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    Default Re: Silly Plots 4: It's not particularly silly, is it?

    [Blind Date]

    Yeah, being eldritch or alien don't really matter as much compared to being a starfish or a fox.

    "Hi, Rhin," June says, to commit that name to memory.

    "So, yeah, um..." June turns and looks at the wall, where the menu is written.

    When you all you want is the flavor
    Magic is the best spice
    Spine Palm
    Seashore Palm
    Swamp Apple
    Savannah Cherry
    Husk Tomato
    Roseleaf Bramble
    Musk Cucumber
    Wild Crepe Myrtle
    Jasmine Blizzard
    Forest Starlight
    Coriander Tornado
    Apricot Murder
    Mild Zombie
    Beetroot Kiss
    Catnip Wink
    Cinnamon Stardust
    Hushed Rum
    Lucky Howler
    Thyme Walk
    Angel Lover
    Flaming Bliss
    Frozen Crush

    "To be honest, I recognize very few of these. Leaving out magic is probably the safer option, but I'm not sure if magic even has a flavor so maybe it doesn't matter." So, June focuses on the left side of the menu. "Berries are almost always good options. Things like 'Swamp Apple' and 'Musk Cucumber' are kind-of a turn-off...and Genipap, if it's what I think it is, wouldn't recommend it if you've never had it before. Has an aftertaste that reminds me of gasoline."

    After a bit more thinking, June says, "So, 'Savannah Cherry' or 'Love-in-a-Mist' or 'Hogberry' or 'Gooseberry' are probably the ones I'd recommend, then."
    "They're probably the most likely to be good options, but they're probably also the most boring. I normally like trying something weird and...well, if I don't like it, then at least I tried it."
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    Default Re: [The Underground]

    Quote Originally Posted by Recaiden View Post
    The ship really recommends that she shoot Spot first!
    But since Mia insists, it reduces the laser to low power and zaps the demon!
    The awful smell of burning demon fills the air, and while the laser shot is perfectly survivable, it distracts the monster long enough for Spot to pounce on it and finish it off.

    Spike looks up at the hovering ship.
    "Mia? You have it working?"
    And it's not just shooting things out-of-control?
    [The Underground]

    "Yes, it's a seperate ship so it's better then nothing." she says obviously worried what the ship means after all. This calls for some kind of is my friend the enemy question. While waiting Mia tries to get soem more informations out of the small ship she got. Mainly what is the bad thing about her company.
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