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    Default Re: My Energy Drink Story

    Quote Originally Posted by BisectedBrioche View Post
    How does one fit 5 litres (one can of Monster is 500ml) in their stomach?
    I have wondered about that, too, but I also have seen people drink more water in one go than that. However, I remember trivia books listing something like 3-3,5 l as the max. I think there is a huge variance among people, with taller, heavier-built males being far more capacious.
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    Default Re: My Energy Drink Story

    Quote Originally Posted by Bartmanhomer View Post
    Hello everyone. Today I'm going to tell you a story of my personal experience of energy drinks. It all started in 2006, I was 21 years old and I was drinking my very first energy drink which was Monster Energy Drink. When I drink Monster Energy Drink, my body was feeling very energetic and hyper. So I was thinking of a great idea what if I drink 10 Monster Energy Drinks. So I bought 10 Monster Drinks and I drank all 10 cans. My body couldn't handle it. I didn't sleep a few days due to the negative effects of drinking 10 Monster Energy Drinks. Anyway, I went to my old therapist therapy group. I was very angry and irritated. I said to my therapist to Shut Up and I got kicked out of the group. I did apologize a week after that. So I stopped drinking Monster Energy Drinks. So the moral of the story, don't drink too many energy drinks, it'll give you a negative effect on your body and mind.
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