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    Default His "Weapon of Choice"

    I have a question to pose to you, fellow playgrounders:

    PCs as intelligent items (probably a weapon; who needs an intelligent Periapt of Wisdom +2?). Now, this would probably be just one in the party (cuz everyone as an item would be BORING), but can anyone think of some issues that might come up as the game progresses? Would this need an LA? I'm asking 'cause it seems like it could be a cool concept, I just don't have any idea on how to make it "balanced".
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    Default Re: His "Weapon of Choice"

    Ego conflicts with the wielder in disagreements. Int+Wis+Cha mods vs each other, roll d20, something like that.

    You're generally immune to attacks unless someone tries to sunder/disarm, or the wielder fails a save vs something that damages. Immune to mental stuff too.
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    Default Re: His "Weapon of Choice"

    In Revenge of the Forgotten Remnant, a PBP that died a while ago, we had a sentient undead-destroying amulent and a super crystal ball. (The plot was a high-level party was wiped, and their familiars/companions/artifacts/planar allies had to complete the mission.) I could dig that up, if you wanted to see how that went before it ended. The DM computed ECLs after our first battle.
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    Default Re: His "Weapon of Choice"

    I think the most difficult thing would be level progression - most class abilities simply do not apply. The most analogous would have to be a spellcaster class, lets look at the possibilities:
    -The DM rules they can do so
    -they can cast their spells silently and still the cost of such feats is outweighing the perceived benefits of being an item
    -have another PC doing the waving and speaking, which would practically transform that character into a gesault
    -(I like this one the best) a commoner wields them and buys himself loot for protection, but never levels up (Like Ratatouii)

    Alternatively, the item gets better and better at doing what it does (whatever that is). This would most certainly have to be a homebrew tailored specifically towards the item's function and implementation in the campaign.

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    Default Re: His "Weapon of Choice"

    when we (some friends and I) planned such a thing some time ago we went for assuming that some NPC guy was completely controlled by the sword's huge ego. The player controlled both the character and the sword; the human was leveling up and he just used the rules for a guy with the sword.
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    Default Re: His "Weapon of Choice"

    Well maybe you could run the item's ECL by its net value; at level 8, you, as a magical sword or whatever, are equal to some percentage (maybe even 100%) of a standard ECL 8 PC's wealth by that table thingy in the DMG. As you level up, you become more valuable. And then your wielder is a cohort, as by Leadership.
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