I figured it would be fun to discuss different ideas we have for reskinning various monsters, as a result of thinking about a different idea for D&Ds Bearded Devils.

I've always felt Bearded Devils look kind of stupid, and a while back I got an idea I find a lot more monstrous and alien.

I envision them as having a near featureless face, a thin-lipped mouth located high on their head with no eyes or nose. Below the mouth is a field of puckered, oozing, infected sphincters and pursed, ragged lips. When the devil is disturbed their 'beard' pushes out from these orifices, writhing serpents coated in toxic slime and pus slithering out of the myriad holes in the devil's face. The serpents coil and strike at any who stray to close, seemingly with a mind of their own. Some devils instead have faces riddled with honeycomb like lattices, centipedes and fanged worms scurrying in and out of the holes on their face, burrowing through the flesh and bone of their host.