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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Henanda, Round 19

    News and Rumours

    [Faith] Seek Aid on resisting the Anbroch slander: 12 = success
    [Military] Attack somewhere?
    [Military] Challenge the Godslayer?
    [Diplomacy] Stabilise region 212: 12 - success
    [Diplomacy] Raise reputation with the Truthseers to 4, spending 1 treasure with Off-Track Betting (5): success! (21)


    • Accept any technologies offered
    • Resist all conversions
    • Oppose all unauthorised buyouts
    • Resist all thefts
    • Gain 2 Treasure at start of next round from owned trading posts
    • Resist slander: 17, spending 1 treasure, and 1 treasure to hedge the first treasure via Off-Track Betting (failure on the overall OTB for total +1 not +2 as per the roll post)

    Spoiler: Ruler stats

    Paramount Chief (King) Oniyellīs

    D 9
    M 8
    O 4
    F 6
    I 3

    Stat increases: +1 Diplomacy +1 Military

    Spoiler: Stuff

    Regions: 190 (Faragumūll/Kledehem), 191 (Dum-Hong Deng), 192 (Ilcerapirūll/Farilpūll), 193 (Faranandūll, capital), 212 (unnamed)
    Units: 9
    Treasure: 5
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Night Kingdom

    Iorwerth Nahaar, King of Night
    Diplomacy: 6
    Military: 6
    Opulence: 2
    Faith: 5
    Intrigue: 3

    Actions for Round 19
    • [Military] Raise 2 units
    • [Military] Attack R34!
      Army Commander: Arlais (10), 2d8 to duels from Trinity Faith CI, Challenge enemy commander to duel
      Tactical Maneuvering (Reckless Attack): 5 [6 (Leader Mil) + 2 (War Drums) - 3 from size (12 units)]
      Path: 43->42->34 (Crossing river!)
      Battle Bonuses: 11 NTK unit + 1 ARK unit + 4 tech (+1 from Horned Cav, +1 from Cinnabar Warclubs, +2 from Recurve Bows, +1 from Peltae) + 1 from treasure (ARK)
      Leader and Army Loss Modifiers: +2 to Leader Loss Rolls
      Spoiler: Tech Slot Allocation for the above

      Cavalry - Horned Cavalry (+1 to Battles - ARK)
      Melee Weapons - Cinnabar Warclubs (+1 to Battles - ARK)
      Ranged Weapons - Recurve Bows (+2 to Battles - ARK)
      Combat Drugs/Medicine - Comet Phylacteries (+2 to Leader Loss Rolls - ARK)
      Scouts/Logistics - War Drums (+2 TacMan - NTK)
      Armour - Peltae (+1 to Battles - NTK)

      Total: Between +28 and +34 (10 from commander + 12 from combined units +2 if TacMan victory +4/2 from winning duel/refusal + 5 from Tech + 1 from treasure)
    • [Military] Attack an ally of the Uzii/R41/Defend elsewhere!
    • [Military] Create a Hero!
    • [Diplomacy] Press Claim to R68!
    • [Diplomacy 5] Create an Embassy with TAR!

    Send Crab-Claw Sails to DAN via embassy
    Receive new bows via DAN embassy?
    Send Peltae to ASH via embassy
    Accept 2 treasure from SCR via embassy

    News and Rumors
    1. Kylisa Nahaar is missing, likely kidnapped and not dead, but her grandson Iorwerth boldly declares that a kingdom at war must have a king or queen to lead it. He is coronated in the old Sokau capital of Džíu Phè Hwǔ within the month, and then performs a similar ceremony in the Blessed Vale to maintain his legitimacy as monarch of both peoples. In light of Kylisa's apparent 'resignation' as liege by Iowerth's demands, the effects her reign has had on the population of the realm of the Night Kingdom is evaluated as per Alqari tradition to be added to their long list of chiefs to be remembered. While she began with a rocky, aggressive start that included the murder of her predecessor and suspected corruption in the council votes, she made the Alqari clan from a small collection of territories into a proud and sprawling, stable kingdom. She built the strong alliances, survived the collapse of her husband's empire, and delivered her people from the blight time and again. Not only that, but the recent mass acquisition of global technology was headed by her efforts alone, bringing the tribe from a backwater land ruled by near mob-rule to a monarchy with some of the finest technological progress on the planet. Many suspect that had she continued she may have brought the kingdom to the state required to build a proper empire. ...And to add one more notch to her list of accomplishments, she became the Truthseer's first Regent of the West Wind. While many of the former Alqari rulers are remembered fondly, she is the first to ever be given the title 'The Great' upon her departure.
    2. Gwenn, the King's sister and second in line to the throne is wed to Tor-Mak of Danneta-Yvaon, who comes to the Mamut to live among their people. The Dannu-Gao are a wealthy, powerful merchant family from Tarandi, and the first extra-continental kingdom to marry into a direct successor to the throne as the primary partner. Until Iorwerth has children of his own she is the first in line, which makes him the potential king of the Night Kingdom - and he is treated as such not only by his people, but by the current King, who despite his recent coronation seems to have a solid grip on his lands. Him and his bride live upon the coast of Džíu Phè Hwǔ, the Kingdom's greatest city where they have plenty of sea access and slowly see more and more precious Way of Eauden magical gear coming to their shores for sale. As years pass, it becomes a sign of great renown to carry their blessed equipment, and Iowerth himself procures a flaming sword for use in his war against the Uzii. The husband's family receives a priceless necklace of sun stone and sapphire as their dowry, which itself is blessed by Lady Merine.
    3. Jasmin and Iceno have had several children during their relationship, leading to the following generation of Night Kingdom nobles to come into power with the blood of the Ashir's rulers, for those interested into marring into the Night Kingdom without elven heritage or the cannibal 'gift' that passes through the Crimson bloodline. The eldest among them, and thus the child with the best claim to the throne (third in line at present) is twelve years old, further details to be decided soon.
    4. Spoiler: A Talkative Young King (Details about Iorwerth and initial, private messages for nearby faction leaders, relevant to TAR, DER, IKX, SCR at present

      Iorwerth was a young prodigy of the Night Kingdom, made strong by his upbringing and the Crimson Blessing of absorbing the physical power and intellect of others through ritual consumption - something that is kept somewhat hush as to not cause a stir, and would likely not be public knowledge even as a half-elf. Ever an ambitious sort and talented even before the blessing had enhanced his body, just before his sixteenth summer he set out to seek the blessing of the Sokau's guardian spirit, Ākāro. The giant owl works with him as a mount and guide, and the two intend to reclaim his grandfather's lands on the Sokau side come hell or high water. Carrying the blood of the last Soge of the Sokau, the first Thalazir since the False Dawn, the Crimson King, and the holy Merine, he is the product of generations of selective marriages and trained by his family to take the throne as he now has. Any cursory research about him reveals that he is analytical and mature, having been raised harshly - with countless responsibilities and little to no time for amusement - but vengeful and merciless as his mother's side of the family so reveres.

      Spoiler: To the Crimson Kingdom (TBD)
      To Uncle Ceron of the Crimson Kingdom,

      Spoiler: To the Arrakhi Sundom (TBD)
      To Grand Uncle Doraan, of the Arrakhi Sundom,

      Spoiler: To the Uzii Protectorate (TBD)
      To Homage Far-Reach Mudmore, of the Uzii Protectorate,

      Spoiler: To the Ko (TBD)
      To Dragonlord Zinnia, first of her name,

      Spoiler: To the Dannu-Gau (TBD)
      To my sister's Mother in Law, Lady Pina-Mak,

      Spoiler: To Rankalore
      To King Thaban of Rankalore,

      I have never met an orc besides those my armies have captured in battle. You work with treaty-breakers and kidnappers, and I do not intend to arrest my family’s ambitions to punish them for these crimes. My Mother had slain your Queen and commander in battle only last year, so I will be clear in this message - she will also kill the next one you send. When she ate of her flesh after the battle, she only grew in power and deadliness as is the blessing of our kind. If you remain in our way the remaining half of your army will be forced to join the first in the earth. Kindly keep your men away from ours, and we will both have a better time in our first years ruling our people. Perhaps you may even seize the west while the Uzii are too distracted to oppose you.

      The choice is yours,
      Iorwerth Nahaar, King of Night

      Spoiler: To the Great Scrimthun Unity
      To Thunspeaker Atir, First Born of Arrakh-Rah,

      In these times of change and militarization, it is important to know who your friends are. The Scrimthun and the Night Kingdom have been at peace since our people had names, and this is a peace I wish to keep. Both our realms seem to be rapidly gaining ground, and I have cause to fear that the ambitions of your people may turn to ancestral Sokau territories that I am in the process of claiming, and my spymaster says that the Scrim are wary that the Night Kingdom may not be satisfied with their gains in the south and instead turn north… To prevent these fears from sparking into conflict, I wish to propose a treaty between us that satisfies both our needs. My requirements are the former Sokau lands of R68 and R52, and in turn we promise to support the Thun in any offensive forays into the Daezirn Isles (after we have had the chance to construct a proper navy). I do not have any interest in holding the lands of R66, R67, nor the isles, and would permit the technological exchange held back by our people’s uncertainty to flow again as it once did.

      Glory to you, Wardens of the North - may we find ourselves friends in faith during these tumultuous times,
      Iorwerth Nahaar, King of Night

      Spoiler: To the Targiz
      To my second cousin once removed, Odds-Mistress Nyct of the Targiz,

      Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective to realize when one is in the wrong, something difficult to accomplish while in frozen grief and thirsty for vengeance. My grandmother Kylisa Nahaar was wise in many ways, but her gravest mistake was to doubt the loyalties of her family. I have paid close attention to the details of her husband’s death, and find that while it’s possible that it might have been orchestrated by one within the Corpse Flower faith, there are no signs that they point anywhere south of the Sokau lands and furthermore how they could possibly be associated with you. You have my sincerest apologies for my Grandmother’s actions against your people, and any accusations she led against you personally. Know that I will not pursue them as long as I lead the Night Kingdom, and hope that you may find it in your heart to pardon us for any damages dealt to our bloodline and our people. When this war is over, we would welcome trade with the Targiz across our hopefully secure lands, and wish to further discuss the homeland of your husband, which I believe to be Cauplakai. Recently it has been ravaged by war, but if it should help to recover our relations we will refrain from sending armies there so long as your armies share the same courtesy with our most difficult battles to come. Know that any territory we take will be friendly to you, and that no armies of the Night Kingdom will arrive in your lands except to support your right to rule.

      May your gambles and mine both find their fortunes,
      Iorwerth Nahaar, King of Night

      Spoiler: To the Deru
      To my distant relative Karakhita, ruler of the Deru, and her caretakers Olea and Jofry Bythion,

      How so many years have passed without the Night Kingdom’s acknowledgement of your joining with our family is a tragic oversight. Olea shares me blood, as does her young heir Karakhita. This makes us not strangers anymore, but allies. Consider yourselves invited to any family events going forward, and our lands open for trade and touring. You have my best wishes in your expansion westwards against our rivals the Uzii and Rankalore; know that we would prefer to see your people come out above all others, and should things become tense you will have our support so long as you remain in good standing with the majority of our kin. On that note, my Grandmother Kylisa was terribly furious with your faith over what she believed was an orchestrated assassination of her husband some years ago, but I believe you will find me much more tolerant.

      Best wishes to my exalted family in the south,
      Iowerth Nahaar, King of Night

      Spoiler: To the Ashir Sultanate (TBD)
      To my distant relative Sultan Harun il Jana, rightful ruler of the sands,

    Spoiler: Stats

    Military Units: 11 (1 Lunar Scouts, 2 Sukkomi Fighters, Qian's Warband, 4 Moon-Guard, 3 Legions of Night)
    Naval Units: 0

    Regions Owned: [Blessed Vale 32] [Dek'varro 31] [Upper Vale 43] [Tanwar 27] [Glimmering Pass 29] [Atel’Nora 48] [Džíu Phè Hwǔ R46] [Hollow-Wood R16] [Swampum R39]
    Total Regions: 9
    Land Unit Cap: 22 (6 Capital Unit Cap + 8 Other Regions * 2 + 0 Tech - 0 Vassal Status)
    Sea Unit Cap: 6 (3 Base + 3 Coastal Regions)

    Cultural Identities:
    Dynasty Head (2d8 to Buyouts and Conversions in kingdoms ruled by Dynasty Members)

    Military Specialization:

    Holy Artifacts:
    Tome of Stars (+1 to the effect of seek aid rolls once per turn) [Stored in Mount Renjin Summit, +4 against theft]

    Character Blessings:
    Blessed Dynasty - Twice per round, a ruler character descended from High Priestess and Thalesh'ir Merine may make a seek aid action targeting a roll has already been determined, so long as it is taken before the war deadline has passed.
    Blessing of the West Wind - +1 to a single stat during ruler generation (Dynastic), one extra region for the purposes of determining GK and Empire status, permits faith instead of intrigue for investigations

    Military Technologies:
    Comet Phylacteries
    Uzii Battlesmithing
    Composite Bows
    Recurve Bows
    War Drums
    Wolf Riders
    Feathered Cloaks
    Crab-Claw Sails
    Horned Cavalry
    Orichalcum Arrowheads
    Cinnabar Warclubs

    Seer Makoa (7)
    Arlais (10)

    Opulence Technologies:
    Irrigation - +1 to Stabilization Rolls
    Pottery - +1 to buyouts
    Writing (Hraban Runes) - +1 conversion defense, +1 to conversions in regions that share my writing system
    Animal Husbandry - +1 to opulence and diplomacy exploration
    Masonry - +1 to resist raids and sacks
    Sailing - Allows overseas exploration
    Arctic Survival
    Wheel & Axle
    Celestial Navigation
    Advanced Masonry
    Song of the Sea
    Song of the Sky
    Mountaineer Clothing
    Thin-Blood Elixir
    Towers of Light
    Cliffstep Riders

    Sikar Translation
    Daezirn Translation
    Tarandi Translation

    Distantly related to TAR, SOT, and CRI's rulers

    Regional Benefits:
    Blessed Vale, Mamut (32) [Capital Region, Map of Heaven (Great Project, +1 to seek aid), The Sunrise Citadel (Fortress, +2 Defense), Mount Renjin Summit (Holy Order, +4 against conversion and purges)]
    Dek'varro, Mamut (31), [None]
    Upper Vale, Mamut (43), [None]
    Tanwar, Mamut (27), [Standing Stone]
    Glimmering Pass, Mamut (29), [None]
    Atel’Nora, Mamut (48), [None]
    Džíu Phè Hwǔ (46), [City (Wood), (Fortress, +2 Defense)]
    Hollow-wood (16), [None]
    Swampum (39), [Fortress, +2 Defense, Great Project, resist Errant Questing with duels]

    Secrets Whispered: 0
    Embassies: SCR, SKT, ARK, ASH, DAN, SEW

    Resources controlled:
    [Gems, Blessed Vale (32)], [Wood Džíu Phè Hwǔ (46)]
    Passive Treasure Income: 0
    Treasure: 0

    Truthseers - 2
    Dreamspeakers -1

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Region 218: Veramondo
    Region 228: Adzbark Wetlands
    Region 229: Flaschorikia
    Region 230: Qsmar


    [Military] Crush the rebellion in Region 230... For real this time.
    Send 5 units under the leadership of Matje Varsha, equipped with War Drums, Saddles, and Viskari War Bows. Spend 1 Treasure.

    [Military] Raise 2 units

    [Military] Raise 1 unit

    [Intrigue] Secret

    [Intrigue] Investigate the strange dreams plaguing Veramondo


    Support conversions to Way of Green
    Resist everything else.

    Vygra Embassy

    News and Rumors
    The royal families of the Veramondi and the Vygra have long been intertwined. It is no surprise that Enavi goes to her family in the south for aid against the growing threat of Odvar the Fisher. In this time, the ties between the two nations grow closer, but it's no secret that Veramondo is the weaker of the two, plagued by internal turmoil.

    Spoiler: National Info
    Units: 5/12 land, 1/6 sea
    Treasure: 5/5 (+2 per round)
    Kata the Fatherless (7)
    Twilight Lens: -2 Cross-Continent penalty.

    Spoiler: Technologies
    Name Effect Requires Usable? DSP?
    Advanced Masonry +1 resist Raid and Sack None Yes No
    Advanced Poisoning +1 theft, assassination, kidnapping, incite betrayal, and related Secret Actions Medicinal/Poisonous plants No No
    Animal Husbandry +1 to Opu and Dip explore None Yes No
    Arctic Survival May cross arctic borders Lumber Yes Yes
    Bronze +1 battles, +1 leader loss Copper, Materials slot Yes No
    Caravanserai +1 resist Raid and Sack Masonry, Stone or Clay Yes Yes
    Celestial Navigation Cross additional deep water border and -1 distance loss over water None Yes Yes
    Coinage +1 resist buyout against those without coinage, +1 buyout if you have gold or silver None Yes Yes
    Comet Phylacteries +2 leader loss rolls Comet Shards, Medicine slot No Yes
    Composite Bows +1 battles Hooved Animals, Ranged slot Yes Yes
    Crab-Claw Sails -1 distance loss, increase deep water transport by 1 Sailing, Logistics slot Yes Yes
    Eleftherian Diplomacy New non-dynastic rulers get +1 to two stats their predecessor had 8 or more in Writing Yes Yes
    Equestrianism -10% casualties Horses, Animal Husbandry, Cavalry slot Yes Yes
    Feathered Capes May contribute an extra hero to quests without extra actions. Feathers, Armor slot. Yes Yes
    Increased Defense Budget May spend 1 more treasure on a battle, +1 to battle for every 2 treasure spent Gems or Precious Metals, Logistics slot No Yes
    Irrigation +1 Stabilize None Yes No
    Masonry +1 resist Raid and Sack None Yes No
    Pottery +1 Buyout None Yes No
    Recurve Bows +2 Battle Composite Bows, Hooves, Ranged Slot Yes Yes
    Saddles +1 Battle, -10% casualties. Cavalry tech, Animals, Cavalry Slot. Yes Yes
    Sailing May cross deep water None Yes Yes
    Seekers May cross deep desert Nahkla Stone No Yes
    Steering Oars +3 TM in naval and coastal battles Sailing, Cavalry Slot Yes Yes
    Song of the Sea Cross 1 additional deep water border. +2 Leader Loss in naval battles Sea Creatures, Animal Husbandry, Sailing, Logistics slot. No Yes
    Song of the Wind +1 Sea exploration, cross 1 additional deep water border. Flying Beings, Animal Husbandry, Sailing Yes Yes
    Thin-Blood Elixir +1 to battles and Quests against Gluttonous Shadows Medicine slot Yes No
    Towers of Light +2 resist Raids, +1 to Investigate per other with this tech that investigates this round (max +2) Silver, Masonry No Yes
    Uzii Battlesmithing -10% casualties Hard Metal, Armor slot Yes Yes
    Viskari War Bows +1 to battle Wood, Ranged slot Yes Yes
    War Drums +2 tactical maneuvering Logistics slot Yes Yes
    Wheel and Axle +1 Opu explore, overland exploration not limited by adjacency None Yes No
    Wolf Riders +1 to battle Wolves, Cavalry slot No Yes
    Writing +1 conversion resist, +1 conversion against people who have Veramondi Logography None Yes No

    Trade Posts:
    Ashiran Horses: 302.1
    Cacao: 218.C, 218.1
    Copper: 282.3
    Flamingoes 229.C
    Rice: 228.1
    Stone: 213.1
    Timber: 192.1, 195.3
    Wild Asses 212.1

    Practiced Debate: 2d8 on Conversions. (Permanent)

    Rep Bonuses
    DSP 1: +1 Exploration
    DSP 2: Incur distance losses every 5 regions.
    DSP 3: 2d8 secret actions
    Keeper of Fables: +2 secret action resist, gain all techs owned by 5+ nations, may treat a DSP exploration as own Inquest great success once per round
    SoS 1: +1 Stabilization
    SoS 2: +1 existing Hero related rolls
    TSR 1: +1 Establish Claim
    Atasamar Kanorage (218)
    Kanorage (218) Does not count towards city count limits.
    Flamakar Sangrisil (229).

    Spoiler: Ruler Info
    Enavi Hadev
    Diplomacy: 3
    Military: 6
    Opulence: 3
    Faith: 7
    Intrigue: 5

    Descendants and Heirs:


    Other Family:
    Oram Hadev III - Uncle
    Vari Hadev - Aunt
    Kata... Hadev? - Cousin
    Karsha Hadev - Sister

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Arrakhi Sundom
    Thalaz'ir Doraan I

    Dip 10
    Mil 10
    Opu 6
    Faith 9
    Int 4

    Expected stat increases: +1 Fai

    New ruler next round? No.


    [Diplomacy]Colonize Region 56






    Non Actions:
    Accumulate 2 Treasure (11 TPs)
    Resist all Buyouts.
    Support all conversions to Trinity of Light, resist all others.

    News and Rumours:




    Spoiler: Characters
    • Doraan - Youngest child of Merine and Haraman, Thalaz'ir of the Arrakhi Sundom and Trinity of Light. (Age 40)
    • Haurun, Eldest child of Merine and Haraman (Age 58)
    • Kylisa, Second child of Merine and Haraman, Queen of the Night Kingdom (Age 52)
    • Chepri, Third child of Merine and Haraman, Daughter of Darkness. Creator of the Cometborn, and married to Ceron of the Crimson Kingdom. (Age 44)
    • Aneirin, Son of Chepri and Ceron. Prince of Arrakh-Rah and the Crimson Kingdom. Half-Elven. (Age 16)
    • Ahi, Daughter of Chepri and Ceron. Princess of Arrakh-Rah and the Crimson Kingdom. Half-Elven. (Age 14)
    • Addaon, Son of Chepri and Ceron. Prince of Arrakh-Rah and the Crimson Kingdom. Half-Elven. (Age 12)
    • Idwal, Son of Chepri and Ceron. Prince of Arrakh-Rah and the Crimson Kingdom. Half-Elven. (Age 12)
    • Cerys, Daughter of Chepri and Ceron. Princess of Arrakh-Rah and the Crimson Kindom. Half-Elven. (Age 10)
    • Qian, Daughter of Kylisa and Niece of Doraan. Married to Doraan. (Age 32).
    • Arrha, Sun's Divine. Leader of the Sun Trikha, Current (secret) leader of the Venom of Rakek-Ar, the Death Cult. (Age 42)
    • Oloa, Moon's Divine. Leader of the Moon Trikha. Prevalent Alqari priestess with a long history of upholding Arrakhi faiths. Loves to party. (Age 34)
    • Caalix, Stars' Divine. Leader of the Star Trikha. Star Dragon trapped in mortal form, but still retains his deep connection to the stars. (Age Unknown)
    • Amin, Zhatani Shaman and Voice of Shaal'Ator. (Age 41)
    • Pine, Golden-scaled blessed Ko and adopted daughter of Doraan.
    • Farida, Daughter of Doraan and Qian (Age 15)
    • Chigaru, Son of Doraan and Qian (Age 14)
    • Adom, Son of Doraan and Qian (Age 13)
    • Tali, Daughter of Doraan and Qian (Age 9)

    • Haraman, First of the Reborn line of Ira (Thalaz'ir/Thalesh'ir). Died Age 56.
    • The High Priestess of Na'karat. Lead the Venom of Rakek-Ar until her death by Haraman. Nearly reborn in the Black Pools of Nyesh, plot foiled by Chepri.
    • Halphas the Woetide. Assassin of the Venom of Rakek-Ar. Died at the hands of Chepri during his attempt to resurrect the High Priestess.

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping

    Owned Regions

    Na'karat, R30
    Ol'kolsa, R50
    Tipen, R54
    Arrakh-Rah, R67

    Army Units
    Land: 7/16
    Naval: 0/3
    Unit Amount
    Cometborn Warhost 4
    Arrakhi Zealots 1
    Arrakhi Wardens 0
    Arrakhi Reavers 1
    Arrakhi Seekers 1


    Chepri the Daughter of Darkness (7)
    Gorrn, Tipen's Might (10)


    4 Treasure

    Owned Resources
    Resource Region TP
    Comet Shards 30 1
    Aurochs 45 1
    Barley 49 1
    Wood 46 2
    Copper 29 2
    Goats 47 1
    Megaloceros 20 2
    Orichalcum 21 2
    Cinnabar 22 2

    Owned Techs
    Tech Effect Requirements
    Writing(Hraban Runes) +1 Conversion Def, +1 to Conversions if sharing same writing None
    Animal Husbandry +1 to Opu and Dip Explorations None
    Irrigation +1 to Stabilization None
    Advanced Masonry +2 to resist Raids and Sacks None
    Pottery +1 to Buyouts None
    Sailing Exploration + Troop Transport over Deep Water Borders None
    Comet Phylacteries +2 to Leader Loss Rolls Comet Shards
    Uzii Battlesmithing -10% Casualties Hard Metals
    Arctic Survival Exploration + Troop Transport across Arctic Borders Wood
    Cliffstep Riders Exploration + Troop Transport across Mountain Borders Megaloceros
    Horned Cavalry +1 to Battles Megaloceros
    Cinnabar Warclubs +1 to Battles Cinnabar
    Orichalcum Arrowheads +1 to Battles or +2 TacMan against Blightspawn Orichalcum
    Composite Bows +1 to Battles Hooved Animals
    Recurve Bows +2 to Battles Composite Bows + Hooved Animals
    War Drums +2 TacMan None
    Celestial Navigation Allows transit of one additional deep water border + -1 distance loss to deep water travel None
    Coinage +1 to resisting buyouts from anyone without this technology (no requirement); +1 to buyouts Silver or Gold
    Wheel & Axle +1 to Opulence Exploration, Overland exploration is not limited by adjacency None

    Organized Faith Bonuses
    Tier Effect
    1 (5 Holy Sites) +1 to Seek Aid
    2 (10 Holy Sites) 2d8 when duelling

    Name Effect Location
    Cometfang Cometborn in equipped hero's army have a 50% chance of rising, up from 33%. Wielded by Gorrn, Tipen's Might

    Miracles (Trinity of Light)
    Name Effect Requirements
    Blessed Dynasty Twice per Round, you may seek aid for a rolled action, if you do so before the war deadline. Ruler must be a descendant of Merine.
    Daughter of Darkness In the aftermath of any battle where their ruler or hero leads, the Scions may roll 1d3 for every land Unit lost to battle casualties. On a 3, that Unit is revived as comet-born, and joins the Thalaz'ir. Only friendly units can be raised.

    Regional Effects

    Region Type Effect
    30 GP(Celestial Tower) +1 to Conversion rolls within two regions of the tower.
    30 Resource Req: Labor Fulfilled by Aurochs
    67 Oricalchum Gilding +1 to Buyouts and Resisting Buyouts
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Round 19
    [Uzii Protectorate of Mamut]

    [Homage Far-Reach Mudmore]
    Region(s): 8, 11, 18, 33, 34, 35, 39, 40, 41, 42
    Temporary Capitol: Hrathgan (34)

    1. [Military] Raise 2 Units / Purge Somewhere?
    2. [Military] WAR Defend Regions 18 and ??
      Hounds attack! A threat to all of Mamut has reared it's head once more, and though the Protectorate is prepared to beat them back once more. There is no mercy for the crazed.
      • Wild-Swing Mudmore (10)
        --> [For determining Tactics: Military Score is currently 10]
      • 4 Land Units
        --> [For determining Tactics: -1 for Size]
      • +1 Tactics, Soul Honor
      • +2 Tactics, War Drums [Logistics]
      • [Tactics] Protectorate Phalanx: +1 to Combat, -10% Casualties
      • -10% Casualties, Uzii Battlesmithing [Armor]
      • +10 Opponent Casualties [Cloud Striders]
      • +1 Seek Aid from TSR [see Non-Actions]
      • Duel CI, Challenge for Duel (Kill preferred on Duel or Leader Loss)
    3. [Faith] Consult the Ancestral Spirits regarding the faith of the Bouquet of Corpse Flower (5/5) (+1 to Resist Conversion for owned regions within two regions of 8)
      The Homage receives guidance from the Ancestors, and a curious shift of perspective occurs, focusing on the Ancestors and the nature of Rebirth. No where else is this shift more wildly discussed than within Too-Dry Dunes (8) which becomes a fervent supporter of the changes.
    4. [Faith 5] Soul Honor and Corpse Flower are no more; Organize the combined Faith, Garland of Souls, led by the Deru.
      The fall of the Bouquet of Corpse Flower. The loss of Soul Honor. Both of these happen, and yet... those who believe come out stronger. The cycle of Remembrance and Decay exist to strengthen the soul, as it loops around and grows.
      Those of the Protectorate are staunch followers of Remembrance, but recognize that some tribulations make for stronger individuals. The Protectorate absolutely rejects the idea that the creature known as Petal Head is anything more than a mystical champion, and call upon the Deru to cast out the Children of the Honeyed Congress.

      Mechanical Effect: Soul Honor and Corpse Flower are the same faith now, Garland of Souls. The Faith Head is the Deru.
      • Size Bonus (5): Tactical Maneuvering +1
      • Size Bonus (10): 2d8 on Epic and Errant Quests in or adjacent to blighted regions, wilderness or regions in unrest
      • Size Bonus (20): When a Ruler or Hero dies, gain +1 (up to 10) on the next Ruler/Hero generated to replace the fallen. (Pending Approval)

      For Tenants of Garland of Souls, consult the Deru.
    5. [Intrigue] Raid Flower Wine in 19, TP3?
    6. DiplomacyAttend Event and Attempt to Negotiate Peace
      Spoiler: Sub-Actions
      Gift IXR Uzii Battlesmithing and Treasure Ships for their aid in the War Efforts.
      Review Debts owed with or to the Scrim.

    • Support conversion of any owned regions to Soul Honor. Resist conversion for any other faiths.
    • TSR favor spent last round to get Seek Aid for the next (2) rounds [including this one]

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    • The Crimson Kingdom...
    • Kylisa...
    • Rankalore and Swampum...
    • The Weakness having an easy solution is seen as a blessing from the Ancestors. It is also the only thing besides Zinnia's popularity that prevents the Uzii from politely asking the Ko to explain the presence of a Drakko in Swampum on the side of the Night Kingdom.
    • Ko-Ball is very popular in the Protectorate...
    • Toad Racing continues to hold the attentions of the breeders of Battle Toads, so it with a great deal of complaining that the breeders are forced to watch the Crimson Kingdom win the Flower Crown. Only with the promise from Far-Reach that their best war-born Battle Toads will be used to crush the Night Kingdom do they finally calm down.
    • The Wardens of Awakened Realms and the Agent of Ruin have caused problems within No-Climb Cliffs...
    • Fort Death-Grasp! We're gonna get it back! Fort Death-Grasp! Because Hraban words are hard!

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Homage Far-Reach Mudmore D M O F I
    Current 10 10 5 5 5
    Starting Stats 4 6 4 3 5
    End of round 14 2 1 0 0 0
    End of round 15 1 1 1 0 0
    End of round 16 2 1 0 0 0
    End of round 17 1 1 0 1 0
    End of round 18 0 0 0 1 0
    End of round 19 0 0 0 0 0

    New Ruler Next Round

    Expected Stat Bonuses: +1 Faith

    Spoiler: Kingdom Information

    • Targiz
    • Scrim
    • Kalatar
    • Wardens of Awakened Realms

    • Animal Husbandry
    • Writing
    • Masonry
    • Irrigation
    • Pottery
    • Sailing
    • Stage Plays
    • Uzii Battlesmithing
    • Arctic Survival {restricted}
    • Comet Phylacteries {restricted}
    • Increased Defense Budget {restricted}
    • War Drums
    • Bronze {restricted}
    • Viskari War Bows
    • Treasure Ships
    • Cloud Striders
    • Sikar Translation
    • Daezirn Translation
    • Tarandi Translation

    • Big Chief Running-Ox (Mil 10)
    • Wild-Swing Mudmore (Mil 10)

    • (5) Protectorate Cohorts [Melee]
    • (2) Swamp Catamarans [Naval]

    • (2) Treasures
    • Prosperous Noggin [Artifact] (+2 to buyouts or +1 to resist raids across dark blue borders, use reasonable targeting.)

    Great Projects:
    • (Region 39) "Rules for Punching Others" [Defend Errant Questing via Dueling, rather then Diplomacy]
    • (Region 18) "Good Farms, No Bandits" [Keeps Bandits from Farms]

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Spoiler: Banner

    The Kingdom of Rankalore
    Regions 1, 2, 3, 5

    Spoiler: Leader

    Thaban, the King of Rankalore

    Diplomacy: 3
    Military: 5
    Opulence: 4
    Faith: 7
    Intrigue: 2

    Projected stat increases: ???
    No new ruler next round.


    1. [Diplomacy] Attend the Recounting of All Debts

    -Receive Daezirn translation from SCR
    -Receive tech(s?) from UZI

    2. [???] ???

    3. [Military] Raise two land units (fortress)

    4. [Military] Fight somewhere. Probably.

    5. [???] ???

    6. [???] ???


    News and rumors:

    Spoiler: Statistics

    Cultural identities:
    Glory or Death (dueling) [permanent]
    Dreams of Splendor (buyouts) [temporary]

    Army units 4/12
    Navy units 2/6


    Composite Bows (ranged weapons)
    Increased Defense Budget (logistics)
    Uzii Battlesmithing (armor)
    War Drums (logistics)

    Trade posts:
    Cacti: 296.2
    Maize: 281.1
    Slaves 48.2

    Resource requirement: Manpower (fulfilled)

    Treasure 1/10

    Other items:


    Animal Husbandry
    Arctic Survival
    Celestial Navigation
    Writing (Non'rathk Script)


    Miracle effects:

    Visions of the Past: Reduce foreign continent penalty in Sikar by 2. +1 to Investigations.

    Official faith: Path of the Ancient Ones (Faith Head)

    HS5: +1 to defensive battles (active)
    HS10: 2d8 to Seek Aid (inactive)

    Great Projects:
    Thetokirr, the House of Dreams (Grand Archive) - Region 1

    Previous rounds:
    Round 1
    Round 2
    Round 3
    Round 4
    Round 5
    Round 6
    Round 7
    Round 8
    Round 9
    Round 10
    Round 11
    Round 12
    Round 13
    Round 14
    Round 15
    Round 16
    Round 17
    Round 18
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Solais Empire: Round 19 (Year 73-76)


    [Military]: Invade Region 171
    Route: 153 -> 148 -> 171. If at all possible, Rauri will deliberately fail the roll to avoid interception, but will not conquer region 148.
    Units: 19
    Leader: Rauri of the Phoenix (+9)
    Technologies: Bronze (+1 battles, -1 Leader Loss); Wolf Riders + Saddles (+1 battles, -10% Casualties); Recurve Bows (+2 battles); Uzii Battlesmithing (-10% Casualties); War Drums (+2 Tactical Maneuvering)
    Tactical Maneuver: Way of the World
    Duel: Rauri is setting up to use the Red Storm and cannot accept duels.
    Other: Rauri is equipped with an Iron Claw Phylactery and the Red Storm. The Way of Eauden's metal magic provides +1 to the battle roll.
    Total Bonuses and Effects:
    +33 to the Battle roll (+9 Hero, +19 Units, +4 Tech, +1 Magic).
    Enemy force loses 1 unit before battle, potentially ending it preemptively.
    +8 Tactical Maneuvering roll (+10 Mil, +2 War Drums, -4 Army Size).
    -20% casualties from tech.
    TD could provide +1 to battle roll and +10% enemy casualties.

    [Opulence]: Buyout TP 1 (Furs and Hides) from Region 106
    [Opulence]: Buyout TP 1 (Basalt) from Region 143
    [Opulence]: Buyout TP 1 (Copper) from Region 148

    [Opulence]: Buyout TP 1 (Timber) from Region 152
    [Opulence]: Buyout TP 2 (Deer) from Region 153
    [Opulence]: Buyout TP 1 (Seals) from Region 158

    Rolls can be found...

    Resist all unauthorized Buyouts.
    Rauri carries a Ring of the Phoenix.
    Artifacts not in use will be kept by the two Holy Sites within SOL territory (Three Iron Claw Phylacteries and the Ring of the Phoenix).

    Embassy-Based Non-Actions:
    Request transport over mountain borders from the Dannu-Gaon (DAN).
    Accept all incoming techs from the Dannu-Gaon (DAN).

    Ruler Stats:
    Lessa the Firecrown, High Thane: Diplomacy 10, Military 10, Opulence 7, Faith 4, Intrigue 7

    Expected Stat Increases: +3 Opulence

    News and Rumors:
    - Having expected to put this off a bit longer, High Thane Lessa nonetheless mobilizes the Solais military when she hears that the mysterious fortress the Truthseers spoke of has been located within striking distance of her borders, and that the path there is lightly defended, to boot. The opportunity is too good to ignore, and a grumpy Rauri cancels some of her world travel plans to take up the Red Storm and spearhead the march through the tricky mountain passes.
    - In an effort to bolster the empire's supply lines and economic base even further, Lessa orders a frankly unprecedented number of purchases and deals, making full use of the empire's new coinage and technology to secure a favorable position in trading outposts and markets across Tarandi. If one must spend money to make money, surely this will lead to prosperity.
    - Though no consorts have been forthcoming, Lessa nonetheless begins to take on potential successors for training. Her first three picks are Morrowlar of the Mask, an imposing but perceptive Micur, and her cousin Kylara of the Mist as a reward for her success in the mountains. After further deliberation, she also selects Roarke of the Cloak, a relatively young but bright human boy from the Owlgreen forest. These three can frequently be seen handling low to medium-importance affairs and sitting in on her meetings with others. When and how she might pass on control of the empire is left a mystery.
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Regions 186, 187, 194, 195, 196, 202
    The Bel-Dan Confederation
    Leader: Reren Ren-Ben-Udula
    73-76 Era of Great Ocean


    1. [Military] invade 188?

    2. [Military] Raise unit?

    3. [Military] Raise unit?

    4. [Military] Sack?

    5. [Intrigue] Investigate Ren-Cha-Fen's disappearance?

    6. [Intrigue] Secret?

    1. Allow all religious conversions

    Spoiler: News and Rumors
    • Ren-Ben-Udula....
    • New hero....

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats
    Diplomacy: 2
    Military: 4
    Opulence: 1
    Faith: 1
    Intrigue: 5

    Expected Stat Bonuses:
    New ruler next round? no

    Spoiler: Other notes

    Land units: 5/17
    Naval units: 7/9

    Treasure: 4/10

    • Ren-Pera-Don (10)
    • [Name] (10); Shadow Slayer: +2 on Errant Quests in Kiswa and Sikar


    Resources controlled:
    • 193: Avocado
    • 195: Timber
    • 216: Droggen Berries
    • 267: Mountain Goats

    • Sailing
    • Animal Husbandry
    • Irrigation
    • Writing (Veramondi Logography)
    • Masonry
    • Pottery
    • Crab-Claw Sails (req. Sailing)
    • Steering Oars (req. Sailing)
    • War Drums
    • Celestial Navigation (req. Sailing)
    • Peltae
    • Composite Bows
    • Feathered Cloaks (req. feathers)
    • Bronze (req. copper or tin)

    • Sikar
    • Tarandi

    Cultural Identity: Naval Networks
    Effect: Increased die size on buyouts.

    Tactical Doctrines:
    Lightning Landings
    Effect: On a successful Tactical Maneuvering roll, negate the +4 defender bonus for attacks over Deep Water borders (including naval invasions).

    Wealth and Glory
    Effect: On a successful tactical maneuvering roll, make a Sack attempt against a random owned Trade Post in the region in which the battle takes place.
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Vygra Confluence
    Great Kingdom - Kiswa Regions 226, 184, 225, 224, 236, 237, 241, 242
    Turn 19

    News and Rumors:

    1) [Intrigue] Secret Action
    Silent as the falling snow.

    2) [Military] Put down rebellion region 230 - (TacMan +11, Battle +23, Ally Casualties -20%)
    > Units: 7 (2 from Vygra Confluence: Hajje Mahout, Sentinel Aspirants; 5 from Veramondo)
    > Leader: Matji Varsha (Mil 10, Flame-Tempered Soul); Duel Challenge at +12
    > Route: 225 -> 230
    > Tactical Doctine: Skirmish
    > Techs: Blade Sharpeners, Composite Bows, Uzii Battlesmithing, War Drums, Black Iron Weapons, Saddles
    > Treasure: 1 spent on Battle


    3) [Pending]

    4) [Opulence] Expedition - Explore east of region 245, below the arctic line (Roll: Pending)

    5) [Opulence] Buyout Trade Post: Region 89 TP2 - (Roll: Pending)
    Fulji Arima directs merchants of the Confluence to seek out resources of precious metals abroad.

    6) [Military] Raise 2 land units - Fortress
    Aspirants and budding warriors continue to make the journey to Utkrshta to train under the instruction of Angna the Furnace and other prestigious veterans.

    Resist all buyouts unless otherwise specified, and conversions except to Way of Green.
    Accept vassalage of Veramondo. (Embassy)
    Receive 1 treasure from Veramondo. (Embassy)

    Spoiler: Leaders and Heroes
    Leader: Matji Varsha, Flame-Tempered Soul (Diplomacy 10; Military 10; Opulence 8; Faith 2; Intrigue 9)
    End-of-turn increase: Opulence +1

    New Leader next turn: No

    Heroes: Angna the Furnace, Shadow Slayer (9); Niharyka the Wayfinder (9)

    Spoiler: Vygra Resources
    Techs: Irrigation, Animal Husbandry, Writing(UBT), Pottery, Masonry, Sailing, Bronze, War Drums, Mountaineer Clothing, Wheel and Axle, Crab-Claw Sails, Thin-Blood Elixir, Coinage, Black Iron Weapons, Composite Bows, Celestial Navigation, Advanced Masonry, Arctic Survival, Uzii Battlesmithing, Stage Plays, Caravanserai, Advanced Poisoning, Steering Oars, Blade Sharpeners
    Cultural Identity: With Open Arms - Rep Raise 2d8
    Tactical Doctrines: Butho Horns
    Units: 4/20 Land - 1 Vygra Butho, 1 Hajje Mahout, 1 Tamago Slingers, 1 Sentinel Aspirants
    2/6 Naval - Isle Rafters
    Fortress: Utkrshta - Region 224
    Treasure: 6
    Reputation: SOS (3); DSP (1)
    Favors: SOS (1)
    Capital City: Farahabi - Vyterrat Region 226
    Trading Posts 12 (+2 income):
    > Copper - 226 TP2, 226 City
    > Elephants - 224 TP1 & TP2
    > Elk - 225 TP2
    > Furs and Hides - 237 TP1 & TP2
    > Granite - 238 TP1
    > Healing Herbs - 221 TP1
    > Shale - 236 TP1
    > Timber - 195 TP3
    > Tvila Clay - 211 TP1
    Primary Religion: Way of Green (5HS: +1 to Buyouts; 10HS: Conversion Resistance 2d8)
    Embassies: Veramondo (218), Lhungho Saar (221), Sewune (216), Á'Shansholí (115)
    Other: Song of the Sands (Sikar Translation), Ballad of the Blossoms (Mamut Translation), Serenade of the Snows (Tarandi Translation), River Lords’ favor
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Symphony of Kalatar
    Region 136+135+132+157+159+158+161

    Keeper Lovati Polahi
    Dip 10
    Mil 10
    Op 4
    Faith 10
    Int 3


    1:[Military 5] Tac Doc

    2:[Military 10 ] Tech or Fortress

    3:[Faith 10] Actual Miracle

    4:[Military] Invade 160: Currently 11 units led by Vralis+tech (Or not, as it may not actually have been found, in which case, will go to 152)

    5:[Military] Raise a unit

    6: [Faith] Something?

    Stats: +2 Mil, +1 Faith
    New Ruler: YES

    Embassy Actions:

    News and Rumours:

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping
    Owned Trade Posts

    136 TP1: Musical Instruments
    142 TP1: Eagles
    140 TP1: Skyclad Dancers
    113 TP2: Wood
    155 TP1: Wild Horses\
    159 TP1 Copper
    131 TP1 Wooly sheep
    181 TP1 Brightly coloured fish
    132 TP1 Einkorn
    1 Treasure generated per turn
    Claims: 131
    HO: The Herald 136 AW
    Fountain 159 Children
    Dreamspeakers: Rep 1,
    Sentinels of Stone Rep 2,
    Truthseekers: Rep 0
    Technology: Masonry +1 resist raids and sacks
    Irrigation +1 stabalisation
    Animal Husbandry +1 Op and Dip Exploration
    Writing (CAW) +1 Conversion defence with same alphabet
    Pottery: +1 to buyouts
    Bows +1 to battle
    Animal Guides/Song of the Wind TBC
    Wolf Riders
    Battle Drums
    Song of the Sea

    The Lyre of the Temperamental Song
    Units: 11/18
    Navy: 3/3

    Treasure: 6

    Heroes: Vralis 10
    Hinarah the Rider (guardian Blood) 9

    Required Resource: Animals met)
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Ko

    Spoiler: Leader Stats

    Dragonlord Zinnia
    Dip: 2
    Mil: 8 => 10
    Opu: 7
    Faith: 10
    Int: 10

    • [Mil] Defend the Towerhome!!!
      (6 Land Units, 3 Naval Units, "Thorn" (Mil 9), +4 defensive bonus, Reckless Attacking, Challenging to Duel with 2d8+9 (Hero Score) +1(Drakko Miracle))
    • [Mil] Raise 2 Land Units (Fortress)
    • [Mil] Raise 1 Land Unit
    • [Mil] Raise 1 Land Unit
    • [Dip???] "Evacuate" the Towerhome
      "All non-essential personnel, please proceed to the nearest evacuation point. You are being temporarily expatriated to allied regions. If the Crimson Kingdom takes the Towerhome, they shall not be able to exterminate the Ko race."

      In short, Onyx is packing his things and sailing away with the other rich and affluent. Zinnia, meanwhile, ensures that a few different groups of young, healthy Ko arrive at different allies' lands. This ensure that, even if the majority stay behind and are wiped off the face of the earth, the Ko as a race will continue on in the lands of their friends.

    • Accept all embassies and gifts.
    • Retire Fosfer. Embrace Thorn.

    Military: 6 units led by Thorn resurrected! 3 naval units, led by Gooseberry the Seafarer

    Treasury: 10

    Embassies: The Scrim

    Spoiler: Active Effects
    Trapped Towerhome: +1 to Battle Rolls in the region
    Translation of the Daezerin Isles (5/5)
    The Star Map (5/5)
    Ascended Drakko: +1 to 1 roll a round and +1 to leader loss rolls.

    Spoiler: Artifacts
    The Blade: If a duel is won, gain control over a defeated hero
    Sapphire of the Moon's Eye: An additional -2 is removed from actions on other continents

    Spoiler: Characters!

    Towerlady Zinnia: Current ruler. As all Ko are, she is prone to schemes and plots, having in fact ascended to the throne by betraying Thicket. However, she has a fondness for the Uzii, who recognized her greatness before anyone else did, and is a very good administrator who ensured Thicket's orders were carried out in the years before betraying him.

    Theris: The Greeeeeat and Magical Theris! Playwright extraordinaire, magician nonpareil! Now that Merine has taught her actual magic, her ego has only inflated more. And now, as the catalyst for the Ko's ascension to greatness, she is very, very full of herself.

    Fosfer: A whirling dervish and mad Ko.

    Prince Onyx: Fortunately, the gem-encrusted dragon has matured a bit from his younger, petulant self. He no longer feels the need to demand things. He now requests them, with every expectation of being obeyed. Still, he is fond of throwing money at problems to make them go away so he can continue to enjoy his life of leisure.

    Gooseberry the Seafarer: Explorer, adventurer, and uncharacteristically brave even as a Ko, she is the one who led the ill-fated assault on the Sokau lands before their internal collapse. Now, as a dragon, she seeks ever more ADVENTURE!

    News and Rumors
    • The news of the Horned King's disappearance, apparently aided by a Drakko, causes mass panic in the Towerhome. Not even the news of imminent invasion caused such a ruckus. After all, if the Devil disappeared and all the demons of Hell blamed you, it it good cause to be a little nervous.

      Zinnia is caught in between fury and frustration. The delicate balance she worked so hard to create has been upended yet again. Between the war and now this, she can foresee nothing but blood running in the streets. Theris' visions of the future, which once were so bright and helpful, now turn dark.

      But then, with horrible, terrible clarity, the answers presents itself to her. She takes to the air and searches the Towerhome high and low, but finds no sign of him. Oh, she should have killed him years before when he made that scene at the festival and embarrassed them all.

      From the highest point of the Towerhome, her cry of rage rings out. "FOOOOOOOSFER!"
    • A single ship leaves from the port town nearest the Towerhome. Crewed by the enigmatic Midnight Dancers, it sets off into the wild ocean. But aboard is a single, black-scaled Drakko, whose blood is acid and scales sharp as swords. As he watches the shore of his home continent slip away, his claw travels up to the stump of one of his many horns. A noble wound, from the most noble of hunts.

      He hears a loud cry of rage ring out from inland. It puts a smile on his face. He bows his head towards the Towerhome. "Farewell, Zinnia. I am your servant no longer."

      Fosfer turns his gaze towards the sea, and though their destination will not appear for many days, he looks to the horizon. Full of promise. Full of danger. He licks his lips, and a drop of spittle falls to sizzle on the wooden deck. And full of many new things to hunt.

    • Yet all is not doom and despair! In their darkest hour of need, Thorn has returned! From his burial site deep in Zinnia's private garden, a tree grew for many years. And now, as armies march against the Towerhome once more, he has emerged from the grave to lead the defense!
      Spoiler: Or at least, that's the story the Ko will tell you...
      Zinnia paced through her private garden, snarling and fuming. Curse Fosfer. Curse the egg that gave him birth. Curse the mother and father who thought it would be a good idea to give birth to such a blighted spawn of all the Shadows Beyond The Stars!

      She should have killed him. She should have. But she had been trying to be different than Thicket. She had tried compassion and tried to follow Thorn’s vision, even after he was no longer around to ‘reinforce’ it. Part of it, anyway. The practical parts. He was far too philosophical for his own good, but the parts about acting in accordance to the “Golden Rule” were quite inspiring. Different, foreign even, to the Ko way of thinking. It was an ideal to strive for. The road to it was just paved with blood. A world where the Ko did not have to live in fear.

      And of course that meant not killing anyone who was an inconvenience. Or at least, not killing any public figures who were an inconvenience where people could see it happen. It would have set a bad example.

      She turned towards the Tree. It had no name, it was just the Tree. Those who tended her garden knew what it was, but never spoke of it. Here was where they had buried Thorn, and from it this tree had grown. A grave marker, that’s what it was, to the greatest Ko to ever live. Zinnia could say that now without remorse, since she was the greatest Drakko to ever live.

      “I tried,” she told the Tree, “But nothing I’ve done seems to have made a difference. The ending is the same either way. We shall be hunted to the ends of the earth and fall one by one until none of us are left. This is the vision I set out to prevent. This is my Nightmare.”

      The wind stirred in the garden. Zinnia bowed her head, retreating to her own thoughts. But a voice rode the wind, faint and far off. “Zinnia…”

      Zinnia’s head shot up and her eyes scanned her surroundings. She knew that voice.

      The Tree cracked. The sound of splintering wood shook the ground. Zinnia’s wings spread and she took to the air, eyes wide. The whole garden began to collapse down, down into a pit, but the Tree stood firm. Though its leaves rustled and the branches twisted and cracked, the trunk stood unmoved.

      A root lunged upwards, out of the earth, and landed like a claw on the nearby stone wall. Others whipped out, winding round it and forming a thick, wooden limb. The Tree groaned. “Zinnia…”

      Zinnia could not speak. The words stuck in her throat.

      A wooden face emerged slowly from the Tree’s trunk, twisted and formed by knots and branches growing at impossibly quick speeds. The Tree began to fold in on itself. Its leaves became wings, its trunk a long neck and body. The roots twisted into legs and a tail. For the first time in decades, a pair of eyes, the only flesh on the creature’s body, opened and beheld the world.

      Zinnia finally found the words to speak. “Thorn.”

      The creature looked up at her and smiled. “Not…exactly.”

      A chill froze the fire that now coursed through Zinnia’s veins. In a very small voice, she said, “…Thicket?”

    • Upon learning of the current situation, Thorn acts upon his status as a respected member of the Trinity, he calls upon all the faithful to help defend the Towerhome from the approaching army. In his typical style, he couches his argument in moral and philosophical terms.

      "A crime has been committed, and a grave one. As for me, however, I will fight to keep a worse crime from being committed ten thousand times over in retribution. Sound reason and morality, I hope, shall prevail in this matter."
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    United Abiherist Tribes
    (Round 19)
    The Council of Curators

    [Military] Raise 2 Units:
    [Military] Invade ?:
    [Faith] Convert ?:
    [Faith] Convert ?:
    [Diplomacy 5] Create an Embassy with ?:
    [Diplomacy] Stabilize 217:

    Attend event
    Resist buyouts
    Resist all conversions except those to Oracles of the Elder Memories
    Give the Crimson Sword of Yedem Kali to Gusuhaz Kw’Sewi

    TRO Embassy
    Accept all techs
    SKO Embassy
    Accept all techs

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    Spoiler: Songs of the Korebita

    Spoiler: Technologies

    Animal Husbandry
    Crab-Claw Sails
    Thin-Blood Elixir
    War Drums
    Feathered Cloaks
    Advanced Masonry
    Composite Bows
    Wolf Riders
    Eleftherian Diplomacy

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping and Ruler Info

    Land Units: Torineti Warriors, Korebita Slingers, Sewi Warriors, Thunder’s Vanguard, Zemena Monks, Flock of the Warshepherd

    Naval Units: Adeni Marines, Huleteni’s Javelin, Badëmajha Cultists

    Treasures: Black Gold, Blood Ingot, Blood Ingot, Kro Loot, Mysterious Riches, The Wealth of Tarandi

    Resources Controlled: Wild Asses (232.1), Tropical Birds (194.2), Flint (213 [City])

    Fortress: Misig Zinabi (213)

    City: Kema (213)

    Heroes: Sawut Kw'Torineti (10), Gusuhaz Kw’Sewi (8), Medmäsha Tänata (7)

    Artifacts: The Crook of the Warshepherd (Gusuhaz Kw'Sewi), the Crimson Blade of Yedem Kali (Sawut Kw'Torineti)

    Tactical Doctrine: Lead from the Front

    Leader: The Council of the Curators

    Gotor Kw'Mesihafi, Curator of Syncretism (Diplomacy): 5 +1
    Oyem Kw'Mesihafi, Curator of Heroism (Military): 7 +1
    Genizeb Kw'Mesihafi, Curator of Splendor (Opulence): 6
    Kahin Kw'Mesihafi, Curator of Tradition (Faith): 8 +1
    Mekabir Kw'Mesihafi, Curator of Mysteries (Intrigue): 2
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    Played New Bhule in Empire!4
    Played as the Rothuun Galactic Hegemony in Empire!5
    Currently playing Empire!6 as the United Blemmyae Tribes

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Citlallo Isles
    Regions 80, 81, & 82, Round 19

    Spoiler: Ruler Info

    Eleuia, First Tlatoani of the Unified Isles, Lady of Fire
    Diplomacy – 10
    Military - 6
    Opulence – 6
    Faith - 3
    Intrigue – 1

    1. [Diplomacy] Finalize Claim over Region 80
    2. [Military] Train with Alexios (Use 1 Treasure) [TN 14, Roll 13, Fail]
    3. [Military] Raise Hero Maybe???
    4. [Intrigue] Investigate Lion-Wasps' Origin (Use 1 Treasure) [TN ???, Roll 9, Result???]
    5. [Intrigue] ???????

    News and Rumors

    Embassy Actions
    - Accept all embassy gifts

    - Resist all unauthorized buyouts and conversions
    - CIT to start Styinn GP soon

    Spoiler: Additional Notes

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Ruler Stats Next Round
    Diplomacy - 10
    Military - 7
    Opulence - 6
    Faith - 3
    Intrigue - 2

    - Embassy with the Avicennian Isles
    - Embassy with Danneta-Yvaon
    - Embassy with Bozul

    -Rarras (Hero 8)

    Military Units: 3/9
    - 2/6 Land
    - 1/3 Naval

    Organizational Overview:
    - Truthseers: Rep 2, 1 favors, 1 Windowless Tower(R81)
    - Sentinels of Stone: Rep 4, 1 Standing Stone(R82)

    - Tarandi
    - Mamut

    Trading posts: 3
    1. 81 (Glasswork) TP1
    2. 82 (Terror Birds) TP1
    3. 87 (Wolverines) TP1

    Treasures: 4/5

    Technologies: 12
    1. Pottery:+1 Buyouts
    2. Sailing: Enables exploration and troop transport over deep water
    3. Irrigation: +1 Stabilization
    4. Writing, Hiverness Runes:+1 Conversion Defense, +1 Conversions in regions that share your writing system
    5. Masonry:+1 to resist Raids and Sacks
    6. Animal Husbandry:+1 to Opulence and Diplomacy exploration
    7. Viskari War Bows: +1 to Battles (Requires Wood)
    8. Bronze: +1 to Battle and Leader Loss (Requires Tin or Copper)
    9. Celestial Navigation: Allows transit of one additional deep water border and grants -1 distance loss to deep water travel
    10. Increased Defense Budget: Increase the amount of Treasure a kingdom may spend on Battle by 1. For every 2 Treasure a kingdom spends on a single Battle, that Battle gains an additional +1 bonus.
    11. Feathered Cloaks: When active, on a Epic Quest or Battle action, you may contribute one additional hero to the quest or battle roll (for a +2 bonus contingent on succeeding on a TN 12 roll vs. Hero score) without spending additional actions on that hero.
    12. Treasure Ships: Effect TBD

    Spoiler: Links to Lands, Previous Rounds, & Fluff
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Crimson Kingdom

    The Horned King
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 10
    Opulence 10
    Faith 10
    Intrigue 10

    Ceron, the Horned Prince
    Diplomacy 5
    Military 4
    Opulence 5
    Faith 4
    Intrigue 6

    • [Military] Invade Towerhome (Region 51) with 15 Land Units led by Dafydd, the Slave Master (Hero 10)
      Betrayal. It is to be expected of the treacherous Ko, murderers of kings past and merchants of lies. The armies of the Crimson Kingdom rouse themselves to march on the lair of these treacherous vermin, and will only be turned aside by the return of their living god.
    • [Military] Raise 2 Units (Fortress)
    • [Diplomacy] Stabilize Caloth Mawr
    • [Diplomacy] ???
    • [Intrigue] Investigate the ultimate location of the Horned King
    • [Intrigue] Secret

    • Offer a bounty of 5 Treasure to the Kingdom that returns the Horned King to his people.

    News and Rumors
    • None yet.

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Great Soreni Kingdom, Round 9

    Gothek Sekthel, Queen of the Soreni
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 10
    Opulence 9 → 10
    Faith 1
    Intrigue 5

    DIP Stabilize 310
    DIP Stabilize 308
    DIP Stabilize 318
    OPU Raise Treasure
    OPU Raise Treasure
    MIL Attack 325 with Heskrath as the leader, 6 Land Units, all available Techs, Skirmishing (?)

    Maybe attend an event?

    Regions: 308, 309, 310, 311, 318, 319, 324, and also another region that I forgot.
    Units: 7 Land Units
    Techs: TBA

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Ashirian Sultanate
    Led by the Sultan Harun il Jana
    D 6 • M 4 • O 4 • F 7 • I 6

    News & Rumors
    • Harun offers his services as a mediator, should the warring kingdoms of the Sikar wish to pursue peace. Continuing the precedent established by his father, Harun also avows neutrality in the conflict.
    • Harun completes the rites of devotion at the Sun Temple, and partakes of the Fruit of Life. This bestows upon him the title of Paladin and largely dispels any doubts that he might be unworthy to succeed Zidan.
    • An older man of the Ashir, astride a white stallion with no equal in the north, arrives in Rith Fia. He is an amiable sort with facile command of the local languages, though he is coy about giving his name. This is unusual for the Ashir, but it is also known the Ashir do not ride alone. He confesses he journeys to Danneta-Yvaon, but has become quite lost on this strange continent. He surrenders himself to the hospitality of the local thane and requests an escort to the city of Cathair Realtai, or to Lessa Firecrown -- whichever is more convenient!

    • [Diplomacy] Stabilize 276 (Success. 1 Treasure Spent)
    • [Diplomacy] Create Claim to 304 (Failure)
    • [Diplomacy] Create Claim to 273 (Success)
    • [Diplomacy 5] Establish Cultural Identity -
    • [Intrigue] Research Disruptive Sympathy 1/5
    • [Intrigue] Research Disruptive Sympathy 2/5

    • Accept all gifts
    • Generate 1 Treasure from TPs
    • Support conversions to True Dawn

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping
    Stat gains: +2 Dip, +1 Int
    Next Round: D 8 • M 5 • O 4 • F 7 • I 7

    Regions: 269, 271, 272, 274, 275, 276, 302, 303, 305, 307
    Capital: 302
    Treasure: 2
    Trading Posts: 302-1 Ashirian Horses, 279-1 Peppercorns, 282-2 Copper, 289-3 Waterbuffalo, Silver (Argent Heart), Ashirian Horses (Zahir Al-Rahan)
    Vassals: CRO, DOD
    Embassies: CRO, DOD, HYD, NKT
    Technologies Known (Military): Composite Bows ⭐, Recurve Bows ⭐, Bronze ⭐, Equestrianism ⭐, War Drums ⭐, Crab-Claw Sails ⭐
    Technologies Known (Other): Animal Husbandry ⭐, Pottery ⭐, Writing (Kagahara) ⭐, Irrigation ⭐, Sailing ⭐, Coinage ⭐, Masonry ⭐, Advanced Masonry ⭐, Towers of Light, Wheel & Axel ⭐
    Translations Known: Mamut, Kiswa
    Great Projects: Sun Temple 302 (+1 Hero Loyalty), Truthseer Headquarters 302 (+1 Create Claim, +1 Investigation, +1 Mythica, cannot enter Unrest, -1 Reputation for attacker)

    Hero: Jana Al-Zamira (10)
    Wielded Artifacts: Sun Sword (+2 Duels), Scorching Shield (+2 Leader Loss), Golden Lion Pet (+1 Battle, +1 Duels), Zahir Al-Rahan (+1 Battle)

    Active Military Tech:
    Special Materials: Bronze
    Melee Weaponry:
    Ranged Weaponry: Recurve Bows
    Cavalry: Equestrianism
    Scouts and Logistics: War Drums
    War Beasts
    Combat Drugs and Medicine
    Sappers and Siege Weapons

    Army Units: 14 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🏹🏹🛡️👳🏾
    _____• Sultan Zidan with 120 Elite Light Cavalry
    _____• Amir Harun with 200 Light Cavalry
    _____• Amir Azur with 200 Light Cavalry
    _____• Amira Nasrin with 200 Light Cavalry
    _____• Amira Mahira with 200 Light Cavalry
    _____• 200 Night Elf Archers
    _____• 200 Night Elf Archers
    _____• Sharif Vashur with 400 Heavy Infantry
    _____• Sheikh Adamu with 1000 Light Infantry
    _____• Add me
    _____• Add me
    _____• Add me
    _____• Add me
    _____• Add me

    Spoiler: Ashiric Phrasebook
    "A shala elem" - Traditional greeting, lit. "Be you at peace". Informally shortened to "A shala" and just "Shala". Used quite literally, it means they do not intend to fight you.
    "Ashta hazid" - "Hear this" or "Bear witness" or "I swear", lit. "Witness truth". A preface used to assert that what follows is avowed true and may not be disputed without most grievous insult.
    "Abin barat" - "Forty blessings". The standard number of blessings for a joyous occasion, such as marriage.
    Amir/a - Prince/ss
    Malak - Master or Great. Used as an aggrandizing modifier.

    Spoiler: Peerage & Organization
    Malak Amir - The Grand Prince and leader of the Ashir. The Malak's successor is chosen from among any princes of the clan, though tradition has favored first born child as age, experience and strength tend to yield the best war leaders.
    Amir/a - A prince or princess. Any grandchild of any previous Malak Amir. As only matrilineal ties are definite and casual sex with multiple partners quite common, a male Malak Amir and his sons must avow that children are theirs. Known to be a reliably honest people, this is seldom an issue, but has assuredly led to some children being mislabeled as princes.
    Sharif - A lord or count. Regional rulers who are considered peers to Amirs and subordinates to the Malak Amir. A representative of a Sharif attends the Ashir royal court to relay their concerns and provide counsel.
    Sheikh - A chief or elder. Typically the leader of a village, the patriarch of a large family, or an overseer of arable land.
    Sahib - Any estimable person, usually a courtesy title for family of a Sharif or Sheikh.
    Akaid - A military captain who commands a company of 40 Farsan.
    Faris - A cavalier, or rider in an active war company. Plural: Farsan.
    Sayis - A cadet, groom, or squire too young to serve as a full fledged Faris.
    Muatin - A member of the clan who never served as Faris.
    Hajin - Anyone born to Ashir parents, but who never develops nightvision and is thus expelled from the clan upon reaching adulthood.
    Ajnabi - Anyone who is not Al-Ashir.

    Spoiler: Links to Rolls

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Round 18

    All Glory and Riches to the Sister Queens of Ogrontir! (Effective R19)
    Queen Tarunde the Good:
    — D7 — | — M6 — | — O3 — | — F2+2 — | — I4 —
    Queen Rastair the Clever:
    — H7 —


    1. [Faith] Adopt Glyemo
    2. [Faith] Seek Aid on Defense in Towerhome
    3. [Faith] Convert R87
    4. [Faith] Convert R72
    5. [Mil] Assist Defense in Towerhome (Spending 1 Treasure)

    • Support Conversions to Glyemo
    • Resist Buyouts in Ogrontir
    • (Embassy) Gift 1 Treasure to Citlallo to assist with their Investigation

    News and Rumors:
    • After significant injuries sustained in battle with the dreaded Lion Hornets, Artika desperately clings to life, spending the lengthy trip back to Ogrontir lying in the hold of Reminiscence, constantly attended to by her entourage, who bring food and attempt medicine and sing songs of encouragement, excerpts from the Drynosm performed after her marriage to Polari so long ago. They arrive back in Ogrontir to find Queen Polari of greatly weakened state, although it is unclear whether from her advanced age or some supernatural connection. In spite of her condition, she rushes out of the Hive to her Queen, licking her wounds, straightening her fur, and sharing her warmth. Those there to witness their final moments hear a soft buzzing, a wistful song of love and loss. The numerous Bozuls at work in the mines and in the Hive momentarily stop their own buzzing, direct their gaze to the surface, and feel the vibrations and ensuing silence echo through the earth.

      Some days later, the Hive contains a single large Bozul pot, filled with royal jelly and some of the last of Polari's eggs. A small party of Bozuls fly over Baskum Hill, carrying between them several pots. They are followed by a massive swarm of Bozuls which darken the snow below as they pass. When they arrive, preparations begin, as gems and riches are strewn about as decorations and the Catacombs are expanded with two more bedazzled and engraved wax-sealed skulls. That night, the caves echo with song and buzzing for hours, as the Bozuls of each hive act out a Drynosm of mourning, of reminiscence, and of hope. Small groups had been practicing for months the act they would present at the next gathering when the swirling mass parts for them. They tell of meeting strangers, and of those strangers growing into friends of the Hive. They tell of voyages to distant lands, and the wonders that returned from them. The massive synchronized dance routine, occurring over the floor, walls, and ceiling of the cavernous room (with some in the air, even), ends with a tale of love and unity, between the Wife-Queens under the snow, and between the three hives of the burgeoning kingdom of Bozul. The last song recognizes the sorrow felt by all Bozul for their passing, and transitions into something more upbeat, characterized by taps on the skulls and stone of the room, to joyously celebrate the majesty of their grand tale and its potential.

      Several cylinders of wax-coated engraved stone make their way throughout the Isles and beyond, three feet long and one foot in diameter, with a transcription of the Drynosm, done in a miniscule, but intricately carved, Styinn font, accompanied by the Styinn-based dance notation introduced by the great Sagu Guild. The last sentences on each of them reads, "All Glory and Riches to the Sister Queens of Ogrontir! May the reign of Queen Tarunde and Queen Rastair be long and harmonious, and may their story be told and retold!"

    • Cassiope Dreams of Blood
    • Diapensia Visits the Pleasure Palace

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping

    Land Units: 4/6
    Naval Units: 2/3
    Treasure: 2/5 (+1)
    Regions: 3
    • Ogrontir, 86 (Capital)
    • South Ogrontir, 85
    • North Ogrontir, 87

    Trading Posts: (7)
    • 86, Coal (2/3, C)
    • 77, Whales (1/1)
    • 83, Pearls (1/2)
    • 81, Glasswork (1/3)
    • 2, Mangoes (1/3)
    • 72, Wood (1/2)

    Technologies and Translations:
    • Pottery (+1 to Buyouts)
    • Sailing (1 Dark Blue Border)
    • Animal Husbandry (+1 to Opulence and Diplomacy Exploration)
    • Irrigation (+1 to Stabilization)
    • Masonry (+1 against Raids and Sacks)
    • Writing, Styinn (+1 Conversion Defense, +1 to Conversions in Styinn Regions)
    • Celestial Navigation (+1 Sailing Range, -1 Distance Loss from Deep Water)
    • Treasure Ships (Pending Approval)
    • Viskari War Bows (+1 to Battles)
    • Increased Defense Budget (Battle Treasure Cap +1, additional +1 on Battles per 2 Treasure)
    • Bronze (+1 to Battles, +1 to Leader Loss)
    • Tarandi Translation
    • Mamut Translation

    Northern Bozuls:
    Visulu (Ocean Forge Smith)
    Cassiope (???)
    Diapensia (Diplomat to the Ko)
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Danneta-Yvaon, The Jewel of Tarandi
    Chiefs: Nocter Felessan-Mak and Noctrix Pina-Mak

    News and Rumors
    - Exchanging Princes with the Night Kingdom
    - Pina-Mak's health
    - Visitors from Distant Lands

    [Opulence 10] Drop a Tech. - .

    [Opulence] Buyout Region 39 (Swampum) Battle Toads TP1 [TN 12, Roll (at +12), Success unless Resisted] - An opportunity comes from the Far West as a great war allows friends in the Night Kingdom to seize the homelands of the Pig-men. As Pina and Felessan's firstborn, Tor-Mak, quickly becomes a powerful prince with the ear of his Brother-in-Law King Iorwerth, there are great opportunities for profiteering and trade in exotic Fauna at the expense of the Uzii leaders-in-exile.

    [Diplomacy] Finalize Claim on Region 88 - After years of politicking, a Mak sits on the Throne of Icecrown. It is only a matter of time before its economy becomes closely entangled with kin in Danneta-Yvaon, and the petty kingdom soon has a de facto hegemon.

    [Diplomacy 5] Establish Cultural Identity: City of Adventure! (2d8 Epic Quests) - Danneta-Yvaon is in some ways the axle on which all Tarandi turns, and when threats to Tarandi arise, from Danneta-Yvaon comes solutions. The finest equipment, tools, information, hirelings - all can be found here, and even foreign heroes are well-served to stop in the city and gear up prior to great undertakings.

    [Intrigue] A Thing! - .

    [Intrigue] Secrets. Be afraid. - .

    - Support all Way of Eauden Conversions, resist all others.
    - Accept all Embassies that aren't from RUIN

    Embassy Actions
    - Grant SOL passage through the Mountains
    - Send SOL even more tech
    - Trade with Citlallo?
    - Trade with Night Kingdom?

    Spoiler: Ruler Info

    Nocter Felessan-Mak and Noctrix Pina-Mak
    Diplomacy: 5
    Military: 10
    Opulence: 10
    Faith: 10
    Intrigue: 8

    New Ruler!

    Nocter Rikoz-Mak and Noctrix Amira-Mak
    Diplomacy: 2 (+1 actions)
    Military: 3
    Opulence: 6 (+1 actions)
    Faith: 6
    Intrigue: 3 (probably +1 actions, +1 Floating)

    Expected Stat Gains: +1 Opulence, +1 Diplomacy, +1 Probably Intrigue

    Spoiler: Additional Notes

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Military Units 5/10, Naval 0/4
    - Felessan's Elites
    - Felessan's Elites
    - Battle Magi
    - Northern Dwarf Auxiliaries
    - Mountain Auxiliaries

    Treasure: 9/15
    (+3 passive treasure/round)

    1x Ring of the Phoenix (Held by Nila-Sen)
    1x Pure Vessel (Held by Holy Order)

    - Magi Nila-Sen (Hero 9, Guardian Blood)
    - Akoda, Marble Hound (Hero 10)

    - Embassy with the Arrok
    - Embassy with Hiverness
    - Embassy with Clann Solais
    - Embassy with Shandole
    - Embassy with Eleftheria
    - Embassy with Aran Viska
    - Embassy with the Brayewen Tribes
    - Embassy with Sangar
    - Embassy with Drazollin
    - Embassy with Citlallo Isle (Daezirn)
    - Embassy with the Ilduri
    - Embassy with the Night Kingdom (Mamut)

    Organizational Overview:
    Sentinels of the Stone: Rep 2, 3 favors
    Truthseers: Rep 2, -2 favors
    Dream Speakers: Rep 1, 0 favor

    Temporary Cultural Identity - None
    Permanent Cultural Identities - EMPTY

    Tactical Doctrines
    - Reckless Charge
    - Skirmishing
    - Cautious Advance
    - Miracle: Bloodbending - Use Faith or Mil to activate, -2 Enemy Leader Loss

    op - Irrigation, Writing [Hiverness Runes], Masonry, Pottery, Animal Husbandry, Sailing, Eleftherian Democracy, The Arch/Dome/Tower->Advanced Masonry, Song of the Wind, Wheel and Axle, Mechanical Joints, Mortise and Tenon Planking, Coinage
    mil - Viskari War Bows, Wolf Riders, Bronze, Saddles, Song of the Sea, Composite Bows, Recurve Bows, Uzii Battlesmithing, War Drums, Feathered Cloaks, Three-Wind Bows

    - Special Materials - Bronze (+1 to Battle and Leader Loss, requires Tin or Copper)
    - Armor - Uzii Battlesmithing (-10% Casualties, requires Hard Metal) OR Feathered Cloaks (Able to send an extra hero assisting Epic Quest or Battle as a sub-action, requires Feathers)
    - Weaponry
    - Ranged Weaponry - Three-Wind Bows (+2 to Battle, +1 Tactical Maneuvering, -1 Enemy Leader Loss, requires Hooved Animal + Horned Animal + Wood)
    - Cavalry - Saddles (+1 to Battle, -10% Casualties, requires canines (for wolf riders) + animal resource)
    - Scouts and Logistics - War Drums (+2 Tactical Maneuvering)
    - War Beasts
    - Combat Drugs and Medicine
    - Fortifications
    - Sappers and Siege Weapons
    - Subterfuge

    Translations - Daezirn Isles, Mamut, Kiswa

    Trading posts (20, 3 treasure/round)
    - City of Danneta-Yvaon (96 Living Stone TP)
    - 99 (Mammoths) TP1
    - 110 (Midwives) TP1
    - 129 (Grousse Shark) TP1
    - 108 (Husky Dogs) TP3
    - 115 (Furs) TP3
    - 112 (Tin) TP1
    - 109 (Salt) TP2
    - 111 (Silver) TP3
    - 116 (Safflower Oil) TP2
    - 136 (Musical Instruments) TP3
    - 95 (Emeralds) TP1
    - 97 (Ivory) TP1
    - 130 (Horses) TP1
    - 133 (Lime) TP3
    - 120 (Granite) TP1
    - 121 (Giant Kites) TP1
    - 124 (Wood) TP3
    - 144 (Copper) TP1
    - 161 (Reindeer) TP1

    Regent of the North Wind:
    - Can perform Investigations using Faith, as magical divinations
    - +1 floating stat on Dynastic Inheritance
    - +1 Virtual Region for GK/Empire

    Official Faith (Way of Eauden)
    5 HS: +1 to Conversions
    10 HS: 2d8 when Dueling
    Miracle: Water-Bending (Ability to cross Arctic Borders)
    Miracle: Spell-Casting (+1 to Battles)
    Miracle: House Mak Bends Earth (Ability to treat Mountains as Hill Borders, can grant fellow Eaudenites Mountain Crossing for 1 round via Embassy)
    Miracle: Bloodbending (Bonus TacDoc, uses higher of Faith or Mil, -2 to Enemy Leader Loss roll)

    Controlled Regions and Holy Sites:
    - 96: Way of Eauden (Holy Order: Circle of the Strix's Quill, Way of Eauden)
    - 95: Way of Eauden
    - 94: Way of Eauden

    Spoiler: Dice Roll Link
    Dice Gods
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Tarandi Regions 134, 137, 138

    Spoiler: Map of the Carrion Ward

    Poppy-Possum-Autumn-Fire-Blossoms, Ruinous Voice of the Gray Lake
    D: 4
    M: 4
    O: 3
    F: 10
    I: 6

    Expected Stat Increases: +2 Intrigue

    Spoiler: Autumn-Fire-Blossoms


    1. [FAITH] Special 10 A Ruin-mas Miracle!

    2. [DIPLOMACY] Can Scavengers be reasoned with and barter? History points to yes.

    3. [INTRIGUE] Crime!

    4. [INTRIGUE] Espionage!

    Mystery! Poetry Soon! I'm so tired!

    6. [INTRIGUE] More Crime! Maybe Terror? Spoop!

    - Resist all conversions and buyouts
    - Resist all quests
    - Accept all gifts/techs
    - Accept all Embassies


    News and Rumors:

    - Fosfer arrives in the Carrion Ward! Landing in Möngön Ereg, the handful of Blithe Beasts present herald him with a celebration and festival befit a hero and many fleshy morsels are presented to the Kingnapper and Horn-Breaker. He is given a place of honor and respect in Pride's Peak, a cave full of Hyenas cackling in glee at his arrival, and the tribe of Midnight Dancers following in his step are permitted entry to the Gray Lake itself. Nightsice and Fosfer hunt regularly in the outskirts of the Carrion Ward, spotting from high and low terrible monsters that Kari then spears through the face with deadly precision. Many of the cultural dances in Dreamer's Fall are taught to the newly immigrated Ko, who must make due now with a more ascetic life than they are normally used to. But the Woken Lands are not wholly alien to them, for it is a land strewn with tunnels, burrows, and caves like their Towerhome of old, and it stretches far beyond on the surface than what they had previously known. Gazing up overhead, a distant Drakko and a closer Vulture are nearly indistinguishable afterall, and Fosfer enjoys some measure of privacy in his affairs. Still, word of his arrival and the shadow of his wings stretches far and in time he is known by the Scavengers and Woken as Midnight-Drakko-Who-Humbles-Godkings

    - The Heartsoul of the Gray Lake is reserved! The Wake, ever vigilant Vulture cabal, sets about preparing the island for its ultimate guest, and soon the sight of a great horned elf is vaguely visible from the shores of the Gray Lake. The Horned King is stranded (But given free reign) on the island amidst the Carrion Ward, watched day and night by Scavengers who have disarmed him, and provided him with clothing procured from A'Shansholi. Elven Thi'Skaids and ambassadors from the coast are brought in intermittently to help with his acclimation, the Vultures reasoning that Elven faces would be more easily processed, and they begin the long task of teaching him Kagahara, Democracy, the Woken Tongue, and the history of Tarandi alongside the Ancient Ways/Eauden/Guardians. He is provided fresh water from the Gray Lake and the Vultures permit him to feast with them in their rituals and their more regular consumption. Lacking hands themselves they provide him the tools they have acquired over years of diplomacy with the Symphony (And less reputable acquisitions) to create pottery, write, and paint. None refer to him by his title, simply calling him The Horned One or Guest, and he is put into the life and routine of a simple farmer and peasant. Turned into an equal. Autumn-Fire-Blossoms has yet to decide upon his ultimate fate but in the meantime, he is nothing more than an isolated citizen of the Carrion Ward.

    Spoiler: BOOKKEEPING

    New Ruler Next Round? No

    Military Units 1/10 Land 0/3 Navy
    - Swarm
    - Ring of the Phoenix (Possessed by Old-Lion)
    - Head of Vagabond (In the possession of Holy Order "The Wake")
    - Skystruck Torc (In the possession of Holy Order "The Wake")

    - Old Lion, No Pride, No Death (Hero 10)
    - Kari Icechaser "North-Woman-Who-Wept-At-Conquest" (Hero 10)

    - Sangar (SAN)
    - Uzii (UZI)

    Treasury: 0/5
    Expected Change

    Animal Husbandry
    Writing (Kagahara)
    Eleftherian Democracy
    Song of the Wind
    Temporary Cultural Identity - Natural Citizenship (2d8 on Pressing Claims)
    Permanent Cultural Identities - Natural Philosophy (2d8 Conversions)

    Tactical Doctrines
    - Reckless Charge
    - Skirmishing
    - Cautious Advance

    - Special Materials
    - Armor
    - Weaponry
    - Ranged Weaponry
    - Cavalry
    - Scouts and Logistics
    - War Beasts
    - Combat Drugs and Medicine
    - Fortifications
    - Sappers and Siege Weapons
    - Subterfuge

    Trading posts
    Skyclad Dancers

    Agent of Ruin: The Agent of Ruin is tied irrevocably to the Phantoms of Destruction that lurk in the firmament. Every round, two regions adjacent to the Agent of Ruin enter unrest. If the Agent of Ruin is a liege, possesses an embassy, or is faith head, those regions touched by that influence are also subject to this effect. The Agent of Ruin may direct these instances of unrest with a Faith action, by may not target regions already in Unrest.

    As a special Intrigue action, the Agent of Ruin may roll an opposed Intrigue check against a region they have sent into Unrest. If successful, they inspire a Possessed Rebellion in a region sent into Unrest by their influence. A Possessed Rebellion is led by a Rebel Leader of strength equal to the Agent of Ruin’s Faith minus one, and spawns 1d3+1 Rebel Units.

    An Agent of Ruin’s regions are permanently in Unrest. However, this Unrest will never progress to Rebellion naturally. Use of the I10 Spark Rebellion functions as normal.

    An Agent of Ruin gains a +2 bonus to any hostile Intrigue action in a region in Unrest. An Agent of Ruin must take one hostile Intrigue or Military action each round. This bloodlust can be delayed with a nonaction rolling Faith against TN 10, but may not be delayed twice in a row.
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Crow's Tribe
    King Kro Karael
    Round 19

    Year 77-80 of the Kro Dynasty

    News and Rumors

    • Peace?

    • Resist any buyouts (+1 from coinage unless they have coinage).
    • Use Liege scores to resist any particularly dangerous treachery.
    • Resist any conversions.
    • Accumulate 2 Treasure from Trading Posts (17 owned)
    • Accept all gifts given through an embassy.

    Ruler Info
    D 5 • M 10 • O 10 • F 6 • I 8
    Expected Gains:

    The Vault
    4 Treasure +2 at next turn start.
    Shattered Runestone (TP1, City, Region 306)
    Gold (TP3, Region 307)
    Maize (TP2, Region 277)
    Blightspawn Trophies (TP3, Region 275)
    Slaves (TP2, Region 311)
    Agave (TP2, Region 305)
    Fish (TP2 Region 276)
    Nahkla Stone (TP1, Region 292)
    Desert Bell Seeds (TP1, Region 291)
    Iron (TP3, Region 310)
    Onions (TP2, Region 270)
    Bloodfire (TP3, Region 278)
    Kelp Oil (TP3, Region 266)
    Sand (TP2, Region 301)
    Golden Lions (TP1, Region 300)
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Lim Dynasty

    Stories and Rumors

    [Military]Raise Fortress
    [Diplomacy]Host Event: Festival of Empress Gaozhong

    [Diplomacy]Assist the Anbroch in founding a new organization
    [Diplomacy]Assist the Anbroch in founding a new organization
    [Diplomacy]Diplomatic Mission: Send an Envoy to the Children of the Great Mother in Tarandi

    Grant the Anbroch Raiders access to 206 for investigation
    Support Bel-Dan Confederacy Buyout of Goats in 267
    Support conversion of 223 to Children of the Great Mother
    Resist all unauthorized intrigue/buyouts/quests/conversions etc.
    Accept Mamut and Tarandi Translation projects from the Sewune

    Spoiler: Book Keeping
    Queen Lim Xia
    Diplomacy: 8 (+2)
    Military: 10
    Opulence: 6
    Faith: 1
    intrigue: 3

    Military Units: 7
    The Queen's Guard
    The Palace Guard
    Serpent Guard
    Viper Guard
    Fanged Guard
    Cobra Guard
    Adder Guard

    Regions Owned:
    [Fei Dang 223]
    [Fei Zhao Dang 206]
    [The Redoubt 267]

    Total Regions: 3
    Land Unit Cap: 12 (6 Capital Unit Cap + 6 for provinces controlled)

    Cultural Identities:

    Military Specialization:


    Military Technologies:
    Bronze - +1 to Battles, +1 to Leader Loss Rolls
    Composite Bows - +1 to Battles
    War Drums - +2 to Tactical Maneuvering Rolls

    Civilian Technologies:
    Masonry - +1 to resist raids and sacks
    Advanced Masonry - +1 to resist Raids and Sacks that stacks with the bonus of Masonry
    Animal Husbandry - +1 to opulence and diplomacy exploration
    Irrigation - +1 to stabilization rolls
    Pottery - +1 to buyouts
    Sailing- Permits exploration and troop transport over deep water borders
    Writing (Veramondi Logography) - +1 Conversion Defense, +1 Conversions in regions that share your writing system.
    Mountain Clothing - Allows exploration and troop transport across Mountain Borders.
    Feather Capes - When active, on a Epic Quest or Battle action, you may contribute one additional hero to the quest or battle roll (for a +2 bonus contingent on succeeding on a TN 12 roll vs. Hero score) without spending additional actions on those heroes.


    Regional Benefits:
    Sikar Translation Project
    Mamut Translation Project
    Tarandi Translation Project


    Resources controlled:
    [Yaks, Fei Dang (223)]
    [Yaks, Fei Dang (223)]
    [Cotton (197)]
    [Bronze (202)]
    [Rice (206)]

    Treasure: 0


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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Regions 99, 100, 101, 107, 108, 109, 110, 119, 120, 129, 130

    Round 19 Actions:

    1. [Diplomacy]Finish Pressing claim on region 102. (2,2)
    2. [Diplomacy]Stabilize region 107.
    3. [Military 5]Hero
    4. [Faith]Convert region 102.
    5. [Faith]Convert region 107.
    6. [Faith]Convert region 165.

    Embassy Actions:
    • DAN:
    • ELF:
    • SHN:

    • Passive treasure accumulation: +1/round. (1)
    • Resist all unauthorized conversions and buyouts.
    • Support all Eauden conversions.

    News and Rumors:

    Ruler info:

    Shira Iceweaver, daughter of the Blessed Snow-Wives.
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 5
    Opulence 1
    Faith 10
    Intrigue 5

    Expected Stat Increases:

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    ^^^^^Turn Ninteen

    My Round Actions
    Lands of the HYD
    R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 R16 R17 R18 R19

    Game Round Opener Posts
    R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10pt1 R10pt2 R11pt1 R11pt2 R12pt1 R12pt2 R13pt1 R13pt2 R14pt1 R14pt2 R15pt1 R15pt2 R16pt1 R16pt2 R17pt1 R17pt2 R18pt1 R18pt2 R19pt1 R19pt2

    Ruler: Wuuluu, The Hydran Sovereign
    Dip 10
    Mil 10
    Opu 8+2
    Fai 1
    Int 6

    Mil Raise Unit x2 (1 Land unit, 1 naval unit)
    Dip Attend Kiswan Event
    Dip Stabilize 283 (10 Dip + SoS 1 + Irrigation 1, Succeed on a 0)
    Opu Buy out TP 2 Of Tobacco In 220 Roll = 14
    Opu Buy out TP 2 Of Bamboo In 263 Roll = 16

    Opu Buy out TP 3 of Flavored Water in 280
    Opu Buy out TP

    Trade with the Lim, receive 2 units from them. The outcasts driven out of the Lim dynasty for not being believers are recruited into the Hydran Empire.
    Exchange some Techs with the Lim (to be discussed)
    Event receive some concessions from war (mostly Techs from Cro and 2 treasure from Alo).

    Spoiler: Default Non-Actions

    Accept all Embassies.
    Accept Vassalization of the NAH and the SKO.
    Require permission from an Agent of Ruin to do any of the above.
    Accept all trade gifts (treasures, units, technologies, etc)
    Resist all buyouts and Errant Quests not explicitly allowed within HYD territories.
    Resist all buyouts on TPs that the HYD specifically own (as opposed to unowned or owned by other players), superseding general support to buy out TPs.
    Resist all conversions to religions other than Path Of The Ancient Ones.
    Support all conversions to Path Of The Ancient Ones.
    Any actions that entirely fail for whatever reason should be converted towards a GP of that type (or just a Raise Unit, if military and there is room)
    Any unmarked floating actions should just become raise unit actions of a type of unit that isn't at cap.

    Embassy Actions
    Get Saddles (and more) from the Sewune in exchange for having traded them Cavernsai two turns ago (certainly should be this turn).
    Trade 264 to the Naherin Kingdom.
    Receive concessions from war (two treasure from alo here)

    Spoiler: Rumors and News

    Wuuluu claims credit for forcing Alexios to leave the Soreni out of shame. Although she has largely washed her hands clean of the southwest in the blood of her enemies, and knows that Alexios’ whims had little to do with her own proclamation, it is politically useful to claim her words can have an effect on the SoS grapevine.
    Char in her recovery welcomes the Dreamspeakers to come and listen to the tales of the storm, of a better time when everyone in sikar could agree on a common enemy and fight it for the better of everyone. She’s managed to weave a pretty wonderful spectacle of the adventures everyone has had. Surprisingly enough, she leaves herself a relatively minor role. The trip has humbled her in a pretty hardcore manner, and so has her relative helplessness at the siege of the Night Elf people.

    She’s even brought back a few souvenirs from the castle way in the depths. Symbols of unique writing, potentially useful stuff to identify whatever was behind it. She allows them to observe, but not to take them away. She’s also got a journal that includes the now-infamous words at the heart of the storm. By that point she had already been injured and was depending on her animal companions to do the bulk of the work, so she had plenty of time to keep a good record.

The wounded woman expresses… concern about whether Sikar will be able to unite again when it comes back around again, given the way it has descended into immediate bloodshed and infighting the moment the storm passed.

    She will attest that at least the heroes heading to and from the storm did not seem to have malicious intent towards their purple brethren on their quest, in stark contrast to what her queen believes. But as the years pass and she recuperates into fully functioning adventuring status, she swears that she will at least make a good faith effort in order to keep Sikar from collapsing into anarchy, and has already talked Wuuluu out of more extreme action.

    Also, sand. So much sand. Ancient Star Worm above so much sand. It gets bloody everywhere. Char still has nightmares about how much she’s had to dig sand out from insid-
    The Thunder People have, for all relevant purposes, vanished from the greater world stage, but the Thunder Sea still has its name. Wuuluu wishes to rename the whole gulf in her image, but Jenifu advises against this. Not just because she does not have the authority, but because it will have a much higher likelihood of sticking provided she sticks to the area she controls. Wuuluu talks of a time when she was a young lass, and how it took a heroic expedition to even cross the gap. She herself faced that peril. But now it is a bustling mecca of trade, the crowning jewel of Wuuluu’s Empire.
    The Starworm Strait has been named and defined, as the area between 281 and 204, crossing into the Thunder Sea.

    Armies and Coffers of the HYD

    Heads of the Hydra: HYD, NAH, SKO
    (+2 to ruler turnover, +2 to land unit cap)
    Owned Regions:
    Cs 280, 281, 282, 283, 289
    nCs 318
    Ck 204, 266, 203
    nCk 264

    Spoiler: Night Elven Armies And Coffers

    Coffers: 6/15 Treasure, 5/[10](3+8) Naval Units, 11/[24](6+16+2) Army Units
    Trading Posts/Cities Controlled: 14/2 (+2 Treasure at turn-end)
    Favor/Rep Status: 0/2 with SoS, 0/2 with DSP, 0/2 with TSR

    Spoiler: Opulence TP Stuff

    Spoiler: Owned TPs

    211/2/Tvila Clay
    216/2/Droggen Berries

    267/2/Mountain Goats
    280/1/Flavored Water
    288/1+2/Water Buffalo
    289/City/Wild Horses
    302/2/Ashiran Horses

    Spoiler: TPs in Owned Territories

    280 Fla Wat HYD/FLK/Open
    281 Maize RAN/Open/XX
    282 Copper HYD/ASH/Open
    283 Maize ALO/Open/XX
    289 Wild Horse SEW/Open/Open/(HYD)
    318 G Kangaroos DOD/Open/Open

    268 Sea Food FLK/XX/XX
    264 Sapphires Open/HYD/Open

    204 Copper HEN/Open/XX(HYD)
    203 Dyes Open/Open/Open

    Spoiler: Techs/Bonuses
    Total Tech List: All Default Techs, Comp Bows>Recurve Bows, Equestrianism, War Drums, Bronze, Sharpened Weapons, Crab Claw Sails, Worm Wrangling, Uzii Battlesmithing
    Coinage, Wheel and Axel, Seekers, Advanced Masonry, Thin Blood Elixir, Cavernsai
    Flowerlands (Mamut) Codex
    Blightlands (Kiswa) Codex
    Tarandi Codex 3/5 (1 HYD 1 SOR 1 ASH)
    PotAtO +1 Def Battles
    Spoiler: War Tech Table

    Equipped Techs
    * Special Materials (Bronze) +1 Battle, +1 Leader Loss Rolls
    * Armor (Uzii Battlesmithing) -10% casualties
    * Melee Weaponry (Sharpened Weapons) +1 Battle
    * Ranged Weaponry (Recurve Bows) +2 Battles
    * Cavalry (Equestrianism) -10% friendly casualties
    * Scouts and Logistics (War Drums) +2 Tac Doc
    * War Beasts (Worm Wrangling) +10% enemy casualties
    * Fortifications (none)
    * Combat Drugs and Medicine Thin Blood +1 to Quest/Battle with Blightspawn
    * Sappers and Siege Weapons (none)
    * Subterfuge (none)
    (Add Recurve Bows to table next turn)

    Spoiler: Hero Titles

    Liyae and Char have earned the mantle of Storm Slayers, gaining a +2 to Errant Quests in Sikar.

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Candake of Ta Seti

    Pharoah Nefertiti Dust Walker
    Dip 10
    Mil 7
    Op 2 (+1)
    Faith 4 (+2)
    Int 5


    Opulence: Hoard treasure

    Opulence Hoard treasure

    Across the Candake Nefertiti sends soldiers to each of the 10 great clans to collect tribute. Despite some initial resistance, the clans unanimously deliver a tribute of cattle, horses, corn, shells, silks, and beads to the capital. Some may complain about the pharaoh's onerous taxes, but Nefertiti sees this as a key to maintaining her authority. If left unmolested for too long the clans may soon wonder why they swear to the Pharoah and not their own chiefs. Unlike her father Nefetiti, takes a more direct role in the governance of the kingdom, personally appointing great Alodite clan members as governors for each region.

    Faith: Erect the Sun Disk of Ta Netjer

    Faith: Erect The Sun Disk of Ta Netjer

    Faith Erect The Sun Disk of Ta Netjer

    Faith: Erect The Sun Disk of Ta Netjer

    Known for her faith in Tue Dawn Nefertiti, commands the construction of a great monument at Ta Netjer. Soon work begins on a giant Sunstone disk held mounted on the great mountain at the center of the island. Craved with hundreds of Kagahara rums and embossed with the wings of a great Pheonix at its center.

    Alodite tradition demands a Pharoah earn legitimacy by deeds on the battlefield, or via martial talent. This proves to be very difficult for Nefertiti, while she is a talented mystic, she is unable to fight in any real sense due to her terrible eyesight. So bad that she's frequently shadowed by a dolod assistant when performing her royal duties. Because of this, Neftertit seeks to build legitimacy using her connection to true dawn as the effective guardian of the divine island. Constructing great works upon Ta Netjer is certainly an avenue to gain the love of those who hold the keys of power.


    Accept vassalization from the Crow's tribe

    News and Rumors
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Delta Queendom


    1. [Military] Raise one land unit and one naval unit
    2. [Faith] Commune with the Kiswa Guardian Shortly after declaring herself Queen, Rosie MacGill undertook a pilgrimage to Aangzi to reach out to the spirit of Kiswa's guardian beast, bringing with her some Caapi to help her reach out to the guardian in the dream world.
    3. [Intrigue 10] Incite Betrayal on Vetrapa, formally of the Sirrvadutt
    The song of Vetrapa was still a popular one in all the lands controlled by the Anbroch. With the kingdom's affairs in order, there was considerable interest in seeking out the elven hero following the collapse of the Sirvadutt state and helping him put his affairs to rest. An envoy offers the ancient elf the skills and assistance of the Anbroch in finding his lost love.
    4. [Intrigue] Slander the Henanda with the Truthseers, roll 15
    Queen Usuukhusaa was trying to get back into the good graces of the Truthseers, but the upstart Henanda were complicating matters. In a gesture of goodwill to her redeemer, Rosie MacGill sends her adopted daughers as an envoy to the Truthseers appraising them of some documents that implicating the Henanda as accomplices in the murder of King Haanhangandhal.
    5. [Diplomacy 10] Declare a Great Kingdom
    Rosie MacGill reigned over a period of the Anbroch's history that was impossible to forget. Though at first an uncertain ruler afraid to follow in her predecessor's footsteps, she had led the Anbroch through the bel-dan occupation, three civil wars, and the shadow infestation, and led them to victory against the Sentinels of Stone, the Troll Kingdom, and finally the blight. Under her rule, the Anbroch had expanded their influence despite all setbacks, and now ruled over the entire Sur delta region. In year 75, Rosie MacGill took the title of Delta Queen, and formalized the passage of power that she herself had followed- from mother to daughter, rather than from mother to son's wife.

    Spend 1 TSR Favor on insight into Dannu-Gao's secret actions for two rounds

    If it was a secret that the court of Dannu-Gao was deep in everyone's business, it was a poorly kept one. The Anbroch had heard enough to know that they were mired in affairs relating from everything from the Guardians to the dynastic succession of Sikar, and that the Truthseers were deep in their trust. Intelligence on their discreet activities would surely come in handy, and the Truthseers owed them a few favors, anyway.

    News and Rumors

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Delta Queen Rosie MacGill
    Spoiler: Biography

    8 Diplomacy
    10 Military
    2 Opulence
    1 Faith
    10 Intrigue

    Attribute Improvements: none

    No New Ruler next round.

    Spoiler: Inheritance Information

    Important Figures:
    Rosie MacGill (82 yrs): The adopted daughter of Warlady Mollie MacGill and biological daughter of the Matriarch, a lot of negotiations had been conducted to put her in line to inherit more power than either posessed alone. Ruling in the wake of the Warlady's murder, she was not well liked by the soldiers.

    Tavish MacGrath (80 yrs): Third-in-line for the patriarchy of House MacGrath, Tavish quickly became first-in-line during the civil war. Lover of the Warlady, his caldera fortress Slocdun keep is an important asset for the Anbroch.

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping

    Land Units: 8
    Anbroch Commandos: 300 Female Reavers who fight alone, trained for Asymmetric warfare.
    Male Reavers: roughly 250 male Reavers, married to the female reavers and expected to fight together.
    Female Reavers: roughly 250 Female Reavers, recruited from the Partisan Militia, accompanied by a few slaves.
    The Stouthearts: A few Battlemistresses stayed behind as partisans and nobles of less stern stuff fled during the civil war and the blight. They remain still, accompanied by their quads in the traditional Anbroch fashion.
    Naval Units: 3
    Luthrails of the North: Luthrail veteran sailors, hardened by bearing the brunt of the Bel-Dan's raids for so long.
    Luthrails of the South: A motley crew of Luthrail fishermen from the erapira, fighting with their traditional staves.
    Bel-Dan castoffs: Bel-Dan pirates serving the Anbroch as mercenaries.

    Treasure: 0

    Trade posts:
    Region 212 TP 2: Wild Asses
    Region 189 TP 1: Purple Sea Snails

    CI: Never Again (Increased Die Size on duels)
    Tasapa the Mongoose (10)
    Fiona MacDool, the poisoner (10)

    Animal Husbandry
    Blight Poison (Temporary tech, limited reserves)
    Composite Bows
    Crab-Claw Sails
    Sikar Translation
    Steering Oars
    Thin-Blood Elixir
    War Drums
    Wheel and Axle
    Writing (Veramondi Logography)
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    See, I remember the days of roleplaying before organisms could even see, let alone use see as a metaphor for comprehension. We could barely comprehend that we could comprehend things. Imagining we were something else was a huge leap forward and really passed the time in between absorbing nutrients.

    Biggest play I ever made: "I want to eat something over there." Anticipated the trope of "being able to move" that you see in all stories these days.

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Great Kingdom of Ngedhuun Thukhulu Saar Lhungho
    The River Lords

    Years 269-272
    Region 221 - Troll Country (Ljung Ghrakka Saar)
    Region 220 - Unghlaban
    Region 210 - Narava
    Region 208 - Inkhwabi
    Region 205 - Aangzi

    Usuukhusaa Lhungho, High Queen of the Dhraan, River-King of the Mikra of Narava, Foremost Sage of the Tribes of Unghlaban, Bulwark Of Civilization, Matriarch of the Children of the Great Mother
    Diplomacy 6
    Military 8
    Opulence 3
    Faith 8 => 10
    Intrigue 5


    1. [Faith 5] Create an Artifact: The Indida Hammer

    2. [Faith] Convert Kincany (198), with Support
      To celebrate the newly risen Delta Queen to her place of prominence, Seers and Pilgrims from Lhungho Saar arrive

    3. [Faith] Seek Aid for Seeking the Blessed Isle [Roll Result: 12]
    4. [Faith] Seek the Blessed Isle, Spending 1 Treasure, with Seek Aid from TRL and TSR [Roll Result: 19]

    5. [Diplomacy 5] Establish an Embassy with the Elves of Shandole [SHA]
      Trade relations give way to diplomatic ones as Ghondukholaak is informed of their new role as ambassador to the Shani of Tarandi - close relations must be maintained with the source of the sacred Milk.

    6. [Faith] Seek Aid for Lim Dynasty Expedition to Tarandi? [Diplomacy] help with Lim Dynasty Expedition to Tarandi?

    Standing: Accept any Embassies or Technologies offered.
    Nikara of Singhön still out of commission, okay next round

    News and Rumors
    • Usuukhusaa takes up more and more herbalism as she seeks to find ways to replicate the properties of the Milk of the Great Mother at home...
    • Dire Blemmyae heading back to Korebita, cause a stir as one of the royal family is among them...
    • Reception of the Sewune Child of the Great Mother is gracious and welcoming...

    Spoiler: Recorded In Chorus

    State Religion: Children of the Great Mother
    Bonuses: Conversion Resistances rolled at F10
    HC5: +1 to Leader Loss Rolls

    Trade Posts:
    Faranandūll (193) - TP3 - Avocados
    [Singhön] Narava (210) - City - Bananas
    Adzbark Wetlands (228) - TP2 - Rice
    Flaschorikia (229) - TP1 - Flamingos
    Himara (237) - TP3 - Furs & Hides

    Treasure: 8?/10
    Passive Income: +1

    Fortress: Walls of Singhön [in Narava (210)]

    7/14 Land Units
    3/7 Naval Units
    • Land:
    • Royal Guard [15dh++h-dh|dw]
    • Snapping Maw [20dh++e/dw]
    • Broken Scales [20dh++dw]
    • Stone Spitters [23dh++e] [NEW]
    • Efryt Exemplars [170vk+vk]
    • Mikra Radicals [320vk++vk]
    • Bravyk Mountaineers [270vk+dw] [NEW]

    • Naval:
    • Mikra Primals [210vk+vk]
    • Mikra Primals [220vk+vk]
    • Hybrid Zealots [65h-dh|e++e]

    The Unbound:
    • Light Bringers [18dh+dh]
    • Shade Breakers [19dh+dh]
    • Dhraanish Hardbacks [21dh+d]

    The Fallen:
    • River's Surge [20dh+++e/dw]
    • Lashing Tail [24dh++++e/dw/bd]
    • Vyrka Primals [230vk++vk]
    • Mikra Exemplars [160vk+vk]
    • Efryt Primals [230vk++vk]
    • Ravyk Cardinals [260vk++vk]
    • Gnashing Teeth [22dh+++e/dw]
    • Cha-Daně-Dan Salt Hawks[180bd+bd/e/dw]
    • Bloatlurks [19dh+e/dw]
    • Dhraanish Bonesplinters [24dh++e]
    • Spitting Stones [20dh++e]

    Animal Husbandry
    Writing (Veramondi Logography)
    Crab-Claw Sails
    Thin-Blood Elixir
    Mountaineering Clothing
    War Drums
    Steering Oars

    DOD (Sanctum)

    SOS: +2 Rep, 0 Favors
    DSP: +0 Rep, 0 Favors
    TSR: +2 Rep, -2 Favors

    Spoiler: Legends and Legacies

    Troll King Haanhangandhal - Slain Through Subterfuge, xxx
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 8
    Opulence 5
    Faith 1
    Intrigue 2

    High King Ruunandaraghal - Slain By The Use Of Poison, mid-252
    Dip 10
    Military 10
    Opulence 5
    Faith 2
    Intrigue 5

    The Royal Family
    Royal Matriarch & High Queen Usuukhusaa
    Great Chief Dora-Mak, of the Mythic North

    Royal Patriarch & High King Ruunandaraghal
    Great Father Geputen Kw'Torineti
    Low King-Father Mhanmosochaan
    Grand Princeps-Father Tyja Pemmelg
    Herald Prince-Father Parvahdi of Harkatna

    Royal Matriarch & High Queen-Consort Ichippā of Henanda
    Great Mother Klarakrudkhani
    Low Queen-Mother Lorna MacGill, formerly of the Anbroch
    Grand Princess-Mothers Kamiya & Tuvini
    Eminent Princess-Mother Ingalhiikhudile

    Firstborne-Prince-to-Ruunandaraghal, Ghaali Kw'Torineti

    Firstborn-Prince-to-Klarakrudkhani, Ghondukholaak (born xxx)
    Secondborn-Princess-Klarakrudkhani, Kladhaarukughaal (born xxx)






    Another...let's say twelve, since Ruunandaraghal's death
    NB amab
    NB afab

    Ingkannu Isidi, Champion and Daughter of Ghrakka Yonghalo (Former Hero 10 - Slain in one last act of spite by monstrosities)
    Scionary Prince Onoynoyis, Champion of Saar Lhungho (former Hero 10 - slain in battle during a vain attempt at redemption against foul creatures plaguing his people)

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Regions 19 and 36
    The Targiz
    Current Leader: Odds-Mistress Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Nyct” Nyctagina
    Current Abilities: D3, M5, O6, F10, I2

    Round 19


    • Kursaal
      • OpulenceOPEN
      • MilitaryDeploy UnitsAssist the Defense of Towerhome (Region 51) with 1 units, + 4 Treasure (+6 with Defense Budget), + 1 Viskari Bows, + 1 Bronze, -10% casualties from Battlesmithing, +3 Leader Loss with Phylacteries and Bronze, imposing 8 additional regions of Unit losses through Grift, Off-Track Betting bonus applied. (Route traveled 36->35->42->41->46 (assumed permission from NKT given peace offer to TAR)->51
      • MilitaryDeploy UnitsDefend 19 with 5 units, + 4 Treasure (+ 6 with Defense Budget), + 1 Viskari Bows, + 1 Bronze +1 City Bonus, -10% casualties from Battlesmithing, +3 Leader Loss with Phylacteries and Bronze, imposing 8 additional regions of Unit losses through Grift, Off-Track Betting bonus applied. Asuar and Deru are going to lead with 9 hero and 4 units.

        The Hunt never ended and the barking of the hounds can be heard once again.

    • Aste’s Journey in Kiswa
      • DiplomacyAssist the Anbroch in founding a new organization

        Throughout her journeys in Kiswa, the young Odds-Mistress to be, hears of the name of Rosie. The name speaks to her through its similarity to her Grandmother’s chosen name of Rose. And so, the girl, whimsical as ever, decides to travel to the heart of Anbroch and find the Matriarch to slake her curiosity. Unable to speak the language of Kiswa, the young girl travels with a retinue of a variety of races of Kiswa who were similarly wayward, curious at what this stranger from a far off land would do among the complicated webs of diplomacy and war. It only takes a fly to shake the spider’s web.

        Eventually, the horned goliath, arrives at the caldera fortress Slocdun, where Rosie MacGill was in repose with her lover, Tavish MacGrath. The Matriarch was suffering during her last years – the icy pierce of the God of Blight had taken its toll and she was feeling its hand on her heart slowly but surely grip and drag it towards her end. The Reavers, seeing, the girl, at the gate decide to let her and her followers in. Aste, is – and those who met her can attest – a creature of whimsy. She is bouncing up and through the fortress marveling at weapons and tapestries and asking people their life story – she is friendly and quick and seems to be a whirlwind of inquisitiveness.

        Finally, brought before the dying woman, Rosie asks why had Aste come here? Aste tells her that she made her decision the same way she made her choice to travel to Kiswa – she listened to her dice. Rosie must have shook her head at this capriciousness, but the girl grabs her hands and tells her that she shares a name with her Grandmother, a lovely woman that Aste was sure that Rosie would get along with. And if Aste loved Rose, why could she not also love Rosie? This child’s logic making people’s eyes open wide in amusement and perhaps worry.

        Aste, looks around at and extends her palms up in the Goliath greeting, and then pulls from her hair a myrtle flower and holds it out to Rosie – telling her that the flower means Duty and if the dice had told her to help found this new organization – then she was duty bound to tie herself in such bonds and would swear along with Rosie to whatever such chance had led her too.

    • Congress of the Honeyed Child
      • DiplomacyHost Event
        • Accept all Artifacts from RUIN in exchange for Advanced Masonry, Coinage, Off-Track Betting, and Arctic Survival.

        In the crooked woods where Rose holds court – dressed in white, her jaw slightly offset – birds land on the branches. Their eyes glow with a fierce intelligence and instead of cawing; they speak as if they were tattered dancers. Rose smiles, the whispering snake stirring in the woods, and makes a deal. A pop of air escapes from the jar of honey in which Ffiona sleeps eternally. The cultists that surrounded the child quickly take note and discuss among themselves as to what the omen – the prophecy of their dead god dissected and interrupted as if were a roll of the dice or the pulled organs of a goat. The Woken look upon the events with curiosity and sneering smirks and turn to Rose, the prophet of her granddaughter, who smiles warmly back as if a mother indulging her brood.

    • The Lords of Nightmare
      • FaithMiracleThe Banquet of the Corpse Flower.

        The table lays beneath the sunless twilight sky. The table is long and on either end are two ornate chairs the color of tar. The chairs seem to move and drool onto the pale grass of the colorless garden for they are not built of wood or stone but are instead constructed out of nightmares hastily assembled. Siting in these thrones are the Lords of Nightmare, the Corpse Flower, the Fecund Judge. They are holding knives in either hand and from their blooms falls the odious aroma of their namesake – even in this senseless world the smell interrupts the dream and one could see small patches of color where twilight is rudely awaken.

        Lost dreams, faceless – their heads an ever-changing mirage of conflicting images in grey scale, as if the many dreamers’ eyes rove and twitch underneath their lids – are dressed in black linens over white shirts or frocks. The dreams look like butlers and waiters, maids and servants and they walk around the table of the sitting Corpse Flowers whom silently face each other, or as much as such creatures could face anything, silently and violently gripping their cutlery – on the verge of jumping across the table to rip each other’s hearts out.

        The lost dreams begin to set the table. They arrive holding silver platters with silver cloches – the silver reflecting nothing in this world for dreams and nightmares cast no shadows or reflections. They pile the table with a mountain of fruit – terrible terrible fruit that seems to be mere skin holding scarabs trapped underneath. Ten of these servants finally come bearing the centerpiece – a roasted void. The void yawned below the sunless twilight sky, all brightness falling into it – in fact the little color that bleached the colorless servants and garden crawled into the void and died. The moving faces of the faceless servants seemed to be frozen in place in horror – each passing strobe another scream.

        The hands that held the knives gripped them harder, veins bulging, and then the chairs are throne back and the servants witness the two Corpse Flowers – both one and the same – stand and leap onto the void. Instead of falling within, they begin to tear it brutally apart with their hands, holding gobbets of its substance above their petals and dropping them within. The void vibrates in a silent screech as they carve it apart and feast on its gizzards. They suck the marrow of the blackness, the black juices of its innards moistening the rim of their spath.

        The servants, those lost dreams, take a step back as they witness the nightmarish banquet – but what other feast could they have expected when their Lord was the King of Nightmare.

    • Generate 3 Treasure with passive income (25 TP owned at beginning of round) –> 9 Treasure owned beginning of round.
    • Accept all tech from SCR (non-embassy action with SCR)
    • Accept all tech from UZI (non-embassy action with UZI)
    • Accept all Embassies and Sanctums if offered.
    • Response to Iorwerth: TBD
    • Use up to 3 treasure if needed to roll resist for any kidnapping, assassination or betrayal of ruler or hero, using gambling bonus.

    Spoiler: SPORTS!

    Ko Dra-Ko-Ball

    The Classical League

    The Greenhorns have won again! A close league which came down to a tie-breaker between the Greenhorns and the Canopies. For a Sikar export – the Orcs are dominating this league. Additionally, despite lodging a complaint with the commissioner as to the Gourmet’s continued exclusion the Zealots had one of their best seasons – the league win though still eludes them.

    X Swampum Big Strongs Bhaile-Koma Canopies Blessed Vale Jewels Targiz Hemlocks Thun Avalanches Dream Speaker Dream Team Na'karat Zealots Ixarr Greenhorns League Total
    Swampum Big Strongs X 1 3 3 3 3 0 0 13
    Bhaile-Koma Canopies 1 X 3 3 3 3 3 0 16
    Blessed Vale Jewels 0 0 X 3 3 3 3 3 15
    Targiz Hemlocks 0 0 0 X 3 3 1 0 7
    Thun Avalanches 0 0 0 0 X 1 0 0 1
    Dream Speaker Dream Team 0 0 0 0 1 X 0 0 1
    Na'karat Zealots 3 0 0 1 3 3 X 1 11
    Ixarr Greenhorns 3 3 0 3 3 3 1 X 16

    The Foreign League

    It seems the ghost fueled Ruin Runners have a weakness – the sounds of music – as the Songs were able to steal a win. It was not enough to stop their rampage through the league, but the other teams seem to be adapting at playing against the vengeful spirits. Defense wins games.

    X Sang Songs Ruin Runners Moonworm Cavalry Ta Seti Cattle Drivers Berry Bouncers Bannanda Splitters Dolod Singhön Strikers League Total
    Sang Songs X 3 1 0 0 0 3 0 7
    Ruin Runners 0 X 3 3 3 3 3 3 18
    Moonworm Cavalry 1 0 X 3 3 3 3 1 14
    Ta Seti Cattle Drivers 3 0 0 X 1 0 3 0 7
    Berry Bouncers 3 0 0 1 X 0 3 0 7
    Bannanda Splitters 3 0 0 3 3 X 3 1 13
    Dolod 0 0 0 0 0 0 X 0 0
    Singhön Strikers 3 0 1 3 3 1 3 X 14

    Cross-League Exhibition Match

    The Greenhorns were unable to beat the Ruin Runners in their revenge match losing in a close game of 2 to 1.

    Triple Flower Crown

    After their victory of the first Triple Crown it seems that the Crimson Kingdom’s internal troubles have effected it’s breeding program and they had failed to win a single race.

    Run for the Roses – Targiz – Rolling in the Dough
    Run for the Poor-Land Daisies – Scrim – Paid in Full
    Run for the White Carnations – Ko – Who let the King out?
    Spoiler: Leader Information and Technology
    Current Leader: Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Nyct” Nyctagina (36 Years Old)

    Current Stats:

    Diplomacy: 3
    Military: 5
    Opulence: 6
    Faith: 10
    Intrigue: 2

    New Ruler Next Round: No
    Succession: Hereditary (Matrilineal primogeniture but with no male exclusion, meaning that it is absolute primogeniture if no immediately related female heir) –
    1. Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Aste” Asteracea (16 Years Old)
    2. Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Olea” Oleandera (32 Years Old)
    3. Lilium "Lily" Interspinus (12 Years Old)
    4. Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Acon” Aconita (Stillborn)
    5. Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir Ffiona (Died in Infancy)
    6. Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Gled” Gleditsio (40 Years Old)
    7. Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Hede” Hedero (16 Years Old)

    Expected Stat Bonuses: +1 Mil, +1 Dip

    Other Characters:

    Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Rose” Ogra (62 years of age)
    Ces Arnif – 76

    Hero Ages:
    Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Gled” Gleditsio – 32
    - Successor: None at the moment
    Petal Head – N/A
    - Artifacts Held
    • Nightmare Pom
    • Disquiet Pom

    • Blessed Dynasty: Twice per round, a ruler character descended from Merine may make a seek aid action targeting a roll has already been determined, so long as it is taken before the war deadline has passed.
    • Epialesian Apotheosis: Petal Head may now participate in two actions every Round. Petal Head no longer suffers continental penalties while Questing, and ignores otherwise impassable terrain types while Questing.

    Opulence Technology:
    • Masonry: +1 to resist Raids and Sacks
    • Advanced Masonry: +1 to resist Raids and Sacks that stacks with the bonus of Masonry
    • Writing: +1 Conversion Defense, +1 Conversions in regions that share your writing system (Hbaran Runes)
    • Irrigation: +1 Stabilization
    • Animal Husbandry: +1 to Opulence and Diplomacy exploration
    • Pottery: +1 Buyouts
    • Arctic Survival: Permits exploration and troop transport across Arctic borders
    • Sailing: Permits exploration and troop transport over deep water borders
    • Off-Track Betting: Whenever you spend a Treasure on a roll, you may choose to roll 1d6. On a result of 1, the Treasure provides no bonus. On a result of 2-4, the Treasure provides a +1 as normal. On a result of 5 or 6, the Treasure provides an additional +1, for a total of +2.
    • Coinage: +1 to resisting buyouts from anyone without this technology (no requirement); +1 to buyouts (requires silver or gold)
    • Treasure Ships - Unapproved
    • Mamut -> Sikar Translation Project Tech
    • Mamut -> Daezirn Translation Project Tech

    Military Technology
    • Campaign Grift
      • Slot: Subterfuge
      • Resource: Alcohol
      • Effect: The kingdom may spend treasure in a battle to cripple their enemies before they even take the field. For every treasure spent in this manner, opposing non-blightspawn armies suffer an additional 2 regions in distance losses.
    • Bronze:
      • Slot: Special Materials
      • Resource: Copper or Tin
      • Effect: +1 to Battles, +1 to Leader Loss Rolls
    • Viskari War Bows:
      • Slot: Ranged Weapons
      • Resource: Wood
      • Effect: +1 to Battles
    • Increased Defense Budget:
      • Slot: Scouts and Logistics
      • Resource: Gems or Precious Metals
      • Effect: Increase the amount of Treasure a kingdom may spend on Battle by 1. For every 2 Treasure a kingdom spends on a single Battle, that Battle gains an additional +1 bonus.
    • Uzii Battlesmithing
      • Slot: Armor
      • Resource: Hard Metal
      • Effect: -10% Casualties
    • Comet Phylacteries
      • Slot: Combat Drugs and Medicine
      • Resource: Comet Shards
      • Effect: +2 Leader Loss rolls.
    • Non-Active Mil Tech
      • War Drums

    • Nightmare Pom:
      • A Hero holding the Nightmare Pom is resisted in Errant Questing by a Faith Roll. Success on a Errant Quest using the Nightmare Pom awards no Treasure, but allows the controlling Kingdom to attempt to convert an Open or unorganized Holy Site in the region. A great success on the Errant Quest grants a +2 bonus to this conversion roll.
    [*]Disquiet Pom:
    • +1 to Errant Quests, Corpse Flower Holders may Errant Quest as a Faith action.
    Tac Doc: Never Tell Us the Odds – On success roll 1d3. On 1: Gain +2 to Battle Rolls. On 2: Reduce own Casualties by 20%. On 3: Increase Enemy Casualties by 20%.

    Cultural Identities: Ruinous Sowing - 2d8 on Epic and Errant Quests in or adjacent to blighted regions, wilderness or regions in unrest.

    Spoiler: Resources

    Region # Resource TP - City TP #1 TP #2 TP #3 HC Military Treasure (start of round) Status
    Targiz 19 Flower Wine TAR TAR KO Uzii Bouquet of the Corpse Flower
    • Tansy Crusaders
    • Kursaal Guards
    • Tattered Dancers
    • Scrim Warriors
    • Scion Zealots
    11 Stable
    Nal Dryb 36 Wheat N/A TAR SCR N/A Bouquet of the Corpse Flower
    • Savlo Revel
    N/A Stable

    Military Limits:
    Land 6/8
    Naval 0/4

    • Deru
    • Swampum
    • Scrim
    • Henanda

    Trade Posts (25):

    7 #1 - Wild Dogs
    7 #2 - Wild Dogs
    8 #1 - Okra
    17 #1 - Ulurothan Spearmen
    18 #1 – Emeralds
    19 City – Flower Wine
    19 #1 – Flower Wine
    27 #1 – Iron
    30 #2 – Comet Shards
    33 #1 – Copper
    35 #1 – Madder
    36 #1 – Wheat
    37 #2 – Living Wood
    38 #1 – Sour Quinces
    39 #2 – Battle Toads
    39 #3 – Battle Toads
    40 #2 - Cheese
    40 #3 – Cheese
    44 #2 – Cloth
    46 #3 – Wood
    48 #1 – Slaves
    51 #2 – Kaffe Beans
    53 #2 – Furs and Hides
    61 #1 – Falconers
    62 #1 – Fish

    Favors Available at end of round:

    2 SOS
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Deru
    Bhaile-Koma, region 37 (& Illia, region 38, Luaithraeak-Molok, region 7)

    We do not speak for the trees. We are the trees. By the grace of the Sannha, we stride.
    We are the blessed of the Sannha. We are all its children. By the sacred waters, we abide.

    Caretaker Karakhita Brythion (12)
    Diplomacy: 3
    Military: 7
    Opulence: 3
    Faith: 6
    Intrigue: 3

    1: Faith (5): Facilitate the combination of faiths, Soul Honour & Corpse Flower, into the Garland of Souls.

    2: Faith: TBD

    3: Military: Raise 1 naval unit.
    Asha-Shuran's fledgling fleet expands.

    4: Military: Ride to the defence of Targiz (4 units, Onfroy leading (9), using Skirmishing)
    More and more Onfroy seems to take any excuse to be far from the capital.

    5: Military: Raise 2 land units (fortress).
    The Listener reforms a retinue of the faithful, and Onfroy reinforces the Knights.

    6: Military: Raise a land unit.
    The Royal Retinue is expanded.

    Non-actions: Support all conversions to Bouquet of the Corpse Flower, support all buyouts of unowned TP's, accept all gifts, & accept diplomatic traffic from TAR & UZI.
    - Tac-Doc from last round: Indefatigable Few - If you are fighting alone, for each opposing army: +1 to Battle Roll, +10% enemy casualties, -10% own casualties. (pending approval)

    To-Do - important characters.

    News & Rumours

    -Knights, for real this time, promise.

    -Cult of Rebirth. It's a thing!

    Spoiler: Important Characters

    The Brythions

    Leafhair Brythion [79] (Deceased)- Former Caretaker of Illia & the Deru, wearer of the Circlet of Leaf & Chain. Installed in the midst of a succession crisis, Leafhair transformed the governance of the Deru from a loose group of religiously aligned groves into a hereditary monarchy in a union with the neighbouring Illia peoples. Wed to Elora, Chosen of Illia, the two ruled in concert. Pursued by advancing age, Leafhair announced his intention to abdicate in favour of Esfrey on his 70th name day. This he did, and now serves as an adviser on the loose council that has developed around Esfrey's court in the Green Fields. He grieved for both his wife and son, and refused to believe the rumours that the dashing Sir Onfroy was to blame. With the reappearance of his youngest son Leafhair is a man at peace with the world, trusting in his children to protect Bhaile-Koma better than he ever could. Slipping into mild insanity in his later years, Leafhair rejoiced at his son Jofry's return, but soon barely remembered his disappearance. He spent much time reminiscing with his old Deru companions, themselves near to taking root, of his first days amongst the great trees, and the wonders of the forest he barely knew. At last he died peacefully napping in the woods, buried beneath his old friends, themselves taking root earlier that year.

    Elora Brythion née Covenantes [57] (Deceased)- Former Chosen of Illia, join ruler of Illia & the Deru. Wed to Leafhair. A standout warrior in a strong warrior culture, Elora has led the peoples of Illia for three decades, since her choosing. She strengthened the power of the sightless ones, spiritual leaders & masons of Illia, made peace with the hill-dwellers by taking Norren the Mortal into vassalage, and presided over a prosperous aftermath of the new dawn. She and Leafhair have 3 children. Increasingly growing distant from her twin children, viewing them as straying from Illian traditions and exploiting their privileged positions, she spent increasingly more time with her youngest, Jofry. While still a formidable warrior, Elora's sanity began to fray, a congenital Covenantes failing her forebears traditionally pushed through until their deaths in battle. In her 57th year, Elora was found dead in her youngest son Jofry's chambers, flayed alive, her corpse already festooned with blooming flowers.

    Esfrey Brythion [46] - Caretaker of the Illia & the Deru, Chosen of Illia, wearer of the Circlet of Leaf & Chain. Eldest daughter of Leafhair & Elora, Esfrey is a rambunctious and headstrong youngster, taking well to the traditional Illian trials. She has proven a precocious student, achieving her right to bear spear & sling by age 10. Completing the trials at age 16 alongside her twin Esfrey is ecstatic to have been named heir to her father, and routinely arrives to take command of forces during exercises in the Green Fields. A reckless adrenaline-junkie Esfrey has an odd aversion to duelling, preferring to let Onfroy defend her honour while she prepares for her next escapade. Taking the circlet has only fed Esfrey's appetite for adventure, and she spends most of her time hunting & leading mock battles, as well as scouring the woods for poachers and raiders. She seemed unfazed by Onfroy's transformation, welcoming him back to the capital with open arms. Outraged at her forced removal from the battlefield against the Orcs of Ixkarr Esfrey has become dangerously aggressive and borderline unstable. Followed by defeat against the Master of Fire and Dust Esfrey has crossed the borderline, requiring bodily restraint in her moments of madness. The Illian clans and dog-men's packs have become dangerously autonomous during this period of intermittent rule, permitting the Listener to gain increasing sway. After a particularly bad fit on her return home Esfrey lies in a coma.

    Onfroy Brythion [46] - Eldest son of Leafhair & Elora, twin brother of Esfrey, Onfroy is a similarly headstrong youngster, although a little less confrontational than his twin, preferring more thoughtful methods of dealing with those who contest him in the trials. He has progressed similarly swiftly in his studies, achieving his right to bear spear & inscribe letters by age 10. Pressed into service as his twin's champion, Onfroy channels his resentment of the role as fury unleashed upon his opponents, maiming several peers Esfrey claimed had slighted her in some petty manner. Furious he was not named heir in his sister's place, believing his martial and intellectual prowess outstrips her own, Onfroy was sent away from council at age 17 to train under the Targiz hero Petal-Head. He returned a very different man, stronger, faster, leaner, able to tear his flesh and extend red thorns to pierce his foes. To duel the young knight is to die a slow death by blood loss as innumerable small cuts and slices from thorn after thorn drain the life from his foes. He stays close to his sister, her staunch defender and bodyguard. The foremost advocate for the Bouquet of the Corpse Flower within Esfrey's court, Onfroy wields substantial influence. Esfrey delegates much of the day-to-day running of the kingdom to her brother, and he takes it quietly in his stride. More recently he developed a relationship with Alhambra, a survivor of No-Climb Cliffs he duelled during the Uzii's contest of might. While the pair rarely found the time to spend together, they always came back to the temple beneath Caretaker's Hall in the end. Onfroy is a fearsome figure within the court in no small part due to Alhambra, as after her transformation into a Thorn of the Red Rose her martial murderous might rivals Onfroy's own. Together they quietly and in some cases very publicly eliminate dissent. They have had 2 children together - the first, an unnamed daughter, disappeared three days after her birth, missing from her cot of flowers. The second, a son called Arnfroy, was born with skin mottled and patterned, split by imprints of 5-petalled red roses.

    Jofry Brythion [42] - Youngest son of Leafhair & Elora. He was an inquisitive child, but lacked the dexterous coordination of his siblings. Elora worried, but Leafhair was confident he'd find his way through the trials somehow. While he struggled, the youngster showed a remarkable determination and managed to cling on to life during the arduous tests. Elora grew increasingly attached to him, while Leafhair neglected his youngest to focus on Esfrey's education. Jofry had few friends amongst his peers, and spent most of his time outside of the trials in the company of young Deru, preferring their down-to-earth, measured approach to life. Few of his peers were willing to combat the might of even a sapling Deru, so he escaped physical bullying for the most part. He had not been seen since his mother's death, despite extensive searching. His closest friends, 2 sapling Deru and a young dog-boy were also missing. He resurfaced during the Dawn Council, stumbling upon visiting dignitaries from the Scrim. Apprehended during his attempted flight by Onfroy the boy disappeared once more for nearly a year before re-emerging as an emissary for his older twin siblings, loyal to all outward appearances. Marked out by two birds, a hawk and a falcon, perpetually adorning his shoulders, the boy-turned unusually hard man was struck by a chance encounter at the Festival of New Horizons, and a new feeling long left undrawn upon begins to return - love. He and Olea stole what time they could while his twins were away on campaign and he left the regent of the Deru. Attending the Union of the Crimson Sun together the pair seemed insatiably inseparable. Their bond has remained true, the two taking the responsibility of regency frequently while Esfrey wars and Onfroy prowls the lands for 'converts'. Now, with Esfrey incapacitated, Jofry and Olea serve as regents once more, for her young son Karakhita.

    Lilium 'Lily' Interspinus Brythion 15 - Eldest daughter of Jofry & Olea. Lily's goliath blood flows strong, and at 7 she is already the size of an Illian 12 year old. While Esfrey bordered on commanding the girl commence the trials, both Jofry and Olea did all they quietly could to keep Lily under Esfrey's gaze. The trials death rate has risen to almost one in two under the Listener's supernatural gaze, as penalties for even slight failure are harsher than ever before.

    'Arnfroy' Arnoldii Brythion13 - Eldest son of Onfroy & Alhambra. Arnfroy's abominable heritage is immediately evident in his mottled & split skin, crossed by imprints of five-petalled red roses. He is an exceptionally quiet child.

    Karakhita Brythion 12 - Eldest son of Esfrey & Rakatak, born on the eve of the first skirmish of the third war against the folk of the flames. Orc blood runs strong through his veins. In stark contrast to his elder cousin he is an exceptionally rowdy child.

    Other Notables
    Norren the Mortal [159] (Deceased)- This cunning old dog-man leads the pack that serves Elora as her vassal. While in his youth the wily soldier fought long and hard against the Illians of the rock, when the war became so entrenched as to approach a war of extinction he betrayed the elders of his pack and led his fellow disaffected's over to Elora's side. Faced now with overwhelming odds the remaining packs retreated to their hill-forts to lick their wounds. Norren was charged with protecting the foothills, and with his pack now granted respite from the century of war and fed by the Illians is exceptionally effective. His pack has grown strong, and he now serves Leafhair & Elora as equal masters. His moniker was given by a soothsayer many moons ago who predicted his death in battle. Norren replied that while he is no more than mortal, his death will happen only when he so chooses. He has been tested and tested, and remains a capable warrior even has his age begins to catch up with him. Having crushed the remaining Dog-men of the highlands, Norren split his pack amongst his pups and theirs, preparing for a great trek westwards. In the aftermath of the failed expedition west, Norren has struggled to bring his pups back to heel, and their packs begin to vie with his for control of the dog-men. Tensions and tempers run high. The death of Norren by choice in battle, defending his sworn liege Esfrey, accelerated the collapse of semi-independent dog-men packs. The infighting his death triggered threatened to tear the packs apart and endanger wider Illia. In the struggle, a trying time for all involved, 6 packs emerged as strong contenders to reunite the dog-men. All fought, each wary of the other, until through subterfuge and intrigue one gained ascendance, subjugating the others. For a year and a day the order stood. Until the Listener came. At his command the 5 packs were freed, empowered, and set upon the last, the ascendant pack. When the blood-frenzy abated the Listener was pleased, and promised that in time there would be game aplenty to feed all the packs, for their sacrifice had been accepted.

    Asha-Shuran [70] - this Wattlea is the Deru's finest tactician, outfighting all comers in a series of exhibition matches between the Grey Grove & Widhu's Wrath. A rarity among the Deru, she is renowned for her quick temper and agile mind, and is usually raring for a fight. She found a kindred spirit in old Norren, and spent long hours discussing theories while the two hunt. Concerned at the growing pugnacious spirit of the Uzii, and trusting the Crimson Kingdom to stay in their mountains high Asha spent most of her days teaching Esfrey to lead warriors in battle, although she despaired of ever teaching the Illian to refrain from a charge. Asha then retreated a little from the capital, spending more and more time with Norren in the foothills. Esfrey made no attempt to force her to remain. Finding her favour at court again restored as Onfroy sought allies Asha-Shuran led a force against the blightwhales, conducting herself admirably. Devastated by the death of Norren she resolved to do right by Esfrey in her remaining years of service and while she again has fallen out of favour as Esfrey is enraged that she was removed from the field Asha remains a powerful commander with the loyalty of the Ashan Grove.

    The Listener ?? - this former sightless one is a mysterious figure, a red rose & crimson poppy sprouting from where his eyes once were. Claiming to speak for the ancestor spirits, to hear the voices of the rotted, the sacrificed, the deplored derided and defamed. He delivers their counsel, for in death they have nothing left to lose. The sightless ones, once an order of mute & blind stonemasons, has grown massively in size since the Listener's rise, now ranging far and wide to preach and proselytise, giving seeds and stirring the fertility of barren land in exchange for sacrifices and the bodies of the dead. The Listener himself has a near-iron grip on the Rock and its surrounds, facilitated by Esfrey's growing insanity. For years he has waited, prepared, sent feelers out to all who would listen, but now he preaches more. That the time of trials and terror is at hand in earnest. Now he marches on Bhaile-Koma to proclaim his visions and revelations to the court, backed by an army. He will make them listen.

    Gormeric Runarn 31 - the Lord of Banners, Gormeric leads the Enkel of Luaithraeak-Molok.

    Spoiler: Admin

    Embassy with Targiz

    Required Resource - Living Beings (Satisfied with Cattle)

    No New Leader

    Leader stat increases:
    Faith +1, Mil +2

    City in region 37 (Bhaile)
    Fortress in region 37 (the Green Fields)
    Holy Order in region 37 (Knights of the Red Rose)
    Holy Land Holy Order in region 37 (Cult of Rebirth)

    Region 37 TP1 (Living Wood)
    Region 42 TP1 (Cattle)

    Animal Husbandry
    Writing (Hraban)(Elecctricat)
    Wild Riders

    Naval Units: 1/4
    Units: 7/10

    Established Units:
    Old Grove - Warrior-trees.
    Widhu's Wrath - A horde of woodland beasts guided by Castain custodians.
    Illia's Children - Well-organised band of proud young Illian warriors.
    Illia's Elders- Age brings experience as well as scars - Illia is no peaceful place, and those warriors that survive are capable indeed.
    Ashan Grove - Asha-Shuran knows well the tales of the Ash Grove, and her own band of loyal followers are similarly inclined to revel in past glories.
    Knights of the Red Rose - Onfroy's fanatical followers.
    King's Own - Caretaker's personal guard.
    Listener's Faithful - fanatical followers of the prophet of the Garland of Souls.

    Listener's Faithful - 2 land unit
    Asha-Shuran's Fleet - 1 naval unit
    Knights of the Red Rose - 3 land units
    Royal Retinue - 2 land unit

    Treasure: 0.

    Heroes: Asha-Shuran (8), Sir Onfroy (9)

    Cultural Identity(s): Children of the Sannha (2d8 on raising organisation reputation) (temporary).

    Tactical Doctrine(s): None (no effect) (temporary).

    Circlet of Leaf & Chain: A stone chain circlet with ever-green wattle leaves entwined throughout, permitting communication with the voices of Councillors & Chosen past, granting +2 to own leader loss rolls when ruler is personally leading troops.
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Led by The Lucid Ones [Riseaesir, Ileaeli, and Ealedelae]
    D1 ; M4 ; O6 ; F5 +2 ; I3

    1. [FAITH Construct a Pioneer Sanctum 1/5]
    2. [FAITH Construct a Pioneer Sanctum 2/5]
    3. [FAITH Construct a Pioneer Sanctum 3/5]
      The Dolod are learning of far-away lands and desire to learn of them. As importantly, strangely, they feel the need to share information. When casting about for those willing to anger the liars in Mamut or Tarandi, the Dolod struggle for some time, owing to the strength of the Scrimthun Unity and the Á'Shansholí. But eventually, a people who see profit to be made accept the Dolod's request. Deep within Luaithraeak-Molok, contact is made and work begins. Dolod travel far, bringing with them knowledge and excitement.

      Those few who return to begin setting up communications report the ease of the journey. Despite the new territory and questionable communication with the locals, they found their build site easy to find. It was a natural place to build, they reported. When heading toward it, they felt as though they walked downhill. Even traveling near the Orcs seemed less an obstacle than expected. The workers and Lucid One expressed some excitement, too - they easily slept through the entire presence of the moon near the site of the Sanctum. While the Dolod do not put much stock in luck or fate, they seem content with this auspicious beginning to the project.
    4. [FAITH Set True Dawn Holy Site Bonus] [True Dawn Heroes assist on quests at a +3, rather than a +2]
      The spread of the Path of the True Dawn has surpassed the Dolod's early expectations. Aside from the weight of the truth, they know that a good share of the reason for this is the might of the Alodites, the power of the Ashir, and the cleverness of Crow's Tribe. To support the legendary individuals from these groups that bring glory to the faith, the Dolod establish [Name TBD]. These warriors, scholars, explorers, bards, cooks, grooms, hunters, and more are specially trained to ensure the heroes of the faith have as few distractions as possible when they set off on their adventures, leaving the greatest of the mortals to do what they do best.
    5. [FAITH Convert Ta Netjer (328)] SUCCESS
      The Dolod, with a collective start, realize that the people of Ta Netjer have no formal clergy with them and are beginning to spread false information about the primacy of the piece of the sun over Emnellenme themself. Naturally, the Lucid Ones worry about the weakened focus on memory and send a small group of priests to reestablish the truth.

    1. Resist all Conversions.
    2. Accept all tech except Writing.
    3. Resist all Buyouts.
    4. Accept all Embassy gifts except units.
    5. Send The Nail to TRL using Embassy.
    6. Use liege score to resist MIL/DIP/INT action.
    7. Nicely ask GM team to respond regarding Guardian Dream GP and TP rules questions.

    Rumors and Stories

    • When the Quluq's representative takes their trip to the Ashir court, they naturally bring with them 12 followers, including one recent offspring, to ensure the important memories are able to arrive safely.
    • The Quluq publicly condemns the Dream Speakers for their brazen theft of Sikarian culture. The sandstorm has abated, the danger has passed. If safekeeping was truly the goal, then the valuables should be returned. Otherwise, this is simply more of the same from the deceivers: acquisition under false pretenses.
    • (Nail)

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    The Quluq
    Stat Value Increase?
    Diplomacy 1 -
    Military 4 -
    Opulence 6 -
    Faith 5 -
    Intrigue 3 -

    Amalama is serving as Sharif
    Malam is serving as Vizier

    New Ruler: No

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region Name Region Number Resource Holy Center Holy Order Status Bonuses
    Nellen 307 Desert Bells - Spices (Great) The Urelleru - Capital, Stable -

    Spoiler: Technology/Specialties
    Type Name Effect(s) Permanent?
    - - - -

    Type Name Effect(s) Required Resource?
    E Pottery +1 Buyouts None
    E Animal Husbandry +1 to Opulence and Diplomacy exploration None
    E Irrigation +1 Stabilization None
    E Masonry +1 to resist Raids and Sacks None
    E Coinage +1 to resist buyouts to players w/o coinage; +1 to buyouts Gold or Silver resource
    E Towers of Light +2 to defend against raids if attacker moves through a region with a TP you control. +1 to Investigate per other owner of this tech taking the Investigate action this round (Max +2) Silver resource, Masonry tech
    E Advanced Masonry +1 to resist Raids/Sacks None
    E Caravansarai +1 to resist Raid/Sacks Masonry Tech, Clay or Stone resource
    M Thin-Blood Elixir +1 to Battles/Quests w/ Gluttonous Shadows N/A
    E Stele of Light +1 vs Errant Questing // Bonus/Penalty against Theft equal to ((-1)*DSP Rep) Mystical Stone // Sunstone, Towers of Light tech
    - - - -

    Spoiler: Mechanical Bookkeeping

    Trading Posts Owned: 11??
    1. Clay, 299
    2. Clay, 269
    3. Shattered Runestones, 306
    4. Silver, 308
    5. Desert Bell Seeds, 291
    6. Kelp Oil, 266
    7. Sand, 301
    8. Iron, 310
    9. Giant Kangaroos, 318
    10. Wombats, 284
    11. Gamebirds, 208??
    12. Sunrock, 328

    Faith head of The Path of the True Dawn
    Holy Site Total Effect Category
    5 +1 Resist Assassination/Kidnapping
    10 2d8 Investigations
    20 T1 Tech TD Heroes Assist at a +3
    40 T2 Tech N/A
    80 Bonus N/A

    Military Units CAP: 5


    • All-Seeing Memory - Grants holder +1 to one roll per round when defending against Intrigue actions.
    • The Scorching Shield - Grants holder +2 vs Leader Loss rolls. - Held by the Ashir

    5 Current

    Special Actions Used
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