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    Default V20 Character Optimization

    I know that VtM is not about optimization but I do want them to be mechanically highly effective. Please do not just post to say "That goes against what the system is about" I know.

    Ok I am not brand new but my experiences have been limited. But I joined a Discord Server VtM V20 game set in Chicago (Cam), Detriot(Sab), and Gary(Anarch).
    This server gives you 30 freebie points, and of course the 7 from Flaws.
    Costs for everything is the same, they really frown on 5th level discipline from the get go but 4th level is fine.
    They do allow a scattering of Revised Merits, Rituals, Paths, etc all need to be approved by the ST who is fairly cooperative.

    Now I never played those older version so I feel a little out of sorts when compared to some of the others who had obscure merits or things to work with.
    I was thinking of a Lasombra for a Sabbat character (My first ever Sabbat).
    My concept for the person (before applying vampire stuff) was a person with primary mental and secondary social attributes. He is a distinctively intelligent person and charming. He is also smart enough to know how to use that charisma to get what he wanted by either pressing something or luring someone to believe what he wanted was their idea. He does want more, a yearning to accomplish something of value, he has a lot but feels like he has nothing and yearns to do more, to keep earning more to fill that hole.

    Not just asking for a sheet, but hell I would give them considerations.

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    Default Re: V20 Character Optimization

    Obtenebration 3 is pretty high value for money. As is Vicissitude 4, for horrid form+ raising your appearance. Serpentis 3 for the hypnotism power and skin of the adder.
    Apart from these dominate is a typical power house as is thaumaturgy, I especially like path of spirit and focused mind.
    Ofcourse all of these dont take into account clan politics and roleplay requirements, they also don't take into account using DA20 rules.
    You can also see the xp to freebie value for the most xp optimized way to spend your freebies. I think its willpower.
    These are some interesting powers/merits from Lore of the Clans:

    Eyes of Blades (Auspex 2, Celerity 2)
    Honeyed Words(Auspex 2, Presence 2)
    Shadow Feint (Celerity 2, Obfuscate 2)
    All of these are good but not extremely strong

    Typhonic Beast (Potence 3, Serpentis 4)This seems to me pretty strong

    Mortuario decreases necomancy difficulties by 2 which should count for sth.

    Controllable Night Sight (2pt. Merit) Ok this isn't something amazing, but still useful
    King or Queen of Shadow (4pt. Merit) This seems to me extremely good and it kinda fits your character concept.
    Armor of the Abyss (Obtenebration 3, Fortitude 3) seems good to me
    Fear of the Dark (Presence 2, Obtenebration 2) this is a little op since courage will never exceed 5 theoritically even antedeluvians can get stomped by this.
    Shroud of Absence (Obfuscate 3, Obtenebration 3) Very strong if your st rules high auspex doesn't automatically counter it.
    Lasombra magic ritruals don't remeber the name:
    Light within shadow level 1 ritual as far as I can tell has no real cost
    Claiming the dark maybe this is the best ritual for obtenebration if you start with obtenebration 4 and low physicals it will super boost your powers.

    Sleep unseens and False reflection make obfuscate better.

    Waking Dream
    (Chimerstry 1, Fortitude 1) this seems like it could be reall useful.

    Promethean Clay (5pt. Merit) Vissicitude is strong and this makes it better.
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    Default Re: V20 Character Optimization

    I had a little bit of numerical advice, while you've already mentioned the restrictions on 5 dots in Disciplines, if they do not have the same restrictions on Attributes 5s are your friend. I mention this because it will cost 16 exp to raise a stat from 4 to 5, but only 4 exp to raise from 1 to 2, so there's a little bit of Min-Maxing to be had there and can be done in as little as 1 session if you plan it out.
    The only other consideration is if the group adheres to the rules restriction that a player can only increase each Trait once per story (V20 core rules page 123), be wary of that as it's a trap that's easy to fall into for planning out potential growth.

    While stats can go above 5 depending on your generation, you'll appreciate 5's in key stats early on if nothing else, and if the chance for Diablerie never comes up, then you're sitting at cap, and save more exp in the long run.

    Example for Primary attributes category:
    Having stats at 3/3/4 will cost 72 exp to raise to all 5s, while 2/3/5 will cost 64 exp to raise to all 5s, and 1/4/5 will cost only 56 exp to raise to all 5s.

    In each case, it will all take 5 story arcs to raise those stats, but cost you less the more you skew it towards having 5 in your Attributes from the get go.
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