the right spirit may become part of Numa’s glory those with orange eyes are said to be on a path of greatness.

    The Shepherd, Tushem-Netj
    Lunar seers follow the idea of unity and preparations as best they can, taking a role as diviners and advisors across the lands. As it is imperative that one divining the future should be telling the absolute truth, divinations are often witnessed by Truthseers so that none may abuse their holy talents. This is especially true in higher courts of the faithful where action directed by leaders decide the fates of many below. Lunar seers are few and far between; each one typically trained as an apprentice to the last and spreading their practice to only one to three others within their lifetime with some exceptions when a new region is converted to the faith. With their sight they guide others towards harmony and safety, helping to avoid trouble and keep the Flock ready for Darkness when it inevitably strikes.

    Opulence: Buyout copper in region 29.1, 13

    The lands of Na’karat has long been in a state of neglect. While many Scions have accepted a new life after Arrakh-Rah’s fall a vocal minority still insists on being raised above such basic chores as farming. Seeking to restore their long-lost wealth they immediately try to size the newly discovered copper to the west. Using their status to rope in others to do the actual work they manage to establish a minor mining outpost.

    Opulence: Buyout copper in region 29.2, 17

    Haraman sees the potential of copper as well. The farmers of Na’karat are in grave need of help, as they barely can manage the work by themselves. Hopefully one of the surrounding kingdoms will be willing to help in exchange for the green-blue rocks. With help from the Numa-Netj a sizeable mining outpost is founded.

    Faith: Convert region 29 to Trinity of Light (formerly known as Celestial cult), 15

    With both farmers and noblemen defying the wilderness to the west in order to seize the copper for themselves devotees of the Sentiel gather to find worthy members. Seeing as the nobles only seem interested in exploiting the copper for their own gain, they soon take part in the farmers efforts instead, establishing a shrine alongside the mining outpost.

    News and rumors:

    • The high priestess is announced dead in the fall of year 25 after the phoenix. With no clear successor the Thalaz’ir assumes the role until a sun-blessed child is found.
    • A group of Zealots doesn’t return from the northern lands, refusing to abandon their divine orders.
    • Soon after the high priestess’s death Halphas the Woetide and a small group of zealots are seen making their way west towards the mountain pass.
    • After being raised by his mother Merine at arms length from the Na'karat ruling class the Thalaz'ir's eldest son Haruun begins to learn the inner workings of the Celestial tower at the age of seventeen.

    Non Actions:

    • Set the Trinity of Light organized faith Tier 1 bonus to '+1 to Seek Aid'
    • Resist all conversions and buyouts
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    Clann Solais: Round 7 (Year 25-28)

    [Military]: Introduce Tech: Wolf Riders [Military 10 Special]
    [Intrigue]: Secret Action
    [Intrigue]: Great Project: The Star Watch (1/5)
    [Intrigue]: Great Project: The Star Watch (2/5)
    [Intrigue]: Great Project: The Star Watch (3/5)

    Roll can be found here.

    Resist all buyout attempts.

    Ruler Stats
    Calder of Stag: Diplomacy 7, Military 10, Opulence 6, Faith 2, Intrigue 2

    Expected Stat Increases: Intrigue +2

    News and Rumors:
    • An aggressive husbandry program and maybe a smidge of magic has allowed the Clans to breed impressively large Dire Wolves from the Tundra Wolves previously domesticated. The original stock was already large, but the dire wolves are large enough to ride - and ride them the Clans can, after a training regimen was created that cost fewer hands and fingers than you'd expect.
    • Rauri of the Phoenix, recovering after the cold, unpleasant, and terrifying adventure of almost getting strangled to death by Cu Weir, elects to return to the warmer climate of the south for a spell. While she's there, she spontaneously makes the decision to capture one of the "river dragons" that traumatized her before. Armed with iron weapons and a bigger boat, she seeks to trap a mighty Tarandi Crocodile, and only after eventually succeeding and dragging the beast back to Star's End does the bedraggled but triumphant Rauri discover that the Dreamspeakers have a use for such a thing.
    • Whispers of... something going on at the Sacred Springs are beginning to percolate through the Clans. Young men and women - noted by the most astute to be the same ones the Truthseers took an interest in years ago - are offered the chance to travel and set up lodgings there. Infrequent visitors and hunters report odd lights and sounds in the night, though those gathered there seem perfectly lucid and incurious about the phenomenon when spoken to about it.
    • After receiving delegations from the Dannu-Gaon Tribes, the Creatures of the Ancient Way, the Shandolyn, the Viskari, Hiverness, and even a group of farmers from the Silver Plains in the same season, Calder puts his foot down and issues the Writ of Split Heavens. Never one for flowery speeches, it states in plain terms that any member of any Clan may proselytize and worship on behalf of whatever gods, masters, or lack thereof that they wish, but that they can expect no enforcement of religious decree - nor may they compel others to their worship by force. Violators will be fed to the Clans' newly acquired dire wolves.
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Sirrvadutr Flosut [The Tribe of the Sons of Sirrvat]
    Kiswa: Yatrhajidaat Gitj (211),
    (197), (212), (217)
    Chief Zarrkatl the Golden-Eyed
    Round 7



    [Diplomacy] Attend event
    -Give 1 unit to Vygra

    [Military] Kill the Gluttonous Shadows in 211 with 8 units and Vetrapa (10) and Skirmishing TD

    [Military] Recruit 2 land units


    [Diplomacy]Establish a claim on region 219 2d6+5 = 12
    Hkila, Dasrtali and Zarrkatl's aunt, has three daughters, the eldest of which is named Yuzid. Yuzid is a skilled potter and writer - a rare, valuable asset to the tribe. As the ruler of 219 is demanding that somewhat twisted "marriage" custom be carried out in exchange for his loyalty and his lands, she is sent to "marry" that ruler's son, being the most beautiful of Hkila's daughters. Of course, the tribe wouldn't let Yuzid suffer through horrible torture just like that. The plan is to later demand that elven customs be followed during the wedding - in order to join the bloodlines, the bride and groom have to eat a piece of each other. And the groom doesn't have to survive that. It is only unfortunate that later historians will not know whether he agreed to the procedure or not. According to elven customary law, the extent of application of which will be negotiated by bigger stick diplomacy, Yuzid will then be the sole heir of 219's ruler.


    Send pottery to Bannanda

    Resist everyone who tries as much as step into our lands

    News and Rumors:
    • Zarrkatl, sitting on his new golden throne in the Gutadagiti fortress bought by the influx of tithes from elven protectorates, is clearly irritated when he learns that the Vygra have dared to try and teach the refined art of pottery that they have been kindly taught to the western barbarians. He demands that any proceeds received from trading the knowledge of pottery be also given to the Sirrvadut, as the inventors of the art.
    • The trolls are also righteously denounced for having brought a plague to all of Kiswa, doubtless by secretly dealing with the gods in the lands beyond the Sur. The elves thought they had already cleaned that area of divine sycophants, but the tribe's collective memory is no longer what it used to be, due to the records and people lost during migrations.
    • There is a rumor that, after surveying the lands now under his rule, the Chieftain of the Sons of Sirrvat, having discovered human women and their doubtlessly short-lifespan-driven relative agreeableness to mating, has not even tried to keep anything in his lower garments. Despite ancient taboos, there is not enough evidence for anyone to raise an accusation.

    Spoiler: Ruler stats
    Zarrkatl the Golden-Eyed
    Diplomacy 5 +1
    Military 8 +1
    Opulence 4
    Faith 5
    Intrigue 5

    Specials used:

    New ruler: no

    Spoiler: Tracking
    Units: 4 + 1 Vygra (updated R5)
    TPs: Tvila Clay (211.1)

    Fortress in 212: +2 battles in region, first recruit action each round recruits 2 units

    Sentinels +1 stabilization
    Sentinels Rep 2 Favor 4 +1 stabilizations, +1 hero-related rolls
    Dreamspeakers Rep 1 Favor 0 +1 exploration

    Name Effect Requirement
    Pottery +1 buyouts -
    Writing (Blemmy) +1 Conversion Defence, +1 Conversions in regions with Blemmy script -

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Hraban Confederacy
    Leader: Heinrich Wurzelstarke aus Tirol
    Region(s): 34, 35
    Continent: Mamut
    Round 7 Actions:

    1. [Military] Create Fortress in region 34
      A vast fortress and training facility is constructed in the home region of the Hraban, partly to be able to help defend it from a number of new threats that have shown themselves, partly to help train the next generation of fighters and to help record the techniques and glories of the past to best educate the future.
    2. [Faith] Seek Aid in converting region 17 - Success
      Reaching far beyond normal bounds expected by any within their region, aid is sought from those gone for some time to reach out to those very different to them in temperament.
    3. [Faith] Convert region 17 to Soul Honor - Success
      A delegation is sent out to the raiders who attacked Targiz, with the hopes of channeling that passion and knowledge into a more channeled focus. Showing them the benefits of writing their past and finding common ground.
    4. [Faith] Convert region 38 to Soul Honor - Success
      A new library is setup in the region with during some of the preparations for the upcoming nuptials in the region and it's integration with the Deru.
    5. [Faith] Convert region 33 to Soul Honor - Success
      The newly colonized territory of the Uzii with it's collection of different national representations is seen as a highly desired location if for no other reason than to help spread the faith and the benefits of Soul Honor and it's record keeping.

    • Resist all relevant buyout/convert/etc actions not explicitly approved or supported below

    Embassy Actions:

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats (in the following order):
    Stat Number
    Diplomacy 6
    Military 10
    Opulence 3
    Faith 8
    Intrigue 1

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Expected Stat Bonuses:
    +2 Faith

    Military Units: 4

    Mil Unit Cap:
    4 + 1*Regions controlled = 5

    Name Effect Allocated TP Allocated TP Resource Name
    Writing +1 Conversion Defense, +1 Conversions in regions that share your alphabet
    Masonry +1 resist Raids and Sacks
    Animal Husbandry +1 Opulence and Diplomacy Exploration
    Pottery +1 to Buyouts

    Great Project

    Name Effect Location
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC


    Capital: Thade, The Distant Shore, Region 133
    Other Regions: 123

    Spoiler: Flag


    1. DIPLOMACY 5 Press Claim 124
    +1 Treasure

    2. DIPLOMACY 5 Create Embassy with Shandolé
    Ambassador Remi Vanth and a diplomatic entourage arrive in Shandolé, trade treaty in hand. In exchange for technical knowledge, Eleftheria will establish an embassy in Shandolé. There are some mutual non-conversion clauses, as well as a restating of the ancient recognition of Azumaba as Eleftherian territory.

    3. OPULENCE 5 Create a Trading Post in Region 123 (Saffron)

    4. OPULENCE 5 Buyout 114 TP1 (Diamonds)
    +2 Support
    +1 Treasure
    +1 Pottery

    5. Military 2 Recruit a Naval Unit

    - Accept all Embassies
    - Resist all Buyouts and Raids
    - Resist all Conversions

    News and Rumors:
    Galen Nadrick is in prison following an attempted coup against the newly established democratic government of Eleftheria. Ereth Pasha was elected Eleftheria's first High Speaker in a historic election, defeating Galen (and all other candidates) by a decisive lead. Galen Nadrick, indignant, pressed their families resources to mobilize a shipsfull worth of soldiers in Thade, and was successful only until a mob almost literally carried Pasha into the Council Building. The rebels refused to strike down their fellow citizens, cementing the rule of the many in Eleftheria. Rumor has it that Galen Nadrick has heard the whispers of the Four Winds Mythica, and though not broken like their parent, Veret, resolved to take control of Eleftheria to some mysterious end.
    Nix Norieg succeeds in convincing the leadership of region 124 in joining Eleftheria, only to discover "the leadership" was a group of pranksters. They did tell Nix they were convinced that joining Eleftheria would be good for the region, though only after their elaborate ruse was pulled off. This reinvigorates Nix on their mission, despite the setback.

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping
    Leader: Galen Nadrick
    D: 5
    M: 2
    O: 5
    F: 1
    I: 1

    Expected Stat Increases: +1 dip +1 opu

    New Ruler Next Round? Yes
    High Speaker Ereth Pasha
    D: 4
    O: 5
    M: 1
    F: 1
    I: 2
    rolls here

    Treasure 4/5
    +2 (passive)
    -2 (actions)

    Military Units
    1/4 navel
    +1 (action)

    - Cleis (8)

    The Arrok of Uldra
    The Dannu-Gaon Tribes
    The Brayewen Tribes

    SOS Rep 2 Favors 0
    DSP Rep 0 Favors 0
    TSR Rep 3 Favors 1

    Animal Handling
    Writing (Kagahara)
    Eleftherian Democracy

    Temporary Cultural Identity: None
    Permanent Cultural Identities: None

    Tactical Doctrines
    - Reckless Charge
    - Skirmishing
    - Cautious Advance

    Special Materials:
    Ranged Weaponry:
    Scouts and Logistics:
    War Beasts:
    Combat Drugs and Medicine:
    Sappers and Siege Weapons:

    Trading posts: (12)
    Expected Change +2
    - 133 (Lime) TP2
    - 129 (Grousse Shark) TP2
    - 136 (Musical Instruments) TP2
    - 137 (Poppy) TP2
    - 137 (Poppy) TP3
    - 115 (Furs) TP2
    - 123 (Saffron) TP1
    - 95 (Emeralds) TP2
    - 96 (Living Stones) TP2
    - 134 (Cattle) TP1
    - 124 (Wood) TP 1
    - 124 (Wood) TP 2
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Naherin Coalition
    Sikar Region 278
    Kehna Tzkepte

    Diplomacy: Even as her sister continues to face threats to her rule, Xehyta Mehena presses ahead with her attempts to establish herself with the Naherin's western neighbors - this time with rather more success, as she finds herself growing quite close to the daughter of the local leader, having built on the groundwork of the last four years. Close enough, in fact, to become an advisor. (Establish Claim on Region 301: Success!)
    Diplomacy: Establish Embassy with Nocturnal Hydra.
    Diplomacy: Stabilize Region 311: Success!
    Military: Dispatch Aesira Bladedance to assist in slaying the Argent Mother: Success!
    Diplomacy: Raise Reputation with the Dreamspeakers: Success!

    Stat changes: +2 Diplomacy.
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    End of Round Seven

    I was old when the pharaohs first mounted
    The jewel-decked throne by the Nile;
    I was old in those epochs uncounted
    When I, and I only, was vile;

    Quote Originally Posted by apocalypsePast2 View Post could possibly refer to you guys' elaborate dance of allies-to-enemies-to-suicide-of-the-universe as some sort of weird art form.

    If one were on drugs.
    Quote Originally Posted by VonDoom View Post
    Behold, the mighty slayer of strangely coloured mutant equines! The thwarter of forum woes! The! Dark! DM!

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Round Eight Begin!
    Years 29-32

    Don’t forget to link to any rolls you make for ANY Attribute checks, plus rolls for rulers you will start using at the start of next round. If you want a new ruler in the next round, you must state so in your action post for this round and link to their rolls. Any increases from actions for this round are counted for the ruler you start your next round with (because it’s handier to account for by the co-GM), which may or may not be your current ruler.

    Good luck!

    Rules Alerts and Changes!
    • Against blightspawn armies that lack a duelleable leader but where the duel can still happen (a three way, an event, whatever), the success or loss of the battle will be determined absent duel results. If a duelist still wins, duel bonuses will be used to determine casualties for comparative numbers.
    • A Holy Site can only be purged by the owner of the region where the Holy Site is located.
    • Deploying a Hero to aid in an Epic Quest, even if it is an Epic Quest another of your Heroes has embarked upon, requires an additional action.
    • In the event of defending in or attacking from a kingdom that includes non-contiguous regions, you may defend or attack with up to the number of units those regions can support without penalty. However, if you wish to deploy additional forces to non-contiguous regions, they must transit from your outside regions and may incur distance loss rolls or be subject to interception.


    • The Dannu-Gaon Tribes have become a merchant principality and shall henceforth be known as the DANnu-Gaon Tribes
    • The Kingdom of Lhungho Saar has expanded greatly, and reorganizes as the Great Kingdom of Ngedhuun Thukhulu Saar Lhungho!
    • Clan Alqar builds a fortress in the Blessed Vale [32]!
    • The Hraban Confederacy builds a fortress in Region 34!
    • The Sokau Tribes builds a city, Tšrìj Ṭhù in Džíu Phè Hwǔ [46]!
    • The Nocturnal Hydra builds a city, Mount Soulsilver, in region 289!
    • The Nocturnal Hydra also builds a fortress in region 281!
    • Eleftheria turns the Minor Resource of Saffron in 123 into a Good Resource!


    • The Dannu-Gaon Tribes have begun pressing their claim on region 95!
    • Ixkarr concludes pressing its claim on region 294!
    • The Soreni successfully claim region 309!
    • Sangar establishes a claim in region 159!
    • Sangar concludes pressing its claim on region 157!
    • The Sokau Tribes have established a claim on region 52!
    • Ta Seti concludes pressing their claim on region 284!
    • The Arrok of Uldra have begun pressing their claim on region 100!
    • The Shandolyn have failed to establish a claim on region 142!
    • The Brayewen Tribes have concluded their claim on region 120!
    • The Deru have finished pressing their claim on region 37!
    • The Naherin Coalition establishes a claim on region 301!
    • Eleftheria fails to press its claim on region 124!
    • The Sirrvadut have established a claim on region 219 through a “marriage” between Yuzid and a local chieftain!


    Spoiler: The Devastation of Kincany
    Rosie’s Loyalists: 5 Anbroch units, 2 Bel-Dan units, Fiona MacDool (Hero 9), Rebel Bonus, duelling (won) = 25
    Peggy’s Rebels: 5 units, Warlady MacTir (Rebel Hero 9), Rebel Bonus, duelling (lost) = 25
    Sentinels of the Stone: 1 unit, Theodora of Kiswa (Hero 9), Black Iron Weapons, duel declined = 15
    Gluttonous Shadows = 27

    As the Anbroch Houses convulse in civil war, the Sentinels of the Stone marshall what forces they can to scour Kincany of the Gluttonous Shadows lurking in the dark places of the jungle. Chaos reigns, as no settlement on the surface of any size goes untouched in those dark years. Skirmishes between the warring dwarven factions carpet the forest floor with blood, as deserters and supply-starved armies raid what stores remain after the pillaging of the Bel-Dan. As the battle lines shift, the Gluttonous Shadows prove only too adept at filling the vacuum, descending in the night to drain both the living and the dead of their life’s blood. By the second year of the conflict, entire reaches of Kincany’s heartland have been reduced to silent, dilapidated ruin. The presence of Theodora and her army spares a precious few this fate, but there are always more victims to defend, and the presence of Black Iron Weapons and the Sentinel’s well-provisioned supply caravans drives some they seek to save to banditry and murder. The truth is slow to settle upon the leaders of the three armies - there are no civilians left in Kincany, merely roving bands of hungry looters that are only dissuaded by blade or flame. As the hunting above ground begins to thin, the Gluttonous Shadows begin to raid the tunnels, their feast sufficient to repair their numbers even against the increasingly desperate assaults of the Sentinels and the spasmodic efforts of the Anbroch to fight this outside enemy even as they fight themselves. Eventually, a decisive battle is joined in the tunnels surrounding the MacTir clanhold, where the warlady standing in Peggy’s name is drawn into battle with Fiona MacDool and an army of disguised loyalists. The battle was one bereft of glory, both sides worn down to a nub and forced to rely on weatherd arms in tattered uniforms, but a lucky cut from Fiona infects her enemy with a creeping numbness that makes victory an inevitability. The MacGill banner flies over the MacTir clanhold, and the civil war ends. Above ground, Theodora is left with no choice but to lead her few surviving followers in a fighting retreat into friendly territory. And in the trees beyond the beaches where thousands of refugees huddle starving in makeshift camps, all goes quiet as something begins to grow.

    The Gluttonous Shadows are not repelled! Following the defeat of Warlady MacTir, the Rebellion against Rosie MacTir disintegrates, as the Anbroch Clans unite in desperation. Loyalists lose 2 units and 1 naval unit. Bel-Dan lose 1 naval unit. The Anbroch Rebels lose 3 units, and one additional unit is devoured by the Gluttonous Shadows. The Sentinel army is wiped out. The Gluttonous Shadows lose 2 units. The Anbroch rebels disband. Kincany gains an additional resource requirement for Food - Kincany cannot be stabilized until this requirement is met. This requirement will expire after two consecutive rounds of being fulfilled. Kingdoms with access to Kincany may attempt an Investigation to determine the location of the disappeared Blightspawn.

    Spoiler: The Vygra attack the Gluttonous Shadows in Region 208

    Vygra: 2 Vygra units, 1 Lhungo-Saar unit, Alexios the Undying (Hero 12), Black Iron Weapons, Sentinel Training, Truthseer Aid = 31
    Gluttonous Shadows = 22

    Following the greatest warrior of the age, the armies of Vygra and Lhungo-Saar cross the Sur to crush the Gluttonous Shadows in their own demesne. The vestiges of the Shadows’ last feast become a battleground as the elemental soldiers and their troll allies form battle lines around the region’s new settlements, piling the jagged corpses of the vampires high with every sunset. There are losses, inevitably, but after a week of siege the night falls with no hint of screams or bloodletting. The Gluttonous Shadows have been driven off, but they may yet return.

    The Gluttonous Shadows are repelled! Gluttonous Shadows lose 3 units. Vygra loses 1 unit.

    Spoiler: The Sirrvadut attack the Gluttonous Shadows in Yatrhajidaat Gitj (211)

    Sirrvadut: 8 Sirrvadut units, 3 Sewune units, Vetrapa (10 Hero), 1 Treasure = 35
    Gluttonous Shadows = 18

    Faced with an incursion into their homeland, the Sirrvadut respond to the Gluttonous Shadows with overwhelming force. Unwilling to risk the disaster that is unfolding in Kincany, Zarrkatl the Golden-Eyed invites allies among the Sewune and mercenaries bought with Sewune treasure to aid in the extermination. The series of battles that follow are total in their victory over the Gluttonous Shadows, the forces of civilization sustaining only minor losses and denying the Blightspawn even a momentary foothold.

    The Gluttonous Shadows are repelled! Gluttonous Shadows lose 3 units.

    Spoiler: Lhungo-Saar attacks the Gluttonous Shadows in Troll Country (221)

    Lhungo-Saar: 5 Lhungo-Saar units, 1 Vygra unit, Ingkannu Isidi (Hero 10), Matji Khetra present, Black Iron Weapons, Sentinel Training, Truthseer Aid = 32
    Gluttonous Shadows = 24

    While battles unfold on two fronts flanking Troll Country, the battle against the Gluttonous Shadows becomes an ugly internal affair. Feral trolls provide an ample feeding ground for the horrific monstrosities, necessitating sweeping expeditions into the barely-mapped wildlands to truly expunge the threat. Inevitably, lives are lost, both to the Shadows themselves and to the dangers native to Troll Country, but eventually the Blightspawn are driven off.

    The Gluttonous Shadows are repelled! Gluttonous Shadows lose 2 units. Lhungo-Saar loses 1 unit.

    Spoiler: Clan Alqar Invades Region 43

    Clan Alqar: 3 units, Kalm Alqar (Mil 10), duelling (won) = 36
    Native Defenders: 2 units, Native Commander (Mil 7), duelling (lost) = 18

    Consumed by a weakness he dares not acknowledge, Kalm Alqar marches from his home one last time. Whether in pursuit of glory, or perhaps a glorious death, none can say, but a singular fire burns in his heart as he crosses into unknown lands. Advancing with an energy that belies his age, Kalm’s armies smash past several abortive attempts by the local defenders to lay ambush or misdirection, proceeding relentlessly towards the main body of the enemy force arrayed around one of the region’s largest settlements. There, seeing the Alqar led by an old man, the local warlord challenges a duel at the head of his full force, and is shocked when Kalm accepts. The armies clash as the first spear meets shield, and Kalm’s foe proves unworthy of his prowess indeed. Before his front line is spent, Kalm stands over the warlord, whose capitulation is swiftly echoed by his troops.

    Clan Alqar is victorious! Clan Alqar loses 1 unit. Region 43 is in Unrest!

    Spoiler: Clan Alqar Invades Region 31

    Clan Alqar: 3 units, Merine (Hero 7), enhanced seek aid = 19
    Native Defenders: 2 units, Native Commander (Mil 8) = 16

    While her nominal lord marches east, Merine leads a similar army of the Alqar north. The lands bordering the Scions of the Thalaz'ir are essential to ensure a clear line of trade and communication between the sister kingdoms, and so the adopted daughter of the stars marches under good omens to secure them. Unlike Kalm, Merine is not seized by the terrible destiny of the assault, and slows her forces when faced with skirmishers and pitfalls arranged by the local defenders, blunting her advance but preventing costly engagements for both sides. Eventually, however, the superiority of the Alqar troops shines through, and the local warlord orders a final ambush with all that remains of his force. It is a close-fought thing, but eventually with Merine’s guidance the Alqar prevail.

    Clan Alqar is victorious! Clan Alqar loses 1 unit. Region 31 is in Unrest!

    Spoiler: Ixkarr Invades Region 296

    Ixkarr: 4 units, Rakthuk (Mil 10), duelling (won) = 27
    Native Defenders: 1 unit, Emergency Native Commander (Mil 4), duelling (lost) = 18

    Intent on revenging himself and his family for his daughter’s abduction, Rakthuk leads a punitive force into Region 296. Their leadership devastated by Kethix’s assault in years prior, the local militias barely managed to scrape together a force worthy of the name, led by a commander barely acquainted with adulthood. The pathetic nature of his enemy does not deter Rakthuk in the least - indeed, it seems only to provoke the orc to greater heights of ferocity when he sees the ragged battle line arrayed before him between two pitted sandstone cliffs. The Ixkarr charge shatters any resistance, sweeping aside the local warriors with such force that some orcs lose themselves in battle fury. The defenders manage a single counterattack, headed by their young, brave, stupid commander. He is impaled by Rakthuk for his trouble. The ensuing route ensures no resistance remains in the area, but when the Ixkarr warriors gather to congratulate their leader they find Rakthuk has vanished without a trace!

    Ixkarr is victorious! Ixkarr loses 2 units. Rakthuk disappears in battle. Region 296 is in Unrest!

    Spoiler: The Bel-Dan Armada Invades Region 196

    Bel-Dan: 3 units, Ben-Udula (Hero 10) = 21
    Native Defenders: 1 unit, Native Commander (Mil 8) = 23

    Stymied once before in their invasion of Region 196, the Bel-Dan Armada dispatch a far grander force to finally subdue their northern neighbors. However, faced with a sudden escalation of their enemy’s numbers, the local’s change tactics. The Bel-Dan advance expecting a repeat of the harrying pinpricks of years past, but instead find the fullness of the local forces awaiting them at the first advantageous battlefield. Their warriors spread in equal strength along their line to repel skirmishers, the Bel-Dan are lethally slow to show a unbroken line to the locals’ oncoming charge, allowing the native forces to drive right down the throat of their column and scatter a shocking number of the Bel-Dan to die upon the hated earth.

    Native Defenders are victorious! Bel-Dan lose 2 units.

    Spoiler: Arrok of Uldra Invades Region 110

    Arrok: 2 units, Tsor (Hero, 10), duelling (won) = 26
    Native Defenders: 1 unit, Native Commander (Mil 7), duelling (lost) = 17

    Once more, the armies of the Arrok of Uldra march south, unwilling to allow their brothers’ and sisters’ sacrifice to be abandoned. While they have no more luck in chasing down the local skirmishers than their predecessors, expectation of the local strategy drastically reduces its attrition. In mounting desperation at their enemy’s resolve, the locals attempt a pincer attack on the Arrok line, which proves a disastrous miscalculation. Tsor reacts far more aggressively than Rarras had in the prior invasion, swiftly dividing his battle line before driving with his bodyguard towards the local warlord’s retinue. The fight that follows is swift and brutal, as the warlord proves far more adept at avoiding a fight than winning one - Tsor’s blade cleaves the warlord’s head from his neck, before leading his remaining companions to outflank the locals. Victory follows swiftly after.

    The Arrok of Uldra are victorious! Region 110 is in Unrest!

    The Vygra have conquered Region 236! Region 236 is in Unrest!

    The Vygra have conquered Region 237! Region 237 is in Unrest!

    Clan Al-Ashir conquer Region 274! Region 274 is in Unrest!

    The Sewune have conquered Region 215! Region 215 is in Unrest!


    • The Uzii exalt Pain-Drop Redmoon (10)!
    • Aran Viska revives Vanaruk the Harbinger (8)!
    • The Fffolkkk recognize IIrum the Relentless (9)!

    • Intent on discovering the source of the Gluttonous Shadow infestation, two heroes of the Blemmyae Tribes set out for Region 202. Crossing the Sur alongside Alexios the Undying, they depart the battleground of Inkhwabi and travel west. Though sound and light still twist strangely in the primeval jungle, the departure of the Gluttonous Shadows to their new hunting grounds allows Dinfat Kw’Torineti and Yegin Kw’halet to travel safely for a time. They are struck above all by the silence left in the Blightspawn’s wake, as the region seems devoid of even animal life. The snapping of a twig underfoot or the rustle of leaves in the wind strike like an avalanche in the mountains, and in defiance of all sense the two grow increasingly on-edge. A circuit of the outer reaches of the region reveals nothing but the last decaying signs of the ancient dead, and so the heroes plunge deeper, into the very heart of the forest. Here, at last, they come across some hint of their goal. It comes with the moonless night, as the silence at last breaks to the pained screams of Gluttonous Shadow wings, as a quartet of the gleaming black monstrosities descend from on high. Flint axes prove their equal, but several sleepless hours follow as the two heroes listen to the passing of the beasts nearby. Days pass as they plunge deeper into Gluttonous Shadow territory, every night a fraught attempt to pass beneath the creatures’ notice, every day an increasingly ragged forced march to reach their imagined goal. At last, nearly delusional from exhaustion, the two heroes crest a ridge and they sight their prize. It rises from the jungle in a tumescent blood clot, as large as the greatest palaces in Kiswa, oily red surface constantly vibrating with the Gluttonous Shadows vibrating beneath fleshy membrane. Though they are certain that discovery will mean death, the heroes press on, close enough to see the arching resin that binds the red blot to the land, and to see the ragged orifices leading deeper inside. They catch sight of something in the bloody light of the sun passing through the surface of the clot, a titanic corpse-white maggot swimming through a pool of blood and constantly budding with minuscule new Shadows. A step closer, and the heaving bulk of the thing pauses, as if catching the scent of something on the wind. Before it can be certain, the heroes have fled, carrying word of their discovery back to civilized lands. [Epic Quest Available - Cancer in the Trees: Kingdoms with access to Kiswa may attempt a TN 24 Epic Quest to seek out and destroy the Gluttonous Shadows nest in Region 202. This will doubtless slow the spread of the foul Blightspawn, but failure may carry dire consequences.]
    • As Dinfat Kw’Torineti and Tegin Kw’halet venture west, Kona ventures north to Region 201. Much like the paragons of the Blemmyae tribes, the Veramondi hero goes untroubled for more than a week, her only companion the oppressive silence. But the Shadows come for her as they came for the Blemmyae, and only the strange madness of heroes drives her forward. Many Shadows die beneath her blade, before she reaches a coastline choked with the bones of marine life. Jutting into the water from a sandy hillock is another great pustule, leaking corruption into the waves with every quivering beat of its blighted inhabitants. [Epic Quest Available - Cancer on the Coast: Kingdoms with access to Kiswa may attempt a TN 24 Epic Quest to seek out and destroy the Gluttonous Shadows nest in Region 201. This will doubtless slow the spread of the foul Blightspawn, but failure may carry dire consequences.]
    • As the Argent Mother rampages through Highnest, heroes gather from across Sikar to bring the crisis to a definitive end. As Pathcarver sends out the call, Liyae, Jana al-Zamira, Kethix, Neferkare Elephant Hunter, Heskath the Reaver, Aesira Bladedance, and Idris of Sikar assemble to cross the scouring barrier of the Argent Mother’s sandstorm without fear. In the eye of the storm, the great beast rages, rolling in a tight ball of silver chitin and hatred to unmake all traces of civilization that rise from the sands. Only the mobility of the crow has prevented the death of entire generations, perhaps a gift from mercurial fate, but when the beast scents life that does not flee its wrath it attacks without hesitation. Unfurling to its full majesty, the creature’s tail-tendrils blot out the sun, each one tipped with five diamond-hard barbs dripping with caustic venom. But a second sun stands among the heroes, shining from Jana al-Zamira’s breast, and it is joined by the white fire of the Sun Sword in Kethix’s eager hand. Then the bulk of the creature falls upon them, and all light fades into dust and chaos. Pathcarver’s Blight-hardened spear lashes out to impale one barbed tail, only for the Thunderpeople’s hero to be flung skyward for their trouble. Had they not caught themself on a passing, lashing appendage of the Argent Mother, gravity might have done what no Blightspawn had proved capable of. Elsewhere, the enmity between their peoples drives Heskath and Aesira to bloody competition for who can achieve greater honor, as each dives into the melee with weapons flashing, bodies already drenched in frigid blue blood. Neferkare, accustomed to fighting the smaller spawn of the Argent Mother, now proves an invaluable guide, as he sees the creature’s movements a heartbeat before the rest of the assembled host, calling out warning and wisdom even as his own spear seeks its armored core. A partner to Neferkare from years past, Liyae fights at his side, and more than once saves the Alodite warrior from lethal strikes at his blind side. No blade proves the equal of the Sun Sword in shearing through the Blightspawn’s armor, but the dark mace of the Sentinel shatters the plating near as well, each blow reverberating through the air like the thunder of a summer storm. And around all sprints the jewel of the Ashir, swifter than any horse on legs of burnished gold, her javelins passing through the storm with unerring speed to strike the Argent Mother’s fleshy maw. It is a battle that consumes hours, and by its end each of the heroes owes their life to another a dozen times over, but with a final scream Pathcarver leaps into the lamprey-maw at the Argent Mother’s core and tears out the twitching thing at its heart. The grotesquerie collapses, and as the heroes tend the worst of their wounds it begins to disintegrate into sand. [The Argent Mother is slain, and at its core the Heroes find a perfect sphere of seemingly molten silver! The Argent Heart artifact provides a Silver resource to whatever kingdom controls it, and doubles the treasure generated by the Hoarde Treasure action as its mere touch transfigures other, baser metals into true silver.]

    • One cold morning in early Spring, the people of Clann Solais awaken to a foul desecration - a broken body has been deposited on the steps of the Boss’s Hall in Star’s Landing. While the identity of the victim is unclear at first, the more worldly among the Children of Light recognize him from recent tales - Mezanak Oshrik, the half-orc compatriot of Rauri of the Phoenix! The corpse has clearly been carried some distance, with decay setting in despite the weather, leaving the perpetrators a mystery. Much like the reason for desecrating both Star’s Landing and the Aran Viska hero. The Phylactery of Claws is found dangling from his broken neck. The Ring of the Phoenix, however, is nowhere to be found.
    • Responding to the requests of their friends in Clan Al-Ashir, the Truthseers plot to reveal the true face of the Mockeries. Employing a small army of agents and informants, they spread their influence through the broken city of Dzah, the first and most terrible victim of the Mockeries. At first, nothing emerged from the tide of rumors but the echoes of a damaged people, but beneath the echo the Truthseers discern something else. A shadow, slithering among the dispossessed and the desperate, fanning the coals of resentment into a bitter flame. The Truthseers redouble their efforts, and as if it can sense the attention the shadow wriggles to escape. Months and lives are spent in the pursuit, until at last the Truthseers have a prize to show for their efforts. A foreigner, of the Dolod to the shock of all, leading a foul blasphemy against the True Sun to a small crowd of dead-eyed refugees. The Truthseer agents quickly smash the meeting and seize the Mockery before it can flee, delivering it to their impromptu base for interrogation. And it proves only too willing to speak.

      ”This world is a lie, a shadow that traps us all. We have seen beyond the shadow, to the colorless Bright that awaits, and we know that the shadow must be destroyed before we can join it. You believe your gods and kings will save you, but they are the nails that bind you to this decaying shell. We will pry you free, cast the nails into the dark whence they came! We are the Mockeries, for in our disdain for your false idols we have found Truth! You will never know our face, for we are legion. Our voice is the voice of every man, woman, and child! We come for you and your corpse-straddling master! None can stop the Awakening!”

      At the last cry, the Dolod begins to scream, grey flames erupting forth from its mouth. Eyes locked on the Truthseer interrogator, it burns alive from the inside, until it is dead much the same as Elder Sani. And much the same as one young Dolod many years ago.
    • Aran Viska captures Clann Solais infiltrators red-handed attempting to steal the secrets of their bowyers. The Clann Solais infiltrators boldly insist their incursion was simply a cultural tradition meant to train them in subterfuge, but a trail of bribes, threats, and false identities is quickly uncovered by an almost supernally talented investigator in service to the Moot.
    • The Sokau discover one of their premier ship-builders has disappeared along with her tools and schematics! None of the master’s apprentices seem to know her whereabouts, and can report only that she had been spending several long nights alone in her private study.
    • Haanhangandhal the Troll-king is slain! At a feast honoring the victories of Vygra and Lhungo-Saar over the Gluttonus Shadows, the king excuses himself complaining of fatigue, making clear his desire for seclusion and rest. Few think this unusual, given the abnormal strain placed on the king both by the reorganization of the kingdom into something far grander and the ongoing crisis with the Gluttonous Shadows. The guards that escort him to his apartments are the last to see him alive, however, as his body is discovered the next morning absent its head. The room appears ransacked, and the party the night prior was certainly rowdy enough to drown out the sounds of violence. Closer inspection of the king’s body reveals a number of newly-grown scars, which when cut open disgorge a small handful of broken blades of Veramondi craft.
    • Tragedy strikes in Nellen, as a score of young Dolod blessed with the Twilight Sight disappear from the care of their minders! Several of the guards are found slain, their throats cut, and suspicion immediately falls on the Dream Speakers. Rumbles reach the Quluq of plans among some of the more extreme factions to return the action in kind, as bounties are offered for Dream Speaker heads and a few are paid out as the unscrupulous underbelly of Sikar takes advantage of the Dolod’s rage. This tide of vengeance strikes an abrupt wall, however, when the children wander blearily into Gilig more than three months after their disappearance. Swept into the care of the finest healers among the Dolod, what is assumed to be simple dehydration soon emerges as a far more terrible affliction. The children bear marks of torture, their lips stained by foul elixers, and they remember nothing. Worse, they prove unable to form memories anew. Whatever force abducted the children, it has maimed them in the way most terrible to the Dolod. [Nellen enters unrest, as the Dolod seethe with undirected rage at the injustice that continues to befall their people!]
    • An unprecedented contagion begins to spread among the water buffalo herds of the Alodites! What begins as a few buffalo succumbing to vertigo soon explodes into whole herds stumbling through the sand, their udders dry of milk, expelling an odorless diuretic stream behind them. Even stranger, the afflicted buffalo are cold to the touch, raising concerns among elders of some Blight-borne malady. If action is not taken to discover the cause of the infection or some treatment, vast numbers of water buffalo in Ta Seti might succumb to the plague!
    • As the protests of M’Zagáh’Á’Eldítulûva andM’Eld’Á’Monúkarû fall on deaf ears, and the Winter Council turns to outsiders to quiet the dissent brought on by their actions, the patience of the Shandolé adherents of the Great Mother runs dry. The elves formerly known as Root and 'Sozé disappear into the mountains, followed by what followers they have. A measure of peace returns, but whispers persist that the Winter Council has discarded a faith evangelized by their own in favor of one that began life far from Shandolé, birthed from a spring more similar to the Milk than not. What might come from this, if anything, remains to be seen.


    The Sentinels of the Stone
    • ALO spends 1 favor to raise rep from 2 to 3, displacing the UZI down to rep 2!
    • ASH spends 1 favor to stabilize region 303
    • DOD spends 1 favor to stabilize region 291
    • HEN spends 1 favor to Test the Mettle of Ocēmis raising their Hero Score from 9 to 10!
    • HVN raises their reputation from 1 to 2!
    • HYD spends 1 favor to Test the Mettle of Liyae raising their Hero Score from 8 to 9!
    • SHN spends 1 favor to stabilize region 115
    • TRL spends 3 favors to bolster their forces against the Gluttonous Shadows!
    • UZI spends 1 Favor to raise rep but VYG hold onto Shepherding the World Soul!
    • VYG spends 1 Favor to Test the Mettle of Fiona Macdool raising their Hero Score from 9 to 10!

    The Dreamspeakers
    • ALO adds to the Menagerie and gains 1 favor!
    • ASH spends 1 favor to raise rep from -1 to 0!
    • CAW spends 1 favor to raise rep from 1 to 2 and owes 2 favors for support in Secrets
    • DAN spends 1 favor to explore northwest of region 95!
    • HYD spends 1 favor to raise rep from 0 to 1!
    • NAH raises their reputation from 0 to 1!
    • SCR contributes material wealth and stories to the Menagerie and gain their maximum 2 Favors! Blessed Dreams.
    • SHN raises their reputation from 0 to 1 and adds to the Menagerie gaining 1 Favor!
    • SKT spends 1 favor to raise rep from 1 to 2!
    • UBT spends 1 favor to raise rep from 2 to 3!
    • VER spends 1 favor to raise rep from 0 to 1!

    The Truthseers
    • ALO spends 1 favor to raise rep from 0 to 1!
    • ASH spends 1 favor for aid with the Mockeries
    • BRA spends 1 favor to raise rep but HVN slanders them keeping them at 0 Rep!
    • ELF changes leaders and loses 1 rep from 3 to 2!
    • TRL spends 1 favor for Aid in the battle against the Gluttonous Shadows but fails to attain the Four Winds Mythica!

    • While no witnesses come forwards to testify the death of Yara of Hiverness, the Truthseers are skilled in their craft. Gathering samples of blood and bone from the recently murdered scion of Hiverness, they seclude themselves in their windowless tower for a fortnight, conducting secret rites and divinations beneath the full and the new moon. When they emerge, it is with a whisper given to Chief Kosumi - “The enemy you seek did not perish in the north. They persist around a lake of mirror grey. Winged-ones begat it, their whispers brought it forth. But bears of crimson-claw sought the prey.”

    • Nocturnal Hydra buys out TP 1 of Chickens in Region 282
    • The Scrimthun Unity buy out TP1 of Lumber in Region 65
    • The Scrimthun Unity buy out TP1 of Juhan Axemen in Region 66
    • The Scrimthun Unity buy out TP2 of Juhan Axemen in Region 66
    • Crow's Tribe buy out TP1 of Nahkia Stone in Region 292
    • Crow's Tribe buy out TP1 of Desert Bell Seeds in Region 291
    • Crow's Tribe buy out TP3 of Iron in Region 310
    • The Targiz buy out TP1 of Okra in Region 8
    • Shandole buy out TP2 of Tin in Region 112
    • The Sewune buy out TP2 of Granite in Region 238
    • The Deru buy out TP1 of Cattle in Region 42, supported by the Uzii
    • The Dolod buy out TP2 of Clay in Region 269
    • The Fffolkkk buy out TP1 of Hemp in Region 286
    • The Scions of the Thalaz'ir buy out TP1 of Copper in Region 29
    • The Scions of the Thalaz'ir buy out TP2 of Copper in Region 29
    • Eleftheria buy out TP1 of Diamonds in Region 114
    • The Viskari buy out TP 2 of Diamonds in Region 114

    • The Scrim have adopted the Celestial Cult officially!
    • Followers of the Ancient Way now roll 2d8 to resist conversion!
    • The Path of the True Dawn followers now gain +1 to resist assassination and kidnapping, and 2d8 on investigation rolls!
    • The number of Abiherist followers has given rise to a particular holy doctrine! Followers of Abiherism roll 2d8 on epic quests!
    • The Scions of the Thalaz’ir have converted regions 29 and 31 to the Celestial Cult!
    • The holy sites in regions 98, 112, 113 and 117 have been converted to Way of Eauden!
    • The holy site in region 236 has been converted to Abiherism!
    • The holy sites in regions 114 and 142 have been converted to the Ancient Way!
    • The Sol'Ikoth have converted the holy sites in regions 287 and 294 to Great Old Ones!
    • The Veramondi have converted holy sites in region 229 and 226 to Way of Green!
    • The holy sites in regions 281 and 289 have been converted to the Path of the True Dawn!
    • The holy sites in regions 17, 33, and 38 have been converted to Soul Honor!
    • The religion Four Faiths has changed its name to Bouquet of the Corpse Flower. The new name appears to have reduced its appeal, as conversions fail in regions 18 and 36.

    • Crow’s Tribe performs a Miracle, as Kro Thorael steals knowledge from the Sun! He descends from his three day vigil as something more than Crow, something more than Man! He is the One Who Flies Between, the Feather of the Sun, the Taloned Judge of Sikar.
    • Merine of Clan Alqar performs a secret rite high in the mountains, consigning the blood of the Blight to the flame! It is joined by gems of great omen, sparkling in a terrestrial constellation of power and portent. The Blood of Merine is destined to lead the Alqar, and in leading them be blessed by the spirits of star and sky.
    • The Veramondi introduce a new technology: The Wheel and Axle! Overland exploration is not limited by adjacency. +1 to Opulence exploration.
    • Al-Ashir introduces a new technology: Equestrianism! The distilled knowledge of centuries of breeding, training, riding, and fighting astride horses, the art of Equestrianism allows an army to make full use of the horse in warfare. Equestrianism lets a Kingdom breed and train horses from wild stock in great enough numbers to form proper cavalries. Requires any Horse Resource. Grants -10% unit casualties owing to the increased mobility, height advantage, and the fact that many losses are inflicted on the horses themselves.
    • Clann Solais introduces a new technology: Wolf Riders! An aggressive husbandry program and maybe a smidge of magic has allowed the Clans to breed impressively large Dire Wolves from the Tundra Wolves previously domesticated. The original stock was already large, but the dire wolves are large enough to ride - and ride them the Clans can, after a training regimen was created that cost fewer hands and fingers than you'd expect. Required Resource: Wolves (Of any kind. Might be possible to substitute sufficiently large dogs) Effect: +1 to Combat Rolls
    • The Deru have completed a great project: Heartwood Reverence
    • The Uzii Ancestral Snorts complete a great project: Rules for punching others!
    • Scorned in the lands of the Shandolé, the Children of the Great Mother continue to expand beyond the mountains. Spreading from their newly-built monasteries in Region 139, they convert Region 116 and Region 156 to Children of the Great Mother.

    Discovery! Map!

    Spoiler: Kiswa

    Region 241 has been discovered by Ocēmis. It has a Good resource of Tin, a Holy Site dedicated to Burning Heart, and 1 unit of native defenders!

    Spoiler: Mamut

    The Sokau Tribes explore south-east into the ocean and discover nothing.

    Region 68 has been discovered by the Sokau Tribes. It has a Good resource of Barley, a Holy Site dedicated to Open, a Truthseer Tower, and 3 units of native defenders! Welcoming the explorers, the Truthseers warn them against progressing further north - they claim a cursed city of ancient days sits upon that land, haunted by the spirits of a people long dead.

    Spoiler: Sikar

    Region 268 has been discovered by the Fffolkkk. It has a Minor resource of Seafood, a Holy Site dedicated to Shamanistic Paganism and 2 units of native defenders! The Fffolkkk gain +1 to buy out the trading post in Round 8!

    Region 270 has been discovered by The Ripper. It has a Good resource of Onions, an Open Holy Site and 2 units of native defenders. The Thunderpeople gain 1 unit!

    Region 1 has been discovered by Ta Seti. It has a Great resource of Wine, a Holy Site dedicated to The Phoenix and 3 units of native defenders! Traversing the strange land with its foreign tongues and costumes, the Alodite explorers are eventually led to the center of the region, a great city situated on a rocky bluff facing the eastern coast. Once more, representatives of Sikar walk among the unsettling architecture of the Truthseers, and are soon met by a delegation of the veiled mystics. For they have found the beating heart of the Truthseer order, the repository of all their knowledge. And all their secrets. Ta Seti discovers the Truthseers Headquarters! Any kingdom that can access Region 1 that is of Reputation 3 or 4 with the Truthseers may spend a Favor to establish a claim on the Region. So long as the Truthseer HQ remains and the region’s owner is in good standing (Rep 0 or higher) the Region cannot fall into Unrest. Ownership of the region holding the Truthseer HQ provides an additional +1 to their Reputation 1 and Reputation 2 bonus, and provides a +1 bonus to seeking the Four Winds Mythica. Any attempt to conquer the region will result in -1 Reputation with the Truthseers and award 1 Favor to any kingdom that intervenes in their defense. [Ta Seti has discovered a new continent! Sikar players have -6 to all rolls taken in region 1 until completing a Diplomacy Great Project to learn the languages and customs of the new continent. Ta Seti has +1 to establishing a claim on region 1 this round.]

    Spoiler: Tarandi

    Region 93 has been discovered by the Dannu-Gao. It has a Good resource of Flax, a Holy Site dedicated to The Sect of the Crest and 2 units of native defenders!

    Region 94 has been discovered by the Dream Speakers on behalf of the Dannu-Gao. It has a Minor resource of Otters, a Holy Site dedicated to the Cult of Virtue and 1 unit of native defenders!

    Region 156 has been discovered by Prenadi! It has a Great resource of Flax, an open Holy Site and 1 unit of native defenders! Sangar gains 1 unit!

    Region 176 has been discovered by Shandolé. It has a Good resource of Oats, a Holy Site dedicated to the Sisterhood of Love and 1 unit of native defenders! Shandolé gains 1 treasure!

    • The Arrok of Uldra have successfully established a colony in region 99!

    • Al-Ashir stabilises regions 302, 303 and 307
    • Ta Seti has stabilised regions 283 and 287
    • The Brayewen Tribes have stabilised Braye
    • The Fffolkkk have stabilised region 267
    • The Thunderpeople stabilise region 269 Guugkholm
    • Eleftheria establishes an Embassy with Shandolé
    • The Naherin Coalition stabilise region 311
    • The Naherin Coalition attempt to establish an Embassy with the Nocturnal Hydra, but their envoys find no welcome! The Embassy fails, and the Special is refunded.

    • Permanent CI for Ixkarr: Glory or Death
    • Conversion CI for Hiverness: Light the Way
    • Raid Resist CI for Eleftheria: Friendly Faces
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Spoiler: Banner

    Regions 293, 294, 295, 296

    Spoiler: Leader

    High Chieftess Karra

    Diplomacy: 5
    Military: 5
    Opulence: 3
    Faith: 4
    Intrigue: 3

    Projected stat increases: +1 Diplomacy, +1 Military
    No new ruler for next round.


    1. [Diplomacy] Stabilize 296
    Rakthuk is finally found miles from the battlefield, the chieftain's withered body having at last given out. On his knees and still clutching a knife in his hand, the dead orc is facing in the direction of the region's capital settlement. Knowing full well what her once-adversary's intention had been, Aseltia leads the remaining Ixkarr army to the town. Six hours later they start the long trek back to Ixkarr, with loot aplenty and every member of the 296's ruling dynasty they could find in tow.

    Once news of Rakthuk's death reach the rest of the Koxrrit it is finally realized that the succession of the status of High Chieftain was never properly defined. However, it's public knowledge that Rakthuk was advocating for his daughter to take the position after him. Most chieftains prove willing to honor that wish in respect to the glory Rakthuk's leadership helped bring their clans. Thus the Koxrrit concern with collective achievements over personal ambitions helps avert a succession crisis.

    [more to come]

    Roll: 10

    2. [Diplomacy] Attend the Thunderpeople's event

    -Participate in the Silver Sport Roll: 12
    -Trade Sailing and Irrigation to the Soreni for War Drums and Masonry
    -Trade Irrigation and Sailing to the Sol'Ikoth for Seekers and Writing

    3. [Military 5] Create Hero: Tsakra of Ippathaka

    Roll: 8

    4. [Military] Recruit 2 army units (fortress)

    5. [Diplomacy] Flowerland Codex of Customs (New continent Great Project) 1/5

    -Support SKO conversion of 296
    -Support FLK buyout of TP #3 in Region 295
    -Contribute to the DSP Menagerie Submission to come

    News and rumors:

    Spoiler: Statistics

    Cultural identities:
    Glory or Death (dueling) [permanent]

    Army units 3/12
    Navy units 2/6

    Kethix of Ippathaka (10)

    Trade posts:
    Cacti: 296.2
    Maize: 281.1

    Resource requirement: Wood (fulfilled)

    Treasure 0/5

    Other items:


    Animal Husbandry


    Sun Sword (+2 on duels) [equipped: Kethix]

    Previous rounds:
    Round 1
    Round 2
    Round 3
    Round 4
    Round 5
    Round 6
    Round 7
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    Sọ́kǎu Tribes
    (Round 8: 29-32)

    1. [Dip 10] Great Kingdom!
      After Nùkèu's death and Tšrãák's coronation as king in Héokalón, Yúkró and his Sọ́gẹ tribe find themselves in a position of power unprecedented for the Sọ́ku. With control over a wide expanse of land, ranging from Wēkache's borders with Ol’kolsa in the north to Jù Fihlè's with Swampum and Rhödödendräk in the south, and from the sea deep inland to the western tributary of the Great River. And it is not just empty land, but a great variety of peoples now follow, to at least some extent, Yúkró's commands and desires. The old chieftain's control over the other Sọ́ku tribes remains tenuous, as they are as independent-minded and quarrelsome as always, but the growing power of the Sọ́gẹ has opened a much greater gap between them and the others. In the old days, an alliance of a couple other powerful tribes was all it would take to seriously threaten any tribe that went too far in trying to exert its will on the tribes as a whole. But if Héokalón, Wēkache and the new colonies were brought securely under Sọ́gẹ control, then who among the tribes would have the strength to resist anymore? The Lọ̀plẹ̀ at least were able to see the emerging threat (though perhaps too late) and are now scrambling to find their own great kingdom of foreigners in the north. It is while pondering that question that Yúkró falls ill and eventually dies, leaving Tšrãák to return and combine the position of King of Héokalón with that of Chief of the Sọ́gẹ.
    2. [Diplomacy] Press Claim on [Region 52] (roll=19)
    3. [Mil 10] Fortress in Džíu Phè Hw (Region 46)
      Under the guidance of Ẹtúniú experts, Tšrìj Ṭhù has developed from a chaotic collection of independent encampments and semi-permanent settlements into a true city. Pleased with the impressive and well-organized metropolis that has risen over the past several years, Yúkró redoubles his efforts while turning his attention more towards fortification. The city is surrounded by earthen ramparts and palisade walls. Within the city, a second ring of fortifications enclose the old longhouse that serves as the tribe's most important meeting place and the other surrounding important buildings. Out in the river nearby, the already easily defensible island is also strengthened and fortified. Serving as a secure place for the Sọ́gẹ and their allies to rest and relax, it is just as important a gathering place for warriors as the city proper is for merchants and traders.
    4. [Military] Quest into Unknown Lands: Sailing out east from [Region 68] (roll=15)
      While Rẹ̌tšrìj was content with the results of her "last great expedition," not all of her followers were. The explorers had found the coast turning back northwest, seemingly indicating that they had found the end of the world. However, uncertain reports from some of the boats claim land was sighted out east in the ocean. One of Rẹ̌tšrìj's trusted warriors, Gọ̀uhrèi Sọró, declares his intent to pick up where his old mentor left off and launch a new expedition to find this mysterious land beyond the sea.
    5. [Opulence] Buyout Amber: Máklè Phyõ (Region 44) TP #1 (roll=12)
      The new settlers and colonists in Máklè Phyõ are quick to begin taking advantage of the region's most famous resource. Before long, a significant amount of amber is finding its way east, and more and more people are going the other way hoping to cash in on the rush.

    • Rẹ̌tšrìj retires as hero, replaced by Gọ̀uhrèi Sọró.

    News and Rumors
    • Response to the Proposal from Clan Alqar:
      The expensive parchment used to record Kylisa's offer is entirely wasted on Tšrãák, who is unable to read the Hraban Runes. Laughing off the awkward situation, he asks for one of the messengers to relay its contents to him. Nodding along, he laughs again at the boldness of declaring herself to be his "future wife" already, before even giving him a chance to respond. Taking no time at all to consider, Tšrãák declares that such a bold woman so unwilling to accept not getting what she wants will be sure to give him many strong and worthy children. And so he has no choice but to happily accept her offer.
    • Word of the new Sentinel Agatha of Mamut and her exploits spreads quickly. Though she becomes a popular hero in the minds of all, there is no shortage of head shaking over the decision to abandon her good, sensible Sọ́ku name for the foreign "Agatha." Sentinel tradition or not, it is mystifying.
    • Content with her last great expedition, Rẹ̌tšrìj retires from the life of a traveling and adventuring hero to settle in Jù Fihlè. She brings back with her the warriors she recruited in the far northeast, adding to the already diverse and eclectic variety of colonists and settlers in the region.
    • Over the course of only a few years, several important deaths dramatically shift tribal politics among the Sọ́ku...
      • First, Zbãyúik Nùkèu, the recently proclaimed King of Héokalón, is killed while participating in a ritual aurochs hunt in the thirtieth year since the Comet. His unexpected death accelerates the awkward circumstances surrounding his succession. His son Hlẹ̀yúik, who he had intended to inherit his power in Héokalón, is still only three years old and rejected as too young by everyone. Leadership of the Zbãyúik tribe passes to a cousin, Lọ̀ptšrũ, who quickly declares the kingship should pass to him along with it. The priesthood of the Cult of the Sky and the majority of the native Ẹtúniú of Héokalón refuse to accept him, insisting the throne passes to Nùkèu's sister's son, Sọ́gẹ Tšrãák. When word of his uncle's death reaches Tšrãák, he travels upriver to claim the kingship. Conflict quickly breaks out between the two claimants and their supporters, and Lọ̀ptšrũ is driven out of the key city of Seánatha. Off-and-on fighting continues between Sọ́ku supporters of the two, but does not spread much.
      • A little less than a year after Nùkèu's death, Sọ́gẹ Yúkró dies of natural causes. Of his adult sons Sọ̀ró is the older, but unambitious, while Tšrãák is bold, stubborn and more than makes up for his brother's lack of ambition. When he hears of his father's death, Tšrãák sails back down the river. Marching into a meeting of tribal elders, he declares himself the new chieftain, simply ignoring his brother and any claims he might have. Any questions regarding proper decorum disappear as Sọ̀ró passively accepts what is happening and refuses to put up a fight against his younger brother. Suddenly missing Yúkró's moderating influence, the rivalry between Tšrãák and Lọ̀ptšrũ builds, and the alliance between the Sọ́gẹ and Zbãyúik breaks down.
      • Half a year after Yúkró's death, Tšrãák grows tired of the unresolved tension and lack of direct action. Tracking down his rival in Héokalón, he challenges Lọ̀ptšrũ to single combat and kills him. The dead chief's son and heir Tšhíjzbã swears revenge, but Tšrãák's support among the Ẹtúniú, Rẹ̌tšrìj's influence over the refugees from Jù Fihlè and the colonists living there now, and the greater influence of the Sọ́gẹ in western Wēkache has left the Zbãyúik isolated.
    • Things just continue to get worse for the Zbãyúik. Years ago they had almost entirely withdrawn from Džíu Phè Hw to focus on Héokalón; "almost" but not "entirely." They kept a hold on the river city of Ró Nùk, near the border between the two regions. As an important stopping point for trade going up and down the river, the city has grown and become ever more important as the years go by. Still not as large or dramatically impressive as Tšrìj Ṭhù further down the river, Ró Nùk is immensely important strategically and economically. The overall power of the tribe, and their alliance with the even more powerful Sọ́gẹ, has kept any upstarts from making a move to drive the Zbãyúik out of the city, even as several contend to fill the power void left by their move upriver. But in the thirty-second year since the Comet, the Fẹ́gọ̀u tribe finally make their move and seize Ró Nùk.

    YúkróNew Ruler Next Round!

    Diplomacy: 10
    Military: 10
    Opulence: 7
    Intrigue: 2
    Faith: 1

    Increase: Diplomacy and Military

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region # Resource Minor Good Great Holy Site Holy Order Org Base Other
    Jù Fǎihlè 41 Cattle (open)
    The Dreamflower ? (none) (none)
    Máklè Phyõ 44 Amber (open) (open) (open) (open) (none) (none)
    Héokalón 45 Aurochs The Ko
    The Cult of the Sky (none) (none)
    Džíu Phè Hwǔ 46 Wood Sọ́kǎu (open) (open) Tšhlèi (none) (none) City
    Wēkache 47 Goats (open)
    Native Animism (none) (none)

    Region # Owner Resource Minor Good Great Holy Site Holy Order Org Base
    The Blessed Vale 32 Clan Alqar Gems Alqar The Ko Sọ́kǎu Celestial Cult (none) (none)
    [Region 52] 52 (none) Silk The Ko Sọ́kǎu
    Celestial Cult (none) (none)

    Spoiler: Armies, Technology, and Other Random Bookkeeping
    Units (l | n) Unit Cap Treasure Hero Tactical Doctrine Cultural Identity
    6 | 2 14 | 4 0 Gọ̀uhrèi Sọró (9) (none) Dueling


    Artifact Effect

    Org Relations
    Org Rep Favors* Bonus(es)
    +1 stabilization and questing
    +1 exploration, distance losses every 5 regions
    *(+ is owed to us, - is owed by us)

    Military Technology
    Technology Slot Effect Requirement

    Technology Effect Requirement
    Sailing Cross deep water (none)

    Spoiler: Resource Requirements

    Resource # Required for Sources
    Luxury Goods 2/1 Capital Requirement Blessed Vale (32) #3, [Region 52] #2
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