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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Great Scrimthun Unity
    Glory be to Thun, which remembers what it is owed.
    (Round 14)

    1. [Diplomacy]Great Project: Finish translating the languages and customs of the Daezirn Isles at the Truthseer Tower in Thun. (4/4)
      Traditionally, Thun has disdained affairs across the ocean. The sea, by Scrim reckoning, is the greatest danger to a Scrim, a vast supply of water that might erode the very soul and memories of a Scrim should they fall in. But with Nithor’s new status as Keeper of Fables, a peer to the world-spanning Dreamspeakers, it seems foolish to limit the scope of its actions so. And, though the Sokau (such as they are) might remain the finest sailors in all of Mamut, it would seem that the Scrim now have the finest ships in all of Mamut. And while the Arkusans have never been a sea-faring people, they are eager to try their hand at it.
      So Scrim scholars are sent with texts and fragments to the Windowless Tower in Thun, where they work tirelessly to make things comperehensible for their peers. They collect, they collate, they co-ordinate, and in the end, Thun emerges with a working knowledge of the Daezirn Isles- one they intend to put to use.
    2. [Opulence]Buyout: Buyout the Minor resource of Goats in region 55. Success!
      Where force of arms fails, merchants have no trouble. With access to great technological marvels comes a need for raw materials. Materials such as animal hooves. It seems strange to the Scrim, but they have no qualms with such a course of action.
    3. [Opulence]Buyout: Buyout the Good resource of Copper in No-Climb-Cliffs (region 33) with support from TAR. Success!
      And, of course, with those secrets come immediate, obvious, and practical uses for metal. A deal is struck, to pay the Targiz in exchange for taking over some of their mining operations in Uzii territory.
    4. [Opulence]Buyout: Buyout the Good resource of tin in region 24 with support from CRI. Success!
      To the possible alarm of some, Thun continues to engage in trade with the Crimson Kingdom. This time, it is a more abundant and less mysterious metal that they seek, to forge bronze with. In exchange, they offer the training of expert Falconers in the Land of the Watchers to the Crimson Kingdom, to do with as they please.
    5. [Military]Attack region 60.
      • Steady-Hand-Spills-Black-Blood-On-White-Snow (10) leads.
      • Send 6 land units.
      • Challenge commander to duel with Trinity of Light shared Dueling CI.
      • Use the Skirmishing Tactical Doctrine.
      • Techs: Increased Defense Budget
      • Spend 2 treasure for a +3 bonus.
      • Total bonus: 10+6+3=19

      Steady-Hand took well to her training- better than Arman had ever expected. Recognizing her greater skill in battle, he elects to "lead" the battle by co-ordinating the Scrim forces from afar, allowing Steady-Hand an opportunity to try herself in the field of battle.
    6. [Military]Raise a naval unit.
      With the old Scrimspeakers slowly phasing out, there is no longer any opposition to further recruitment by the Warspeaker. He seizes on the opportunity immediately, expanding the Scrim navy from a nice thought to a small but functional fighting force.

    Embassy Actions:
    1. Send 1 treasure to the Targiz (TAR), along with a promise to send 2 more in the near future, in exchange for buyout support.

    1. Attend any events to which we are invited.
    2. Support a buyout by the Dreamspeakers (DSP) of the Good resource of Orichalcum in Region 21.
      The Dreamspeakers will surely be pleased with the work the Scrim have done to secure for them the strange material they requested.
    3. Support a buyout by the Crimson Kingdom (CRI) of the Good resource of Falconers in the Land of the Watchers (region 61.)
    4. Resist all unsupported buyouts.
    5. Support all conversions to the Trinity of Light; resist all others.
    6. Gain 2 Treasure at the beginning of the next round from passive income. Earlier trade continues to pay dividends.

    News and Rumors:
    • Sweeping changes are coming to Thun. With the aid and assistance of the Dreamspeakers, Thun has access to secrets that open many new possibilities. And with the Warspeaker now a human, the door has been opened for more non-Scrim to ascend to positions of authority, quietly encouraged by the Thunspeaker and their political allies.
      Equally quiet is the slow desertion of the Scrimspeakers. One by one, the old guard is replaced, many fleeing to self-imposed exile in distant Kursaal before the Warspeaker and the Thunspeaker’s personal enforcer Steady-Hand can come to “convince” them that it is in their best interests to step down. Replacing them are a variety of different figures, humans, Watchers, and younger Scrim, all loyal to the Thunspeaker, all ready to help usher in a new age of progress for Thun.
      One “reform” notably not instituted is the nonsense notion of “votes” for the wider populace. This nonsense, Nithor tells the Dreamspeakers, is not only ridiculous, but likely to be harmful to Thun’s interests. The Scrim need firm, central guidance- it is the duty of the Thunspeaker to lead, not the privilege. This foreign notion will remain just that- foreign.

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping
    Leader: Thunspeaker Nithor, Keeper of Fables
    • Diplomacy: 10
    • Military: 6 [=>7]
    • Opulence: 10
    • Faith: 2
    • Intrigue: 1

    Land Units: 6/12 [=>7?/12]
    Naval Units: 0/6 [=>1/6]
    Passive Treasure Income: 2
    Treasure: 3/10 [=>2/10]
    Embassies: ALQ, KOB, TAR, UZI
    • Masonry
    • Writing (Hraban Runes)
    • Animal Husbandry
    • Pottery
    • Irrigation
    • NEW: Sailing
    • Arctic Survival (Active, 65.1)
    • Increased Defense Budget (Active, 18.2 and 18.3)
    • Stage Plays (Inactive, need refreshments)
    • Uzii Battlesmithing (Inactive, need hard metal)

    Spoiler: Keeper of Fables Techs
    • Bronze (Inactive, need copper or tin)
    • Crab-Claw Sails
    • Thin-Blood Elixir
    • Wheel and Axle
    • Coinage (Partially active, need silver or gold)
    • Composite Bows (Inactive, need hooved animals)
    • Equestrianism (Inactive, need horses)
    • War Drums
    • Eleftherian Diplomacy
    • Viskari War Bows (Inactive, need additional wood)

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    Spoiler: STUFFS
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    United Abiherist Tribes
    (Round 14)
    King of Kings Wenid Kw'Muketi

    [Diplomacy] Stabilize the Korebita Foothills (18):
    [Faith] Convert region 231 (18):
    [Diplomacy] Host an Event (!6-Event):
    Spoiler: Subactions
    Gift Feathered Cloaks to the Sewune and Bel-Dan
    Demand a tribute of 8 Treasure from the Kro
    Trade Feathered Cloaks to the Sol'Ikoth for Seekers

    [Faith] Convert region 232 (24):
    [Military] Raise two land units: Gusuhaz Kw'Sewi returns from their raid on Highnest with an army of fervent followers, determined to support the great hero in their quest to defeat Kro Karael and rescue the victims of his vicious kidnapping spree (and take some of the loot home themselves). Meanwhile, a new sect of Abiherists led by the newly appointed Curator Gotor Kw'Mesihafi have begun to spread throughout the Korebita, preaching of heroes returned from the dead in the sands of Kiswa. Some of their sect have begun to take up arms, hoping to convince the Bete Great Library to accept their claims into the baseline structure of the Abiherist religion.
    [Military] Gusuhaz Kw’Sewi and Oyem Kw'Mesihafi and Wenid Kw'Muketi go on an errant quest in Highnest (23): Joined by the Crimson Curator, Gusuhaz pled the King of Kings to help them avenge the insult done to them by the Kro, and to help rescue the enslaved citizens of the Korebita. Though reluctant, Wenid finally agreed, more happy to find out that Gusuhaz was still living than angry about their unorthodox methods. Accompanied by a few of each of their most loyal followers, they slipped into Highnest under cover of night, roaming the city like a pack of ghouls. They remained, hidden, in Highnest for a week, creeping out under cover of darkness or crowds to slay nobles or warriors, loot the Kro's storehouses, and search the city for any sign of slaves taken from the Korebita. Finally finding nothing, it was reasoned that the kidnapped people had been taken elsewhere, and determined to leave Highnest - but not without going out in a blaze of glory! The attack came at midday, in the central square of Highnest, where Gusuhaz, dressed in all their splendor, toppled a statue of Kro Karael and smashed it to pieces! Their supporters instantly began to move through the town, killing every guard or noble in sight, and throwing sacks of treasure onto their backs as they fled the city. For a moment, it appeared as though Gusuhaz would storm the palace of Karael itself, but Oyem managed to convince them of the folly of this task and in the chaos the pair of heroes escaped the city. It appeared, however, that Wenid Kw'Muketi was not so lucky. Their burnt body was found days later by patrols trying to regain control over the burnt, looted district of the city where the riot had occurred. Wenid had gone down surrounded by the bodies of Kro. In the end, it had not been any enemy's spear that slew them, but a section of wood collapsing from the roof of the burning granary that they had been cornered in. The title King of Kings thus passed to Lisiy Kw'Muketi, a lad of only eight, who was understandably furious about the death of their parent and ordered that the United Abiherist Tribes would henceforth be at war with the Kro.

    Attend event
    Resist buyouts
    Resist all conversions except those to Abiherism
    Convert Highnest with the Crimson Blade (20)

    TRO Embassy
    Accept all techs

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    The Curators of the Bete Great Library had not come to the decision to disown the Abiherist sect of Lhungo Saar easily. While the trolls and their multiracial thralls had been devout Abiherists for a long time, the recent expansion of the Way of Green into the country was extremely alarming. Already major sections of the government had converted to the new religion, including King Ruunan himself! With it only being a matter of time before the Dhraan leadership decided to accept Way of Green wholesale, the Curators gathered and made the difficult decision to disband the Lhungo Saar division of Abiherism and to excommunicate Ruunan. It was quickly revealed that this choice would impact the River Lords harshly, as both Ruunan and Onoynoyis were killed in battle soon after. Whispers began to spread that some long-gone hero, perhaps even Ghrakka Yonghalo herself, had punished the leadership of the Lhungo Saar kingdom for their heresies.

    Spoiler: Songs of the Korebita

    Spoiler: Technologies

    Animal Husbandry
    Crab-Claw Sails
    Thin-Blood Elixir
    War Drums
    Feathered Cloaks

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping and Ruler Info

    Land Units: Torineti Warriors, Korebita Slingers, Sewi Warriors, Thunder’s Vanguard, Galghäl Skirmishers, Zemena Monks, +2

    Naval Units: Adeni Marines, Huleteni’s Javelin, Badëmajha Cultists

    Treasures: Black Gold, Blood Ingot, Blood Ingot, Blood Ingot

    Resources Controlled: Tropical Birds (194.1)

    Fortress: Misig Zinabi (213)

    Heroes: Oyem Kw'Mesihafi (10), Gusuhaz Kw’Sewi (8)

    Artifacts: The Crimson Blade of Yedem Kali (Gusuhaz Kw'Sewi)

    Leader: King of Kings Wenid Kw’Muketi

    Diplomacy: 8 +1
    Military: 10 +1
    Opulence: 4
    Faith: 10 +1
    Intrigue: 2

    New ruler next round!
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    ^Turn Fourteen

    My Round Actions
    Lands of the HYD
    R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14

    Game Round Opener Posts
    R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10pt1 R10pt2 R11pt1 R11pt2 R12pt1 R12pt2 R13pt1 R13pt2 R14pt1 R14pt2

    Ruler: Wuuluu, The Sought Queen
    Dip 8 +2
    Mil 10
    Opu 5
    Fai 1
    Int 4

    Mil Raise Unit x2 (2 Naval units)
    Mil Send Charlie to go fight and help the CRO in 312 take down the Corpse Titan Roll = 20
    (Alternatively, if it’s ruled that Zab’s action doesn’t go through and that this action would be wasted otherwise, do the quest myself (since I rolled the 20 required). If neither of those are possible, convert this into making a Mil 10 Technology (from the ones I submitted to be talked about and reviewed earlier in the round)
    Dip Press Claim Region 318 Roll = 19 (typo’d 325)
    Using the claimant Dweave, Great Success, acquire the region immediately.
    +1 Land Unit from the Natives.
    Dip Colonize 203 Roll = 14
    Success, colonize the region.
    Dip Attend Diplomatic Event (The Arrisad Chapter) (Also known as the Texas High Noon Nest Standoff) (aka the Blemyae event) (the same one the SKO are attending)
    Dip Translation Project for Tarandi 1/5.

    Trade 4 Land Units to the Ashir via Embassy
    Spending 2 treasure (Press Claim region 318, Colonize 203)
    Trade Towers of Light, 1 Naval unit, and 2 Treasure to the NAH via Embassy.
Trade Towers of Light to the SEW, for a to-be-named tech on a later turn.
    Receive 1 Treasure and Thin Blood from the SEW, and the SEW gives VYG Celestial Navigation.

    Diplomatic Event (High Nest Standoff)
    Trade Masonry and Celestial Navigation SKO.
    Receive Desert Traversal (Seekers) from SKO (with understanding I won’t trade it to anybody). Receive 1 Treasure from SKO.
    Accept Vassalization from the SKO.
    Receive Advanced Masonry from the ASH (understanding I won’t trade it over to the sewune)

    Spoiler: Default Non-Actions

    Accept all trade gifts (treasures, units, technologies, etc)
    Accept all Embassies.
    Accept Vassalization of the NAH and the SKO.
    Resist all buyouts not explicitly allowed within HYD territories.
    Resist all buyouts on TPs that the HYD specifically own (as opposed to unowned or owned by other players), superseding general support to buy out TPs.
    Resist all conversions to religions other than Path Of The Ancient Ones.
    Support all conversions to Path Of The Ancient Ones.
    If I’m purchasing a TP that is owned, and there is an available unowned TP in the same region, default to buying the unowned TP instead unless I explicitly mention to buy the other player out.
    Any actions that entirely fail for whatever reason should be converted towards a GP of that type (or just a Raise Unit, if military and there is room)
    Accept SKO helping up security to stop assassination.

    Support the NAH buyout of TP 3 of Copper in region 282

    News and Rumors
    Spoiler: Aloraa’s Exile

    Aloraa. It’s a name she’d discarded long before arriving on the shores of Posleyd Nadeh. This land was blighted, perhaps even moreso than the home she was forced to flee as a child, and she was here to fix that in her mother’s name.


    But, as she showed up on the shores, a literal army of brigands at her beck and call, she was met with quite a different sight. This place didn’t resemble the stories she’d heard of errant monsters ravaging the hillsides burning down every farm to the last.

    Surely, there was some wrong to be corrected here, but. The Goliath denizens seemed happy. Which ironically was a problem. The army she’d mustered were in part constructed from the survivors of her own Night Elven clan, but a larger portion of them were mercenary. She couldn’t just inflict them upon innocent people.

    Even ignoring that, her own people still needed to eat. Their supplies were dwindling fast, and pretty soon she’d have to make an incredibly tough decision, one way or the other.

    Armies and Coffers of the HYD

    Spoiler: Night Elven Armies And Coffers (As of 244-248 AFD)

    Coffers: 6/10 Treasure, 4/8 Naval Units, 8/14 Army Units
    Trading Posts/Cities Controlled: 10/1 (+2 Treasure at turn-end)
    Favor/Rep Status: 0/2 with SoS, 0/2 with DSP, 0/2 with TSR

    Spoiler: Opulence TP Stuff

    Spoiler: Owned TPs

    211/2/Tvila Clay
    216/2/Droggen Berries

    267/2/Mountain Goats
    280/1/Flavored Water
    288/2/Water Buffalo
    289/City/Wild Horses

    Spoiler: TPs in Owned Territories

    280 Fla Wat HYD/FLK/XX
    281 Maize IXK/FLK/ALO
    282 Copper HYD/ASH/Open
    289 Wild Horse (City, Crow own 289 supposedly but itÂ’s not in any of the standard trade posts) Open/Open/CRO/(HYD)
    268 Sea Food FLK/XX/XX
    204 Copper HEN/FLK/XX

    Spoiler: Techs/Bonuses
    Total Tech List: All Default Techs, Comp Bows, Equestrianism, War Drums, Bronze, Sharpened Weapons, Crab Claw Sails
    Coinage, Wheel and Axel
    +desert travel +thin blood + advanced masonry
    Flowerlands (Mamut) Codex
    Blightlands (Kiswa) Codex
    +1/5 Tarandi Codex
    PotAtO +1 Def Battles
    Spoiler: War Tech Table

    Equipped Techs
    * Special Materials (Bronze) +1 Battle, +1 Leader Loss Rolls
    * Armor (none)
    * Melee Weaponry (Sharpened Weapons) +1 Battle
    * Ranged Weaponry (Composite Bows) +1 Battles
    * Cavalry (Equestrianism) -10% friendly casualties
    * Scouts and Logistics (War Drums) +2 Tac Doc
    * War Beasts (none)
    * Fortifications (none)
    * Combat Drugs and Medicine (none)
    * Sappers and Siege Weapons (none)
    * Subterfuge (none)

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Round 14
    [Uzii Protectorate of Mamut]

    [Homage Closed-Fist Mudmore]
    Region(s): 8, 18, 33, 34, 35, 39, 40, 41, 42

    1. [Military] Raise [2] Units [Fortress] (1 Fight Throng, 1 Hraban Murder)
      With the addition of the Hraban cousins officially under the Protectorate, they come to train at Fort Death-Grasp, so that they might work better with other Uzii warriors.
      [Military] WAR! Send 9 Units to aid the natives of region 17, led by Pain-Drop Redmoon (Mil 10).
      Seeing the armies of the Crimson Kingdom move, Pain-Drop Redmoon gathers forces to prevent their expansion. Hopefully the natives will be receptive... Even if they are not, the Uzii choose to make a stand. They will not allow the Horned King to maneuver unchecked. Every inch of ground the Bloody Elves want beyond their mountains, the Uzii will be there to fight them for.
      • Reckless Attack
      • +1 Tactical Maneuvering (Soul Honor)
      • Uzii Battlesmithing [Armor]
      • +1 SoS (Black Iron)
      • +1 Treasure to Combat Roll
      • +9 Units
      • +10 Hero
      • Challenge the Crimson Kingdom to a Duel [2d8 CI, +1 from SoS] (Capture if Possible)
    2. [Military] Sword-Strike Stoneborn explores to the north of region 6 (Roll: 19)
      Though getting old, Sword-Strike has a wanderlust that cannot be sated by just standing around. He and his apprentice, the plucky Battle Toad rider Wild-Swing Mudmore, travel to lands unknown, and go into the further unknown beyond!
    3. [Diplomacy] Remove Unrest in region 33 [Roll: 17]
      Closed-Fist knows that he won't be the Homage for much longer. He prepares the Protectorate for the next Homage by helping those in need.
    4. [Diplomacy] Remove Unrest in region 41 [Roll: 18]
      Closed-Fist knows that he won't be the Homage for much longer. He prepares the Protectorate for the next Homage by helping those in need.
    5. [Diplomacy] Remove Unrest in region 40 [Roll: 17]
      Closed-Fist knows that he won't be the Homage for much longer. He prepares the Protectorate for the next Homage by helping those in need.
    6. [Diplomacy] Explore to the Northwest of region 8, North of region 7 (Roll: 20)
      Closed-Fist's mysterious 'plan' continues. He sends Uzii and Hraban missionaries to find out more about regions local to the Too-Dry Dunes.

    • Support conversion of any owned regions to Soul Honor. Resist conversion for any other faiths.
    • Send Closed-Fist Mudmore and Deep-Sigh Thumpstrong to "consult" with the Storm Bird.
    • Allow Deru to pass uncontested into region 7 and 5.
    • Send Far-Reach Mudmore and his mate Coarse-Pond Windswept to the Festival of New Horizons.
    • Sword-Strike Stoneborn steps down as a defender of Mamut, in favor of Wild-Swing Mudmore (Mil 10 Hero Replacement)

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    • The Hraban's leadership has a brief skirmish with the Tuskers of Swampum. Out of nine duels, the Hraban win four, and the Uzii win five. With this, the Hraban as a whole begin to be integrated into the Protectorate more closely.
    • The Crimson Kingdom sent one of their ilk to cause trouble within No-Climb Cliffs. This unexpected maneuver brings much grumbling, and it takes the Talky Chieftess to come out and aid the Homage in order to settle the disquiet. This infraction on the Protectorate will not be forgotten or forgiven.
    • The great Storm Bird returns, and devastates the Leviathan. As well as parts of Rodrak. The Homage spends time settling the discomfort of those of the Land of Farming Stone, and culminates his visit by seeking out the Storm Bird itself.
    • The Snortsmoot occurs soon. Though he is challenged by all the Tuskers of Swampum, it is no surprise when Far-Reach Mudmore becomes the next Homage. What is a surprise is that shortly before the Snortsmoot, Coarse-Pond Windswept - Far-Reach's mate - has her first brood of whelps. Three of the eight whelps are girls, a significant rarity in any brood. One of the remaining five male whelps seems to possess the same glimmer of intellect commonly found in Shaman. With the increased levels of comfort and safety within the Protectorate, it is expected that almost all eight of the children should survive to maturity.
    • Ko-Ball is very popular in the Protectorate, so there is much rejoicing when the Big Strongs once again show their might. Coming out as the champions of this year's league, the fans of Ko-Ball in Swampum make an absolute mess of the Proud-Laugh stadium trying to (poorly) recreate the matches. Many swear to find a way to travel to Kursaal to watch the next league in person.
    • Toad Racing continues to hold the attentions of the breeders of Battle Toads, which is why there is quite a bit of complaining that the "Bloody Elves" are winning so much. The Run for the Roses is talked about often, as the Ko winning is the one bright spot in the most recent races.
    • Many Uzii retire or pass away, and new ones take their place. Several Tuskers are challenged and replaced before the Snortsmoot. Sword-Strike Stoneborn, a much celebrated ex-Sentinel hero, goes on one last quest into lands unknown. He takes with him the Battle Toad rider and son of the Homage, Wild-Swing Mudmore. When they return, Wild-Swing seems to be leading between the pair, and Sword-Strike is happy for it. The ex-Sentinel takes up residency within Fort Death-Grasp, and proceeds to aid in training new warriors.
    • Fort Death-Grasp! Gonna beat up fowl or fish! Fort Death-Grasp! Go home alive is my wish!

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Homage Closed-Fist Mudmore D M O F I
    Current 10 10 6 5 4
    Starting Stats 5 3 2 4 4
    End of round 5 0 1 1 0 0
    End of round 6 1 1 0 0 0
    End of round 7 2 0 0 0 0
    End of round 8 2 0 0 0 0
    End of round 9 0 2 0 0 0
    End of round 10 0 3 0 0 0
    End of round 11 0 0 1 0 0
    End of round 12 0 0 1 1 0
    End of round 13 0 0 1 0 0

    New Ruler Next Round [Stat Roll]
    Far-Reach Mudmore
    D: 4
    M: 6
    O: 4
    F: 3
    I: 5

    Expected Stat Bonuses: +1 Military, +2 Diplomacy

    Spoiler: Kingdom Information

    • Targiz
    • Scrim

    • Animal Husbandry
    • Writing
    • Masonry
    • Irrigation
    • Pottery
    • Sailing
    • Stage Plays
    • Uzii Battlesmithing
    • Arctic Survival {restricted}
    • Comet Phylacteries {restricted}
    • Increased Defense Budget {restricted}

    • Battle Mother Pain-Drop Redmoon (Mil 10)
    • Sword-strike Stoneborn (Mil 10)

    • (9) Fight Throngs [Melee]
    • (4) Hraban Murders [Melee]
    • (4) Swamp Catamarans [Naval]

    • (2) Treasures

    Great Projects:
    • (Region 39) "Rules for Punching Others" [Defend Errant Questing via Dueling, rather then Diplomacy]
    • (Region 18) "Good Farms, No Bandits" [Keeps Bandits from Farms]

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    BladeofObliviom said:
    I've only seen a character at anything resembling this level of absurdity thrive exactly once, and he/she/what-the-jongo had the advantage of being written by Gengy, who I look up to as a writer.

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Regions 19 and 36
    The Targiz
    Current Leader: Odds-Mistress Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Rose” Ogra
    Current Abilities: D1, M9, O10, F9, I1

    Round 14

    • Diplomacy – Attend Event – Festival of New Horizons

      • Trade Increased Defense Budget and Uzii Battlesmithing for "Mamut -> Sikar Translation Project Tech" and War Drums from Ixkarr

    • OpulenceNew TechnologyOff Track Betting Mechanics still being discussed with DarkDM and to be revealed next round opener

      "Listen kid, there are Battle Toads and then there are Battle Toads! Looking at Leap Joy, well, you know, you carry an ideal around in your head, and kid, let me tell you, I thought, 'This is it.'! I never saw perfection before. I absolutely could not fault him in any way. And, neither will the rest of them and that is the amazing thing about it. Those legs and the warts and those big googly eyes and the general attitude. It was just incredible. I couldn't believe my eyes, frankly. He had the best tongue – that’s how you know a good Battle Toad, always bet on the better Tongue.

      The old man who was talking was a grizzled goliath gambler, sitting hunched over a bowl of wine in the bar. Mostly bald and clearly living a life of excess made worse by not having that excess at hand. His clothes were rags, his finery long gambled off, his skin marred by liver spots. The boy was a young wealthy looking human, looking bored – would this old man shut up?

      be at Leap Joy’s first race; pretty sure it’ll be the Carnation Run . . . or was it the Roses? Where was I? Yes. I was at Leap Joy’s first race, and that was just a beauty, you know? !

      The boy shook his head no, but despite being petulant motioned the bartender for another drink.

      he’ll started in last place, which as we know we will tend to. I didn’t even bet on him, I bet on a Targiz toad, this big guy named Sham Scheme. What you have to know was that Sham was a great Toad, a big beautiful Toad. He could have been a triple flower crown winner let me tell you. There just didn’t seem like anything would jump faster or out muscle him. Everyone will be watching Sham. It was over, more or less, and then. All of a sudden there was this, like, fly at the corner of your eye. And then before you will make out what it was, here Leap Joy came. And passed him! It will be crazy!

      The boy shook his head. The old man was rambling. There was no such Toad as Leap Joy. No one won the Triple Flower Crown and if anyone were going to it would be the Crimson Kingdom. Only a couple races in and they were already winning not one, but two races. If they started winning all three it would be only a matter of time before one Toad would win it all. He turned to the drunk old man and told him as much.

      The old man looked at the kid, shook his head sadly, and placed down his bowl of wine and stood up to his full height. Old, drunk and hunched over the man was a goliath and towered over the youth who now started to realize that perhaps he told one truth too many, or at least at the wrong time. The old man pointed at the boy and said in a loud voice

      To hell with you and your Cannibal Friends! You think I’m reminiscing about the past? I’m not insane! You think I’m a follower of the blasted Corpse Flower? I’m not young, I’m older than dirt and my faiths are truer and see farther. I am ****ing seer you ****ing brat, I am a ****ing oracle you ****ing imp, I am a ****ing prophet you ****ing urchin, and I’m telling you now, Leap Joy will win it all! You’ll see – mark my words! I’ve been telling you the future and you can bet on it!

      And, then he punched the boy out – toppling him out of his chair. The old man, or fortuneteller, or whatever he was – probably just a crazy drunk, stormed out of the gambling den with his winnings, which were admittedly more than one would think a drunk destitute aught be able to afford. The man must have all the luck of the stars.

    • FaithConvert [Region #45 Wēkache] (Roll: Success)
    • FaithConvert [Region #62] (Roll: Success)

      "Orchid, you Sacred Bursar, the flower from which dice bloom and from your petals roll down onto the table, allow this humble gamble to let loose your spores to land upon these insolvent borrowers,” the priest intones solemnly while holding in his hands a bowl of flower wine. Kneeling in front of the priest were three Goliath merchants. Their heads were bowed, their nervousness was a palpable perfume, cloying and vinegary.

      In worn wooden chairs aged holy prostitutes reclined, pale, charcoal drawn on their eyebrows, and with such alluring fatal eyes, they smirked and one could hear from their silent laughter the jingling sound of metal and of gems. Around the various gaming tables, one could see other captains of industry gathered. In the corner there was were the brothers that corned the emerald market, in the back roamed the rough mining lords of the copper deposits, near the whores were the wealthy cheese importers and at that very moment, throwing the dice, was a woman rich from quinces. The prosperous of Kursaal were collected, and in their revelry one could see them smile without lips, lips without color and jaws without teeth, fingers convulsed with a floral unborn fever searching empty pockets and fluttering bosoms. The ceiling was strangely dirty and hanging from it were rows of bright lusters, enormous candles casting their rays onto the tenebrous brows of distinguished poets who had come here to squander the blood they have sweated.

      In the black picture seen through a dream, the penetrating eye would be drawn back to the priest and the three kneeling merchants. One would see the other opulent traders leaning on their elbows, cold, silent and envying. How could they envy their position? Easily. They envy that stubborn passion of those merchants gambling with more than just their ill-gotten gains. The excitement, the glory! The dismal merriment of those old holy sluts oversaw these three merchants wagering: one their honor, another her beauty, and the third, his very life.

      One’s heart would take fright at its own jealousy of such depravity. Wretches running fiercely to the yawning chasm, their certain doom. Drunk they prefer, in a word, suffering to death and sacrifice to nothingness.

      "Sacred Bursar, see this roll, know the score! Soil for the flower, water for the flower, blood for the flower, a gamble for the flower!.”

      High rollers, Holy rollers! They threw their dice. Amen.

    • MilitaryErrant Quest Dark Dreams [Region 46: Džíu Phè Hwǔ] (Quest: Great Success, (Note – resistance is rolled with Faith instead of Diplomacy due to Nightmare Pom) TN to oppose the Errant Quest Dark Dreams: 15 (resistor loses on tie), Conversion resist TN if region falls into Dark Dreams: 19 Note - forgot to add +1 faith bonus (resistor wins on tie))

      Conquered and vanquished, the people of Džíu Phè Hwǔ sleep fitfully already. They dream of subjugation and loss. Yet, one night as they lay down, the sounds of marching foreign troops outside their doors, their dreams are stranger than mere worries of occupation. Restless they see themselves walk through a beautiful garden, which bursts, from empty eyelids, breaking free and growing into stale air, breathed old and warm by the flushed lips of the newly sacrificed. Vines twist themselves over willowy thin wrists, encroaching over arms and up to pale throats in gaping mouths and down and down into the throat, further still to encircle the still hearts of the dead with thorns.

      Roots coil around voice boxes, and pulse, providing a mimicry of song, elongating an echoing note, the sounds shaking thin leaves like a northern storm before trailing off in an ocean’s endless road. Violets and white lilies ring themselves around collarbones like pearls, their stems bending gracefully like tattered dancers during a hunt, their perked heads turned up toward an unrevealed sky blooming in the prospect of a dusk, buds wilting as all life does.

      The veins of the dead turn to pulsing roots, spreading just under papyrus-thin skin, pushing up sprouts that stretch higher and higher. Calendula and Forget-me-nots grow on top brows wrinkled in last devotions, their petals soft against crumpled foreheads, they smooth the creases with whispers that one must not fear the end anymore for the end had come already and one’s duty now was to rest. Elderflower and Baby Blue Eyes press themselves into ears, rooting themselves so they may spill secrets to the departed.

      Black hungry roses burst forth, elegant and proud, resting on the hipbones as if they were thrones.

    • MilitaryIntroduce Tactical DoctrineNever tell us the odds Mechanics still being discussed with DarkDM and to be revealed next round opener

      Commander, the odds of successfully out maneuvering the cannibals in the mountains is approximately a lot to a little!

      Are you not from Kursaal welp? No finer gamble than one with your life on the line!

    • Generate 3 Treasure with passive income (23 TP owned at beginning of round) –> 5 Treasure owned beginning of round.
    • Ces Arnif journeys to where the Storm Bird is currently resting over the Leviathan’s corpse in Rhödödendräk
    • Support SCR Buyout of 33.2 - receive 1 Treasure this round from SCR with promise of additional two treasures within the next 2 rounds (non-action ambassy)
    • Allow Uzii troops travel through Targiz.

    Spoiler: News

    International News

    News of the wider world finally blooms in the streets of Kursaal. The merchants and priests are all in a state of tizzy, excited and nervous, to explore these brand new markets.

    Internal News



    A very close season with five teams within a couple league points of each other, but the Big Strongs finally win back the flower crown with an undefeated season. Perhaps more ties then they wanted, but they did not see a loss and emerged victorious. Additionally, this season sees the addition of the Ixarr Greenhorns! They have come into this season rocking! Losing only one game they seem to have quickly picked up Mamut culture! On a more somber note – two league teams have folded – the Unkindnesses and the Whirlpools having lost their funding and national backing are no longer able to compete.

    X Swampum Big Strongs Bhaile-Koma Canopies Blessed Vale Jewels Targiz Hemlocks Thun Avalanches Dream Speaker Dream Team Na'karat Zealots Ixarr Greenhorns League Total
    Swampum Big Strongs X 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 15
    Bhaile-Koma Canopies 0 X 1 3 3 3 1 3 14
    Blessed Vale Jewels 0 1 X 0 3 3 3 1 11
    Targiz Hemlocks 0 0 3 X 3 3 1 1 11
    Thun Avalanches 0 0 0 0 X 0 0 1 1
    Dream Speaker Dream Team 1 0 0 0 3 X 0 0 4
    Na'karat Zealots 1 1 0 1 3 3 X 0 9
    Ixarr Greenhorns 1 0 1 1 1 3 3 X 10

    Triple Flower Crown

    The Crimson Kingdom continues its domination in this rich man’s sport of choice!

    Run for the Roses – Ko – Ballad for Thorn
    Run for the Poor-Land Daisies – Crimson Kingdom – Eastern Promises
    Run for the White Carnations – Crimson Kingdom – Eastern Promises
    Spoiler: Leader Information and Technology
    Current Leader:Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Rose” Ogra (42 years of age)

    Current Stats:

    Diplomacy: 1
    Military: 9
    Opulence: 10
    Faith: 9
    Intrigue: 1

    New Ruler Next Round: No
    Succession: Hereditary (Matrilineal primogeniture but with no male exclusion, meaning that it is absolute primogeniture if no immediately related female heir) –
    1. Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Nyct” Nyctagina (16 Years Old)
    2. Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Olea” Oleandera (12 Years Old)
    3. Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Gled” Gleditsio (20 Years Old)
    4. Ank’Anske’Thalez’ir “Acon” Aconita (Stillborn)

    Expected Stat Bonuses: +1 Military, +1 Faith

    Hero Ages:
    Ces Arnif – 60
    - Successor: None at the moment
    Petal Head – N/A
    - Artifacts Held
    • Nightmare Pom

    • Blessed Dynasty - Twice per round, a ruler character descended from Merine may make a seek aid action targeting a roll has already been determined, so long as it is taken before the war deadline has passed. Note – Targiz’s current leader may not use this Miracle.

    Opulence Technology:
    • Masonry: +1 to resist Raids and Sacks
    • Writing: +1 Conversion Defense, +1 Conversions in regions that share your writing system (Hbaran Runes)
    • Irrigation: +1 Stabilization
    • Animal Husbandry: +1 to Opulence and Diplomacy exploration
    • Pottery: +1 Buyouts
    • Arctic Survival: Permits exploration and troop transport across Arctic borders
    • Sailing: Permits exploration and troop transport over deep water borders

    Military Technology
    • Increased Defense Budget:
      • Slot: Scouts and Logistics
      • Resource: Gems or Precious Metals
      • Effect: Increase the amount of Treasure a kingdom may spend on Battle by 1. For every 2 Treasure a kingdom spends on a single Battle, that Battle gains an additional +1 bonus.
    • Uzii Battlesmithing
      • Slot: Armor
      • Resource: Hard Metal
      • Effect: -10% Casualties
    • Comet Phylacteries
      • Slot: Combat Drugs and Medicine
      • Resource: Comet Shards
      • Effect: +2 Leader Loss rolls.

    • Nightmare Pom:
      • A Hero holding the Nightmare Pom is resisted in Errant Questing by a Faith Roll. Success on a Errant Quest using the Nightmare Pom awards no Treasure, but allows the controlling Kingdom to attempt to convert an Open or unorganized Holy Site in the region. A great success on the Errant Quest grants a +2 bonus to this conversion roll.

    Spoiler: Resources

    Region # Resource TP - City TP #1 TP #2 TP #3 HC Military Treasure (start of round) Status
    Targiz 19 Flower Wine TAR TAR KO Uzii Bouquet of the Corpse Flower
    • Tansy Crusaders
    • Kursaal Guards
    • Tattered Dancers
    • Scrim Warriors
    • Scion Zealots
    5 Stable
    Nal Dryb 36 Wheat N/A TAR SCR N/A Bouquet of the Corpse Flower
    • Savlo Revel
    N/A Stable

    Military Limits:
    Land 6/8
    Naval 0/4

    • Deru
    • Swampum
    • Scrim

    Trade Posts (23):

    7 #1 - Wild Dogs
    7 #2 - Wild Dogs
    8 #1 - Okra
    17 #1 - Ulurothan Spearmen
    18 #1 – Emeralds
    19 City – Flower Wine
    19 #1 – Flower Wine
    27 #1 – Iron
    30 #2 – Comet Shards
    33 #1 – Copper
    33 #2 – Copper
    35 #1 – Madder
    36 #1 – Wheat
    37 #2 – Living Wood
    38 #1 – Sour Quinces
    39 #2 – Battle Toads
    39 #3 – Battle Toads
    40 #2 - Cheese
    40 #3 – Cheese
    46 #3 – Wood
    51 #2 – Kaffe Beans
    53 #2 – Furs and Hides
    61 #1 – Falconers

    Incoming Tradeposts:


    Holy Centers (10):

    Region 8 (Too-Dry Dunes)
    Region 18 (Posleyd Nadeh)
    Region 19 (Targiz)
    Region 36 (Nal Dryb)
    Region 37 (Bhaile-Koma)
    Region 43 (The Upper Vale) TBD
    Region 49 (unnamed)
    Region 52 (unnamed)
    Region 66 (unnamed)
    Region 68 (unnamed)

    Incoming Holy Centers:


    Favors Available at end of round:

    2 SOS
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    Star Kingdom of Solais: Round 14 (Year 53-56)


    [Diplomacy]: Stabilize Region 118 (Success)

    [Diplomacy]: Stabilize Region 156 (Success)

    [Military]: Invent Tactical Doctrine: Way of the World (+1 to battle, +10% enemy casualties) [Military 5 Special]

    [Military]: Invade Region 162
    Route: 155 -> 163 -> 162. If intercepted, continue to 162 without conquering region 163.
    Units: 16
    Leader: Rauri of the Phoenix (+9)
    Technologies: Bronze (+1 battles, -1 Leader Loss); Wolf Riders + Saddles (+1 battles, -10% Casualties); Viskari War Bows (+1 battles)
    Tactical Maneuver: Cautious Advance
    Duel: Rauri is setting up to use the Red Storm and cannot accept duels.
    Other: Rauri is equipped with an Iron Claw Phylactery and the Red Storm. SOL is also spending 1 treasure for a +1 on the battle. If intercepted, they will spend a second treasure on that battle.
    Total Bonuses and Effects: +29 to the battle roll. -4 to the Tactical Doctrine roll due to army size. Enemy force loses 1 unit before battle, potentially ending it preemptively. +2 to Leader Loss roll. -10% casualties from tech. TD could provide -2 to battle roll and -20% casualties.

    [Faith]: Continue Development of Purification Rites (3/5)

    [Faith]: Convert to the Way of Eauden in the wake of the Dannu-Gaon miracle.

    Spoiler: All That Glimmers
    Lessa the Firecrown, up to this point, had considered herself more invested in the fantastic than her predecessor. Indeed, her homeland played host to a magical mist that spat out monsters at random, it seemed straightforward enough. She had collected the iron claws, bargained for an enchanted bow from the Viskari, supported Calder's Star Watch, and had begun looking into a way to purify that which was blighted. So all in all, she thought she had a good idea of the little Starfall miracle that her daughter-in-law had proposed. She was expecting a bit of a sparkle, maybe some fancy flower sprouting in the middle of the sacred grounds.

    She'd been wrong. She'd been extremely wrong.

    As the shining emerald meteor lit up the heavens and raced directly toward Star's Landing, her own point of witness as well as that of a number of other Solais, she wondered instead if this could be the world's most blatant assassination attempt. For the life of her, she couldn't recall antagonizing Pina-Mak, and was fairly sure her son would have alerted her to such a thing, but stranger things had happened. A few of the other witnesses on site began to panic, even flee, but she knew it would be useless - either this was harmless or fatal, regardless of any action she took now. There was no in-between. Instead, she stood stock still, taking in every second of the spectacle. Her own faith was Narrativist, not Siderealist, and so this wasn't quite as much of a shock to her, but it held religious import nonetheless, and it said that there was an end to all things, even the Narrativist faith itself. Perhaps this, then, was her own end.

    It was not. The calamitous fall was halted at the last instant, a burst of power sweeping across the calm lakes even as the star was planted on the land at the center. From it, and the area around it, trees of a type never seen before burst forth, the Star Watch immediately pegging them as being similar to, yet distinct from, the Red King. And in the following minutes, hours, days, and months... magic. More so than had been witnessed before, including more sightings of the Shining Deer. In the center of the lake, the largest of these trees sprouted, seemingly normal - if lush - at a distance. Once one approached, though, it became possible to see the shine and sparkle in the bark, the shimmer of the leaves, and from below... it provided shade during the day, but somehow did not obstruct the view of the night sky at all, and its reflection in the lake waters *always* showed the night sky tucked up in its canopy.

    And at last Lessa understood. There was a time for all things to end. And what ended here was her own, and the Thane's, aggressive abrogation of faith. Freedom would be maintained in the Star Kingdom, but she wasted little time in sending an envoy to Uldra to discuss a comprehensive meeting with Eauden's best scholars. This would be the beginning of a new era for Clann Solais - one in which they would explore the mysterious and divine rather than merely playing witness.

    Rolls can be found... here.

    Resist all Buyouts.
    Fionn of the Phoenix will carry all artifacts not currently in use.

    Embassy-Based Non-Actions:
    Accept knowledge of the Arch from the Dannu-Gaon Merchant Principality (DAN).

    Ruler Stats:
    Lessa the Firecrown, First Thane: Diplomacy 6, Military 7, Opulence 6, Faith 1, Intrigue 5

    Expected Stat Increases: Diplomacy +1, Military +1, Faith +1

    News and Rumors:
    - The Clans continue their expansion to the south. Rauri, being both literally and figuratively better armed than Fionn, is in charge of this new conquest. While the oldest Solais hero is no fan of conflict, Lessa is able to convince her that a unified Star Kingdom can provide better aid, governance, and protection to those lands than their current leadership. Seeing the devastation of the Amber Slime, Rauri is reluctantly forced to agree.
    - Speaking of conflict, the Clans, still rooted in hunter and trapper ways more than those of true warriors, organize their strengths into a single, cohesive tactical doctrine. Its effectiveness has not yet been tested, but it promises to be far deadlier and more measured than an abundance of caution or a reckless assault.
    - Most remarkably of all, though, is the sudden and rather alarming appearance of a star, which is promptly buried at Star's Landing. Given that:
    A) This conclusively disproves a number of assumptions that formed the core of the Siderealist philosophy, and
    B) The Way of Eauden proved that it possesses the power to pull a star from the sky and give it to their neighbors,
    Lessa and the Thanes agree that the only sane choice is to officially convert. While the Writ of Split Heavens remains in effect, the Star Kingdom of Solais subscribes to the Way of Eauden. May the Tidal Light guide them through the resulting shakeup.
    - One immediate bit of fallout is the signing of a mutual defense agreement between the Solais and Uldra. While the details are kept private, the existence of the pact itself is confirmed by the Thanes.
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    Regions 186, 194, 195, 196
    The Bel-Dan Armada
    Leader: Reren Ren-Cha-Fen
    53-56 Era of Great Ocean


    1. [Diplomacy] Attend Event

    A few sailors, foolish, confused or misled, travel with their passengers into the desert.

    Spoiler: Subactions
    • Accept Feathered Cloaks from the Blemmyae
    • Accept Celestial Navigation and the Sikar Translation from the Sewune
    • Trade Crab-Claw Sails to the Henanda Kingdom in exchange for Bronze
    • Receive 2 treasure from the Henanda

    2. [Diplomacy] Continue pressing Ben-Udula's claim to [Region 187] (no roll)

    Royal Queen Ben-Udul, Ah-Peku, and the priestly leaders of Melis continue their efforts to integrate the eastern tip of the peninsula. Their efforts pay off, and many of the previous theocracies and towns are brought under Royal control.

    3. [Diplomacy] Colonize 203, spending 1 treasure: 12

    With the western valleys now free of Blight, they would be a valuable resupply ground for raids further west. Two small outposts are built, but the whole endeavor comes to a rapid halt when Hydran colonists arrive, with a rather unaccepting view of their pirate neighbors.

    4. [Military] Invade [Region 202], sailing along the coast from Dozgasil [194], with 4 land and 4 naval units, spending one treasure, led by Ren-Pera-Don, challenging Aesira Bladedance to a duel, using Steering Oars and War Drums, and attempting to activate the Lightning Landings doctrine (TM +13, 8 units, 1 treasure, +19)

    No deed can match that which has come before it, but must press on to ever greater glory. The armies of the child troll-king and a fierce hero from the endless beach would be no match for the Conqueror of the Velatares and the Savior of Dwarves!

    5. [Military] Sack [Region 202] Copper TP #2 (TRL owned): 14

    Ren-Pera-Don sends a small detachment of his force to strike at the heart of the River Lords' war efforts: the copper mines of [Region 202]. Arriving swiftly and unexpectedly, axe and spear in hand, they kill or put to flight the guards and enslave the surviving miners, seizing piles of ores, before retreating back to the safety of the sea.

    1. Allow all religious conversions
    2. Accept Anbroch tribute through the Embassy
    3. Gift Irrigation to the Anbroch through the Embassy

    Spoiler: News and Rumors
    • The Reren...
    • Ren-Pera-Don...
    • Royal Queen Ben-Udula...

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats
    Diplomacy: 8
    Military: 8
    Opulence: 2
    Faith: 1
    Intrigue: 5

    Expected Stat Bonuses: Diplomacy +1, Military +1

    Spoiler: Other notes

    Land units: 4
    Naval units: 4

    Treasure: 2 -2 +3

    • Ren-Pera-Don (10)
    • Ben-Udula (10); Shadow Slayer: +2 on Errant Quests in Kiswa and Sikar


    Resources controlled:
    • 193: Avocado
    • 216: Droggen Berries

    • Sailing
    • Animal Husbandry
    • Irrigation
    • Writing (Veramondi Logography)
    • Masonry
    • Pottery
    • Crab-Claw Sails (req. Sailing)
    • Steering Oars (req. Sailing)
    • War Drums

    Cultural Identity: Naval Networks
    Effect: Increased die size on buyouts.

    Tactical Doctrine: Lightning Landings
    Effect: On a successful Tactical Maneuvering roll, negate the +4 defender bonus for attacks over Deep Water borders (including naval invasions).

    Wealth and Glory
    Effect: On a successful tactical maneuvering roll, make a Sack attempt against a random owned Trade Post in the region in which the battle takes place.
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    Ashirian Sultanate
    Led by the Sultan Zidan il Kasima
    D 10 • M 10 • O 3 • F 4 • I 10

    News & Rumors
    • Kasima marries. See below.
    • Amir Harun weds Roka of Danneta-Yvaon in a lavish ceremony. They are blessed with no children in the first years of their marriage. Many lay the blame on poor Roka's shock at being thrown into a radically different culture. Compared to the opulent lifestyle of Danneta-Yvaon, the nomadic Ashir must seem primitive. Even as a royal, Harun spends half the year drifting from village to village, collecting grain taxes, and settling disputes between the local sheiks. Even in the winter when he retires to the cliffs of Al-Kazar, he must see to the martial discipline of his riders and distribute fairly among them gold, weapons, and yearling horses. The meals are simple, but strongly flavored with garlic and pepper. The clothes are plain, but soft and practical. Worship is a private affair. The Ashir greet the dawn on their knees and say their silent prayers before retiring for the day. They build nothing themselves, having no need of dwellings or fortifications beyond what the canyon walls provide. There are no smiths among them; the Sha guild masters bring them jewelry and arms with blessings for the sultan's family on their lips. Some sculpt figurines and dice from soapstone: horses for games, plump women for health. They sing and dance often. Women are said to be better at both. Men were not so blessed and they must become skillfull with their tongues to charm the dancers. The best thing that can be said of an Ashir man is that he is a capable rider and warrior. The second best thing is to say he is funny.
    • Two princesses of the Ashir are said to have ventured all the way to the distant court of the Night Queen. Kylisa is congratulated most sincerely for her accomplishments and gifts are laid before her. Only, no one can recall the sisters gaining permission for the audience, and the gifts are things that had been in the possession of the gathered suzerains only the night before. Such is the peerless skill of the Bahith-al-Zael, the seekers in the dark. The implications are obvious. Little in the world is beyond their reach, thus the distant sultanate could be a fast friend or a unsettling foe, though Salma and Ayla are too tactful and put things in such blatant terms. Instead they call forth servants to present their real gifts: a horn bow and bronze tipped arrows that may be demonstrated to pierce even the armor of the Uzii, a star chart of the southern hemisphere, and a sack of gold coins that bear the princess's likeness in profile. One suzerain is overheard saying that he, "thought the Ashir were wandering goatherds."

    • [Diplomacy] Press Claim on 271 (14, Success) - Amira Kasima weds Tsedi, the young chief of the Moose Clan. His people are peaceful and humble, but Tsedi is shrewd enough to recognize the sultanate as the predominate power in the south, and the amira one of the most desirable women in the world. Kasima finds Tsedi gentle and charming, and she becomes enamored with the lush woodlands of his home. For swearing his loyalty, the sultan will make Tsedi a sharif and grant him voice in the royal court. As Kasima will not return home and instead remains with her new husband (intent on civilizing him), Zidan is reluctantly forced to designate Harun as heir, a more capable military leader.
    • [Diplomacy] Zidan Attends the Mythica (18 (1 Treasure Spent), Success) - Nearing his 70th year, Zidan is a master philosopher and artist, and surely one of the wisest men of the continent. He yearns still for greater knowledge and humbly prostrates himself before the Truthseers.
    • [Military] Jana Al-Zamira invades Region 272 with 6 Units (Jana will duel with +13 (10 Hero + 2 Sun Sword + 1 Golden Lion Companion), Battle roll +19 (+10 Hero +1 Golden Lion Companion +6 Units +1 Bronze +1 Composite Bows), Tactical Doctrine = Cautious Advance +11 (10 Mil +2 War Drums -1 Size), Leader Loss +3 (+2 Scorching Shield +1 Bronze), -10% Friendly Casualties (Equestrianism)
    • [Intrigue] Secret
    • [Faith] Sun Temple GP 3/4 -
    • [Faith] Sun Temple GP 4/4 - The sultan's masterpiece is complete in the Vesparre. An electrum plated dome twenty meters across sits atop forty peaked azure arches above a vast vaulted space, open on all four sides by yet grander archways. The dome is gilded on the interior as well, mirroring the gentle shimmer of the sacred pool below. Between the two, a piece of rough cut quartz the size of a horse is suspended by chains. It seems to shine from within, even at night. Whether this is magic, or merely a trick of mirrors and starlight, the architects and priests will not say. The granite floor is cut with channels inlaid with gold -- patterns derived by the sultan's geometry and his beloved's visions of heaven. Statues are displayed around the exterior at the summit of the mastaba: heavenly guardians both crow and woman, lions with kind faces, rearing horses, Eae meditating, Kro taking flight, Neferkare with elephant tusk and bow in hand, Zidan's mother Kasima with children, Jana with sword and shield, Zidan with ink brush and velum.
      Spoiler: Bonus?
      Mechanical effect TBD and left to Dark, but the temple should bless the Ashir who worship here with health and long life.

    • Gift via embassy to DOD: Caravansary tech
    • Gift via embassy to CRO: Celestial Navigation tech
    • Gift via embassy to HYD: Advanced Masonry (do not trade this to the Sewune!)
    • Amir Harun speaks at the Arrēsiad event.
    • Accept all gifts, embassies, and vassals.
    • Generate 1 Treasure from TPs
    • Refuse TSR's Matchmaking - For decades the Ashir have had no qualms with elven or naherin consorts, nor humans of any tribe. However, the suggestion that Zidan send one of his cherished daughters to wed the Dhraan king in his fetid jungle provokes the sultan's ire. Disgusted, he yells at the veiled sisters that he would sooner have his daughters give him baby centaurs as they would be twice as useful and half as ugly as a troll. He then butcher's the king's name and vows that he would not be permitted to kiss his daughter's hand if he crawled to Al-Kazar on his belly and gifted him a magic chicken that lays golden eggs.

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping
    Stat gains: +1 Faith
    Next Round: D 10 • M 10 • O 3 • F 5 • I 10

    Regions: 274, 302, 303, 305, 307
    Capital: 302
    Treasure: 0
    Trading Posts: 302-1 Ashirian Horses, 279-1 Peppercorns, 282-2 Copper, 289-3 Waterbuffalo, Silver (Argent Heart)
    Vassals: CRO, DOD
    Embassies: CRO, DOD, HYD, THU
    Technologies Known (Military): Composite Bows ⭐, Bronze ⭐, Equestrianism ⭐, War Drums ⭐
    Technologies Known (Other): Animal Husbandry, Pottery, Writing (Kagahara), Irrigation, Sailing, Coinage ⭐, Masonry, Advanced Masonry
    Translations Known: Mamut, Kiswa

    Hero: Jana Al-Zamira (10)
    Wielded Artifacts: Sun Sword (+2 Duels), Scorching Shield (+2 Leader Loss)

    Army Units: 6 🐎🐎🐎🐎🏹🏹🛡️👳🏾
    _____• Sultan Zidan with 120 Elite Light Cavalry
    _____• Amir Harun with 200 Light Cavalry
    _____• Amir Azur with 200 Light Cavalry
    _____• Amir Omar with 200 Light Cavalry
    _____200 Night Elf Archers
    _____• 200 Night Elf Archers
    _____• Sharif Vashur with 400 Heavy Infantry
    _____Sheikh Adamu with 1000 Light Infantry

    Spoiler: Ashiric Phrasebook
    "A shala elem" - Traditional greeting, lit. "Be you at peace". Informally shortened to "A shala" and just "Shala". Used quite literally, it means they do not intend to fight you.
    "Ashta hazid" - "Hear this" or "Bear witness" or "I swear", lit. "Witness truth". A preface used to assert that what follows is avowed true and may not be disputed without most grievous insult.
    "Abin barat" - "Forty blessings". The standard number of blessings for a joyous occasion, such as marriage.
    Amir/a - Prince/ss
    Malak - Master or Great. Used as an aggrandizing modifier.

    Spoiler: Peerage & Organization
    Malak Amir - The Grand Prince and leader of the Ashir. The Malak's successor is chosen from among any princes of the clan, though tradition has favored first born child as age, experience and strength tend to yield the best war leaders.
    Amir/a - A prince or princess. Any grandchild of any previous Malak Amir. As only matrilineal ties are definite and casual sex with multiple partners quite common, a male Malak Amir and his sons must avow that children are theirs. Known to be a reliably honest people, this is seldom an issue, but has assuredly led to some children being mislabeled as princes.
    Sharif - A lord or count. Regional rulers who are considered peers to Amirs and subordinates to the Malak Amir. A representative of a Sharif attends the Ashir royal court to relay their concerns and provide counsel.
    Sheikh - A chief or elder. Typically the leader of a village, the patriarch of a large family, or an overseer of arable land.
    Sahib - Any estimable person, usually a courtesy title for family of a Sharif or Sheikh.
    Akaid - A military captain who commands a company of 40 Farsan.
    Faris - A cavalier, or rider in an active war company. Plural: Farsan.
    Sayis - A cadet, groom, or squire too young to serve as a full fledged Faris.
    Muatin - A member of the clan who never served as Faris.
    Hajin - Anyone born to Ashir parents, but who never develops nightvision and is thus expelled from the clan upon reaching adulthood.
    Ajnabi - Anyone who is not Al-Ashir.

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Regions 99, 100, 108, 109, 110, 130, 119

    Round 14 Actions:

    1. [Diplomacy 5]Establish Embassy in Region 115 with the Shandolé.
    2. [Diplomacy]Stabilize Region 119. 15
    3. [Faith 5]Establish Holy Order Circle of the Dreaming Deer Watches the Stars in Region 113, the Star Kingdom of Solais.
    4. [Faith]Attain Faith Head (1,2) 18
    5. [Faith]Convert region 97 13
    6. [Faith]Convert region 94 22

    Embassy Actions:
    • DAN: Gift DAN with the Daezirn Isles Translation Project.
    • ELF

    • Agree to MDA with SOL
    • Resist all unauthorized conversions and buyouts.
    • Support all Eauden conversions.

    Ruler info:

    Shira Iceweaver, daughter of the Blessed Snow-Wives.
    Diplomacy 5
    Military 3
    Opulence 1
    Faith 8
    Intrigue 5

    Expected Stat Increases:
    +2 Fth, +1 Dip

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Round 14


    1. [Diplomacy] Establish Claim in 85, South Ogrontir, using treasure (Success!)
    2. [Diplomacy] Raise Reputation with TSR from 0 to 1 (Success!)
    3. [Military] Raise Land Unit
    4. [Military] Raise Land Unit
    5. [Military] Raise Naval Unit

    • Attend non-mechanical event in Glaondi Yejon

    News and Rumors:
    • The Bozuls that had sailed east from the southern coast return with news of another Bozul colony, smaller than the Hive, hidden away in a natural cave system extending west from the far side of Baskum Hill. Their queen, Artika, is a gargantuan Bozul over six feet in length. When the explorers arrived, they were welcomed into the hive and treated with great hospitality. Miraculously, Artika and her subjects conversed with a style of buzzing patterns understood by the explorers, and they exchanged stories of the far side of the island and the creatures encountered on other shores. After refilling their raft with generous gifts of their own pots of honey (made with the woven grass composite, a method that the explorers shared with their hosts), Artika saw the explorers off as they sailed back to the Hive of Ogrontir proper, to inform Queen Polari of the new friends they had found off to the east.
    • After hearing back from the explorers of South Ogrontir, Queen Polari travelled with her entourage to meet Queen Artika of the Baskum hive. Again, they were welcomed as friends, as their hosts graciously accepted the hospitality gifts of honey pots, copper, coal, and pearls. On this visit, Artika gave Polari a tour of the depths of the cave. Catacombs take up the chambers nearest the back of the cave, with their walls lined with the heads of Bozuls, coated in a thin layer of wax (as well as some other body parts). At regular intervals a larger head appears, evidently a former queen. Held in the mandibles of each dead queen is a large pearl, the recent offerings of the Bozuls of Ogrontir proper. The gaps between skulls are filled by preserved pollen baskets and other relics, and everything in the Catacombs is embellished in some fashion, whether with gems, paint, or metal, making for a macabre yet beautiful scene. Artika explained to Polari that the Catacombs was the most important place within their hive, where they practiced drynosm, the ritualistic preservation of skulls and the wisdom of ancestors contained within. With each new generation of Bozuls, the hive as a whole gains greater knowledge and power, and is better able to persist in those frigid lands due to the blessings of the dead, transmitted through their remains.
    • By the end of the visit, Polari and Artika had exchanged many a story of the ways of their respective hives and the strange beings that had been encountered by their workers in foreign lands. To best persist despite whatever coldness awaited them in the unknown lands beyond the sea, their hives would become one, merged in spirit, if not in space. Together, they would combat those that were a threat to them, and they would provide mutual support during the frozen and barren seasons. By exchanging pollen from their respective flower fields, their hives would brew tastier and more complex honey. The Queens Polari and Artika must make their own exchange, such that they lay stronger and healthier Bozuls, to work ever more industriously for what shall be sister hives. On the last day of the visit, a worker reported to the Queens the presence of a flaming green star descending in the distant sky. It was under the light of that beautiful and auspicious star that Artika and Polari, with the aid of their servants and a thin, sterile copper tube, united their hives.
    • Following the marriage of the Bozul Queens, the Bozuls of the hive under Baskum Hill retreated to the Catacombs. After a few minutes of febrile activity, with Bozuls tidying up the assorted skulls and taking their places, they began the production. As Polari watched, her gob thoroughly smacked, they initiated an intricate routine, clearly one that had been practiced many times before. They moved in large spirals that curved up the walls and across the ceiling, in uniform lines that suddenly changed direction to make new shapes. With astounding synchrony, they formed oscillating waves and patterns visible only in the larger form, which composed a mural on all sides of the room. Simultaneously, each Bozul emitted a buzz of deliberate pitch, which blended with the countless others that resonated in the cave, weaving a scintillating tapestry of sound, deep and warm in timbre with intermittent majestic swells. At several points in the spectacle, a space parted in the center of the floor, and smaller numbers of Bozuls seemed to act out stories, supplemented by the same type of intricate gestures. There were tales of creatures (represented by several workers stacked atop one another) being fought off by the loyal subjects of the hive, of the discovery and use of the copper and clay found in Baskum Hill, the murder of a Bozul queen, and the scattering of dead Bozuls among the flower fields. The final event they portrayed was the marriage of Polari and Artika, with the descending star being played by a single bozul off to the end of the room, slowly falling, quickly spinning, and buzzing a soft yet shrill note. After that conclusion, they parted once more, leaving the floor to Artika and Polari, who then spent the rest of the night spinning around each other and serenading their subjects.
    • When Polari returned to the Hive, she did so with an expanded entourage, joined by Bozuls of South Ogrontir. Over the weeks that followed, these new Bozuls taught their ways to those of the Hive, sharing their art of expression. With a combination of buzzing and dance, they enhanced their gathering in the following thaw season, telling each other where to find the best flowers in the new 'language'. Communication greatly improved their productive capacity as well, allowing their efforts of honey brewing and coal mining to be better organized and coordinated.
    • Not too long after Polari's return, a handful of Bozuls flew in from the North, where they had previously gone to explore. Instead of the raft loaded with trade goods which they had left with, they returned bearing dire injuries: patches of fuzz matted with blood, several hairline fractures of the exoskeleton, and more than one missing limb and scarred eye. Once they learned the new language, they were able to tell terrifying stories of hostile Bozuls to the north, egged on by an evil queen. When they arrived with the intent of forming a new friendship, they were immediately attacked and chased out. The survivors made their way slowly over Baskum Hill, through an area infested with large predatory mammals. Hearing of this mistreatment of her children, Queen Polari was enraged. Bozul now has an enemy, and North Ogrontir must be freed from her nefarious influence.

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping

    Ruler: Queen Polari the Magnificent!
    • Diplomacy: 3 (+1)
    • Military: 4 (+1)
    • Opulence: 9 (+0)
    • Faith: 1 (+0)
    • Intrigue: 1 (+0)

    Land Units: 2/6 (+2)
    Naval Units: 1/3 (+1)
    Treasure: 0/5 (+1)
    Regions: (1)
    • Ogrontir, 86 (Capital)

    Trading Posts: (5, +0)
    • 86, Coal (2/3, C)
    • 77, Whales (1/1)
    • 83, Pearls (1/2)

    • Pottery (+1 to Buyouts)
    • Sailing (1 Dark Blue Border)

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Candake of Ta Seti

    Pharoh Shebitku The Rider

    Dip 9
    Mil 10
    Op 5
    Faith 2
    Int 7 (+1)


    Military: Invade 295 Ka the crow (Hero 7) invades with 2 units (+2 recurve bows, -10% causalty reduction Equestrianism)

    Spoiler: Pharoahs Ultimatum
    Dear Oraket the Three Hearts, every day you spread the ancient ways in our lands is a transgression against the Holy Sun. Every breath your followers take a crime against the righteous. You sit and watch as the noble heroes of Sikar fight and die against foreign blights, and worse still you comb the Maw of Sikar in search of things best buried. Some have advised me to cleanse you from this sinful world, but I am merciful. Three hearts you have two choices. You can surrender all regions outside the Maw of Sikar. If you do this you and your followers shall receive the Pharaoh's mercy, those who follow the path may continue to do so, and if the blightspawn knocks at your door, perhaps we shall also be there to answer. However, if you refuse, I shall personally be the scourge of the sun and burn the more thoroughly than the desert sands, for no matter what is you follow, all are beneath the sun.

    Miltary: Invade 286 Shebitku (M10) invades with 7 units(+2 recurve bows, -10% causalty reduction Equestrianism)

    Military Invade 296 Sub commander (M5) invades with 3 units(+2 recurve bows, -10% causalty reduction Equestrianism)

    Military: Hire 2 units (fortress action)

    Intrigue: Investigate decoding the Mockery Manuscripts roll 22

    Intrigue: SECRET

    Accept all embassy gifts
    Endorse ASH buyouts
    Support Dolod conversions
    Give Recurve bows to The Kro

    News and Rumors
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Deru
    Bhaile-Koma, region 37 (& Illia, region 38)

    We do not speak for the trees. We are the trees. By the grace of the Sannha, we stride.
    We are the blessed of the Sannha. We are all its children. By the sacred waters, we abide.

    Esfrey Brythion (18)
    Diplomacy: 2
    Military: 10
    Opulence: 2
    Faith: 7
    Intrigue: 2

    1: Military: Invade region 7 with 2 land units led by Onfroy (9).

    2: Military: Invade region 5 with 3 land unit and 2 naval units (transported there avoiding distance losses?) & 1 treasure led by Esfrey (10).

    3: Faith: Convert region 38 to the Bouquet of the Corpse Flower. [15]

    4: Faith: Convert region 37 to the Bouquet of the Corpse Flower. [19]

    Military: Create a military technology - Wild Riders. (Effects tbd, but probably something about distance losses).

    The Castainn have shepherded their enormous, varied flocks for centuries, but trees have no need of steeds. The Illians come as much smaller folk, slower of stride and lacking in the stamina of the Deru. The Illians are not fools, and quickly see the utility in riding the giant deer and moose the Castainn raise. The enormous animals have no qualms running alongside the loping dog-men and striding Deru. A new right is incorporated into the Illian trials - the right to ride.

    Non-actions: Support all conversions to Bouquet of the Corpse Flower, support all buyouts of unowned TP's, accept all gifts, & accept diplomatic traffic from TAR & UZI.

    News & Rumours

    - From the depths of the Rock a sightless one emerges. Arms twisted and deformed, eye sockets empty and hollow, legs gnarled, he hobbles forth and begins, unaided, the long climb to the Coronation Cave. Eyes are drawn to his form as he moves, slowly, painfully, up the side of the mount and disappears into the cavern at its peak. A long hour passes before a single keening wail begins to build, at first a whisper on the wind but growing louder, louder, filling the halls of the Rock, piercing the minds of the Illians within. A fisherman collapses, his boat swept against the rocks. A class attempting the Path of Pillars on the trials tumbles from the pillars into the raging surf, clutching their ears all the way down. The sound is deafening and terrible.

    It breaks. Silence falls. A people on their knees look up towards the cave, fearful. A figure emerges, the sightless one - but not. The eye sockets are still hollow, but the arms are whole once more, the legs strong and lithe. The figure gazes down at the world and exhales a long breath. He takes two steps forward and leaps. No-one dares make a sound as he plummets down towards the earth, the whistling of the wind through his ragged robes the only sound to be heard. Until he meets the ground. An almighty crash fills the air as he hits, followed by a horrible cracking sound. As the dust clears his form becomes clear, his limbs at unnatural angles. Yet his chest rises and falls. His eye sockets, while hollow, are no longer empty - each holds a single bloom. A red rose and a crimson poppy. His limbs twist and contort, ugly pops and crackles heralding his reconstitution. He stands and the onlookers remain kneeling.

    "The Caretaker's duty has been fulfilled. The spirits of our ancestors stir in their garden - their voices can be heard by those that listen, those blessed so to hear. Hear me. The time of rebirth has come, the time of trials and terror. Our time. Rise. Come. Receive the blessing."

    They stood, one by one, and moved towards the sightless one, each kneeling to accept a handful of seeds and earth freely given.

    "I am their voices. I am their will. I am the Listener. And all shall hear their words."

    Spoiler: Important Characters

    The Brythions

    Leafhair Brythion [78] - Former Caretaker of Illia & the Deru, wearer of the Circlet of Leaf & Chain. Installed in the midst of a succession crisis, Leafhair transformed the governance of the Deru from a loose group of religiously aligned groves into a hereditary monarchy in a union with the neighbouring Illia peoples. Wed to Elora, Chosen of Illia, the two ruled in concert. Pursued by advancing age, Leafhair announced his intention to abdicate in favour of Esfrey on his 70th name day. This he did, and now serves as an adviser on the loose council that has developed around Esfrey's court in the Green Fields. He grieved for both his wife and son, and refused to believe the rumours that the dashing Sir Onfroy was to blame. With the reappearance of his youngest son Leafhair is a man at peace with the world, trusting in his children to protect Bhaile-Koma better than he ever could. Slipping into mild insanity in his later years, Leafhair rejoiced at his son Jofry's return, but now barely remembers his disappearance. He spends much time reminiscing with his old Deru companions, themselves near to taking root, of his first days amongst the great trees, and the wonders of the forest he barely knew.

    Elora Brythion née Covenantes [57] (Deceased)- Former Chosen of Illia, join ruler of Illia & the Deru. Wed to Leafhair. A standout warrior in a strong warrior culture, Elora has led the peoples of Illia for three decades, since her choosing. She strengthened the power of the sightless ones, spiritual leaders & masons of Illia, made peace with the hill-dwellers by taking Norren the Mortal into vassalage, and presided over a prosperous aftermath of the new dawn. She and Leafhair have 3 children. Increasingly growing distant from her twin children, viewing them as straying from Illian traditions and exploiting their privileged positions, she spent increasingly more time with her youngest, Jofry. While still a formidable warrior, Elora's sanity began to fray, a congenital Covenantes failing her forebears traditionally pushed through until their deaths in battle. In her 57th year, Elora was found dead in her youngest son Jofry's chambers, flayed alive, her corpse already festooned with blooming flowers.

    Esfrey Brythion [26] - Caretaker of the Illia & the Deru, Chosen of Illia, wearer of the Circlet of Leaf & Chain. Eldest daughter of Leafhair & Elora, Esfrey is a rambunctious and headstrong youngster, taking well to the traditional Illian trials. She has proven a precocious student, achieving her right to bear spear & sling by age 10. Completing the trials at age 16 alongside her twin Esfrey is ecstatic to have been named heir to her father, and routinely arrives to take command of forces during exercises in the Green Fields. A reckless adrenaline-junkie Esfrey has an odd aversion to duelling, preferring to let Onfroy defend her honour while she prepares for her next escapade. Taking the circlet has only fed Esfrey's appetite for adventure, and she spends most of her time hunting & leading mock battles, as well as scouring the woods for poachers and raiders. She seems unfazed by Onfroy's transformation, welcoming him back to the capital with open arms.

    Onfroy Brythion [26] - Eldest son of Leafhair & Elora, twin brother of Esfrey, Onfroy is a similarly headstrong youngster, although a little less confrontational than his twin, preferring more thoughtful methods of dealing with those who contest him in the trials. He has progressed similarly swiftly in his studies, achieving his right to bear spear & inscribe letters by age 10. Pressed into service as his twin's champion, Onfroy channels his resentment of the role as fury unleashed upon his opponents, maiming several peers Esfrey claimed had slighted her in some petty manner. Furious he was not named heir in his sister's place, believing his martial and intellectual prowess outstrips her own, Onfroy was sent away from council at age 17 to train under the Targiz hero Petal-Head. He returned a very different man, stronger, faster, leaner, able to tear his flesh and extend red thorns to pierce his foes. To duel the young knight is to die a slow death by blood loss as innumerable small cuts and slices from thorn after thorn drain the life from his foes. He stays close to his sister, her staunch defender and bodyguard. The foremost advocate for the Bouquet of the Corpse Flower within Esfrey's court, Onfroy wields substantial influence. Esfrey delegates much of the day-to-day running of the kingdom to her brother, and he takes it quietly in his stride. More recently he developed a relationship with Alhambra, a survivor of No-Climb Cliffs he duelled during the Uzii's contest of might. While the pair rarely found the time to spend together, they always came back to the temple beneath Caretaker's Hall in the end. Onfroy is a fearsome figure within the court in no small part due to Alhambra, as after her transformation into a Thorn of the Red Rose her martial murderous might rivals Onfroy's own. Together they quietly and in some cases very publicly eliminate dissent.

    Jofry Brythion [22] (Missing) - Youngest son of Leafhair & Elora. He was an inquisitive child, but lacked the dexterous coordination of his siblings. Elora worried, but Leafhair was confident he'd find his way through the trials somehow. While he struggled, the youngster showed a remarkable determination and managed to cling on to life during the arduous tests. Elora grew increasingly attached to him, while Leafhair neglected his youngest to focus on Esfrey's education. Jofry had few friends amongst his peers, and spent most of his time outside of the trials in the company of young Deru, preferring their down-to-earth, measured approach to life. Few of his peers were willing to combat the might of even a sapling Deru, so he escaped physical bullying for the most part. He had not been seen since his mother's death, despite extensive searching. His closest friends, 2 sapling Deru and a young dog-boy were also missing. He resurfaced during the Dawn Council, stumbling upon visiting dignitaries from the Scrim. Apprehended during his attempted flight by Onfroy the boy disappeared once more for nearly a year before re-emerging as an emissary for his older twin siblings, loyal to all outward appearances. Marked out by two birds, a hawk and a falcon, perpetually adorning his shoulders, the boy-turned unusually hard man was struck by a chance encounter at the Festival of New Horizons, and a new feeling long left undrawn upon begins to return - love.

    Other Notables
    Norren the Mortal [157] - This cunning old dog-man leads the pack that serves Elora as her vassal. While in his youth the wily soldier fought long and hard against the Illians of the rock, when the war became so entrenched as to approach a war of extinction he betrayed the elders of his pack and led his fellow disaffected's over to Elora's side. Faced now with overwhelming odds the remaining packs retreated to their hill-forts to lick their wounds. Norren was charged with protecting the foothills, and with his pack now granted respite from the century of war and fed by the Illians is exceptionally effective. His pack has grown strong, and he now serves Leafhair & Elora as equal masters. His moniker was given by a soothsayer many moons ago who predicted his death in battle. Norren replied that while he is no more than mortal, his death will happen only when he so chooses. He has been tested and tested, and remains a capable warrior even has his age begins to catch up with him. Having crushed the remaining Dog-men of the highlands, Norren split his pack amongst his pups and theirs, preparing for a great trek westwards. In the aftermath of the failed expedition west, Norren has struggled to bring his pups back to heel, and their packs begin to vie with his for control of the dog-men. Tensions and tempers run high.

    Asha-Shuran [50] - this young Wattlea is the Deru's finest tactician, outfighting all comers in a series of exhibition matches between the Grey Grove & Widhu's Wrath. A rarity among the Deru, she is renowned for her quick temper and agile mind, and is usually raring for a fight. She finds a kindred spirit in old Norren, and spends long hours discussing theories while the two hunt. Concerned at the growing pugnacious spirit of the Uzii, and trusting the Crimson Kingdom to stay in their mountains high Asha spends most of her days teaching Esfrey to lead warriors in battle, although she despairs of ever teaching the young Illian to refrain from a charge. Asha has retreated a little from the capital in recent years, spending more and more time with Norren in the foothills. Esfrey has made no attempt to force her to remain.

    Spoiler: Admin

    Embassy with Targiz

    Required Resource - Living Beings (Satisfied with Cattle)

    No New Leader

    Leader stat increases:
    Faith +1

    City in region 37 (Bhaile)
    Fortress in region 37 (the Green Fields)

    Region 37 TP1 (Living Wood)
    Region 42 TP1 (Cattle)

    Animal Husbandry
    Writing (Hraban)(Elecctricat)

    Naval Units: 2/4
    Units: 5/8
    The Grey Grove - Traditional Fuinn warrior-trees.
    Widhu's Wrath - A horde of woodland beasts guided by Castain custodians.
    Illia's Children - Well-organised band of proud young Illian warriors.
    Norren's Marauders - Savage & cunning band of hill-dwelling dog-men under the leadership of Norren the Mortal, in the service of the Chieftess of the Illia.
    Illia's Elders- Age brings experience as well as scars - Illia is no peaceful place, and those warriors that survive are capable indeed.
    Ashan Grove - Asha-Shuran knows well the tales of the Ash Grove, and her own band of most loyal followers are similarly inclined to revel in past glories.
    Onfroy's Band - the retinue and hangers-on of Sir Onfroy.
    The Queen's Own - Caretaker Esfrey's personal guard.

    Treasure: 1.

    Heroes: Asha-Shuran (8), Sir Onfroy (9)

    Cultural Identity/ies: Children of the Sannha (2d8 on raising organisation reputation) (temporary).

    Circlet of Leaf & Chain: A stone chain circlet with ever-green wattle leaves entwined throughout, permitting communication with the voices of Councillors & Chosen past, granting +2 to own leader loss rolls when ruler is personally leading troops.

    Tactical Doctrine/s: none.
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Lim Dynasty

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    Queen Xia appointed a body of house scholars to review the two scripts discovered in their trade agreements. After much experimentation in using the writing, court scholars finally recommend Veramondi Logography as being significantly easier to translate into the Fei language. Accepting their recommendation, Queen Xia has ordered the scribes to adapt the script. All Dynasty members and house scholars will be required to learn the new script. Many smaller families, particularly among the merchant class, are quick to adopt the script after her decree, seeing the advantages in being able to record information permanently, and eager to win the Queen's notice with their new scholarship.

    Caravans of artisans and scholars arive from Sewune and Hernanda, along with carts full of tools and diagrams. Under the queen's directions they are provided homes and facilities while they undertake the task of teaching hundreds of Fei apprentices smithing, pottery, irrigation and other arts. The Queen uses the situation to her advantage, using the apprentice-selection process to in-debt many houses to the Lim Dynasty and ensure Dynastic control over essential arts and technologies.

    [Military] Recruit Hero (Roll of 9, post #1321)
    Recognizing his grand achievements in traveling across the continent and facing down great dangers, the Lim Dynasty elevates Yaozhong Gun with the title of Champion of the Peaks. To seal the arrangement, Gun marries Deaza Lim and takes the dynasty name, becoming Lim Gun.
    [Military] Deploy 4 Military Units + Queen Lim Xia (Ruler, Mil 5) to help defend the River Lords. Board River Lord transport ships to assist in defending Region 202.
    [Opulence] Buyout Cotton in region 197 (+1 from treasure)(Failure. Roll of 11, post #1322)
    Ecstatic Lim merchants attempt to purchase great amounts of cotton in the north, but succeed only in causing a temporary price hike and shortages.
    [Opulence] Expedition to 222 (+1 from treasure)(Success. Roll of 12, post #1323)
    Eager to fully map the borders of her Dynasty, Queen Lim Xia commissions an expedition to explore to the west. With generous funding, the expedition is able to afford many yaks, slaves and travel supplies for the journey. They also carry gifts of fine copper and beautiful fabrics, along with a letter of greeting from the Queen, to be given to whomever occupies this strange land.
    [Diplomacy] Attend event: The Arrēsiad
    Using the excuse of traveling to meet her soon-to-be husband, Daeza Lim travels east to observe events and treat with the heroes and leaders of distant lands.

    Accept all technology transfers from Sewune and Hernanda.
    Adopt Veramondi Logography as the official script of the Lim Dynasty
    Seal access to the Investigation in Region 206 (no one gets in or out without the queen's permission)
    Resist all unauthorized intrigue/buyouts/quests etc.

    Spoiler: Book Keeping
    Queen Lim Xia
    Diplomacy: 6
    Military: 5 (+1)
    Opulence: 4 (+1)
    Faith: 1
    intrigue: 3

    Military Units:
    The Queen's Guard
    The Palace Guard
    The Northern Guard
    The Southern Guard

    Regions Owned:
    [Fei Dang 223]
    Total Regions: 2
    Land Unit Cap: 8 (6 Capital Unit Cap + 2 for provinces controlled)

    Cultural Identities:

    Military Specialization:


    Military Technologies:

    Civilian Technologies:
    Masonry - +1 to resist raids and sacks


    Regional Benefits:

    Resources controlled:
    [Yaks, Fei Dang (223)]

    Treasure: 4 (-2)
    Chest of beaten copper ornaments
    A granary full of rice

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Round #14


    Leader Stats
    • Diplomacy: 10
    • Military: 9
    • Opulence: 6
    • Faith: 7
    • Intrigue: 8


    Actions - WIP

    1. Pursue the final Steps of the Riddle of Steel
    • Diplomacy (10)
    • Roll: 2d6+10 vs TN: 16
    • Result: 19 - Success!
    • Roll Link: Link

    After many years of training and contemplation of the Riddle of Steel and the truth behind its answer, Zan'Quêzí spends some time in thorough meditation and careful fasting, as he journeys west to Gilead the home of the Sentinels.

    Once there he climbs the volcano and faces the boiling strength and wrath of the world within. He makes an oath, dedicating himself to a cause and a way of life. He knows who his true enemy is and takes up Black Iron, promising to set his will against his enemy and to raise his weapon to protect the world from its malice. The strength of the earth and the fire itself seems to stir and fill him, hardening his resolve and shielding his spirit.

    He descends the mountain as a Flame Tempered Soul.

    Settle Unrest in Múyalah’Wyn (Region #176)
    • Diplomacy (10)
    • Bonuses: +1 From irrigation, +1 from SOS Rep
    • Roll: 2d6+12 vs TN: 10
    • Result: 17 Success!
    • Roll Link: Link

    In the wake of The Wasp's tyranny and the scattering of the leadership within Múyahlah'Wyn, it takes some time to restore peace and order to the region, but at last rest and prosperity is restored. The duel peoples of Múyahlah'Wyn establish the Council of the Sisterhood and elect Zyanya Ik’Yaxli as high speaker. She shows herself to an active and optimistic leader, quickly integrating new and old ways in order to bring her people recognition and respect among the other peoples of the Elven Coast.

    3. Buyout Oats in Múyalah’Wyn (Region #176) - TP#1
    • Opulence (6)
    • Bonuses: +1 From Pottery
    • Roll: 2d6+7 vs TN: 12
    • Result: 14 Success
    • Roll Link: Link

    4. Convert the Good Oats Resource in Múyalah’Wyn (Region #176) to Orcas
    • Opulence (6)
    • SPEACIAL 5
    • No roll Necessary

    5. Raise TWO units at Gilead Fortress (Region #178) : 1 Naval & 1 Land
    • Military (9)
    • No Roll Necessary
    • Move both units to Shandolyn (Region #115) by the end of the round

    6. Edge will go on a Quest "An Arctic Rescue" to assist the Children of the Great Mother & help them destroy the Death Foxes
    • Military/Hero (9/9)
    • Bonuses: +1 From Black Iron, +1 SOS Rep, +1 Treasure
    • Roll: 2d6+12 Vs 14
    • Result: 15 Success
    • Roll Link: Link

    Spoiler: Call to Adventure

    The gathering and movement of the Children some years ago had been of some concern to the councils of Á'Shansholí. They'd elected to hire the DSP to try to follow the Children and see what trouble was brewing in the north, but unfortunately the Dreamspeakers failed to find any sign of the Children nor reveal what it was that had rallied them northward. When the Children suddenly reappeared, along with Blight that had desecrated the faces of the shaní a great stirring and alarm swept the Elven Coast. Councils began organizing debates and elections to try to determine what to do, but the process was slow and arguments lingered, holding up the ability to come to a swift decision.

    It became clear to Zan'Quezí that, for all its benefits, Democracy has its draw backs. When blightspawn rampage across the lands and lives are at stake, certain measures had to be taken to kick things into action. Luckily, he had a good understanding of the people he worked with and organized a debate to be hosted in the Shilo Vale, where Edge still sat as High Speaker of the Council of the Vale. He prepared a long and laborious argument against lending assistance, making sure to include as much subtle condescension and Elder superiority as he could realistically muster.

    "It is, after all, hardly the concern o' Shaní Elders what befalls these younger races," Zan'Quêzí droned, with his hands steepled neatly before him, "They are not our concern. They live outside our wisdom an' so shall perish by their own choices. We have other important things t-'"

    "Get Roont will yeh!" Edge's interruption was stark and bluntly enraged, "Ye an' all the other Winter Elders, who don't kin the Children worth yer precious time!" Edge stood and glared at Zan'Quêzí and the rest of the people sitting thoughtfully around the forum, "People are dying! The blight has acted with our faces and it rampage in the north, bringing destruction to a people that, fer all their milky madness, have never done narry any harm to us. I'm going. Sit around and keep a'talking an' a'voting all yeh want, but it won't matter a wit t' me." So saying, he put his hand over his black iron sword and stormed away to begin his travel preparations.

    As the rest of the meeting broke into a buzz of unquiet voices and shocked reactions, Zan'Quêzí just smiled softly to himself, "How well I kin ye, old friend," he muttered and leaned back in a satisfied manner, "Go ye, with the strength an' determination o' will Simráh has granted ye."

    Without waisting time, Edge gathers a posse of brave shaní and humans and equips them with blackiron and travel gear fitted to the colder regions of Tarandi.


    Non-Actions - WIP

    Attend An Event

    Accept An Embassy from the Arrok Uldra
    The humans of Arrok Uldra are welcomed in Shandolyn when they come to establish an embassy. For many years Tainn of Hiverness has lived among the shaní in hopes of building peace and understanding between the people of Á'Shansholí and the human kingdoms of the northeast. To see the fruits of such efforts finally be realized is cause for celebration and a feast is held for the representatives of Uldra.

    Support Conversions to the Ancient Ways

    Spend 1 Treasure to help equip Edge and his posse on his quest "An Arctic Rescue" to rescue the Children of the Great Mother & Destroy the Death Foxes.

    Spend 1 SOS favor and go 1 favor into debt to retire a sentinel hero - Stat Roll: 9 Link

    Spoiler: Elaksmi & Rentarí

    Departing the boats of the peer, horse and rider lept over a ditch into center road of Summer Town. Shaní scattered and started dogs began to bark in alarm.

    “Behold the fierce Elaksmi o’ the wild Kiswan jungles, arriving with the gallant mustang Kaskí’Án’Rentari, a dynamic duo wild as a never ending storm!”

    The roan stallion reared, black-painted hooves with iron shoes striking through the air and the exotic elf lifted a black iron spear shaking it over her head. Dark green curls frame an enchanting face striped by pink and brown and large brown eyes turned a wicked glare across this strange land.

    “And so we have arrived Rentari,” she said, “ To this land called Tarandi, the land of your birth.”

    “A soft land, beset by danger an’ lies,” agreed the steed, “It was by no mistake that the Sentinels sent us here, my love. We shall be as a fire in old wood, a bolt of lightning in the stillness of summer, a-”

    “Yes, I get your point, you great northern donkey. Let us not delay but make out way directly to this Winter Council you told me of.”

    “I have told yeh before, Elakmsi, I’m a mustang!”

    “You’re a big ass! Lets go!” The elf thusted her spear forward down the road between Summer Town and Winter Town, “I wish to cross many miles before the face of the moon rises against us.”

    Grandson the the famous Mare-Who-Was-First-&-Only, Kaskí’Án’Rentari – Free Spirit that won’t be Stopped - considered himself a great adventurer and a bard. But when glory did not come so easily to his name as he hoped, he journeyed west to join the Sentinels of the Stone.

    While in training he met Elaksmi a Sirrvadwat elf of Kiswa, who’s sense of adventure and wide ambitious had compelled her to leave the isolationist tribes of her birth and seek a place among the Sentinels of Stone, where battle and travel went hand and hand. They recognized in each other a kindred spirit, a spirit of boldness, determined to take from the world what they wished of it. Soon Elaksmi and Rentarí became true friends. However, neither found life as a Sentinel to suit them. Fighting they enjoyed, but they wished to make their own song and bucked against the authority and oaths of their order.

    Unsurprisingly, they fell from favor and the Order decided to retire them and send them both away to fight their battles under other banners. As it happened, the Council’s of Á’Shansholí requested that the Sentinels send a hero to their lands to help guard the Elven Coast from dangers and Blight. It being his native country Rentari was eager to take the opportunity, so that be might make a true name for himself and his beloved and put it on the lips of all who had once ignored him.

    Support WAR's Buyout of Skyclad Dancers.
    For many decades the ritual pilgrimage at the end of one's life to the Gray Lake has been steady growing in practice, as the ways and traditions of the the Ancient Ways took a stronger hold over the culture and spiritual understanding in Trí'Meloa. The Skyclad Dancers further adorned the tradition with their own festive manner and rich lore of storytelling and dancing. Every year at the end of summer, whole flocks gathered to accompany those Dancers journeying to the Gray Lake for their final ritual. Festivals, parades, sacred dances and feasts to celebrate the lives of those who would were facing their ending become a part of the journey. Indeed, they become a traveling carnival, where masks, bright feathered banners and late night parties full of torchlight and bonfires blazed their way east across the mountain and down into the Carrion Ward. Eventually some flocks and family members who had made the journey along aside their aged reletives and friends decided to just stay in the Ward and make it their home year round, forming the first Dancer flocks of the Carrion Ward. "Life is short and the road is long. And so! Might as well start this party early. After all what is life but one great parade moving toward death! And so and even so!"


    Embassy Actions

    Accept Bronze from SAN (Symphony of Kalatar)
    Teach ELF (Eleftheria) the Song of the Wind tech


    News & Rumors - WIP

    Stories from Distant Lands
    Friends from the Carrion Ward visit Trí'Meloa and speak of Mah-moot, a strange country across the seas. They share rumors of Dancer flocks who live in these lands and excitement quickly spreads through the flocks. Always eager for travel and tales a group of dancers gladly join the Creatures of the Ward on their adventure to seek out more about this strange country. "And even so! No distance nor wide waters shall hold us back! Let us seek adventure! Let us seek our lost brethren! And so and even so let us seek Mah-MOOT!!"

    What of "Raatn-Bükh"?
    Rumors reach the Elven Coast that the scavengers have made for themselves a city in the heart of the Gray Lake, this causes something of a stir among the peoples of Á'Shansholí. Many humans and most Dancers are please with the idea and speak eagerly of their desire to see a city of Woken. The Woken themselves seem split on the matter, with some enthusiastically taking to the idea and even packing up their homes and families and immigrating to this city of their own kind. Others however are dubious and consider such a concentration of life and a deliberate construction and alteration upon the natural world an assault on the natural ways and discordant with the harmony of nature. As for the shaní, most elves are displeased about what they have heard of this new city, seeing it as a step backwards from the bridge of understanding they have worked many years to build between the Woken and "Two-Legged" peoples. Further, such crowding, of greed and people and such banality of life carried out in the sacred heart of the Gray Lake offends the spiritual sensibilities of many shaní, who do not welcome the idea of their final sacred rituals carried out before an audience of many thousands of Woken living with a teaming, filthy city. Indeed, the pilgrimage of shaní to the Gray Lake notably decreases over the next few years.

    The streaking path of the emerald star that flew over the land of Shandolyn and Winter Hall itself to land somewhere beyond the eastern mountains could hardly be missed. Lore-masters were summoned and Elders spoke in hushed voices of omens and the kaí of the celestials. Shaní sent east to investigate soon return with a remarkable story of the Gleam Star in Star's Landing and Pina'Mak's miracle. When he hears of this, Zan'Quêzí smiles and picks up a piece of yew wood he'd been carefully carving of late. "The Noctrix o' Danneta-Yvaon is a remarkable person. The sky itself heeds her beck-n-call an' the Kaí o' stone an' wood rise to answer her." He says no more, but a growing anticipation rises in Á'Shansholí as they wait to see what new magics shall arise from the clan of Mak.


    Ruler Information

    Spoiler: Talákin’Záni’Quêzí - Eagle Flies High and Sees All

    Talákin’Záni’Quêzí - Eagle Flies High and Sees All
    High Speaker of the Winter Counsel

    New Leader Next Round?: No

    Current Stats
    • Diplomacy: 10
    • Military: 9
    • Opulence: 6
    • Faith: 7
    • Intrigue: 8

    Expected Stat Increases: +1 Opulence, +1 Military



    Spoiler: Maps

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Anbroch Reavers


    1. [Military] Invade Narava with 3 Units (1 Land, 2 Naval), the Blightslave (+2 to all military rolls), War Drums and Steering Oars Technologies, led by Rosie MacGill (10), spending 1 treasure, and using the Reckless Advance tactical doctrine and challenging to duel. Total +16 battle, +17 Tactical Maneuvering Enjoying the Adoration of the Anbroch troops and abiherist dwarves for the defeat of King Ruunandaraghal, Rosie MacGill hopes to secure even more glory by launching an attack on the fortress-city of Singhon in Narava. Her plan relies on infiltration to destroy the farms within the city's walls, while laying a protracted siege on the Erapira and in the Jungle to cut off supplies.
    2. [Military] Invade Region 199 with 2 Units(1 Land, 1 Naval), the Blightslave (+2 to all military rolls) War Drums and Steering Oars Technologies, led by Fiona MacDool, using the Reckless Advance Tactical Doctrine and challenging to duel. Total +14 Battle, +17 Tactical Maneuvering Abiherists remember, at the beginning of the shadow outbreaks King Ruunanandaraghal said "But so too will you not begrudge my people this - if you will grant no aid in cleansing the blight from the lands beyond the river, then expect no share in the bounty to be reaped once this threat is undone!" The Anbroch, and particularly Fiona MacDool, had granted that aid, and perhaps this is why Rosie MacGill tasked the poisoner and slayer of shadows with leading the invasion on the once-blighted land across the sur. Personally, Fiona seems nonplussed at the idea of leaving her laboratory behind, but dutifully gathers a host of nobles and Bel-Dan mercenaries and prepares to attack.
    3. [Military] Invade region 220 with 2 units, marching through Narava, using the Blightslave (+2 to all military rolls) and war drums, led by Tasapa the Mongoose (10), using the Reckless Advance Tactical Doctrine and challenging to duel. Total +14 battle, +14 Tactical Maeuvering Ego swollen from his attack on the Sentinels, Tasapa breaks orders from Warlady MacGill to assist her attack on Narava, and instead marches the Reavers placed under his command farther into Dhraan territory in search of a more personal victory. The Clans of Unghlaban were subjected to Dhraan rule by one among them without the consent of the others, and perhaps the arrival of a dwarf army led by an elf might stir some of them into resistance.
    4. [Military] Raise 2 Units
    5. [Intrigue] Probe the depths of the tunnels, following the voices. Roll 13 The behavior of the blightspawn following the attack on the standing stone proved a mystery to all of Rosie's advisors, even the gluttonous shadow expert Fiona MacDool. Could the calling to the earth be the same spirit the sentinels bind with their stones, or a dead remnant of the slithering womb of Kincany? Spurred by curiosity, Rosie undertakes an expedition to follow the voice into the bowels of the earth.

    Give the Bel-Dan 1 treasure as Tribute
    Accept Irrigation from the Bel-Dan

    News and Rumors
    Despite their military defeat by the trolls, the Reaver's morale is buoyed by the destruction of the mother, the successful attack on the legendary sentinels of stone, the defeat of the MacTir rebels, and most importantly Warlady MacGill's slaying the King of the Trolls in combat.

    Rosie MacGill encourages her troops to compose songs in the Abiherist tradition about their fallen comrades as the war progresses, and hosts gatherings at camp for Anbroch warriors to share them, helping to qualify the troops for the Abiherist afterlife.

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    "Matriarch" Rosie MacGill
    Spoiler: Biography

    6 Diplomacy
    10 Military
    2 Opulence
    1 Faith
    10 Intrigue

    Attribute Improvements:

    No New Ruler next round.

    Spoiler: Inheritance Information

    Important Figures:
    Rosie MacGill (62 yrs): The adopted daughter of Warlady Mollie MacGill and biological daughter of the Matriarch, a lot of negotiations had been conducted to put her in line to inherit more power than either posessed alone. Ruling in the wake of the Warlady's murder, she was not well liked by the soldiers.

    Tavish MacGrath (60 yrs): Third-in-line for the patriarchy of House MacGrath, Tavish quickly became first-in-line during the civil war. Lover of the Warlady, his caldera fortress Slocdun keep is an important asset for the Anbroch.

    Charlie MacGill (56 yrs): The son of the Patriarch and Matriarch, he has been imprisoned since he led a rebellion against his Sister.

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping

    Land Units: 4
    Anbroch Commandos: 300 Female Reavers who fight alone, trained for Asymmetric warfare.
    Male Reavers: roughly 250 male Reavers, married to the female reavers and expected to fight together.
    Female Reavers: roughly 250 Female Reavers, recruited from the Partisan Militia, accompanied by a few slaves.
    The Stouthearts: A few Battlemistresses stayed behind as partisans and nobles of less stern stuff fled during the civil war and the blight. They remain still, accompanied by their quads in the traditional Anbroch fashion.
    Naval Units: 3
    Luthrails of the North: Luthrail veteran sailors, hardened by bearing the brunt of the Bel-Dan's raids for so long.
    Luthrails of the South: A motley crew of Luthrail fishermen from the erapira, fighting with their traditional staves.
    Bel-Dan castoffs: Bel-Dan pirates serving the Anbroch as mercenaries.

    Treasure: 2

    Trade posts:
    Region 212 TP 2: Wild Asses
    Region 189 TP 1: Purple Sea Snails

    CI: Never Again (Increased Die Size on duels)
    Tasapa the Mongoose (10)
    Fiona MacDool, the poisoner (10)

    Animal Husbandry
    Blight Poison (Temporary tech, limited reserves)
    Crab-Claw Sails
    Steering Oars
    Thin-Blood Elixir
    War Drums
    Wheel and Axle
    Writing (Veramondi Logography)
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    See, I remember the days of roleplaying before organisms could even see, let alone use see as a metaphor for comprehension. We could barely comprehend that we could comprehend things. Imagining we were something else was a huge leap forward and really passed the time in between absorbing nutrients.

    Biggest play I ever made: "I want to eat something over there." Anticipated the trope of "being able to move" that you see in all stories these days.

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Round 14
    █~( )~██

    [DIP] Stabilize the Impact Zone 21 (Success)
    [MIL] Recruit 2 Units
    [MIL] Riddle of Steel 2: Electric Boogaloo 15 (Failure)
    [OPU] Accumulate Treasure
    [OPU] Accumulate Treasure

    [???] Secret (?)

    D: 10 (S5 used, S10 unused)
    M: 10 (M5 used, M10 used)
    O: 6 (7?) -> 7 (8?) (not sure of which) (O5 Used)
    F: 1
    I: 5 (S5 used)
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Region 81, Round 14

    Ruler Info
    Eleuia, First Tlatoani of the Unified Isle, Lady of Fire
    Diplomacy – 4
    Military - 2
    Opulence – 4
    Faith - 2
    Intrigue – 1

    New Player Bonus Actions
    1. [Opulence] Buyout 81 TP2, Glasswork [TN 12, Roll 7, Failed]
    2. [Opulence] Buyout 81 TP3, Glasswork [TN 12, Roll 14, Success]
    3. [Diplomacy] Raise Rep with TSR [TN 10, Roll 8, Failed]
    4. [Faith]Build TSR Tower (1/3)
    5. [Military] Raise Naval Unit
    6. [Military] Raise Land Unit

    1. [Diplomacy] Begin translation project for Tarandi (1/5)
    2. [Diplomacy] Work on translation project for Tarandi (2/5)
    3. [Diplomacy] Attend Event at Danneta-Yvaon
    4. [Faith] Build TSR Tower (2/3)
    5. [Faith] Build TSR Tower (3/3)

    News and Rumors
    Spoiler: Falling

    (A short excerpt from the event at Danneta-Yvaon cowritten with Blade.)

    In all of her twenty-two winters, this was the first time she dared venture beyond her island’s shores, and as unbefitting as it might be of her title, Eleuia was utterly overwhelmed with her first diplomatic trip as Tlatoani. She was dressed much more simply than other important guests and struggling with the language spoken here. The hour after the Star's fall was one of both wonder and absolute chaos in Danneta-Yvaon below, and the one who’d performed the working was nowhere to be found after her moment in the lime light.

    The compound of the Circle of the Strix's Quill was a garden on the mountainside, but she could only have disappeared somewhere within the monastery at the center, and a watchful observer like Eleuia noted the occasional chalk-marks on stone left by her white shadow, the Marble Guardian that seemed to follow her everywhere. It was easy enough to follow them, and the monastery was curiously empty of occupants that might notice an...intrusion, she supposed it might be considered.

    But she had to follow the path, because beyond all of the stress of her visit, she was fortunate enough to bear witness to the most beautiful sight she’d seen - and that beautiful sight was amazing enough to bring a star down from the sky!

    Snapping out of her anxious thoughts, she found herself in front of a stone building with hide cover firmly overtop, a distinct warmth emanating like the mists of a lava flow caught in a rainstorm. The door was simple and wooden, closed but unbarred. A voice hummed faintly within and the gentle warmth beckoned her closer. It couldn't hurt too terribly to step inside and ask for directions back to the garden, right? She needed to gather the courage to speak, and worried she would run out of time. She took a deep breath and cracked open the door to the lodge.

    Steam wafted out from the opening along with the song echoing inside, a lilting melody with lyrics in an unfamiliar language, and Eleuia slipped through the door to avoid letting too much of it out. The echoes of warmth outside were a pale shadow of the heat and humidity within, and through a haze of steam she saw her: Standing in the basin of the structure, waterline at her navel. She wore pale nudity in silhouette, raven hair dripping straight across her shoulders, and sang to herself as she poured the contents of an amphora over her own body.

    Caught in her voyeurism, she scarcely registered a low rumble. A massive hound like those of the Nordgen and Arrok, but chiseled from white stone and chalk jumped to attention and turned to meet her gaze, twin emeralds that passed for eyes bearing protective fury against this interloper, but it relented and returned to its resting position as its mistress called out.

    "Stay, Akoda. This one means me no harm."

    The words were spoken in a perfect dialect of the Citlallo, somehow. No translator was needed as the raven-haired woman sank to her chest under the waters and turned to face Eleuia with a genuine smile and utter serenity in her stare.

    "You are of the peoples of the isle of Citlallo, yes? The Arrok spoke of your coming and I foresaw that our meeting tonight was fate. I am the Noctrix Pina of the House of Mak, and I welcome you to the Sun Lodge of the Strix's Quill."

    She stood frozen, trying to recall how to breathe; only the gentle pulsating warmth of her spark reminded her she was alive. Seeing someone bathing shouldn't have been so shocking: There were warm springs like this on Citlallo and it was common to bathe together...but this was different. Somehow the steam, the gentle light, and the sweet sound of the Noctrix's singing left her breathless. She was almost as radiant as the falling star. The danger posed by the Marble Hound and the fact that the Noctrix had spoken to her in her own mother tongue failed to register.

    Managing to compose herself, Eleuia coughed a reply, "Forgive me Noctrix, I only meant to find someone to show me the way back to the garden. I didn't mean to intrude."

    The woman in the water laughed heartily in reply, gentle and genuine. She placed the amphora she still held at the side of the pool, and with a wave of her hand a circlet of granite and silver filigree inlaid with a flawless blue diamond leapt to her waiting palm. She placed the crown atop her still-wet hair and sighed happily in the hot water.

    "The Garden is near the front of the monastery grounds, nearly at the path leading back to the city." She smiled knowingly. "You have strayed far indeed in the wrong direction if that was your quarry. But is it so? Or are you lost in another sense?"

    She broke eye contact and gazed out into space, a moment. "I will guide you back to the Garden when I have finished washing myself, if that is truly all you desire. You may sit at the water's edge, if you wish to keep me company rather than waiting in the cold." A ghost of a smirk crossed her lips. "I would not mind the conversation; Perhaps you might begin by telling me who you are?"

    Slowly, Eleuia sat at the water's edge, adjusting her skirt so that it remained dry. Her hand wandered to the thin metal torq around her neck, fidgeting with the obsidian ends nervously, jostling her dark red waves. "I am called Eleuia and am Tlatoani of Citlallo. I was invited to venture to Tarandi by the Snow Wives of Arrok, " she said, trailing off into a pause before continuing, embarrassed. "...And to be completely honest, I was lost in thought and strayed away because I was hoping to speak to you and thank you for your hospitality..." She trailed off again, flushing slightly and silently cursing her own inexperience. On Citlallo she never felt so nervous, unafraid and bubbly even among the island's strongest and largest. Yet she felt small and alone here. She regretted leaving her fox companion back home.

    Pina-Mak said it aloud, tasting the sound on her lips, the meaning not lost on her. "Eleuia." She smiled again. "How blessed am I then to have called both the Wish and Star tonight?" She closed her eyes and exhaled softly, still pleased in countenance. "Thank you for your honesty this time. It is only polite to tell you - though not of their order, I know the magicks of the Truthseers, and falsehoods lay themselves bare before my ears. But you are not unwelcome here, and need not fear my wrath." She playfully wiggled her fingers in the water at the last word. The Marble Hound lifted its head to attention, though put it back down shortly after. "You are welcome to the hospitality of Danneta-Yvaon and I welcome you here. If you wish to speak with me, I invite it. Petitioners seeking knowledge are no strangers to me."

    Eleuia's eyes widened and she sputtered, "How could I possibly ask more of you? You have shown me a miracle so great - in Citlallo we believe the Daezirn Isles were created by a falling star, so to see one, I am the most blessed of the Citlalli." Out of breath, she inhaled and continued, "I would like to be able to one day lead my people to prosperity as you have, but today I have come to give you a gift. It was meant to be in return for your hospitality, but it is now clear that what I have is a mere trinket compared to anything here."

    The Noctrix opened one eye to look at her, the smile dropping from her face. "Is that so? I knew not that your people taught such things, but the Way of Eauden teaches that the stars are lost parts of the world, blown away in the great destruction of the False Dawn. It is not mad to hear that where one falls, land might spring forth. But what was done tonight was a gift to all the world, and you owe me nothing to have witnessed it. Going forth with Love, Life, and Hope in your heart is all I could ask of you."

    She smiled again, mahogany eyes wide open, and drew closer to Eleuia. Shielding her breast from view with one arm, she rose from the water to meet her eye to eye, face to face, nearly within arm's reach. "And in the spirit of Life, Love, and Hope, and in honor of your will to lead your people to prosperity, Tlatolani Eleuia of Citlallo Isle, I would be honored to accept your gift."

    Eleuia blushed, but pulled a small cloth pouch from her pocket and reached inside. From the pouch she removed a bracelet made from alternating colorful glass and obsidian beads, and a larger pendant of glass with a small dried purple-pink flower suspended within it. She whispered, "I made this myself using the techniques our craftsmen have developed for generations. This flower only grows near the mouths of the volcanoes and is the first life that grows after the fire and burn of an eruption. To gather it means to venture to the most dangerous part of the island and to craft with it without breaking the delicate bloom is difficult. I hope that it pleases you and shows you my truest sincerity to lead my people well and forge a bond with you-your kingdom."

    Pina's face was unreadable as she took the preserved flower into her free hand, silently holding it before her eyes. Her arm fell from her chest as she held it with both hands, inspecting it more closely in some manner only she could see. A long moment passed and her face broke into satisfaction, before she walked to the other end of the pool and gingerly set down the pendant and bracelet upon a folded linen at the water's edge. "This is quite a treasure you have offered me.", she said finally, without turning around. "Fire is renewal, it can destroy but so too can it clear, heal, create. The personal care you have put into this, the symbol of regrowth after a time of so many endings, is a thing of real beauty."

    She covered herself again, finally, and turned halfway and her neck the other half to once more meet Eleuia's eyes with the largest grin she'd yet displayed. "You should be proud. I will treasure this far more than I would any gift of jewels or silver crafted by another's hands." She looked back at it one last time, and returned to the center of the pool. "What is the flower called?"

    The young Tlatolani pondered the question for a moment, "It has no name. A handmade gift of obsidian and glass is customary for symbolizing sincerity, but almost none pick this flower. I know of them because my father gathered them once and my mother crafted them into a flower crown for me as a child. Encasing it in glass was an idea I had recently. Would you like to name it?"

    The other woman seemed taken aback, but spent a moment considering the subject. "It is renewal. A color in ash, life after death. I would name it Lady of Fire, nobly daring stand and thrive in a broken land." She smirked. "Even against the threat of being picked by an adventurous delver.", she teased.

    "But don't worry." Pina-Mak approached once more, quite closely, hair nearly dripping on the younger woman's feet, excitement plain to see. "I'd much rather see what you grow into, my Lady of Fire."

    The description was apt enough, given the heat rising to her cheeks in response, and she only barely managed to keep a semblance of focus projected outward. Pina pulled back, ruby lips fully spread in a knowing grin, before reaching for a linen and beginning to exit the basin. "This is an innovative and wonderful gift. Rest assured that I am impressed, and desire to call our peoples friends."

    At that the tension left Eleuia’s body, and she finally broke into a smile of her own. "Thank you. Can I ask you about the shapes etched onto things? They seem to mean something to some?"

    "The shapes on..." Pina pondered a moment before understanding dawned, continuing to speak whilst she dried her body, gesturing to the inscriptions around the chamber. "Ah! We call these runes, the carving of them writing, and the understanding of them reading. They are...a means of putting words onto things so they may deliver messages heard with one's eyes, long after the speaker spoke." She seemed to enjoy teaching, if nothing else. "They are words frozen in time. I could teach you these secrets, but there would be much to teach and it might take many days. But I could begin tonight, if you wish, and send a kinsman home to teach further on the Isle when the time comes for you to return to your homeland."

    “Messages heard with one’s eyes?” the young woman repeated in awe. She smiled excitedly and responded, “Yes! Please teach me! There is so much I wish to learn!”

    Pina-Mak laughed once more as she replaced her robe, somehow already fully dry. “Well then! I suppose I have much to teach you then, but I suppose first I promised to lead you back to the city. Come now, let us retire. Akoda, you too!”

    And so they did.

    -Receive Irrigation, Writing [Hiverness Runes], Masonry, Animal Husbandry, and War Bows from Danneta-Yvaon.

    Spoiler: Additional Notes

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Pottery, Sailing
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Sewune of Gehudu Forest
    Regions: 216(C), 215, 231

    Round 14 Actions:

    1. [Diplomacy] Press claim on 232 Success 17
    Nudryd firstborn of King Yorick II and heir to the throne declares his intent to marry into the ruling class of the newly discovered region.

    2. [Diplomacy] Attend event
    While the Sewune had send Zisbehk Tebmusylo to represent the Sewune initially they quickly added the Black Pharaoh to the mix to increase the wow factor.

    • Event sub actions
    • Trade Celestial navigation and the Sikar Translation Project to to BDA
    • Accept Feathered cloaks from UBT
    • Trade advanced poisoning to the SKO for Seekers.

    3. [Diplomacy] Great Project - Tarandi Translation "Serenade of the Snows" - (2/5)

    New neighbours are discovered we must know what they say!

    4. [Intrigue] Investigate the remains of the Glutonous Shadows in region 209 (with Roles permission) Success ? 19
    The threat from the gluttonous shadows might be over but perhaps a secret can be gained from them. While the normal blight could reveal much special interest was shown towards the remains of Neferkare.

    5. [Intrigue] Secret 14
    Something something defo not anything suspicious.

    6. [Opulence] Buyout 292 Nakhla Stone TP2 from SKO with support Success 19

    With the new technology of deep desert travel new stones were needed to benefit from this.

    Non Actions:
    • Trade Animal Husbandry, Irrigation, Pottery, Writing (Blemmyae script), Mountain clothes and the Sikar translation project to the Lim Dynasty via Embassy
    • Use 1 SoS favour to stabilize 231.
    • Trade Composite bows and Celestial navigation to Vygra in exchange for 4 treasure via embassy.
    • Accept Towers of Light from HYD via Embassy
    • Give 1 Treasure and Thin Blood Elixir to HYD

    Spoiler: Diplomatic arrangements

    • Embassy with the Vygra
    • Embassy with the Nocturnal Hydra
    • Embassy with the Lim Dynasty

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    "King" Yorick II:

    Diplomacy: 9 + 1
    Military: 7
    Opulence: 10
    Faith: 3
    Intrigue: 10

    Spoiler: News and Rumours

    Spoiler: Book Keeping

    Spoiler: Trade Posts

    Count Region Trade Post Slot Resource Category
    1 208 1 Gamebirds Living beings / food?
    2 210 2 Bananas Food
    3 211 3 Tvila Clay clay?
    4 213 2 Flint ??
    5 215 1 Artisans Skilled beings
    6 216 1 Sweet Droggen Berries Food
    7 216 City Sweet Droggen Berries Food
    8 217 2 Sorghum Food
    9 218 3 Cacao Food
    10 221 3 Healing Herbs Medicine
    11 223 2 Dag Yaks Living beings
    12 225 1 Elk Living beings?
    13 226 3 Copper Metal
    14 235 1 Hemlock Poisonous plant
    15 240 1 Aquamarine Precious mineral
    16 241 2 Tin Metal
    17 289 1 Wild Horses Live Animals
    18 291 3 Desert Bell Seeds Seeds
    19 295 2 Tin Metal
    20 303 2 Salt Live Animals
    21 307 2 Gold Precious Metal

    Spoiler: Treasure (10)

    Round Reason Change Total
    4 Passive TP income +1 1
    4 Gift to sentinels of stone for rep -1 0
    5 Passive TP income +1 1
    5 Great Success Exploration +1 2
    6 Passive TP income +1 3
    6 Use one for investigation -1 2
    7 Passive TP Income +2 4
    7 Use on for the attack on blightspawn -1 3
    8 Passive TP Income +2 5
    8 Help stop unrest in 215 -1 4
    8 Assist on buyout -1 3
    9 Passive TP Income +2 5
    9 Investigate Shadows -1 4
    9 Investigate Shadows -1 3
    9 Investigate Shadows -1 2
    10 Passive TP Income +2 4
    10 Investigate earthquake -1 3
    10 Assist on Epic Quest -1 2
    11 Passive TP Income +2 4
    11 Blood Ingot reward +2 6
    11 Investigate evil presence revealed by the earthquake -3 3
    12 Passive TP Income +2 5
    13 Passive TP Income +3 8
    13 Great Success Exploration +1 9
    13 Great Success Exploration +1 10
    13 Use on Secret -3 7
    14 Passive TP Income +3 10
    14 Claim on 232 -3 7
    14 Investigate shadows in 209 -3 4

    Spoiler: Military (3 units)

    Name Ships Weapons
    Panneac yna husso No Bows
    Taan yna husso No Spears
    Puyn yna husso No Daggers

    Name Military Stat Special Effect
    Dra ranu 8 +2 bonus on Errant Quests in Sikar and Kiswa
    Black Pharaoh 9 -4 to defend against betrayal

    Spoiler: Reputations

    Organization Rank Favours
    Sentinels of the Stone 1 2
    Dream Speakers 1 0
    Truthseers 2 1

    Spoiler: Great Projects

    Project Name Project Progress Project Effect Project Location
    Sikar Translation Done Reduce penalty to -4 when dealing with Sikar N/A

    Spoiler: Techs

    Tech Name Primary Effect Primary Resource Primary Resource Met Military Slot
    Blade Sharpeners +1 to Battles Tvila Clay Yes Melee Weaponry
    Bronze +1 to Battles, +1 to Leader Loss Rolls Copper or Tin Resources Yes Special Materials
    Composite Bows +1 to Battles Hooved Animals Resource Yes Ranged Weapons
    Crab-Claw Sails -1 Distance Loss, permits exploration and troops transport over deeper waters Sailing Technology Yes Scouts and Logistics
    Equestrianism -10% friendly unit casualties Horses Resource, Animal Husbandry Tech Yes Cavalry
    Steering Oars +3 to Tactical Maneuvering in naval battles and battles in coastal regions Sailing Technology Yes Cavalry
    Thin-Blood Elixir +1 to all Battles and Quests involving the Gluttonous Shadows N/A Yes Combat Drugs and Medicine
    War Drums +2 to Tactical Maneuvering Rolls N/A Yes Scouts and Logistics

    Non Military
    Tech Name Primary Effect Primary Resource Primary Resource Met
    Advanced Poisoning +1 to theft, assassination, kidnapping, incite betrayal and related secret actions Medicinal or Poisonous Plants Resource Yes
    Animal Husbandry +1 to Opulence and Diplomacy exploration N/A Yes
    Celestial Navigation Allows transit of one additional deep water border and grants -1 distance loss to deep water travel N/A Yes
    Coinage +1 to resisting buyouts from anyone without this technology (no requirement); +1 to buyouts (requires silver or gold) Gold or Silver Resource Yes
    Irrigation +1 to Stabilization rolls N/A Yes
    Masonry +1 to resist Raids and Sacks N/A Yes
    Mountaineer Clothing Allows exploration and troop transport across Mountain Borders Furs and Hides Resource Yes
    Pottery +1 to Buyouts N/A Yes
    Sailing Permits exploration and troop transport over deep water borders N/A Yes
    Wheel and Axle +1 to Opulence Exploration, Overland exploration is not limited by adjacency. N/A Yes
    Writing (United Blemmyae Tribes Script) +1 Conversion Defence, +1 Conversions in regions that share your writing system. Sharing the technology shares the writing system. A new writing system may be adopted with a Great Project. N/A Yes

    Spoiler: Ruler Actions

    Spoiler: 'King' Yorick II

    Attribute 5/10 Action Effect
    Diplomacy 5 Create Embassy An embassy with The Vygra was made.
    Intrigue 10 Incite Betrayal on the Black Pharaoh The Black Pharaoh joined the Sewune
    Military 5 Raise Hero Dra Ranu (8) is recognised
    Opulence 5 Raise City Manticore Rise now exists
    Opulence 10 Become a Merchant Prince The Sewune now benefit from the Merchant Prince Title

    Spoiler: Previous Posts

    Round Action of Note TP's bought Tech Gained
    1 Received writing tech from Blemmyae and adopted their scripts Droggen berries 216 TP2 Writing, Animal Hisbandry (start tech), Irrigation
    2 Acquired required resource in the form of copper TP 3 in region 226 Copper 226 TP3, Cacao 218 TP3
    3 Founded Manticore Rise Elk 225 TP1, Tvlia Clay 211 TP3, Healing Herbs 221 TP3
    4 Started building a military None
    5 Officially converted to Abiherism None Pottery (secret)
    6 Did an investigation that pointed us to the Gluttonous Shadows! Bananas 210 TP2, Sorghum 217 TP2 Sailing (secret)
    7 Helped the Sons of Sirrvat with an invasion from the Gluttonous Shadows. And conquered region 215 Granite 238 TP2 Crab Claw Sails, Masonry
    8 Stopped unrest in 215 and made an embassy with the Vygra Tin 241 TP2, Artisans 215 TP1, Flint 213 TP2
    9 Mass investigation on the origin of the Gluttonous shadows Gamebirds 208 TP1, Aquamarine 240 TP1 Wheel and Axle
    10 Become a merchant prince, assist with cancer in thevale and investigate the earthquake Seafood 214 TP1 Bronze
    11 Assisted with Into the blightlands and sikar translation Tvila Clay211 TP2 Thin-Blood Elixir, Advanced Poisoning, Blade Sharpeners, Coinage, Wardrums, Composite Bows
    12 Massive trade deal with HYD Hemlock 235 TP1, Wild Horses 289 TP1, Gold 307 TP2, Fox 303 TP2, salt 295 TP2, Desert Bell Seeds 291 TP3.
    Lost: Tvila Clay211 TP2, Droggen Berries 216 TP2, Granite 238 TP2, Sea Food 214 TP1
    Steering Oras, Mountaineer Clothing, Equestrianism, Celestial Navigation
    13 Stole the Black Pharaoh Dag Yaks 223 TP2

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    Empire 4 played the Council of Jintha
    Empire 5 played the Empress of the Mier Formica
    Empire 6 playing the Kingdom of the Sewune.

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Symphony of Kalatar
    Region 136+135+132+157+159+158

    Keeper Lovati Polahi
    Dip 9
    Mil 4
    Op 3
    Faith 6
    Int 3


    1:[Faith] Convert 152 10

    2:[Faith 5] Create Artefact: The Lyre of the Temperamental Song 18
    Proposed power: At the beginning of a round, roll 1d5. An action taken with that stat that round gains a +1 bonus.

    It would seem some of the inspiration brought on by the glimmerwood has passed onto Kalatar, with a Pledge quickly taking some of the wood in the middle of the night, to craft until the new dawn. The result is a lyre, which each time it is played plays a different tune, yet always seems to bring inspiratin and courage to those who hear it in going about their tasks.
    3:[Diplomacy] Mamut translation project

    4:[Diplomacy] Mamut Translation
    With rumours of this grand land to the East, Lovati orders her Pledges to travel their, and collect what they can baout the local languages and customs, being willing to talk to any organisation that is willing to help

    5:[Military] Invade 161 with 9 units under Vralis (Bows, Bronze+1 treasure)=22-10% losses)
    Vralis will duel, has SOS rank 2

    Meanwhile, Vralis heads an expedition to the south to help secure the southern boarders of Kalatar
    6: [Military]Hinarah Epic quests with the Great Mother assisting Magi Mila-Sen 13
    As this happens, and with the Amber seed in full display, Hinarah moves with Magi Mila-Sen to help with the Great Mother and rid the waters of the infection plauging the homelands.


    Support all AW conversions. Resist all others
    Embassy Actions:
    Pass Irrigation and Animal husbandry to WAR
    Pass Bronze to SHN
    News and Rumours:

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping
    Owned Trade Posts

    136 TP1: Musical Instruments
    142 TP1: Eagles
    140 TP1: Skyclad Dancers
    113 TP2: Wood
    155 TP1: Wild Horses
    159 TP1 Copper
    131 TP1 Wooly sheep
    1 Treasure generated per turn
    Claims: 131
    HO: The Herald
    Dreamspeakers: Rep 1,
    Sentinels of Stone Rep 2,(TBC)
    Truthseekers: Rep 0
    Technology: Masonry +1 resist raids and sacks
    Irrigation +1 stabalisation
    Animal Husbandry +1 Op and Dip Exploration
    Writing (CAW) +1 Conversion defence with same alphabet
    Pottery: +1 to buyouts
    Bows +1 to battle
    Animal Guides/Song of the Wind TBC
    Wolf Riders
    Units: 9

    Treasure: 6

    Heroes: Prenadi Kilia 10
    Hinarah the Rider 9

    Required Resource: Animals met)
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    Played as the Duenem in Empire 5. Ordered a God to stand down, and kept a contingency ready...

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    Crow's Tribe
    King Kro Karael
    Round 14

    Year 53-56 of the Kro Dynasty

    News and Rumors

    Actions Rolls
    • [Secret] Crows gather in the sky. (-1 treasure)
    • [Faith 5] Create Artifact - The Halcyon Auspex
      This golden mirror, nearly the height of a man, acts as a mirror under normal light, but when turned towards the sun it's reflected light projects visions of the afterlife. With skill it can bet tuned to find specific souls that have rejoined the Eternal Sun, blessed be his light. Once tuned the Halcyon Auspex allows communication with the departed.

      Effect: +2 to investigations involving death.
    • [Diplomacy 5] Create CI - Clever Crow
      Crow rewards those who reward themselves. Buy what can be bought, but when trade fails, take what you need.

      Effect: 2d8 to theft and kidnapping actions.
    • [QUEST] Kro Thoreal goes to fight the Corpse Titan (-1 treasure, 21 Success)
    • [Military] Raise a unit - The Flock Militant expands again and another wing of Kro's Talons is established.

    • Resist any buyouts (+1 from coinage unless they have coinage).
    • Resist any conversions.
    • Accumulate 2 Treasure from Trading Posts (17 owned)
    • Gift Bronze, Advanced Masonry, and Caravansaries to the Alodites on behalf of the Sultan.
    • Accept all gifts given through embassy.

    Ruler Info
    D 5 • M 6 • O 10 • F 5 • I 6
    Expected Gains:
    +1 Mil

    The Vault
    3 Treasure - 2 + 2 = 3 at next turn start.
    Shattered Runestone (TP1, City, Region 306)
    Gold (TP3, Region 307)
    Maize (TP2, Region 277)
    Blightspawn Trophies (TP3, Region 275)
    Slaves (TP2, Region 311)
    Horses (TP3, Region 302)
    Agave (TP2, Region 305)
    Fish (TP2 Region 276)
    Nahkla Stone (TP1, Region 292)
    Desert Bell Seeds (TP1, Region 291)
    Iron (TP3, Region 310)
    Onions (TP2, Region 270)
    Bloodfire (TP3, Region 278)
    Kelp Oil (TP3, Region 266)
    Sand (I forgot)
    Golden Lions (TP1, Region 300)
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    Exploratory expeditions expeditiously expediting exploration would be epicurially equipped.
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Aran Viska
    By the Will of the Moot, Tanrak Nalavan, Aranin of All Viskari
    May the Moon guide him in this life and the next

    Unit count: Ten

    1: [Military] Invade Region 91 with five units under the command of Aranin Tanrak Nalavan, utilising Viskari War Bows and Bronze and using Reckless Attack tactical doctrine.
    Now that affairs in the rest of Tarandi no longer require their attention the Viskari turn back to campaigns of expansion. To this end the Aranin gathers up the Host of the Viskari and its aging Warchiefs. He himself takes command of the Phoenix Warriors, the Swamp Sabres, the Mist Talons, Iskandrazac's Champions and the Flamebringers and rides far to the North into the frozen lands of the Abyss to secure it against the Blightspawn even as the Harbinger of the Damned races to rescue the beleaguered Children of the Great Mother.

    2: [Military] Invade Region 97 with five units, utilising Viskari War Bows and Bronze and using Skirmishing tactical doctrine.
    The other half of the host under the command of Nar Razana Kalsharaz, her own Winter Wolves alongside the Shade Riders, Blackhorn Company, Moon Guard and Blood Eagles, move to secure supply lines and subjugate the long neglected lands of Ivory in support of the Aranin.

    3: [Diplomacy] Begin the process of writing down the Laws of the Viskari. [1/5]
    As the lands of the Viskari grow the number of Lawspeakers is beginning to prove insufficient and the complexity of navigating multiple systems of customs and laws proves to be too much for them. Though the Viskari have possessed writing for fifty years only matters of genealogy, history, legends and the day to day records of the Moot of Elders have truly entered the written world with the law being mentioned only in passing in the Moot's decisions. In order to ensure a smooth process of handling legal matters the Moot commissions scribes and Lawspeakers to begin the process of recording the law on birch bark.

    4: [Military] Dispatch Vanaruk on the Epic Quest "An Arctic Rescue". Success I believe.
    Hearing of a horde of Blightspawn in the north attacking travellers the Moot dispatches Vanaruk to lay waste to them. Though many in Tarandi are wary of the Children of the Great Mother, none deserve to die at the claws and teeth of such monsters and the risk of the horde moving south cannot be ignored. With his mighty obsidian blade in hand the Shade is sure to destroy the monsters and bring reprieve to those beset by them.

    5: [Diplomacy] Complete a Dream Speaker Tavern in Aran Viska, Region 111. [3/3]
    The final touches on the great halls of the Dream Speaker Tavern are put into place as silver talismans are hung from their eaves. A series of outbuildings to serve as storerooms, kitchens, sleeping quarters and all manner of other functions are built around the three main halls before a large palisade is built to enclose the entire complex. Several trees are planted along with herb and vegetable gardens to supply the kitchens.
    As a final touch a large stone arch is built with assistance from Dannu-Gao craftsmen to serve as the entrance from which a silver crescent moon was hung. The House of the Silver Moon is now open for all travellers.

    Nonactions: Resist all unauthorised buyouts, quests and conversions.
    Support all conversions to the Way of Eauden.
    Support Drazollin's buyout of Flax in Region 93.
    Support the Oracle of Hiverness as faith head not Shira Iceweaver. (OOC: However, as these are both characters under Pepper's control this is still supporting Arrok Uldra as faith head.)

    Spoiler: News and Rumours
    News of distant lands does little to interest the Moot other than as brief curiosities forgotten amid more important matters.

    When news reaches the Zaraks that Old-Lion-No-Pride-No-Death has been made a king and now bears the title of "Zarakoran Lion" they are understandably extremely upset. Their chieftains and priests gather and declare him a Demon That Walks and a Blight in Goat's Clothing, stating that he is the enemy of all who live and they declare that any and all Woken who enter their lands must denounce him and his crimes against them or be struck down as agents of a hostile crown.

    The venerable Aranin Sarak of Aer Caladon along with a number of lesser Saraks travel to the Strix's Quill compound for Pina-Mak's Conclave. Staran listens to the arguments politely. However once his turn to speak comes he stands and declines to go along with Pina-Mak's proposals. He states that the investiture of the role of "Archmagi" in the temporal ruler of Arrok Uldra would force the Saraks to swear themselves to the Arrok. He instead suggests that any such position should be solely spiritual without temporal authority and he proposes that the Oracle of Hiverness is the obvious choice.
    The later miracle does nothing to sway him despite its magnificence. After all, Pina-Mak's faith and power are not in doubt, just her proposal.

    The Miracle of the Glimmer after the Viridian Night has brought new purpose to the secretive witches of Aran Viska. Until now they had been content with practising their art away from public view leaving the more dramatic side of magic to the sorcerers, the feel of the Glimmer is felt particularly strongly by them and dozens set out from their secluded homes to seek out Glimmertrees to study and protect from those who would misuse them.

    The Viskari and their subjects take note as Edge and a party of Shani and humans travel north through Cayshan Ver and Zarakor. They ride with great haste and there is little chance to provide them with proper hospitality because of it. Nevertheless they are given an invitation to swing by Aran Viska and be the guests of the Aranin once they have finished whatever task has sent them so far from home.

    Merchants from distant Drazollin travel all the way to Aran Viska and the Sharu in particular to purchase fine cloth. When their bronze weapons and tools are noted the Viskari are at first excited at meeting others who have developed this skill, but their mood darkens somewhat when the travellers reveal it was a gift from the Carrion Ward. But they choose not to hold this against them and resolve that only the Scavengers are guilty in this and do their best to assist the distant strangers instead.

    Now that irrefutable proof of yet another misdeed of the Scavengers has come to light the Moot can not ignore it any longer. They dispatch a a birch scroll born by a Cayshan courier to the Grey Lake. A piece of birch bark trimmed down to a neat rectangle with the edges then dipped in red dye, it bears upon it a crescent moon of silver foil and a message in neat lines of Kagahara. The message is short and simple and bears no threats, it merely states that the Wardens of the Awakened Realms owe the people of Cayshan Ver and Aran Viska for stealing secrets of theirs. It finishes with an indication that either material goods or other secrets may be proposed as payment by Vagabond-Of-The-Bloody-Hills.

    The Moot of Elders issues a proclamation that henceforth the worship of all gods, including the Great Mother, shall be permitted within the Lands of Aran Viska unless those gods are enemies of Aer Caladon and Iskandrazac, but that proselytisation is forbidden without permission. They follow this proclamation with a second proclamation declaring atheistic philosophies to be demonstrably false. Surprisingly this is not aimed at either the Carrion Ward or Eleftheria, but at a sect of Viskari mystics.

    Spoiler: Named Characters
    Staran Illinvak - Aranin Sarak of Aer Caladon - 89
    Hazash Namakar - Aranin Sarak of Iskandrazac - 96

    Vaskan Sharaz - Warchief of the Phoenix Warriors - 66
    Nar Razana Kalsharaz - Warchief of the Winter Wolves - 61
    Nar Olek Navrazak - Warchief of the Swamp Sabres - 78
    Nar Rashan Iskavan - Warchief of the Shade Riders - 72
    Nar Tiran Tazanad - Warchief of the Mist Talons - 52
    Tavanis Ren Kelsa - Commander of the Blackhorn Company - 54
    Kallisthan Terridan - Sarak and Warchief of Iskandrazac's Champions - 49
    Nar Larisana Veknat - Warchief of the Moon Guard - 62
    Yarek Nazon - Frost Binder Priest and Commander of the Flamebringers - 51
    Nar Hanazash Coravan - Warchief of the Blood Eagles - 47

    Mezanak Oshrik - Sorcerer Champion of the Moot - Hero - Slaughtered by CAW
    Vanaruk Mazendan - Harbinger of the Damned - Hero - The weight of years holds no meaning for this individual

    Karalas Anviskad - Son of Talsharn Anviskad - 66
    Valeris Rey Halon - Highlord of Cayshan Ver - 58

    Spoiler: Ruler Information
    Diplomacy: 4
    Military: 4
    Opulence: 1
    Faith: 5
    Intrigue: 4

    Age: 45

    Expected stat increases: +1 Military, +1 Diplomacy
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Ilduri
    Round 14

    1. [Opulence] Hoard treasure
    2. [Military] Quest into the unknown lands of the region across the mountains of 164 (utilizing the path constructed as a result of the last project) [12]
      Many seasons had come and gone in the time it had taken to carve this path. The Council had ordained that the Ilduri should seek to gain all the knowledge of this world that they could upon hearing of other peoples, and in pursuit of this goal, they had recruited and outfitted a small team with the implements to shape the very stone beneath their feet. Now, with the path completed, it was finally time to explore what was beyond. Personally, Eramathuur could care less about the knowledge they stood to gain from this. He did this to fulfill his duties, to show the strength of the Ilduri. It was the seventh sunrise of the journey, and their sharpened feet came to a brief rest in the dusty soil as the glow of this world's greatest flame illuminated the path ahead. With pride, Eramathuur looked out at the land beyond as it basked in the orange glow and began their descent into unknown lands.
    3. [Diplomacy] Establish claim of region 165 [9]
      Upon their return, the first successful Ilduri explorers had had much to say of the land that lay toward the rising sun. There was another people that resided there, different from those that had met the other party of explorers. Both had been hospitable enough, granting the explorers insights into their culture and kingdoms. Surprisingly, language had not been an issue. Somehow, the language innate to the Ilduri was also spoken by the other inhabitants of the vast unknown. Now, the Council had decided they must pursue allies wherever possible. No exterior intelligence had been immediately hostile, but they couldn't afford to assume that would always be the case. An envoy was sent to represent the Ilduri administration in negotiating with these new people to unite their powers, so they could both hold their own against the world, together. As the representative of Ilduri intelligence, Speeki was sent to accompany the envoy.
    4. [Diplomacy] Attend Danneta-Yvaon event
    5. [Opulence] Buyout Wooly Sheep TP in 131 [20]

    • Resist buyouts

    News and Rumors:
    • Upon contact with Vralis of the Symphony of Kalatar, the exploration party is informed of the world beyond. Vralis also mentions that a gathering of many of the Tarandi's people is being hosted by the Danneta-Yvaon.

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping

    Representative Inga
    • Diplomacy: 3 (+1)
    • Military: 6 (+0)
    • Opulence: 9 (+1)
    • Faith: 2 (+0)
    • Intrigue: 2 (+0)

    • Hero Score: 7

    Land Units: 1/6 (+0)
    Naval Units: 0/3 (+0)
    Treasure: 0/5 (+1)
    Regions: (1)
    • Storvuur, 86 (Capital)

    Trading Posts: (1)
    • 164, Timber: 3/3 (+0)
    • 131, Wooly Sheep: 0/2 (+1)

    • Pottery

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    NPC Actions
    Round Fourteen

    The Sentinels of Stone
    The Sentinels of the Stone (SOS) are an order of deeply mysterious itinerant warriors dedicated to slaying the twisted blightspawn that arose in the wake of the False Dawn. They wield unbreakable weapons of black stone and are rumored to be impervious to harm. Your most common interaction with them at game start is likely to be a Sentinel showing up, expecting your hospitality, and warning you against venturing into certain reaches until they return.

    Slabs of Prowess (Open for submissions through Round 8): Bananda in Combat, Sangar in Combat, Uzii in Combat, Scrim in Combat, Alodite Styles, Koxrrit in Combat, Carrion Ward Styles, Soreni Styles, Dannu-Gaon Styles, Sọ́kǎu Tribes in Combat, Nocturnal Hydra in Combat, Shandole in Combat, Vygra in Combat, Ashir in Combat & Styles, Blemmyae in Combat, Veramondo Styles, Battle Mothers & Shaman, Goliath "Knife" Fighting, Fighting Styles of the Blemmyae, Fighting Styles of the Anbroch, Fighting Styles of the Nocturnal Hydra, Fighting Styles of the Trolls, Clann Arts and Crafts of War

    Spoiler: SOS Treasure Tracker
    Donor Continent Treasure Amount
    ELF Tarandi 3
    HEN Kiswa 2
    VIS Tarandi 2
    BDA Kiswa 1
    SIR Kiswa 1
    TRL Kiswa 1
    SHN Tarandi 1
    VYG Kiswa 1
    TAR Mamut 4
    SKT Mamut 1
    HYD Sikar 2
    VER Tarandi 1
    SCR Mamut 1
    UBT Kiswa 1
    UZI Mamut 1
    SKO Sikar 4
    DAN Tarandi 1
    ULD Tarandi 1
    ALO Sikar 1
    IXK Sikar 1
    DOD Sikar 1
    SEW Kiswa 1
    ASH Sikar 3
    SOL Tarandi 1
    SOS - 4
    GRAND TOTAL - 41

    Defy the Blightslave - Lingering in Kiswa after his mission against the Gluttonous Shadows, Valens of Tarandi is the most potent Sentinel present to witness the fall of the Standing Stone. Seeing the River Lords assailed by the Blightslaves themselves, Valens appears to the newly crowned High King and offers his services for a time.

    [The River Lords may make use of Valens (Hero 10) as a commander in Round 14]

    Seeking Justice - Outraged at the attack on their Standing Stone, the Sentinels dispatch envoys to the court of Paramount Chief Oniyellīs to request his support. The forces of the Anbroch must be driven from their defiled fortress, and the Sentinels base there repaired if they are to best continue their mission in Kiswa.

    [Offer 1 Favor and 1 Rep if the Henanda rebuild the Sentinels base in Faranandull.]


    The Dream Speakers
    The Dream Speakers (DSP) similarly wander the wilds, but where the Sentinels of the Stone do it in search of monsters the Speakers seem driven simply to explore. They are all blessed with the Twilight Sight, the ability to pass beyond normal dream and into a realm of grey fog where distances shorten and they can converse across half a world. They are skalds and storytellers, carrying in their hearts tales of peoples never seen by those living in the four starts. However, there is a shadow that follows them, as the Twilight Sight is known to occur in children with no relation to the Speakers, and they will come to collect their errant neophytes.

    Manual of Mamut (5/5) (Open for submissions through Round 5): Uzii During the False Dawn, Blightspawn in the Blessed Vale, The River That Carved the World, Stories Gathered From Drunks and Gamblers Part 1, Stories Gathered From Drunks and Gamblers Part 2, A Den Mother's Warning: Small Print,

    Kiswan Collection (Open for submissions through Round 8): Histories and myths of the Bananda, Songs of Korebita, Songs of Korbita Pt. 2, Why the Moon Rises in the Daytime

    Blessed Dreams! The Dreamspeakers have blessed with another kingdom that appreciates their gift, a bastion of beauty in a world of ugly nightmares, and the children flock to Veramondo in great numbers! There the tales of great heroes, wondrous feats, and distant sights are relayed as readily as local trapping tales and folksy gossip. Of rivers of gold that hide a vicious poison, colonies of bees the size of ponies, and an apocalypse of sand and lightning rising in the west. The bards of the Dreamspeakers come to the Oram Hadev II begging to enshrine their greatest works in a place fitting of such glorious art.
    The Dream Speakers have found a secure home in Veramondo, and desire the makings of a grand center of arts and learning there. Such a glorious construction and compilation may be attempted with a TN 14 Opulence Check.

    Glittering Treasures - Accepting the aid of the Scrim, the Dream Speakers take charge of one of the Crimson Kingdom’s Orichalcum deposits. Though they work through intermediaries to avoid the Horned King’s appetites, the results are self-evident!

    Clouded Sun - Presented with an ultimatum by the Sultan Zidan, the Dream Speakers are not as forthcoming as the leader of the Ashir perhaps hoped. They take their leave of the Ashirian court with well-practiced pleasantries, and it is only months later that their true intentions become known. Representatives of mercantile interests from far-flung Kiswa appear in the lands of the Thunderpeople, their arms heavy with ancient treasures as they pursue control of the Dolod’s precious clay.

    [The Dream Speakers attempt to Buy Out TP 2 of Clay in Region 269.]


    The Truthseers

    The Truthseers (TSR), in contrast to the Sentinels and the Speakers, are not known to travel far. Instead, this illusive sisterhood dispatches members from their windowless towers to join the courts of every powerful leader. Blessed with the ability to faultlessly discern truth from lie, they often become trusted advisors and confidants to those they serve. However, the nature of their abilities and their motives remain unknown to all.

    Histories of the Tarandi Dynasties (5/5): Sangar: Line of Polahi, Dannu-Gaon: Line of Mak the Wise, Hiverness: Line of Chief Rayen of Wolfenhall, Eleftherians: Line of Nel Sorgen

    Histories of the Sikarian Dynasties: Nocturnal Hydra: Line of Zora, Ashir: Line of the Amir, Crow's Tribe: Line of Ancestor Crow

    Matchmaker - Having met with success in binding the bloodlines of Danneta-Yvaon and the Ashirian Sultanate, the Truthseers turn their attention to their assailed chosen in Kiswa. The young High King will require a Queen, and the veiled sisters begin making inquiries as to potential matches.

    [The Ashirian Sultanate and Danneta-Yvaon are asked to send potential brides to Ngedhuun Thukhulu Saar Lhungho to further unify the Aspirants of the Four Winds.]

    Outrage - As the Carrion Ward is returned to the Wardens of the Awakened Realms, the Truthseers in Tarandi look on in horror. For a brief, shining moment it had seemed the continent was finally emerging from the shadow cast by the scavengers’ vile machinations. Now, uncertainty, as the menagerie realigns itself. While the immediate threat of the Nemesis has paused, most among the sisters believe it only to be a matter of time before the scavengers declare their war on civilization anew. Willing to trust the judgement of the Arrok far enough to refrain from open conflict, they pursue the best alternative - minimizing the damage of the Wardens’ inevitable betrayal.

    [The Truthseers offer 1 Favor to any follower of the Ancient Ways who contests the Wardens of the Awakened Realms for the status of Faith Head.]

    Spreading Influence - The emergence of the Daezirn Isles as a collection of unified kingdoms offers new bloodlines for the Truthseers to nurture. Dispatching veiled sisters to the courts of the Avicenna Isles, the Bozul, Citlallo, and Smiaurskotor, the Truthseers present an opportunity and a challenge.

    [Offer 1 Rep and 1 Favor to the first Kingdom of the Daezirn Isles to complete a Truthseer Base.]
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Crimson Kingdom

    The Horned King
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 10
    Opulence 10
    Faith 10
    Intrigue 10

    • [Diplomacy] Attend the Festival of New Horizons
      Spoiler: Event Actions
      • Trade Cliffstep Riders, Horned Cavalry, and Cinnabar Warclubs to the Scions of Thalaz'ir in return for Comet Phylacteries, Arctic Survival, and Uzii Battlesmithing.

      Though the Horned King is snubbed a full invitation to the Scion’s most sacred festival, his two preeminent children both attend due to the patronage of eastern rulers. Empowered to speak for their father in nearly all things, Ceron and Arlais prove an unconventional, if direct, avenue for negotiating with the Crimson Kingdom.
    • [Diplomacy] Begin the Mamut to Tarandi translation project (1/5)
    • [Opulence] Accept 3 Treasure from the Ko as payment for their people
    • [Opulence] Buy Out a TP 2 of Falconers in The Land of the Watchers with support - 22
    • [Military] Raise 2 Land Units (Fortress)
    • [Military] Dispatch Eleven Land Units led by Arlais (Hero 10) to conquer Region 17. Spend 1 Treasure to aid.

    • ...

    News and Rumors
    • ...
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    I was old when the pharaohs first mounted
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    I was old in those epochs uncounted
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    Quote Originally Posted by apocalypsePast2 View Post could possibly refer to you guys' elaborate dance of allies-to-enemies-to-suicide-of-the-universe as some sort of weird art form.

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Naherin Coalition
    Sikar Region 278
    Kehna Tzkepte

    News and Rumors:

    Military: Defend Region 202 with 1 units, led by Aesira Bladedance (Hero Score 10) with Celestial Navigation and War Drums, using Cautious Advance; Aesira accepts challenges to duel and challenges herself. (Routing information: Aesira is departing from 277 and going along the following path: 276 -> 275 -> 269 -> 266 -> 267 -> 268 -> 204 -> 203 -> 202. Expected distance losses: None, given distance loss reduction and the small army size.)
    Expected tactical maneuvering bonus: +11
    Expected battle bonus: +23 (including Deep Water border)
    Expected dueling bonus: +11
    Faith: Seek Aid on the duel in Region 202. (Success!)
    Diplomacy: Raised up by their risky - but highly successful - backing of Karise the Stained, the fortunes of the Mehena continue to rise; their mistakes washed away (by and large) in the wake of their recent successes they manage to gain enough support that Kehna is forced to appoint the half-elven daughter of a minor branch of their line - Vasiya Mehena - to explore to the south of the Coalition's western territories. She sends word back several years later of fabulous success, supposedly needing only a marriage to cement her effective leadership of the area - and then sends word that that marriage has been completed. (Press Claim to Region 319: Great Success!)
    Faith: Seek Aid on the Press Claim of Region 319. (Failure)
    Intrigue: Kehna, wary of the supposed appearance of her mother's ghost and dubious of its truth, sets her most closely trusted agents to interrogating those who were in the complex that houses her chambers on that night, in the hopes that there was some intruder who was responsible. They are also charged to question those who are in her service or otherwise charged with tending to the complex, however, that they might find any who would have had opportunity to slip her an alchemical concoction or some other poison (such as, perhaps, the flavored water favored by her liege). She has little enough hope that they will succeed, for there is the creeping fear that it was a true shade; nevertheless the attempt must be made that she may determine if it was. (Investigate the ghost of Xehra Tzkepte: 8?)

    Stat changes: +1 Faith

    Accept Towers of Light, 1 Naval unit, and 2 Treasure from the Nocturnal Hydra via Embassy.[/QUOTE]
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    The Drazollin
    Region: 180

    Round 14

    Spoiler: Rolls: (Note cannot post links yet, so straight HTML is in spoiler)

    1. [Opulence] Expedition to the region to the East (of 180). (Success)
    2. [Military] Quest: Dra`arrack quests alongside Magi Nila-Sen to destroy the Amber Slime! (Success)
    After attending the event that introduced the Drazollin to most of the known world, Dra`arrack who had journyed with the council decided to stay behind. He joined up with the heroes from the North, Hinarah the Rider of Sangar and Magi Nila-Sen after a somewhat abrupt introduction. Although a bit surprised that he had been noticed, his dark scales and leather armor normally capable of concealing him, he joined them in their quest in meeting the Great Mother, helping them with the Amber slime that crossed their path.

    3. [Opulence] Buyout 93 TP1, Flax (Success)
    4. [Military] Recruit 1 Sea Unit.
    5. [Diplomacy] Establish Claim on Region 179 (Success)
    After exploring the land to the west, the human Aszerous of the council set off to go establish claim with the native occupants.

    Resist All Buyouts
    Resist All Quests
    Resist All Conversions
    Accept all Gifts

    News and Rumors:

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping

    Stats for High Curator Eseakial of Drazollin

    • Diplomacy: 5 (+0)
    • Military: 6 (+1)
    • Opulence: 5 (+1)
    • Faith: 1 (+0)
    • Intrigue: 3 (+0)

    • Land 2 (+0)
    • Sea 1 (+1)

    Trading Posts (1) (+1)
    • Salts 1/3 180
    • (Flax TP1 93) (+1)

    • Writing
    • Sailing
    • Pottery
    • Masonry
    • Animal Husbandry
    • Irrigation
    • Bronze

    • Sentinels of the Stone: 1
    • Dream Speakers: 1
    • Truthseers: 0

    Spoiler: Characters

    High Curator Eseakial - Leader of the Drazollin Council.
    Dra`arrack - First Hero of Drazol
    Aszerous - Council Member en route to Region 179
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Round 14
    The Dolod, Twilight Pioneers
    Led by The Quluq and Eae

    5. [FAITH Complete the Sanctum in 221]
      The Dolod have spent a full generation seeking out the first recipient of their newfound passage into Dream. While they initially sought out those who might be receptive to their ideas, it soon became apparent that other matters must take precedence.

      The River Lords are, if the rumors from the east are to be believed, failing. The Quluq worries that the knowledge of these mighty warriors will be lost to time and act quickly to preserve what they can. A permanent Dolod presence in the riverlands will guarantee a witnessing of Troll culture before it disappears entirely. There is little success at first - the Trolls and the Dolod hardly see eye-to-eye. But as time wears on, agreements are made.

      A small army of Dolod workers travel with a member of Lucid Ones, young Eaesiseae, to Ljung Ghrakka Saar. They bring with them the secrets of the Ashir stonework, techniques for wondrous constructions. Work begins immediately, with the child of Eae ensuring the structure will prove amenable to their needs. Representatives of the River Lords are invited to assist in the planning - the simple scale difference between Troll and Dolod requires collaboration lest the Sanctum fail to accommodate them both.

      The Lucid One uses this time to speak to the River Lords of the DSP, sharing the truth of the organization's grand deceit and the Dolod plans for the future. Eaesiseae seems like they have more to say than time left alive; their mouth hardly closes for the entire project. It is perhaps fortunate for the Trolls present at the project that Dolod have such short lifespans.

      When the Sanctum is complete, it is a wide stone structure, complete with an open entryway featuring the latest in Ashiran architecture - the magnificent arch. A broad pool, fed by streams, sits in the center of the main area, leaving the Trolls about to function normally, and leaving Troll and Dolod at eye level when all parties are seated.

      The Dolod leverage their connection to the Dream to interact with the native Kiswans directly, cutting the Dreamspeaker out entirely. They immediately begin proselytizing in the lands surrounding the demesne of the River Lords.

      Troll guards protect the Sanctum, warned by Eaesiseae that the DSP may be attempting physical attacks at any time, to go with their less tangible hunting of Eae.

    1. Resist all Conversions.
    2. Accept all tech except Writing.
    3. Resist all Buyouts. 269 Result: 17
    4. Spend one Treasure to resist DSP Buyout of Clay.
    5. Use liege's (Ashir) MIL/INT/DIP to resist secret actions.
    6. Send 2 Treasure to Ashir via Embassy.

    Rumors and Stories

    • When the Quluq's representative takes their trip to the Ashir court, they naturally bring with them 12 followers, including one recent offspring, to ensure the important memories are able to arrive safely.
    • Eae's time in the Dream grows harder for them, and they take six mates in rapid succession, creating three children. As they mature, they begin looking for mates immediately. This growing group, called the Lucid Ones, teaches the rest of Nellen the truths Eae is learning. It is not long before this knowledge is disseminated across Sikar:
      The Twilight Sight is not the sole blessing and curse of the lying Dream Speakers. Eae has been blessed with it and is even now teaching other Dolod its use.

      The Twilight is Dream. It is a realm above, being dreamt by Emnellenme itself. The Dream Speakers do not understand this - they are blind in this realm. The claim to speak for the Dream, but in reality the origin of this Dream knows and watches them. They are unaware. They do not even witness the Realm in which they walk, let alone understand that they are barely touching the surface.

      The Twilight pours forth from another Realm, another plane of this Dream. There is another, besides Eae, who resides there. Eae is blessed to be safe in this realm, the others are not. Yet this other being exists like Eae.

      There is more, much more to learn. The Dolod's minds are suited to passing such mental, spiritual information quickly and easily, so the Pioneer can share their findings. The Dolod hope to share this technique with the world and obviate the need for the Dream Speakers, but this is not possible. Yet.

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    The Quluq
    Stat Value Increase?
    Diplomacy 2 -
    Military 1 -
    Opulence 8 -
    Faith 10 -
    Intrigue 3 -

    The current Quluq is:

    Unununu - Master of Speech, Overseer of Culture, Mouth of the Quluq.
    Reledeler - Master of the Militia, Overseer of the Wall, Fist of the Quluq.
    Misim - Master of Pottery, Overseer of Crafts, Fingers of the Quluq.
    Yuiyiuy - Master of Memory, Overseer of the Urelleru, Mind of the Quluq.
    Yaday - Master of Travel, Overseer of Intrigue, Eyes of the Quluq.
    Lsinisl - Master of Peace, Overseer of Trade, Hand of the Quluq.
    Ororo - Master of Joy, Overseer of Festivals, Face of the Quluq.

    Ssialaiss is serving as Sharif
    Liil is serving as Vizier

    No new ruler

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region Name Region Number Resource Holy Center Holy Order Status Bonuses
    Nellen 307 Desert Bells - Spices (Great) The Urelleru - Capital, Stable -

    Spoiler: Technology/Specialties
    Type Name Effect(s) Permanent?
    - - - -

    Type Name Effect(s) Required Resource?
    E Pottery +1 Buyouts None
    E Animal Husbandry +1 to Opulence and Diplomacy exploration None
    E Irrigation +1 Stabilization None
    E Masonry +1 to resist Raids and Sacks None
    E Coinage +1 to resist buyouts to players w/o coinage; +1 to buyouts Gold or Silver resource
    E Towers of Light +2 to defend against raids if attacker moves through a region with a TP you control. +1 to Investigate per other owner of this tech taking the Investigate action this round (Max +2) Silver resource, Masonry tech
    E Advanced Masonry +1 to resist Raids/Sacks None
    - - - -
    - - - -

    Spoiler: Mechanical Bookkeeping

    Trading Posts Owned: 10
    1. Clay, 299
    2. Clay, 269
    3. Shattered Runestones, 306
    4. Silver, 308
    5. Silver, 308
    6. Desert Bell Seeds, 291
    7. Kelp Oil, 266
    8. Sand, 301
    9. Iron, 310
    10. Giant Kangaroos, 318
    11. Wombats, 284

    Faith head of The Path of the True Dawn
    Holy Site Total Effect Category
    5 +1 Resist Assassination/Kidnapping
    10 2d8 Investigations
    20 T1 Tech N/A
    40 T2 Tech N/A
    80 Bonus N/A

    Military Units CAP: 6


    • All-Seeing Memory - Grants holder +1 to one roll per round when defending against Intrigue actions. - Held by the Sol'Ikoth
    • The Scorching Shield - Grants holder +2 vs Leader Loss rolls. - Held by the Ashir

    2 Current
    +2 Passive

    Special Actions Used
    F5 - Artifact
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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC


    Capital: Azumaba, The Lost City Region 125
    Other Regions: 133, 123, 124 (City), 125 (City)

    Spoiler: Flag


    1. FAITH 5 Convert Region 125 17
    +1 Treasure
    +1 Writing
    2. FAITH 5 Convert 123 11
    +1 Treasure
    +1 Writing
    3. DIPLOMACY 3 Translation Great Project of Mamut "The Fable of Flowers"
    Scholars at Akadēmos Azumaba and the Windowless Tower excitedly begin work on translating new languages and deciphering text.
    4. MILITARY 4 Raise a unit
    5. MILITARY 4 Raise a unit
    6. OPULENCE 10 Expedition West of Azumaba (Region 125) towards the mainland 18
    +1 Animal Husbandry
    +1 DSP

    - Accept all Embassies
    - Resist all Buyouts, Raids, and Conversions
    - Accept Song of the Wind Tech from Shandolé

    News and Rumors:

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping
    Leader: High Speaker Leigh Leven
    D: 3
    M: 4
    O: 10
    F: 5
    I: 1

    Expected Stat Increases: +1 M +1 F

    New Ruler Next Round? no

    Treasure 9/15 (+3 passive)
    -2 this turn from actions
    Military Units
    4/4 Naval
    - Mon Ood Sen
    - Rosegust
    - Vai Ood Lur
    - Disparatus

    - Cleis (8)

    Great Projects:
    - Akadēmos Azumaba Region 125 (5/5)

    - The Arrok of Uldra
    - The Dannu-Gaon Tribes
    - The Brayewen Tribes
    - Shandolé

    SOS Rep 2 Favors 0
    DSP Rep 2 Favors 0
    TSR Rep 2 Favors 0

    Animal Handling
    Writing (Kagahara)
    Eleftherian Democracy
    Viskari War Bows
    Wolf Riding

    Temporary Cultural Identity: Friendly Faces (Raid Resistance)
    Permanent Cultural Identities: None

    Tactical Doctrines
    - Reckless Charge
    - Skirmishing
    - Cautious Advance

    Special Materials:
    Ranged Weaponry: Viskari War Bows
    Scouts and Logistics:
    War Beasts:
    Combat Drugs and Medicine:
    Sappers and Siege Weapons:

    Trading posts: (21)
    Expected Change
    - 133 (Lime) TP2
    - 129 (Grousse Shark) TP2
    - 136 (Musical Instruments) TP2
    - 137 (Poppy) TP2
    - 137 (Poppy) TP3
    - 115 (Furs) TP2
    - 123 (Saffron) TP1
    - 123 (Saffron) TP2
    - 95 (Emeralds) TP2
    - 96 (Living Stones) TP2
    - 134 (Cattle) TP1
    - 114 (Diamonds) TP1
    - 135 (Spelt) TP 1
    - 138 (Cranberries) TP 1
    - 156 (Flax) TP
    - 125 (Old World Artifacts) TP 1
    - 125 (Old World Artifacts) TP 2
    - 125 (Old World Artifacts) TP 3
    - 126 (Pygmy Goats) TP 1
    - 126 (Pygmy Goats) TP 2
    - 118 (Wild Horses) TP 2

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    End of Round Fourteen

    I was old when the pharaohs first mounted
    The jewel-decked throne by the Nile;
    I was old in those epochs uncounted
    When I, and I only, was vile;

    Quote Originally Posted by apocalypsePast2 View Post could possibly refer to you guys' elaborate dance of allies-to-enemies-to-suicide-of-the-universe as some sort of weird art form.

    If one were on drugs.
    Quote Originally Posted by VonDoom View Post
    Behold, the mighty slayer of strangely coloured mutant equines! The thwarter of forum woes! The! Dark! DM!

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    Default Re: Empire 6: Embers of Dawn IC

    Round Fifteen Begin!
    Years 57-60

    Don’t forget to link to any rolls you make for ANY Attribute checks, plus rolls for rulers you will start using at the start of next round. If you want a new ruler in the next round, you must state so in your action post for this round and link to their rolls. Any increases from actions for this round are counted for the ruler you start your next round with (because it’s handier to account for by the co-GM), which may or may not be your current ruler.

    Good luck!

    Rules Alerts and Changes!

    • Pending...


    • Clan Alqar has established a great kingdom: The Night Kingdom!
    • The Sol’Ikoth have joined the growing realm of the Nocturnal Hydra as a vassal!
    • A curious sight! The city of Raatn-Bükh has arisen in the Carrion Ward! (138)
    • The city of Styinor is raised in Glaondi Yejon!


    • Succumbing to internal strife, the kingdom of the Thunderpeople collapses.


    • The Night Kingdom has finished pressing its claim on Region 16!
    • The Scions of the Thalaz’ir attempt to press their claim on region 55 (is this a press claim or an establish claim? Fluff points to the latter. Unrolled).
    • Ixkarr finishes pressing its claim on region 3!
    • Ixkarr has begun pressing its claim on region 2!
    • The Nocturnal Hydra has claimed region 318!
    • The Bel-Dan Armada has concluded pressing its claim on region 187!
    • The Ashirian Sultanate has begun pressing its claim on region 271.
    • The Bozuls have established a claim on region 85.
    • The Sewune have begun pressing their claim on region 232.
    • The Ilduri have established a claim on region 165.
    • The Naherin Coalition has successfully pressed its claim to region 319.


    • The Bel-Dan Armada, the River Lords and the Nocturnal Hydra all send settlers to region 203 in an attempt to establish a colony there. The trollish settlers quickly falter in the barren land and those who do not starve to death turn back, but both the Bel-Dan and the Hydra succeed in establishing settlements. After a short time, however, the Hydra colonists drive out the Bel-Dan settlers, cementing their own control over the region.
    • The River Lords have more success with expansion into region 205 and establish a colony there!

    • The River Lords recognize a new hero, Ghaali the Falconer (9)
    • Yaozhong Gun, Champion of the Peaks, arises as a hero in the Lim Dynasty! (9)


    • Brought together by the threat of the Amber Slime and the beckoning colossus that is the Great Mother, three heroes convene in southern Tarandi. Two of their number, the Magi Nila-Sen and Hinarah the Rider, carry the strength of old and powerful kingdoms. The third, Dra’arrack, travels from the distant realm of Drazollin, carrying the hopes of human and serpentfolk on his shoulders. The three champions meet in the shadow of the Great Mother, whose open maw crackles with barely-contained power. Drops of iridescent venom fall onto three waiting blades, and with a final measuring gaze the ivory colossus departs for the east. Forewarned of what awaits them by Nila-Sen, Hinarah and Dra’arrack fill their lungs to bursting with purified air rising from the Chalice of Eauden. So invigorated, the heroes dive through the poisonous slime to the roots below.

      As the first shocks of the Amber’s touch begin to fade, Nila-Sen realizes that she is not the only one to learn from her previous adventure. Where once the roots of the Amber Slime had lain dormant until disturbed, they writhe in angry anticipation at the hero’s approach. Only Dra’arrack goes unnoticed, wise to the ways of stealth and with blood near as cold as the frigid water, and it is that advantage that allows him to evade the first barrage of impaling spines that erupt from the riverbed. A wall of water hardens to defend the Magi, while Hinarah’s practiced reflexes guide him in an improbable dance through the forest of death. Once, twice, thrice the heroes lash out and score the flesh of the Blightspawn, only to realize its intelligence goes deeper still. As white flame erupts from the open wounds, the churning storm of tendrils turn on their wounded kin, tearing them free to immolate without sacrificing the greater whole. However, it is this desperate self-preservation that seals the infestation’s doom. As Nila-Sen and Hinarah continue their assault, more and more of the deadly barbs are turned against themselves, opening a clear gap in their defense. Dra’arrack slips through like a shadow, and with a savage thrust tears open one of the beast’s fibrous roots.

      At once, the deadly barrage against Magi and Rider is turned on the heroic seiscale, so close to the beast in victory that escape appears impossible. And it would have been, had Dra’arrack fought alone. Instead, as the wall of burning hatred turns on him Hinarah and Nila-Sen dive to the rescue, hacking relentlessly against the living jungle even as Dra’arrack grapples against a trio of coiled spears. At last, Hinarah takes the serpentine hero by the hand, and with a final act of will Nila-Sen summons an eruption that propels all three to the surface. Gasping for clean air as the Amber Slime upon the river crumbles to ash, three sets of eyes turn towards the sea.

      The Great Mother’s venom travels faster than the current, faster than the Blightspawn’s attempts to tear free its infected flesh. Rising up as she prepares to strike, the Great Mother’s head becomes visible for miles, her breath solidifying into eddies of cloud. At last her venom reaches the heart of the infestation, and with a roar that halts the tide the Great Mother plunges into the ocean. The crash of water rises like a mountain around her, suspended in midair for the long minute it takes for her to resurface. A throbbing tangle of roots and vines hangs burning in her fangs, discarded to die on the beach of Wilest. The Amber Slime abates after only a few hours, leaving behind a foul carpet of rotting river life that slowly ebbs out to sea. It is a full season anxious waiting before the fisherfolk who rely on the river see life begin to return, but return it does. The Blight’s power, truly, is not absolute.

      [Working in concert with the Great Mother, Nila-Sen, Hinarah the Rider, and Dra’arrack have destroyed the source of the Amber Slime. A font of the Milk of the Great Mother rises from the Blightspawn corpse in Wilest (Region 159). In addition, as the years pass the combination of the Great Mother’s venom and the Amber Slime’s noxious fume manifests a subtle change in the heroes involved. Their Guardian Blood runs with greater vitality against all toxins, even those born of the Blight, granting them a +1 bonus to any roll involving resisting poison.]
    • As word reaches the kingdoms of Tarandi of the Children of the Great Mother’s questionable hunt against the Death Foxes, two heroes set out to provide aid and succor. From Á'Shansholí rides Edge, tempered in innumerable battles and enraged by the inaction of his peers. And from Aran Viska, the dread shade Vanaruk, dispatched on a mission equal parts pragmatism as mercy. Despite the renowned speed of the Shani’s riders, the ghost warrior of the Moot has a far shorter road to travel, passing battlefields where his people struggle for mastery to tread the field of bones. Unable to lead his retinue of hunters into the deep tundra, Vanaruk instead begins an echoing paen, an ancient song of battle and loss that rises from a breathless throat and alights upon the wind. It is carried far, until at the utmost limit of its strength it reaches the ear of a desperate Child of the Great Mother. Weary and wounded from months of fighting against the Death Foxes, the Children look upon any help as the Great Mother’s own will, and so turn from their preparations for a last stand to try a final mad dash southwards. Half a dozen more of their number perish in the flight, but as the Death Foxes approach the limits of the region Vanaruk springs his trap. Viskari war bows sing in the winter air, raining death upon the Blightspawn even as the ghost lord steps forward to offer battle to their vanguard. The hunters of the Children turn with a ragged cry to pelt the Blightspawn with their last weapons, before collapsing exhausted in the snow. It is to this scene that Edge and his followers arrive, in time to offer their own manner of succor as Viskari and Shani work together to tend the ravaged bodies of the strange southern warriors.

      [Vanaruk successfully rescues the Children of the Great Mother from the Death Foxes! Edge’s intentions are also recognized! Both kingdoms may find themselves rewarded once the hunters return to the heartland of their faith.]
    • Intent on conquering the foe that forced him to flight, Kro Thorael launches an expedition to slay the titanic abomination that strides the northern sands. In his shadow rides Charlie of the Nocturnal Hydra, mounted atop one of her peoples’ fearsome worms. Passing the border into the Maw of Sikar, the two heroes see the sandstorm wall on the horizon before they see the Rotting Titan, but as they proceed westward the air grows colder and fouler. Here and there, terrified desert scavengers wriggle up from the sand to observe the strange procession, their chittering the stuff of pure nightmares as Charlie endures endless predictions of her own death. At last, the two reach a stretch of dunes frozen over with scarlet rime, and as Kro Throael presses on the Titan erupts from the sands to devour him. Sun-stolen quickness is all that saves the greatest of Crow’s Tribe from the dripping maw that erupts from the central mass of the Blightspawn, blindly gnashing with its grinding teeth at every gust of wind.

      Suddenly faced with her quarry, Charlie pushes her worm to action, driving it to collide with one of the Titan’s legs head-on. The spindly limb bends where bone should break, its skin tearing open to reveal a sloughing mass of rotting flesh somehow moving of its own accord. A second leg rears up to smash the sand-bound annoyance, the sand grinding away to nothing as the movement of worm and Titan grind down the petrified dunes. In the sky above, Kro Thorael slashes with growing desperation at the beast’s core, every wound necessitating a desperately evasive maneuver as the Titan’s flesh erupts like a lanced boil, spilling freezing putrescence out in pressurized geysers. It is a small blessing that the Blightspawn’s bulk renders it slow and unwieldy, but after an hour of exhausting combat the creature shows little sign of weakening. Consigned to the ground, Charlie’s skull-shattering stones prove ineffective, though her mount’s own bulk seems more than capable of unbalancing the creature. In the air, Kro Thorael sees no point of weakness in the creature, none beyond the core exposed when it first challenged him in years past. And with this revelation, the hero born of miracle feels a surge of revelation.

      Flying down to inform Charlie of his plan, Kro Thorael ascends once more to a great height as the Night Elf motions as if to retreat, drawing the attention of the Rotting Titan once more. It unleashes a ponderous roar as it trundles to catch up with her, the front half of its body slowly splitting open to reveal the hurricane of differently-sized molars leading to its heart. Seizing his chance, Kro Thorael plunges into a dive, heedless of his own safety and aiming directly for the Titan’s gullet. Keen eyed Charlie sees his shadow fall, and with a deft maneuver pulls her worm around to collide with the Titan’s outstretched foot. The shock paralyzes the beast for only an instant, but it is enough. Blade in hand, Kro Thorael glides along a current of frigid gas to stab home at the lumpen tumor that is the true Rotting Titan. A scream escapes the cluster of gelatinous flesh, loud enough to rattle its teeth free, and with a bitter tearing sound the creature explodes. Gore rains down over the entire battlefield, steaming as the cold of the Blight abates.

      [The Rotting Titan is slain! Region 312 becomes a Wilderness Region with a Great resource of Camels, as the desert survivors emerge from their hidden oases and return to their traditional ranging ground.]
    • Ecimōnā of the Esāla marauds through Thunderport, slaying Blightspawn and gathering trophies. Thunderport is in unrest! Henanda gains 1 Treasure!
    • Moved to a retributive raid by the actions of Crow’s Tribe, Gusuhaz Kw’Sewi leads his King of Kings Wenid Kw'Muketi westward into the desert. Unable to find any trace of the stole people of Korebita, the two champions embark upon a spree of vengeance that ultimately results in the death of the King of Kings! Highnest is in unrest! The United Abiherist Tribes gain 1 Treasure!
    • Petal Head quests in Džíu Phè Hwǔ (46), causing the region to fall into Dark Dreams! The holy site is converted to Bouquet of the Corpse Flower! Assailed so soon after its conquest, the region appears on the brink of total anarchy!


    Spoiler: Veramondo Invades Region 227

    Veramondo: 5 Units, Kona (Hero 10), duelling (lost) = 16
    Native Defenders: 2 Units, Native Commander (Mil 6), duelling (won) = 24

    Perhaps propelled by a mix of greed and boredom, the might of the Veramondi is directed at their eastern neighbors, with Kona at their lead - eager to prove that she has not lost her touch after a narrowly survived march against the Shadows in Inkhwabi a few years ago. The spear-wielding warriors’ initial advance into the area meets minimal resistance - a few small bands of natives that are easily scattered by the concentrated force of seasoned warriors present. Kona knows better than to take this apparent early victory as a given, however, and keeps her warriors grouped rather than spread out to assert dominance over the local tribes - this decision would prove to be a small mercy in what was to come.

    As their supplies begin to dwindle and the need for foraging parties grows steeper, the locals mount a sudden series of ambushes on the Veramondi marching columns, throwing thick-shafted javelins and wielding heavy wooden clubs with both skill and ferocity - each of these takes a toll, leaving the Veramondi saddled down by the dead, who are buried at speed to return their life to the land, and the wounded - even Kona herself is struck by a javelin which embeds itself in her shoulder. Though the assailant is swiftly run down by the enraged warrior - Kona returning the javelin at knife-fighting range through the chest - the damage is done, and the wound becomes fetid and foul in temperament over the next week. Kona herself begins to have trouble thinking clearly as her left shoulder gan angry, swollen red, and orders her force to shelter in one of the larger towns in the region while the wounded recover. Once more, little resistance is had during the occupation, but it is several days later, with three separate foraging parties having gone missing and presumed ambushed, that an all-out assault is suddenly mounted! With the protection of the town and the advantage of greater numbers versus the local knowledge and support of the natives, the fighting is fierce and closely matched, the long spears of the Veramondi well-suited to defense but ungainly in the tight spaces between houses. Kona knows how vital it is to show the troops their commander still stands strong, and so joins them in the thickest parts of the fighting - even injured, none can match her skill - none, that is, until a bedazzled warrior adorned with beads and wielding a club the size of any lesser man’s entire leg takes to the battlefield. Seeing a chance to behead the native resistance, Kona lets out a ragged war-cry and falls upon him in a rush. But where Kona is tired, her opponent is fresh - where Kona’s mind is clouded, her opponent’s is clear - and where Kona’s shoulder aches with every motion, her opponent seems as limber as the very breeze. Still, her experience shows, and their abilities are closely matched - until her spear strikes true, catching in the bedecked warrior’s leg and piercing through into the dirt.

    With a roar of pain, though, the foreign commander smashes his great log-like club into the center of Kona’s spear, breaking it clean in two, before leaping upon her and achieving a solid blow upon her injured shoulder, which reignites in pain enough to nearly blind her. When her vision returns, the last thing she sees is the bloodied man bringing it down in a clumsy overhead swing to crush her skull. Her warriors rout quickly after, and the retreat is kept from being slaughtered only through the level-headedness and haste of the late hero’s chosen commanders in reforming the disheartened Veramondi warriors into a semblance of good order, while the natives nurse wounds of their own.

    Native Defenders are victorious! Veramondo loses 3 Units. Kona is slain in battle! Native Defenders lose 1 Unit.

    Spoiler: Veramondo Invades Region 230

    Veramondo: 3 Land Units, 1 Naval Unit, King Oram II (Mil 10) = 25
    Native Defenders: 2 Units, Native Commander (Mil 9) = 17

    In the south, the Veramondi meet with more success - Oram is a veteran warrior and commander, uninterested in unnecessary risk, and the local warbands are more inclined to give pitched battle, unwilling to risk the safety of their families and homes in the hands of foreign invaders if they can be staved off directly. As they would learn, much to their chagrin, they cannot, and a flanking maneuver across the great lake by Veramondi warriors on canoes drives the natives into a rout, where they are easily, and ruthlessly, cut down like so many frightened beasts.

    Veramondo is victorious! Veramondo loses 1 Land Unit. Region 230 enters Unrest!

    Spoiler: The Anbroch Reavers Invade Narava (Region 210)

    Anbroch: 1 Land Units, 2 Naval Units, Rosie MacGill (Mil 10), duelling (challenged) = 34
    Vygra: 4 Vygra Land Units, 3 Troll Land Units, 1 Troll Naval Unit, Angna (Hero 9), Bronze, Fortress, City, duelling (declined) = 37

    Leading the tip of the Anbroch War Effort, Rosie MacGill made for the material and strategic heart of the River Lords, Singhön, and sailed upon the night with dread speed. The Trolls were chief in their primordial home, generations of training and tales of the power in patience, and the devastation it rewarded in the Sur. To meet the Warlady, The Blightslave, out in the river and strike her forces first was obvious. But Angna was a crafty warrior and the Vygra had tested their mettle in duties with the Sentinels against all manner of Blight. The duplicitous and the vicious. Even as the host of Reavers made their clandestine strike they could not help but seize upon the seemingly ill stationed Troll and Thrall soldiers littered around Singhön. Separated from their naval bulk Rosie MacGill realized too late the ease with which she breached the walls of Singhön was but a farce at the signal of crackling flames rang true her fleets destruction. Pressed against the walls of the Dhraan city on one side and the suddenly surging forces of the Vygra the Anbroch were faced with a crushing position. Unwilling to leave without paying in kind the Warlady set ablaze to swathes of the land amidst her vicious brutal retreat. They could not hold their deceptively gifted edge and could hardly marshal enough crafts to sail away but each inch was paid for in sanguine struggle. And Trolls exsanguinate inordinately.

    The Vygra are victorious! The Anbroch Reavers lose 1 Land Unit and 1 Naval Unit. The Vygra lose 2 Land Units. The River Lords lose 1 Land Unit and 1 Naval Unit.

    Spoiler: The Anbroch Reavers Invade Cnamhatan (Region 199)

    Anbroch: 1 Land Unit, 1 Naval Unit, Fiona MacDool (Hero 10), Blightslave, duelling (challenged) = 24
    River Lords: 3 Land Units, King Ghondukholaak Lhungho (Mil 5), Bronze, duelling (declined) = 17

    As her Warlady leads the invasion against the greatest stronghold of the River Lords, Fiona MacDool leads her own assault against their outermost holdings. However, what was expected to be a simple invasion is complicated by the presence of the new King of Lhungo Saar himself. Confident in his allies’ abilities, Ghondukholaak Lhungho marches with a greater force to oppose the superior brilliance of the Poisoner, taking defensive position along the mother river. As would prove a constant in the campaign, however, the Anbroch’s ability to control the flow of battle is unprecedented, as their ships land in secret lagoons and slight gaps in the troll lines, undoing many of King Ghondukholaak’s preparations. The fighting becomes a fierce inland brawl as the trolls and their levies retreat and regroup, forced further and further from ample water and closer and closer to defeat. At last, King Ghondukholaak sounds a retreat, but not before a rare moment of good fortune shines on the River Lords. Though a blooded warrior many times over, Fiona MacDool’s overconfidence finally gets the better of her, as she leads an audacious charge to capture the King as a trophy for her Warlady. Rather than shattering the trolls’ last shreds of morale, the threat to their young lord unites them in a final unyielding objective, and Fiona finds herself cut off from her forces. Spitting curses near as venomous as the liquids coating her weapons, she dies to a disorganized flurry of saage blows.

    The Anbroch Reavers are victorious! The River Lords lose 2 Land Units. The Anbroch Reavers lose 1 Land Unit. Fiona MacDool is slain in battle! Cnamhatan enters Unrest!

    Spoiler: The Anbroch Reavers Invade Unghlaban (Region 220)

    Anbroch: 2 Land Units, Tasapa the Mongoose (Hero 10), Blightslave, duelling (challenged) = 32
    River Lords: 2 Land Units, Valens of Tarandi (Hero 10), Bronze, duelling (declined) = 24

    Sent by the Sentinels to help grind the Blightslave to powder, Valens of Tarandi’s inexperience leading soldiers in combat rears its head once more. As Tasapa the Mongoose maneuvers around the gathered River Lord forces, he taunts Valens relentlessly by recounting the sacking of the Standing Stone, and Valens’ discipline breaks. Ignoring the Anbroch hero’s challenge for a duel, he instead charges headlong into the oncoming dwarven army, cutting limb and artery with Black Iron knives. Deprived of their commander, the River Lords can think of doing little more but follow his charge, and though they inflict dear losses on the Anbroch they are quickly encircled. It is only the savagery of Valens that saves the army from destruction then, as realizing his grave mistake he launches a suicidal feint against the Anbroch left while his soldiers assault the right with all their strength. Though the retreating River Lords abandon the Sentinel for dead, he rejoins their column days later, still caked over with the blood of the Anbroch.

    The Anbroch Reavers are victorious! The River Lords lose 1 Land Unit. The Anbroch Reavers lose 1 Land Unit. Unghlaban enters Unrest!

    Spoiler: The Bel-Dan Armada Invades Lonn Dhakaa (Region 202)

    Bel-Dan: 4 Land Units, 4 Naval Unit, Ren-Pera-Don (Hero 10), duelling (won) = 35
    Naherin Coalition: 1 Naherin Land Unit, 2 River Lord Naval Units, 4 Lim Land Units, Aesira Bladedance (Hero 10), Bronze, Deep Water Border = 32

    While the Anbroch launch a flurry of swarming assaults across the lands of the River Lords, the mighty Bel-Dan Armada masses its forces to seize a treasured stretch of coastline in the reclaimed Blightlands. Rather than the River Lords alone, they face a strange coalition of Lim Dynasty, troll, and Naherin forces, led by the Naherin hero Aesira Bladedance. Tied to Kiswa by the battle against the Mother of Shadows, Aesira arrives with the purpose of denying the Blight a second foothold in those lands. Alas, that Ren-Pera-Don proves the better commander. Calling upon the Bel-Dan’s unmatched seamanship, Ren-Pera-Don affects a landing of the eastern armies before Aesira can organize a defense on the beaches, denying the defending coalition a critical advantage. With their foothold assured, the Bel-Dan launch simultaneous raids on all three enemy camps, while Ren-Pera-Don himself seeks out Aesira. The Naherin hero proves her mettle by stepping forward proudly to face the Bel-Dan captain, only to find that very pride is her undoing. While she may have fought against the Mother of Shadows, the jungles of Kiswa remain an unknown battlefield to Aesira. But Ren-Pea-Don has known no other. Leading the eager Sikarian in a running duel, Ren-Pera-Don maneuvers Aesira near an untrustworthy stretch of ground, more bog than bedrock despite the deceptive algae coating the surface. A faint, a thrust, and Aesira’s footing suddenly vanishes, her leg swallowed up to the thigh by black and brackish mud. Immobilized, she strains to free herself, and comes within a breath of overcoming the bog when Ren-Pera-Don’s sling stone finds her temple. She collapses unconscious, and the defense collapses not long after.

    The Bel-Dan Armada is victorious! The River Lords lose 1 Naval Unit. The Lim Dynasty loses 2 Land Units. Aesira Bladedance is captured in battle! The Bel-Dan lose 2 Land Units and 1 Naval Units. Lonn Dhakaa enters Unrest!

    Spoiler: The Symphony of Kalatar Invades Region 161

    The Symphony: 9 Land Units, Vralis (Hero 10), Bronze, War Bows, duelling (lost) = 40
    Native Defenders: 2 Units, Native Commander (Mil 8), duelling (won) = 30

    The Symphony marches befitting its name, to a beat with music accompanying its steps. All except for the one at its head: Vralis, the erstwhile and barely-tested replacement for a retired Prenadi. Known simply as “The Quiet”, he spent his time preparing and drilling for the upcoming battle. They marched in with vastly superior numbers and equipment, and Vralis was the finest of their warriors; what the region’s tribes could muster was a terrible force, ill-equipped and bodily-ravaged by the Amber Slime’s poison just a bit to the south, and the first few encounters with native forces were massacres. But toward the end of their campaign, camping in the southernmost reaches and trading victory songs, the tunes turned to discord as they were beset upon by night-raiders! Camouflaged by worn brush, their spears glowed horribly orange in the firelight, smeared with the vile river’s venom, and many unprepared soldiers died by their hands as breathless paralysis set in. Vralis himself led the counter-charge and challenged the one he deemed to be in charge, a woman who had tossed her broken spear aside and taken up a fine bronze weapon formerly wielded by one of Kalatar’s own commanders. Her hair shone brilliant amber in the firelight as she cackled and the fires dimmed, and she matched him blow for blow. It was not his day, and he was pinned to the ground by her stolen spear, but as she leaned down over his trapped form with a bone dagger to slit his throat, she caught an arrow through the skull and slumped over. Despite the initial brutality and Vralis’ near-death, numbers and rising song of vengeance allowed the raiders to be routed with the death of their leader, and though yet more died from the poison that night, the Woken feasted on the bodies of their enemies. None of the remaining tribes offered so much resistance, and victory was theirs.

    The Symphony of Kalatar is victorious! The Symphony loses 2 Land Units. Region 161 enters Unrest!

    Spoiler: Aran Viska Invades Region 91

    Aran Viska: 5 Land Units, Aranin Tanrak Nalavan (Mil 4), War Bows, Bronze = 29
    Native Defenders: 2 Units, Native Commander (Mil 8) = 20

    Though untested in battle, the Aranin marches through contested territory along the coastline to the northwest of Aran Viska and then further north into the great frigid boneyards. The forced march is harsh, and the terrain hostile. Though the wizards do their best to guide their people through the Blizzards, still supplies are strained and the army is weakened. Finally though they come upon the horrid howling barbarians of these lands, a horde of foes armored in heavy furs decorated with bone and wielding sharpened stakes, who know their terrain well and are eager to add yet more trophies from foreign interlopers to their collections. Their leader, a hulking man wielding a terrible sling, flings the entire head of one of their scouts into their lines and laughs as he gives the order to charge. There was no long campaign here – one glorious battle was all it took, and despite the fearsome tactics of their enemies, the Viskari’s archery, metal, and magic won the bloody day.

    Aran Viska is victorious! Aran-Viska loses 2 Land Units. Region 91 enters Unrest!

    Spoiler: Aran Viska Invades Region 97

    Aran Viska: 5 Land Units, Nar Razana Kalsharaz (Mil 2), War Bows, Bronze = 24
    Native Defenders: 1 Unit, Native Commander (Mil 6) = 28

    Initial morale is low among the Viskari army with the revelation that they’ll be marching under an inexperienced commander to fight a coalition of tribes that has already once rebuffed them, but the fruits of the Bronze revolution, improved supply of warbows, and greater numbers give their leaders confidence in their victory. But remembering Viskari tactics from last time, the Great Chieftain of the land exploits their refusal to engage directly and falls upon their lines, rendering their archers largely useless, turning their superior numbers against them, and blindsiding Razana; the ranks ultimately break into a rout, and the defenders kill or capture twice their number before the Viskari are able to flee and regroup.

    Native Defenders are victorious! Aran Viska loses 2 Land Units.

    Spoiler: Ashirian Sultanate Invades Region 272

    Ashirian Sultanate: 6 Land Units, Al-Zamira (Hero 10), Golden Lion, Bronze, Composite Bows, Equestrianism, duelling (won) = 32
    Native Defenders: 1 Unit, Native Commander (Mil 8), duelling (lost) = 24

    The sultan of the Ashir may be a venerated scholar, but the business of warfare has changed little in an age. Again set on expanding their empire, the Ashirian farsan do what they do best: penetrate deep into enemy lands under the cover of night, capturing villages and livestock before the local patriarch even knows they’re under attack. After a mad scramble on their back feet, the natives consolidate to the relative safety of their king’s fortress of mudbrick and pine where their slingers may harry the Ashir with impunity.

    Unwilling to grant the local monarch the dignity of such defiance, Jana Al-Zamira orders ladders be assembled, and for her skirmishers to take the walls. Leading the assault herself, Jana does battle with the king’s champion, Krauner the Bear, on the ramparts. Krauner is a mountain of a man, but brute strength alone is not enough to best the Jewel of the Ashir and her holy relics. His stone spear breaks across her radiant shield, and his arm follows, hacked in two at the elbow with one swing of her khopesh. A moment of agony and shock is all that’s needed to drive Kauner from the ledge. His great bulk crushes two of his own warriors below. The rest soon cast down their weapons and offer surrender in the only Ashiric phrase they know. A shala elem.

    The Ashirian Sultanate is victorious! The Ashirian Sultanate loses 1 Land Unit. Region 272 enters Unrest!

    Spoiler: Candake of Ta Seti Invades Region 286

    Candake of Ta Seti: 7 Land Units, Shebitku (Mil 10), Recurve Bows, Equestrianism = 21
    Native Defenders: 1 Unit, Native Commander (Mil 9) = 25

    The Pharaoh's army splits in three ways, with the ruler himself taking a massive horde of horse archers to ride out to claim the prosperous coastal realm. A week into the journey a wicked desert storm rolls over the land, making travel slow and difficult - obscuring sight of their foes as the battle dawns ever closer with winds too strong for arrows to work effectively. The horde is ambushed in the dead of night before the army can wait out the storm, the foe’s minute force catching the Candrake off guard. With precision and purpose that could only have been gotten through inside intel or miraculous luck, they collapse upon the Pharaoh’s tent and engage the dangerous elven leader without the organized battlefields that he could so easily overtake them on. In the chaos of the raid a native hero and master swordsman by the name of Tidebreaker finds and confronts the Pharaoh himself - supposedly prophesied to lead his meager people to greatness once again. Their battle is brutal and short, with the Pharaoh bringing the ‘hero’ within an inch of his life with ease, before a sudden reversal of fortune turns the fight in his favor. A blade sinks deep into his chest, the hero taking his men and retreating with all due haste while the storm covers their retreat. No horseman can find where they vanish amidst the storm. Despite only modest damage to the army, all mourn their leader and commander. They resolve to bring him home for burial and succession before resuming the campaign for the region.

    Native Defenders are victorious! The Candake loses 2 Land Units. Pharaoh Shebitku is slain in battle!

    Spoiler: The Scions of the Thalaz’ir invade Region 49

    Scions: 6 Land Units, Gorrn (Hero 10), Comet Phylacteries, duelling (won) = 33
    Native Defenders: 1 Unit, Native Commander (Mil 8) = 23

    This is not the first time these natives have had to defend their lands from the expansionist impulses of their Western neighbours. With confidence, with certainty, with pride and valour, this is not the first invasion they will have repelled. Not the first; and they promise themselves, not the last. The Corpse Flower promises death. Today, it promises the death of their foes.
    But they were not prepared for the Cometborn, nor for the fury of Gorrn. Waves of unyielding blue soldiers swarm towards the natives, pre-empting the desperate charge they planned to crack the invaders’ morale. Gorrn himself cuts a swathe of destruction from the front of the host, reinforced by the relentless troops marching in his wake. Even as they inflict losses against the Cometborn in their desperate clash, more simply step into their place.
    Looking at the state of the battle and no longer hoping for victory, or even driven by reason, the leader of the natives charges Gorrn, screaming obscenities and dark prophecies, perhaps hoping to unnerve his opponent with the word of the Corpse Flower. He does not seem to notice the blows cutting into his flesh, as he cuts down those in his path, single-minded in pursuit of his goal. Driven by madness, he holds his own against the taller, stronger foe, ignoring the increasing weight of his wounds even as he struggles to make a decisive strike of his own against Gorrn. With time, whatever manic spirit drives him fades, and he collapses, face locked in a hideous grin as he meets his death.
    In the aftermath, the victors walk among the fallen, and it is as though none among their number fell at all.

    The Scions of the Thalaz’ir are victorious! The Scions lose 1 land Unit. The Scions raise 1 Unit of Cometborn. Region 49 enters Unrest!

    Spoiler: The Great Scrimthun Unity invades Region 60

    Scrimthun: 6 Land Units, Steady-Hand (Hero 10), Improved Defense Budget (+3), duelling (won) = 36
    Native Defenders: 1 Unit, Native Commander (Mil 10) = 27

    Steady-Hand’s aptitude in slaying the blight extends well into other fields, as the enemies of the Scrim soon discover when their military marches into the frozen expanse. The natives call upon the spirits of their ancestors who protected them during the false dawn, which creates a host of spectral axe-wielding warriors as their foremost line of defense. The armies clash, and the spectral warriors put up quite a fight… Yet they are no match for the Scrim’s finely funded military, sporting top of the line equipment and led by one of the greatest commanders of their age - or so it seems as Steady-Hand manages to scatter and rout the fierce but disorganized foe.

    Most intimidating among the enemy’s number is a great dragon-headed leopard with matching wings, fighting alongside the people’s head spirit summoner and protecting them from all harm. In the thick of the fight, Steady-Hand breaches the enemy line and engages the monster in single combat. It’s a desperate struggle, and one that the hero both endures and conquers - delivering a fatal blow to the enemy commander’s pet and forcing their spirit summoner into submission. As the spirits begin to wink back into the aether, the battle is clearly won with shy of only ⅓ the attackers among their fallen foes.

    The Great Scrimthun Unity is victorious! The Scrim lose 2 Land Units. Region 60 enters Unrest!

    Spoiler: The Deru Invade Region 5

    Deru: 3 Land Units, 2 Naval Units, Esfrey (Mil 10), duelling (declined) = 22
    Ixkarr: 4 Land Units, 3 Naval Units, 3 Native Units, Kethix (Hero 10), duelling (challenged) = 26

    As a wise Truthseer once said, the more an Orc fights the smarter it becomes. Surely then the Deru incursion into southern Mamut was an educational exercise for the Ixkarr. Armed with a troop of capable veterans, and bolstered by new native recruits, the Orcs marched to the defense. Despite the decades of Orcish experience storming the beaches, feuding in salt flats, and marching through jungles, they were unprepared to fight the trees themselves. After 3 days of enduring a withering Deru assault Kethix decides to go for a bold play, during the night a small fraction of his forces reposition themselves behind Deru lines. Then in the midst of the next Deru onslaught, Kethix and his companions surprise the Deru backline. The sheer kinetic energy of the orcish assault downs many of Esfrey’s honor guards. Esfrey, would have been slain in the attack, if not for the sacrifice of Norren the Mortal. Esfrey moved to follow but Asha-Shuran rapped her over the back of the head, recognising the battle as lost. As the Deru flee the battlefield in disarray Kethix falls in battle saving his companions from an avalanche of wood and thickets safe in the knowledge that the day is won and the Ixkarr, just a bit smarter.

    Ixkarr is victorious! The Deru lose 1 Land Unit and 1 Naval Unit. Ixkarr loses 2 Land Units and 1 Naval Unit. Kethix is slain in battle! Native Defenders lose 1 Unit. The Ixkarr gain a claim on Region 5 for their brave sacrifice!

    Spoiler: The Deru Invade Region 7

    Deru: 2 Land Units, Onfroy (Hero 9) = 24
    Native Defenders: 2 Units, Native Commander (Mil 10) = 29

    A small Deru force attempts to capture the dry lands of the region. Unfortunately, the native commander proves to have had an uncanny preparedness as the natives responded to the Deru offense by staying inside their fortified adobe villages. Meanwhile the Deru efforts were frustrated by the natives adept use of wildfire, frequently lighting the arid steppe aflame during the dry season, and the dry lands unforgiving environments. After years of attrition with little clear gains, Onfroy retreats homeward.

    Native Defenders are victorious! The Deru lose 1 Land Unit. Native Defenders lose 1 Unit.

    Spoiler: The Crimson Kingdom Invades Region 17

    Crimson Kingdom: 11 Land Units, Arlais (Hero 10), Bronze, Redstone Clubs, Orichalcum Arrowheads, Horned Cavalry, duelling (tied) = 39
    Uzii: 9 Land Units, 2 Native Units, Pain-Drop Redmoon (Hero 10), Black Iron, Uzii Battle-Smithing, River Border, duelling (tied) = 37

    Eager to check Elven expansion, Pain Drop redemption marches at the head of a large Uzii host to intercept the Crimson forces. Despite the superior equipment of Arlais’s forces, the Uzii are able to take advantage of the terrain to equalize the fight. After several months of playing cat and mouse with the elvish forces, Pain-Drop ambushes them at a river crossing. In a valiant charge the Uzii are able to decimate the rear guard. In the midst of the charge Pain-Drop Redemption and Arlais have a short but intense duel at the river's edge. Unfortunately, this epic bout was interrupted by a counter attack of the horned cavalry. As the Uzii begin to retreat back into the conifers they are harassed by the mounted warriors and archers, rendering many a promising warrior into sliced ham.In the midst of the chaos, Pain-Drop Redemption is able to capture a distracted Arlais, escaping only due to a brave squadron of native taking the brunt of the retaliatory arrow volleys.

    The Crimson Kingdom is victorious! The Uzii lose 4 Land Units. Crimson Kingdom loses 4 Land Units. Arlais is captured in battle! Region 17 enters Unrest!

    The Star Kingdom of Solais invades Region 162! Though the native defenders array themselves to challenged the massive army’s intrusion into their lands, Rauri of the Phoenix strings Red Storm and marches to the head of her battle line. Gripping the Viskari weapon, she whispers a silent prayer as arrow after arrow appear in her hand, sent sailing skyward to crash down on the native defenders with deafening cracks of thunder. The defenders break entirely under the onslaught, leaving the Star Kingdom in control of the region without a battle. Region 162 enters Unrest!

    The warriors of Region 163 intercept the army of the Star Kingdom of Solais en route to Region 162. However, Red Storm annihilates their army before it can join battle. Region 163 loses 1 Unit, leaving it with no Native Defenders.

    The Candake of Ta Seti invades Region 295 and meets no resistance. Region 295 enters Unrest!

    The Candake of Ta Seti invades Region 296 and meets no resistance. Region 296 enters Unrest!

    Smiaurskotor invades Region 78 and meets no resistance. Region 78 enters Unrest!
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