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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Deru
    Bhaile-Koma, region 37

    We do not speak for the trees. We are the trees. By the grace of the Sannha, we stride.
    We are the blessed of the Sannha. We are all its children. By the sacred waters, we abide.

    Leafhair (54)
    Diplomacy: 5
    Military: 7
    Opulence: 2
    Faith: 4
    Intrigue: 2

    1: Faith: Convert region 38. [10]

    2: Military: Raise a unit.
    The alliance between the Deru and the Illia of region 38 cemented, a force is raised to defend the area. One of native peoples, one of Deru moving into the newly-friendly lands.

    3: Faith: Pray. The Custodians of the Isle continue their work on deciphering the runes on their ancient spires.

    4: Military: Raise a unit.

    5: Opulence: Buyout TP 1 (Cattle) Region 41: [6]
    The negotiations were tough, but with help from the Uzii, a diplomatic incident was averted and with herds of cattle now being guided back to Bhaile-Koma the Deru can feed easy once more. But you can never be too careful. Without Uzii assistance, the Castain give it another shot.

    Non-actions: Support all conversions, support all buyouts of unowned TP's.

    Spoiler: Admin

    Required Resource - Living Beings (Satisfied with Cattle)

    Leader stat increases:
    Opu +1, Faith +1

    Region 37 TP1 (Living Wood)
    Region 42 TP1 (Cattle)

    Animal Husbandry
    Writing (Hraban)(Elecctricat)

    Units: 2/6
    The Grey Grove - Traditional Fuinn warrior-trees.
    Widhu's Wrath - A horde of woodland beasts guided by Castain custodians.

    Heroes: Asha-Shuran (8).

    Cultural Identity/ies: Children of the Sannha (2d8 on raising organisation reputation) (temporary).

    Tactical Doctrine/s: none.
    "Into the Jaws of Death, into the Mouth of Hell;" (Tennyson)
    So shall you tread, once you pass the precipice of villainy.

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Fffolkkk
    Regions: 266 & 267
    Round 8

    Round 8 Actions:
    1: (diplomacy) Send a small group of Fffolkk to seek out the Sentinels of Stone, and politely request help understanding the organizations goals.
    2: (diplomacy) Send a small group of Fffolkk to seek out the Dream Speakers, and politely request help understanding the organizations goals.
    3: (opulence) Buy out trading post #1 in region 268 for seafood. Need to support the people in their time of trials. With extra boost from finding them last round.
    4: (opulence) Buyout trading post #2 in region 307 for Gold. Maybe this will work as a non-corrosive metal. The local leadership supported this.
    5: (opulence) buyout trading post #3 in region 295 for salt. It is far higher quality than evaporated sea-salt. The local leadership supported this.

    Non Actions & Fluff:
    • The Fffolkkk meet the Nocturnal Hydra upon landing and escort them through their lands to the borders of region 268. . A small group of observers continue along, to see first hand how the Shaylles fight.
    • The Fffolkkk attend the Thunderfolk event. Despite the confusion over not being invited, they settle into their role as roving roadblocks to the other teams. Roll was 9
    • The ‘Doubters and the ‘Reefers relationship continues to be contentious. Many ‘Reefers are unwilling to accept that non-parent fffolkkk can live the ages that some of the ‘Doubters are claiming.
    • A book of scandalous drawings reportedly discussing the reproductive habits of the Shaylles has become an underground sensation!
    • The results of the elections are in. The Minister's of Civility and Incivility have the least faith of the people. They need to step up and suggest new ways to meet the people's expectations!

    Spoiler: Results

    The Wayfinder For Living (100D100)[5004]
    Wayfinder For Creation (100D100)[5111]
    Wayfinder of Civility (100D100)[4796]
    Wayfinder of the Incivility (100D100)[4535]
    Wayfinder of Truth (100D100)[5172]
    Wayfinder of the Currents (100D100)[5139]

    Spoiler: bookkeeping

    Leader Table
    Stat start round 4 round 5 round 6 round 7 round 8 (expected)
    Diplomacy 5 +1 +1 - - -
    Military 3 +1 - +1 +1 -
    Opulence 5 +1 +1 +1 +1 -
    Faith 3 - - - - -
    Intrigue 2 - - - - -

    Regions & trading posts
    Region Name Region Number Resource Learning Center Holy Order Status
    The Sand Reefs 266 Kelp-Olive Oil (Great) The WInd and the Tide - Capital, unrest
    The Redoubt 267 Mountain Goatsl (Good) The Wind and the Tide - region, stable
    Unnamed region trading post 1 269 clay -- - --
    Unnamed region trading post 1 286 hemp -- - --

    Technologies & Cultural Specialties
    Type Name Effect(s) Permanent? Note
    Masonry Interlocking Shells +1 to resist raids & sacks Yes -
    Writing marks in clay ? Yes -
    Pottery clay pots ? Yes -
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Brayewen Tribes


    1.[Military 5] Hero of the North Neeschter! Neeschter was born and raised in Braye, he fought the mountains naked and learned the secret art of tantric meditation in between the Cliffs of Klammen. He's fought bears and slept with wolves. He has fought demons with light-brown skin, dark brown hair and pale eyes. None shall stand between Neeschter the brave, the devout, the strong.

    2.[Military] Defend region 120 with 6 units, lead by King Kartoffel himself.
    - TacDoc: Skirmishing
    - Refuse Duel

    3.[Opulence] Buy out TP2 in Hiverness region 108 from Arrok of Uldra

    4. [Opulence] Buy out TP1 in Uldra region 109 from Arrok of Uldra

    5. [Military] Raise 1 land Unit

    Spoiler: Non-Actions

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    Spoiler: BOOKKEEPING

    Thought King Kartoffel
    D: 8
    M: 5
    O: 6
    F: 3
    I: 3

    Expected Stat Increases: +1 M +1 O

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Military Units 6/6
    - none

    - none

    - none


    Temporary Cultural Identity - None
    Permanent Cultural Identities - EMPTY

    Tactical Doctrines

    - Reckless Charge
    - Skirmishing
    - Cautious Advance

    - Special Materials
    - Armor
    - Weaponry
    - Ranged Weaponry
    - Cavalry
    - Scouts and Logistics
    - War Beasts
    - Combat Drugs and Medicine
    - Fortifications
    - Sappers and Siege Weapons
    - Subterfuge

    Trading posts (1)
    Great Mamut Shark
    • DAN
    • ELF
    • BRAYE

    Other Owned Trading Post:
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Great Kingdom of Ngedhuun Thukhulu Saar Lhungho
    The River Lords

    Years 229-232
    Region 221 - Troll Country (Ljung Ghrakka Saar)
    Region 220 - Unghlaban
    Region 210 - Narava
    Region 208 - Inkhwabi

    King Ruunandaraghal
    Diplomacy 7
    Military 7
    Opulence 3
    Faith 1
    Intrigue 5


    1. [Military] Establish a new Tactical Doctrine: Riparian Ambush: Effects Still Seeking Approval!

    2. [Military] Send Ingkannu Isidi with Alexios to strike at the heart of the infestation and aid in the Epic Quest!

    3. [Military] Recruit a Land Unit

    4. [Military] Recruit a Land Unit

    5. [Military] Recruit a Land Unit

    6. [Military] Recruit a Land Unit


    Standing: Accept any Embassies or Technologies offered.

    News and Rumors
    • Singhön
    • Folktale to write: The [First/Best/Most Famous] Sin-Eater
    • Slabs of Prowess last minute entry

    Spoiler: Recorded In Chorus

    5 Land Units
    1 Naval Unit
    • Snapping Maw
    • Spitting Stones
    • River's Surge
    • Lashing Tail
    • Gnashing Teeth
    • Broken Scales

    Animal Husbandry
    Writing (Veramondi Logography)


    SOS: +2 Rep, 0 Favors
    DSP: +1 Rep, 0 Favors
    TSR: +3 Rep, 0 Favors

    Spoiler: Legends and Legacies

    Troll King Haanhangandhal - Slain Through Subterfuge

    Troll King Ruunandaraghal
    Projected Stat Growth:
    +1 Military

    No Current Heir

    Ingkannu Isidi, Hero of Lhungho Saar

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