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    Default Help for a gestalt monk/barbarian

    So... before you go crazy on me for alignment restrictions between the two classes... there's a chaos monk variant i found on Crystal Keep. I found a city brawler Barbarian variant there as well. I was looking at them and I wanna put them together in a gestalt. You get TWF (unarmed only) greater and improved as well from the barbarian class. With the monk you get normal monk feats. I need to figure out what to do with this character though. I kind of like the idea of a grappler, but I've done that before. Is there someplace interesting I can take this guy with feats or prestige classes? thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: Help for a gestalt monk/barbarian

    Well, if your Crystalkeeping, (, if you don't already know) then I would recommend a Monk//Fighter/Reaping Mauler.

    You get the same number of feats for a gestal character as you would for a normal character, so Fighter Bonus Feats are always useful. Reaping Mauler is the best grapple class around (actually, it's the only class, but that is not the point), and if you get the Fire Devotion Feat, you ignite, burning anyone you grapple, which it useful. If you take Monk/Tattooed Monk//Fighter/Reaping Mauler (and maybe a few levels of Barbarian to taste), you get an exceptionally good grappler. Druid/Master of Many Forms will give you a stupidly high number of uses of Wild Shape, and your Animal Companion can help (I'm thinking Huge Constrictor with Improved Grapple).

    There is always a nice type of Armour that does extra damage when you Grapple (or are being Grappled), and don't forget that you can enchant Armour Spikes. +2 Brilliant Energy Armour Spikes, anyone?

    Meh. It's your choice.

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